Are Newcastle on another road to nowhere in 2021/22 campaign?

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Magpies in the mud?
Are the Magpies still stuck in the mud?
Newcastle United finished the 2020/21 campaign on a high note with an impressive run of results that allowed the club to place at 12th in the Premier League. The club has summed up mid-table mediocrity since their return to the top flight in 2017. Dating back further, the Magpies have finished in the top half on only three occasions since owner Mike Ashley bought the club in 2007.

Steve Bruce’s men flirted with relegation for a long period of time in the second half of last season. Fulham’s poor form saved the Toon from dropping into the bottom three before Joe Willock inspired a run of five wins from their final eight matches of the season. Few supporters were satisfied with the campaign, which ended in an all too familiar feeling of non-accomplishment.

Their performances in the cup competitions were once again underwhelming, Championship side Brentford knocked the club out of the EFL Cup in the quarter-finals, spurning a great chance to advance to the last four in the competition for the first time since the 1975/76 season. The FA Cup was a similar story, suffering a third-round exit at the hands of Arsenal.

As a club, Newcastle appears to have no aim for success other than remaining in the Premier League. Even that has been an issue over the last decade, as they have suffered two relegations. The Magpies are 9/4 in the Premier League betting odds to be relegated from the top flight for the third time in Ashley’s tenure as owner. The Tynesiders have continually linked with takeovers, but none have to come to fruition. Unless those are resolved, the club appears to be on the road to nowhere.

There have been moments of sunshine to break up the dark clouds that have hung over St James’ Park for too long. Callum Wilson was exceptional following his move from Bournemouth, notching 12 goals before an injury sidelined him for a long portion of the second half of the term. Allan Saint-Maximin has also been an excellent signing for the club. He has dazzled with his pace and skill along with taking the region to his heart.

When the duo were unavailable, the Magpies’ form took a massive dip, highlighting the need for the two players to remain both at the club and on the pitch. If Wilson were to leave or suffer another serious injury, as he did during his time with Bournemouth, the results could be catastrophic for Bruce and his team. Even with those players in the ranks, it took the presence of Willock to liven up the team towards the end of the season. The midfielder provided a much-needed shot in the arm with a sensational scoring run, and his transfer fee will test the ambition of the Newcastle hierarchy.

Bruce is under pressure. He’s not a popular figure among Newcastle supporters and has not achieved anything of note in his managerial career other than a steady mid-table presence at best. Unless the Magpies fall drastically into the bottom three of the table he is going nowhere, much like the club. Newcastle is stuck in the mud at the moment, and fans like the rest of the footballing world are left wondering when matters will change at St James’ Park.

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36 Responses

  1. I hate to repeat myself, but as I already stated the two most important, (well not considering a virtual unlimited purse of course)
    factors are the completion of the two figures who will remain as most importan to the reconstruction of this team and club in general, will have to be a coach (read manager) and a football manager (read agreeing with the manager and employing his abilities in regard to money being spent, his knowledge of agents and contracts, plus a history of deal making)
    Unfortunately there appears to have been a certain amount of information passed between sources that lays out a certain policy, yet no agreement on the appointment of that key role of’ Footballing Overseer’ in regard to money matters.
    And as I have stated, time is presently of the essence, in which case it should be brought to bare to a reluctant Saudi overseer that it could be the difference between dealing as a EPL side, as opposed to a second level side from the championship league.
    neither being great, but a vast difference exists between the two, if you are the person or persons involved .
    In which case could you please venture a candidate, c’mon take an
    opinionated guess !

  2. I gotta say, to find anything worth reading about either transfer deals or for that matter anything positive about NUFC is much like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.
    You know I had nothing against Howe, but it appears he is intent in bringing some of his old team mates to Newcastle, well I hope we and he can forget that, after all if he can’t attract some decent player, we nufc fans are not interested in bournemouth 2# arriving at St. James and if the crazy frenchman wants to go (I believe he arrived to put himself in the shop window) then let him.
    It appears this window is full of rejected deals ,that is deals to NUFC
    and if he can’t attract anyone decent, let him go too.
    Look here we are with big bucks ready to splash out in order to survive the drop and meet nowt but rejections, exactly what is it about the Toon (apart from the fact the Saudi’s have their own problems) but what does that have to do with Newcastle.?
    Unfortunately we don’t have a name coach, but what will not matter a year or more down the road, when
    Howe completes his job and it becomes time to hire that big name continental coach, who require perfection, unfortunately they are waiting for us to become a challenger before giving the club their price to enable the club to win something, or summit like that.
    Soh am I happy about things?, absolutely not anyone can sell Howe to the general public, being we couldn’t find anyone who wanted the job and believe me whats ahead of howe is tuff.
    So lets go Saudi’s and get your asses into gear and help the guy out . perhaps a word or two to back him in the press, or ffs get that money man hired someone who knows how to make deals and sell them to one and all.
    Look we all know the score with Howe , a hiring that comes cheap and has no real record unless your talking bout the thirty year old defender no one has ever heard of, sure he will be there the same as the Welshman was there @ Citeh, but everyone knew it, as did
    Hughes himself, that he was there for a purpose only.
    And by the way —what ya gonna do when PEP decides to leave—-Hey who knows we may have a job for him, hell theres no shame in winning the league with two different clubs one top the other bottom- if you get it.
    Someone should start a rumor in that regard, there enough crazy fans out there , who are willing to believe it.
    So if we are not about to make some big signings, how about a refurbishment and an increase in fan seats plus a lick of paint to impress the would be transfers, as they arrive at St. James’Park.
    And get started on the new training ground with recently developed
    medical facilities, being there is/was a whole lotta injuries at this club over the Ashley years and other stuff we will not go into.
    However the window is close and I hope whoever is in charge of new arrivals, has their ducks lined up.
    And perhaps the story will appear a bit brighter, and yeah I realize The Saudi connection is a big one and there are whole lotta clubs who would give anything to be in our position as of now, but whats the use of that if we have no one who knows how to use it
    C’mon man, move already !


  3. Here we are approaching Christmas, with not enough points to consider for a premier side, I now believe we may be relegated , although the quality of those we are looking at presently could change.

    Whadda you mean?

