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We’re coming home, we’re coming, England’s coming home.

June 27th, 2010 | 134 Comments |

Goal? What goal?
Goal? What goal?
It’s a headline that is nowt to be proud about! England have again worn a familiar path, and that is an early path home from a tournament that the team were universally tipped to do well in.

The headlines tomorrow will read that England lost 4-1, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Any self-respecting football fan should be able to tell that a team that are chasing the game will have a different tactical setup to a team that isn’t chasing the game, and that was the story of the game for me.

After England found themselves 2-0 down, Matthew Upson managed to cut the deficit and give England fans a glimmer of hope and suggest that perhaps the game wasn’t quite over yet. That was until a legitimate goal was ruled out for England. Frank Lampard shot from the edge of the area only to see his shot rebound off the crossbar and bounce behind the line, yet despite the eyes of the world seeming to indicate that a legitimate goal was scored, the Uruguayan linesman, Mauricio Espinosa, managed to miss the fact that the ball had bounced some two feet behind the line. What a fecking joke! (more…)