Newcastle United, Mike Ashley and eternal recurrence

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Steve McClaren
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
Let us think this thought in its most terrible form: existence as it is, without meaning or aim, and yet recurring inevitably, without any finale in nothingness: “eternal recurrence.”

Friedrich Nietzsche – The Will to Power

I quoted the great proto-existentialist philosopher there because it seems such a perfect summary of all that Mike Ashley has to offer Newcastle United fans, in the past, the present and in the future; existence as it is, without meaning or aim, and yet recurring inevitably This includes the humiliation of being lied to and treated as fools on a regular basis, and paying hundreds of pounds for the privilege in many cases. Mike Ashley’s latest alleged overhaul is just as superficial and dishonest as the previous ones, which is why everything coming out of the club must be so strictly controlled. In his hubris, Ashley still hasn’t learned that a Premier League club the size of Newcastle United has to be like Rolls Royce, not Sports Direct. The faces might be different, but the thinking which has taken Newcastle United nowhere is still the same, recurring inevitably.

From that you might be thinking I’m referring to spending on players, especially so as there hasn’t been any but actually I’m not. I write that because though very good players are essential, firstly you need to make at least a decent investment in having the right manager, coaching staff and boardroom staff to make the right choices and get the best out of them. Though the Toon squad is not quite what some of us would expect it to be, it should still be a strong mid table side which shouldn’t have to think about relegation if it only it had a good manager and coaching staff at least. In other words, invest in a good manager, a good Managing Director and then start thinking about how the club should invest a considerably larger amount in new signings. Even with the latest overhaul and new head coach, Mike Ashley is still relying on the same methods which have made Newcastle a side that has been relegated once, and nearly relegated twice so far. Something which was unimaginable even in the decay and decadence of the Freddy Shepherd era.

Ashley’s Managers

Looking at the policy on managers, including the latest in Steve McClaren, Newcastle United’s appointments under Ashley have fallen into two categories so far.

First there are the virgins thrown straight into the deep end like Alan Shearer, or assistants who have never managed at the highest level before except for the odd game as caretaker like Chris Hughton or John Carver.

Secondly and more relevantly as far as the latest appointment goes, there are those who had a good period at some stage in the past, but have fallen on hard times like Pardew and McClaren, or even those who had retired from the game completely like Joe Kinnear and even (If I dare to say it in the same sentence), Kevin Keegan. Whatever their respective places in the affections of fans though, both had similar profiles, ie good spells as managers a long time ago but had since lost touch with the game completely. Like Pardew, McClaren hadn’t lost touch with the game, but had been plucked from the bargain bin of football after being sacked by a lower league team. Looking on the bright side here, it could have been big Ron Atkinson or Peter Reid.

The Board

The Managing Director appointments have been just as bad from Llambias too, a Casino manager with no experience in football, and a liar who brought Newcastle United into disrepute with fiascos such as Keegangate and the Llambiasgate tapes, and proudly boasted about how “horrible” he and Ashley could be.

As Kevin Keegan rightly said in one of his comic Keeganisms:

“Mike Ashley doesn’t know anything about football. That’s the first thing. The second thing is Llambias knows even less than him!”

However, if Ashley knows nothing about football and Llambias knows less than that, then the current MD, Lee Charnley, seems to know even less than Llambias if that is possible. In Charnley’s short spell so far, what should be an upper mid-table side were almost relegated with the club’s seeming paralysis over appointing a new coach. Speculating wildly, perhaps it was a ridiculous hope that John Carver would emulate the success of Garry Monk at Swansea?

You hardly ever know what is true at Newcastle United nowadays, especially with the club’s Stalinesque relationship with the media, which will put added pressure on McClaren and Charnley with over 90% of the media and many of the fans of course. All that is a story in itself though. Getting back to McClaren, he gave Charnley the credit for the latest bizarre move, the club’s new reinvention of the football club board. On the unprecedented move of being appointed as a board member as well as head coach, Steve McClaren said:

“What Lee Charnley is trying to do is to create a new structure and to get everyone involved. He doesn’t want people to be in their own offices doing their thing without being aware of what else is going on.

That’s a logical fallacy though, suggesting that the only alternative to Charnley’s latest bright idea is people wandering around in a state of complete cluelessness about what’s going on, even though this recent move is unique in the Premier League. If you look at leading clubs overseas like Barcelona or Bayern Munich, they don’t do it either. There is a reason for this; it’s because it’s good to keep a respectful distance between the coaching / dressing room side and the boardroom side. When other clubs want to improve communications between the dressing room and the board room, they appoint a Director of Football. Still, when Ashley tried that, he teamed up Dennis Wise with Kevin Keegan and set off a catastrophic chain of events which ended with the club being relegated from the Premier League for the first time ever. You just can’t seem to win either way with Ashley.

McClaren gave a possible insight into a more realistic motive later in the same interview quoted above. Reflecting on his time at Middlesbrough he said:

“I had a similar experience when I was at Boro. I was invited to board meetings because they wanted me to know about things like season ticket prices, and that I’d have the idea that money isn’t grown on trees. Lee wanted someone from the football side on that and I think it’s a good idea.”

Whether at Middlesbrough, Newcastle or elsewhere, why should McClaren want to worry about season ticket prices and suchlike? He is the manager and the head of the team, and should be concentrating on that with every fibre of his being. Really, they just want to control McClaren and don’t want any repeat of the Chris Hughton situation, where the players and the manager were too close and Hughton interceeded on the issue of player bonuses. Like Pardew and Carver before him, the new head coach must be reminded that Ashley is in control and that McClaren works for the board and not the team, even if it upsets the delicate balance maintained at other top sides between the dressing room and the boardroom. I can almost imagine Ashley singing the Human League’s “Don’t you want me” to the likes of Pardew and McClaren:

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
When I met you
I picked you out, I shook you up
And turned you around
Turned you into someone new
Now five years later on you’ve got the world at your feet
Success has been so easy for you
But don’t forget it’s me who put you where you are now
And I can put you back down too.

That’s the way Ashley likes it, a manager who is desperate, malleable and cheap. Hence, ambitious managers who can pick and choose are an anathema to Ashley.

There might be peaks and troughs but after eight years and another overhaul of the club, still nothing has changed really and it seems that fundamentally, nothing ever will so long as Ashley is here because his personality will not change.

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335 Responses

  1. “Without some goal and some effort to reach it, no man can live – and only a cnut would think that bobbing around in mid-table counts as trying to win something”.

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  2. DarthBroon says:
    July 1, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    “Without some goal and some effort to reach it, no man can live – and only a cnut would think that bobbing around in mid-table counts as trying to win something.

    “Fyodor Dostoyevsky”

    From House of the Dead, which would be a good name for St James’ Park nowadays.

  3. Been saying that for ever, it should be obvious to all, the problems facing NUFC can be brought to light in a few words, Ashley, control freak, greed, hubris, ignorance, the rest are only the supporting cast as they say in Hollywood, in fact if one includes the fans, who by their continual attendance, would be considered a blockbuster with a cast of thousands.

    In fact NUFC have become a mirror image of SportsDirect, dull, boring, cheap and an Ashley moneymaker.

    Football is a sport, sure a professional sport, where one doesn’t have to be ashamed of making a profit, but basically it’s not much different from other show business industries who’s purpose is to entertain, it’s also a competitive form of entertainment, but unfortunately has been reduced by it’s present owner to neither of the two, the goal being Premier league survival, hopefully without A struggle , but mediocrity becoming the norm,

    Entertainment ? What’s that !

    Are you stupid or something, it’s about money in case you hadn’t noticed.

  4. Steve ?
    Just another Ashley appointed stooge, a mediocrity who fits in exactly as intended.
    Willing to follow instructions and do as he’s told.

    Anyone who didn’t figure that from day one, where he was stage managed throughout the whole
    Introduction scenario.

    Looks like the same old brinksmanship bullshit is repeating itself in regard to buying players and with Pudgy doing the deals, well actually he probably has a role similar to a ventriloquists dummmy being who would trust this former pencil sharpener or whatever to engage in multimillion quid deals?

    Looks like if you guys who have yet to renew your season tickets will have to pay extra in order to watch the upcoming friendly.

    Screw it who wants to see a crap game anyway, don’t forget, you guys have the hammer, pretty soon if you play your cards right, you may be paying half price,to go to games it’s a situation of perception and in the case of away games, those fans who travel but don’t have season tickets, have to pay an additional surcharge , so don’t travel, that will no doubt get rid of the unnecessary surcharge.

    The fact is the relationship between Ashley and fans, is one of perception he needing to put as many bums in seats as possible, but has no real control over and a determined fan base willing to use the boycott,

    At present the fans are pissed enough about the unfulfilled promises regarding strengthening the side, to then hit them with a surcharge (only for those without season tickets)
    is both greedy and an in your face threat of further surcharges and an insult to all of the most loyal fans in the buisiness.
    Not to mention one of the dumbest PR moves he’s made to this point.

    Leapords don’t change their spots, nor will Asley change the fact that his management plan is to use the club for his personal enrichment and has little regard for either fans or football.

  5. Hows it gannin’ lads ?
    I never been on any of these things since Nelson lost his arm.
    Are you any more optimistic since “Dear Leader We Hope You Live For 10,000 years” last day of season speech ?

    It does seem that a large number of people took that as a catalyst for change when in reality, He said nothing and promised nothing but to run the club in a similar fashion.
    Well it looks like they are going to have to learn the hard way again.

  6. Hi Joe. Good to hear from you again :)

    None of us here thought much of the cheeky cnut’s promises either! Only Steve McClaren believed him by the look of things – and he must be wondering where the feck his promised new signings will be coming from by now.

    Nice to see such a large number of season ticket holders finally giving up on the man’s bu\\shit (took ’em long enough, though).

  7. Aye, good to hear from you again, Joe. Sorry I took so long but I’m suffering from the same thing alot of fans are suffering from at the moment, inertia when it comes to Newcastle United.

    I wouldn’t know living in London but where people really streaming with tears of joy in the streets of the North East? I could tell straight away from his cheap tie (a black and white one obviously thrown in in a hurry without much care) that it was just a grudging, minimal effort with no sincerety behind it at all. The sickbag stuff from Steve McClaren, where he talked about how Mike’s inspiring speech made his mind up was like an acid flashback to Pardew. What’s happened to the Jihad against Ashley?

  8. Apparently there’s a claim that somewhere in the region of thirty percent of former season tickets have not been renewed, or that may be that thirty percent of all season tickets are still available.

    Now that’s a considerable amount, regardless of which amount is correct.

    As I stated a number of times, this represents the fact the fans have the hammer and by using the boycott could not only force management to do away with the added supplementary payment for away tickets for those who are not season ticket holders.

    Or for that matter any number of other unfair practices, even to the point of making it clear they will not attend games unless they as valued customers are treated with respect, meaning the club field a side capable of competing, face it a thirty percent decrease in attendance revenue amounts to a substantial sum, which management is obviously concerned about, having had more than one extension of the deadline for ticket purchase.

    Could it be that they the fans have had enough of being treated in a cavalier manner and being taken for granted and decided to retaliate, knowing that it only takes a certain percentage (30% or thereabouts) in order to seriously affect the revenue flows, which have management so concerned.

    What does this mean for the club ?

    Well I suppose it could force them to ensure we have a side capable of competing in the PL, win the European championship (kidding) and stop selling our best players , but I would actually be content with a competitive side that played a decent entertaining style which reflected the fact they belong with a group consisting of the worlds top twenty in regards to wealth, with all of the ramifications involved, rather than a second tier side as far as spending is concerned.

    After all the continual increases in revenue each year makes it the worlds wealthiest league and with decent management could still provide a profit.

    Not too much to ask !

  9. Well ! To-days news is heartening, we are about to sign all kinds of top players, except for Charlie Austin, who is a sick note and wants to stay in the greater London area, or so it’s been said.

    The only deal that looks secure is the one for the kid Toney, from the second tier, for around three hundred grand, ah well, better than a sharp stick in the eye I suppose.

    Of course there are stories about the ones who got away and the striker who’s price we supposedly agreed on , but would rather live in Rome than Ponteland or Whitley Bay, can’t really understand why?

    But I suppose we will eventually find some free agent’s in the second tier, that will not break the bank and once again struggle with relegation, once again we are facing that same old reluctance to spend and the belief that a bit of brinksmanship will save the day, yeah sure!

    There are targets available, but I suppose when you fail to compete with sides like Southampton and Palace plus having ” pudgy ” doing the deals what can one expect ?

    C’mon Ash do us and yourself a favor, dig deep, he’ll you owe us for the non arrival of anyone this time last year, plus it may cost you in the long run, being you may be playing in a half empty stadium and on your way to second tier football, again !

  10. Worky, It’s the usual smoke and mirrors with a myriad of names mentioned but among the B.S are the real targets like Ivan Toney from Northampton for 300,000.
    Chatty man’s old man has probably done a deal with his former club to secure his services.

    They must be off on one of their obsession trips where young Perez has worked out for them so they now think similar deals can be done in perpetuity !

  11. Joe, I just call Graham Carr “Fatty Man.” I think he still lives in Northampton, or he did last time I checked anyway.

    I notice that the journalists from the club’s two ‘preferred media partners’ are getting extra stick. They’re going about their usual business, ie making shit up, but fans presume they’re getting lots of information straight from the horses mouth now. One is Simon Bird at the Mirror, who was taking quite alot of potshots from fans after his “Austin a done deal” story. Before the media deal it would have been just another piece of typical tripe from the football press, but now Bird and his colleagues at the Mirror and Sky are increasingly seen as part of Ashley’s propaganda team, feeding fake stories of big money deals in an attempt to sell season tickets etc

  12. Hey guys, give the club a break, Pudgie is doing his best juggling deals with all kinds of clubs.
    Looks like we have or are about to sign a bid for our first of many signings promised.
    For three hundred grand, sure he’s only nineteen but so what.

