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Gazza – Thoughts from a Newcastle United fan.

February 14th, 2010 | 34 Comments |

Gazza: Just couldn't say "no"?
Gazza: Just couldn't say "no"?
The enigma that is Paul Gascoigne is always one that has fascinated me over the years. Perhaps it’s because my love affair with Newcastle United started around the same time as the emergance of the Geordie star, or perhaps it’s formed over a longer time period, perpetuated by his problems that have been so widely reported in the media.

That’s my motivation for writing this. I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon last week when ‘Gazza was yet again in the papers, this time over an altercation at Leeming Bar, which I why I decided to give it some time.

The influence Paul Gascoigne had on me whilst I was growing up was immense. He was who I was in the playground at break-times whilst I was playing football with a tennis ball. I wanted to be him, have his talent, play for Newcastle United! I, like many others, didn’t have the ability unfortunately but at that age you don’t care. Emulating your favourite players is all that does – and Gascoigne was mine, despite him being very young in footballing terms at the time. (more…)