Has Mikel Arteta shot himself in the foot over Willock?

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Joe Willock
Joe Willock: Toon’s only Summer signing.
One thing most Toon fans can agree about is that Joe Willock certainly made a very positive impression during his loan spell last season. If anything, it seemed as if he was almost too good (bear with me). With every performance (and every goal), it seemed as if he was drifting away from us, either Arsenal would see the error of their ways and want him back, or his price would escalate to the point where notoriously tightfisted Toon owner, Mike Ashley, would get the vapours at the sums being mentioned, but it didn’t. Willock was sold for around the price we thought he would be in the first place if the figures being bandied around (£20-25 million) are to be believed.

Do Arsenal know something that Newcastle don’t? Well beyond a minor calf strain the season before last, he certainly isn’t injury prone. In his short career so far he has been as fit as a lop generally. The problem (though not for Newcastle) seems to be that Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, just did not have the same esteem for Willock as his predecessor, Unai Emery, who made the young Londoner a first team regular during his spell at the club. Emery himself said that he saw Willock filling the void in the Arsenal team left by Aaron Ramsay and Jack Wilshere. In contrast, in the 21 League games of last season before he came to Newcastle, Willock only started once under Arteta and many times, he wasn’t even included in the matchday squad, never mind the bench.

I’m with Emery. For a central midfielder, Willock has a remarkable record if measured in terms of minutes per goal. His first team record at Arsenal and Newcastle is a goal every 222 minutes, which is better than most strikers. Although the first two games of the season have ended disappointingly, with the Magpies currently the fifth favourite to be relegated according to the powerplay website, the triangle of St.Maximin, Wilson and Willock have made a huge difference to the team, and will eventually make their mark again as the season progresses. By any standards, Willock is an excellent young box to box midfielder who can really push forward and score goals, exactly what Newcastle United need to go with St Maximin and Wilson. Together, they have provided an excellent solution to the disconnect between midfield and attack which led to some truly dismal performances by the Magpies last season which offered no attacking threat whatsoever.

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30 Responses

  1. Chuck, in reply to your last comment, it’s the start of the season man! Arsenal are below us and Man City were there too until Sunday. Lighten up! And no, the Pardew, Carver, McClaren years when Graham Carr was at the club were not “our best years”, we had years of Pardew’s route one football, years of his annoying used car salesman patter and he almost got us relegated (twice). Then, the other two clowns finally finished the job and really did get us relegated FFS! Best years my arse!

    To change the subject, what do you think about the signing of Joe Willock? I’ve just written a blog about it (see above).

    ps: As you can see, I’ve moved the comments here for the same reason as last time.

  2. Good signing IMHO. As to the season itself, I believe much rests on how fit our first team is throughout. That’s true of a lot of clubs of course, but I believe it’s particularly pertinent at the Toon.

  3. It’s definitely a good signing if fate doesn’t intervene somewhere, which it often does at Newcastle. On the subject of signings, Jamal Lewis was brought in last season as our #1 left back solution for the future, but he’s only been on the bench for the first two games with Bruce’s 3 at the back formation..

  4. Worky
    I don’t know where you were but I enjoyed the period when the Georgie scout Carr was doing the choosing , and as far as I’m concerned there wasn’t a better side since.
    At present we are stuck with a bunch of hopeless and useless players that no one wants where-as players from our signings through the good graces of Mr Carr, sold for mostly a decent profit.
    Actually it could have become a standard policy as practiced by both clubs from “serie A”and “The French league” and had it been undertaken as a standard process by @least two or three clubs on the continent not worked would have been eliminated , however Ashley having no idea about running a top football club, just dismissed it, more the fool he !
    Sure he understands a certain amount of whats going on in the EPL
    however he also understands the less he spends on both players and other expenses, the more he has to spend on his other and to him, definitely more important business of turning old quality businesses by simply chancging the name on the label.
    And the fact most fans detest both he and the lousy side we are subjected to @ this time and fail to understand why so many continue to bore themselves by actually showing up, @ games.
    and why such a manager who understands as much about football who could take the club and turn it around, but never with such managers such as Carver, Pardew and McClarren, not to mention our latest clown
    Bruce, who couldn’t coach anything, I mean why do you think he’s there in the first place , if you don’t get it try mentioning money or the fact he’s the only one in the UK, who was willing to undertake such a job.