    Look there’s some pretty good players among them and we still have two windows this year and the winter of 23 to go, now it appears no one on that list has turned down our offers, though many may be holding back to see what happens, I mean how many international stars turn down big bucks, but there have been a number possibly for the first time, using that excuse. a relegated side , that is presently the worlds richest club may want to sign them.
    And there are those who didn’t go to and buy themselves (A Ferrari) to match their Rolex, etc and those who invested in what is generally a short career, some will be looking for dosh, others who knows, perhaps being a part of history or summat.
    Never the less, there’s the making of a decent side there, even though there a whiff of aging between them, but that’s a cunning plan, aging stars to early and eager replacements for those that time will only take care of, which I hope to see filling the spots of those no longer able, hopefully as early as the ending of the 23 season, I figure we will have Pep at the helm and revert back to black and white stripes in a newly refurbished stadium with the best facilities available, to not only the players but to possibly the most loyal fans in the country.
    Soh ! if we don’t survive relegation, this season, don’t worry we can always do well with the present bucks available, Along with some interesting games, just look @ the present Man. U. who rode roughshod over most sides for a dozen years or more, now a table midfield side and we the NUFC fans can afford to avoid Sports Direct and go directly to Fenwicks for our black and white stripped
    Soh ! I believe somebody has done some work lately, that is considering the names mentioned, and some decent games will come out of this new circumstance, which is all we want really.
    (erm besides a European cup) and a EPL championship and aaaaaa
    well the list goes on so ffs cheer up it’s Christmas ain’t it.

  4. Well here we are on Christmas Day with no games to watch and which will be probably the same on Boxing Day or more appropriate on St. Stephens day.
    Actually I’m more interested in who we acquire, in the interim.
    certainly we can I believe sign some decent defenders for a change.
    And our ex-Bournemouth manager (stuck attempting to fill in for the lack of a money man) who I’m not so sure can do the job but is willing to try.
    Not that I have a lotta faith in him and wish he would cease mentioning both Bournemouth and his ex players there, after all they went down and don’t look like coming back, much like himself, but as long as he does a half assed job , we got time.
    So, I hope we can get those chosen after all most will either be retired in a few years and it’s a case of building up the youngsters that we should be looking at, who are expected to replace them.
    I’m not concerned with M’bappe or the Norwegian center and i’m glad there’s not a whole lotta choices out there , just enough that there is little competition, especially because of relegation, which is
    something we don’t really need, but Hutton figure we can avoid that, not so sure myself.
    The problem with that (relegation) being who wants to sign for a second tier club, sure we could easily make a return with those we sign, but it will slow down our schedule as it stands and that’s what annoys me ,
    Being no one was ready for this situation to arise, even both top guys on this blog refused to think so, though the Saudi’s were probably aware of it and continued to drag their feet instead of making people aware of it.
    Ah well I’m afraid as are the owners of nineteen Premier League sides the it’s only a matter of time before we dominate the most important role in the Epl and deserve a bit of respect.
    After all we spent two relegation periods over the last twelve yeears
    in the second their, plus the rest were nothing to brag about.

  5. From here we need 1.25 to 1.50 points a game depending upon whether it’ll take 35 or 40 points to survive in the Premier League this season. That’s a big task, no matter who we buy in January. We’re currently getting 0.55 points per game on average.

    It’s not impossible but, personally, I think we’ll be relegated. I fancy our chances of coming straight back up next season, though.

  6. Hugh
    Yes I tend to agree with you, it’s a tough row to hoe, however while there is an opportunity, we can hope and it may make the rest of the season easier to bear.
    Plus I agree with you we will probably make a quick return following the possibility of that dreaded word relegation, actually I recall being at st. James’ Park, we were playing against that elevator side
    WBA who appeared to play a season in the second tier , then the following year spend a year in the Premier league.
    It was a period of time before the second tier was just a so-so league and the Geordie fans were chanting “ya goin down with the Mackems” to which the WB fans responded with “So are we, so are we, so are we” which I thought “hmmm quick witted crowd those WB fans are” not realizing they were probably used to it all.
    Anyhow, sure we will be back following this relegation, being I read
    in another blog some of the players we are looking at right now and realize it will be almost an automatic promotion.
    And for those sides and players who ignore our offers, there will be retribution once we reach the pinnacle of football and make “The
    Entertainers” look pale in comparison .
    Though there is always the fear of loosing our benefactors, and we would end up where we were heading, following this season, being the side was no better than most championship teams and just look at what happened to the Mackems recently, ending up in the third tier no less.
    Of course I understand signing for NUFC, is not exactly living in Barcelona, Madrid os Paris, or even London, I’m sure we can attract a decent side of top quality players and of course the fans
    are only holding their breath, before bursting into praise at St. James’ Park .
    I suppose it was all worth waiting for, though some fans will no doubt resent the Saudis, what the hell, they above all (the fans) deserve a reward for their loyalty, during possibly the worst decade of football which (St James’ was filled, each and every two weeks )
    nufc have been subjected to in their history.
    Soh ! “C’mon baby let the good times roll”, but I still wonder why
    chose a city so far from the capital, what in particular has
    Newcastle got to offer, being there has to be a significant reason.
    And it’s obvious they (the Saudi Kingdom) require more than just a top football side in return.
    Perhaps we could have a prize for the best guess !



  7. Chuck, the regular top 6 teams already have rich owners, and buying those clubs would have been a lot more expensive anyway. With the pack just outside the top 6, Moshiri bought into Everton in 2016, a Czech billionaire bought into West Ham recently, that Thai guy whose name I can’t spell bought in Leicester (and died in a helicopter accident).

    A lot of the bigger clubs have already been bought or bought into, and their grounds and facilities have been improved accordingly.

    All things considered, NUFC probably looked like a reasonable proposition. Not too expensive, room for development, and fanatical support that can get a guaranteed 50,000 for home games (probably more if the ground was bigger).

    I don’t think the location of Newcastle is too much of a problem. Look at The Entertainers — we attracted some big names back then. We will again if they build out the facilities, start looking like they mean business on the pitch and have the spondoolies to pay for players and their wages.

    I don’t think the problem is what they bought, it’s when they bought. Caught on the hop they had to buy the club at a bad time. We were 3 months away from a transfer window and already relegation threatened. It’s not ideal.

