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Were Keegan’s “Entertainers” really the blueprint for Barcelona, Manchester City and Manchester United?

October 10th, 2011 | 35 Comments |

Kevin Keegan: The Entertainer.
Kevin Keegan: The Entertainer.
Speaking in a recent interview (here and here) on his “Entertainers” side of the 1990s, ex Newcastle United manager, Kevin Keegan, suggested that his own “Entertainers” side of the ‘nineties were the vanguard for current attacking teams such as Barcelona, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Speaking on the eve of a reunion last weekend with a Liverpool team who produced a nailbiting 4-3 classic which is still mentioned over fourteen years later, plus an “impostor” in the side who goes by the name of Alan Shearer. The Mighty Mouse started with a classic Keegan quote saying:

“Everybody said at the time we couldn’t win the league playing like that. Unfortunately they were proved right.”

Then adding:

“We should have won it, we just couldn’t get over the line. If you look at football now, Barcelona, Man City and Man United are playing like that now. The centre-backs and full-backs bomb on now and I think if we’d won the league like that, then there would be teams playing like that before now. We were ahead of our time.” (more…)

Whatever happened to the class of 1993?

April 17th, 2010 | 200 Comments |

Class of 1993: What happened to them?
Class of 1993: What happened to them?
The other day I wrote an article debating which team would come out on top in a match between the promotion side of 1993 and the promotion side of 2010.

The response was mixed, although the poll is still open, and opinion was pretty evenly split when deciding just which team is stronger and what the outcome would be. Would the attacking style that started to show itself back then triumph over the rock solid, never-say-die attitude of today’s team? Plenty of debate took place amidst an awful lot of reminiscing. However, that got me thinking about what happened to some of that team from 1993?

It is well known what happened with some of the team, especially the likes of Rob Lee, Andy Cole, and Lee Clark, but what about the rest? Is 17 years enough time to forget just how the careers of those players panned out after leaving us? I thought I would track back and take a look at the fortunes of some of the players and just what twist their career path took after 1993. (more…)