  5. What happened ?
    No half assed praise for anyone
    Unfortunately we as a starting club in the top division of the EPL, are once again along with the more recently appointed sides scraping for the breadcrumbs, hoping to evade the automatic rejection and return to their natural positions in the second tier.
    Well folks we are unfortunately in the same boat, with our owner saving hard, in order to be able to reduce his asking price for the club , that’s if there is a future bid proposed, being things don’t look healthy for the original bid from the Saudi’s and there is doubtfully not enough wealth in the entire N’east available for it’s purpose from any kind of local.
    Could it be that we will end up as a club , both run by a foreign ownership not unlike many of the present owners of both top leagues in the UK, hell right now it that’s where the money is.
    And both tv and streaming has become their advocate, with both standard big tv productions reaching that conclusion, along with those minnows nibbling at the sides grabbing games hear and there.
    Yes folks Football or as it is known in the US by the term Soccer is becoming both a breadwinner and finally acceptable to the big bucks crowd, who are always looking for a new way of connecting
    with a quick buck. just look at the new stadiums that have been built throughout the country and filled by serious fan groups, even David Beckham fronting a new club in Miami.
    So what to do with NUFC ?
    We couldn’t find a better financeer than the Saudi’s at least the present ruler who has a multi billion and perhaps trillion dollar
    amount ready to be spent on a brand new Saudi Arabia and the UK. in need of some kind trade deals following it’s disasterous exit from the EU.
    And beside that it is time when the fans of the club took charge and by using a no fail plan, which will be to isolate the owner by using a
    Boycott, and force him to do their will, simple !

    could it be also true



  6. Chuck, I only saw the highlights as I was out for my birthday so I couldn’t really write about it too deeply. We drew, it could have been better but it could have been worse. I was sorry we went out of the League Cup as well but Burnley are a really stubborn Premier League side. We certainly haven’t had much luck and the defence has made some bad mistakes but I know that things will get better and there have been some positives. You get totally hysterical from the first game and convinced we’re going to get relegated after every game. I’ve already said my piece about the Saudis.

  7. Wow this blog still alive ?
    Anyhow ye of little faith, that I warned previously that we could and would become a plaything and a reason for investing in, by the Saudis who get to do whatever they please , due to the power of DOSH.
    I suspect it may take a few years before we can win an EPL championship, however everyone understand’s that money is the key and is there a more deserving bunch of fans than those who have stayed with the Toon through possibly the worst case of having a cheap-*ss owner, I think not !
    As for the furore surrounding our ex manager, listen Steve you were never a good coach and your owner made sure you wouldn’t be able to buy anyone , but face it eight million can do a lot to make you forget your pain, so take the money and retire, I mean who are you going to manage Blythe Spartans doubtlessly wouldn’t even hire you. nice guy sure but manager no way !
    Next problem will no doubt be the various, others who believe they are about to run the club, Amanda etc. who know nowt about the game, as a top management crowd are essential, people who understand the success achieved by Citeh.and can repeat it.
    It will take some time and some will come and go but in the end it is they with the most dosh that will win.
    Though I’m curious as to why the Saudis picked Newcastle, is there money to be made, as I hear they are interested in building wind powered generators, plus other manufacturing after all they did invest to make a return on their investment , no ?
    Ah well! hopefully The area can become involved and benefit from the sale and we will eventually be aware of what its all about.
    In the meantime for a change the fans can run rampant around other football grounds and enjoy the ride.

  8. Soh ! as I feared Stavely etc. and the rest of those who brought us the Saudis have bigger egos than I thought, determined to receive more pats on the back for their contributions to the rebuilding of NUFC and erm,
    (Good riddance to Ashley and his rag trade crowd)
    However I believe there are more cooks in the kitchen than required, soh Please money guys and girls stay with what you know and let those with football experience do the player and rebuilding part.
    perhaps by taking a good look at what Citeh and the Pool have done, both right and wrong and making sure we follow suit as far as doing the right thing is concerned.
    I mean Martines talks a good game but he has had his debacles with different clubs, no thanks !
    Lets go with Fonseca until we are sure he’s the chosen one, after all no one knows whats coming around the corner and we are all aware of the possibilities of screwing up this gift, which we are about to receive.
    By dividing the money folks from the footballing folks and never let the twain meet, being everyone wants to be “The Man” or “Woman”.
    Thats my only fear at present as things are not exactly going to plan being there was obviously no plan, a trial and error period is taking place time for a decent director of football, I think.