    And we are presently giving a trial to another top prospect and yeah he’s Dutch and only seventeen, but again so what, he may end up. being a bg name like Kemen, who ?
    Erm he’s the kid we got a while back that Liverpool are chasing to replace Stirling os summatt.

    Not to mention the fact we are going after Mitrovic and Austin, as you know both are top goal scorers, wonder who will get the No. 9 # shirt , there’s just one tiny hitch with these guys, seems Austin doesn’t fancy Ponteland or Whitley Bay, preferring to live in the greater London area and Mitrovic kinda likes the idea of going to sunny Italia putting out feelers to Roma, I mean what’s wrong with these guys ?

    On the other hand the Dutchman doesn’t seem to care (what does he know) sending out come and get me stuff like “Newcastle is such a beautiful club,”yeah he wouldn’t know the difference, most Dutch towns being wet and cloudy much like Tyneside, but he probably thinks we are still a selling club and he will be outta here before long.
    Talking bout Wynalda.

    Then we sign the Schalka defensive centre half who has been compared to Rio Ferdinand, hey this is gonna be some summer and we won’t finish there, having to replace all those we have got rid of and to use the old adage Marveaux will be like a new signing, finally allowed too show his stuff under our astute new set of coaches.

    And don’t forget there’s a new regime.that intends to install both respect and play a different tactical game , one where a bit of flair is expected alongside other tactical innovations, taught by our young but talented coaching staff, a veritable change from the old (Pardew / Carver) to the new , I just can’t wait to both make those big signings and watch a totally different side perform under the guidance of our young but well traveled coaches.

    And we’re I living on Tyneside I wouldn’ hesitate to apply for a season ticket, post-haste.

    I suppose you are wondering just how I know this, well didn’t Wor Mike tell us all that ‘s what he had in mind and don’t worry about the two strikers, once they get a glimps of Ponteland and Whitley Bay all thoughts of sunny Roma and the fleshpots of London will be forgotten.

    Yessiree! Gonna be the season of change, might involve a new five year, he’ll even ten year plan, which could see this side competing in the final stages of the European Champions league, well not this upcoming season, but eventually.

    With a few selective moves for talented youngsters we could fill the ranks of the first team for next to nothing, not that that would be very different from what we have been doing, at least financially.

    Who knows what the limits are, but for sure we will never again be caught in a struggle for PL survival, wor Mike has seen the light and it’ onward and upward from now on.,

    I hope !

  13. If Newcastle United spend £15 million on that Austin, it could be a big mistake. I think he could turn out to be more of a Grant Holt than an Alan Shearer. Holt did more or less what Austin did when he had his first season in the Premier League. He scored 17 goals in 38 games. He won plaudits and and there was talk of big money deals too like Austin, but he was a £5 million striker at his best and he went flat after that. Basically, Newcastle United should just give the me Graham Carr’s job as I could do it much better than him. :-)

  14. I managed to get Hugh to send me an e.mail eventually. He told me not to repeat anything and I won’t, but judging by what he said, hopefully, the site won’t be going anywhere imminently as things stand.

  15. Worky

    Hmmm ! Ever consider Hugh’s recent intransigence may have had something to do with the blogs recent lack of going anywhere in the “imminent future”.

    Face it apart from myself and the occasional comment or two from other sources not much in the way of comments.

    What to do, what to do ?

    Of course I am not suggesting it’s anyone in particulars fault, could in fact be part of the general malaise surrounding the club as many commenting on other blogs, find it difficult to do more than type “Ashley out” we need some action and new blood in the side, something to give the fans reason for hope and if Ashley ever reads any of these blogs, he may realise the fact that the fans have began to lose interest, resulting in a large reduction of season tickets being sold, with the availability of seats in most locations, even readily available in that prized area “the east stand”

    Yep, the answer no doubt is to gan oot n buy a shit load of expensive players and Bob’s yer uncle, they will be lined up to buy tickets, after that a selective couple of replacement players each season and everything will be rosy,don’t have to splurge a side playing decent football that has a chance of beating any opposition, he’ll it worked for the last fifty years, but he had better splurge if he wants to fill those empty seats, as these guys are serious now.

  16. Chuck says:
    July 9, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    “Hmmm ! Ever consider Hugh’s recent intransigence may have had something to do with the blogs recent lack of going anywhere in the “imminent future”.”

    Chuck, it has nothing to do with the blog.

  17. Winjaldum just left Newcastle Airport for his medical fee agreed 14.5 million.
    That’s provided it goes through with him dealing with “The Fools On The Hill.”

  18. joe hawkins says:
    July 10, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    “The Fools On The Hill.”

    That’s quite a good one, Joe :-)

    George Widget (close enough) should be a very good player. He played with Depay at PSV. Mitrovic is still a youngster (20) but he’s quite experienced already, and has already played 13 games for the full Serbia team.

  19. Looks like the brinksmanship crap is over and Ashley realises he had better get off the schnide or he may find himself in relegation trouble before the season starts!.

    Presently with one of the smallest squads in the league, following the recent cull, it’s essential to bring in some talent,, as the next window is too long to wait, therefor giving Pudgie the go ahead to make the deals.

    Got no problems with either Mitrovic (prefer him to Austin) or Wijnaldum, as apparently they can both score, but our main weaknes is in central defence.

    Looks like we could missout on the Schalke player, who apparently is considered to be decent , but there’s also a couple of Cameroon internationals we have been looking at, but we have to have help there.

    Soh ! If we include those in place, including Ferguson and Marveaux (like having two new signings) plus Bigirimana, a fit DeJong and Haidara, we could with the signings expected and at least one central defender, possibly make it until the holidays window, without too much trouble.

    I kinda like the way things are going as far as those we have signed and those we are still looking at, combine them with the players in place (without selling anyone) and there’s the making of a decent team, on the other hand the other sides have not exactly been sitting on their hands, especially the big money sides.

    Certainly a lot depends on what happens as far as the coaching side goes, still not convinced Schteve is the right man, but both he and his coaching picks can’t possibly be any worse than those we got rid of .

    The big surprise is that Ashley realises it’s time to splash the cash and there are no cheap ways out of it, unlike previouse seasons and the belief he could use the assembly line of cheap sell ons (well I’m not sure he’s given up on it entirely) meaning we may now hold onto guys like Sissoko, let’s see ?

    I woulld like to think therse’s been a change of policy in the overall business plan, that our dear leader has reached the conclusion that, it could be more fun to watch a competitive side and it may in fact be more beneficial to be associated with a decent side, than one struggling each season to avoid relegation, as far as it being an adjunct to his main business SD .

    though I may be reading too much into this sudden opening of the purse strings, as it was probably brought about by a couple of seasons, where things got out of hand , the club barely escaping the drop on both occasions, who knows I’m just pleased to see the club hopefully going in the right direction.

  20. Chuck, remember the last splurge on players? deJong, Cabella, Janmaat, Perez, Riviere, Colback, Ferreyra… That was a bright new dawn too, but to paraphrase Tony Montana, First you get the board, then you get the manager and his team, then you get the players. If you put the cart before the horse, potentially, you have idiots throwing tens of millions down away.

  21. Worky

    Yes I remember those signings and some pretty good players were among that lot.

    Problem was Pardew, I mean Marveaux, Yanga M’Biwa, Sissoko, Haidara, all decent players all Pardewed, we still have Haidara and Sissoko, who are both good players and you can include Marveaux, let’s face it our problem was Pardew, who never gave players a chance, especially our youngsters or flair players, even though for the most part performed pretty good at the clubs they were loaned too.

    Well let’s see what happens, there’s still time to make a coupla decent defenders, yet.

    Looks like we may miss out on who I consider our best shot at an eventual top striker, as I mentioned, this is the last place he wants to come to and Porto look like they might sign him, by including both cash and including players in part exchange, of course we may then go for Austin, but Mitrovich was our best shot at a future big time player.

    The rest of our targets are slowly disappearing in any headlines and McClaren his coming out with the line he didn’t realise we had such a good squad, meaning we. May not do much more business.

    What we need more than anything is a decent centre back .

  22. Don’t get the enthusiasm being emitted by Wijnaldum about his signing by a club with not either the best location or reputation of late, though apparently he was supposedly a big fan of Sheerah.

    Looking less likely we can sign Mitrovic, too bad he has the look of another Shearer and at only twenty , has a great futture ahead of him, guess location has a lot to do with signings, given the choices I can see wanting to go to Roma, but Porto, really not much of a city.

    Then there’s Austin a suspected sick note who obviously wants to stay darn sarf and who can blame him.

    A couple of days ago we looked like we were going to give MU. A run for their money in regard to spending, but following one big signing, everything has come to a sudden halt, making one suspect they have been victims of a monsterous hoax.

    Haven’t checked out where the club is playing on their visit stateside, but if it’s anywhere like
    those nowhere towns visited on prior tours they would be better off staying at home, better to pre arrange a small four team competition in the North eastern US, Philly, NY , Boston and DC.

    Seems to be a chaotic part of most clubs schedule, the buying and selling part interfering with the off season plans, just make them iwell in advance, wherever they decide to go, as it could be a big deal in regard to attracting new worldwide fans, who also buy shirts.

    Ah well seems the management part of the club is still being ignored, we got rid of a manager and a couple of clowns acting as coaches, but have guys doing multi million dollar deals , who are obviously clueless’ you would think such a brilliant businessman would want to hire management who understand the overall picture instead of cheap replacements who end up doing an on the job apprenticeship without a mentor, ah well not my money.

    An astute director of football is badly needed, especially by this club, who’s business plan is reaction, not pro action and our dear leader despite his attempts to disassociate himself from certain management fields, is undoubtedly the final word on every decision, whether he understands from a footballing point of view or not, not a good policy nor a good business plan.

  23. Chuck says:
    July 12, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    “though apparently he was supposedly a big fan of Sheerah.”

    I’m very cynical. I think their agent provide them with a list of cliches to trot out when they sign, like Alan Shearer, big club, passionate fans etc for Newcastle.

    Widget’s a very good player, but I had my eyes on Depaye mostly when I watched PSV. I’ve given up on that now though. I’m getting disillusioned with that sort of thing and writing about it in relation to Newcastle United now. Mike Ashley has crushed my spirit.

  24. Actually I’m watching the Mitrovic scene, where it’s obviouse from the conversations involved, he doesn’t want to come to Newcastle and is hanging back with various excuses, just in case a champions league side will come in with a late bid.

    Hey can’t say I blame him, after looking at the clubs record for the last few years, but on the other hand the players are now basically in charge of their destiny and can move on whenever they decide, just look at the Sterling scenario.

    But I feel this guy Mitrovic will become a star player and would like the club to be able to get a few years outta him, being he’s only twenty like our other young striker, then hopefully a big fee.

  25. How much is this Mitrovic anyway? I saw £12 million in the Mirror.

    McClaren said that Ian Cathro must have something as a coach because he has succeeded despite being a Scotsman with no one being able to understand a word he said. Nice bit of Scotism there to get the relationship off to a good start, but a little odd as it seems like every other Scottish male works as a football coach or manager somewhere.

  26. I don’t get it, seems Mertrovic really doen’t want to come here, which can only be part of the Ashley legacy, in which case he could end up as a negative influence should he change his mind, shame really as it appear he could become a Newcastle no.9# to rival some of those who preceded him, ah well !

  27. Following the signing of Wijnaldum, I imagined the rest would be easy, but as we find out each day there are not many as enthusiastic about heading to St. James .

    It’s either a case of ambition on the part of those we are bidding on or the same old tight-wad policies combined with the standard brinksmanship in deal making ?

    It. Now seems unlikely we will sign the only striker that appears to fit our needs and possibly a future star, talking about Mitrovic (and his old man who has a lot to say for himself and his son) perhaps he should take a step back and leave that to both the son and the agent he is paying,, unless they are one and the same (his old man that is)

    Can’t say I’m very impressed by most of the others we are supposedly checking out, don’t know why we didn’t go after Ayew, apparently Swansea were quick to grab him.

    Doubt if QPR will lower their asking price for Austin, but I get the impression we are not serious about him, nor for that matter the big Duchman Doost and looking at others and you can guess who they might be, either out of contract or unknowns like our last big signing Perez.

    I’m not particularly unhappy with our midfielders, but we need help on the back four, with a decent centre half a must for this approaching season, it’s been a problem since Kinnear kayboshed the signing of the big Brazilian and should have been the no 1. Issue since, but we seem no nearer than before and the youngster we signed last year, apparently is not ready to step in if ever..

    That plus a proven scorer, perhaps we should put in a bid for our ex, now Chelsea forward (not getting many starts) Remy, the guy is a proven scorer, who could be surplus to needs @ Chelsea, may even come cheaper than those we are presently looking at.

    The one thing not to do is fail to come through with the promises the club has made and who are aware that the fans are no longer willing to be the compliant” support the team whatever “bunch,
    With a large number having cancelled their season tickets and the club constantly remindig fans of the availability of seats.

    If they fail to make the signings promised along with an attempt at silverware, there will certainly be repercussions (empty seats) plus the word will be the guy just lies to us , nothing has changed .
    The same thing if we just buy a bunch of cheapo’s it could be a disaster, the fact is had we qualified for a European spot Mitrovic would have already signed for us, another downside to mid table mediocrity, face it most players want to play in the big time, not struggle against relegation so the owner can cash in on EPLmembership.

    In which case it appears finally the fans have had enough and if Asley wants to avoid another
    Season of discontent, then show them by fulfilling his promises to the fans and excuses are not suitable or acceptable.

  28. Never mind all that, what’s happened to the revolution against Ashley’s tyranny? Has the spirit of the barricades faded once more?

  29. Depends on who we sign, if we bring both Mitrovich (who undoubtedly wants nowt to do with NUFC) and Austin to the club, followed by some fairly unknown African centre half, that is being chased by all the big sides (that’s how they big up unknowns) and a couple more prospects then it ‘s business as usual.

    In which case anyone coveting a nice seat in the east stand , better get his ass in gear, tickets will go fast.

