What Should the Toon Army Expect After the Saudi-Led Takeover?

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Eddie Howe
A tough task initially for Eddie Howe.
Mike Ashley is out and Newcastle fans can start to dream again. It’s been a long time coming and tastes very sweet for thousands of the Toon Army. However, though expectations are higher than ever due to the amount of money the new owners have, success doesn’t happen overnight.

On the flip side, it’s hard not to imagine Newcastle going on the same journey as Chelsea or Man City. With hope springing eternal on the Tyne, it’s essential to keep our projections as realistic as possible. But what is realistic?

Avoiding Relegation

First and foremost, Newcastle needs to stay in the Premier League if the Saudi-led takeover is going to have a positive impact on the club. Trying to gain promotion from the Championship next season isn’t ideal. With Eddie Howe’s men quoted at 800/1 to win the league, it shows that our fate may come down to the final fixture.

We only have six points after 12 games, the worst record in the division and on track for only 19-20 points over the season if the form continues. Therefore, the scale of the task shouldn’t be ignored. If Newcastle United FC is going to make significant strides in 2022, the squad must gel into a cohesive unit.

The good news is that the club has a few quality players to rely on, such as Allan Saint-Maximin and Callum Wilson and the Magpies will play two of their main relegation rivals before the first Monday in December. Hopefully, Wilson and Saint-Maximin will be fit in those crunch fixtures.

Transition Period for Howe

Eddie Howe has a poisoned chalice in many respects. The Toon Army is dying to see our football club move onto the next phase of the operation, although everyone knows it takes time. Howe, meanwhile, will need a couple of weeks to drill his philosophy into the boys.
It’s obvious to everyone that the former Burnley and Bournemouth manager will play an eye-catching, possession-based style. Supporters should eat it up, especially after the attritional style of Steve Bruce. However, playing that way means that the players will make mistakes, and mistakes are costly in the Premier League.

St James’ Park needs to accept this, or else the manager and the team will be under huge pressure. Give the man a chance to show the Gallowgate End what he’s capable of. After all, it takes talent to do what he did with Bournemouth for so many years.

Champions League Qualification?

It would be a dream to have Newcastle in the Champions League and mentioned in the same breath as Manchester City and Liverpool. Sure, it may be a while before any Champions League predictions quote us as the 7/4 outright winner favourites, but anything is possible if our on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch activities are decisive.

The first port of call is to build a squad capable of challenging for the top four. To do that, the club will need to spend money on everything from infrastructure to players, managers, and wages. To do it organically, they must factor Financial Fair Play rules into the equation. Remember that FFP means we can’t buy anyone we want since we must balance the books.

As a result, Champions League football could be a decade or more away but as Alan Shearer said, all the Newcastle fans want is hope. In the Public Investment Fund, they have it in spades. Let’s watch this space.

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56 Responses

  1. I didn’t write it, Chuck, and you are NEVER brief! Why do you still keep writing on different posts at the same time? I’ve just given up trying to follow them now. As for the football, this was our chance to start getting out the bottom three with Norwich and Burnley but it’s not looking too good now with Clark getting himself sent off within the first ten minutes. Next is Burnley then it’s a horror show run of games. Leicester haven’t been brilliant this season but they’re still strong, then it’s Liverpool, Man City and Man United. I can see another ‘only in Newcastle’ scenario coming.

  2. Having watched primarily the second half of Tuesdays game, which turns out to be a lucky draw nufc being awarded a penalty for a handball inside the keepers box.
    In fact Christal palace were playing at roughly the same time on another channel dahn a pub
    Tthese games were undoubtably the ugliest games I have watched all year, Ashley left nothing but crap and SD ads.@ st. James’ of course that followed fourteen years of skimming any profit and left only the bare bones of a once competitive club.
    And unfortunately a side that belongs in the same division as poor old Sunderland, they gave a display of hapless and hopeless football which hopefully the club will totally sell or better yet just get rid of come next season, that’s if we go down, which I expect.
    But with the right choices we could return, sure those detractors may have some fun in the mean time, but will not be happy to see a side filled with star players, the following season, which will add a bit of spice I believe.
    Look Newcastle has always had problems, even as the entertainers and what do we want now, to prove the fact that money talks and bullshit walks seven days a week and I believe those nineteen clubs and their supporters know it , yeah they should be afraid when we finally arise from the ashes of a club ripped off by Ashley.
    I just have to add that I had watched the qualifiers between Argentina vs Brasil during the previous week, which was undoubtably the best game I have seen in years, perhaps our new
    club overseer whoever he turns out to be, can get up with Howe and perhaps activate some of our ex players in S/America, who could do a job as scouts for us .
    Being both Brazil and the countries surrounding the River Plate Basin still produce excellent and talented players.
    There is a story that could make a decent movie about this, no ?

  3. And yes, you are right of course , on the subject of being brief, however do those who read my un-brief briefs really want to read only one or two lines ?

  4. Sorry my friend but you don’t really get it.
    Fact is the reason nufc are not only disliked, but feared, no one club has ever come into contention for being so rich but not only that the
    Saudis are disliked for their wealth but more so for the alleged assassination of one of their citizens in Turkey and the present state of affairs in regards to females in the home country.
    And yes the three hundred odd billion dollars that is available is not directed at nufc alone , it is the amount invested to-wards a re-organization of the entire country, bringing it into the twenty first century, building a completely restructured SA including towns, factories, farms ,etc to compete as the use of oil as a sole income, will eventually go, alongside most fossil fuel powered industries.
    Just compare Yanbu, an entire city above Jedda on the Red Sea, which did not exist twenty odd years ago
    Well in any case we nufc, are part and parcel of the Saudi future,
    which un-doubtably requires a return on it’s investment whatever that is and its upto their rulers to lead us in the right direction, though so far it hasn’t been the case
    And yes the original takeover was a joke, but used for propaganda issues by both sides and quickly settled once it no longer became an issue between SA &th UK, don’t want to unsettle any relationship, which I had mentioned while the incident was taking place. also the so called piracy charges by Qatar in regards to the re-broadcasting of their (be in, vs be out) services.
    Which was quickly solved, but as of now with some who comment on the relationship between nufc and the rest of the Premier League
    and the Saudi’s, with a proposed boycotting of players required by nufc, it’s surely indicates a directed at the clubs not the source, to which fans of the club resent having believed as they had absolutely nothing to do with, by funding Ashleys Sports Direct for the last fourteen years and suffering the fall and stripping of everything that made nufc a competitive club, by it’s previous owner.
    Now we hear remarks about clubs refusing to sell too the club, which I believe is a semi-organized nineteen (some I believe under threat)
    of the richer clubs who have basically used the league as something they alone considered as their own.
    There are some serious accusations here that could very well find their way into the courts and certain clubs might very well pay attention to them,
    Of course the fans are unsettled at nufc and rightly blaming the Saudi;s for dragging their feet on naming a general director of football leaving the manager on the spot, to take care of 101 number of jobs, too much work for one person and have made no move to appoint their man who will be their accountant, as they have much to do in regard to a club that answers to one of the worlds richest, but needs a new training center plus god knows how much more renewal’s.
    which in future please remember such things before commenting !

  5. Reading some of the recent news concerning the future of the Toon,
    can become plainly boring and doesn’t mean anything.
    I’m mostly concerned with rubbish about our current roster of players, face it who would you really go after to sign for the future among the present roster ?
    I recommend ‘no one’ Dwight Gale, for instant WAS a decent second tier player Wilson is an un-recognized sick note, the French forward is a bit crazy and the rest are mediocrities.
    I say sell them all for whatever we can get for them and fill the rest of the roster with our young future stars, of course we will have some elderly guys among that crowd, mostly looking for their last big signing , before calling it a day.but there are ready made replacements.
    Which according to the latest news flashes are or have been chosen already, by above all people

    “The Saudi’s” , when most of the opinions appeared to be they were dragging their feet on the appointment of a manager of football , who in co-operation with our manager would take care of the footballing side of the operation underway.
    I hope there is some sort of co-operation going on and each group sticks to what they know best, there are the sound of voices from Saudi Arabia, and there’s Amandas crowd, plus Mr Howe who doesn’t say lot , then there is the unpointed Manager of football , who should be undertaking a leading role in the work needed and it’s

    So what appears to be a serious undertaking and it’s goals just happens to have become a fully confused mess, with apparently no one in charge, which is being enjoyed by the other next nineteen clubs and seemingly adjusted the pressure they had previously been under, from the amounts of dosh that was being expressed by the press for the most part.
    And here was I , hoping that with this gift of seemingly endless dosh
    would solve all matters and we would be something like Citeh or the others with unlimited cash and what do we get, ffs Amanda with no real money in the deal a youngish manager who sez nowt and only talks about how good a player our failure @center forward is and a missing Controller of Football, who is the Saudi voice for future signings still being vetted ffs,
    Ah it’s beginning to feel like Ashleys back and their is no top management once more. Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh !!!