    That’s my only fear and the present situation needs to be addressed

  9. Looks like not everyone has been as impressed as nufc fans.
    And appears not only are the club doubtful of acquiring top management (see the Overmars story) but players also.
    Apparently our ex owner has done enough damage to the club , that it will take even Saudi Arabia’s money to convince them otherwise.
    Yes we know from the Citeh deal that most clubs, especially those not doing well in the Epl have difficulty both in the market for players. plus the distance from anywhere civilized, is a being a put off.
    Though apparently this s all a part of Saudi’s expansion plan and do-over of the country following the end of burning fossil fuels and providing gas, not yet disclosed which will require an equal amount of profit, however Wind-mills to generate power both on land and sea are also expensive innovations, as are sports and news operated broadcasting, I’m guessing here !
    And while we are on the subject so is the running of a successful football club, judging by to-days prices.we will have to take a wait and see attitude.
    Somehow I don’t believe that some of rather unsavory articles and claims in regards to the mid eastern country have helped, in the actual hiring of top level management, who may consider they may be by association, favorable to both the ruling family and certain laws of the land.
    Or is It simply the fact nufc is a mess, having been used and abused by the late owner and it’s location almost three hundred miles north of the Capital, when most footballers prefer to live in capital cities with lot’s on offer though in general more expensive,
    Ah well, I’m sure by taking our time and ensuring the right policies are taken we can become a successful club much like “The Entertainers” under Kevin Keegan, well hopefully so, we will have to wait and see.
    Well lets see what happens and remember that old shibboleth money talks and bullenschise walks seven days a week !

  10. It appears the EPL is about to make some significant changes, no not as far as rules are concerned (though there are a few that need attention)
    Sure there was a bit of disruption when the newer rules were first introduced (which was expected) however the result has made the game a much fairer game and the time out periods become lesser and reach the right decision’s in my umble opinion.
    As far as NUFC are concerned it becomes a bit more troublesom certainly to avoid relegation during this season, without strengthening the side and if they do so, should en-courage an already troubled fan base, or is it just me who worries, ?
    All of which involve a serious take-over by undoubtably the richest country to ever gain control of an epl side.
    Most of the present fans were worried had that the original take-over was refused , though now a false sense of security appears to have taken over.
    Though there’s little difference between a relegated nufc and one that finishes a couple of points above the bottom three, other than the fact they continue as a premiership side, which in turn effects the attracting of decent signings for the approaching season.
    Look having the money too purchase a top side is one thing , attracting eleven top ranked players is not easy too achieve.
    that s if we are not successful in signing top quality players during the winter window.
    which means hiring both a decent director of football along with a decent coach/ manager, a pair that can work well in tandem
    Especially with our present club in the position it’s in, sitting in a relegation spot its reputation in shreds following The Ashley Years
    of abandonment, it’s location, which wouldn’t be a problem were it in London. though the Saudis have I believe a presently unknown plan in choosing such a club.
    Soh ! we can only hope of everything goes too plan and a top level club arising and the long suffering fans of the North-East getting their reward for fourteen years of suffering, well almost !


  11. It appears , certainly for me that the Saudis despite their riches seem reluctant to spend any of it, using a very hesitant approach to spending. at least in the hunt for both a new Manager and Director of football, not to mention a whole new side (with a couple of Abstentions) and being time is of the essence could end up beginning their reign as a second tier club, can then begin.
    Though I endorsed their choice of the two Hollanders who using a known rule have apparently decided that further exploration of the offer could be successful, but @ present they are quite happy in the Erie division or whatever the call it.
    Aso our Portuguese manager is now actually a German from the Bundes-liege, and I wouldn’t care to be an odds-maker on what will take place between now and the beginning of next years opening game as to who will be in charge of the situation @that time.
    The present going ons are just not going on it appears and as suddenly as the take-over a-cured is not surprising.
    And it actually appears as though it caught most by surprise, certainly that was the case as far as I ‘m concerned, though I was certain that the Saudis had their future and ours well thought out, it now appears they are as uncertain as we are.
    Of course just about every-one concerned knows exactly what’s required, including myself and even Shearer has added his plan.
    but the whole situation appears to be stuck in time and it’s a case of uncertainty, mainly on the part of providing the dosh to get the wheels moving, so lets go and sign whatever free agents are both better (Which actually means get rid of the dross if we can, being time is not on our side) as we are struggling.
    Of course there is bound to be a certain amount of in-fighting for control so as I mentioned in an earlier rant that boys and girls involved in the functions of Money stay apart from those with a history of football or learn from one and other.
    And get things going, as I have too reply to fans of other clubs who
    ask me questions about whats happening. which is no fun.

  12. Grame , whatever his name is y’kna the guy everyone believes is the manageri in place (for how long, were not sure) possibly hired by Ashley or one of his crowd.
    A pushy no-body who really believes he is about to become permenent
    at the club and who’s recent statement regardless of what happens, I’m here as assistant manager for the foreseeable future or summit similar, can someone please get rid of this clown, the last remnant of the Ashley years, because he has become a distraction, along with the fact there has been dozens of future managers, which change along with the days of the week.
    Yeah I know I had called for patience as a way of getting it right
    (the take over and the choice of new players) but this appears to be a case of over cautiousness and I alongside every other fan, expect there will be mistakes made, being no ones perfect, but as of right now the need is top level management the let them take charge .
    The netherlanders appeared as good as we can expect and in general appear to be reliable in my umble opinion, that a bit of pressure and a few bucks should get a deal done.
    Look, every hire doesn’t have to be vetted by our owners, which is the purpose of hiring top management and both of these guys meet the standards.
    Soh! Mr. Saudi let the experts do the job and take a break, as I believe it’s a better way of moving the present questions that have restricted any actions, regardless of what Citeh has achieved there’s really no standard course to follow, being most clubs are so different from each other, and we could end up as a joke, which is worse than a club that makes the occasional mistake.
    Gedit !!!

