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United Fans Love Mike Ashley – Or Do They?

May 19th, 2012 | 101 Comments |

St Michael?
The Newcastle Evening Chronicle has apparently started to run a Public Relations campaign on behalf of United owner Mike Ashley.

If you believe the Chronicle’s PR machine, the man has been forgiven, is a saint, walks on water and is now the most popular man on Tyneside. Well, not in those words but it seems to be the thrust of the message.

Quote from the Chronicle:

“Now Mike Ashley has won the backing of the Tyneside faithful after fans cast their verdicts on his finest year at the helm of Newcastle United.”

“Five years after he seized control at St James’ Park, our exclusive on-line survey has revealed the tide is turning on the billionaire sports tycoon.”

“More than 2,000 people logged on to take part in our end of season poll and voice their views on Newcastle’s season.”

“And – in a sneak preview of our full survey results – the Chronicle can reveal more than 65% of supporters who took part in the poll said their opinion of the Sports Direct owner had gone up.”

Barton reveals on “Ayatollah” Ashley, ultimatums, player’s committees, Hughton’s sacking and everything…

November 30th, 2011 | 21 Comments |

Joey Barton: Saying what he saw.
Joey Barton: Saying what he sees.
Well, Joey Barton did promise on Twitter that he would “tell all when the time was right” and he’s finally kept his word.

Speaking in a long audio podcast interview for the Queen’s Park Ranger’s ‘blog “Open All R’s,” he finally lifted the lid on his time at Newcastle United and his strained relationship with the infamous Ashley / Llambias regime. In the interview, he revealed what he felt were the real reasons why he and other senior members of the squad have been forced out St James’ Park, how the club tried to force him to sign a contract on a fifth of his old wage whilst he was in Walton prison, what he feels were the real reasons behind the sacking of Chris Hughton, how despite his profound hatred of Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, he still feels a strong affinity with the club and more…

Some (misquoted) sections of the interview have already appeared in the media and other ‘blogs, so I decided to make a more accurate and extensive transcription of all the sections which related to Newcastle United. I’ve have also included the mp3 podcast of the entire interview at the bottom of the piece.

Responding to a QPR fan’s question on what swung it for him to come to Queen’s Park Rangers, Barton began by outlining the reson’s why he had to leave his former club saying:

“I was obviously deemed by the board at Newcastle “Persona non grata” (Person not welcome). They didn’t want me because I asked questions. (more…)

Argentinian International Full Back in Newcastle!

August 22nd, 2011 | 47 Comments |

Jonas Gutierrez.
Gutierrez: Why not?
News has come into the offices of NUFC Blog Interntional that an Argentinan International full back is currently on Tyneside and is ready to play for the Magpies!

His name is Jonas Gutierrez, he is currently 28, and is known for his daring and mazy runs down both flanks. Gutierrez is not entirely unknown to Newcastle United fans, having played for the club since 2008, when he was signed on a five year contract by well known double act, Dennis Wise and Kevin Keegan for an undisclosed sum. Since then he has become something of a fans’ favourite, playing in 115 games and scoring seven goals.

The player has already been helping current stand in, Ryan Taylor, and said of his assistance to Ryan:

“For him, it’s a new position and I know that, so I try to help him when I can.

“But I think he’s playing better game-by-game. He played well against Arsenal, but this was better than the last game. (more…)

Pardew explains the Enrique hole. Oh, and Xisco’s gone!

August 12th, 2011 | 41 Comments |

Dennis Wise's wonder boy returns to Spain.
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew tells us why we didn’t have a replacement for Jose Enrique already in place, and Enrique explains the reasons for his departure. Oh yes, and news about Xisco.

As if in reply to Jimbob’s post of yesterday Alan Pardew broke his lengthy vow of silence to tell us why we didn’t bring in a replacement for Enrique some time ago. Pardew said:

I am sure some of the fans will be asking why we had not brought a left-back in earlier.

The difference was if Jose had signed we would have ended up with two very, very expensive left-backs and that is something we could not afford when we are trying to create the best side.

We need that money in other areas and of course we do not have the striker to cover the line yet.

I understand a big bulk of our fans just want our best players wanting to stay here – it does not always work like that, unfortunately.

Which really means the Mike Ashley would not risk any money on a new left-back whilst there was still a smidgen of a gnat’s willy of a chance that Enrique might sign a new contract. (more…)