Why Gayle can be more than just a Championship wonder

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Dwight Gayle
Gayle: Can he be as prolific in the Premier League?
If you took a straw poll of Toon fans, I’m pretty sure that most would agree that Dwight Gayle has been Newcastle United’s player of the season so far, and by some distance for 20 obvious reasons. Signed for around £10 million from Crystal Palace, it might have seemed like quite alot for a player with a bit of an injury record who made alot of his appearences off the bench. To get to the point, I was inspired to bring it up after Crystal Palace and ex-Magpie manager Sam Allardyce was asked by the Croydon Advertiser if he would have got rid of the Championship’s top hitman had he been manager last summer. He replied:

“Goals in the Championship doesn’t relate to goals in the Premier League for some players. I saw Abel Hernandez score 20-odd goals to get Hull up last year and he’s struggled badly this term.

“Some do make the transition some don’t. I don’t know what would have been the case with Dwight.”

Gayle is odds on favourite with everyone to be the Championship’s top scorer this season, though if uk online casinos are more your thing, you can try your luck here. But I digress. Though Gayle has been a Championship sensation, is Allardyce right to suspect he might have feet of clay at the very highest level? Well you don’t have to be a football genius like Big Sam to know that Gayle HAS played three seasons in the Premier League already in the team now managed by Allardyce, so I thought I would probe his record there and here’s what I found.

Superficially he had a goalscoring record which wasn’t too bad, but certainly not remarkable, 8 goals in 25 games in his first season, then 5 in 25 and finally, 7 in 20. However, when you consider the amount of appearences and that many of those were as a substitute, things start to look different. Out of his 70 Premier League appearences at the Eagles he only started 27 League games, and also played as a winger as well as a striker. All three seasons were stop start affairs for Gayle where it was hard to get a good run of games. Looking at the stats from Transfermarkt in terms of minutes per goal, he scored a goal for every 182 minutes of play in the Premier League alone. To put it another way, that’s a goal every other game. Whilst not quite as good as his Messi like scoring record in the Championship so far (a goal every 88 minutes), it is still like a top Premier League striker. Without being presumptious about promotion, if he could do that in the Premier League for Newcastle for a few seasons, he would probably be regarded as one of the great Newcastle United number 9s.

Looking at the evidence, his record is reassuring, but it seems more that his biggest demon is injuries and when he doesn’t have them (and gets on the pitch) he doesn’t have too many problems finding the goal, even at the highest level. Let us just hope that he stays fit for most of the time so he can let his feet do the talking.

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39 Responses

  1. I know we’ve had injuries and should preserve players like Gayle, Ritchie and Shelvey for the league, but surely Benitez could have put out a better team than that? I don’t know, I didn’t see it live but it was 3-0 and could have been more against a team in the middle of League One. It reminds me of Pardew in the Cup. Still, our nearest competition (Brighton) got beaten 3-1 by a Conference team as well so they must have done the same.

    So Donald Trump wants to charm the UK, just so long as we are causing trouble with the EU which he wants to break up. He obviously doesn’t want to deal with a supra-national organisation which has the same kind of economic clout as the US. He only wants to deal with individual countries in bi-lateral deals so he can bully them into a poor deal, which he can cancel at thirty days notice. Meanwhile, Teresa May has thrown away access to the EU single market, limiting options for the UK down before the negotiations have even started.

  2. It should be a season dedicated to promotion and forget about cups, which have only become an annoyance, with most fans showing more interested in regular league play than being annoyed by changes in schedules to accommodate both no-where cups and meaningless International games.

    I sense a reluctance to pay for the required talent that will gain the club promotion, Ashley reneging once again, even after receiving that lump sum given to relegated clubs, plus having made a nice profit from selling and loaning out our best players.

    Leopards don’t change their spots, obviously.

    With certain claims about the present NUFC becoming ridicules, some claiming Nufc could operate in the present top ten of the EPL, which is total nonsense, I mean what does that mean, that Brighton could become another Leicester, puleez !

    As for the visit of PM May, preaching that worn out mantra about the US & the UK and it’s special relationship, something that is and has been non-existent even during the wartime alliance between Churchill and Roosevelt, it has always been assumed that the leaders of individual countries, have it’s best interest first and foremost and will remain so.

    And should be no surprise to anyone. that Pres. Trump recently stated so.

    So don’t expect to gain much from the future Trade negotiations between the US & UK, being the UK is known to be desperately trying to negotiate with anyone anywhere to increase it’s trade, which puts it at a decided disadvantage.

  3. It’s a strange tradition for politicians and the media over here to blather on about this so called “special relationship,” but outside that ridiculous bubble I don’t think most people here believe in it for a second, and even get sick of hearing about it. I know that over there they’ve hardly heard of it. Then again, most of you lot over there have hardly heard of anything that exists outside the borders of the US! :-) Where there is a special relationship, like with the so called “Five Eyes” intelligence partnership (US, UK, Canada, Austrlia and New Zealand), nowadays this often consists of our respective Secret Services spying on each others citizens and passing the data to each other more than it is about the Russkies and the Chinese.

  4. Yeah sure, we are a country without a culture and we know f**k all about anything, anymore cliché’s you wanna add to that ?

    Just as WW1 ended both the Austria -Hungarian and Russian Empire, WW2 for all intents and purposes ended European colonialism and the wealth and power it brought.

    Since then the US has had to fill in as he leader of what is commonly known as the free world, being the UK was spent and broke, our air force and Navy has dominated most of the world, a role thrust upon us and hasn’t done such a bad job of it.

    Not bad for a country that knows feck all, yeah sure we have our differences, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know what we are doing and not unlike Britain we have made some bad choices in regards to national leaders, but your description of us is typical of someone who obviously knows little about America, just do yourself a favor and don’t make it so obvious.

  5. Hmmm !
    Looks as if we are not going anywhere in the transfer market, is that because our little fat guy cant negotiate, or possibly Ashley won’t cough up the dough ?

    Though it has been mentioned by certain Championship sides (mostly those well beaten by us) that NUFC would do well (top ten) in the PL, I doubt that’s true, I believe with this present side we would once again be fighting a relegation battle.

    Now Ashley being no fool should realize we need at least two quality players during this window, plus two or three more come summer, if we are to field a mid-table PL side.

    I don’t know what the problem is , the club is presently in the black so money shouldn’t be the problem, could it be we need a negotiator ?

