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Smudge says we must avoid “doing a Leeds”.

November 2nd, 2009 | 121 Comments |

"Not the player I used to be"
"Not the player I used to be"
Alan Smith was been talking to the press a lot last weekend saying, amongst other things, that Newcastle United must get promoted at the first attempt or risk ‘doing a Leeds’. Smith said:

It’s vital we get back up at the first attempt. You look at what’s happened to my old club Leeds United to see the damage that is done if you stay down for a few seasons. Hopefully they are on their way back.

Sheffield United are similar, a huge club outside the Premier League. Sheffield Wednesday, Norwich, Nottingham Forest are all the same.

It’s massively important to get back up as soon as possible. If we don’t get promoted you always have the risk of players seeing a future elsewhere. If we don’t get promoted this season we will have failed.”

In an honest self-appraisal Smith admitted that he’s not the player he used to be.

I am an honest person, I know that I’m not as good as I was, simple as that.

I know I’ll never be able to get back to as good as I was in terms of that two to five per cent that takes you to the very top – international level, Champions League level.

I could still play there but my injury will restrict me from competing at the very highest level.

As soon as I did my injury I knew that. I spoke to [Sir] Alex Ferguson about it and we both knew that it would be so difficult to play at that standard, week in week out.” (more…)

What do we think of the Newcastle engine room?

October 27th, 2009 | 60 Comments |

Looking and feeling a little rusty in the middle?
Looking and feeling a little rusty in the middle?
Yesterday’s review of the current squad, took a look at the Newcastle defence, an area that this season we’ve been surprisingly strong in, given our poor reputation in recent years.

Tonight looks at arguably the fulcrum of a successful team, the midfield, the place that could and should control a game and dictate the style of play. That doesn’t bode well for our side at the moment because arguably, we have a midfield full of players who are very similar and lack pace. Therefore, the pace is often pedestrian and the game often goes stale.

Looking at the current crop, it really makes you pine for some of our former midfielders who have graced the hallowed St James’ turf in the last couple of decades. Reminisce about the grace of French wingers David Ginola and Laurent Robert. Recall the guts, determination and drive of Robert Lee and Gary Speed. Consider the guile we had in Emre, albeit fleetingly, and the sheer brilliance of Nobby Solano. Even having pure pace ala James Milner, Keith Gillespie to worry the opposition. You can even look at some of the less popular characters. We would kill for the pace of Kieron Dyer and dare I say, I could forgive Jermaine Jenas. Possibly even Damien Duff is a big miss? Maybe that’s stretching it…..

Anyway, that was the past, what about the present? – (more…)

Smith Trotting out of Toon and does Jose know the way?

October 11th, 2009 | 49 Comments |

Thinking of us?
Thinking of us?
The traditional Sunday trawl of the back pages has begun, except technically I’ve gone all modern these days and access the back pages online (partly because I’m hungover and don’t fancy the walk to the paper shop). Anyway, so what do they have to say?

Well first of all, an amusing story of Freddie Shepherd and his righteous and gallant spirit in not pursuing the two million pounds, that he claims the club owes him from his contract when Ashley took over the club in 2007. This is because until Ashley makes indications that he will be here for the forseeable, Shepherd doesn’t want to jeopardise the sale of the club. He’s all heart is Fred…….In the same article from The Sunday Sun, they also mention the latest takeover news but there is no more conclusive evidence of who the ‘new suitors’ are and it’s just speculation that it’s an Indian-based group, as is the suggestion Moat and Sheard have sat down for a chat about poolin’ resources. Just speculation you say? Well it is Sunday. (more…)

Alan Smith shaves the day. Toon attempt to catch Cort.

September 11th, 2009 | 37 Comments |

Unshaven haven
Unshaven haven
According to the club site, Alan Smith will not shave until the Toon lose a game.

The bestubbled player said:

It started off as a bit of a joke but then a few of the lads told me to keep it going until we get beaten so I hope it’s still there at Christmas.”

Mind you, I’ve had a bit of a reprieve. I’m going to trim it because it is starting to get a bit itchy now. I need to sort it out.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t have to shave on Sunday evening!

Smith continues by saying that the players who remain at the club really want to be there:

The players who said they wanted to stay did it because they want to prove they are good enough to get back in the Premier League.

Only time will tell if we can. Squad togetherness is important. I think that’s the biggest impact on people who come and watch us play.

When I speak to people, that is what they have said, so that means a lot to us because we are honest lads who want to stay, do well and get this club back in the Premier League.” (more…)