    Though even if we did sign some decent players, I doubt if we could do any better than eighth or ninth place, being everyone will spend this year, and I was wondering if that would equate to the success Ashley wa talking about which could perhaps get us a shot at the crap European tournament, that pays no money and puts a strain on a small squad, due to the required number of games played.

    Anyone following the ill prepared trip to the States, a bad idea in my opinion, don’t go there with a half assed side and lose to shite clubs, Americans only respect sides that win, in which case the trip will neither recruit fans or sell shirts, fans are not dumb , they recognise it when they see an attempt to sell a second rate product.

  30. Reading about the massive offer on the table for Mitrovic, works out to be thirty odd grand a week with incentives plus the twelve and a half million transfer fee is peanuts compared to the money Van Gaal is throwing around at MU.

    Some tight ass negotiations going on, where slanted reports give the impression that Mitrovich his old man and his brother are trying to hold up NUFC, actualy I see it as a family thing, using other clubs and waiting Newcastle out to see if they can either up the price or get a better deal elsewhere, what’s wrong with that, just business as usual.

    I hope and it looks like we are about to strike a deal, as I believe the guy has the ability to be another Shearer type player, someone who will exite the fans and finally bring a ssmile to their faces.

    We are all aware of the role the No. 9# shirt has played as far as Newcastle fans are concerned, hopefully this will be the latest incarnation in that role.

    And I would be quite surprised if it were not to happen, though the deal making has been tough, eventually I believe he will come under enough pressure to sign, he’ll he may even enjoy playing in front of an adoring crowd, who hae had little to adore of late.

    It also appears the focus has shifted to concentrate on defensive players, with a number of young Africans being considered, one of which is a team-mate of Mitrovic, that’s fine if in fact they work out, what concerns me is the possibility we may sell Sissoko, who besides Janmaat and a few others are the backbone of the side, as it would defeat the whole purpose of the current re-building process, but we also know Ashley can’t resist a deal where there’s a nice bit of profit involved.

    I would reckon with a few more signings we could have the basis for a competitive enough side that could give some of the sides spending mega bucks a fright , with possibly an eighth place finish,
    Something I believe the fans could live with.
    And keep the club comfortably in the PL without a constantstruggle to avoid relegation,so what’s so difficult about that, shoulda figured that out eight years ago, plus an entertaining side will sell more shits than a losing one, ain’t brain surgery?
    And fill stadiums !

  31. Well I’m sumwhat surprised and a bit relieved over the signing of Mitrovic,, looked a bit uncertain for a while, curious to know who was behind the dogged persistence and willingness to splurge on a youngster who has shown great potential, but not in a league as tough as the EPL

    This could be a big deal signing and again I’m surprised that he wasn’t snatched from our grasp by a wealthier club, well a club that usually appends more and has a higher income, Liverpool for instance, though they are sort of a second tier club these days, living on a reputation from over a decade ago, but who could use a goalscoring machine, following the forced exit of Stirling.

    Was it Carr who insisted, because it certainly wasn’t either Pudgy or Ashley, being neither one
    I assume is much of a judge of talent and as things worked out they got their target by perseverence

  32. ……. and not a whole lot of money.

    So who’s next and how many more can we expect, guess it depends on how willing Ashley is to build a decent side following the disaster that has been this club of late,there’s certainly a feel good factor on most Newcastle blogs following two decent signings and an anticipation of more to follow, which is a welcome relief from the days of Pardew and his cohorts, with their long term contracts, how quickly things have developed, though it’s early days and we are not yet positive the right people are either signed or how our management team will work out!
    But certainly I suspect the fans are anticipating a positive change of direction, which is long overdue in my opinion,, I mean eight years is a long on the job training experience, no !

  33. Chuck, Mitrovic has done ok in Serbia and Belgium, however when it comes to playing in big international games with Serbia, he has been the spearhead of the attack and he can’t seem to hit the net very often at all yet. In fourteen appearences and 865 minutes he’s scored once. He’s only around 20, it’s very early days and he will probably turn out to be a top player, but he’s still a work in progress.

  34. Chuck says:
    July 18, 2015 at 11:45 am

    “We are all aware of the role the No. 9# shirt has played as far as Newcastle fans are concerned, hopefully this will be the latest incarnation in that role.”

    Papiss Cisse is number 9. If they take that off him and give it to Mitrovic in some kind of symbolic gesture it might destroy Cisse’s confidence again. It would probably end up being another one of those stupid, counterproductive shoot themselves in the foot, crisis out of nothing things which make Newcastle go off the rails. The number isn’t important anyway, that’s just stupid guff.

    They’re saying that Newcastle United are buying another Anderlecht player, defender, Mbemba. However he’s most famous having four different birthdates between 1988 and 1994. His club say 1994 which would make him 20 but Mbemba himself thinks he was born in 1990. He could be anywhere between 20 and 27.

  35. Sure how many twenty year olds are the complete player, like every trade it takes time to develope the needed skills, but I believe this youngster has the talents at this early age to be competitive in the EPL and will become a big star.

    In fact I believe this signing will be one that the fans will love, being their history with No. 9’s is a long and ongoing affair, hopefully this one will be successful.

    Looks like we are finally starting to bring in some quality players, with Ashley finally consenting to dig into his overstuffed back pocket, not before time I might add, though not really competing with the big boys, who are throwing money around like confetti at a wedding, especially MU.,
    the Glazers must be wincing everytime they hear about a possible new signing, but I guess their contracts with sponsors depends on them being a massive club that wins consistently, a treadmill like situation that can only be resolved by acquiring the best.

    Imagine NUFC getting rid of a player like DeMaria or even signing such a player, explains the difference between the business plans of each club, showing the void between the No.1# and 20th. wealthiest clubs in the world.

    There’s not quite that amount of pressure at NUFC, most fans and sponsors being satisfied with perhaps winning a cup every so often and at present most would appear to be happy with a top ten spot and a bit of entertainment by beating top sides every so often and certainly a bit of flair, after all it’s about entertainment init .

    I mean an eighth place finish as you ambition for the upcoming season sez it all !

  36. So the worm has turned and Ashley has even sucked you in now, Chuck? Who will they brainwash next? Joe and AndyMac? :-)

    As I’ve said, Papiss Cisse is number 9 and if they start playing games with this number nine business it would just be stupid.

  37. Nah ! I’m just reflecting on recent developments, as it’s obvious Ashley is going nowhere as long as it suit’s him and I believe anything I have to say about Ashley will just be a repetition of something I have already said and no one wants to hear.

    As for the No. 9# shirt , thought Cisse was heading to one of the footballing purgatorys like Turkey, in which case it would be simple enough to give it to Mitrovic, sure it’s guff, but you know how it has a certain significance to many Newcastle fans.

    Yep I actually wonder if players realise how short most careers are and prepare for the day the big pay check ends, some like Robby Keane & Gerrard managed to extend their careers by heading to the MLS but I guess there’s some kind of team limit on wages, where only one or two get the lions share, places like Australia China and the Gulf states are less attractive, paying lesser wages I assume, though I couldn’t imagine playing in the Gulf area, so hot, not to mention the restrictions of living in an area that is as modern as anywhere but are still living in the seventh century culturally.

    And yeah, it’s not uncommon for certain African players to be foggy when it comes to stating a birth date, remember our little centre forward Marten, I recall a game at the Bolyn where the fans were chanting to the newly signed Betifamy Martin, “Betifamy Martens, twenty one or twenty nine, Betifami Martens” plus was just looking at Liverpools most recent signing Benteke, looks a lot older than his officially stated age, but being Belgian it’s probably right.

    Well it’s onwards and upwards for NUFC, a new squad a new set of coaches and new upper management, the only thing missing is a new owner, but that will come eventually, meanwhile enjoy the ride.

  38. Chuck, if you want some developments to reflect on, how about the thought of President Trump over there? :-) I was listening to a thing here about how he has confounded the sane world by being so popular that he is now the favourite for the Republican nomination, and could even win the big one. Jesus wept.

  39. Nah ! The guys a joke, not a chance in hell he can even hang in with the other candidates, once the public get tired of his nonsense.

    But worse still is the realisation that the others are not much better when examined, some in fact are worse.

    Yea there’s a whole bunch of them running, but it’s a long process and eventually most will be exposed by the constant exposure as the idiots they are.

    On the other hand that’s what I said about both Regan and Bush,so what do I know ?

    It’s not the actual politicians that scare me, it’s the voting public with their bizarre political attitudes, believe me it’s more than wired, then again is it any worse than dealing with only professional politicians, which is the norm in most European countries, where you end up with
    People like Angela and

  40. …….. Cameron,

    I believe that following this ongoing Greek saga, the European union has to certainly re-examine and discuss exactly what is the intention of the union is, a cohesive trade zone or a combined political entity similar to the United States.

    The second choice would be anathema to the UK and could very well cause it’s exit,

    There are just so many problems involved, obviously the one currency situation is not working and apart from The Fatherland and France I see little support for a political integration, a loosely organised trade zone, sure ! but a politically integrated one government fits all just won’t work.

    One can see the cracks with Podemos in Spain, the Greek saga and UKIP in the UK! Also the upcoming referenda on the possible exit or Brexit for the UK, the trend appears to be more about the independence and exit from larger political entities such as the recent Scottish referenda the Basques of Spain and France the Catalan attempts at breaking away from Spain, the problems between French and Dutch speakers in Belgium.

    Hell we got our problems, but I wouldn’ t exchange them for Europes for anything, the European constitution is longer than War and Peace, with perhaps only a handful of people having read it

    A tower of babble with little cohesion and a host of countries each with their own agenda, how could such an entity ever survive let alone work as a co-operative entity.

    Good luck with that amigo !

  41. You elected George W.Bush and that Palin woman made it to being a Vice Presidential candidate so I wouldn’t sleep so easy if I were you ;-)

    Yes, you have a point but in real terms that would mean effectively a hugely powerful United States of Germany which would have an even bigger economy than the USA. That wouldn’t just be an anathema to the UK, it would be an anathema to the US as well.

    The Euro has been incredibly beneficial for the Germans, but bad now for countries like Greece. It is an artificially low currency for Germany (much lower than the DM would have been) which has enabled them to dominate with their exports and buy up large swathes of industry in the rest of the eurozone too. Their trade balance is huge like China’s with their artificially low currency. It has as much as quadrupled since the Euro. Their products might still seem expensive over there (I don’t know) but they are actually artificially cheap in Europe giving them a huge advantage. In the UK, people and companies who used to get Fords and so on now get BMWs which were more ‘luxury’ before.

    On the other hand the euro is too high for Greece, and their currency can no longer fluctuate to their right level to make exports more competitive like they do in Germany. They are pegged at the same level which is good for the northern exporters, but so bad for them and other Southern Europeans.

    My local MP, Jeremy Corbyn is in all over the news over here. Politically, he’s seen as left of Lenin by today’s standards, and even wears a cap like Chairman Mao’s sometimes. He is now the favourite to be the leader of the Labour Party which has quite alot of people going bonkers. I even hear there’s a Democrat candidate over there who came out as a “Socialist.” Isn’t that illegal over there? :-)

  42. Well it looks like we have the young / in his prime / mature and experienced Chancy Mbemba now. I don’t know but he really looks more like 25-27 than 20. More Sissoko’s age than Aarons’ or Bigirimana’s

  43. Yeah we are on the same page in regard to the Fatherland, though their present position was on the backs of the German working classes, who sacrificed by accepting years of low wage increases.

    The difference between the US and the European community is, for instance the fact the state of Florida’s real estate market was in a heavy recession but was helped by the federal government.
    Yes each state has its own laws and taxes alongside federal law and taxes, with certain states having no (Florida) state income tax, many have high sales taxes, whichever system works best for that particular state.
    Whereas there are a number of countries who don’t even belong to the ECB or the euro, within the European union, in which case niiether they nor those inside the euro zone (Greece) get help from the ECB .

    Loans from ‘private banks , like those foisted on Greece and say the Irish during their borrowing spree in the housing market were readily available and in fact pushed by big European Banks, who in many cases couldn’t operate at that level in their own countries, being their charter wouldn’t allow for such loans and then demanded every debt be repaid, even loaning the countries involved the money to do it by by buying the seven percent bonds those countries had to offer in order to pay off their loans, a double hit in fact.

    Look things are not so great these days, the UK housing market is a jungle, many young people will if the present situation continues, never be able to afford to buy a house and the country will end up totally segregated between the haves and have nots.

    What happened to social housing, which is about to happen to the NHS if this useless malfunctioning Labor government don’t get their act to-gether.

    At least I have Bernie Sanders to vote for should I decide to go through the motions, an independent Socialist who will scare the bejesus outta the system and is doing it on twenty five dollar checks from the working stiffs who listen to a guy who makes sense to them.

    Is he electable ? Who knows I would like to think so, but when the centre of politics here in the US is the equivalent of to the right of the present UK Conservative government a socialist getting elected is a stretch, I think Hillary may in fact get the nod, for what reason I have no idea, I mean where in the world does two family’s share a dynasty in tregard to the presidency, sure slick Willy like Blair was just that slick but what makes Hillary a contender?

    Could you ever imagine a guy who looked like Clement Atlee get elected in to-days world, especially with the platform he had, talk about radical wow! you guys will be lucky if you can hold onto the NHS and all welfare will go to the rich, beginning to think your electorate are in fact dumber than ours FFS.

    Hey I’m glad I’m a geezer I don’t want anything to do with the way things are being run, with Bi Bro. Looking over our shoulder and listening to our every word, the enormous separation of wealth which is continuing and lets not forget Mike Ashley after all this is a football blog, init ?

    Well I’ off for a days fishing to-morrow, nowt like a nice piece of fresh fish right outta the ocean and if I feel good I might even send Bernie a small check, who knows his becoming president could very well change the entire electorates of this world, kind of like Podamos.

