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Aston Villa vs Newcastle United match preview and match banter!

September 14th, 2013 | 81 Comments |

Aston Villa v Newcastle United.
Hopefully, Benteke will stub his toe on the way to Villa Park!
Venue: Villa Park, Birmingham.
Date: Sat 14th Sep, 2013.
Kick off: 3.00pm.
Referee: Mike Dean.
UK TV: None.

The resumption of Premier League action after the International break see Newcastle United travelling to Birmingham’s Villa Park for this afternoon’s game against Aston Villa.

Previous results.

Newcastle United and Aston Villa come into this game at 12th and 13th in the Premier League respctively with 4 points to Newcastle United, and 3 to Aston Villa. Looking at their Premier League form so far this season, Aston Villa got off to an excellent start, convincingly beating Arsenal 3-1. However, this was followed by two successive defeats, 2-1 to Chelsea and 0-1 to Liverpool. Meanwhile, as you probably know, Newcastle’s results have been getting steadily better. After a 4-0 mauling by Manchester City in their opening game, this managed a 0-0 draw with West Ham, finally scraping 1-0 win against a toothless Fulham in their last game. (more…)

Magpies and Villans: Aston Villa vs Newcastle United match preview

September 16th, 2011 | 15 Comments |

Villa Park awaits the high flying Magpies.
Villa Park awaits the high flying Magpies.
Venue: Villa Park, Birmingham
Kick off: Saturday, 17th Sept, 3pm
Referee: Neil Swarbrick

Well if stats are anything to go by, our forthcoming away clash with the Villans, the result could well be another 0-0 like the QPR match. Of course though, there’s been many a time in the past when people like myself written stuff like that and the games have ended up as 4-3 scorchers so here’s hoping!

While both Newcastle United and Villa have made fairly promising starts to the season, the best in fifteen years for Newcastle no less, this has been more on the back of solid defences rather than exciting, entertaining Cavalier style attacking play. Both teams are yet to lose, with Aston being the draw specialists on the Premiership so far with three of their first four games ending up deadlocked. Incidentally, whilst I’m wheeling out the stats, Villa are also the all time draw specialist in Premier League history with no less than 226 altogether in the nineteen and a bit years of the competition so far, which is around twelve draws a season. While the Magpies have one more victory than the Villans, and are four places ahead in fourth, we have scored but three goals in our opening four games, whereas Villa have scored five.

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