    Look Ashley seems to finally realize he needs to hire top management people and stop attempting after nine years (is it that long) to run the club with losers, well perhaps our little fat guy may be the problem, though I find it hard to think of him as anyone other than an Ashley mouthpiece.

    Soh ! I guess people come and people go but not much changes, the same slow learning curve for our dear leader, when will this nightmare end.

  6. Well there goes two good signings we missed out on, but why ?

    Well it appears McCarthy wanted to stay at Everton, being highly rated by manager Koeman, stating he has a future at the club, hmmm !

    As for our former winger (sold to Palace), – same with our former RB who was willing to stay (‘Janmaat)

    Ashley or Rafa’s idea ?

    Don’t tell me Ashley is reneging again, on spending money, believing promotion is a done deal, this guy tends to constantly jump to the wrong conclusions and it’s about time he f**ked off and sold the club to someone who would let top management run the club, constantly involving himself with matters he has no clue about.

    He recently made a newsworthy statement concerning the signing of young prospects, a system he obviously still likes ( the sell on profit) to which I say either take over he entire running of the club or sell it.

    Or is it a case of being unprepared, or perhaps the chubby guy is no negotiator, one wonders what was said to Rafa. to keep him at the club and what the deal was, as I imagine he is now wondering what he got himself into ?

    I along with other fans realize how important this window is, yes it’s one thing to achieve promotion, but to do so with a side such as we have at present is asking for trouble in a constantly improving EPL.

    The addition of he two players mentioned, plus a couple or more signings in the summer, would possibly make the side somewhat competitive, at least mid table PL, that is.

    Yeah we know despite our topping the second tier, prospective players understand the club is still not guaranteed promotion, which makes it more difficult to sign both major talent or prospects, who are not willing to drop down a league.

    A whole month and we are unable to make a decent signing, who’s to blame, Rafa, Ashley or Charnley, or perhaps Carr, someone is not doing his job, that or Ashley is not willing to lay out enough dosh.

  7. Soh !

    It appears that PM May has ensured she will be the first to pay homage to President Trump and possibly invoke the old shibboleth that there is a special relationship between our two countries, which she can use to the advantage of the UK. a former world leader now contemplating a somewhat impossible task, that of becoming an independent trader outside the Euro market and community.

    Noting that Trump is in a somewhat similar position, having the elimination of the TPP as his first order, to be followed by an examination of NAFTA, which he feels is detrimental to US interests and possibly applying the same cancelation of the proposed European trade agreement being pushed by the EU as he did with the TPP.

    Apparently both leaders are indicating a reversal of Globalism and it’s implications, in favor of pure self interest, which is, contrary to their often voiced attitudes of helping the poorer nations of this world, to one where those who help themselves is the answer.

    The pair have apparently looked at achieving wealth and power to the detriment of others, though how they propose to accomplish this is yet to be explained, with May recently agreeing to some minimal deals with both Turkey and India, the future looks grim unless they can achieve a decent
    exit from Brexit, something like the Canadian deal on trade being the deals now in operation with both Switzerland and Norway both include free travel, which is the main reason given for Brexit.

    Instead of grandstanding on the world stage she may be better off studying the present deals that exist between the EU and those outside, who have special relationships but remain outside the EU, being there’s no way the UK can survive and remain a leading figure outside the worlds largest trading block, without a successful Brexit.

    And as things stand, it appears there has been little done to expect such good news for the UK, not having heard anything positive other than the forthcoming white paper promised.

    Yesiree ! 2017 will be if nothing else a very interesting year, not unlike the Chinese Curse/insult, “may you live n interesting times”.

  8. As for NUFC and their recent failure to achieve ‘nothing’ out of this, the winter window.

    Following the sale of anyone on the roster they could make a deal for, and stacking the side with decent second tier players, followed by a decent run in the league, it’s time to begin rebuilding the side for a constantly improving EPL.

    To ignore strengthening this club for the approaching jump in class sides of the PL, could be a disaster, both windows should have been used now and during the summer, to strengthen the club and obviously someone has to take the responsibility for this failure.

    So who’s responsible, Carr- Ashley, the head scout and the man who signs the checks, or the chubby general manager who is responsible for negotiations ‘Chubby-Charnley’ or ‘Rafa’ himself ?

    I mean not even a prospect, which signifies it may indeed be about money and transfer disagreements, being it’s known that Ashley voiced a recent opinion on his continued belief in signing young prospects with their possible sell on profits, (nothing changed here)

    If there is in fact disharmony between our beloved leader and Rafa, the possibility of losing our best manager since SBR could result in him finding a more agreeable club to coach, of which there are plenty i’m sure.

    Hey someone has to take the responsibility!

  9. On reading further reports on the recent transfer screw-ups, i’m convinced we have to get rid of Carr and find someone who understands about transfer negotiations, meaning get rid of Chubby Charnley also.

    Yeah I know it’s really Ashley that we need to get rid of, but that’s not so simple, the real behind the scene’s culprit is the same one that has been running the club for the last nine years.

    Just when it appeared he had reached the conclusion that what was needed was someone he could trust to run the club (top Management)
    which most consider Rafa to be, he reverts to character, interfering and suggesting his policy of buying young/er and cheaper continental players, was still the way to go,

    You can change the business but the same cheap-ass system of buying cheap and selling for whatever profit is available, looking to apply the same business tactics to both a football club, and retail sports equipment, outfit, just doesn’t work.

    However it’s not difficult to imagine the behind the scenes moves by the likes of the so called “yessuh”! board and no doubt Carr doing his usual power grabbing and an apparent the novice Charnley, unable to negotiate the deal,

    Though I doubt Charnley is just the one who gets to sign the checks and does exactly what he is told by Ashley (don’t forget he comes cheap and does what he’s told)

    What the club needs is perhaps a director of football, (wasn’t Comoli in that role with Rafa at Liverpool) meaning to hire someone with experience in that role would result in an a knowledgeable deal-maker, who in consultation with Rafa. could take care of that side of the game, giving Rafa more time for coaching, though knowing Ashley by now, it’s not in his DNA to give up power and as long as he owns this club, he gets to make all the major decisions, which have resulted in two relegations in the time he has been in charge and disharmony between owner and fans.

    The leopard does not change it’s spots, nor will Ashley change the belief he can run a football club, ah well, he will go eventually, the sooner the better for the sake of both the club and it’s fans.

  10. chuck says:
    January 30, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    “Yeah sure, we are a country without a culture and we know f**k all about anything, anymore cliché’s you wanna add to that ?”