  44. Is it not a fact that footballers reach their prime around twenty seven to thirty, so twenty or twenty seven is fine by me, have you yourself got used to this dumbass policy about only buying for the sell on price,, I certainly would prefer a few veterans on the side, has both a calming effect and their experience and know how is respected in most cases.
    “Twenty one or twenty nine Batifami Martens”

  45. Chuck says:
    July 22, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    “Yeah we are on the same page in regard to the Fatherland, though their present position was on the backs of the German working classes, who sacrificed by accepting years of low wage increases.”

    Yup, that’s correct but there’s also the huge role of German reunification. The germans make much of the fact that they were reluctant about the euro, but France forced them into it as a price for German reunification. In hindsight though, the rich west’s takeover of the ex Commie East was like a rehearsal for overall German domination of the eurozone. As you say, the average worker, especially in the East paid the price for it and West was pitted against East. The West Germans looked down on the East Germans the way they look down on the poorer europeans today.

    “Could you ever imagine a guy who looked like Clement Atlee get elected in to-days world, especially with the platform he had, talk about radical wow!”

    Attlee’s and Roosevelt’s platforms were built around the principles of another rather boring looking Englishman with a pipe and moustache, John Maynard Keynes. His principles lifted America out of the big depression at the end of the 20s and 30s with Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, and lifted the UK and the rest of Europe after a world war ten years later.

    The Keynesian Marshall Plan from Uncle Sam after the war didn’t kick in until the end of the 40s and though the UK got the biggest individual slice of the pie, unlike Germany, the UK paid all of its loans back, so debt was over 200% of GDP after the war with war loans and Marshall Plan debt. That’s a fair bit higher than Greece’s 170% today. However, it seems that this sort of thing which lifted huge countries and continents from the bottom was consigned to the dustbin in the new paradigm of Hayekian supply side economics post Thatcher and Reagan.

    If the eurozone is to come together in a Beethovian Ode to Joy brotherly love style, it’s going to need to re embrace those old postwar Keynesian values and Germany will have to accept that with all the huge benefits the eurozone has brought to it, just as the postwar world did for the USA, it’s going to have to play the role of Uncle Fritz sometimes too out of all the trillions it has made with the lower euro.

    The Germans are sounding incredibly arrogant and hypocritical and completely lacking in human compassion for a nation standing on the shoulders of a hell of alot of US help and debt forgiveness after slaughtering millions. Even the Greeks forgave the Germans debts after the war, and their biggest carmaker VW, which is up there with Toyota and GM was rescued by the British. It was the British who relanched the car that became the best selling car ever, and gave it back to Germany. Despite all this, they are throwing out some very arrogant stereotypes about the morally superior hardworking German over the lazy, untrustworhy southerner which is really rather disturbing.

    Incidentally, did you know that the last Yugoslavian problem started off like Greece, with an IMF loan gone bad? People said we’d never see starving European people in concentration camps after the Jerries shook the world to its foundations, we’d moved on etc…

    Getting back to football, I’m not sure about that Mbemba story, I was just speculating. On the other side, he claims to have “passed scientific tests” and he does look a bit ‘babyfaced’ when he stands still. The first shots I saw of him since the interest was of him in action grimacing and such and he looked older there. Even so, I would think very carefully before buying a car if its documents all had different dates on them.

  46. Yeah on one side there’s the Austrian school Hyek, which morphed into the Chicago school with Milton Friedman et al. Vs the Keynesian model and it’s present day Krugman and Stigitz.

    Neither side offering much in the way of another direction.

    I don’t know if you are into reading the Guardian, but I came across an interesting article, printed in the Saturday, July 18th. Edition in the Review section by a Paul Mason, who I am unfamiliar with, being the only time I actually buy the newspaper is when I’m on your side of the pond, which is usually the summer months.

    Anyway it’s a very interesting read concerning basically both politics and information and how the availability of information is slowly changing our perceptions of how things should work, some of which are actually taking place whether we as individuals or realise it or not, also effecting those who govern, whether they like it or not.

    It’s end result is unclear, though the author believes it is the beginning of the end of the Capitalist type system that dominates most people’s lives, I may be wrong in my accesment but I recommend reading it and reaching your own conclusions.

    And being this is a footballing blog it begs the question will every fan eventually have a piece of the club they support, will it evolve into a fan owned and run business, much like Barca and a number of German clubs and who do we blame when things are not going as planned, will we be demanding we ourselves should be forced out, much like Ashley ?

    Hey ! You know what, we need more opinions on this blog as I’m getting a bit squirrelly talking to myself.

  47. Football.
    I like the idea of having a decent side to support and the fact” The Ash”is spending some of his ill gotten gains without crying about it, but only if we don’t do a sell on of our best player Sissoko.

    I just want to say why are we about to spend big bucks on a left winger (no not a commie) talking bout our youngster just back from injury Arrons could be the next Stirling and how bout giving young Ferguson and Bigirimana a shot ? But Ferguson is also a winger, not a left back ffs.

    And what about Abied and Keman, who are attracting attention from some pretty good clubs, are we going to get rid of them, if we are to get rid of anybody it should be our present two or three central defenders and concentrate on rebuilding our defense, face it a sick note, an ageing Argentino, who probably deserves to either play the twilight of his carreer for either Palace or his home town club, I mean the guy has made a nice living here, as for Williamson, let’s not get into that.

    Gouffran ? Eh !

    And I just don’t get our other queball headed Frenchman, the guy who has pace, technique, but completely lacks a footballing brain , I think we should let him have another chance, that is at another club.

    Obviously Carr has made a mistake with Cabella, a pricey one, sell him back to a French side as quickly as possible before they find out, but no doubt we will take a hit on the price but what the hell.

    Anita a bit of a disappointment, but has an odd decent game, keep him we need a big squad for next season in the garbage euro tournament,same with Tiote.

    As for those about to sign for us, yeah I ‘ll take the striker from Montivideo and at least a couple of extra centre backs, which would give us a fairly decent side, good enough for mid table mediocrity and possibly surprise a couple of big sides and possibly ourselves to boot.

    That’s about it !

  48. Chuck, Hayek was born in Austria, but he taught at the London School of Economics, and Chicago like Milton Freedman. That Chicago University must be a nasty place which attracts the kind of people who like to torture kittens, as it was also the home of neo-conservatism with Leo Strauss and Bill Krystol.

    Milton Friedman actually disagreed with Hayek though. he was an even bigger headbanger. Friedman was more extreme in terms of ‘Laissez Faire’ lack of regulation, allowing banks to do whatever they like and that Government should just let banking and business do whatever they like with no regulation. Hayek didn’t believe in that completely. However he was totally wrong about a few things. For instance, he confidently predicted that a socially democratic welfare state like postwar Sweden would inevitably end in misery and become a totalitarian state in the end. Inspired by Hayek, Churchill in one of his little moments in the 1945 election campaign said that an Attlee Labour government would lead to a “Gestapo” when the embers of the war were still smouldering in the UK. He used Gestapo as Stalin and the Commies had been an ally up to that date.

    Of course, you don;t have to be American to know about MacCarthy’s red menace over there, persecuting everyone who was to the left of Attila the Hun. Much later in the 80s, Thatcher was often banging on about “reds under the bed” taking over the UK too every time a Union leader said something.

    Today, Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries didnt quite turn out like North Korea, where they don’t have Volvos and Ikea. They might not be the most exciting countries and are bloody freezing too, but they are consistently among the best in the world for happiness, social welfare, education, wealth, political freedom and democracy etc… After the war they had the same Social Democrat Prime Minister (Erlander) for over two decades, then his protege took over (Palme) and he was also Prime Minster for many years. It wasn’t totalitarianism though, it was what the people voted for.

  49. On Ferguson and Bigirimana, although Shane Ferguson does still look about 10, he is now 24 and has either been knacked (at Rangers), or struggling to keep his place in a struggling Championship team (Birmingham) over the last two seasons. He’s no longer one of those bairns for the future. Bigiramana’s “illness” has been kept quiet, but I do remeber him saying something about having a condition which didn’t stop him playing in the England, but stopped him playing in Scotland? I used to like Vuckic, the one success of the Rangers four. He’s still only 22.

  50. One wonders at those who still stand behind a the political and economic system of dog eat dog, which has been proven over more than a century to be unworkable, certainly in the case of the majority, of course I’m talking about a Laisseze Faire system and it’s re-named Trickle Downs etc. with their worship of “The Market” a god like institution that will solve all problems.

    It was a schadenfreude moment for me when Alan Greenspan with his indecipherable explanations concerning the economy plus his slavish belief in the world view of that other fraud Aynn Rand, when he admitted he had been wrong in many of his assumptions, which was an undeniable fact following the crash of 08, which was brought about by the rolling back of many of the curbs brought into force following the great depression of the thirties, that and lack of enforcement of laws still in effect which in turn allowed Wall Street to introduce a slew of new computer generated trading system barely understood by the heads of money management firms who understandably certainly didn’t object to as profits rolled in.

    Greed is good, the rallying cry of Wall Street, the heart of capitalism, who’s “K street”lackys spread enough legal bribes to members of both houses, which without they coulddn’t get elected or re-elected resulting in, those with mega bucks running the country, which has overseen the greatest transfer of wealth in history, in an upward direction and don’t think the recently elected conservatives have not taken stock of that, just look at the recently proposed budget.

    And yes it should be obviouse to all the Scandanavian countries have since the end of ww2 been at least a decade ahead of the rest of the world as far as setting up their social systems.

    A combination of private industry and a mostly social system working in harmony, together with an egalitarian agreement where private industry agrees to pay their fare share of taxes, not by
    setting up offshore tax shelters, etc.

    On the other hand the benefits from the social system don’t come cheap, though if one examines most other similar systems , where hidden taxes, sales tax, state and local taxes ,which include school taxes, VAT,etc. the Scandanavians are just more up front in not hiding the fact they have agreed to finance such a system.

    Of course it’s much easier with a smaller and somewhat racially homogenises population, (though they have taken in a number of political and economic refugees over the decades following Ww2)

    Though one can fool the voting public for part of the time, the pendulum of politics will continue to
    Swing back and forth, just look at the political swings of the second half of the twentieth and into the current century, proves this point, and with the current availability ( most people having access to whatever information they need) of information instantaneously, it will become a different world, with change enforced by the majority!

    Not the supr rich minority,which is how it should be ‘ no ?

  51. I’m curious to see what kind of side we will end up with by the time the window finally closes, with a few more bucks spent, plus limit the outgoing to those who haven’t cut the mustard, it’s possible we could end up with an entertaining side that could win a few games.

    I’m not looking for European competition, but by comparing the various combinations in order to qualify, cup winner, fair play side, etc there’s that possibility, though many sides including the newcomers are also spending big, guess it’s a case of no one wanting to go back to the second tier, with it’s wage and general income so far behind the revenues earned by premiership sides, better to take a chance on spending a good part of the revenues from the PL while still available.

    It appears to me the funding of sides recently relegated is a bit unfair, giving them an advantage over those already in the second tier, which could possibly result in the same sides consistently going up and down like an elevator, after all it’s all about dosh innit ?

    Yeah the way things are going, the clubs future ain’t looking too bad, course that depends on who else we bring in and who we hold onto, so you guys who covet those east end stand tickets, this is your big chance, all carefully arranged by Ashley, or you could refrain entirely and ensure the club is doing the right thing by only attending selective games, which would no doubt send a message to our dear leader that indicates the fans have had enough of the relegation threatened sides of Pardew and his recently departed loser coaches and are for the moment holding him to his promises of not being satisfied untill we win sommat .

    So go Ashley ! No not away, what I mean is keep spending until we have a winning side, just look at how much MU are spending in comparison, more for one player than we have spent in total, if it makes you feel any better, hey you might just enjoy owning a winning side, certainly better than a the bunch of losers we have watched over the last few years, right ?

  52. Chuck says:
    July 26, 2015 at 11:03 am

    “And yes it should be obviouse to all the Scandanavian countries have since the end of ww2 been at least a decade ahead of the rest of the world as far as setting up their social systems.”

    Britain was very similar after the war, but there were differences. Sweden had decades of continuous Social Democratic rule and wasn’t ravaged and in debt from WW2 in the same way as the UK as it was neutral. Unlike the Swedish Social Democrats, Attlee existed in a more turbulent arena and only lasted six years or so. Despite famously having more votes than Churchill in his third election, he still lost in the British ‘first past the post’ system in terms of number of seats. However despite this, Attlee was a very important leader who established a postwar Keynesian consensus for both Labour and Conservative governments after him which lasted until the late 70s. As a historian whose name I can;t quite remember now suggested, the ordinary British people wanted a reward after five years of total war, not Churchill’s pre-war world where the poorer classes knew their place.

    The postwar consensus included one of the very best socially democratic health, social security and housing systems for ordinary folk in the world, despite the fact that the UK was recovering the ashes of postwar financial turbulence and was very highly in debt to the Yanks. Britain’s military spending was still absolutely huge as well with worldwide commitments like the US and we had to build an Atom bomb too.

    Thatcher was another important leader because she smashed the postwar consensus. She was also the last British prime minister who was a real world leader because she took these new ideas to Reagan in the US, and beyond, leading the way with deregulated banking etc. All the Hayeks and the Milton Friedmans came into prominence with the new way of running things.

    Below is a ripping yarn from the film maker, Adam Curtis. As the story says: “It is a rollicking saga that involves all sorts of things not normally associated with think tanks – chickens, pirate radio, retired colonels, Jean Paul Sartre, Screaming Lord Sutch, and at its heart is a dramatic and brutal killing committed by one of the very men who helped bring about the resurgence of the free market in Britain.” It’s about Hayek as well, and the creation of the curse of modern politics, think tanks. It’s a really good read. Adam Curtis’s stories and films are always very entertaining.

  53. I totally agree in regard to the platform presented by the Attlee government and all they achieved, though not neccessarily agreeing on certain nationalisation programs, some industries are better run by the private sector, one of which was road transport.

