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Have we heard the last of all the Coloccini cobblers now?

January 26th, 2013 | 83 Comments |

Fabricio Coloccini.
Captain Colo: The latest vistim of made up media stories?
There has been much talk amongst fans in the past few weeks on the situation with Newcastle United’s captain, Fabricio Coloccini.

While there is no doubt that the player is having personal problems at the moment, that he made a request to go back and join his family in Argentina, and that one of his previous clubs, San Lorenzo (where Coloccini’s father Osvaldo works as a youth coach) tried to take advantage of the player’s personal problems by making an audacious attempt to sign the player for free, and finally that the situation has now been resolved until the end of this season at least, there have been other things have been repeated as facts in the media which were completely unsubstantiated.

Is this just the usual dishonest media tripe? Or was a “deep throat” who was party to the negotiations leaking information?

One example without a byeline in the Daily Express confidentally proclaimed: (more…)