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I can see clearly now the smog has gone!

March 14th, 2010 | 62 Comments |

Premiership in sight...
Premiership in sight...
I’ve just watched Barcelona beat Valencia 3-0 in a very ‘Messi’ encounter. The little Argentinian demonstrating why he’s considered arguably the best player on the planet, with a sublime hat-trick. Fast rewind to yesterday’s Tyne-Tees Derby and the football from both Newcastle and Middlesbrough was a million miles away from the football of the Spanish giants.

OK, so it was a derby and a scrappy affair isn’t unusual so what was I expecting? Not much to be honest, I’m just being facetious. And while I’m being honest, some of Boro’s play yesterday was actually quite tidy and Strachan has got them playing in the right way. In contrast, there wasn’t a lot to write home about from a black and white perspective in terms of the aesthetics. And yet, what we did see was yet another demonstration that we are almost inevitably going up.

That sounds a bit premature? I would probaby have agreed a few games ago but I’ve seen enough of late to suggest the ‘fat lady’ will be singing soon enough. It’s not about over-confidence or a lack of humility but the way we snatched a draw was enough to convince me that we have enough to make it happen. That it wasn’t pretty to watch is a moot point. Winners don’t always win pretty, that’s a given. And while there were some frustrating moments and Boro toyed with us at times, once again we had enough to get something out of the game. (more…)