    On the other hand the rail system seemed to operate better as a nationalised system, as did local city transport and I remember the old LNER and other private systems that proceeded British Rail, the difference being the nationalised systems profits were pillowed back into the systems infrastructure, rather than payed to ownership, who by the way were handsomely rewarded during the nationalisation process.

    On the other hand the policies of rail , we’re totally outdated, continuing to build old fashioned steam engines years after it became obvious that electric and diesel systems were the future of rail propulsion.

    But the jewel in the crown (not talking about Injah here)was the NHS which was bitterly opposed by the BMA (the association for Doctors/physicians) and was only gained in the words of Ernest Bevan I believe “We stuffed their mouths with gold”, same thing here in the US the opposition to so called Obamacare led by the Insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmacuticalls, etc was enormous .

    My personal feeling is medical care like education is an essential right, I also believe that most Brits don’t understand how
    Lucky the we’re

  54. Fortunate they are to have such a system..

    Plus few are aware of how much the post war Labor governments achieved , in healthcare, housing, while dealing with a devastated industrial base a half destroyed Europe, the beginning of the cold war, the collapse of Empire and paying off not only ww2 debt, but the remains of ww1debts also.

    Of course everyone is now middle class, few admitting to being working class and feel the conservatives the so called party of business are more suited to run the country at this time, being the present Labor party is in a somewhat chaotic state, with weak leadership, lets see !
    you could be mistaken, but for certain there’s a definite lack of ideas in comparison to that of the Atlee government, who’s achievements were enormous especially when considering the time and were seldom given credit for their achievements.

  55. Being this is/was primarily a football blog, I would just like to add my five cents worth about the present rebuilding.

    I,m happy enough with the recent signings, but FFS our primary needs are to strengthen our awfull defensive unit, yeah I’m happy enough with Janmaat, think he’s better than the guy he replaced who can’t get a game for Spurs! also young Haidara, who I think will have a decent season, if he manages to avoid injury.

    It’s backup that concerns me that and the middle, with Colo. uncertain if he wants to stay, an injury prone Taylor, an untested young arrival from the second tier, we need help big time, we have got rid of Raylor and FFS turned down Leeds who put a bid in for Williamson, hey how much does it take .
    , I would have told them take him fo nowt, the guys a liability.

    Look we have one decent defender signed, let’s get a couple more, as there’s only Dummitt as backup ! I mean we have enough mid fielders and strikers we gotta concentrate on defense ffs, no ?

  56. By all appearances the club are about to put in an improved bid for Austen and call it a day.

    Unless someone informs Ashley that instead of concentrating on forwards, we should have first ensured our defense was taken care of,one has only to look at the number of goals against over the last few years to realise it was leaking goals , mainly because of poor central defenders and in spite of having Tiote sitting in front of the back four.

    Well of course on the other hand Pardew’s use of attacking wingbacks, Santon, Debuchy, without any subsequent coverage didn’t help, but then a lot of things he did we’re screwed up, it’s ironic if one thinks about it, his claim to have only coached the defense, leaving the attacking to his renown pair of coaches Stone and Carver (who continues to embarrass himself with ridiculess statements and should really seek some professional help) which resulted in neither accomplishing anything other than leaking goals and never scoring from set pieces.

    I would certainly like to see a big physical player brought in, someone good in the air, who could get the occasional goal (a la John Terry) from set pieces, plus keep the oppositions heads up when defending, we already have a guy in our recent signing from Anderlecht who can carry the ball out and lay it off comfortably and has the look of a guy who can put himself about, with the additional ability of a bit of pace.

    Yeah ! I don’t get this fascination with forwards and midfielders, when it’s obvious where our weaknesses lie.
    eh! Whadda ya gonna do ? It’s still a long on the job training bit.

  57. Chuck says:
    July 27, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    “I totally agree in regard to the platform presented by the Attlee government and all they achieved, though not neccessarily agreeing on certain nationalisation programs, some industries are better run by the private sector, one of which was road transport.”

    They were different times, Chuck. The war was over, but the UK still had to manage through exceptional times and take exceptional measures to rebuild itself. Wrong or right, nationalised road services lasted through Labour and Conservative governments until Thatcher privatised everything in the 80s.

    It was Aneurin Bevan, the other one was Ernie Bevin with an “i”, who was another member of Attlee’s cabinet to confuse matters. It was Aneurin Bevan who said he had to stuff doctors’ mouths with gold. Compared with Doctors and healthcare companies on your side of the pond, I really wouldn’t worry about it though. They seem to need several times as much per person as any others do around the world, even in other top first first world countries with superb, world leading healthcare. Actually, stuffing drug company bosses’ mouths with gold is prorbably a more appropriate one in the UK nowadays.

    Another huge aspect of the postwar rebuilding besides health was that of the huge social housing programme. Most of it has been sold off now, prompting a huge housing crisis for the less wealthy with exploding house prices, especially in London. Because of this and an ageing population of retired people on pensions, benefit bills are spiralling, because with the lack of low cost scial housing, huge commercial rents are being paid in housing benefit to dodgy landlords making a killing with sub-standard accomodation. If the low rent social housing stock had been preserved, this wouldn’t have been a problem.

    On the football, I wouldn’t throw north of £10 million on Charlie Austin. I think I’ve used the example before but I still think he could end up as another Grant Holt. There are other examples but that was the one which came into my head first.

  58. I have been informed that the server could be down for possibly a few hours or so tomorrow or the day after that as Hugh is moving things on to another server.

  59. Yeah when one considers the amount of problems facing the newly elected Labor government, it took Herculean efforts to even deal with with the post war necessities, never mind introducing a whole new social system, in retrospect both Atlee and his cabinet were never given the credit they deserved.

    Unfortunately it took someone like Blair to destroy the Labor Party, no more than a conservative in sheeps clothing, as his policies had little to do with those of the founding TradeUnionists movement.

    Much like Slick Willie did with the Democratic Party, the policy being gain the vote of the centre, those who basically wavered not really having aliegance to either side, of course the policies appealed to many, on both sides of the pond, basically the non blue collar or those who considered themselves other than a member of that class.

    It appears the real politic winners of the recent general election were in fact the SNP, who are doing quite well, thank you and if the North East of England seriously thought about it, they would be better to join forces with them, as I don’t see any chance of a resurrection of this present squabbling and totally lost Labor Party, who have no clue as to what they have in common with each other, neither the old left nor the Blairite new labor.

    Hopefully there may be an alignment of the nationalist parties and other small parties, the Greens
    and Labor to oppose this present government as I see little to benefit those who don’t belong to the wealthy classes, what most of the electorate don’t understand is , the governing parties in a nutshell are in charge of the distribution of wealth and to vote against your interests is both stupid and ignorant, but hey whadda I know.

  60. Chuck says:
    July 29, 2015 at 10:48 am

    “Yeah when one considers the amount of problems facing the newly elected Labor government, it took Herculean efforts to even deal with with the post war necessities, never mind introducing a whole new social system, in retrospect both Atlee and his cabinet were never given the credit they deserved.”

    I don’t know about Attlee not being given the credit he deserved. Whenever they try to measure these things the UK, he usually comes out as Britain’s greatest Prime Minsiter of the 20th Century. I daresay it’s ditto with FD Roosevelt over there. And yet there is the cognitive dissonace that the principles which made them two of the most respected US/UK leaders in history are now derided as naive, stupid, “Socialist” and always bound to failure.

    “It appears the real politic winners of the recent general election were in fact the SNP, who are doing quite well, thank you and if the North East of England seriously thought about it, they would be better to join forces with them”

    That would be daft, which is one of the reasons why Scotland itself voted to remain as part of the UK. Scotland would have a huge deficit without the support of taxpayers in England. Full fiscal devolution without the Barnet formula would leave Scotland in big trouble, never mind the North East. On top of that, their has been an oil price crash which would have slaughtered the economy of an independent Scotland, and Scottish oil production is on the down slope anyway now. The real argument which has pushed the SNP forward is the behaviour of the current Tory Government and a still Blairite Labour Party which doesn’t reperesent its traditional heartland anymore, preferring to chase little groups of more right wing swing voters in the south of England and treating their proper supporters in places like Tyneside and Clydeside like shit. I don;t as much about the US as you do, Chuck, but I know enough to know that the situation is identical in the US with regards to targeted interest groups where the fate of over 300 million is decided by pandering to a tiny set of particular interest groups which are lucky enough to be the narrow difference between victory and defeat.

    It’s the same with the way consumers are treated by many businesses nowadays. It used to be thought of as a good thing for a business to look after it’s regular longstanding customers and treat them very well to keep them. Nowadays, companies constantly chase for new business with countless discount offers for new customers, but takes their longstanding customers completely for granted, often charging them far more than the customer who has only been with them for five minutes.

  61. In the US polls usually decide in advance which way people will vote , so sophisticated have become their methods, which leaves a small minority of states to focus on, the swing states between the red ( republican) and Blue ( democrats).

    the once Democratic solid south as it was known was lost during the civil rights era, when Johnson was president, being democratic resulted from the party of Lincoln and the civil war government being the republican party, in which case it’s not difficult to figure out why the switched, all about race.

    Of course the civil rights act has enabled many more African Americans to register and become a force in politics, despite the efforts to prevent them , but basically the deep south and the mostly plains states and mostly rural areas vie against the old industrial states and large cities of the north an Midwest including the west coast, but not exclusively.

    In between as I mentioned are a few key states that according to the issues can swing things either way, then there is the growing Latino vote now I believe larger than the black vote, which is why we have two so called Latino candidates running under the Republican banner .

    Being I’m presently on this side of the pond I don’t really follow the political developments there, being it’s a year long process with plenty of time for many to self immolate, yeah some of the things these people state and the degree of ignorance for possible world leaders is unbelievable, the obvious conclusion is few are actually qualified and the process usually makes that obvious.

    Though in certain cases the voting publics opinions just happen to co-incide with that of certain candidates no matter how bizarre (Regan / Bush) resulting in their becoming elected.

    Of course both Slick Willy and Blair were very similar despite the differences of both countries systems, win that wavering centre and the jobs yours, both then being super glib, with personalities it was only a matter of not stepping into shit, which they both did eventually, bit of that political arrogance of power coming to the fore.

    Well we know who you have for the next five years or so, though with not a great majority, but certainly puts them in a better situation than in the co-alition with the Lib -Dems, Labors job is to attempt with the aid of the smaller partys to not allow thie conservatives to pass much in the way of legislation, while at the same time attempt to figure out who the hell they want to be in the next election.

    As for the upcoming US elections, I would dearly like to see someone like a Bernie Sanders get elected, but as I stated the political centre of the US is to the right of the Conservative Party, in which case the likely hood of their electing an independant Socialist is not exactly great, possibly Hilary, who really believes she is entitled and qualified, which I disagree with, but for the most part we know Slick Willy is there in the background as an advisor or Svengali .

  62. Chuck, I wrote a long reply to your comment yesterday evening but the Internet swallowed it with the servers changing around. It seems to be ok now. I’ll have another go later on.

  63. As Noam Chomsky said, “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum”

    You only have to take one look at old Chomsky to know he’s a avowed sports hater but he raised an interesting point about sport and politics:

    “Well, let me give an example. When I’m driving, I sometimes turn on the radio and I find very often that what I’m listening to is a discussion of sports. These are telephone conversations. People call in and have long and intricate discussions, and it’s plain that quite a high degree of thought and analysis is going into that. People know a tremendous amount. They know all sorts of complicated details and enter into far-reaching discussion about whether the coach made the right decision yesterday and so on. These are ordinary people, not professionals, who are applying their intelligence and analytic skills in these areas and accumulating quite a lot of knowledge and, for all I know, understanding. On the other hand, when I hear people talk about, say, international affairs or domestic problems, it’s at a level of superficiality that’s beyond belief.”

    I suppose that sites like this one are a good example of that! Debate about the trivial are encouraged at every opportunity. Here’s one example from the last election

    Look at the headline “Labour: comparing Ed to Wallace isn’t damaging our brand…”

    “Brand” being the Labour party. Everthing is a “brand” now, even people are brands. Another big criticism levelled at Miliband was that he lived in a house with two kitchens (how dare a Labour Leader live in a house with two kitchens?). He was also constantly ridiculed for having a contorted face when caught on camera trying to eat a bacon sandwich which was too hot. There’s even a pretty long wikipedia entry about it:

    That is the kind of debate which is encouraged. Even supposedly serious journalists and political commentors were debating the impact of events such as bacon sandwichgate, the two kitchens revelations, looking like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit and the other ridiculous rubbish. I wonder what Thomas Paine would think of it all?

    My bearded, lefty schoolteacherlike local MP has officially taken the country by storm now and is currently the “red” hot favourite to win the Labour leadership. The three opposition candidates are awful, the political equivalent of generations of ill breeding gone wrong. They’re so politically inbred that they’re physically incapable of answering a question with anything but empty, robotic cliches and keyphrases about stuff like “aspiration” “hardworking families” etc. If they were over there they’d probably mention “Mom’s apple pie” too. However they cannot articualte anything about what steps they would take to achive that beyond the current Conservative status quo of bashing the poor, sick and disabled even more. Corbyn is the opposite and has awoken a sleeping giant, like the SNP did in Scotland.

    What happened to create this ‘Corbynmania’ against the script was this: Alot of Labour MPs further to the right nominated Corbyn to stand. To make themselves look good and democratic, they said that his more left wing view should be heard in the leadership contest. What they secretly thought that Corbyn would get smashed and ridiculed and that would be a final lesson to the real Labour (mwahahahah!). However, it looks like they’ve shot themselves in the foot, then shot another one which backfired and hit them in the eye!

    How’s that Bernie Sanders getting along?

  64. Here we go again, about to begin a new era with a new heed coach and a new set of back room staffers and under coaches, all supposedly selected by our experienced ex Engerland manager, with so far a bunch of decent signings.

    In which case all is forgiven, so you fans who have cancelled your season tickets, now is the time to get a renewal perhaps even finding a better spot.

