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Why the idea of Carroll coming back to Newcastle would be absurd

January 13th, 2012 | 11 Comments |

Andy Carroll.
Carroll: That isn't an NUFC contract he's signing.
Once again the tabloid media have attempted to test our credulity, this time with the risible idea that Liverpool would be willing to dispose of Andy Carroll for a fraction of the £35 million they paid for him just one year ago, and to Newcastle United of all clubs.

Firstly the figure of £20 million was bandied around by the media, then £15 million, then it even went as low as £10 million. However, whilst Derek Llambias, Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew are at the club, the chances of this happening must be slim to say the least.

For a start, there is such a thing as pride in business sometimes and Liverpool are still a proud club. They will hardly feel inclined to do Newcastle United any favours after Derek Llambias’ ill advised revelations in a Newcastle gastro pub. Just to remind you, when asked by a fan if Carroll was worth £30 million, the potty mouthed M.D. replied:

“No – he’s worth f*** all.”

Then, bragging how he and Mike Ashley took “control” of the hapless Merseyside club, who had just sold Fernando Torres for a record breaking £50 million to Chelsea, he then added: (more…)

Is Carroll set for a return to the promised land after a year in the wilderness?

January 11th, 2012 | 58 Comments |

Andy Carroll rumoured to have been offered back to Newcastle United.
Back in black and white?
Newcastle United appear to be interested in a couple of strikers if press reports are to be believed, one of which could be Andy Carroll.

The big news to hit the press today is the rumours that Newcastle may be trying to strike a deal to bring Andy Carroll back from Liverpool.

Our friend the Daily Mail says that a top agent rang Newcastle to offer them Carroll for just £20m, which we refused, and then the agent came back and offered him for £15m plus add-ons (whatever they may be), which again was refused by Newcastle. The Mail goes on to suggest that Newcastle are prepared to offer £10m for the player – substantially more than Derek Llambias’s previous estimate that he’s worth “eff all” – as long as Carroll takes a substantial cut in his £90k/week salary.

Carroll has only managed 6 goals in his 31 appearances for Liverpool since his £35m move a year ago in contrast to the 11 he scored for us in 20 games in the half season before we sold him. He has had to content himself with coming on as a substitute for Liverpool more often than getting a place in the starting XI. (more…)