  8. Hmmm ! things don’t look so good, but for who ?
    For those who want instant success and on certain organizations who resent the fact that NUC has required an ownership that most clubs would give a lot for, yeah 350 big ones is really not that much to ask as an organization, however when one looks at the various
    parts of the club ?
    The stadium has not seen any major renovations in years , there’s no real training ground nor the facilities that normally come with such places, the last owner having invested the necessary dosh in his rag trade business, not to mention the third division players he bought whether they were needed or not, plus the nearby real estate, which could have been used for expansion of the ground.
    twelve years of hate-filled ownership, remembered by an earlier incident, when he took stock and he found a weakness in the pay role and fired what were named as ground staff, in fact the tea ladies, yeah saved a fortune there .
    Then of course, there was the refusal by the FA to allow the purchase based on political nonsense, which stayed in effect just long enough that the Saudis had I imagine to talk to your PM and ask him does he still want to acquire arms money and the means of delivery to them ? for cash money, which got his attention !
    Unfortunately by then the club had no choice but to await the transfer window to open, and with a team of no-bodies fall so far behind that even though they bought a complete side of star players , would sill face relegation.
    Well I got news for everyone, we will be promoted once again by dumping this bunch of useless no-bodies and from there on proceed to-wards a PL title or close, but eventually be-cause face it how many other clubs would give their right arms to be in our position and I believe it’s interspaced by a whisper of fear from the so called top six sides, who have opposed the purchase all along.
    Hell not to worry the New Entertainers will entertain us for the next five years and those attending the games will be amused to no end.
    As we are the wealthiest side in UK football and have numerous games both wins and a few close calls , just to make it exiting for our loyal fans to enjoy over the next few years.
    soh ! not too worry folks we are still here and even though the top six and others may not like it they can “go pound salt “!
    And yeah, the next game is with the once dominant side for over a decade, who now are a mid- table average side and they have and are actually wasting money on finding a decent manager and players and have no clue what to do next, too bad !

  9. Been looking @ some pretty good footballers, those on our welcome list, which has been descried as a second tier side, which is nonsense .
    And yes I understand there are certain top players who may resent or actually feel they are too good for the Championship League
    BUT we can pick them up if we feel like it in 2023, in the meantime beat the hell outta those in the championship, hey a win is a win, right !
    Soh !this extension will only provide our winning run much longer, and demonstrate our ability, and give Howe at least a year in the championship , which can only give him a bigger and better reputation, but by then we will have to replace him with someone with a real reputation and who knows who that will be ?
    On the other hand Hugh mentions there’s a number of wealthy individuals who could compete with the Toon, money wise, well I really don’t see that many and unless it’s solid it takes a lotta dosh to compete with us.

    hough there’ always the fear that US football, that’s the game where no one except the kicker puts his foot to the ball.
    May be recognized as causing serious injuries to players and could be prevented by law , may become EPL owners being one sports network has just paid over two billion big ones to broadcast certain games which could easily be changed to include ownership, yea I know years ago when I mentioned a super league for European clubs everyone derided me , soh the future will bring whatever the super rich want or need , ah well !


  10. Chuck, you have to be careful conflating the wealth of NUFC with the wealth of the fund behind it. The fund may have 350 billion at its disposal, but that doesn’t mean NUFC has that.

  11. I just read a statement regarding the reasons for NUFC to become an owner of their football club.
    Though mine was more or less a guess in many respects it also made sense, for instance politics played a major role in allowing the deal to go through.
    That wind induced energy supplies could create and possibly
    offshore induced windmills to supply a great deal of clean energy, which in turn could replace the once major supply of coal, which heated and provided electricity to the capital and more densely populated parts of the population.
    Which in turn would create jobs in construction and create a certain degree of ability to expand to other sections.
    It was also mentioned, the fact we have a Deepwater Port presently
    without the traditional industries, ship-building and repair and could be used as a container port for trade between the eastern Med. and the UK, using the now redundant ex ship- building facilities.
    And these are only a few of the possibilities, mentioned apart from the present plans to build a fast train service between London and the West Midlands. completely eliminating the North, based on the recently built cross London Underground track costing a fortune which though it is claimed is finished, is actually being renovated to a state of having it actually work, and is really not missed.
    However it could take the sale of a football club to set this in motion, with the co-operation of a country that has little there built by the locals, hiring both Brits, and other imports to do the actual building, why ? because they could afford it ! But now have to find a less polluting fossil fuel based replacement for oil. not unlike your coal based sources.

    Having been to the Middle East and many of the other continents ,
    I have seen many miracles brought about by technology, which the UK would if interested (and spoils no ones views looking out the windows of their opulent homes) could improve both the job markets and living conditions of all. ah well !


  12. Hugh
    If you read my blogs thoroughly, you will come across a statement to that effect that the three hundred odd billion was slated for the rebuilding of The Saudi Arabian economy bringing the country and it’s economy into the twenty first century, with the attempt to end fossil fuels as it’s main supply of petroleum -dollars
    And Newcastle United was a small part of that and you will find most newspapers and descriptions on line, use that mistaken quote for the most part.
    I also found within the latest version of “News now NUFC” a version of “why the Saudis bought Newcastle “which I have found to be more interesting than the whole gamut of buying and selling news, about the club.
    On a site via Bing named News Now NUFC, listed as ‘Why The Saudis bought Newcastle United” listed by a character named Simon Chadwick, giving much to my surprise it corresponds to certain blogs I have written, concerning politics and government’s
    which were mere guesses, which corresponded with this particular item, though not a carbon copy exactly.
    Which I hope Simon hadn’t read any of my ranting blogs prior to stating what I (sort of) believe are truths. that is from him.

    in which I hope

  13. and Hugh

    whoever happened to to “Worky Ticket” I believe he did a decent job, but I also think he was more into politics than footy, ah well !
    Though we didn’t especially agree on certain individuals, such as your ex Shadow PM , who although his politic’s were ok, just didn’t have the ability to lead, so perhaps he’s happy enough back in the back benches , and sniping @ his own party, which is where I see him, that is imagine him.


  14. Finally got to watch the Man U. game on tv.
    Unfortunately these traditions you guys insist of adding to the already too long list of traditions that you have enforced, was interrupted by the fact that the big network NBC which I believe had ambitions in regard to showing football, no they already show football but that kind of football where people wear armor or padded uniforms and is never touched by a foot , other than the designated kickers, (don’t ask)
    And what the hell happened to Man. U. not to mention where will we NUFC end up at the end of the run in ? the end !

    Unfortunately we are now living in on one side crazies, who don’t even want a shot and on the other side people who actually run away from any one in the street without a mask.
    Hey I don’t get it !