    On closer examination, what we have got is a small squad, keeping guys like Williamson and the two Frenchmen, Obertan and Gouffran, oh I forgot we have a couplue more Cabella and our seldom played striker who came up with one goal last season, definitely a tribute to saint Carr our great heed scout, who can do no wrong.

    That and a head actually a coach that was fired from his last job as manager of a second tier club, who was also a failure managing in Germany and as the England team manager.

    Seems we have also brought back our youngsters who were out on loan (saved Ashley a few bob)
    Consolidating a side that totally lacks quality in depth, because Ashley refuses to pay for such a side, plus we are about to sell our best player Sissoko, in order to pay for both his replacement Wijnaldum and the prospect striker, it’s a case of smoke and mirrors, knowing Sissoko will earn a massive profit from one of the top clubs, a PR campaigne begins bigging up our yet to be proven replacements, then we sel Sissoko, while the fans are celebrating our signings.

    We then label other would be signings as too expensive and who’s clubs are greedy, fact is Ashley just ain’t gonna pay the going price-

    Why did we not dump Williamson, when Leeds were dumb enough to put a bid in for him ?

    So here we go again, with great expectations of a top eight spot, meaning anywhere from eighth to to seventeenth, nothing has changed, we will be fighting relegation again, just when is this guy gonna provide the fans with a side that is competitive, never!

    He’s only interested in profit, I don’t know how wealthy he wants to be, all I want is a bit of entertainment, along with the other fans and for him to stop his attempts at conning us or suffer from the results, a lack of customers which is already happening , not only that but WONGA shirts have become toxic and the fans are having their own manufactured.

    No more con games please, do the right thing an rebuild this side, with the priorities of a decent couple of central defenders and some quality on the bench, after all the club is making money and we got nobody in last season, or people will walk, as some have already done.

  65. Well you mentioned possibly the two men that I have any regard for, certainly Tom Paine was a hero of mine as is Chomsky, it’s unbelievable that Paine would still be considered as being a radical in to-days world.

    Yes sir that east Anglian corsett maker and member of thesociety of friends certainly shook the founding fathers up to no end, upsetting their minds and causing fear that others would become like minded.

    And yes what Chomsky was describing was noted by the Romans with the adage “bread and Circuses” keep their minds focused on things other than their economic conditions and what the leadership was up to.

    Certainly Milliband bears a certain responsibility with his lacklustre attempt at a campaigne and to think he was considered to the left of his brother,whom some appear to believe would have been a better choice of candidate, possibly those who still believe in the policies of the Blairite New Labor.

    But I can’t remember much of the Labor platform, possibly due to Millibands lack of any charisma
    his speeches lacking any convincing rhetoric. and even had they contained some relevant topics his delivery tended to smack of a drone like lack of conviction, which he just never overcame and I’m sure that his advisors must have been aware of, possibly the most boring ever general election.

    Yes if Labor are to make themselves relevant at some future date in time, there has to be changes, as IMO most of those outside the trade union movement think of Marxism as a failed policy and like Churchill describeing Democracy as a poor form of government except for the rest, while equating a laisse faire form of Concervative politics as being democracy.

    II was obvious that Blair hijacked the Labor government from the principles of it’s founders creating a completely different party,conservative/ lite or a return of the Liberal party, but certainly far from those founding principles and it’ s up to the same membership of to-days party to bring about a change that fits into our modern society, as thre party appear to be at a crossroads, with the old left being opposed by the Blairite younger remnance.

    Yes there has to be a consensus reached as to where this party is going, or like theLiberals will split into separate parties , leaving the country in the hands of the monied interests.

  66. Chomsky on when he asked himself the question “Why am I cheering for my local high school football team?”

    You could also say the same thing about gang culture. After all, why should local underprivileged youths from ethnic minorities or from local neighbourhoods spend their time blowing each other’s heads off because they live a few blocks away from each other?

  67. “Churchill describeing Democracy as a poor form of government except for the rest, while equating a laisse faire form of Concervative politics as being democracy.”

    Churchill is confusing. As well as being a war leader and a Conservative, he was a great social and welfare reformer with the Liberals. He actually moved the country away from a Laissez faire attiude, providing the underpinnings for a welfare state later taken much further by Attlee and Bevan. On the other hand, he was also an awful old 19th century racist relic who could say stunningly awful things like “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes.”

  68. Just dropped in to see if anything had changed. Short answer no! Oh it would seem there is only the “Odd Couple” running the blog Worky and Chuck that is. That I don’t mind I tend to agree with and enjoy much of what you say.
    Football wise all that has changed is a few names on the coaching staff the Ashley “System” is still firmly in place, a couple of signings to patch the last few seasons neglect. So no improvement really.
    Politics Well how crazy when some would have the Labour party become tory to get elected. Maggie did turn the clock back pre Attlee. She changed it from “Us and We” to “I and Me” greed did the rest.
    Sorry I have no faith in either Voting public or Newcastle United supporters both will get what they deserve.
    Even so this is still the best blog cheers.

  69. Worky
    The Newcastle United I knew is dead as I have said before. It has also been made clear to me that the Ashley “Legacy” stretches well into the future. Of my seven grandsons only one supported Newcastle briefly.
    Its the feeling of pity not the usual “banter” I get from them that is strange. How many more will be lost before Ashley has ruined it altogether.
    The Newcastle I knew has gone and I have come to terms with that at last. I don’t get angry anymore its like losing an old friend (And I have lost a few) it just leaves memories mostly good. I was around for the good years thankfully.
    Sorry if that’s a bit morbid but really I’m good with it.

  70. Nutmag, I think it is happening across the board and not just at Newcastle.
    I think Margaret Thatcher has destroyed Football in this country along with the miners.
    Ever since Hillsborough and The Taylor Report it has been one long death knell which is still going.

    They have basically sanitised Football to the point of irrelevance and it started with getting rid of the Working Class out of the game first who were seen as ills of the game.
    Football now is for the Middle classes and corporate commercial gentry.
    That’s why there is no atmosphere at St James’ Park because it is populated by day trippers, Students, Keeganites, And the prawn sandwich lot who have would have never ventured when it was standing.

    Ashley has just finished the job which The Halls and The Shepherds started 20 odd years ago.

    Look at that pathetic show which was The Community Shield which was more like a funeral march than a football match, Taking place in that “White Elephant” of a stadium named “Wembley” !

    There’s definitely something missing from football and the heart and soul has been ripped out of it.
    I was watching the two Challenge Cup Semi Finals from The Rugby League and the excitement, Will to win, Participation of the crowd reminded me of what football used to be like.

    I was at Headingley about a month ago to watch Leeds v Castleford in the derby and it was great !
    I stood on the terraces of The South Stand and it was like being back in The Gallowgate of the 80’s.

  71. Worky
    The football team and I use the term loosely.
    The Toon is still “yem” to me even though I haven’t lived there since the mid sixties again lots of good memories.
    Even though I add air raid sirens, clanking trams, and rationing. Living in one room “digs” in Harriet Street, Byker, when I served my apprenticeship was something never to forget.
    History will confirm the harm the Thatcher years did people refuse to admit what was stolen from their lives.
    All that my fathers generation fought for and achieved was taken for the price of a council house and a cheap share in a utility now owned by who?

  72. Ah you guys are just like the geezers we used to hear talking about the good old days, back in our youth, fact is there were no good old days.

    Gannin to a match in the day crammed in there with fifty odd thousand flat caps was no pick-nick
    Give me a nice comfortable Naugahyde seat with a good view plus a state of the art bog and a
    pint at half time in a nice clean bar, as opposed ti a corrugated iron bog crammed to the hilt with guys dying to take a leak not caring in what direction it travelled and an excuse for bovril that was awful, anything to warm your stomach, the good old days, yeah right !

    The only difference was the attitude and the fact being there were no top sides and every game was a possible win, with certainly more parity in the league, plus no segregation of fans, can you believe it.

    As for the City its self they f****d it up completely! Don’t get me started !

    At present I ‘m a bit confused as to what’s gonna happen next, the club appear to be desperate to sign the kid from Marseillaise, who we we’re after a couple of years ago, supposedly a boy wonder from Corsica.

    I’m also confused as to whether we are to sign any more player, being we need more quality in depth, but then when did we not ?

    I would ask McMenaman but it appears he’s as confused about it as I am, situation normal, guess they are not about to disclose that until all the seats are sold.

    Y’kna if Ashley doesn’t come through with his promises, the present lethargy and resentment could very well turn into a whole lotta empty seats, hope he realises that and the fact a winning side gets more tv time and in general earns more.

  73. The present discussions in regard to which direction would be the most sensible for the present Labor Party, that of Old Labor the party of Marx and The Trade Union Movement, or Labor Light ,
    the party of the Blairites.

    In a post war Britain obviously reforms and rebuilding were the prominent needs of those retuning from five years of fighting a bitter war, with jobs and housing foremost and a determined attitude to change the way the country was being run.

    Labor was the answer, a party promising a socialist future as opposed to that of a class driven Conservative party where the wealthy ran an economy that benefitted only their class ridden society.

    Following Labors post war victory, a determined labor party began a nationalisation of many industries Coal, the Rairoads, Airlines, road transport, etc.

    And introduced social program’s such as the NHS and. Number of social benefits such as child support etc., which were hard fought battles.

    The battles continue to this day, it’s all about the distribution of wealth , whether it goes to corporate welfare or social welfare, however things have changed considerably since that post war era.

    No longer are there thousands of shipyard workers on Tyneside pouring out of the yards at five pm. Or miners from hundreds of pits, steel workers in Consett and the factories lined up along Scotswood Rd.

    The deindustrialization of entire areas throughout the country, planned and executed by ythe conservative government of Maggie Thatcher, which devastated areas in Clydeside, the Northeast, the port city of Liverpool and the surrounding areas including Manchester Sheffield , well you all know where else.

    The one thing in common they shared was a militant trade union movement, which had never envisioned Britain the founder of the industrial revolution, now becoming a service industry based economy.

    The one person who understood it all was Blair, who having watched Clinton a relatively unknown sweep to power by his understanding of how the system worked, in other words, there will be certain safe areas of the country as opposed to areas in which there was no chance of winning, the idea was to concentrate on the swing area and by doing so capturing the undecided vote of the centre.

    But that centre was difficult to define in the UK, because of the changes in a country very different to that of the early post war years, where many children of blue collar workers had other ideas and with the availability of third level education, found themselves in a different social class, this was the people he zeroed in on, even changing the name of the Party, to New Labor, with which they the sons and daughters felt comfortable with a young glib party leader with a new direction with which they felt comfortable, also the party of their parents simply changed to suit the present conditions.

    What that direction was I’m not sure an amalgamation of old and new it’s main policy to get re-elected at any cost and it’s downfall, no real direction, totally unprepared for a fast approaching
    future world something they and old Labor have in common, though i have to admitt the servile attitude and the role he played in Bush’s Iraqi war certainly didn’t help.

    Unfortunately the present Conservative party are running circles around a Labor party engaged in a struggle between Old Labor and the Blairite younger remnants, each without any clearly defined policies, one (Old Labor) having lost sight of a constantly changing world resulting in an inability to adapt and chage, the other (the Blairites) never having any clearly defined policies other than to get re-elected

    There’s going to be a bloodbath though initiated by a bunch of lightweights without any direction, perhaps it’s something that’s needed to see who emerges with the ability to both lead and give the party the direction it presently needs in this information driven world we all live in.

    As for Cameron, no heavyweight, should had over the leadership before it becomes apparent he’s nothing but a bluffer, though at present riding the crest, enjoy it while it lasts.

    Though I would certainly keep an eye on Osbourn the chancellor of the exchequer, who in my opinion will eventually take over the leadership of the party, leaving the present somewhat chaotic and leaderless Labor out of contention for the forseeable future.


  74. Chuck, golden ages depends on who you are. What might be a golden age for some can be a very bad period for others I suppose. For example in the UK, the 80s was a very good time for Porsche driving twats in red braces who worked in the City of London, but a very bad one for miners. However on Nutmag’s point you get a direction of travel in society, sometimes it goes one way, sometimes the other. Though the UK was a mess after the war and there was more than enough austerity to go ’round, the direction of travel between then until the seventies in terms of real wages, working conditions and rights, housing etc was always upwards from ordinary working people. Since then it has gone progressively downwards. That isn’t an opinion or looking through rose coloured spectacles, it’s statistics.

  75. Chuck, golden ages depends on who you are. What might be a golden age for some can be a very bad period for others. For example in the UK, the 80s was a very good time for Porsche driving twats in red braces who worked in the City of London, but a very bad one for miners. However on Nutmag’s point you get a direction of travel in society, sometimes it goes one way, sometimes the other. From WW2 until the seventies, the direction in terms of real wages, working conditions and rights, civil rights, housing etc for ordinary people was always upwards. Since then it has gone progressively downwards. That isn’t an opinion or looking through rose coloured spectacles, it’s statistics.

  76. Chuck
    Don’t see where you got the impression of Good old days from. Hey you can get nuggets of good in the bleakest of times. Only with NUFC they are very rare and now with Ashley none existent.
    The time you refer too the Attlee government came after years of struggle, that moment in time when it was realised things had to change, that moment in time when they had the power. Unfortunately human nature being human nature it was lost. Someone once said the biggest fault a good Labour government has it makes people think they are Tories.

  77. Yes I understand there were differences between the so called good old days and the present with most middle aged and older criticising the changing times.

    The fact that in going to a bar in New York, anyone under fifty usually first place their smart phone on the bar and constantly check it, whereas geezers like myself feel that pubs/bars are a place for live conversations, not a vicarious relationship with someone not present.

    We also tend to bemoan the fact that kids no longer play outside, tending to prefer to either go on line or do something with an electronic device (and blame having a poor international football side on it)

    Fact is it’s just a changed world plus we all remember the criticism we went through as young people by our elders , nothing much has changed in that respect, sure Ashley’s not our ideal owner , but we’re the Seymours any different or less ruthless.