  13. I’m actually surprised we (nufc) have as yet not attempted to offer the Leeds manager a gig .
    After all he’s considered by many of the top managers to eat , sleep and think of noting more than football and its tactical nature, among other parts of the game, certainly he is considered among the best a foremost manager who eats sleeps and is 100% involved with the game.
    Such names as Potchetino and citehs manager have publicly acclaimed him to be both the foremost in his field and have learned from him, soh ! why not nufc.
    yeah I know it wouldn’t be cricket to poach a neighborhood manager, however a deal could become possible I believe.
    Apparently not a lot of his players like his approach as it is hard work and one has to remember so many of his rules, in which case he seldom hires stupid people , however they for the most part enjoy winning and no one plays either tica- taco or takes ten minutes to get the ball accros the halfway line, which for the most part is first and foremost in many premiership sides , that bore one with the expression , its possession an one cannot score without possession, bullen shies !

  14. Soh ! our present system is broke, left bereft of any decent players not only that but without a serious group of upper management guys, we can’t even hire a manager and each day the choices appear to become worse, I believe our first choice the Dutch pair @ Ajax, would have worked well enough other than both had extended deals in place, not only them but most clubs have gotten wiser and have made it more difficult to hire some-one almost immediately soh ! how about adding a clause in the hiring procedure that states
    “if you are not ready to move, then you will not be considered”
    Yeah know the agreement came suddenly and caution has to be taken under the circumstance’s, but at least you guys knew more and should have made some kinda preparation, being you look like
    a bunch of losers right now especially with who you are considering.
    FFS first time ex players when a wise head is obviously needed and a bunch of losers .
    Lets get it to-gether hire a director of football to guide someone decent too manage, and bring in some talent to the worst run club in the EPL, there are plenty of young a decent mangers around, just look at the guy running Brighton, for instance one guy among many retreads, who because of reputation continue to work ffs.
    I’m afraid following fourteen years of crap, it’s becomes a pain in he ass, to watch things go in slow motion. OK !

  15. The stuff has really hit the fan this time, I suggest partly because of the delays involved and especially the most recent refusals by candidates to pay attention to the job offers presently being on offer by NUFC, plus the most recent game against the premier club of the EPL, which proves the former management has done irreparable damage to the club, that it will take more than a replacement of everyone (playing members) from goalies to forward apart from our French winger and central midfielder Willock, yes those on to the bus leading to their destination, Nowhere !
    As for those refusing offers for whatever reasons don’t forget their names for the future when they come begging for jobs and that will include future player offers.
    And I am sure that the Saudis have a list, not only of the management candidates but players and possibly coaches also.
    and a reminder of those 19 clubs who in a half hearted manner united to do whats necessary to get rid of the Saudi ownership and if not that then to make it as difficult as possible for the club, in their jealous rage. Let’s see who eventually comes out on top and how many repeat the hopeful plea “we were not a part of that strategy”, well possibly not the fans , but certainly the clubs and certainly ALL of those at managerial level.
    It appears to be a mess at present but , but we will prevail and a lot of clubs will end up resenting The Toon, but we will I hope remember all of the jibes and roadblocks put in our way by those unfortunate enough to earn such a deal , so a healthy screw you who remember those incidents caused by sheer jealousy and the realization that their time and future is over.

  16. I just caught the headline we are (not) about to sign Emery !
    Well thank goodness for that and hopefully we will not be doing any favors for Martinez who wants his cake and eat it simultaneously.
    Listen do your research and discover who everyone believes could be the next successful coach , regardless of how they interview and
    hire him, it’s not rocket science to buy a side but it is when it comes to strategy and tactics plus a knowledge of character, which are definable characteristics in (any boss).
    Yes by all means hire a decent director of football, who could become indispensable when negotiating and acquiring the right buys and knows the current marketability of players they could make whoever is responsible for spending and leave that job to him
    naturally any check signer will be delirious if you do.
    Naturally the manager should be also a tactical leader and someone who can deal with the players, there’s more than half the job completed, the rest a shave and a haircut for St. James’ Park
    a rigorous meeting with those who will run the training system which should have the latest training facilities, and a medical system which will deal with injuries etc.
    Plus a system of scouts not only in the UK but as diverse as possible certainly in places like N/ Africa west Africa and the Balkans not to leave out S/America, why should they be left to the European clubs . and it is where the talent exists at this stage.
    Hell I believe I could do the job myself, being it Ian’t brain surgery, so listen you guys with the money take my advice and don’t F**k around anymore , time is of the essence.
    Oh ! lets stock the under 23’s with former country level players , from kids to under 21’s, they could fill in whenever needed without having to copy Celsea who have players on loan everywhere.
    which hopefully will become under a ban if enough clubs complain.