    0as it began by an attempt by two colleges who didnt know, the rules of rugby and with the forward pass introduce eventually became “American football”
    But I really wanted to complain about the disease that is showing a resistance to inoculations .
    and is dividing into all kinds of variants yet is no closer to becoming
    eliminated, plus those crazy folks who spend those couple of hours in close proximity watching the supposed sport.
    Look , one has to take a more serious attitude or we will have this pandemic with us forever, and someone aught to inform both the crowd responsible and Johnson that enough is enough, already yet

  15. Wow ! for a side that was meant to be boycotted, we the Magpies are attracting a lotta ink in regards to the possibilities of attracting
    some decent players, that is for the run in if there is to be a run in
    worth watching and we actually have a chance to sign some of them.
    Yeah ! I understand there may become certain confusing agreements made
    as far as contracts are concerned if we get relegated, with terms included, that certain players don’t have to play in the second tier, or summat-similar.
    YO ! we gotta lotta enlarged ego’s out there, no? but I suppose it may have repercussions over time , like their next deal perhaps.
    with certain guys like Grab- a- goal, a Brasilian I never heard of, though if he hasn’t already been swooped up by some Portuguese club, could be a failure being the top league in Brazil is not exactly all that being each South American country that produces decent players are riddled with scouts for the big European sides.
    Perhaps a lesson to the EPL ?
    And please no more references by our manager, concerning players
    from his time @ Bournemouth, yeah they may be decent, but no thirty one year olds or the fact that they were relegated under him.
    and still linger in the second tier, besides I like the old first division sides and not the upstarts like the above and sides like Brighton or Brentford etc.
    OK !






  16. Wow ! for a side that was meant to be boycotted, we the Magpies are attracting a lotta ink in regards to the possibilities of attracting
    some decent players, that is for the run in if there is to be a run in
    worth watching and we actually have a chance to sign some of them.
    Yeah ! I understand there may become certain confusing agreements made
    as far as contracts are concerned if we get relegated, with terms included, that certain players don’t have to play in the second tier, or summat-similar.
    YO ! we gotta lotta enlarged ego’s out there, no? but I suppose it may have repercussions over time , like their next deal perhaps.
    with certain guys like Grab- a- goal, a Brasilian I never heard of, though if he hasn’t already been swooped up by some Portuguese club, could be a failure being the top league in Brazil is not exactly all that being each South American country that produces decent players are riddled with scouts for the big European sides.
    Perhaps a lesson to the EPL ?
    And please no more references by our manager, concerning players
    from his time @ Bournemouth, yeah they may be decent, but no thirty one year olds or the fact that they were relegated under him.
    and still linger in the second tier, besides I like the old first division sides and not the upstarts like the above and sides like Brighton or Brentford etc.
    OK !

    Erm tired of messing around with crap such as wrong e-mail or already printed






  17. Another day closer to the window opening and a final look at what may be and what could be a dissapointment.
    The more we (nufc) are associated with some of the biggest names in football, that is not only the UK, but apparently everywhere they play football and perhaps certain places they don’t.
    Certainly South America has been mentioned a number of times and of course the African players are reaching heights never before seen and could dominate the game in the not too distant future.
    not a bad idea to have a black and white background to what may end up as a team composed of both Europeans and Africans.
    Which would no doubt be welcomed by the fans, hell any kind of a decent side would be more than welcome , following those we have
    had to represent us over the last owners reign.
    It appears following some harsh statements and not so very ambitious movement the club appears to have become galvanized
    into action, and one can hardly keep up with not only the number of talented players, all interested in becoming what is being recognized as a side that is interested in becoming the most recent
    candidate for such things as possibly the European championship, Of course it took Citeh a number of years from a similar beginning, ownership by a State, rather than a corporation or whatever to reach such a level, making the standard teams like the two top sides in Spain, who mainly depended on rich patrons or massive arenas to stay there, however the English method has most countries following suit, by selling (broadcasting rights ) and no doubt we will see any number of what were once big clubs drop back to a mid level positions in their particular leagues,
    Leagues, dare I mention Man. U. as such who no longer dominate the EPL, though the return of Liverpool as a semi rich side following their being bought out by the Fenway group, which is the home of the Boston Red Sox, and their may be a number of other sports related concerns here that may see a quick buck by investing in
    football clubs.
    Though the broadcasting giant NBC, has recently dropped out of this particular category which was snapped up by a sport network, which possibly has more of a background in sports in general and doesn’t interfere with scheduling.
    Ah ! who knows but one can guess and the way that certain broadcasters are introducing lower costing networks and for the most part illegal (see, the recent case of Be in and Bee out) in which case theres a lot of belief that perhaps the Saudis are interested in becoming a major broadcaster may have stimulated the recent takeover, who knows ?
    Though a somewhat educated guess may be just as good.
    And I have to say following the gloom and doom tudes by various
    figures within the football world, how many turned out to be right about the takeover of the Geordies? and who may also have it wrong about the rebuilding of NUFC, their success in remaining within the PL, certainly looks a lot brighter in to-day’s world, that is if they are successful in their purchases, but we are all aware of the fact money talks still, and that’s seven days a week. OK !


  18. Soh ! whadda ya think about Martial joining the Toon, hey! theres a possibility) don’t let yourselves be intimidated by MU, who have been knocked off the perch by a side from the same Citeh. , and from other towns and who now are registered as a mid table side, even with a whole passel of international players in their squad.
    All of course suffering from individuality and so far suffering from a decided lack of a decent manager.
    Well being they just sacked Solskjear or however his name I spelled
    afraid Mr. Nice Guy was just too nice for the side.
    Though it’s certainly cool to see their fans eat a bit of humble pie
    for a change and never forget that change is inevitable, even the Geordies can’t depend on the Saudi’s to support them forever,
    so make hay while the sun is still shining, being we have yet to win a damn thing.
    However we may be In a better position than many of the EPL clubs, so smile already !
    And watch the headlines.

  19. Well here we are with a division of not only fans of Necastle, but in the country in general, concerning who we will sign for the run in
    during this new year.
    Apparently not all of our prospects or the ones we intend to sign, are assured of doing so, never- the -less, I expect by starting early
    negotiations with the clubs involved and by contacting those individuals, it appears the deals are fairly certain, something seldom
    initiated by Ashley who’s deals were mostly to-wards the end of the window, I guess which used the fact, they may get a better deal by holding back, though that no longer applies being we got the dosh and it may have the reverse affect.
    YES especially those youngsters who may be bought to stock our under 23 year old group who are I suppose also a reserve ,
    Not unlike Chelsea, who have literally any number of players on loant, something the governing bodies should look into being it is an unfair practice I believe.
    However we have begun negotiations early (a positive move as far as I am corned) after all everyone understands that now we are owned by the Saudi government fund, we all have the essentials of a club on it’s way up, though we may have the occasional player who is at present quite happy with both his salary and contract and may live in a city the likes of Paris, being it’s not unknown for players wives to object to moving to a former industrial area, from say London or Paris.