  6. Well a sudden change of course has seen the Magpies to any number of stadia and countries in regards to signing players.
    Apparently no one is currently concerned about a money man or if our manager has any objections or even is aware of the change in direction, I suppose the Saudis are well aware of who they would like to hire , as far as playing staff are concerned, usually a situation that happens following Scouting staff, general managers or a footballing manager who is aware of how to negotiate for what Newcastle really need (mainly a complete new side and the rising stars to be on call the moment the older players either lose a step or decide to hang up their boots) plus a new academy and it’s facilities.
    Being the news rags are informing us we have people watching the Sporting vs Benfica game , with a number of young players Arthur
    Cabral. (Brasil) a young center who is being watched, plus Julian Alvarez and a host of players some for immediate use others as stand by players. Of course there are others from the EPL and Spanish premier league , Kirian Trippier, plus Harry Winks and both
    Burnley’s Tarkowski and Nat Phillips from L’pool and one of Bielsa’s targets, which sez someone has been involved in the hiring of scouts and others , over the last couple of weeks and who could that have been , being news that people have been hired by the club that one can believe in has been as rare as hens teeth.
    Ah well! perhaps I should be less concerned about whats happening and enjoy the fruits of a few petro- bucks and face it even though Qataris appear light years ahead of the Saudis in general, they (the Saudis are catching on fast) but I wonder who s pulling the strings, and where will it end ?

  7. LOOK ! don’t take these blogs or whatever I call them with any real sense of the truth, being they are mostly based on what I myself have been informed of by those sports writers, who we know to invent a lot of the latest news only mentioning it to amuse the fans, or annoy the h**l outta them. ok !

  8. Hmm ! I see wor Al. has suggested a number of players we should sign, stating the obvious of course and still a bit gun shy about his term as manager.
    Different circumstances of course, but why so gun shy in the moment, one in which money doesn’t appear to be the problem as it did during Ashley’s time.
    Well I’m sure he was well intended, but he appears to be concerned
    about his job as a tv pundit I suppose, recently claiming he was also interested in working for the Saudi’s as long as he was allowed to continue as a tv pundit.
    Well not a lot of PL candidate’s mentioned, with sixty thousand or more fans needing to be informed of record breaking deals in the making and no sign of a footballing general manager, following Ashleys call of ‘NEXT’ brought our pudgy general manager from a place in the organization to a seat right next to him during the Ashley regime, as he appears to be unwelcome to our latest ownership, though I suppose all he did was the paperwork for the most part having no real ability to do much else, unless of course he
    may have been company for our owner, hey ! even owners need companionship apart from bodyguards.
    And who are these scouts and who are those in charge, sending them all around the continent’s vetting young future stars, not that we the fans are entitled, but one often hears the terms the club belongs to the fans, which some read and believe, but as of now the present time, any lack of news is bad news, whatever happened to all of those local newspaper, guys all of which used to fill the news outlets with rubbish, I believe they were known as sports writers .
    Ah well, not a time for any uncertified claims that may upset to anyone i suppose.
    And there something I really don’t get ? why is it necessary to sign players, with EPL history, do they actually play a different game in the other nations and do we not have many of them already playing in the UK, or does it have any association with Brexit ?
    Anyway there is still time to avoid Relegation and time for those destined for stardom to play in the under 23’s that’s of course as we sign both them and the aging stars, still good enough to get the club an entry into the European championships, then let the youngsters take over, it will certainly make seating a major entitlement, so hopefully it will be a great time to be a Geordie fan
    as good as the entertainers or the early fifties, yes I understand that he who waits…………..etc.


  9. A recenc check out of the latest news is dedicated to or ex Spanish manager, yes folks this is the same one that ward to take over the entire running of the club, dummy ! Did he not understand that Ashley refused to hire any top management people being he was intent on using as much of any income generated by the club in a Sports direct direction.
    A endend up was Iucky escape for the club.
    Why ? Well of course just take a look at the amount of dosh he has spent @ Everton and the results it has brought, with the owner now allowing him almost entire control of the club, even though the results have been awful.
    Hey what ya gonna do, some owners know Diddley squat about the game , however here’s a man that must be convincing,
    sure he managed Liverpool and many fans still believe, following a miracle finish, that he was a miracle worker, (in the European cup that is) but they soon found out he had just got lucky,
    So what ha he done since then?
    Nowt !!!
    It’s guys like him and Ashley, who ruin clubs with the desire to control everything, with not that much to offer on a personal level
    and that’s what I mean by Nufc were lucky .
    $300m. spent by Everton, who badly need that new stadium on the river front, on useless players, lets hope the Saudi’s are not that dumb.
    But just because the numbers are outrageous, doesn’t mean it can’t happen anywhere, that’s dumb enough to listen to bull***t.
    Ah well I see the SD ad’s are being eliminated from St. James’
    please send the bill to Ashley, being the tea ladies, if Ashley hasn’t
    fired them all, need to have a nice Christmas party with.
    And tell the Saudie’s to get moving on lining up our replacements as there are still a lotta Geordies who believe in Santa, oop’s I mean
    Benitez ? and worse things have happened , than his return.
    later !

  10. Chuck, to get some facts cleared up, Rafa Benitez has hardly spent anything at Everton. He signed Andros Townsend and his target man, Rondon, on frees, signed one or two for chickenfeed (eg Demari Gray for £1.5 million) and that’s about it!

    We’re still in a relegation battle, we have to think about what we have now whether you are interested or not. There won’t have any new players against Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United and if we are where we’d expect to be after facing all that, a side facing relegation in January won’t have an easy ride signing top players, however much money there is, and Newcastle United still have to stay withing the fair play restrictions. Actually, Ashley have done them a favour there with his parsimonious spending in previous seasons, though obviously not if they get relegated. That’s in the hands of the new owners though.

  11. Well look’ a here, the voice of doom returns.
    Soh ! whadda you say about Benitez recent record @ Everton, sounds a bit like the former coach there now the coach of Belgium,
    who talked a great game but whose results disproved most of what he stated, who I hear was in the running for the Newcastle job also.
    Goes to show you, don’t believe all you hear and only half of what you see.
    The take over which you believed would never happen, though I explained why it would, “a matter of politics” and trade, plus a very old international relationship.
    Plus there are those who believed Steve (don’t feel sorry for him, being he walked away with around six million quid) Bruce our former manager possibly did as good as Benitez , I personally i am amazed with the record of those clowns from Big Sam to Bruce, hired for only their willingness to say nowt during the stripping of the club and their yessum! attitude, hungry for a job , any job.
    As for the fans, sure there were protests, with one idiot trying to punch out a police horse, but the fans still showed up week after week, when the obvious action was to boycott Ashley and prevent him from any action without money involved. Ah well !
    Soh! now the Saudi’s are here, with their money and how have we progressed ? Well not very far and it appears we are about to spend a sh**-load of money on unwanted stars, bloating the records of others that make it appear they are worth the cash .
    Have no public relationship outfit to prevent us from being very club in the EPL’s worst enemy, have yet to sign someone to take charge of the operation, which requires a joint relationship with the manager and understands how much players are worth and how to get stars to join a possible second tier club.
    Yes we are in a sh*t load of trouble, regardless of the amount of dosh available, there is a problem with the fact we have no training ground worth the name and the stadium which should be snowed under with seat applications is unworthy of both the fans and use in international events, but the fact the ground has to be kept within the city is a problem also.
    Soh, if you want to criticize me about Benitez, whom I believe never
    lived up to his (self reputation) which was gained by sheer luck, talking about the win at the last moment in the Aly Sami stadium, in Turkey, then perhaps he hasn’t

    spent the stated amount, but it has been openly stated that the owner of Everton has spent hundreds of millions by listening to the likes of Benitez, obviously a waste of money regarding the present side.
    Apparently the owner of sports Direct knew this , though he never mentioned it, being there was nothing left but the bare bones of a once great club.
    And the rest invited in Sorts Direct. OK !

