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Martinez won’t sell The Zog to Newcastle, but he could still come anyway

May 26th, 2011 | 64 Comments |

Martinez says he won't sell N'Zogbia to Newcastle United.
Martinez says no. Rumours say yes.
Newcastle’s interest in Charles N’Zogbia seems to be stifled by Roberto Martinez, although many rumours persist suggesting The Zog may yet be returning to St James’ Park.

Newcastle’s pursuit of The Zog has been heavily rumoured since we allegedly made a last minute bid for the player in January.

There is however a spanner in the works and it goes by the name of Roberto Martinez. The Wigan manager has claimed he will only sell N’Zogbia to a Champions League team, saying:

Charles has improved every year. He’s scored 10 goals a season for the past two years and taken on more responsibility. He’s been captain. I think he can take on more responsibility on the pitch and I still think he’s got a role to play for Wigan Athletic.

He knows I wouldn’t stop him from playing in the Champions League. We cannot offer that and there are a few players here who fall into that category of being able to play in the Champions League.

If a club comes in for Charles that is not in the Champions League, then I would say ‘no’. If I don’t see that the club can offer him a different football project than ours then we are not going to sell.(more…)

Whelan snubs Owen for Wigan.

June 17th, 2009 | 25 Comments |

Dave Whelan: Pooh-poohing Owen.
Dave Whelan: Pooh-poohing Owen.
Wigan Athletic chairman, Dave Whelan, a man who is seldom short for words (especially on “supergrass” Mike Ashley), has once again thrown his two’pennorth in; this time on the Michael Owen ‘I’m relegated, get me out of here’ saga.

Speaking yesterday, he said:

“We’ve not had the brochure,” adding;

“Would we be interested? No. One, his wages are too expensive. Two, has he got the urge, the bottle and the drive to do what the Premier League wants? It’s a big question. (more…)