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“This club will never fight again to be among the top 6 with this policy.” – Enrique

July 24th, 2011 | 90 Comments |

A scathing attack on Ashley by Enrique
A scathing attack on Ashley.
Like Joey Barton before him, it seems that Jose Enrique is using the social networking site Twitter to express his disdain at the club and appears to be finally acknowledging to the fans, and the club, that he wants a move – or at least a huge improvement in policy at NUFC.

Speaking on Twitter today, Jose Enrique indirectly lambasted the club’s owner Mike Ashley and the clubs transfer policy. Some of you may recall Pardew being unhappy with the Spaniard’s conduct on Twitter after announcing to fans he would not be taking part in the upcoming game against Spurs and his deletion of his Twitter account but it seems Jose has decided to reopen and this account has been confirmed by both Wayne Routledge and our fake account killer Danny Simpson.

Mike Ashley has been well known to be an admirer of the Arsenal model, bringing young players in cheap via extensive scouting networks and love of the French market which for a club that is recently promoted is a high risk, high payout gamble but if we get something wrong, we may very well be up the Tyne without a paddle. (more…)