Everything’s in the balance for Newcastle United

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Mike Ashley
Ashley: Another sale saga drags on.
“These are the times that try men’s souls” said Thomas Paine of the American War of Independence, and though Newcastle United may stand on the brink of finally seeing the back of its most unpopular owner (in a strong field of previous unpopular owners), these are indeed trying times as many Toon fans wait in hope and frustration for something definitive to happen. Welcome as it is for most, it raises some major questions with a manager whose future at the club is still uncertain and in the midst of a crucial transfer window for the Magpies. What should the transfer policy be this summer when the manager’s contract situation is still up in the air and Ashley and the Bin Zayed Group grope their way towards a deal?

Should the club, (and Benitez if he stays) pursue the usual approach with the Scrooge like Ashley, ie trying to spot a few more bargains like Lascelles and Schar backed up with a few loan players who have been gathering dust at top teams like Atsu and Kenedy? If a deal is finalized before the end of the transfer window, the new owners may take a different approach, but if Ashley does little or nothing to prepare the club for the new season and the deal falls through, he would be flirting with disaster once again. Predicting how Newcastle United’s next season will go in the current uncertainity is hard to say, but if you wanted to have a bet on it, you can check out https://códigodebónus.com/. There will certainly be better odds now than there will be after a takeover takes place, if indeed it goes through. Time will tell as always and as fans, we have got used to it.

Benitez’s contract also runs out out the end of June which is weeks away, perhaps he is waiting to see what happens with the ownership before he plays his hand? A statement from the Bin Zayed Group said that the deal “will take time” as the club goes through formalities such as ‘due diligence’ the ‘fit and proper person’ test to own a Premier League club. If Sheikh Mansour got through it with Manchester City, then I can’t see Sheikh Khaled failing it, but as I have outlined above, there are now so many elements in the club currently which could potentially go wrong, something which has become a speciality for Ashley.

There is also another aspect to this though. Writing as a fan, I think it is fair to say that a huge majority of my fellows just want to see the back of Ashley and bring in a Sheikh who will turn Newcastle United into the next Manchester City. However, as this piece in our namesake ‘blog rightly points out, there is also an ethical dimension to this. Ashley and the disgraceful way he treats many of his workers in his Sports Direct Empire is bad enough, but at least Ashley is not a member of a ruling family of a country which imposes the death penalty for ‘crimes’ such as homosexuality, adultery, apostasy and blasphemy, and treats migrant workers from poor countries so badly that they make Ashley look like employer of the year. Many fans will probably disagree, but it trys my soul somewhat.

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