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Let’s all do The Poznan?

August 3rd, 2011 | 109 Comments |

Let's all do The Poznan
City fans inspired by Lech Poznan
A group of fans have hit upon a way to protest against Ashley, without damaging the team. It has garnered a fair support so far with the likes of United for Newcastle (NOT to be confused with NUSC) taking an active role in spreading the word and it may be worth considering if you’re interested in protesting against the board.

Recent events have shown that our owner and “provider”, Mike Ashley, appears to be very worried about a little known thing such as “player power”. The general gist of this is to show Ashley that his priorities are woefully wrong and that it is us, the fans, who truly hold the power.

It was the fans who kept singing despite being 0-4 down at home to Arsenal that gave the players that extra strength to kick it up a notch. It was the fans who showed up time and time again to matches in the Championship, giving us the third highest average attendance of the season in English Football and it was the fans who signaled to Mike Ashley after relegation to sell up – admittedly, there were no offers but the point remains that we got our message through to him.

The statement on the Facebook page reads as follows:

I’ve had enough, we’ve had enough. So what do we do now? Try something new: (more…)

Ashley v Mansour?

October 2nd, 2010 | 79 Comments |

Here is what we could have won....
Here is what we could have won....
Newcastle head to Manchester City over the weekend and will see a glimpse of what could have been as they take in the money enhanced surroundings of Eastlands.

Most fans are now aware that Sheikh Mansour, the guy who has bankrolled City for the past couple of seasons, was very much interested in buying Newcastle United way before City arrived on the radar screen of the mega-rich tycoon.

That possibility floundered when our owner missed a meeting with Mansour’s associates, with speculation suggesting that Wise, Ashley and Llambias went out for a drink instead.

The rest, as they say, is history, and the two clubs have gone on to follow a remarkably different path in last few seasons. Newcastle suffered a humiliating relegation and have endured a ‘character building’ season in The Championship, whilst Manchester City have been the only team to spend some real money and strengthen their team in these challenging economic times. (more…)

Would Weiss would be a wise move for Newcastle?

June 16th, 2010 | 142 Comments |

Is Vlad the lad soon to be in Toon?
Is Vlad the lad soon to be in Toon?
I think it’s reasonably widely expected that Newcastle will look to at least have a dabble in the loan market this summer, although only time will reveal whether or not we will merely be dipping our toe into it or if we will be submerging ourselves fully into it.

Kind of as a result of that, over the last few weeks we have been linked with some of the brightest talent around in English football, not to be signed on permanent deals by us, but to make a temporary switch to Tyneside to help us beef up our squad with the numbers required for a tough and demanding Premier League season. The latest in the line of young-guns linked with a move to us is Vladimir Weiss of Manchester City, the Slovakian who is currently away on World Cup duty, and in fact played yesterday against New Zealand. But would a move like this be beneficial to us? (more…)