  12. And don’t tell me things I didn’t all- ready know , about our chances of survival in the PL, and the idea that signing aging stars to prevent this happening is the fault of our present owners, as is the signing of future stars on a stand by operation, but learn from previous take overs and avoid their mistakes, that is if you are in a hurry to reach a top spot in the EPL,
    Personally I would prefer to see our re-invention, with some decent
    competition with our adversaries , after all that’s why we go to watch certain games, rather than unequal competition against non competitive teams, no ?

  13. Chuckles, Everton have had a bad run and they’re still 12th, Newcastle United are 19th.

    As for the takeover, it wasn’t going to happen so long as the piracy was an issue as that’s the most important thing to the overlords of football, not human rights that haven’t changed since the days of Mohammed but TV rights. The piracy issue getting sorted was my biggest fear as you know what my thoughts are.

    The ‘voice of doom’ says that the days of Chelsea, Man City and PSG are over so long as there’s Financial Fair Play, it won’t be as fast anyway, unless of course, the overlords decide to drop all that soon like BeIn dropped the piracy action. As of now though, Newcastle are still in a relegation dog fight and a string of awful games ahead against the top teams. They might get a win against Leicester if they play well though.

  14. As far as the piracy condition was concerned, it was solved in a matter of days, between Saudi A, and Qatar, when a certain amount of dosh was exchanged and for you to be confused with the issues it was an attempt by those who may have had there noses put out by the fact NUFC would become the richest owners in the EPL.
    take a look @ the present position of Man U. who dominated the EPL by being the richest club, and because of it each year were able to strengthen their side through their wealth and forced trades, they are now just a top ten side and nowhere near being the richest.
    that’s what I’m talking about.
    As for the lives of Saudi women and the politics of Saudi arabia
    it’s a different country and entitled to do as they like, it’s not within the Uk and the British Empire which no longer exists and they are fortunate enough to be on friendly terms with each other, which allows the UK to be Saudi’s armourer and if you are looking for an excuse tell your own government to stop this trade and the supply ing of ground control people to help bomb their neighbors back to the nineteenth century, now that’s a reality, not some toothless accusations.
    As for Benitez I stand by my criticism of him, as he definitely did a poor job , but managed to conn the Geordie fans he was me kind of savior, which still amazes me.
    And I doubted the Saudi’s would have had any association with him, were he still here.
    Although they did a quick job on Johnson and the deal went through fast enough , perhaps too fast, as it appears the club is in a mess so far , with no money man to guide the club through this most hazardous of transformations, it looks like they are at a stand -still
    and have no idea, with a manager who may be suspect, doing all of the heavy lifting and people pulling big names out of the blue, it appears we are in a state of chaos, without a leader, other than Stavely, getting lost in things that don’t concern her, with that patent smile dominating everything, for gods sake man get some order into the operation.
    And the word on the street is we are going down, so who in fact wants to fight for the return of a club in turmoil and play a full season in the second tier, right no footballer with any self respect !
    now please tell me where we go from here ?

  15. Just looking @ some of the headlines in regard to the Toon.Of course some of the more intelligent contributors couldn’t fail to mention the state of the advertising signs for Sports Direct, a very important part of our change-over.
    Then we have the ridiculess idea of appointing the Geordies most recent hero, well known for his managing introduction where he was allowed eight games to solve the relegation problem of the Toon and failed miserably, sure lets bring him back for an advisory role, yeah ! just what we don’t need, as we already have Stavely doing that ! with I might add her standard smile.
    Apart from that everything appears to be wonderful.

    continued below

    That is there seems to be a problem with the stadium, which was garnered to-gether by the club one year at a time and certainly looks like it, of course the new training grounds are sure to be planned and put to-gether wth the required medical physilities, trainers and whatever is required being we are now the worlds richest club, no?
    Well perhaps some time down the road !
    As for players, certainly we can buy all the necessary players we need , that is apart fro those in the EPL, who have decided (that is if we don’t offer enough) to oppose anyone selling to NUFC a boycott, for which purpose I have no idea, the only crime we have committed is to become the ELP’s richest,
    Even then we are having a few minor problems (don’t worry folks)
    hiring a money man to take care of the Saudi money and to not overspend, I suppose, leaving the odd person to take care of what is a major operation, with major amateurs attempting to get in front of one another.
    Ah well, no one said it was gong to be easy, then again no one stated we were ready and prepared, but it’s nice to see that our hero goalscorer has agreed to become an advisor, certainly following his debut as an eight game wonder never to be called again until now, you don’t find that dedication just anywhere and at last the Sports Direct signs are no longer in your face every time you visit what may become rubble, that is the so called :Cathedral On The Hill: (St. James” Park)
    These my friends are what football is all about, but please don’t worry, there are clubs which would give a lot to be in our position, and I suppose we will blunder our way to championships, once we get things sorted out.
    Howay Newcassil. ! a bit dated but once a necessary roar when the team burst out of the tunnel and started to spray balls around the park and you had a position where one could best watch no11
    either beat a bunch of opposition players, sometimes he would do it twice before either scoring or laying o the perfect pass in his eleven years of playing for Newcassil.
    With sixty thousand jammed into an unsegregated stadium , where the only competition was one of humor between opposing fans.
    ah well !

  16. Hmm ! looks like the latest news has the toon signing all kinds of players, using terms like “gorilla”, “Giant’, well you get the picture, whatever will inspire the fans to believe we are on a trip to the top and are on the road to avoiding relegation .
    With not only individuals , but whole groups, as many as five or more, which of course would present an entirely different side.
    I see our former player Wynaldum has been mentioned and using the term Rolls Royce as a description of his abilities.
    the one thing the mentioned as possible signings is their age, with many close to or over the thirty year mark.
    Hey nowt wrong with that unless you believe most players lose a step consider their health and avoiding injury to be a large part of to-days game.
    And I have to say keep their contracts short, but what the hell we no longer have Ashley @ the helm and can spend, that is as long as we can win games.
    and by the time the present group are ready to hang it up, we will have secured a whole younger bunch of wooda-cuoldda stars to replace them, a decent plan in my not so umble opinion.
    Anyhow there is still a chance with most of the names mentioned to help the toon survive a most important building procedure, avoiding relegation, though I believe there are enough pre- retirement stars looking for that last retirement check.
    Plus the so called boycott by the nineteen Epl sides will fall apart once the first signing takes place, being money rules plus in any case there are plenty of continental and players from around the world who would be more than happy with a decent paycheck and a winning side.
    .Well we have yet to hear what the Saudi’s think, they appear to have stopped communicating after the fact their supposed money man turned them down and the club itself have apparently picked up the load. which as of right now is massive and I certainly feel unfair to the present group who are taking it on, but they seem to have adjusted to the less than great news we have been subjected too and turned things around, well certainly the image makers have,
    now lets see some results .

    ‘giant and whatever they imagine will inspire the fans

  17. Soh, the nufc good news organization is going full blast , with offers for every star player in every league and if one believes all they read
    doing a hell of a job, even refusing deals that are obviously over the top by certain clubs wishing to rip-off the Toon’s arrival as the richest club.
    And hopefully our head of scouting and Howe are singing from the same hymn book, being the Saudi side of things have appeared to have taken a back seat, which for a lot of fans is something they approve of, being there are no great streams of disapproval, from that direction.
    Or are the fans, normally critical, certainly over the last few seasons
    that’s all twelve of them, apart from the season , the old scout with the one way ticket from Holland through France


    Spain, signed what turned out to be a bunch of mixed nationals including ‘Wynaldum’ who may make a return this window if we are lucky,
    And the good thing I noticed are that all of the possible transfers in,
    are not yet thirty and over as suspected, which means we will have the ability to keep on tradeing following this window and season.
    of course all depends on whether those tapped up are more interested in money or glory or a decent pension.
    Not sure who actually set these movements in action possibly a combination between our chief scout and manager, being there wa not much movement in the procuring a one man, band dealing with money and deals, from our owners. I believe this is putting more of a load on Howe , which is really unfair, all things considered.
    Though I do often think of the deals made by that old chief scout, which gave the Toon some pretty decent players and how they were all gone too soon.
    Which I believe thought they had things covered pretty well until they ran into opposition from our last dear owner , the cheapskate who helped ruin the club and left nothing but bare bones behind him. Ah well it appears we are now fortunate enough under the parachute of the Saudi Funds.

