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Keegan demands £25m … well, maybe.

September 25th, 2009 | 20 Comments |

£25m please
£25m please
According to The Sun (titter ye not) Kevin Keegan is demanding that Mike Ashley pays him £25m to settle their compensation battle.

The figure includes £9m payable for the remainder of his 3 and a half year contract with Newcastle United plus £16m as compensation against the loss of future earnings.

This is of course the sort of thing that fuels fears the club will go into administration.

A ‘source’ apparently said:

Keegan is crazy. Does he really want to bankrupt Newcastle?

It is madness to think he should be paid that much but perhaps he sees this as a last big payday.

For a bloke who says he loves the club, this is all very, very strange.”

I will eat my hat if Keegan is awarded £25m and I’m really quite fond of my hat. £25m is a significant proportion of the club’s value and there’s no way I can see Keegan justifying such a payout, no matter how wronged he may have been by the club. (more…)

I’d love it if Keegan beats Ashley, I’d love it!

September 14th, 2009 | 165 Comments |

Never forget
Never forget
Well I’m a bit gutted that Simon Bird beat me to it but in fairness he’s got more time for this sort of thing and he gets paid for it. However, despite not always agreeing with what he has to say, he’s got this article spot-on in my opinion. I would hate to think that any protracted and complicated court proceedings would detract from our good start to the season but there are wrongs to be righted so far as I’m concerned.

This isn’t about Keegan versus the club, this is about Keegan and Ashley and a man clearing his name. A man who earned our respect on numerous occasions and helped to lift this club from it’s sagging backside, and from falling backwards into complete oblivion in the third tier of English football. A man who with his many faults, has never let this club down during his spells at the club.

Forget what happened elsewhere, though again there is argument to justify his actions and to contradict the cries of “bottler”. Remember what he did for this club and think about what that means and think about whether you really believe he would intentionally leave this club to rot.

However, also as Bird alludes to, this is more than just about our club or about Keegan. It’s about football in general and the multi-millionaire playground it has become. Where arrogance and ignorance at the top level, seem intent on ripping the guts out of our beautiful game. (more…)