    As for the other stuff, going to a game for instance, the luxury of the state of the art stadium , which is St. James’ Park, certainly IMO is a much more attractive proposition than attending a game at the shithole it was in the early fifties as is life in general, the advances in living standards between then and now are phenomenal.

    Though I have to admitt that living in New York City wich was my base at the time during the sixties and seventies, even during the drop dead NY period where the city almost went bankrupt, with subway and garbage strikes commonplace and muggings just as common they were the best times of my life, including watching the” Billy Martin NY Yankees” which I suppose had a lot to do with my age at the time, but not only that, it just happened to be an exiting and revolutionary set of times in which to live and experience.

    But the memories of The early nineteen fifties in a postwar Newcastle were fairly bleak, with little to recommend.

  78. This being a football blog I feel that I’m obliged to say something meaningfully about football.
    Though nothing comes to mind at this time.
    Which is i suppose that’s a commonly shared feeling among many NUFC fans at this time.

    So I will just mention some feelings about our recent signings, who it appears Ashley has brought in to once and for all, avoid that Squeaky bum syndrome of almost being relegated.

    Yeah he has spent a few bucks on some interesting signings, if Mitrovic lives up to his present boasting he will be phenomenal, hmmm! let’s see.

    Another fairly vociferous signing who overstates his happiness in coming to Newcastle, is Wijnaldum, let’s see how happy he is on a raw day in February freezing his nuts off on a frost ridden pitch , playing against Stoke., or when no Big club comes in to whisk him to warmer and a more interesting climes.

    Of course it’s heartening to see three players who reflect (genuine) happiness to play for Newcastle, especially the third ,our African defender, who outdoes the other two in stating how happy and proud he is .

    But what about the rest ?

    Where are the rest, talking about those we didn’t sign last year and is this going to be it?

    I don’t think that’s exactly what the fans are expecting and it seems a bit disingenuous of our dear leader who couldn’t possibly expect this side to reach at least a top eight spot in the league with a side lacking in adequate defenders and quality in depth, so there have to be signings to follow.

    Not talking about a couple of prospects from the lower leagues or discards from MU. Or one of the other big sides, but decent players?

    Cause we the present disgruntled fans expect it and I’m sure if our wishes are not met, following eight years of nothingness, the result will be a number of seats without bums in them, face it the fans or many of them have reached a point of apathy where they no longer give a rats ass and would just as well play a round of golf or something equally boring, rather than watch the club play another season of stave of relegation football.

    Actually the have the alternative of gannin doom the road a few kilometres and doing the same thing by watching their neighbours,
    Nah! That wouldn’t work, you only have one shot at choosing a football team and that becomes a lifelong decision, like it or not.

  79. To-days news is full of the usual crap signifying nothing , with only the possible sale of our best player Sissoko to one of a number of EPL sides with almost a done deal being indicated by the media, though outnumbered by crap about how good our new coaches are, hell they dont have to be that good, comparing them to their predecessors and bullshit about how Mitrovic wants to be the new” Sheera” and how he’s gonna be the top striker in Europe , FFS if you listen to this guy he’s the second comming of Christ.

    Course Ed has jumped on the feel good bandwagon stating Ashley has fullfilled his promise to the fans, not exactly how I see it.

    From my perspective, the refusing of any offer by Leeds for Williamson is an indication of the direction Ashley intends to take, which so far is the signing of two Dutchmen, not that we’ll known
    and a twenty year old bullshitter, who’s self promotion leaves him with a lot to live up to.

    There is of course plenty of time to bring in the players we need, in order to live up to Ashley’s expectations of a top eight finish, which is about where the Worlds twentieth wealthiest club should be, at least.

    However the bookies are seldom wrong and if we sell Sissoko, that should be an indication to all fans that little has changed and those who are contemplating a renewal or the purchase of season tickets, keep that in mind.

    It’s clear the usual buying policies are being persued, lowball bids and the brinksmanship game, I mean if we are interested in signing Austin, FFS put in a bid or fugdaboudit.

    Yeah I know it’ big money and the art of making the deal requires time and tact, but how many seasons have we listened to the crap, we were about to make the deal and…….

    I mean why happened last year FFS.

    My advice to Ashley is, it’s time to put up or completely lose the fans and end up with empty seats , no shirts sold and constant bad publicity which could effect his real business, how does it look on tv where though hundreds of SD signs are in place, the fans are waving their own banners stating “Ashley Out” that and if he doesn’t strengthen the side it will again be threatened by relegation, if you don’t think so ask Robbie Savage.

  80. Chuck, it’s not about the generation gap, or your desire for a little luxury for your aching bones nowadays, it’s about a seismic change in the political, economic and social consensus.

    Having lived through it, it actually took a hell of alot to happen for Margaret Thatcher to win her second election. She wasn’t doing well at all. However things like Labour splitting in two pretty early on, and also having the opportunity to shove it right up General Galtieri in the Falklands were the kinds of events which just kept falling into her lap as if she was chosen by God or something.

  81. Yes, I understand certain unexpected events can change the course of history, as did the Fallklands/Malvinas event boost Thatchers political career, though from that point on both she and Major were lame ducks with no hope of retaining power,

    Though like Regan in the US, many likened their policies ( de-industrialism and the almost destruction of the Labor Union movement in the UK) (while Regan’s answer was taking on of a massive debt , with interest rateoffset to over15% by simply printing money plus the exporting of American jobs)

    Yes they were no friends of the average man in the street, though many simply didn’t and still don’t get it, obviously having just elected a party which they believe better understand the economic policies of the UK at this time.

    Sure they do, just look at the recently proposed budget,who takes the hit’s, but to then have a totally fractured Labor shadow government not challenge Osbourns policies and even agreeing with it in some quarters, I wonder what’ in store for the country in the next few years.

  82. And yeah my aching bones as you put it was only a metaphor for how things have changed from a country still full of wartime bomb ruins, with enormous debts both from WW1and 2 to the US,
    While trying to hold on to an an ageing empire and unwilling colonies, while demobilising but attempting to keep enough of a military presence by use of the so called “Z reservists” which later became The national servicemen of the fifties, utilised in Kenya and Cyprus, Palestine and other hot spots..

    It’ amazing how the times have changed and inevitablly so, Britain once the powerhouse of industry, with captive markets (the colonies) a massive fleet of warships to protect a forty million ton merchant fleet that carried the fruits of it’s trade, now employing it’ s present blue collar workforce in UK factories owned by both former WW 2 enemies and colonies, who’d a thunk it ?

    Though still a major force in world events and trying desperately to appear a world power, with
    a nuclear arsenal and armed forces costing far too much in comparison with their peer nations in Europe, I think the time has come to act as the small offshore European island it is, the SNP having it right.

    Which might be a policy that present Labor could make part of their future on the way to re establishing themselves as a viable and electable party, such waste as massive aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons to use against who FFS!

    Yes a re-evaluation of it’s role in the world, which will soon be dominated by those countries who with their massive populations and land masses are bound simply by economy of scale to be the worlds dominant economies, should be part of the UK’s political agenda.

  83. Have things changed between owner Mike Ashley and the NUFC fans with the fairly recent statement to the public by the owner ?

    Personally I doubt if there is anything more than an attempt to patch things up in order to both make his life easier and at the same time sell season tickets, in fact I believe it was done with a certain reluctance, but first and foremost business will always take preference with him, the reason for his obvious success.

    I don’t ever see him spendining like other clubs, the difference being he simply is not a football fan, sure he attends games and possibly gets a certain level of enjoyment from them,but a real fan of the game no!

    Not in the way most owners are, with a certain passion for the game, those who buy football clubs simply to enjoy and hopefully not lose too much money in that pursuit, like Abrahmovich,
    the investors in both Spurs and Arsenal, the owners of City, etc.

    On the other hand Mike Ashley is not alone as an owner who is there to make a profit, being it’s obvious that both American owners, the Glazers and both the previous and present owners of Liverpool were and are in it for the money.

    Though not willing to spend for success the Fenway Group, who bought Liverpool with a relationship something like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, in regard to Man. U.
    and Liverpool , but looking at the numbers Man U. earn from sponsorships, the Glazers have little choice but back De Gaal in his attempt to bring them back to where they were a few years ago, or lose their ability to demand the kind of money’s they currently enjoy.

    While Liverpool though successful during that priod almost twenty years ago, when money wasn’t the primary concern it is to day, are finding it difficult as are (the Boston Red Sox, with there small ancient stadium), which for the most part plays to a full house, kinda like Craven Cottage, simply have to expand Anfield and spend whatever it takes.

    Of course Ashley’s interests in NUFC are as an adjunct to his main business Sports Direct, both as an advertising board with more SD signs than one can count, but when compared to the earnings of most other current PL clubs falls short in earnings from sponsorships.

    One would think he being in that business, would be a step ahead, but appears not.

    The point is I believe there are two approaches one where money is spent in a passion for the sport another for monitory gain, obviously in Ashley’s case it’s the latter of the two, so we can’t
    expect much more than the possibility that in improving the side to where it could match it’s
    current world ranking in wealth, say a top six to eighth side, there is the possibility of earning more in profits from attendance, sponsorships and tv, plus eliminate any animosity between himself and the clubs fans.

    Who knows he may even find himself enjoying the game more and perhaps have a pint or two
    In celebration with the fans once more, certainly a more attractive future than the present adversarial one, no?

  84. Well it all starts again tomorrow. I was watching Channel Four News last night and there was another story on Mike Ashley about him banning most of the press. The Channel 4 reporter (a Newcastle United fan) even compared Ashley with President Asad of Syria at one point when he reflected on how he had been treated as a reporter by the two dictators.

  85. I think it’s fair scoreline.

    My opinion on the politics changed a bit during the Thatcher years. Hated the woman but I think she was the last to govern by a philosophy. The Third Way and such. Now they govern to get in next time around.

    Labour is currently so obvious about it it’s embarrassing. Regan was just a puppet. He had no brains and that’s obvious. He was not responsible for America at that time. People talk about ‘his policies’ but they were formed for him by the backroom team. He was just a failed actor who stood up and spoke at the behest of others. I cannot believe anyone thinks Regan had policies. He’s just too stupid. I doubt he could tie his shoe laces.

    After Thatcher they had a genuine nice guy with Major (and I am not Tory by a long way). Someone who empathised. I really think he was. But they self-destructed with scandal after scandal. I will admit to being left wing for most of my life but I thought Major cared. Genuinely. Blair didn’t. He cared about himself and thus has politics gone since. Both US and UK.

    One has to be careful with philosophy. Because in general it does not work.

  86. The problem I have with philosophy is that it’s all well and good on paper but real people don’t work like that. To a certain extent we’re Keynesian but not completely.

    I think Rousseau summed it up best: democracy is slavery. And I think that’s true because the State enforces it. Try as you might, you can’t get rid of it unless you really do drop out, off the radar. And that’s hard.

    We are slaves to the state. There is no other option in the modern world. If you don’t engage with the State in some way you’re dead. We can’t not do that because we’d have to go to the Beacons to disengage and live in a tent. And crap in a hole. And then we’d be wondering if there’s a nice hotel room somewhere close.

    The trouble with philosophy is that comes up against people. One cannot survive by ideals.

    I have a big problem with philosophers because they’ve never lived the life.

    Take myself for instance. I could certainly do a night in a tent. With enough beer I might last the whole night. But, and this is the point, I don’t want to. I want toilets that work, beds that are comfortable and a cat that hates every living thing except me.

    I like my cat’s philosophy.

    This is why we’re not communists. There is the hope that by bettering ourselves we better everyone else. And then we’re getting Smithian. But that’s what we are.

  87. Hugh

    I believe you may not realise RR learned about politics in the early days of Hollywood he being a screen actors union leader, quite a lefty in fact but later possibly saw the rewards of the opposite side of the street , becoming the Govenor of the state of California ( though so did Arnold Shwartzinegger)) a not unimpressive feat.

    But I tend to agree he certainly was a delegator , though of the policies of the Neo Liberals and the school of economics of Milton Friedman at the Chcago school of Economics, which was fed to him by his ever present advisor the Svengali like Regan, (no relation)

    Of course I also believe contrary to his normal roles in Hollywood films , this was his best ever role, convincing the vast American public that all was well in the world and the US was about to finally bankrupt the corrupt system in the Soviet Union, by forging ahead with Star Wars, which was the ultimate weapon.

    Which in turn began the final throes of that system in both the Soviet Union and in eastern Europe in general, which was about to collapse in any case.

    Of course we have the remnants of those Neo liberals in the form of the Koch brothers, it is always the super rich who control the Capitalist system in the US, from the beginning of the twentieth century when The Rockerfellers and their robber Barron friends advocates an immigration policy that would prevent those radical Italian socialists and Anarchists from entering the country.

    To days billionaires, simply feed the neccessary monies, quite legally , through their lobbyists bag men friends from “K”street , in order to have the best politicians money can buy elected, in order to introduce whichever laws and policies meet their approval.

    The more things change , the more they stay the same.

  88. As I stated somewhere in this blog, if only people voted their interests in the many democratic forms of government worldwide which results are primarily “the distribution of wealth” which is either social welfare for the rich or poor.
    In to-days world it’ s obvious which direction is benefitting, having the greatest ever difference between the wealthy classes and the middle class and poor.
    To then elect a government who benefit those wealthy classes by both the poor and middle classes is obviously by a deluded or totally ignorant electorate, then again there’s no accounting for
    what people are willing to believe

  89. Hugh de Payen says:
    August 9, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    “The problem I have with philosophy is that it’s all well and good on paper but real people don’t work like that.”

    Hugh, you sound like Hitler again :-) In Mein Kampf, he wrote: “Extraordinary geniuses make no allowances for ordinary humanity.”

    It’s also a cliche and if we put aside ordinary philosophers and followed your cat’s philosophy instead, we wouldn’t even be shitting in a hole, and we’d be eating rats.