  20. Well I suppose that covers the better half situation, which anyone already married understand’s, now its the players turn and someone o this blog brought up aboutNewcastle’s location which bring into the situation that all or most of these players are under the age of thirty and can enjoy certain facilities such as restaurant’s
    and entertainment and though there are some really nice places to live Newcastle itself is not exactly a city that was built for entertainment, it being the office center of a
    heavy industrial region.with little built for those otherwise used to living within cities.
    But I expect that to be a secondary item, as it appears most footballers live within a specially located area. not a great distance from both the city and the airport .
    Plus there are lots of beautiful spots located around the county for those who enjoy a quiet life I suppose.
    Plus the editor had already mentioned that members of the famous “Entertainers” appeared to enjoy or had no problem with the area in general.
    And it would be interesting to find out who the fans would like to see arrive , especially when/if we do survive the drop.

  21. Why are there (I ain’t gonna call them writers) people who appear to really dislike Newcastle and who actually Make it quite obvious .
    Possibly the same folks who were once supporters as a second team of The Entertainers,
    When one reads certain articles one would think time stand’s still. believing that it will be the same side that Bruce began the season
    with, forgetting there is still the winter window. with some decent players lined up and with decent prices being paid fo many of them
    And if they are expecting, Bruces side think again, the team will be strengthened by some pretty impressive names and if there are still open spots they could always increase the number of players added.
    The reason being is the summer widow is designed for major changes and it’s then we will possibly bring in a better quality player
    and by the 23 year season have the basis of both a decent first side and some future stars bedded into the reserves or under 23 y/o.
    emerging stars, both ready to take over from the aging stars.
    Sure it may take a few short games to familiarize themselves a a team, but it’s just football and some will certainly have EPL experience.
    However many non UK players will undoubtably be signed due to the so called Boycott, but do not the top sids In the Premier Division
    aready have possibly a majority of players from outside the UK.
    Actually the major problem is based on avoiding any relegation being most big players will resent playing in the second tier and who can one really blame them,
    The thing most fans appear to ignore is the fact a players life-time is basically short as a big money earner, that is apart from the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s and a year in the English second tier is not exactly desirable, meaning that few star players could refuse a side in nineteenth place. and the reasons why.
    However I believe we can manage it OK !
    There are some interesting figures based on Bookies numbers, take a look if you are interested, and apart from the Leicester screw up
    are fairly reliable, just don’t let the Geordie haters annoy you .

    It’s been reckoned the club may sign @ least fie or more players, which amounts to half a team, and if successful, will certainly fill out the side with as many come the next window.
    It’s a case of avoiding relegation and as long as there are spots

    available and money to pay for new arrivals, why shouldn’t they attempt to fill as many as possible, being I see few players, that is leftovers from lat season, who are really worth keeping, and if that’s the side they think they will face in the run in, I got news for them.

  22. Well the window is now open and it appears we will sign Trippier
    However with a clause inserted into his contract allowing I’m to leave if “The Toon” become relegated, on the other hand it also appears we want him in order to survive and can find ourselves another full back in the Sumer window though hopefully it will become unnecessary, as he is still @ his age , a damn good footballer, perhaps when he reaches his retirement age ?
    The young Hollander central defensive player appears to be a decent buy also. and we appear to be eager to be first call to a number of UK clubs, certainly the opposite of Ashley, who usually waited until the last moment, and as a result look @what we have been stuck with, the bare bones of a side, a stadium. and no real training center, ah well all things come to we we who wait !
    And yeah ! the poorly attempted boycott showing signs of becoming a failure, due to greed (hell we can make a fast buck outta The Toon) appears to be more dominant than any solidarity between PL clubs right now.
    But what the hell there are hundreds of clubs willing to reach out for those Petro- Dollars , who don’t give a damn about the EPL, it being a case of survival these days due to the costs of running a football club.
    Plus the Epl is not the only league in the country or on the planet.
    and with the available dosh we can sign enough players during the present window and yes I do understand the difference between the two windows.
    And by now most decent players do also, plus they also get it that belonging to the richest club on the planet may not last forever , but neither will their careers as football players, and to make hay while the sun shines is something to consider first and foremost.
    As I previous stated its a fairly short career in which to grab a bit of moolah.
    So I for one am not concerned, even were we relegated, it would all end up the same way, we contending eventually for silverware while
    taking a bit longer to accomplish it, but enjoying the ride as it would no doubt result in any number of competitive games, which is the one and only purpose of the game ,” entertainment”, certainly a far cry from the earlier part of this season under poor old Bruce and his
    lack of any decent players.
    And as I stated the Newcastle fans certainly deserve it, having been dragged through twelve plus tears of awful sides , managers who were the worst and bye the way what was so good about our Spanish manager who got rid of the only center forward we had @ the time and could end up as the first manger to allow Everton to become relegated in many years, yeah Mitrovitch and Benitez, a couple that just agreed to disagree, ah well !
    things have a habit of changing.


  23. Oh ! sorry being this comes on the first day of the year 2022, a happy
    New Year and a wealth of football, which is only deserved by such a
    loyal fan group, who spent endless days at St James’ watching
    terrible footie, that is now about to change considerably.

