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Can we survive without … ?

October 21st, 2011 | 31 Comments |

Is Fabricio Coloccini Newcastle United's key player?
Key player?
Newcastle United appear to have ‘options’ in many areas at the moment as Shola’s substitute appearance last Sunday seemed to prove, but is there any player we simply couldn’t do without?

Remember Ultravox? They were a lively and ‘edgy’ band when John Foxx was driving things but, when Foxx left, Midge Ure introduced a brand of commercial bland that concomitantly ruined their music and launched them to commercial success. ‘Vienna’ was a big success for Ultravox whilst John Foxx skirted the lower borders of the top 40 singing about ‘Underpants’* (click click drum).

The point, though, is that Ultravox survived the change of personnel and it seemed there was no one person without whom they were in the mire. In my warped and befuddled brain, this is just the sort of analogy that leads me on to Newcastle United and whether or not there are key players without whom we’d be rowing up the creek of excrement without any paddle-shaped objects. (more…)