  17. Well folks folks, looks like our negotiating group are a rank bunch of “know nowts” and couldn’t negotiate a bowel movement for someone with serious case of the runs.
    Not that I am a great fan of Emory, but it has become evident that there is chaos between those at different levels of say. or those who believe they know best on how to precede with the rebuilding of
    As major owners it would appear The Saudis should have a major role to play, but it has become apparent, this is a learning process which is quite different from the purchase of the club, which was in itself also a sudden take-over, with little or no information given, too an anxious fan base who now believed all we have to do is sign a manager who in turn, could sign their dream players and it wouldn’t be long before we won the league or European championship.
    Yeah well with the present anti nufc propaganda from all 19 other epl clubs add the press to it and before long the real work starts .
    What is needed is a qualified Director of Football, who knows the market and work from there, no sense in squabbling and throwing money at the process, however we must take advantage of the time left too avoid relegation and once the football world becomes aware that we (the club) are not a bunch of rank amateurs and do in fact known how to run a club in a proper way. bob’s your uncle,
    OK !
    just keep this looking for power and backdates outta the picture !

  18. NUFC reported to sign BIG bucks goalie, nufc reputed to sign spurs duo, nufc reported to buy everyone in the world to ensure they will win summit.
    And that’s before they even hire a manager, though they have been searching desperately.
    Obviously it’s either a case of the media coming down heavily and backed by the EPL to undermine the purchase by such intruders as the Saudi royal family, the owners of everything in Saudi Arabia.
    Why ? some say their interference with their fellow gulf region neighbor Qatar, (which has been settled) others by the murder of Khassogian or whatever his name was, in Turkey and I’m sure there are numerous more anti Saudi’s out there, certainly it’s obvious the takeover put 19 EPL clubs noses outta joint , being they are not stupid and can understand what took place when Man. Citeh was purchased by the nation of Qatar. money talks and sides like the minnows of the epl, though there aren’t many non- billionaire owners owners left in the epl.
    And of course the Saudis have seen the goals against tally of NUFC and immediately make plans too buy an expensive replacement for their decent goalie and are associated with nothing but world class replacements from every club.
    As a matter of fact they presently fill the newspapers with rubbish from people like myself writing absolute nonsense and making the poor old Saudis look even worse the harder they try to make sense.
    Ah well call me in a couple years and let me know how things worked out as I have ad it with this present mess.


  19. I have already sent this , well not this actual blog to another source however something similar explaining my take on the acquisition of a manager.
    All of which resulted in replies that were acceptable, there were those that claimed contractual reasons and others who came up with the a less thoughtful can I bring along my trainer etc. and though for the most part some may have been legitimate , the very mention and the obvious refuses were obvious, they didn’t want to do the necessary work involved in rescuing a sinking ship.
    And that’s about all Ashley left behind him, bleeding the club in order use it for his obvious first love Sports Direct. A clever guy though not a fried of NUFC or it’s fans obviously.
    The ground itself can survive with a coat of paint and a refurbished interior however there’s going to be the cost and direction of a new training facility, including medical facilities and group of trainers and a re-investment in a youth system , which will require the neccessary bodies, coaches , scouts and not jus a one way ticket through France and Spain, like the old Geordie scout that brought us the only decent players we signed, which Ashley quickly turned into cash for future Sports direct institutions.
    What I’m attempting to say is no one, whether well known names or some we may not be so familiar with, have no intention of doing or taking the rap for what may take place, nor intend to take on the major role of reviving the club and the risk and toil involved . Being top managerial names have already established the fact they want a top side to manage with perhaps they themselves may tweak, by buying a few expensive additions too and perhaps win something with, after all the Epl is now the international league that Real and others wanted, all brought about by TV money, rather than depending on bums in seats. clever !
    Soh ! even someone like Howe understands this explanation , “ya mean you expect me to avoid relegation and rebuild the club and when it’s done you fire me for a big name,” while searching for an adequate excuse to refuse the offer, regardless of the fact the owners are the richest in the world, ask the former Citeh manager.
    Ah well , I guess this is life !