  24. Just when the official take-over is consummated, a certain anxiety is introduced.
    What ?
    Well I guess y’all missed it, taking bout the recent deal between our
    owners and the giant Italian side, which comes too close to one and other to be just a random idea.
    Sure the original takeover of Nufc and it’s rejection was both an insult and a rejection by the UK, obviously the Saudis have an interest in Newcastle or this particular part of the north-east, I have mentioned this before being curious of (why) NUFC , It’s been stated that they bought the club as a goodwill gesture for future goodwill and possibly future considerations.
    What could it be that could possibly be of interest to that desert kingdom ?
    Well especially an area which was once a centre of heavy industry, that has been now been reduced to an empty shell, consisting of call centre jobs and a gradual expansion of its university ;
    And like most areas simply by chance supplied the energy requirements of a steel mill, shipyards and heavy armaments .
    The city itself was well designed, but only as the office center for the offices required by an area of heavy industry .
    However apart from a few hotels there was also a fairly large shopping center, which had two bus stations to carry those living near the steel mills and collieries, built outside the city.
    with row homes situated near the Tyne River running through the city which gave excess to the workers who are employed as ship builders and repairers.
    And there also emerged an industry that supplied the London energy requirements which introduced the old adage” coals to Newcastle,” I won’t bother you with its meaning, but the main reason was the fact that coal as opposed to oil enabled this to take place.
    Possibly something in common for both the UK and the SAK, yes both kingdoms with different fossil fuels used to generate power or heat, but yes I’m getting to the point.
    its been suggested that they have an interest in building wind generated Windmills to generate power through electricity both onshore and within the coastal limits , plus reinvent its river system
    for transportation of the necessary materials or even manufacture them within the area. thee matters I have little knowledge of.
    And the worst part being they will expand and help with fuel generated oil money, yes an Italian super club which is already in place being our ex owner had never even hit the stadium with a lick of paint never mind all of the other essential work required, but that big Italian side owned by its billion lira industrialist has always been taken care of.
    Which differ from nufc, now here’s the bad part either one or the other club, will become the paramount one and knowing which one will become which, will be essential to both fans and investors
    check it out as I was always curious s to what was involved, I mean do you all believe they are spending enormous amounts of dosh out of the kindness of their hearts, or as an industrial ploy, which will take car of that question ?
    Two clubs , one paramount and located in Italy and the other secondary and located within the North east.of England .
    if you believe this to be nonsense why not check it out ?

    and did you recognize the fact how swiftly thing changed about the sale of the club. once politics became involved, after all they do pay up when the sales of armaments are concerned it just happens to be your country is their armorer. ah well.

  25. Look’s like we have Trippier all sewn up. at least until the seasons end, after that who knows?
    Hopefully he will be instrumental in our survival and eventually return as a decent side in the EPL
    Though perhaps we could re-sell him and re-galn some of the dosh spent, it’s surely something that’s now included in his contract, which will be disclosed as the situation develop’s.
    Also looks good as far our attempt to sign the young central defender is concerned and who knows as things develop there could be more names we are all familiar with offered,
    from those with membership in the EPL.
    Well I have to admit most are clubs from Continental sides, but money is International, which surprises me being we don’t appear to have many financial names associated, whereas London is re-nown for it’s ability in finance, then where are those names when they are needed, ? certainly by the Saudi’s right now as one would have expected them to have had their ducks lined up by now.
    Look I’m not complaining , just saying ! and as far as competition with a Saudi- Italian club is concerned, everyone is aware of the difference between a club in good physical condition and one that has not exactly been taken care of and has been reduced to an empty shell. certainly takes a lotta work, to bring up to par.
    Well lets see what happens and celebrate the fact we have been taken over by a hopefully generous patron, certainly better than following the paths taken by our two neighbors, though Sunderland
    appear to be making an effort to regain their status as a PL side, doubt if Boro. are making any bright moves though .
    Actually I’m a bit surprised @ Sunderland, once known a the Millionaire club and I wonder what wouldda happened had we not found a benefactor, that the Fans could speculate over, exactly as we are doing right now, funny old game innit !
    Yeah looking at where the Tories are spending your money it appears little is returning to the northern counties , where the present Tory Money People have cut out the entire northern counties from the multi billion high speed R/R. although had it been in Scotland, they would never have allowed it to happen, which one now wonders how a poll for Scottish independence would do, a Scottish Brexit so to speak.?
    Something I just don’t understand, what has happed to the Labor
    Movement, a case of everyone suddenly believing, they are all members of the middle classes and there is no longer such a thing as the working class.
    Though it is comfortable to realize that any country run by an Oligarchy is doomed to failure,

  26. Ya know! there’s plenty of so called page fillers who earn their keep by presenting a bunch of nonsence to sports addicts and I have been accused of doing the same no not really earning diddly squat, but giving my take on sports and for what reason?
    One guy reckons, Newcastle is too cold, for footballers, but has he seen all of those teenie boppers in the middle of the winter as they go clubbing in short skits and totally lacking coats.
    If I were a retailer I would certainly avoid selling coats to girls and any kind of shirt or sweater to @ Newcastle
    Another more serious writer claims that the only things that footballers concern them- selves with are scoring goals or rejecting the scoring of goals.
    Which is nonsense !
    They are there for the money, just like you and your stupid job.
    So if you intend to write a few words in regard ‘s to why certain folks
    do certain things, don’t follow their example.
    Think ‘Money’ on the other hand why does one want to become a football player to begin with, oh yeah ! they drive Ferrari’s and wear Rolexes and live in grand mansions, they also have a few bucks to spend
    Hey that sounds cool, soh whadda they have to do in return !
    run their asses off for usually more than 90 mins, on weekends (when those other folks are sitting in seats watching them) some of those over retirement age sitting wrapped in blankets , but only in severe weather, while you are either rejecting goals or scoring them, getting kicked or receiving injuries.
    Yeah you get to not have to run all week or get kicked again and they still pay you, big or small amounts which you gotta compete for not like Steve who usually stood by the sidelines tying to look cool, but couldn’t help putting on faces that explained why he was pissed off, but e’s on pension now and hasn’t had to do owt, except spend a bit of the six million he was handed by folks like yourself, but it’s standard that you have to be a footballer first.
    Still want the job son ? apply to the Saudi government fund, which is designated to rebuilding NUFC and the country’s economy, that is Saudi -Arabia’s not the one run by Boris Johnson, got it !
    but don’t forget you will be running your ass off every day and getting kicked and look it aint easy, but you also gotta do this same shit every day or years like !

    which is not supposed to happen.

    course this is repeated at least during the other six days of the week, eating food ty don even like and avoiding all of the good drugs, ike weed, which sis you down, or alcohol which gives you a beer belly and the coach then sells you to Gateshead and you once again go through the same routine, and you say you wanna be a footballer, well its a hot life and wen you sell the Ferrari and watch will let you stay in the mansion, but then you gotta get a jo, which may be even worse

  27. Yo ! is it not ironic, that Bournemouth will be promoted to the premiership this year while we may be relegated both sides
    passing one another like ships in the night.
    Wonder how Eddy feels about that ?