    Chuckles, I didn’t say any such thing, but you have just elected Trump so you can’t get too chippy about America not being seen as “cultured” right now.

    “Since then the US has had to fill in as he leader of what is commonly known as the free world, being the UK was spent and broke, our air force and Navy has dominated most of the world, a role thrust upon us and hasn’t done such a bad job of it.”

    Here’s another cliche then; even Yanks like you can’t stop the old teary eyed patriotism rising to the surface every now again. You can’t have a go at old British imperialism the way you do then let your your own lot off the hook like that!

    On your next comment, it’s always nice to see new players if they’re good and fit in with the team. However, if we don’t get promoted with what we have compared to most of the rest, it will be embarrasing. As I’ve probably mentioned already, Our closest rival’s team (Brighton) is worth a third of what ours is.

  11. On the subject of Trump, one wonders whether this guy is compos mentis,
    though Obama warned us he is smarter than most think, I tend to disagree.

    Certainly the first couple of weeks have been more than contentious, insulting heads of state, hanging up on others, refusing to consider the trade deal with Asian countries (TPP) and suggesting the similar trade deal with the EU will meet the same fate, the north American trade deal NAFTA is under threat as he intends to revise the parts he doesn’t like.

    But the scariest part is going along with PM May, where both the US and UK will take the lead in rejecting Globalism and to-gether will rearrange the world, obvious we are dealing with two deluded minds here, which is scary.

    My fear is that he will order some crazy military action against some unfortunate country and the joint chefs and congress don’t have the cojones to prevent it, don’t laugh the other idiot from Texas did, started a war without any evidence of wrongdoing and once is enough.

    The fact is May made sure she was the first to pay homage to him, arriving with her wisdom and no doubt begging bowl, ranting on in an attempt to sound Churchillian, as if she had anything other to say than to remind him of the non existent special relationship, between the two countries, hopefully she won’t kiss his ass the way Blair did with the Texas carpetbagger.

    I’m wondering if Trump can last these next four years, without being declared non compos mentis, or simply be removed from office via the impeachment procedure, whichever, it’s going to be a struggle with what he described as the Washington swamp and the system, or as we know it the two party system, where he will run imo into more opposition from the Republican Part than the opposition Dems.

    No folks there is nothing to look forward too during this term than hopefully the realization of those who voted for him to understand what they created, but then that’s what I believed when they elcted Bush Jr.

    I believe the doomsday clock has moved closer to midnight and it’s a scary world out there, especially when the present policies headed by
    Trump are retreating into a nationalistic me first mode.

  12. Soh !
    From what I gather, the recent refusal of transfer funds by our dear leader, is a reminder, the equivalent of a jerk on a dog-leash about who is coach and who actually runs the club.

    It should be obvious to all, that there is little in the way of communication between Benitez and Ashley, just like the relationship between he (Ashley) and every other employee.

    Hey ! it’s the character of “The Boss”, how he has run SD, being he trusts no one, especially those who want to spend his millions.

    Another reason why this club is poorly run, with each of the top management, just a bunch of ass kissers, willing to accept any conditions in order to keep those pay checks arriving.

    No doubt Carr has entrenched himself and has the ear of our dear leader
    due to his role in signing young/er talent at a reasonable cost, that following a shop window season, may result in a profitable sell on amount.

    One has to only look at the amounts received for Janmaat, Sissoko and
    Wijnaldum, to realize why he applies the same basic business practice as
    used by SD.

    But looking at the overall record, Carr’s choices have not always made money and his ability to insinuate himself by agreeing with Ashley’s policies, has been detrimental to the club, resulting in being relegated twice during Ashleys ownership..

    Apparently as of now, Ashley believes promotion is assured, which may be so and therefore we don’t have to spend big bucks on the likes of a presently non playing estimated fifteen million quid winger we just sold for thirteen million, sure that makes sense, but without communications between owner and manager, why let such a predicament occur in the first place.

    Certainly if this lack of communication continues, it can only be a detriment to the club, being everyone should be singing from the same Hymn book.

    With Carr looking at players that fill the requirements of the side and certainly Rafa’s. picks, not like Pardew and the other clowns only looking at a steady paycheck and Ashley should take a backward step in regards to his constant interference, let the football people run the club, of course like every other owner his is the last word, but this has to be understood between all parties, though constant communications are essential to any business and should not be ignored.

    Some hope of that, I suppose, Ashley being the secretive type and obviously trusting no-one, ah well one day he will be gone !

  13. chuck says:
    February 5, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    “No doubt Carr has entrenched himself and has the ear of our dear leader
    due to his role in signing young/er talent at a reasonable cost, that following a shop window season, may result in a profitable sell on amount…”

    Remy Cabella, Emmanuel Riviere, Florian Thauvin, the De Jong brothers, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Chancel Mbemba and that’s just a few, Chuck, so there were many swings as well as roundabouts. Just about everyone has ended up with the odd turkey, including Rafa, but Graham Carr was a scout who was built up into something he wasn’t.

    chuck says:
    February 3, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    “On the subject of Trump… ”

    Well do you think these so called “checks and balances” you have over there will work? As for “non-compos mentis,” you did actually have a President who had Alzheimer’s disease whilst in office, and nobody stopped him. Indeed, many Americans actually thought he was one of the greatest Presidents of them all! They elected him twice and they elected George W.Bush twice as well, so don’t say that there won’t be eight years of Trump as well. Septuagenarian or not, he’s still like a spoiled teenage brat who’s had his own way for his whole life. As rich and as powerful as the US might be, they can’t piss off every continent in the world at the same time and expect it to turn out well. Putting the phone down on Australia FFS! They even went into Vietnam with you when Harold Wilson wouldn’t.

    On this side of the pond, historians are still trying to assess how awful a Prime Minister David Cameron was as the disastrous backwash from his Premiership is still wreaking havoc. He’s already way down there with Anthony Eden in the list of worst Prime Ministers and there’s more to come.

  14. It’s easy to cherry pick certain statements and ignore the fact I also added
    (but looking at the overall record Carr’s choices have not always made money but his ability to insinuate himself by agreeing with Ashley’s policies has been detrimental to the club, having been relegated twice during Ashleys ownership).

    I guess most fans were both surprised and elated to secure Benitez during the relegation struggle, (many more just happy to see Pardew leave) and found it difficult at the time, to believe Rafa. would continue with the club into the second tier.

