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Ranger to Blackpool scuppered, Ameobi seeks future and Leicester favourites for Routledge

July 12th, 2011 | 10 Comments |

Nile Ranger's move to Blackpool is scuppered by personal terms.
Eff off says Ranger to Blackpool
Newcastle United hard man Nile Ranger fails to agree personal terms with Blackpool, Ameobi struggles with contract renewal and Routledge looks most likely to be heading for Leicester City.

It seems my article from yesterday about Nile Ranger‘s move to Blackpool was a bit premature. The £1.5m that Blackpool offered us was accepted by the club but then Ranger failed to agree personal terms with Blackpool.

A few options still remain though. Ranger could find himself loaned to Blackpool, which was the preference of some of the readers who commented on yesterday’s article anyway, or he could find himself going to Reading in some sort of part-exchange deal for Shane Long, who we’re allegedly very interested in.

Leon Best was originally thought to be the striker who would be offered as part of that deal, so I guess it could be either of them or both of them.

Assuming we are actually after Shane Long that is – it’s still just speculation. Shane Long is said to be valued at £10m, although I think that’s a bit high even considering his 1 in 2 strike rate for last season. (more…)

Alan Pardew: “Being honest is a big part of what I’m about.”

July 11th, 2011 | 22 Comments |

Pardew: Great to put fears to bed.
Pardew: Great to put fears to bed.
<< Part five.

At last! The final part of my transcription of Alan Pardew’s long and winding interview for BBC Radio Newcastle’s ‘Total Sport’ programme.

In this final episode, Mr Pardew tackles the question of players he considers to be lesser lights of the squad and what’s to be done with them, gives us his thoughts about the number nine shirt, how next season will be one of “transition” for the club and how it’s great to come in and put fan’s fears “to bed”, something which Mr Pardew is quite adept at if reports of his alleged shenanigans at his previous club are to be believed.

Total Sport: “A few people are asking on text as well about various other players, mainly strikers about what the sitution is with them and will they be alowed to leave the club. For example Alan in Shildon said what’s the situation with Nile Ranger? Also, Leon Best has been mentioned on text. John in Berwick’s even asking about Xisco, who I presume will be expected back at pre season training as well”. (more…)

Nile Ranger looks likely to be transferred to Blackpool

July 11th, 2011 | 25 Comments |

Nile Ranger's alleged transfer to Blackpool.
Tangerine dream
Newcastle United’s Nile Ranger is allegedly set to complete a transfer to Blackpool today.

Although I can not yet find any official confirmation of any deal, the news comes from Click Lancashire who, as far as I can gather, aren’t usually in the business of rumour-mongering like some of the national press.

Ranger’s exit has certainly been on the cards this transfer window anyway after the player was declared ‘surplus to requirements’ at Newcastle, and Blackpool sounds like the sort of team who would be interested in him.

Maybe Ian Holloway can get the best out of the player for the Tangerines.

Ranger definitely has some talent but at Newcastle it was often overshadowed by problems with his discipline and he was regularly fined for turning up late to practise. I can’t imagine his gun-toting photograph helped matters, although I doubt that was singularly responsible for Newcastle’s decision to transfer-list him.

Details of the transfer agreement are not yet available (assuming it’s true of course, which I am) but I would imagine he would cost Blackpool something in the region of £1m-£2m. (more…)

Neil Taylor situation at impasse while Enrique is in discussion with Newcastle chiefs

July 8th, 2011 | 25 Comments |

Neil Taylor allegedly keen on move to Newcastle United.
Wants to join us ... allegedly
Newcastle United appear to have resolved little in the last week. Still no Neil Taylor, Enrique is in contract talks, Mevlüt Erdinç is looking like a no-go, Shane Long said to be the latest target and Llambias confuses at least one Toon fan.

Alreet Geordies, hope you’ve been well while I’ve been holidaying in the Med. I haven’t seen a single British newspaper for a week and I’m completely out of touch with what’s been going on at the club, so – although I’ve tried to catch up a bit since getting back – forgive me if I cover old ground. The only ‘news’ I saw while away was about someone getting married in Monaco, which hardly had me moist with excitement.

One thing I thought might have been completed in my week’s absence is the signing of Neil Taylor, but I note that’s still dragging on. Swansea Chairman Huw Jenkins said:

Neil has a contract and he is our player for another two years. The question is not whether he will stay with us, it is whether things will go the other way. We will find out the answer to that in the next few weeks.

However an ‘insider close to Naylor’ apparently said:

Neil is due back on Monday for pre-season training, but whether he turns up remains to be seen. He still isn’t happy about the situation and is obviously keen to join Newcastle United.(more…)

Micky Quinn: “Who ate all the goals?”

July 2nd, 2011 | 27 Comments |

You fat owner, massive ...
59 pies in 115 appearances.
Micky Quinn has been trying to become the new Supermac by trying to spout rhetoric and his (often misguided) opinions – usually when things are going well. His words recently didn’t earn him any special consideration with fans but it did give us a chance to work off some fat jokes and that can never be a bad thing, can it?

Known for stating Newcastle “would get nowhere” under Kevin Keegan as his set up was “shambolic” in nature. That season saw promotion, and the following saw us finish third.

After his application was rejected from the vacant managerial post at Second Divison Burnley FC in ’96, he decided he didn’t actually know that much about football outside of scoring goals and instead went to look after horses. Good career move all things considered.

Speaking to the Evening Chronicle today, he said:

“From what I have seen, there is no-one ready to take on the shirt; maybe they can go with Shola Ameobi or one other. However, they need to sign at least one more striker, a No 9, to keep them in the league and help them progress.” (more…)