  28. Seems that @ least someone had a decent idea , which was to sign Trippier that is, he will if he stays in condition be a terrific addition to the side and certainly cover our right defensive needs, beside’s being a great crosser of the ball, but much more he is the reason why many youngsters will now think twice about signing for the club.
    Yes he will come a bellwether for some future stars, who are aware NUFC is about to renew their present side and the industrious ones will read the reason for it,
    Yes a complete rebuild and as they see who we are attracting and could be a part of that , it becomes even more appealing.
    We have a decent amount of money to redo the stadium, with the possibility of acquiring the surrounding real estate, necessary.for an added extension, in the region of the Gallowgate End, plus a brand new training facility, etc.
    However it took someone who has had a decent career so far and no doubt can undergo at least another three year, contract.
    Well Trippier is the one signing that could attract another one or two aging but still reliable stars and induce those looking for a decent future among the younger crowd. To seriously give it their attention,
    Whichever happens ,relegation or not ,it will also give the club the necessary time via relegation for instance , to try out new strategies
    and compare players with one another for the charge back into contention in the EPL, with no more ten million a year graciously
    handed over by some cheapskate owner, with the rest nominated for Sports Direct, until we are down to the bare bones of a club, with the only positivity our loyal fans.
    Yes sir, the future looks bright ahead for a change.

    Obviously we have started the recruiting from a continental club, avoiding refusal by those who’s nose has been put outta joint.
    And once we sign the equivalent EPL signing we should be able to
    restart some of the present talent from there, give them an alternative, whether they are signing for a future here or to be placed in the shop window, certainly we should expect another one or two Trippiers and the rest could fit into the regular side and those younger who train with the under 23’s awaiting the opportunity to break into the first team.
    So much for the so called Boycott.



  29. Oh ! picked up a couple more words of wisdom in regards to the Saudis and their attempts to dominate the game .
    For everyone’s information the name of the massive club the Saudis are about to purchase is “Inter Milan,” that’s of course invest it in the rebuilding of the country, but first Nufc then Milan, then Marseille, yes ! that’s it !
    Oh ! no, No It appears they also want a Brazilian club ,
    so theirs a possibility they may have not only a Geordie club, but a French one an Italian and unless Brasil changes it’s location to Europe, no brasillian side non the less, in the European championship, and is all of this dosh coming from the Three hundred and odd million or PIF fund now remember that or wasis name will be all over your ass about where the petro dollars are coming from.
    which is oil of course.
    And thats it folks as long as I ve to pan down this far, to attempt to write to no one.



  30. Checking to see who we have spent a chunk of the Petro-dollars on,
    And what I find is a lotta sniping NOT from north eastern sources those that attempt it using methods that could be accused of NO actual bias , “were only reporting the news guv! or similar.
    Yes relax folks it’s still early days and don’t expect everything to be either accomplished or even began as of yet
    We have by signing Trippier, opened the door to undecided players as of tis time, by actually putting in bids and the timing’s are also quite selective, certainly to anyone who bets or gambles on card games.
    And it’s not necessarily the first bid that gets the prize, yes of course it’s better to have a decent money man -overseer, doing the
    bidding and it’s also useful to bid on unwanted players and in the meantime be actually bidding n another player, to let certain people know , you don’t want to deal, then ok, see y’all later.
    Yeah ! it’s no more than a high stakes card game . but I guess (the Saudis) have played bigger games as oil producers ,
    Like I said it appears there’s no real game here considering the window, whereas there will be a lot more interest during the summer, though The Toon appear to be recruiting as many players as is possible in order to avoid relegation, which cannot be accomplished by games unless they are wins, which will see the club an enormous amount of time, to-wards an ultimatum success.
    OK !

  31. One thing that still bothers me, is the fact that Eddie continues to regard some of his ex-players and the fact that those same player are now approaching a shift to the EPL, while we are desperately
    attempting to ward off relegati
    And yes why would I want a bunch of ex-Bournemout players, I watched the best game of the year on tv lately the first qualifying match, of the World Cup between Brazil and Argentina and I would like to see us sign a few South American players instead of those presently involved in the Championship League
    Well lets see who we manage to sign, but don’t expect too much here as there are still some pretty good sides within all liege’s.


  32. And yeah, how come the English leagues have never seriously scouted South America when earlier introductions such as the Robledo brothers played for Newcastle, they were Chilean by birth
    and of course much later we had right winger Solano, who was excellent. Also a Chilleno

    Of course the snipers would possibly reply, it was too cold for them.not having been to such places as coastal Valperiso during their winter period.

  33. I just don’t get it ?Hear we are freshly dumped out of the FA cup, a symbol of possibly the highest trophy of the post war years, where we won three of five and were involve in four.
    Yes this a lucky year for us in certain ways (certainly that we have got rid of our previous owner) and now have the wealthiest.
    sure it has. been interrupted by the league, which is fairly content to allow the to-ten sides a permanent residence being they are both old and rich.
    And don’t have the room for any heavy competition, so they get to-gether for a joint statement to join with the big European clubs in a projected new league , obviously one that would dominate viewing by the fact it would resemble in a way the European championship.
    And this was only by an invitation, how would this worked “Erm ! we are unsure”.
    Since then obviously a certain political discussion took place between both the UK and Saudi governments, allowing the takeover to come to fruition, which appear to-have caught most by surprise.
    Resulting in both a surprised Saudi group and an equally surprised NUFC group,
    Neither who were in any way prepared, which they should have been.
    The results have been somewhat mixed as there is no actual vision
    by all on how it is done, so we began with the defence and what was achieved is reasonable and we are at present appeared to be
    attempting to sign an improved contract or price and it surprises the Saudi’s have as yet not objected in any way.
    Well to-day was a bad day as playing against a lower division club, with little history as a giant killer beat the club and now the clubs and those who entail a sad group who take heart at the fact a super rich club was beaten by an inspired lower level side, has taken place.
    Look what we have in reality is a side with half of our older signings and possibly our one signed star defender, without any of our prospects as this takes time obviously and who actually understands the issues, when we don’t even know who is in charge and who has what authority.
    In the beginning, it appeared the Saudis were dragging their feet in naming or hiring a money man who understood the whole system of
    as sale or takeover being we haven’t had a lot but some.
    Now ?
    No one appears to be in charge and we have approached any number of players , but who gets final sale, in practice it’s organized by a money man, who works in conection with the manager , who receive info in regard to who’s available and can from there figure out a price based on the players records.
    Plus I cringe each time a former player, especially those who former played for our manager @ Bournemouth, is mentioned.
    I would recommend a chat with the former early manager Welshman and former Man U. CF Hughes who may have some words of wisdom for the club as to how the transition worked there, @ Citeh
    As I certainly don’ t see us sign most of our wished-forf recruits @ our present speed and we really need them in order to avoid going down, not that I care but it will no doubt have a detrimental effect on the club.
    IT’s obviously a screw up operation and time someone takes charge.