    With his record of managing so many BIG clubs, he would no doubt be snapped up quickly if he were to leave St. James’ Park.

    Something Ashley should bear in mind.

    He (Rafa) has brought in some decent players, that appear to be capable of managing promotion, but that doesn’t mean we should go into the PL with those we have, therefor to pick up a couple or more of PL quality players during both windows , ensuring promotion and not having to sign four or five during the summer, seems to me to be a better all round plan.

    But I guess our dear leader disagrees, in which case why did he sign Rafa ?

    And why were we led to believe Rafa had carte blanche in regard to signings, the warning was during the summer window, when the club either sent some of the players out on loan, with others being sold off.

    Now that Rafa is in charge, is it too much to have it clarified exactly what his role is, (yes we all understand most owner have to sign the checks and that NUFC is not about to sign a Messi type player) but if it’s going to be Carr & Ashley vs. Rafa in regard to who to sign, he will go, no doubt.

    And this club will lose a top rated manager and continue as the joke that it has been under Ashley.

  15. There’s a difference between Crazy and impulsive and being forgetful or in Bush’s case just plain ignorant and being used as a puppet by his advisors.

    However with Trump, who’s record shows he is inclined to shoot from the hip, again who knows what damage he can cause and far from making America great again, Washington could find itself spending more time with checks and balances, even constitutional challenges, that will leave little time to concentrate on making America great again.

    Besides The USA is no longer in the same position it was following WW2, with full production of the necessities of life, Food, oil, coal, manufacturing etc. , which gave the country a massive lead in growth.

    Though it also has the advantage of being a semi continent, with one government (what the EU is attempting) and one language, plus size, all of which matter, that and a certain technological advantages, but it appears like many countries an ignorant electorate, who tend to elect bad actors, though I believe Regan should have won an academy award for his role .

    God only knows what we can expect from Trump, again it should be a conspicuous year this 2017, especially for those in both Parties who are not particularly enamored by Trump and his policies.

    Then given the chance, I certainly prefer that to Brexit and Theresa May and whatever she and her cabinet come up with, ah well !

  16. Well Rafa’s big “marquee signings” (Gayle and Ritchie who cost over £20 million) seemed a bit dear at the time, they have certainly been effective so far with 32 goals between them. In the past, Ritchie would have been been the kind of player Ashley would have liked to buy at £400,000 (as Bournemouth did in 2013) and sell at £12 million rather than buying at the latter price.

    I have always said that despite all the huffing and puffing about it on that side of the pond, and the big wars against Communist forces in the far east, China’s postwar Communism was America’s best friend really. What I mean is that whilst you Yanks like to think of yourselves as the masters of Capitalism and industriousness, the Chinese were latent human dynamos who could even teach your lot a thing or two. Back in the old days before the almost ubiquitous “made in China,” there was “made in Taiwan” and “made in Hong Kong.” One a small country and the other a tiny principality, they were small highly capitalist outposts which were apart from the big old country, and the amount of cheap stuff they churned out was ridiculous for their size. It was a taste of what was to come from China should it embrace Capitalism once again, or even Deng Xiaoping’s brand of market Communism. Now of course, the US and the rest of the world is just starting to get the full blast of Chinese wind.

  17. Yeah sure !, you don’t mention the fact that Mao Tse Tung, stalled the eventual rise of that so called sleeping giant, with his backyard steel furnaces in ‘the great leap backward’ that was the dumbest move made by any leader communist or not.

    Well ! actually Hoxta may have made more mistakes, the only one to the left of Mao, that is.

    The years from the communist takeover 1949 until Mao’s death in in the mid seventies was a complete waste of time economically and wasn’t until the eventual struggle to become a market economy was established, that anything making sense occurred, you see, I don’t always disagree !

    And yes of course we are or should be aware of Chinese history and how much ‘The West’ owes to China in regard to inventiveness.

    You forgot to mention Singapore, with it’s mixed race population, though almost 75% are ethnically Chinese, which along with Hong Kong punched away above their weight, currently one of the richest city states in the world and technologically operates way ahead of most western countries, including the UK, thanks to a semi fascist leader “Lee” who banned chewing gum and long hair for men and still uses caning as a punishment for such petty crimes.

    We are all aware of what you claim, or should be, meaning what you describe above was an eventuality when one looks at Chinese history, only stalled by political necessity and infighting within the Communist Party, which only proves that there are few countries that have the answers that are needed, whether what you described as “Market Communism”, unfortunately there is no such thing only either a Market
    Economy, or a Planned Economy.

    Yes here are countries with different economic choices , like the Scandinavian Socialist Governments that compete using the same market economies as most other countries who have never been described as Market Socialists.

    As for Communism, or the communist Party system now in power in China, they are living on borrowed time, the restless millions of China will eventually force the government to install a Democratic system where they can pick and chose what kind of government they want, though it appears they have no problem with an autocratic government like that of the “Lee’s” in Singapore.

    Plus the Party’s main fear is unrest within the country, which leave’s them in a somewhat tenuous position, though hanging on.

    Unfortunately the world is now awaiting China to emerge from that Communist cocoon and fully develop into perhaps a full market economy, that is not distracted by claims of ownership of territory outside of it’s normal boundaries and perhaps may have to cede certain territories ‘Tibet”
    to it’s original ownership.

    However looking at the present world we live in, I see nothing but disharmony, contentiousness, religious bias and nationalism on the rise everywhere, to the detriment of Globalism and possibly a fairer world order.

  18. Back to Football,
    Yeah Rafa. has bought fairly well and has left Ashley with a decent bank account following the sales vs buy’s after our demise to the second tier and appears to be making progress to-wards promotion.

    Though I believe the Townsend deal was one I would have to think about, I would certainly have welcomed McCarthy from Everton, who I rate as a decent DM.

    I believe it’s unfortunate that we have been unable to bring in at least one or two PL quality players, which could improve our chances of promotion, plus a couple more during the summer, otherwise the chances of relegation in a rapidly improving PL may see us once again in danger of being relegated.

    And to buy four or five players come summer, means we have to get our ducks lined up and hopefully find a dealmaker, as I have my doubts about
    “next” ! in line “chubby” our most recent and cheaply paid negotiator.

    Plus I would like to know why all the hoopla concerning a bid for Townsend wasn’t squashed from either the top or from our chubby negotiator plus the fact it appears that Rafa was unaware of what was going on.