  18. Strange, the actual relationship between our expected money guy, which a smart Saudi ownership had apparently lined up as the most senior money manager in the top management of the club.
    It seems strange they couldn’t, reach an agreement , nor gave the reason as to why, only, Money comes to mind, but there are so many reasons we naturally think of it first.
    However I doubt that he, following a good career at both Chelsea
    and the player selling club in France, which was a demonstration of his abilities, is not enough for him, hell he may wish to relax and enjoy life rather than paying attention to securing players, for which may be a real interesting but difficult job.
    Who knows ? however I suspect this may be an ongoing game and he could end up as the senior upper management guy at the Toon,
    which could be a good thing considering who we once had until he proved to be a joke and was fired by Ashley, who took on every senior management role, to our dismay, yes folks there were no senior management people after crazy Joe Knnear, but that’s another story.
    But I believe the Saudis should think long and hard on this one, his knowledge at this time could become essential, in saving money and as a judge of football players and everything in general concerning the building of a first class training center and it’s additions plus an possible extension of St James’ Park and a refurbishment of the whole magical, a big job I might add.
    and not another load on those presently carrying the job aead.

  19. Well as expected the news outta Nufc is just a bad as ever, loosing to Leicester four zip, just repeats the fact that we were left the virtual worst side in the EPL.
    A side that has to go, sure the sports talking part of the game has us listed with numerous star players, but are not sure exactly who we will sign, or if we will sign, yeah sure we have been associated and talk’s initiated but we are no closer to signing those who are in a way promised.
    There is confusion as to who is in charge of what, therefor we are subjected and associated with some of footballs best players, which keeps the fans happy, but nowt is guaranteed.
    Again I ask for some kind of agreement and a guarantee that every-thing is being accomplished and a new director of football is being installed, that is if we are not to follow the same old policies used be or previous owner, being this club needs more than a fresh coat of paint.
    I have no idea, as to why the SAK chose such a remote area and team, being when did the last visit from that country visit Newcastle
    They who are more commonly found in the best parts of London, while avoiding Saudi’s oppressive heat and being driven around by chauffeured limo’s.
    But now that they have made the first steps to-wards owning and operating this old club, lets settle on a money man and get this club back to where it should be, yes I know every man woman and child would like to see their picks in regard to replacing this awful
    Which is impossible, but can be improved during the winter and Sumer windows, that is unless we become relegated, but sure we can continue to improve until back in the EPL, and continue our program of improvements until we reach a certain level.
    And with the backing of our new owners project a side that can compete with any fielded opposition, where the Saudi’s reach a stage of owning the best supported club in the league and a winner, at last
    Well it sounds ok to- me, but things have been a bit difficult, what with the other clubs in the league uniting in a stubborn response to the newcomers (owners) and I can understand why, but doubt if it will make any difference, once the money is offered, after all it’s a game run by some of the worlds richest, not unlike the NFL in the US., an organization that no owner loses a dime but reap’s it in, through having monster sized arenas, tv contracts and and absolute control, of playing personnel.
    Is this what our intentions are, as hey it may not be the way to surrender to riches in such a manner.
    Though it appears that is the only way we can go as of right now but even with the dosh it’s not a guarantee, unless both the money
    guarantors and the playing squad and fans are on the same schedule.

  20. Well Newcastle United are definitely in Crisisville now, I can’t think of any other team quite like them.

    Chuck, I keep trying to explain that the glory days of Chelsea, Man City and PSG are over. I’m not saying that things can’t ever change but as of now, there can be no phony sponsorship deals from Saudi Airways for ten times the usual fee to get around the fair play regulations or whatever. Even the Saudis themselves have tried to warn fans it won’t be like the other clubs I named above.

  21. Checking out the football news to-day I come across an article that nufc have been priced out of a deal and we are looking at a thirty year old defender who played with Howe @ Bournemouth !!!!!!!!!!
    I find this hard to believe that any club can price us out so hopefully it was a miss-print, that and a thirty year old defender from bournemouth, sorry folks but no thanks and who the hell is in charge of recruitment @St James’.
    Look the Saudi Kingdom, took-over and it appears that’s the end of things, being they have achieved diddly squat since then.
    We (TheClub) are still in the same position since, not a move on the Saudi horizon, whether to sign a money-man to run the behind the
    scenes operations, a well known name who has been in similar positions and who understands deals and how to make them, acting in conjunction with the guy who has to manage them, who in fact may not agree with each other, but when it comes to all of the available defensemen, to then speak of signing a former unheard of defense-men from Bornemouth who is oveqrthirty years old, then I draw a line between all management and give up.
    Who has managed @ the top, no one we have @ nufc, and what’s actually going on with the Saudi’s, can they not name a footballing
    money man, being the most important games are about to be played over the next few weeks and the club has to ensure we don’t become relegated, which means a completed side by the beginning of the following season, without any ex Bournemouth players and some decent players instead., I’m even doubting the hiring of what most believe to be an astute manager and have little faith in the Saudi machine that so far has done little to make other clubs fear them from a protagonist viewpoint.
    If we are to be a decent club with a money arrangement with the SK, they must take a role instead of leaving things to work themselves out, a money manager to sign the checks for incoming players, talk to them and ensure the club is in the required position by the start of the following season.
    Not have each fan suggesting a different player and no action taken, soh sign that money man and a construction outfit who can build a training ground, with the necessary additions and arrange a
    group of young up and coming youth movement and all of the neccessary arrangements, while choosing a side by dumping just about every last player from the previous seasons. And buying a completely new side.
    Enough of the lets take a wait and see role, time to make moves folks.

  22. I guess the club is in somewhat lacking in its ability to both name and secure the players necessary to avoid relegation.
    However whether a miss informed headline is correct or a miss-statement, the one that declares we have been either forced by the fact we can’t afford anyone while remaining as the games richest club, somehow seems outrageous, if not mistaken.
    Oh sure we understand that having the KSA a an owner means we do have the means to buy just about anyone who kick’s a football, but there are certain prices that our owners believe, to be over the top, which is just nonsense.
    As of right now it can be determined who has the hammer when it comes to buying star players, by The Toon going out and buying a top rated player, someone special Mbappe or the Norwegian CF
    which could verify the fact we have the money and are prepared o spend some of it, not next year but right now !
    And once that is established, we should easily dispense with rumor and the lies as to where we are bound, as a club.
    There is no sense in backing off from deals through letting some other club pay more and create headlines, as if it were a contest.
    And it is essential we get the basis of a decent side to-gether during
    this window, as it’s not that long un-till the summer where we should already have certain players in mind for the approaching season.
    I just don’t get it ! this is a very complicated time period, where we should both be showing our ability to both buy players ad avoid any time lapse by becoming relegated and in which may be more important than the summer window and we all understand about that possibility, which could cost the club a whole season and a less
    expected amount of respect from nt the clubs involved but to attract those players, who are of equal importance.
    And if we don’t call it this way, it also reflects badly on us,
    That is get the necessary players in advance of the run in to the seasons end, where you can concentrate on who stays and who goes, not at all like the eight games where Shearer was prematurely injected as manager.
    With more clarity and direction when it comes to re-evaluating exactly who and what we need, the Training grounded and other major
    renewals will just have to wait for a steady movement of the side.
    Though after all it’s about playing football and it’s not so difficult to rebuild a practice ground and refurbish the present stadium, is it !


  23. Chuck, we can’t buy anyone until the transfer window opens.

    And why would Mbappe leave a team that’s top of the French league and still in the Champions League to join a team that’s sitting in the relegation zone in the Premier League?

    Things other than money motivate players.

  24. Chuck, you’re still getting carried away with all the specious transfer guff in the media. I noticed you that your sweetheart certainly wasn’t very pleased about being beaten 7-0 by Man City the other day. We have Liverpool and Man City next and looking at some of Newcastle’s defensive mistakes this season, one, or both of those could go the same way if they’re not careful. Unless we can get a few points agaist them and the new, improved Manchester United in the Chistmas games though, we’re still going to be in the bottom two in January, and hence, not a very tempting prosect for players in January.