  20. Wow just watched the West Ham vs L’Pool game which a native of the UK, EX Man U. manager Moys actually displaced Pool @ number 3 in the league by out playing them in a highly entertaining game.
    Very tactical in nature with some physicality shown by both sides
    The Hams played a defensive game and were highly organized, to counter attack. The Pool took a defenseman from their RB (on the righhand side) and injected him into the midfield , to aid in the attack.
    Whereas The Hams when their defence received the ball it was immediately passed to the forward, on the Hams left side leaving the Pool short of it’s right defenceman which proved to be the better and winning tactic basically. Of course the Hams were by far the better defencive unit and on receiving possession use the pace of their left side forwards to overrun an outnumbered Pool defence.
    It was a case of The hams using a tough defence against a Pool
    attacking force including a RB as an extra attacker, yet subject to the hams quick pass out along the open left wing without a RB
    of course that Pool RB scored an amazing free kick from just outside the penalty area and there were some chances on their part that could have resulted in goals, that should have been converted
    by Mane. Later on I was impressed by Origi a young forward who got his second attempt for Pool and certainly impressed most people.
    Of course the Pool manager was unhappy to be overtaken in the league standings by what I see as the best W/ham side in many a year and he complained about the officiating, which I guess is normal from defeated sides, these days however it did get challenged and the decision went against the Pool,


    0added him too the midfield

    ham game vs



  21. Just reading about Howe and the fact he has accepted the managers role at NUFC, also what he basically knows and intends to do, also the fact there’s been a previously unknown guy who’s also been outta work for a while been accepted as the guy to be our next money man The general manager or whatever they are calling it to-day.
    At least he understands the work -load facing him and has not come up with ////////big names who would be loath to sign for any side that languished in the lowers region of the EPL,
    Any how it will be fun to see the toon sign some developing stars and be competitive for a change as I didn’t want someone like Benitez who has lived off his winning a championship title with Liverpool. through luck !
    And when the Saudis are looking for that winning coach , they should bring out the list of those who had adequate excuses why not to sign, and for the the others like Emory just get a brush off.
    Cause it will happen sooner as opposed to later.

  22. Well it’s been confirmed we are stuck or should I say, we have a new manager for the next couple of years, the Saudis shrewdly giving him as short a lease as possible, in case e turns out to be a flop.
    Though I believe he is a decent choice as of our opposition to the rest of the EPL, who I believe have arranged to refuse to sell any players to the Toon, well good luck with that boys, as it appears those included fail to understand either the law of the land or the side rules of the football league, that it includes any boycotting moves, regardless of size and reason.
    Of course it’s also true we the Toon could avoid this by buying from the Asian-African-South and North American continent’s, not to mention all of Europe (dummies) it’s obviously a case of jealousy and fact is would improve the quality of what has become. the EPL an alternate to a European super league, all of which is a result of going from bums in seats to tv control of finances and providing the league that shows it.
    And sells it !

  23. Soh ! with the “wha hoo” of finally accepting Howe as it’s first manager, of the new regime. guess I’m not that great a fan of the choice, but I’m sure he will be able enough to do the heavy lifting.
    That is of course he is a strong enough character to ignore the Pundits and people like BSA, who bombard him with choices, both of players and others .
    Yeah there has been a number of players mentioned by possibly a greater number of fans and pundits, the odd Belgium international , but really no one with a big rep.
    The idea being survive the rest of the season within the EPL.
    One it as been established, then we should go for the big names being most clubs are still unsure about the club and no big names so far have been attracted and make the first signing a lesson to others. who are no different from one another, their goal being make as much as you can during the relative footballing life, it being short in comparison with other forms of labor.
    Now we are unsure as to why Howe is he here, because he can deal with EPL survival, or will he be offered a renewal contract .
    The way things look every club with a top six to eighth epl position, is looking for that coach-manager who will bring them silverware .
    Silverware brings wealth for both players and owners and those present managers of such clubs are not interested in clubs that are not well stocked with stars and the finished article, which right now is NUFC’s biggest problem.
    That and the fact they have lacked other a spot of paint (apart from
    SD signage) and a decent training ground, youth system, etc with it’s man-power and upkeep.
    After all Chelsea have loads of players @present loaned out to other clubs, and we, at nufc have to either compete at that level or operate a fair sized youth system.
    There are numerous possibilities. presented to the Saudis and they must become aware of it and in turn pickup the tab.
    The choice being spend a medium amount or go for broke and become another Real Madrid , it certainly wouldn’t bother me one bit to become a top six side and have a side that was capable of being on par with the best, that is not a team that rolls over people or full of stars, just one that can take on some of the best, win or lose.
    And it’s something we the fans deserve having gone through a fourteen year old dry spell. No ?