    Back to the same old Ashley “keep it a secret” tactics I see.

    If I were Rafa, I would indeed be very upset and can we have a bit more openness being his secret stuff is not exactly helpful to anyone, only causing unrest, fear and loathing at St. James’ Park.

    Plus I would certainly get rid of both Carr and Charnley, Carr for Insinuating himself into a position where he may very well be the unofficial Director of Football and has Ashley’s ear, which we don’t need and Chubby for incompetence.

  19. Wolves next. They’ve beaten Liverpool, but lost to Burton Albion in their last few games. A loss, a draw and a one goal win in our last three games is making me a little nervous. Never mind Brighton, if Reading win and we don’t they’ll be a bit too close for comfort.

    chuck says:
    February 7, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    “Yes here are countries with different economic choices , like the Scandinavian Socialist Governments that compete using the same market economies as most other countries who have never been described as Market Socialists.”

    They’re Social Democrats, not Socialists, and the Nordic countries have mixed economies rather than market socialism. The Democratic Socialist / Social Democrat thing can be a bit confusing and market socialism sounds a bit oxymoronic. I know a bit about Sweden but not the rest really. The biggest postwar Swedish Social Democratic Prime Ministers, Tage Erlander and Olof Palme were in power for a combined total of over 33 years, and Palme’s career was cut short when he was rudely assassinated. Hence they had a long time to build something. Palme really got up the chuff of the Americans though. In Washington they thought of him like a Scandinavian Fidel Castro. That doesn’t necessarily that it was the CIA who bumped him off though. When people think of Social Democrats here after the Liberal Democrats disgraced themselves, they think of lily livered, middle of the road, spineless hypocrites but Palme used to sound like Noam Chomsky.

    “As for Communism, or the communist Party system now in power in China, they are living on borrowed time, the restless millions of China will eventually force the government to install a Democratic system where they can pick and chose what kind of government they want,”

    Aye, like Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea. We’re all living on borrowed time, Chuck.

  20. Look ! there are basically two types of economies, one based on a planned economy the other based on the market, as we know both the major Communist (read Planned economies) have switched to what has become the most successful of the two, though that remains debatable.

    The described terminology of those governments, whether social democrats or whatever means little, just as the difference between the present British government’s ruling part and the shadow government is negligible, being they both work within a market economy, as do the majority of nations.

    Yes there are exception’s to the rule as in he case of Palme and Castro, both whom I admire however for the most part, we live in a world driven and evaluated by a market economy.

    And to add mixed economies or other’s to the mix is simply to confuse the issue.

    Whether the present market economy is better than a planned economy is still debatable, being both have their flaws one resulting in major recessions the other unable to meet the challenges of modernity.

    Perhaps we can introduce a system that takes into fact that there are combinations that can both use the market , yet become benevolent societies where everyone benefits, that is before we end up destroying the planet through our misuse and abuse, war, global warming, etc.

  21. Developed western economies are usually in the spectrum of mixed economies, though yours is definitely in the dog eat dog in the marketplace side of the spectrum and ours is getting like that as well with the latest bunch of bastards. As you might know, much of the privatised British Railways are owned by highly successful, Socialistic, nationalised railways companies on the mainland of Europe now. Most of our power is the same as well. Whatever consortium it is behind Richard Branson and his Virgin brand seem to be beating your lot when it comes to getting their grubby hands on the Socialistic NHS

    Palme used to walk around wherever he wanted without a single bodyguard before he was shot. That’s so Swedish.

  22. Yes unfortunate for him (Palme) but an indication that there are whack jobs everywhere, even among the laid back Scandinavians.

    Though the general trend to-wards nationalism, comes I believe from a feeling of distance and ineffectiveness from the European power center, that and a bit of both racism and xenophobia, ergo Brexit.

    However Europe with it’s various cultures and languages, with economies that vary in size and both policies and wealth, is by nature resistant to becoming part of a single monolith, because of it’s inflexible nature, which should perhaps remain only as a trading zone, as opposed to the Franco/German ideal of one continental block, unified beyond the wishes of many of the countries involved.

    It’s difficult to project exactly what will become of the EU. there are foreseeable advantages and disadvantages, with a constitution that is longer than ‘War and Peace’ which is nonsense (and has possibly only been read by those responsible for writing it) plus the pace of it’s development as a single entity, without deliberating exactly what is needed, better to get it right than fast.

    A typical example being the single currency, a policy that was pushed by the Franco/German alliance who benefit from it, but a poor choice for the southern tier countries who’s infrastructure has been heavily supplemented by EU funds, but who will never reach economic parity with their North European neighbors, resulting in constant economic problems,
    which will only increase following the addition of the entire former Soviet Block countries of Eastern Europe, that’s if we don’t go to war with Russia,
    first, who will resist any move by NATO to move directly to their national boundaries, requiring a cordon sanitaire or build a new barbed wire national border and IMO there are more than enough walls and borders as things stand, perhaps we should reconsider and start building bridges instead.

    Gonna be some year 2017 one that may decide a lot of questions regarding the future.

  23. The latest news on football is that Rafa has little choice but await the summer window, where it’s reported Ashley will be willing to back him in the market for team requirements.

    A possible soundbite that means nothing, being there has been no communication we know of between the two, simply speculation, I mean how do you run a club this way ?

    A somewhat disturbing event that has many fans concerned, was of course the fact Ashley has (in his wisdom) decided that we are as good as promoted , therefore why buy during this current window.

    For someone with a track record such as his (two relegations during his time at the club) that’s rich unless has learned a whole lot since last week.

    It’s heartening to hear that there are plenty of foreign parties presently looking to buy a PL club and someone with more money than sense may
    just step in with the right price, being this club is going nowhere with Ashley.

    As long as you don’t have to live on Tyneside with it’s raw weather, everything else is currently in place, a great state of the art stadium, with a fan base second to none, a club that should be vying for silverware, but most of all what should be a perennial Premier League side.

  24. Well the assassination of Palme is like a Scandinavian JFK style theory conspiracy festival. He certainly made a few people like the Americans, the Apartheid South Africans and others very cross.