  25. Having briefly scanned the latestt news, in regards to the recent takeover by The three hundred and odd billon quid, amount of moolah which most Geordie fans believe is the amount of dosh that NUFC has at its disposal , as opposed to the amount of work that willbring the KSA into the twentieth century, following the end of fossil fuels as it’s financial mainstay .
    And yes, this amount has not been invested in nufc by chance, Being the Saudis have been giiven a number of names none of which has been stupid, which implies they have invested it as an amount which will bring an expected return and I am sure there are those who ae presently aware of what it is,
    Whereas we can only guess, could it have anything to do with broadcasting like its neighbor Qatar or as a financial center like Dubai, once the trading center of dhows traveling via the monsoons between east Africa and the gulf , plus the fishing of various items
    such as pearls, locally.
    Who knows but one can be assured it’s not going to be a resurgiance of the pearl industry, something a bit more modern I believe.
    And if this is Tobe centered in the general area surrounding Newcastle, there may be a number of jobs and wealth attached,
    which could be beneficial to the local population, folowing the de-industrialization of the entire Norh East,
    soh! jobs for the people and a first class football side to keep one
    amused. and have Newcastle revert to a quiet college city.
    Of course there ar always problems involved, one of which is th fact the Saudis were not quite ready as were the Newcstle club, though they are dong their best to cope without Saudi help, though a money man is a necessity these days they can’t seem to find one that suits them; therefor wasting time, which we need to improve this crap side we have been left with.
    Al of which is in a sense wasting time, as we could be arranging transfers, being I believe many clubs find the time to arrange things prior to the actual signing itself., as Worky mentioned believing I was unaware of that fact, ah well !
    Plus I don’t really know whether we have the right manager or not
    As it strikes me he was hired for the short spell between one and thee years, then when the transfers are taken care of we can dump the thirty year olds we bought and aim for a possible European championship and by then should have both a bunch of younger replacement’s and have bought a number of star palyers.
    Yih kna ! and loaned them out like the top clubs, especially Chewsea !
    That is of course if everything goes to plan, that is.


  26. Well looks like our Saudi partners have listened to various condemnation, of the fact they are dragging their feet and time is being wasted, awaiting a money man, which of course is the guy who hands out the big bucks and seals contracts, which I believe we are about to sign .
    And they have now (possibly temporarily) signed an ex Celtic guy to cover that role, hell theres quite a lot to do , a refurbishing the stadium, with an inspection of any possible increase in crowd ex-
    -pansion perhaps, the new training center, and a reorganization of the youth system, more trainers and grounds-people, and possibly a stranger scouting system, which ma come with the new money man or team manager.
    By now being things happened so suddenly. it appeared to confuse every-one and most of all the Saudi establishment who were totally unprepared for any type of action.
    Though they have managed to keep things moving, but have to do more in this the grand reawakening of nufc.
    I always criticized Ashley for his ignoring the hiring of a top group of money people (top management) until I realized the reason,
    (Total control) which we dont-want or need depending in which direction that may lead the club.
    Well we can take rest from the present sportswriters and their choices of players there will be a lot coming and going over the next couple of years. whether you agree or not , just make sure you have secured a decent seat and a heavy rug to keep you warm as I believe tickets will be of the utmost importance, if that hasn’t already began to happen.





  27. Well things still look a bit wonky @ The Toon, sure we are being linked to some decent players, but the proof of which remains to be seen, even the aging players have a certain amount of pride to consult in joining a second tier club.
    And that’s what we are looking at, a relegation for the richest club in football, that is unless they spend big time during the winter window.
    When we say the EPL is the toughest league to play in, that only includes the top ten or so clubs the bottom ten being good enough and that includes recently promoted sides, to not being able to afford an EPL side. build there team within the second tier, stripping those clubs below them to the point they have no possibility to advance through the system, which could cause a reduction of all
    clubs within the FA.
    Soh, with that in mind, that quite a few clubs, among them, some of the wealthiest clubs within continental Europe are feeling the bite of not being able to afford prices paid for transfers and wages their
    tv associations reacting slowly to the English broadcasters who now
    Show various games to local broadcasters and have taken over others.
    And actually have the contracts that allow them to sell local broadcasts , which resulted In the failed beginning of a completely different league , designed on a different value market, which one could join only by invitation
    Of course the TV moguls put the kibosh on that idea, but there were enough Top sides in the EPL who were wholeheartedly in favour
    however desperation ay be the mother of invention here as everyone watches the (European Championship ) which it would more or less portray on a weekly basis, so don’t claim it’s not STILL possible.
    Then of course those same top money sides would again reply, but that shouldn’t have much to-do with Nufc, who would of course be invited because of their wealth alone.



  28. It’s amazing that with all the technology allowed nowadays, and how soft it is compared with the old days, there were still some absolutely shocking refereeing decisions today. It was a ridiculous non penalty decision in the Toon game and there were some awful ones in the Liverpool – Spurs game too. Newcastle weren’t as bad as the score suggested but but I just can’t get over how bad the referees seem to be this season, and especially so with Newcastle.

  29. Oh ! so were not going to raid Man U.like they did with just about every other club, whilst bossing the league for over a decade.
    Well actually I’m to so much bothered with that as the fact I hear little about the ex Celtic money boss and now find us involved with the money-man from Brighton a guy, god only knows what his name is, being he’s been in the Epl for about five minutes.
    Yes he must know sum- thing being he paid (more or less) for each addition to the side, but we are talking bout, the BIG Leagues, here !
    what does a guy who’s whole history is one of England and it’s leagues, I mean who or what does he know, outside of Brighton ?
    We or @least some of us have realized that not all Premier League
    clubs are well run and while I’m on the subject “Why is/was Benitez so involved with almost taking over the clubs he works for, job survival ? after all we had one manager who I thought we would never get rid of, who was given a five year contract.
    But what I want to know is why a guy from Brighton, with the idea bringing them to the epl, is proof of his capabilities, and would like to know where this idea and the fact we can’t get the final backing to extend our range of (player targets)from the premier League, it’s simply we have no one with the ability to choose one, since we are presently looking at the money man from “no where”, that may be desperately needed @ Brighton , being I find it hard to believe the Saudi’s couldn’t find one, which in turn has everyone unsettled .
    And a word to the Saudi’s lets get going on the present issues, Which is the avoidance of relegation and for gods sake revitalize the club if you can’t sign anyone, (free agents or not) and you would prefer the fans would be ok with that, build the training facilities and go check out the up and coming players available, do something or state something of a plan, that we could feel good about , being every day it’s a different story , which appears to be we really don’t know what were doing here, which raises another question, exactly “why NUFC” ?

  30. worky ticket
    so now it’s all about refereeing ?which has become the main subject of discussion, the refereeing has been awful since I can remember and is signified by that awful ref who was pushed by that great Italian player @ a West Ham game, if you saw it you would remember how artificially he went down, definitely an “academy award job” and it comes as no surprise to me, that most refs have not changed much since then.
    Although I have to admit using various videos and a try-part version of refs behind the cameras has virtually prevented a load of goals that were determined be inches, to be offside.
    Of course unless we feel the blow of a foul or kick, pulling of shirts, and other offenses are often let go by certain refs to keep a certain continuity, a possible game without fouling being near impossible.
    however could we not have more refs involved and a couple of extra linesmen, there is no actual reason for a ref for both managers, two on the field (each end)plus one for each wing (not side) which one could be behind the goal or close to the play to either determine whether a Goal had been scored or aid the ref controlling that end of the pitch in front of goal where most fouls are committed.
    And to end any kind of time wasting how about a game clock that
    adjusts to every stopage of play and ends time out arguments and gives the players an idea of when the final whistle should sound.


  31. Paulo Di Canio, good player but a bit of a Fascist. I remember it well, the referee was called Allcock and Ian Wright acted out the incident in one of his most famous goal celebrations, one of his teammates touching him lightly with one finger before Wright pretended to have a fit of the vapours, eventually collapsing on to the pitch like he was dead. The penalty Newcastle didn’t get was just crazy, it was so obviously a penalty. The main motif of Newcastle’s lousy start to the season though has been making one or more awful defensive blunders in a game which give the opposition a free goal or more on a plate. As for the VAR, it isn’t just inches, it’s a millimetre or two that can get a goal ruled out now.

