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Joey Barton: “I will tell all when the time is right.”

May 29th, 2011 | 24 Comments |

Joey Barton with the good luck 'stache
Joey Barton with the good luck 'stache
Joey Barton recently heeded Danny Simpson’s advise and decided to join Twitter. Joey has been known to be quite forward and somewhat outspoken and of course wasted no time pondering whether or not his biggest fans Robbie Savage and Piers Morgan would be as vicious in a logged and public manner. Of course they were and I assure you, it’s great fun bullying Mr. Morgan but after being bombarded with tweets from fans requesting he sign a new contract, Joey broke his relative silence.

Now I’m not in the habit of reporting the usual waste you hear on Twitter but, as they say, this is from the horses mouth.

I tend to be fairly positive and patient in regards to this club primarily because I understand knee jerk reactions don’t help us in the slightest. I like to wait for all the facts before I make a solid judgement and until then try to remain as calm as I can and stay as level headed as is humanly possible… but then something like this happens and that Zen-like state goes out of the window. (more…)

Nolan and Harper to miss the rest of the season.

May 12th, 2011 | 35 Comments |

Kevin Nolan.
Ankle injury requires surgery.
At the holy ground of St. James Park it’s always been a case of “it never rains but it pours”, which is of course the shortened version. The full idiom is “it never rains but it pours toxic waste with the occasional sharp object thrown in to further increase damage.” Not even joking.

Our long standing goalkeeper Steve Harper has already decided to stay on the bench in favour of giving young Tim Krul a chance to impress between the sticks and so far the young Dutchman has done exactly that, and long may it continue! Newcastle United may lack depth in other areas, we have a wealth of gold in our goalkeepers and have done for many years but now it seems it’s time for that young gold to start shining as Ole Soderberg will be on the bench for the important game against Chelsea this coming Sunday. (more…)

Newcastle United player review 09/10 – Midfielders.

May 7th, 2010 | 88 Comments |

Has been a key player for us.
Has been a key player for us.
Having already taken a look at our goalkeepers and defenders, the focus for the next edition of our player review moves up the pitch again to see how our midfield have performed throughout the season.

It’s been a strange position for us this year. On one hand, some say the midfield has been our achilles heel, it lacks mobility and creativity. On the other hand though, it has been a position that has yielded a return of 30 goals from the season. Without checking, that is probably a damn sight more than what we have had in return from the past few seasons. Of course 17 of them have come from Kevin Nolan which has helped improve that figure, but despite the criticism that has been aimed at them from time to time they have chipped in with their fair share of assists aswell. After all, strikers need service from somewhere, right? (more…)

Newcastle United’s injuries are clearing up.

March 16th, 2010 | 190 Comments |

Even Joey Barton may be back soon!
Even Joey Barton may be back soon!
Newcastle United’s extensive injury list appears to be showing signs of relenting as the season draws to a close. A number of both long term and short term injuries appear to be clearing up which can only be a good thing as the Toon seek to finish off the job of promotion this season.

Arguably the most notable of those injuries to clear up is Jose Enrique. The Spanish left back has been out for five weeks, and had his comeback against Barnsley two weeks ago cut short with a slight recurrance of his hamstring injury. He was named on the bench against Middlesbrough although manager Chris Hughton decided not to risk playing the defender and decided a couple of days extra rest would be better than risking losing Enrique for a longer period of time.

The Spaniard is raring to go for the title run in and firmly believes his injury problems are behind him, something we all hope is true such has been his influence this season. Speaking to The Chronicle of his injury, Enrique had this to say: (more…)

What do we think of the Newcastle engine room? – Part deux.

January 7th, 2010 | 66 Comments |

Looking and feeling a little rusty in the middle?
Looking and feeling a little rusty in the middle?
The previous review of the current squad, took a look at the Newcastle defence, an area that this season we’ve been surprisingly strong in, given our poor reputation in recent years.

Today’s review looks at arguably the fulcrum of a successful team, the midfield, the place that could and should control a game and dictate the style of play. Our midfield this season has been very much part of a strong defensive ethos, and while we have grafters in there, we’re also lacking some natural creativity and pace.

Looking at the current crop, it really makes you pine for some of our former midfielders who have graced the hallowed St James’ turf in the last couple of decades. Reminisce about the grace of French wingers David Ginola and Laurent Robert. Recall the guts, determination and drive of Robert Lee and Gary Speed. Consider the guile we had in Emre, albeit fleetingly, and the sheer brilliance of Nobby Solano. Even having pure pace a la James Milner, Keith Gillespie to worry the opposition. You can even look at some of the less popular characters. We would kill for the pace of Kieron Dyer and dare I say, I could forgive Jermaine Jenas. Possibly even Damien Duff is a big miss? Maybe that’s stretching it…

Anyway, that was the past, what about the present? (more…)