    As far as the economy went, Sweden was like America rather than the UK after the war with no bombed cities or crippling war debts. It had American style postwar wealth but with far more left wing social policies like the UK with Attlee. Their economy was booming. They were pretty much top of the world. Of course everything culminated with the Swedish cultural domination of Abba in the 70s, then it kind of went a bit downhill for a decade or two. Then again, it went a bit wrong for quite a few places in the 70s as you know over there in Noo York.

    chuck says:
    February 9, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    “that’s if we don’t go to war with Russia,
    first, who will resist any move by NATO to move directly to their national boundaries, requiring a cordon sanitaire or build a new barbed wire national border and IMO there are more than enough walls and borders as things stand, perhaps we should reconsider and start building bridges instead.”

    The hotspots are the former Soviet places which had significant Russian populations foisted upon them in the bad old days of Soviet tyranny, like Ukraine (not in the EU) and the Baltic states (in the EU).

  25. Yeah ! Sweden is a world leader when it comes to social services along with it’s Scandinavian neighbors and have become peacemakers as opposed to their Viking ancestors.

    Though i’m not sure I can agree Abba were dominant culturally at any time.

    As for the Balt’s, ( hitler’s favorite concentration camp guards) then there is “The Ukraine”, which played a major role during WW2, both within the Soviet armed forces and as fascist’s fighting for the Wehrmacht, alongside many of the Don Cossacks.

    Naturally those countries which would consist of a military cordon sanitaire
    are not happy about it, many having Russian speaking minorities that are targeted by local populations intent on sending them back to the motherland and who are hopeful of joining NATO seeing it as a protective force.

    On the other hand there is The Ukraine, a country leaning towards fascism
    who would no doubt get rid of it’s Russian speaking neighbors to the east
    without the protection of Russia.

    Also the recent annexation of the Crimea, an important naval base in the Black sea, came as no surprise, it being essential to the Russians domination of the area, having previously been ruled by the Greeks, Turks and others during it’s history.

    The Crimea itself, has no real native population, the Tarters a Turkic people arriving there settling in the Caucasus and Ukraine and in the Crimea, were dispersed by the Soviets prior to WW2, the reason being they were agitating for an independence.

  26. Too close for comfort against Wolves. It was right when Benitez took off Mitrovic in case he got into more trouble, but he never really replaced him with another proper striker and we seemed to be defending and letting them have possession more than pushing for a second goal to finish off the game. Brighton won again so the pressure is still on and though a win, we will probably need to be more convincing than that or there will be times when we aren’t quite so lucky.

    Chuck, I know Ukrainians and I know that’s a load of shite. I guess my friend was correct and it just goes to show how effective Putin’s fake news can be. You’ve obviously fallen his tommyrot hook line and sinker if you really believe all that? When you were reading all that Russian guff on “nazi” Ukraine, did any of it mention that they have a Jewish Prime Minister? Jews have been emigrating from places in the east like Donetsk because of the invasion by your mate, Putin. Seriously, get a grip of yourself!

  27. You just can’t admit to there being a strong fascist element within the Ukrainian leadership and why would you, listening to those you know who support that Government, which of course you believe.

    Contrary to everything said about the Ukraine in free presses everywhere with both the UK and US and NATO supporting them, but only to a point.

    I think you may be referring to Yatsenyuk who was never elected but appointed and who resigned in the spring of last year, who was also falsely accused of being Jewish, not something you would want to be among a group of fascists.

    I suggest you do a little more reading on the subject, but there is no denying Ukraine ( and other former Soviet Block countries) have been
    accused of nationalistic or fascist-like tendencies and are a danger to the west by appealing to the NATO block and the EU., in an attempt to use them in their territorial claims, in an attempt to rid themselves of Russian elements within their territories.

    There as always been a strong fascist element within the Ukraine who rejected being dominated by either the Turks or Soviets and though it’s a long time since the end of WW2, there are still revanchist attitudes in regard to certain territories, but nothing like the rules imposed by the so called allies of WW2, where over twelve million ethnic Germans were forced to leave those eastern Countries, by travelling in those same RR cars that had been used to move Jews and others to the concentration camps, resulting in a number as high as two million of which died on the way, as a result of a lack of care, by either the Soviets or Western Allies, not a very well known history, understandably so.


  28. Another lucky win this week, attributed to some vague amount of money spent by NUFC following relegation, obviously used as an excuse by other clubs, when even though the club has missed out on the rewards of the EPL, they are in no way broke and actually came out ahead by selling our best players, that combined with a lump sum payment to those clubs from the FA following relegation.

    No it’s just Ashley’s unwillingness to dig into his pocket to bring in the talent needed to ensure promotion, in which case if this club does not ensure that promotion, he has only himself to blame.

    I foolishly was under the impression that Rafa., had control (was that not what we given to believe?) an I imagine Rafa thought likewise, but now knows better.

    In a scenario, that Rafa., believed we were negotiating with Palace , no such thing was taking place, yet Charnley neglected to let him know, now I don’t propose to know exactly what took place, but it’s not difficult to figure out, resulting in Rafa., being pissed and learning what kind of guy he was dealing with.

    The fans have figured it out and are likewise annoyed, not wanting to lose the best manager since SBR and it wouldn’t be any surprise to see Rafa. leave, with the knowledge he would be picked up quickly be many sides.

    Nah ! the future of this club will have to wait until we are taken over by someone with a passion for the game, a wealthy Gulf oil guy, a Yank or perhaps a Chinese magnate.

    Yeah! sure we are still top of the league, but that doesn’t guarantee us promotion, wouldda been a better idea to have added additional help for this the most important part of this season.

    But it ain’t my money.

  29. chuck says:
    February 12, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    “I think you may be referring to Yatsenyuk who was never elected but appointed and who resigned in the spring of last year, who was also falsely accused of being Jewish, not something you would want to be among a group of fascists.”

    Chuck, what sites do you get all this stuff from? No, I didn’t mean him. I meant the current Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman who has always been openly Jewish. If you don’t even know that, you certainly don’t know much else so I would have a serious think before you start trying to smear a whole nation with such ill-informed guff. Russian fake news is as old as the hills. Back in the 1920s and 30s, Antisemites were zealously repeating drivel from another piece of Russian fake news, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as if it was factual and look at all the trouble that’s caused since. Don’t fall for it like they did or you’ll be the one who’s sounding like a fascist.

    Don’t go into all that war stuff unless you understand it. Ukraine has a complex history, and Ukrainians probably suffered more than anyone in the 1930s and 40s as they had the worst of both Stalin AND Hitler, who wanted to eliminate them all, not just the Ukrainian Jews. You have to understand it, and its complexities before you start putting two and two together and making five with a little help from Putin.