    f course

  24. Well now the dust is beginning to settle, concerning both the takeover and beginning of a rebuilding program, though I believe instead of our money friends such as whatever her name is and her
    crowd ,we leave it too the professional’s, talking about both the manager and footballing general manager, who have the acumen to get deals done having experience as opposed to dealing with just money problem’s, sure they can be involved with the physical rebuilding of the club , the refurbishing of the grounds plus the new training facilities and their staffing, but puhleez! no purchasing of players, as we ready have pro’s who can take care of that.
    That goes for ex players BSA and the fans who would like to see big buck’ spent on players immediately, yes perhaps eventually, but as of right now we have to survive relegation, and then the beginning of a real side should take place, looking at the future, which I mean rebuilding a side with talented youngsters such as Rice from West Ham and others and stock our under 23’s with the same talented youngsters
    not unlike Chelsea who have an unacceptable number of players on loan. And hopefully those rules in regards to loaning out players will become extinct, as it is totally unfair to clubs lacking big buck’s.
    soh ! in all it will take a number of years to exploit the Saudi financing but better to take our time and be sure we are employing the best tactics, and face it we are in an excellent position right now
    and aught to be a choice side as long as fair play regulations are in place as we are in the Cat- bird seat now as opposed to suffering through a cheap-ass owner and having for the most part a long suffering fourteen years, of mostly garbage times .

  25. From one day to the next, there appears to be differing opinions on the speed and quality of the advances made to-wards an improved NUFC, of course there are those so called sports writers who have the knife out for “The Toon” and obviously those with different opinions ,Which makes it difficult to form an opinion from over three thousand miles away, Of course time and distance are easily overcome with to-days technology, though there remain’s that general attitude that can only be understood by being in place.
    With a number of resignations for their role during The Saudi take-over , which I believe I got right as to the power exercised by that countries determination and wealth, only to find they (the Saudi’s) had attempted to buy an additional Football club in Italy, being things were traveling at a snails pace on Tyneside and without a
    real football controller who could deal with such matters plus the insinuating of other members of the consortium in roles they were ignorant of, it’s no wonder.
    Anyhow things according to the press, appear to moving along, not perhaps at the snails pace I had mentioned, however our manager has apparently and without the director of football gone ahead and sounded out certain players he would like to sign, that and the fact there’s now a nineteen member group within the EPL, who intend to
    Boycott sales of any EPL players from joining “The Toon”, though that only excludes The Continents of Europe , Asia , North and South America and the Caribbean and whoever decides they are prepared to break the boycott, of course for business reasons, as the Saudi
    money could be tempting for many of them at this time.
    I suppose we will have to take a wait and see attitude and judge the results, and by- the- way I’m glad to hear Coutino has decided to stay in Spain, always thought he was over-rated though and overpriced Brazilian
    and having watched what I consider the game of the year, last evening between themselves and a brilliant Argentina side , if one or the other don’t win the World Cup, I shall be very disappointed.But I digress and hope our Mone-man will make his appearance being he aught to know the prices being asked and only he and or manager must get together certainly as far as the bigger names are concerned and give the contractors a kick in the rear end on the stadium and training facilities renewal.
    Plus the Saudis must have a bit more patience, as one cannot make
    a palace out of a pig stye overnight.
    But a word of warning, we have to spend wisely during the winter widow being as of now we are destined for relegation and think of the consequences of that, should it happen . sayonara !

  26. Here we go folks, the first game under the new Saudi regime, the ‘forlorn hop’e the fans had prayed for, finally in charge .
    Well if we don’t win this one there will be suicides galore
    And panic throughout the homeland, whichever one you decide on
    that is.
    Never mind if we lose it will only install a sense of who is responsible and what can we do about it, for both sides that is, as who will be found responsible,The. Saudis will have different opinions to Geordie fand no doubt,
    One side believing it was the oppositions fault, the other naturally the opposite, and fact is the granting of the takeover, not only overtook the Saudis but also their plans for an orderly transition
    which included a top managerial and director of football, though it happened so quickly, that a certain number of former EPL big shots were fired, though they called it resignations , ah well, we already understand the game remains as corrupt as before.
    Sure there will be a boycott, that will last. all of perhaps five minute’s , then a general free for all with some clubs wanting to rid themselves of certain players still worth a few bob, you see it’s all about money still.
    But talking about football did anyone see the Argentina vs Brazil game the other night, possibly the best game I have ever seen, and if neither one go home without the cup, ‘The world cup’ Ihat is I will be very surprised.
    soh ! not much changes in football over the years, oh a loss here or there to an unfancied team or your favorite’s not living up to expectations, all possible, though having been to the Perishing Gulf during both winter and summer, believe me its not an ideal place for soccer/ football.
    And soh, back to the EPL, this coming weekend or the new “super league” can’t wait and wonder what Europe would do without the talents and skills of the South Americans, ah well !



