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Who goes? You decide…

November 9th, 2009 | 32 Comments |

A couple of apologies first. One for introducing Marcus Bentley’s dulcet Big Brother tone into your head and secondly for perhaps once again putting the cat amongst the pigeons on a sensitive and potentially divisive topic. The topic? Well it’s the topic of whether or not you’re doing your duty by Newcastle United in attending games or staying away. And if you do, how much are you allowed to complain before you stop becoming a supporter and instead become a destroyer?

Other far more respected and established writers on sites, such as True Faith and .com have had their say on the matter, and each offered only limited advice as to the right actions to take last Saturday, effectively a ‘follow your heart and your instincts’ theme. I wanted to actually write this before the Peterborough game but for the very reason I almost missed the game, I didn’t get chance. With all that has happened recently, this is one game I wanted to be at. I wanted to see if the majority of my fellow supporters felt as indignant as I did/do. But due to my daughter’s fifth birthday I nearly didn’t make it. But I was issued a late afternoon pass and offered the blessing of the two ladies in my life to go and enjoy myself. And of course therein lay the issue. (more…)

Keegan gets costs. Ashley tried to buy Keegan’s silence.

October 21st, 2009 | 260 Comments |

Awarded £1.5m costs
Awarded £1.5m costs
Kevin Keegan is to be awarded costs after winning the tribunal for constructive dismissal against Newcastle United.

The full disclosure is as follows:

1. Introduction

In paragraph 54 of our Award dated 1 October 2009, we identified a number of consequential issues the determination of which we postponed in order that the parties could provide us with written submissions on those issues. We have since received detailed written submissions from the parties and, in this Supplementary Award, we set out our determination on those issues.

2. Award

First, we conclude that there is no basis for altering our award of £2m plus interest in favour of Mr Keegan. Clause 14.8.1 of the Contract is not subject to mitigation, as the Club agreed at the hearing. It is subject only to Clause 14.8.5 which does not apply here since Mr Keegan is not employed by ESPN. (more…)

Any old Iron anyone?

October 20th, 2009 | 13 Comments |

Making a fist of it in The Championship?
Making a fist of it in The Championship?
‘The Iron’ awaits Newcastle United this evening, and no, not the dreaded domestic variety which partners an ironing board, but The Iron of sunny Scunny fame. Scunthorpe, built on one of the largest iron-ore fields in Europe, is home to one of the country’s major steelworks, and the link with iron provides Scunthorpe United with their nickname.

Scunthorpe have been up and down (the various divisions over the years) more than a tart’s knickers, from successful promotion to subsequent relegation the next season, and have yo-yo’d around between divisions one and three.

Moving from their previous home, the Old Showground, to the new purpose built Glanford Park in 1988 was a big step forward for the club. Currently one of the smallest grounds in the Championship with a capacity of 9088, away fans who normally have an allocation of 1678 tickets, are housed in the South stand. Previous high profile players Kevin Keegan and Ray Clemence, both played for Scunthorpe in the late 60’s before leaving for Liverpool.

The 90’s saw two Wembley play off visits for The Iron, and they must have enjoyed their trips to Wembley, which continued on into the last decade. Scunthorpe were League one champions 2006-07, before seeing a break in 2007 from Brian Laws wo had been with them for 10 years. (more…)

I sympathise with Ashley…

October 18th, 2009 | 43 Comments |

Mike's been there, seen it, got the t-shirt!
Mike's been there, seen it, got the t-shirt!
No honestly, I really do. I mean he’s clearly absolutely crackers. What, you think all of this apparent contempt towards Newcastle United fans and his bad behaviour is all down to arrogance and spite? No man, he’s nuts. How else do you explain his actions and this reckless and continual ‘p*ssing on his own chips’?

I mean for the big G’s sake Mike, where do you pick up your PR finesse from? It’s out of this world, really it is. You’re clearly on a different planet. He generally says nothing for such long periods that you’d expect when he does that he’d say something that would have a big impact. Well he does, but not for the right reasons. Even following the tribunal result and the monumental cause and effect, there followed no explanation, no excuses, no apology, nowt. I’d heard rumour while at work today that he’d been speaking to The Sunday Times and then I read the brief summary piece that .com did and both found what he had to say astounding and myself agreeing wholeheartedly with their response.

What he had to say about Moat – (more…)

From another era – interview with a former Toon player!

October 5th, 2009 | 14 Comments |

Living the dream!
Living the dream!
Back in the day, when all I had to worry about was hiding my hickies in a rollneck top, Jolly Ranchers were poisoning us with watermelon flavoured boiled sweets and a young Take That were barely a twinkle in the eye, a young man was trying to make his way in the hard knock world of professional football.

John Watson was an apprentice when I was a young whippersnapper following eagerly in his path at Wallsend Boys Club and trying to follow in his footsteps at the Toon school of excellence. John was generous enough to help out the younger lads and along with Lee Makel, Tommy Heron and Alan Thompson, he imparted his knowledge and experience on us and helped out with training sessions.

Some years later in the twighlight of his career and with me on my way towards my own premature retirement, our paths crossed again when he played in the same team as me at Annfield Plain in the Wearside League. Mine was but a fleeting pipedream but John Watson actually lived that dream of playing for his hometown club, albeit by his own admission, for a fleeting moment in time. But like Chesney Hawkes sang just as John was realising that dream, no matter how short a period it was, he played on that hollowed turf, in those famous stripes and ‘you can’t take that away from him’. (more…)