  30. Ukraine is a country so corrupt, one that uses both the US and its NATO allies to attempt to pressurize the Russian government by using economic sanctions to prevent them from protecting the Russian speaking population of eastern Ukraine.

    An openly corrupt government which went through a 2014 revolution, inspired to rid itself of a freely elected but pro-Russian head of state, who subsequently had to abandon the country, since then there have been a total of16 subsequently appointed or elected PM’s, (not heads of state) who are appointed by the parliament by a simple majority vote (some of who ended up in jail, (as was Tymoshenko)

    For either an expanding NATO/EU-US, coalition offering Ukraine a place at the EU table, perhaps it would be better to avoid being in that camp, which is run by an openly pro western section of Ukraine’s western part, well known for it’s Fascist sympathies as are the other troublemakers the Balts. (hitlers favorite prison camp guards)

    Is the situation in Eastern Ukraine vis a vie the introduction of Russian statelet,s protected by Russian arms any different from the introduction of
    the British Army to counter a social revolution in the Northern Ireland statelet, which took thirty years to reach a still questionable solution, for those living in what was the first and last colony created by the UK.

    Looking at the maps of Europe over time it is now a very changed scene, from earlier times and will no doubt be further changed in the future.

    As for the most recent Ukranian PM, why was it he was refused a state visit to Israel, even though he is Jewish.

  31. I suppose as the season wears on, it takes it’s toll on the physical side of the game, with increasing injuries a problem.

    It appears our main problem consists of not having the required goal-scorers
    apart from Gayle, who it appears is susceptible to injury and was never that successful while playing in the PL.

    Apparently the scouts were out in force watching the recent Benfica vs Dortmund, where it was assumed our guys were watching Aubameyang to no real purpose being he may presently be in line to replace The current RM no 10 Benzema, reportedly on his way to the EPL.

    However we need both scoring up front, plus a fill in for Shelvey and a DM
    to accompany him, the current young Celtic LB could be a decent buy, but the price may be too much .

    But we do also need a LB, a case of buying fewer but more expensive players this time around, you cant have it both ways buying cheap and buying well, in an increasingly competitive PL.

    Having only managed a draw in our last meeting and the fact we are not winning quite so easy, describes the present day second tier, with a large squad needed to combat the increased number of games, it also appears most sides have little interest in silverware, most putting out very beatable sides.

    Perhaps it’s time to eliminate those no-where cups, friendly internationals
    and concentrate on league games, which is taking place regardless of whether clubs want them or not, yeah save the FA cup, but dump the rest, cause no one cares, least of all the clubs themselves.

    So that was a LB a DM plus a playmaking midfielder and at least one goals-coring center-forward,that being the bare minimum to requirements.

    But hopefully our coaching staff are active over the next few months and we go into the market with someone who can make a deal, not The Chubby guy.

  32. Chuck, where are you getting all this guff from, Russia Today? Some fake news site in eastern Europe? You’ve been brainwashed somewhere. Ukraine has had two Prime Ministers since 2014, not sixteen. They got rid of Yanukovich because he was shooting people and Groysmans visit to Israel was cancelled because Ukraine voted against Israel in the United Nations. One thing you are right about is that corruption certainly exists in Ukraine. Even if it has quite alot though, it still isn’t as bad as Russia.

  33. That’s ten PM’s since the millennium and sixteen since 1991 (independence), with two having been elected to separate terms.

    And it’s not difficult to figure out what has happened between Ukraine and Russia during that period, without having to refer to published propaganda.

    Naturally there are the pro Russian population (Russian speakers) who have settled in eastern Ukraine, backed by Russian arms and who are in favor of a closer political and economic relationship with Ukraine, being they are neighbors who can provide both Coal and farm products, plus act as a cordon sanitaire between Russia and an expanding NATO.

    The fact is that the Crimea as a naval base is also essential to Russia and was handed over to the then Soviet state of Ukraine on a whim , by Nikita Krushchev as far back as 1954, who was born near the Soviet border to the Ukraine.

    However the Crimea population was and now remains mostly Tatar and was never considered part of Ukraine, who’s claim to ownership is tenuous at least, apart from Krushchevs gifting it to the Ukraine at a period in time when the Soviet Union was just that, a union of soviet states.

    I ‘m not picking sides here, just relaying facts, there are those who may disagree, however it’s clear that in this present century, their now exist in the former soviet Eastern block, a form of extreme nationalism, which is similar to Europe prior to WW2, which includes Ukraine.

    People and governments come and go, but the similarities remain and Europe certainly looks very similar to those pre war years, politically, just look how certain countries recently treated those refugee’s attempting to cross their borders en-route to Germany.

    And having watched a meeting between the polish PM, the Ukrainian leader, and US senator and hawk John McCaine and the UK’s. (Donald Trump), foreign secretary “Boris himself” putting his foot in his mouth and making the usual fool of himself, one wonders which of the two adversarial groups is the worst.

  34. Again , no real football this weekend, it being dedicated to what is now described as the Emirates Cup, that’s actually the FA cup renamed.

    Must have been a few bob exchanged hands for that to happen.

    The fact is these cups including all but the ‘champions league’ are a waste of time, being the majority of sides field weakened teams hoping to exit in one game, with little interest in that type of silverware, there was however a time when there was great interest in the FA Cup, what happened ?

    Ah well ! the next fixture for NUFC is on Monday, should be interesting being it consists of two former perennial top division sides now in the second tier
    Villa and Newcastle, unfortunately the championship games are seldom shown on TV, but this leapfrogging between the Toon and Brighton has to stop, it’s a bit disturbing, being if we cant dominate this league, what the hell are our chances going to be like in the PL ?

    And checking out our possibilities of buying anyone decent between now and promotion I have yet to see any names that look interesting, I hope it’s not a case of repeating the scenario, where Carr gets to pick the side, that having proven to be the way “not to go”
    and would no doubt be the end of Rafa. and any hope for the fans who have great expectations for both he and the club, in the coming seasons.

  35. Well finally got to see a second game from the Championship (stupid name for a second tier club level) .

    And yeah we won two zip, against an unimpressive Villa, presently in an eight game streak where they haven’t won a game (so condemned to a second season in the second tier, I imagine.

    Though the Newcastle performance was nothing to write home about and needs additional quality to survive in the PL, should we gain promotion.

    Guess it’s just as well their are few games shown of championship, if to-days fixture is any indication of the league’s quality, which was unimpressive.