    Eddie Howe was at Bournemouth, not Brighton. Do you remember that Mark Hughes was the Man City manager for well over a year after the Abu Dhabi lot took over, they were only 10th at the end of their first season too, though that would be a minor miracle if Newcastle United did that well now, we’ll be very lucky to do as well as we did under Ashley in the last few seasons, ie 10th-13th. That’s the thing about Newcastle though, it’s the Bermuda Triangle meets the Twilight Zone. Things happen at St James’ Park that couldn’t happen anywhere else.

  32. Actually if you paid attention, I was referring to the latest “Money man”expected any day now but as far as we can distinguish, “to be
    appointed by “THE Owners” who obviously want someone to look after their money. !!!!!!! ah well, it IS their money init and perhaps the fans may want to remember this.
    As for our temporary manager, who expect will last no longer than a year or more, just not up too snuff in more than one way, but by then we should have put a decent side to-gether, but you must have noticed that the present top mangers only want to control a club which is up to date and with something of a history,
    Sure we have a history, one that shows little in the way of winning out and a decade of being managed by possibly the worst owner in the history of football. and actually not only survived but have for reasons unknown attracted the worlds richest providers ,who are so afraid that they need a money man to watch over their ill gotten moolah !
    No man, I meant the guy we were talking about the general dosh man @ Brighton, not our present manager, being we do actually need one if we are to spend big bucks on players and to negotiate contracts, which can be quite elaborate these days of the BIG stars.
    The problem is Time is once again of the essence and the longer they take with ok’ing the deal, the longer it will take to find enough decent players to replace the worst side ever @ NUFC and survive
    relegation, but I don’t really care being I might see some decent games in between, against some good sides and some equal sides, no theres no one worse than us soh !

  33. Look few would be, “established managers” applied for the managing job @ nufc, must having more sense .
    The job @hand was tremendous , looking @ what our dear previous owner left us with, a lousy side with lousy managers, why do you think we ended up with a guy who has been outta here for over a year and obviously knows nothing about nothing, who will be lucky to last a year, once we get over the early stages and begin our climb up the Premiere league, that is when Howe takes care of the heavy lifting stuff.
    There is nowt special about Howe, in which case we should remember that , just like there was nowt special about Mark Hughes
    @ Citeh, same game same result, same tactic.

  34. Soh ! following a quick scan of the latest news I find that though they may have interest in just about every player, we have ever heard of, there has been NO real signs of signing anyone.
    Despite our having untold reams of petro- dollars, @ our command.
    Sure just about everyone in every league Domestic and European
    has been mentioned and even some early choices have now been abandoned.
    Well I certainly don’t hope to see Howe come up with some thirty plus defender he used to coach or a bunch of players from the two top domestic leagues, when there is a big and enticing market available throughout the rest of the planet, where we can shop.
    It’s essential we spend well and though we have Howe basically in charge, he certainly wouldn’t have been my choice, why ?
    Well up-to now and with the number of games played, with him in charge I have certainly not been impressed.
    And when he begins to mention his old players, its a case of what has he done , what does he know, hell he has been chosen outta
    a whole bunch of youthful managers yet still, we hear nothing ?
    yeah I’m aware there is a ruling about how much you can spend and the why’s and wherefors, involved.
    Which everyone insists on informing me , even though at present we are only covered only by the loan service of more than two players from the same club,
    You know when the news of a Saudi takeover was announced, it never crossed my mind we could be involved by the fair-play rule, being our ex- owner underspent a lotta dosh on the club.
    And as far as Howe was concerned, “who even thunk it”?

    Ah well ! this is where we area a club adrift without a rudder and going no-where fast, lets get some qualified aging stars to bring us up to par then give them their pensions and re-stock the supply with young stars, by then we should be competing with the present top clubs, a bit like Leicester only much better and bring the over-all quality of the EPL up some more.

    Of course that will involve upsetting some clubs mainly the elevator clubs, like West Brom etc. and scaring the Arsenals and Tottenham fans, with better quality teams, but is that not our traditional practice over the years.
    I suppose it’s early days still and I assume I won’t be discussing relegation for a long time in the future, and face it those taking care of the take-over are for the most part newcomers to the game, give them an opportunity to learn that and realize they will not be there for a lifetime, but lets give them a chance, at least .

  35. Chuck, the club needs to avoid relegation before anything. The whole of the second half of the season is going to be ‘squeaky bum time’ for fans now. They’re going to have to play like a good team from the top half for the rest of the season just to get over that 40 point mark. Not only are we second bottom, but all the teams around us have games in hand too, The team above us, Burnley, have 3 games in hand. The other team owned by an al-Saud, Sheffield United, were relegated, if the same thing happens to Newcastle, the al-Sauds will make Ashley look like a genius in comparison.

  36. I see where the scheduled game by NUFC against who-ever has been cancelled, along with a number of other games, which one way or another will not ruin my days.
    What is more concerning is that it appears the country (the UK)
    is more concerned with tradition than common sense.
    The fact that different strand of Covid are running riot throughout the world , yet we are not only allowing but in fact forcing a number of sides , who have any number of players infected and find it difficult to field a side, (to play games to stadiums filled with fans and close to gather,) to play because they, who are in charge of deciding who plays and who doesn’t, are more inclined to-wards some kind of ridicules schedules, being they have been in existence for some time and are afraid of the results of breaking this ridicules schedule because of a possible outcry from the people.
    Whereas most people with a brain in their head realize following over a year of coping with Covid 19 with thousands of deaths resulting, are being allowed to congregate by the hundreds of thousands, @ close quarters.
    While others within the UK are subjected to a much stricter regime in pubs and no dancing allowed and god only knows what else as each area has its own rules.
    Not to mention the governing bodies of the Professional leagues of
    have yet to open their mouths in reply , or have the ability to protect their players (some professionals these) like the FA or the Players Union. who have absolutely no power to do the right thing, simply because of a stupid rule combined by a desire of fans to watch over scheduled game ‘s yes the same people who control the fact that though they have no winter break, unlke most European Clubs who both need it and is a requirement, not some kind of old fashioned scheduled bunch of games to entertain the public with
    and keep them quiet during a time when conspicuous amounts of alcohol are imbibed by the general public.
    My question is who will lead a reconstructed bunch of disorganized
    unions and eliminate this disastrous routine, especially during the second wave of Covid, where a possible death toll may be repeated by a government that is so unpopular and bent and has no clue other than make new and ridicules laws yet ignore the most obvious of scenarios.
    In many countries this scenario could bring thousands out into the streets to object, while the Brits feel it is only another chapter in a colorful history, aided by continuity. C’mn folks !

    Yep apparently the FA is more concerned about creating wealth than those who give them that privilege, and to enforce their stupid
    rules based on another time in history. clever but stupid !


    large groups gathering to-gether

  37. Chuck, you’re posting your comments all over the place again for no apparent reason, why can’t you go to the most recent story in the homepage and post there?

    Well it looks like Kieron Trippier is the first big player the Sheikhs want to pay crazy money for. He’s over 30, he was sold by Spurs to Atletico Madrid in 2019 for around £20 million and now they’re talking about well over £50 million for him. He’s an England regular and a good player but he’s 31, if I was paying over £50 for a 31 year old full back, I’d want a 31 year old Cafu or Roberto Carlos, not a 31 year old Kieron Trippier.

    I’m not so sure about Eddie Howe when it comes to signings, I remember when he was promoted to the Premier League and he tried to sign a top hitman who would take Bournemouth to the next level and he came back with a striker called Benick Afobe, who was nowhere near as good as what he already had.

  38. On other matters, Toon fans really are going to be the laughing stock of football if the team really does get relegated. In a normal Faustian pact, the ‘victim’ is at least supposed to get some kind of return for selling their soul to Satan, maybe winning the League or the Champions League, but not relegation to the Championship!

  39. Four comments, none worth reading !
    None of which were either interesting or worthwhile.
    A bit of immagination is needed for your next, as it’s obvious you have little interest in either football or NUFC.
    Hows your main-man, what’ his name again, the ex-Shadow PM and a very light shadow indeed. possibly a happier man than the one who debated in the lower house, who’s abilities couldn’t
    allow him to win an argument with the two idiots that followed Cameron.
    Face it the man was a joke!