  27. Soh ! checked to the “nufc News Now” outlet, viewed the three different approaches, leaving transfers until last.
    Looks the same as yesterday’s, apparently instead of making use of the time between the windows start and now, where we could make advances for certain players to attempt a judgement approach during which we could arrange and know what it would take to secure it, (The Deal) and sign players during the opening days of the window, as I mentioned earlier time is of the essence here for various reasons, to adjust the signings in roles and tactics and give them time to adjust, then face the time of our run in as is not exactly that long and as we are aware the League can be unforgivable.
    Are we still awaiting the Saudi’s ok on a footballing overseer, if so they gotta make a move now as it effects our whole future.
    I gotta say the present conditions are a joke, I mean compare nufc
    as the performers everyones choice of a second side, simply be-cause of the constant winning of titles by Man, U what the premier ship crowd called ABBU.
    It now appears being MU. are no longer even the best side in Manchester , never mind the league and we are sitting in nineteenth place awaiting relegation, yet are considered to be a side for boycotting, a side that has suffered through the last dozen or more seasons and left bereft of talent, with only the signs of Spots Direct sitting in our faces to remind us of that era.
    The whole scenario is in a sense unbelievable, except for the reality of it, which we are unable to change ,
    I’m sure there are those that brought this about, with poor judgement , but I suppose there are also those who may be attempting to re-adjust that reality, hopefully by being successfully
    avoiding being relegated and once we begin signing those significant players, may in fact realize the whole scenario was all simply luck on our part to have the necessary funds available now, that we were denied during the ‘Ashley Ownership’ era ,
    Well lets hope so !

  28. Sure a boost to the latest news blogs of the EPL.
    Talking bout the takeover and it’s various news quotes of recent times.
    It appears from the bizarre to the ridicules, for instance the recent idea that ex Geordie manager Steve Bruce would become the new coach of Manchester U. side, not just, but also backed by Alex Ferguson, to which despite his naïvety , wor Steve thinks so too !
    And of course this club has been the target of so many big signings it becomes the point of an endless range of rubbish, attached to the club, by mainly jealous rivals of what they are about to become, Though not an easy job by any means, one that requires a person in charge with a considerable aptitude in making deals, someone who understands the markets and is an astute observer of talent.
    A person who is on first name basis to agents of stars, and in general in agreement with his manager who will possibly ask for such deals.
    So relax fans I have heard nufc are being refused by the Saudi’s , which indicates they must be close too or talking to someone of importance. Being time is still of the essence and the most important part of the takeover is to remain as a member of the EPL.
    Yes I may not have agreed about a top man or overall manager of football, but to-days prices and deals require it and we need someone as fast as possible, to work in conjunction with our young manager who;s job, may in fact become more stable as things proceed depending how he pairs up with the remaining top management person.

  29. Yep ! I have yet to see so much ink, dedicated to the recent transaction @ nufc and there’s a lot more to come .
    One would ave thought the top sides in the EPL would have had their business front and center, considering all that has gone on, though I guess bad news always attracts more viewers, for some strange reason.
    The of course most so called news has been made up or are concerned with civil rights groups who will of course use it as a put down of both SA & NUFC, which is blameless under any circumstance, that is the club not necessarily, the current country of the owners . being it’s all that the detractors of the club can find as a put down.
    Sure everyone’s angry that the present bottom side and relegation bound club, are also the richest and most are grasping at straws, soh ! don’t worry being the takeover appeared a bit shaky from the get go, it appears things are not only better, but proceeding at the right pace and the sooner we get our footballing general manager to work the smoother things will run according to plan.
    I mean hey ! there;s a lotta players besides M’Bappy to sign.
    And when the fans actually realize that, it will be the opposite of the last fourteen years, a time of great disappointment and poverty, which almost rivaled the Thatcher de- industrialization of the entire North East,
    being who knows what else has been planned by the Saudis, that may effect the area.


  30. Hmmmm ! lost again and will probably do so, until we sign our winter window recruits, which by the way could include Coutinho, being no one else appears to want him, though I doubt and hope we don’t sign him, he recently claiming he was not about to sign for us, which appears to me the resulting about face could be the result of any port in a storm. as he appears to be slowly but surely
    becoming no ones choice and it’s obvious Klopp knew that !
    M’Bappy, doubt whether we will see him either, unless it’s in the euro championship series on tv.
    Look we only need to remain within the EPL and take our time, meaning “no five or six year contracts”but rebuild by signing a couple of good replacements annually and watching a middle table side compete against similar sides weekly, until we reach the pinnacle winning both the euro’s and epl championship, what else is there and with our present treasury, why not !