    Get ready to dig deep for those quality players we need ,Mike!

  36. Well they do say that it’s much easier to fool someone than it is to persuade them that they’ve been fooled. I’ll ask again though, where are you getting all this nonsense from? I’ve noticed that you’ve usually fallen for Geordie “fake news” in the past from guff merchants like Lee Ryder and Alan Oliver. That was obviously the gateway drug and now you’re on the hard stuff from Russia Today and Sputnik News!

    As for Villa, “Agent” Bruce did the job for us once again. Brighton are certainly giving us a run for our money but coming second wouldn’t be the end of the world when we still get automatic promotion. However, the “Udders” of Huddersfield are the real threat right now to us and automatic promotion. They’ve won their last six games and are third and rising.

  37. ‘Fake news’ ? give me a bit more credit, puleez ! that with ‘alternate reality’ is what we have to deal with these days unfortunately, whatever your description of either is.

    I have a good general knowledge of history, both as it is written, with the awareness of who the writers of that history were and their varying agenda’s.

    I pay little attention to the so called local papers or the propaganda that emerges from those who are dependent on NUFC for their living.

    Just as I understand the various political agendas of many news outlets whether printed or on line.

    Unlike yourself who had the audacity to attempt to defend the British behavior during the mau mau rebellion, that and a defense of the present corrupt and gangster regime in the Ukraine.

    Usually when coming across articles I find interesting, I research from both pro & con viewpoints and reach a consensus , though admittedly we all have our built in prejudices depending on ones political bent.

    I could just as easy condemn you for quoting the latest statistics (old news) concerning Huddersfield Town, which you obviously cant miss, either in the print news or on line, these days.

    Not so long ago it was Leeds, until they slipped, yeah it’s a tough struggle in the (more perspiration than inspiration league) with a long physical season, requiring extra bodies, however I was much more confident with the Hughton side a few seasons ago, but not exactly that confident we can top or come second this season.

    The refusal of Ashley to spend has brought back that old suspicion that Carr once more has insinuated himself to a position where he has Ashleys ear and could possibly play a role in Rafas Quitting this f***ed up club.

    Being Ashley has to rely on someone to inform him of what’s going on, as he obviously has no more of a clue than he did years ago, which adding a bit of quality before the season s end, could have been the difference between fourth place and promotion.

  38. A struggle to reach a tie with the leagues twenty first place side is not exactly what one expects from NUFC at the moment and gives a sense of
    unwanted reality to this final stretch.

    There are no guarantees and the early lead in the division is quickly evaporating, with Huddersfield, Leeds and reading, all within ten points or less behind the Magpies and a steady Brighton side once again leading the division.

    This is the essential part of the season, when left without our regular scoring center forward, things could take a turn for the worst.

    Again, not unlike other seasons, Ashley refused to spend during the window, which could turn into another of his misunderstanding of events and the reason Rafa. was so pissed, by not informing him he had refused to sanction any new players being bought, possibly because Carr had informed him otherwise, who knows, it appears once again no one in management is singing from the same hymnbook and management is a day by day decision, (no change there)

    Rafas future at this club remains tenuous at best and can you blame him if he were to consider a move, after all what kind of person wants to allow his boss, (who knows Jack shit about football) to simply relay his wishes through a head scout or some shmuck who couldn’t cut a deal to save his life (Charnley) .

    Yeah looks like we are back to square one again, and face it, if there is no promotion this season, the fans will no doubt be out in force, bedsheets and all and don’t expect the record crowds to continue for another second tier struggle.

    It’s about time the fans started to lay blame on Ashley where it belongs, time (almost ten years in charge) where the club has achieved bu**er all
    and needs a new owner, time to f**k off and give someone (who cares about the club and winning) an opportunity to take over and perhaps win something or at least return as a top ten club in the EPL.

    And take his cheap-ass signs for Sports Direct with him along with the WONGA endorsed shirts .

  39. One of the most boring games watched this season, if these two sides are the best on offer in the second tier, then the English leagues are in deep shit.

    That is apart from the PL, where most sides are stocked with top layers from throughout the globe.

    I continually hear how good the Championship is, with some comparing it with certain countries premier sides, which is bullshit unless you are talking about the minnows, certainly it could compare with the Irish and Scottish leagues, apart from Celtic, who are in a league of their own.

    Certainly the game (for both top sides) lacked entertainment and talent will have to be added if both were to manage promotion, there being a considerable difference in quality between the leagues.

    I still don’t understand why Ashley refused to spend during the last window, acquiring perhaps McCarthy whose time at Everton is questionable, he and perhaps Townsend would have helped ensure promotion, leaving less negotiating during the approaching summer window.

    It would be interesting to know who Ashley’s informant is, when it comes to buying and selling and wouldn’t surprise me if it were Carr.

    Carr himself is like many scouts mediocre in his choices, having made more bad decisions than good over time, he is not known as someone that could put a side to-gether or as a tactician, all requirements for a manager and we have one of the best in Rafa.

    In which case why would Ashley listen to someone proven to be merely a mediocrity, when he has one of the best managers in football, it’s no different from having a number two like Llambias, who was described by KK as someone who knows nowt about football, well almost !

    As for Chubby Charnley, another useless part of top management, simply like everyone else, hired, being he was “NEXT”! in line, where it became apparent he had no clue about what was required or whether there was money available, during the last window.

    I believe most owners of top flight football clubs, will at least convey their attentions to their managers, with NUFC there seems to be a disjoint in that regard, Charnley being the one who apparently informs Benitez’ of Ashleys intentions if in fact Ashley talks to him, which is a hell of a way to run any organization, total lacking in communications.

    But it should be apparent to most fans by now that Ashley is a ‘control freak’ in most things he becomes involved in and after all it’s his money being spent, but it should also have become apparent by now that the reason for two relegation periods under Ashley can be directly blamed on him because of his poor decisions or lack of understanding.

    If Ashley is not careful he may very well lose Benitez, not only that but once again end up with a loser like McClaren or Pardew, bullshitters that shouldn’t even be in the game.

    Running a club efficiently requires a top management group, not a know nothing owner who believes he can do things on the cheap and reinvent the game, with his cheap recruitment of young players and father knows best attitudes.

    It will be interesting to see what happens if the club were to be promoted,
    Will Rafa. stay ?
    Will there be the required money spent to upgrade to PL quality players ?
    These are the two most important questions and I guess we will just have to await Ashley’s decision’s.