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Toon lose unbeaten record – Man City v Newcastle report / highlights

November 19th, 2011 | 24 Comments |

Man City 3-1 Newcastle United
Giving us a taste of what's to come?
Newcastle United lose their unbeaten record for the season to Manchester City with 2 penalties and a few hundred million pounds making all the difference.

First Half

We got off to a promising start, attacking from the off up the right. Sammy put in a poor cross through and it eventually went out for a goal kick off Danny Simpson.

City spent a few minutes passing the ball amongst their back four, looking for an attack route and had their first meaningful attack after 4 and a half minutes when Milner’s shot was blocked by Guthrie. Not long after that, Richards got a good cross in and Steven Taylor had to clear the ball. Taylor was again called into action shortly afterwards to block a shot from Milner.

City had a lot of possession in the first 15 minutes but so far we’d managed to deal with them and even started to make some forward runs ourselves with Sammy dribbling nicely up the right only to finish off with a poor cross.

City came back on the counter attack and it took a block by Taylor and a nice interception by Colo to keep things intact, although on 20 minutes we were lucky when Aguero was in a good position to get a shot off and put it over the bar. (more…)

Manchester City vs Newcastle United match banter

November 19th, 2011 | 37 Comments |

Manchester City v Newcastle United 2011 match banter.
Toon's toughest test yet
Good afternoon and welcome to today’s match banter for Manchester City vs Newcastle United.

Megabucks meets tight shrewd as the two unbeaten sides in the Premier League go head to head after what seems like a 10-year break in fixtures due to the international agenda. Both teams could still be unbeaten at the end of this game of course, although I don’t personally see this one ending up in a draw.

For full details about the game have a look at Worky’s excellent match preview and what the managers said articles, but otherwise buckle up for what will hopefully be a rip-snorting fanfaronade of soccer succulence.

It’s a bit like King Kong v Godzilla as the meanest defence goes up against the most prolific attack, with skyscrapers crumbling and bridges demolished along the way. Will the public ever be safe again? (more…)

Carver on Pardew and the way Newcastle run their week

November 18th, 2011 | 26 Comments |

Carver talks about the way Newcastle United plan their week.
Responsible for attack
John Carver offer some insight into how Newcastle United run the dressing room on a weekly basis and talks about how he’s now convinced that Alan Pardew is the man for the job.

In a recent interview, John Carver told of how he and Alan Pardew split the workload at Newcastle, with Pardew concentrating mainly on the defensive side of things and Carver concentrating on attack. Carver said:

Every Monday he [Pardew] comes into work having compiled a defensive report on the opposition. That’s his project, working with our video analysts to provide players with the best information.

This week, for example, he will talk about Manchester City’s angles of attack, their set-pieces, their movement, as well as focussing on individuals. The lads will be made aware of Dzeko’s strengths and weaknesses, the best way to nullify Silva, Milner’s incredible work-rate, everything.

That takes care of Monday to Thursday. On Friday it’s my turn when we look at ways to get at opponents. Put simply, Alan concentrates on how not to lose and I then find ways to win.

It’s interesting that we spend the largest portion of the week on defence and goes some way to explaining why we have the best defensive record in the Premier League. I don’t know if that’s the typical way a Premier League manager does things but I can only imagine that it’s totally different to the way Keegan ran things in the 90’s, where it seemed that Darren Peacock and Philippe Albert were only vaguely aware they were defenders. (more…)

Toon injury worries ahead of trip to Eastlands

November 16th, 2011 | 41 Comments |

Newcastle United's Tiote has had a medial ligament injury.
Newcastle United have injury worries ahead of their visit to Eastlands on the weekend, so who will be fit enough to play on Saturday?

There are a couple of ways to look at our next three games against City, United and Chelsea: either we’re in with a chance of some points if we have a fully fit squad or we have no chance and it’s therefore a ‘good’ time to suffer injuries, given that we have to suffer them at all. Either way, we do have injuries and I thought I’d round up the latest news I can find on them.

Cheick Tiote had a medial ligament injury which has caused him to miss the last two games. Apparently he’s been working with medical staff all week to try and get fit for Saturday’s game and as far as I can tell it’s about 50-50 as to whether he’ll be fit in time. It’s (usually) caused by a high-impact landing on a slightly bent knee and the fact that Tiote has any chance of being fit for the game at all probably means it’s the lowest grade of medial ligament injury, which can apparently take anything from 2-10 weeks to heal.

Presumably Guthrie will continue to be the man to step in for Tiote if the Ivorian remains injured. (more…)