    and we have to understand
    time is of the most importance

    we have avoided one game within the

  34. Here we are on jan. with 12 days and a possible 2 signings made, with rejection shown by non premier clubs and chaos in the nufc camp, as we have become the standard joke of the epl.
    Apparently no one is much interested in saving a club with a decent history, a fan base that put most others to shame when it comes to supporting their team, and the most unusual situation of being in the top league , but facing relegation.
    Unfortunately had we been a mid table side there would be no problem, plus we would be signing our choice of players. As a
    matter of fact they would be lining up to sign for the club.
    Ah well !
    As of this morning apparently no one wants to sign for us and it
    s not about transfer amounts or wages simply because a certain number of clubs, like the top ten clubs in the EPL and their
    unrequited loss of not belonging to a super league, when it was preposed.
    And yes the takeover also brought with it the blame of the murder of a Saudi citizen, which has yet to actually be solved or proven, Which has nothing to do with the Newcastle club, however being it’s purchase (apparently there are a few more clubs on their list to either buy or become part owners of. (don’t ask)?
    I believe within this particular situation we should possibly just go ahead and serve our time within the second tier and use the time to
    figure out who and from where we should be about to sign, being the present situation is a total F888up, with no one in charge and no one wanting to be .
    A poorly chosen time to buy, following the assassination of the Saudi citizen and the fact Ashley had left a bare bones side and every-thing else, sucked as much capital as possible from the club and simply left.
    Now we have no-one who knows anything about football, running a
    transfer organization, without an (in charge) guy or money man, in charge, to ensure all things work smoothly.
    Had I not been aware of the country involved , I would have been astonished, being the other countries who are responsible for buying epl clubs have had things run smoothly without the present problematic situation .
    Which doesn’t show any signs of improvement.
    If things continue to go downhill, then lets stop this madness from happening and prepare for the actual rebuilding next season, which should show signs of improvement and by then the right personell
    and clubs will be ready to deal.
    Or @ least things will not be mired in a situation we have found ourselves in, with few clubs willing to deal with us.
    Soh ! we need basically a side that can compete in the PL and a number of scouts to name the players desired, with a money man in charge who has had prior dealings in trading or buying and the normal contracts issued and agreed upon.
    It’s not brain surgery but does require someone with a history of
    making these decisions and so far we have struck out on just about
    everyone we have approached, and yeah who is this New Zealander center forward no one has ever heard of ?
    Hell it appears this stigma is going to be with us for some time now
    so why not just let our manager check out who’s available and have him as the recruiter, being nothing else appears to be working.


  35. Soh ! it appears not only the continental sides but those of our competitors in the EPL and possibly the SPL clubs are mounting
    an attack on nufc in the transfer of nufc targets.
    I suppose it was expected, which doesn’t make it any easier to accept, it’s certainly a case of fear, based on the amount of available cash now secured by “The Toon.”
    Which is a case of the same kind of fear the big clubs of continental Europe experienced, while attempting to form a suggested ‘Super League’, which in turn were joined by the wealthier Epl clubs, but the majority of Epl sides have rejected this invitation, after observing most sides rejected the invitation, obviously the recently accepted and promoted championship sides and the lower based clubs from the EPL.
    Knowing that after years ,some sides besides the elevator clubs, now in the epl they could be right back to where they started from, due to a lack of a decent stadium and the necessary loot to buy both players and pay them the required amounts agreed upon.
    As for the continental clubs, which are are like their UK neighbors
    and wealthy owners who still depend on both bums in seats and a wealthy fan support base , same thing.
    What I am saying is there is a lotta fear of not being capable of surviving without having tv coverage, on a world wide basis, which is presently the role of the EPL, who introduced (football/ soccer) to the rest of the world and whose clubs have taken a certain step forward to become the wealthiest set of leagues in the world.
    Richer by far than their continental neighbors and what will become of a number of smaller clubs throughout both sides of the UK and
    Face it, no one without a basic continuously operating earnings system to bankroll their earnings and be in a position to finance a side full of stars and pay their wages can compete against a fully
    successful one, based on the selling of tv generated games ,
    of which they own the broad-casting rights.
    It is only recently that there would be a challenging or selling right granted to some of the big USA based tv producers , with NBC gaining that right.
    And in turn selling them to local stations throughout the US.
    Of course the laws governing such rights are subject to be shown live but there are enough extra development within the general
    broadcasting, such as contributing to a cable system or a now illegal system of presenting the particular sport in an illegal manner such as within pubs etc.
    All quite complicated and having each country with it’s own laws in regard to what’s legal and whats within the law.
    However there are presently loads of clubs that manage to have their games broadcast, but for a fee, and unfortunately most systems are considered quite difficult to find or operate .
    And no one is mean enough to call for the elimination of soccer games after all it’s the worlds most popular game, but watch out as the major broadcasting corporations are already showing their ability to control, the game and it’s endless amounts of dosh, which is still within the early stages of development.
    And one cannot ignore the fact that the setting out of a totally new league has already been attempted and while you are at it also check out other innovation within the game with everyone awaiting to see the end results, which I’m sure are about to take place.
    Some recent questions arose, and as of now , there appears to be a lack of knowledge concerning who is about to do what with their clubs, for instance NUFC, who now have I believe a hinted at ownership with clubs in ;;;;;;;;;;;La Liga- the French top league- a Brazilian club etc, are they involved with the super league also ?
    Could it be that was their main reason for the purchase of The Toon
    an introduction to broadcasting, after all they still have the majority of dosh stashed. over three hundred billion directed at the re-build of KSA. & whatever else is in cluded .

    The question is what are the SAK up to and whether NUFC is better off belonging to them, being I think the club has been saved from a fast trip to the lower leagues. but what and when, will we be able to measure up against the bigger (traditionally) clubs of the continent.
    and sorry folk I just wish we the Toon fans , were part of the Bundesliga, where most clubs are owned by local sources and the same , it puts most on an equal basis.


    The more recent


    presently installed in certain Continental sides, (and has been)