    Ah well, now do you believe nufc are fairly secure in the EPL, the deal has been done the big surprise was the fact the Saudi’s have included side’s from Brazil, & Italy, Real Madrid and France
    Marseilles, which is the best kept secret on paper or just won’t happen
    What’s your read on that ?
    In the meanwhile Nufc are making offers for all kinds of players
    Some i imagine that will bear fruit others wanting to hang onto what could be a star and reach new heights in the summer-time when the big bucks are flashed.
    Well after having been relegated to mere local side for the last decade or more, it feels pretty good as a big buying side, with Ambitions, instead of a shrinking club like the two other former EPL clubs Though Sunderland appear to be making a run for the EPL, and so does our new manager ‘s team. Ironic no !
    Hopefully there will be some good games in whichever league we find ourselves, and as a result some good games to watch, and is that not the reason for attending ?
    So if we go down, then there’s the whole list of games against the championship league sides, which has improved considerably.
    Then the challenge of the Premiership and all of those pieces of silverware, then available, better get your blanket ready and your recorder set for action.
    Plus you don’t have to watch our ex manager play the most boring of games each fort-night, being he’s got his six million and can live happy ever after I suppose.


    then there will be the challenge of the Premiership

  40. Anyone interested in Saudi-Arbia and it’s projected interests in football clubs and a projected list of those clubs would do well to read the articles from News Now, those that concern themselves
    with what has to effect NUFC along the way.
    The reason they were bought, which is basically a rerun of my article above somewhere, with nothing of real interest, other than my original guess, the use wind-farms and re opening of the port for various reasons, something of more interest too local politicians I’m sure, in regards to their possibly creating jobs, which they who used little influence during the ban on the actual takeover, but I’m sure will take advantage of and possibly taking credit for their non effort’s.
    However it’s not really about the “why’ it’s basically the fact that Inter Milan will be a club about to be overtaken by events, owing a large debt, Also some of the other clubs in France . Spain, Italy and a S/American side from Brazil, what tis will do or effect NUFC, is still unknown, but doesn’t sound that progressive, to compete for dosh from four or five different clubs ?
    Hell still a lot better than relying on local money, which they ain’t any and we would be on our way to-wards a lifestyle equal to ur ex rivals Sunderland and Boro.
    Personally I believe the Saudi’s are winging it in someone’s plan that theres money to be made from football , perhaps they should check out the EPL and tell me which clubs ere or were free of debt while the takeover was in effect, only NUFC, because of cheapskate
    It’s all very confusing and until I heard about the purchase or taking an interest in different clubs thought perhaps they have some policy
    that earns them money through broadcasting, something similar to the phone company named 3# a successful operation from Hong
    Kong or Singapore.
    In any case it will all become clear eventually, but don’t rely too heavily on the Saudi, as apparently even they are guessing as to what and where they intend to eventually raise a profit from, as most ventures are certainly less reliable than that good old river of gold, the oil in the ground.
    Ah Well !



  41. Well folks, each day I read about the expected transfers in, if it were the opposite I would be quite happy, the painting of a large target on St. James”Park, would be just as well and with English sports-writers, using terms like canny and smart in regards to any side now
    negotiating with the toon, and I would like to know as that subject has become a taboo in regard to the club, it’s negotiators and where and when these situations take place.
    I’m going to blame the Saudis in this case , as only they and their money gain any respect in most places and it’s been a decent amount of time since the declaration of the fact the sale had taken place.
    Now it’s a case of desperation, yeah we certainly started early and were serious and the attainment of trippier was fairly smooth, until it came to buying the rest with the standard negotiators awaiting the clowns from NUF, to show up without a real mouthpiece to go to bat for them.
    And hear we are, its a week into the new year and what have we accomplished, Trippier who was expected but still negotiating with
    vars. clubs for various people and not vary successfully .
    So who’s to blame , who do you think and to believe this country is about to become the owner outright or as a part owner in at least another four club, just boggles the mind.
    Yeah it’s nice to have the backing of this kinda money, but we need someone smart enough that the others have some respect for not a bunch of idiots that both investors dig up outta desperation, but are adept at the business of negotiating deals. ffs !


    Now obvious the Saudi’s were aware way in advance and had to have some indication of what was required of them besides money.
    The situation immediately following the sale , all indications appear to have vanished and we have no real leader it appears , when it comes to negotiations everyone is of the opinion we will come out of it waaaaaay last !
    We or clubs with our kind of capital are being laughed at for not having a sound negotiating team, which was unto the Saudis to provide , but

  42. There’s a new young manager with a supposedly more modern approach but some things haven’t changed that much as Eddie Howe has signed yet another target man (Chris Woods from Burnley) as a solution to Toon’s goal problems. He’s over 30 as well. recently, Newcastle have had the excuse of getting beaten by teams like Man City and Liverpool but even they couldn’t even score against a League One team in the last game. Having said that, the next few games that Wilson will be missing from will be absolutely vital. If they can’t beat teams like Watford now it goodnight Vienna.

    As for my MP, he was over on your side of the pond recently, in Mexico anyway seeing President, Manuel Lopez Obrador.

  43. Well, here we are midway trough a transfer window, where we basically had, our first deals done apart from a physical and signature .
    Well if that’s as far as we got! there’s obviously opposition to our disturbing clubs roster’s and of course theres the bargaining, which takes even longer.
    I believe that’s normal, but we don’t seem to be taking advantage in many cases, especially with certain clubs, who need the money.
    by just offering a standard price and forcing the sale, in a take it or leave it manner.
    Mainly I suppose being it is something new to the Saudis, on the other hand they aught to have an understanding of how much the
    Players are worth and using the Bully Pulpit of a client who is the worlds richest, that we are aware of.
    Well again it’s a case of a day late and a dollar short, when the Saudi’s had a whiff of success during the take-over period, that’s when the action by the SAK should have began. providing a dealmaker to take over the proceedings. and allowing the manager and his underlings to proffer, their own deals, just as long s everyone’s on the same page.
    What I don’t understand is why so late when everyone started out so early, and why are we still letting ourselves be intimidated by clubs like Seville and others who know they need the money, yet are not really making it any easier for those willing to make a deal.
    Look I understand if we are successful in getting who we want for a year or two, most which are rapidly passing the thirty y/o mark and are looking to earn a bit of retirement cash, let them play, but have their replacements not like Chelsea on loan, but right there within our under 23 y/olds awaiting the call.
    As having the readies available is more than half the battle, that is to build a solid group of youngsters, where we don’t have to go
    through the same crap, wer’e going through now and whats the story in consideration with the Italian side the French side etc by the Saudis whats that about ?
    Hopefully we are never tied up with one of the other sides in a cup or other championship game, knowing a club like one of the two big Milan clubs are ready with star players and a decent stadium.
    And could very well be the consortium’s number one side when it comes to favorites.
    That being a good reason to get started on a training ground and it’s medical facilities. expand our scouting organization, after all a footballing genius like Ashey, the only senior management person and the old Geordie head scout went out and bought replacements half way through, his tenure as owner, some of the best and brightest
    Players seen @ nufc, which he quickly sold while looking for another way of dealing with the SD and it’s demanding resources.
    I.m not attempting to convince one that constantly exchanging players is positive, but nufc were a whole different barrel of fish
    after we made those signings, so somebody give the old scout a call, he certainly could sort out who was needed here to-day,
    doncha think so ?

  44. Even though he’s 31, Trippier for £12 million was a good signing, Spurs missed him when he went and he’s still a top England full back. As I’ve already said, the thought of Newcastle United signing of another big targetman like Chris Wood filled me with inertia but Callum Wilson can’t see to string a long series of games together withoout getting knacked. Ashley had already signed Willock before the Saudis came in and been roughly around £65 million spent so far this season under Ashley and the new owners. I know one player who’s been treated like muck at Manchester United considering his top notch record for scoring goals, Edinson Cavani since the old Portuguese primadonna returned to Old Trafford.

    The relegation millstone will have to be removed before Newcastle become big players on the transfer scene though. I’d be surprised if a player like Trippier, as well as any other signing on that sort of level didn’t have a clause in his contract getting him straight out of there if the worst happens.

  45. Another day, another big ’30 something’ target man in Newcastle’s sites. This time it’s Duvan Zapata, though I’d rather have this one than the one we’ve just signed from Burnley. Zapata seems to be a late bloomer who has scored a lot of goals since he started playing with Atalanta in 2018, 78 goals in 152 games. On a more defensive note, the bids they’ve been putting in for Diego Carlos so far are like Mike Ashley bids. Sevilla are right that in today’s market, he a £40 million+ rated player and the bidding is still £10 million below that.

  46. Hmmmm ! it appear there is no let up on clubs who insist on challenging The Toon in the transfer market, lately I believe Spurs
    appear to be challenging us for our attempt to sign Seville’s Brazil defender, hey let them spend as they will also have a problem with
    Arry as he is getting older and less of a goal scorer.
    Just make a note of who’s who, among the clubs involved and when they need us, give them the business !
    On that matter at least we have the ability to sign some decent players and the business of signing a new team will eventually come to pass.
    According to Citeh it took them almost as long and the first year that we have any money is more stimulating than watching Bruce play a continuous game of defensive football.
    Still haven’t figured out why the SAK have bought the toon , but I suppose there are are plenty of reasons as to why ?
    What I don’t get, is the reason they are also buying a piece of
    Inter Milan, a French club and a Brazilian club, could it mean they would like a representative from each countries boards and is it about either Broadcasting or voting when it comes to any kind of
    changes to the present set up.
    Who knows ? just thought I would mention it !
    Broadcasting or buying and selling and being they are located half way between the Far East and The West, it indicates a market for broadcasting and having votes on various boards on various clubs
    indicates they also want a voice in various countries for what may be a part of their future, could it have anything to do with The Super League, face it folks having 3,5 billion in currency to rebuild a country or whatever is going on ‘ sure helps !
    ah well ! it’s still a long way from being in the second tier without a penny, which our ex owner made sure of , but it would also be interesting to know what else is within their intentions,

    Asian cities and the West could be broadcasting


  47. Workey. yeah , first thing noticed, was the word on our new center forward, and who is the designated victim who will bear the responsibility of being behind the purchase , you know I keep hearing the name Eddie Hope and cringe as sure our guy guy the SF is a goalscorer, but there’s no denying “he’s a sick note ! ‘And it’s doubtful whether he can play for a whole season, without stretches due to prior injuries, how do you think we got him, in spite of Hope , who also as a 30+y/o. defender he wants to sign .
    personally I see little difference between his type of management and all of his predecessors, since SBR.
    And yeah it matters little right now, being he is due for replacement whenever he reaches a bit of success, say top 5-6 league finishes, by then possibly we will have big name European coaches sniffing around ,those inclined to work for the KSA.
    Is it a century now since the discovery of vast supplies of oil, beneath the surface and has not the UK built and made functional, both living and working there and for the most part tax free.
    I suppose they are entitled.
    Not like a certain group of big name managers who want certain expectations , like training facilities, tea ladies, less tan ninety y/o’
    and a massive check, while getting the side relegated and making signings without even asking, ah well!
    Afraid NUFC may become a club with lotsa dosh but with a working class attitude, hell screw those that refuse to deal with us, and we will remember those scenarios, when they need help at a later deal.
    I certainly expected a better attitude, than we received during the present window and expected we go as far as possible, being everyone and his brother have emphatically stood in our way.
    resulting in a decided lack of discussion time between certain clubs.as far as the summer market is concerned we know it will be busy as it always is, where the BIG deals are done, with big prices being paid , then it all depends on who gets to handle the money, which either means we are not the big deal we thought we were .
    It’s then our Saudi bosses will let us know what it’s all about ?

  48. At least there are reasons to be cheerful after our second win of the season. Although the disparity in the number of games played compared to the teams around us might mask the true situation. We have one in hand over Norwich, one in debt to Watford and a ludicrous four games in debt to Burnley.

    After the break we have two home games on the trot against Everton and Villa. If we win both of those I’ll allow myself a glimmer of hope that we might avoid relegation.

  49. Well Burnley have Arsenal, Watford, Man Utd and Liverpool next so hopefully, with the possible exception of Watford, that should keep them at bay. Watford have an easier run against Burnley, West Ham, Brighton and Aston Villa.

    Chuck, The first Saudi oil was found just before the outbreak of WW2 so that’s around 80 years ago. I think that the only reason I remember that is because I studied the ‘Quincy Agreement’ between Roosevelt and Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, which was made when Roosevelt in his last days. People can make huge discoveries of oil but the big question is how easy is it to extract and process and whether it is worth it going by the the standard rice for oil? eg Canada has the world’s third largest oil reserves after Venezuela and KSA but most of it is bound up in oil sands so it was difficult and uneconomic to extract until recent times.

  50. Yes, I had expected to hear your Opinions on finally getting a win.
    Though it seems most contributor’s are assured we will be relegated, I had this same feeling during the Shearer nomination, though I was more convinced then that the championship was where we were bound.
    soh what ! being the season we returned to the championship and have a hell of a season, after all the fans appeared to enjoy both of those seasons and it wasn’t that difficult.
    Who knows, we could just as easily have a god season with possibly a championship run against a decent side, which always makes it appear as if we are better than we actually are.
    Sure we can clean up any blame that relates to our previous Owner and Coach and place it where it belongs.
    And if relegated hopefully we can then attempt to find the players who could gain us re-joining the top sides, it’s gonna cost money and the Saudi’s will have to be ready , and hired hired a money man who in concert with our manager and be aware of what’s taking place .
    Of course there are the smaller details to take care of a lick of paint
    and a general refitting of inside areas, couldn’t hurt, but a top epl side is expected to have such facilities, no ?
    So the fans really can’t worry whether or not we sign the right people , we got nothing but time to eventually reach that goal and in the meanwhile not really care about relegation anymore.

    And a general clean up, perhaps too late to add a few rows of seats
    as will become become tight , especially when we start scoring and our new defensive players realize that they are getting paid top dollar , not I/2 assed defenders , such a those we have had to put up with for the last dozen years, being Ashley couldn’t tell the difference.
    Ah well, tons a’ dosh and revived side , lets see what these clowns come up with next, but no fear and should be a trip.

  51. I think I’m too old for ‘tripping’ nowadays, Chuck! On ‘blame’, our previous manager came 13th and 12th, and without the funds that Eddie Howe has too. Whatever his style of play, I think the way he was treated by fans was pretty awful and Eddie Howe is the manager now. If he can’t avoid relegation with the squad we have, that’s his problem.

    On the subject of 30+ defenders, 31 year old Kieran Trippier was a good buy at £12 million or whatever it was, my Spurs supporting mates have missed him since his move to Atletico Madrid. Alexander Arnold is amazing young right back, but along with him, Trippier is right up there with the likes of Reece James and Kyle Walker when it comes to top English right backs.

  52. Hmmm ! sure, the fans are not that happy the way things are going and yes it appears certain clubs want to get closer to the riches of the SAk,
    It looks as if it’s all hands to the trading block, and yet only two players signed, with the idea that the big signings usually happen-wards the end of the bidding process though I suppose due to the present situation, with a future involving relegation, being no one wants to play in the second tier (bad for reputations) .
    There are definite selling clubs within most continental leagues, where clubs are willing to sell , but @ a certain profit of course, then there are those that are eager to rip off the Saudi’s.
    being hey are the Johnny come late -lies to the EPL and were one of a very few definite NO”S as far as being an easy victim for hopefully
    spendthrift club, used to receiving outrageous bids .
    I believe our ex owner was particularly cheap when it came to making deals , which is mainly responsible for the lousy team we
    inherited. a well those days may be over, but the present club needs
    a bit of investment in the structure of our stadium. plus the training ground and yes a more or less new group of players.
    The start has been both slow and small and hopefully will increase in both numbers and skills.
    But does it really matter if we get relegated we got a full season in
    which to make it back to the top league and watching our side do pretty good against second tier sides is just as good as remaining in the Epl.
    Which may just occur, a year in the second tier may sound poor, but
    it would be easier than continuing against premier-ship clubs, as there will be no strain on the side, where-as there are some pretty decent sides remaining in league 2 and have enough money to stretch out their
    existence there, but the real games will begin whenever we as a team are ready.
    Can the Toon become as good as the present top six in the Epl, “lets wait and see” !