    Reagan wasn’t as stupid as he seemed to some. He was actually quite intelligent and very highly politically motivated. As Chuck mentioned, he was head of the Screen Actors guild, even flirted with Communism and was moniored by the FBI as a likely Commie. As often happens though, those who flip from one side to the other are often the most dangerous ones, Blair being another example. Neo Conservative actually means someone who has travelled from the left wing to the right wing (or as they put it “Liberals who were mugged by reality”). They end up being even bigger twats than the old school right wing politicians. This is because they become every bad stereotype they used to have about their former enemies when they were left wing.

    Getting back to Reagan, his relationship with unions eventually turned very sour indeed. I saw a thing about him once where the film crew unions tried to take over Reagan’s Screen Actors Guild, it got nasty and at one stage he was supposedly even threatened with an acid attack (movie actor, face etc…). That didn’t get to scar him literally in the end, but Reagan totally flipped politically and the great Commie slayer was born.

    Watch Reagan’s Madison Foundation interview as I did many years ago. It contains some huge lies and total bollocks, but Reagan isn’t stupid by any means. Bush II was stupid and a much better target for those kinds of accusations.

  90. Hugh de Payen says:
    August 9, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    “I have a big problem with philosophers because they’ve never lived the life.”

    Philosophy means to seek wisdom. Why do you have a big problem with that? Without philosophy we would still be in the dark ages.

    Some of the very greatest philosphers like Kant did little in their lives and others like Thomas Paine were in the thick of everything. Though Marx said Philosophers have only interprepreted the world and the point is to change it, it was Paine who stirred up the American Revolution and inspired it when it seemed lost. He was in the middle of the French one, and even faced the guilllotine in the terror, only surviving because of a stupid prison officer. He was easily the most read author of his day, and by a long way too. The ordinary people couldn’t get enough of his books and they were all the bestsellers of their day. Without people like Kant, Paine, Voltaire, Rousseau, Hume, Locke, Smith, Nietzsche, Marx and so on we might all still be worrying about burning in hell.

  91. Worky

    Couldn’t have said it better myself !

    This is becoming disturbing, afraid we are agreeing too much, better having something to disagree about, such as the role of many Ukranians during the great patriotic war.

    Of course in regard to Reagan, it’s now commonly accepted his mental condition was a problem during the latter stages of his presidency and who knows who was actually running things,

    The tv networks in the US must be enjoying the latest reality show, the presidential debates, which is anything but reality, I can’t imagine what either Putin or the Chinese party leaders make of the clowns vying for the Republican nomination, they should be afraid, very afraid, as it’s possible we could elect one of these clowns, after all who thought we would elect Bush, not only once but twice.

  92. Putin takes a bit of beating as a risible, ridiculous man anyway. That interview of Reagan was in 1991, after his retirement and he certainly seemed ok there.

    Chuck, Both Hugh and myself are trying stuff with the comments. I thought I’d done my thing before but I left something out. I’ve done it properly now. Kim Jong Un has been trying to break in too. Try commenting again and if it doesn’t post straight away, try turning your modem right off for at least 10 minutes, have an Amstel and turn it back on again. I got your e.mail too but I’ve only just seen it.

  93. Just reading about the recent furory, caused by Mourinho’s criticism of a member of the clubs medical staff, by everyone and his brother including of course an Australian cricket or Rugby medical official, claiming Mourinho was 100% wrong and should immidately apologise

    In which case I would like to know who the f**k is running the Chelsea club the medical doctor or Mourinho?

    Look there’s certainly a problem at time with concussions and other dangers with head injuries, but we are all aware that both diving and stopping the game for tactical reasons has become commonplace, which in turn causes the flow of the game to be interrupted and possibly result in an advantage for one side.

    I certainly understand Mourinho’s anger at his physio stopping and forcing one of his best players to leave the pitch until she ascertained he was able to continue, which he did and who may have only been looking for a free kick and emphasising the fact he is targeted by opposing teams because of his outstanding skills as are many skillful players.

    There are lots of reasons to protect players, but face it in many cases there is as many academy award scenarios as actual fouls that take place, which in turn begs the question are the present rules and the differing ways referees use in officiating them sufficient, or should there be changes made.

    Certainly one hates to see the general flow of the game to be reduced to stops and starts football, the general mayhem inside the box during set plays (shirt pulling , hugging , pushing etc. has to be addressed.

    Time killing, another problem and the arbitrary amounts of time added on seldom reflects the actual time wasted, in which case a rule regarding time wasting should be introduced, either that or a time clock,which stops every time play stops and being the actual amount of play during a forty five minute period seldom exceed thirty minutes, make it two thirty minute actual playing time periods, viola!problem solved.

    Another arbitrary ruling is the present form of the offside rule, how many understand it and how arbitrary it has become, change it back to it’s original form, please.

    During my lifetime watching the game the one introduction I detested more than anything was the introduction of the card system, where not only does an infraction of the game taking place result in being punished, but future games also, what the hell is that about,an accumulation of yellow cards or a red card will actually ban a player from future games, which is irrational.

    Instead Rugby in it’s wisdom has introduced a much better system, an instant reduction of players from one side for a period of time, Instant judgement and sentence known as the “sin bin”
    also used in pro Ice Hockey plus Rugby also use video to ensure certain plays were justified by the decision of the ref or not.

    Yes I’m sure there are those who may oppose such changes with various argument and I certainly believe to change the game too mich ( by say, taking the human element from the game)
    But I believe the game itself has changed over time, with the introduction of certain influences, mainly cultural, certainly one can’t have a league like the EPL with it’s amount of foreign players ,each bringing with them differing cultural approaches to the game.

    For instance at one time shirt pulling seldom if ever accured in the British game and to Spit at someone was totally unacceptable, Surrounding refs following certain referees decisions, yes the game has changed considerably over time, for the better ? Remains to be seen, should there be a revision of certain aspects of the game in order to improve the game, absolutely.

  94. Chuck says:
    August 13, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    “Just reading about the recent furory, caused by Mourinho’s criticism of a member of the clubs medical staff, by everyone and his brother including of course an Australian cricket or Rugby medical official, claiming Mourinho was 100% wrong and should immidately apologise

    “In which case I would like to know who the f**k is running the Chelsea club the medical doctor or Mourinho?”

    Well you’re getting sucked into it just like they are, Chuck. :-) It’s the way things are nowadays, people get all furious and ready to attack each other over absolute crap, like Kim Kardashian’s fat arse or whatever, then it all blows over and there’s a “furore” about something else. Maybe it’s always been human nature but things are different now with the overload of the communications revolution. Alot of people who don’t get much attention usually get on TV to comment about the furore and it makes them feel important and it gets their face on TV.

    I’m still trying things with the comments, Chuck.

  95. Chuck says:
    August 14, 2015 at 11:19 am


    “Are you attempting a completely new format or summat ?”

    Chuck, did that comment go straight through or did Hugh have to approve it?

  96. ermm ! I guess it went through,though I switched to the Beeb news immediately after , I take it that’s the system working if not having to await Hugh’s approval ?

    I think I get what’s happening.

  97. We just kept trying different stuff until something worked, but we needed you to comment before we knew whether it worked or not, Chuck.

    Another game to watch. It’s nice to have one at the correct time for a change.

  98. Normally I get most games live in the US, but not sure they broadcast every game on this side of the pond and would just as well watch it on my I -pad, as go to the pub where NUFC may not be the choice of most.

  99. Worky
    Yeah thanks will use it in future,watched the game “dahn a pub”.

    We are going to attack, get among them and score goals, sez Mac, well it sounds good but I never thought of this guy as much of a manager and following to-days game, he’s gotta show

    Anyone who starts Obertan is questionable in my opinion,

    Yes it’s early days, but we looked uncoordinated and lacked a midfield general to set up our
    attack, that is apart from the fact Swansea were far better set up and organised, which sez summat about both managers, I mean is this guy another Pardew ?

    We also lack quality in depth and need at a minimum two decent signings as we still look awful at the back and lacked any real goal chances up front.

    Is Mac experimenting, giving certain players an opportunity to show what they have got, or is this the best side he can put out, look I don’t want to jump all over this guy , but I already have my doubts we have another bullshitter here.

    Only time will tell.

  100. Hi Chuck,

    Pleased you can post now. Worky and I had a bit of a nightmare over that and think we’ve figured it out.

    I don’t think Mclaren is another Pardew Chuck. What I’m thinking he’s less worse. So it’s one step up.

    We are just two games in

    Give it time..

  101. In the earlier stages of the game I don’t think there’s much need for any tactical chin stroking, we just weren’t trying as hard as Swansea and that was without Janmaat’s kamikaze mission to get sent off. He might have been the biggest nutter today but we might have a Serbian psycho striker by the look of things. After Janmaat was sent off, McClaren didn;t try at all to get something out of the game against all the odds, he merely tried to stop losing by more than two goals. No bollocks.

    Coloccini should be hanging by a thread like one from a spiders web the way he’s playing sometimes nowadays. I would still have put Mike Williamson out there, even if I felt the same way about him as Chuck did (which I don’t)! That’s how good some of Coloccini’s performances are nowadays. Even Colback was shite.

  102. I just don’t get it, for more than one season now, our defense has leaked goals and apart from an ageing Colo. we have lacked a quality centre back.

    All one has to do is look at our goals against record and that was with an ex defender for a manager, who claimed to have concentrated on the defense, which in retrospect doesn’t make any sense, cause every fan has known (and still advocate strengthening the back line) that this is our biggest problem.

    On defense I can’t say enough about Swansea’s Williams, an outstanding defender,, we should be so lucky as to have someone like him.

    Look after Thauvin arrives we have to concentrate on bringing in a decent CD and possibly another one during the holidays window, if Ashley is looking for anywhere near an eighth place finish.

    I just find it bizarre that we haven’t concentrated on defense before anything else , or I’m I being
    unreasonable ?

  103. On the other hand though the team lacked any discernible plan either breaking out or as an organised defensive unit, it’s still early days and I suppose we should give the man a chance.

    The side has pace, which should be used, certainly a number of fast breakout systems should be employed to take advantage of that pace, instead our buildup was both slow and obvious and our defense was disorganised.

    There is the making of a decent side, if the right tactical choices are made, but I don’t believe “get among them and score a lotta goals” is much of a choice, certainly if the first two games are anything to go by.

    Fact is we need at least two decent centre backs and a couple of backup fullbacks , well I suppose Dummett has been delegated for that role, but he is only a squad player at best, if this side is to be a new approach and a side that reflects it’s current wealth, there has to be quality in depth, there are no shortcuts, that plus hang onto talented players such as Sissoko, better to spend on only a decouple of players each season, than to sell off our best players and end up signing five or six replacements that take half the season to adjust to both new team-mates and tactics.

    But then what do I know ?

  104. I have previously mentioned above, the arbitrary use of the present (no this years version, not last years) offside rule, it certainly has become an even more difficult and arbitrary rule to define and it’s about time to revert to the original that we all understand,
    What am I on about ? The decision last night that robbed Bournemouth of a victory, a clear cut offside not only by one , but three Liverpool players and in the words of Shearer “it was the Cop End,therefor a goal” !
    On the other hand the disallowed Bournemouth goal should have stood as there was no foul committed as far as I could see, though there was a clear cut call for a penalty IMO when Skirtel wrestled one of the Bournemouth forwards to the ground inside the Liverpool box.
    And Howe stating he would like clarification on decisions made during this game, where he and his side were robbed, is certainly understandable.
    It’s about time the ruling bodies did something about the standards or lack of them that takes place, by arbitration through video replays, as used by Rugby Union sides during questionable calls, which takes a minimum amount of time and barely interrupts the flow of the game.
    And yes I do understand the calls by most Refs. are immediate and don’t allow for re-evaluation,
    It’s a tough job, in which case a review via video, but only in cases of perhaps red cards, goals or other game effecting situations, if challenged by managers , should be allowed and should also be welcomed by the refs themselves.
    Of course there are those who will disagree, for whatever reasons, mainly it will stop the flow of the game, actually it will decrease the time of protest by players that normally takes place during and after an arbitrary decision.
    Another reason is of course, it takes the human factor out of the game, better a machine in combination with humans than an argument.
    Yeah but then what do I know ?

  105. Bournemouth have had it rough so far. They played well against Aston Villa but couldn’t finish themselves off when it came to the crunch.

    According to Transfermarkt, Bournemouth’s whole 27 man squad is worth the same as Diego Costa and it is worth £20 million less than the next cheapest squad, Norwich. If Eddie Howe can keep them up, it would be an achivemement up there with the great labours of Hercules.

  106. I was impressed by Howe and his no name bunch, they were cheated out of a three point victory bye other a poor or intimidated ref? I believe the latter of the two, hopefully he wasn’t paid off,

    Nah! That could never happen in the EPL, could it ?

    I’m sure Bournemouth will surprise some sides though, being they are well organised and play a high tempo game.

    I’m sure there will be more than one owner who will be looking at Howe as a possible candidate for his side, depending on how he fares in this the top division..

    As for NUFC, we go on spending on midfielders, trading up (supposedly) one Frenchman for his mirror image, which I don’t get.

    Though I believe Thauvin was considered someone special by Carr a couple of years ago and probably still wanted him , therefor the constant approaches made to Marseille these last few weeks, let’s see ?

    Another.twist to that story was Bielsa quit as manager of Marseille, possibly being his best players were sold from under him, certainly a coach/manager who has a history with a number of clubs and who I would really like to see manage in the EPL.

    Of course not all of his teams were successful but most were controversial as far as tactical alignments and certainly innovative to the degree, it took both time and patience for most players to understand what it was they were doing, resulting in having to have a certain amount of smarts in order to compliment his varying tactile innovations.

    When I look at the dull obvious managers like Pardew and depending on how we NUFC play, perhaps I will include Mr. mac., he Bielsa would be a breath of fresh air, but that would take a miracle, few owners in the EPL would be willing to take a chance on a manager with his reputation, wanting stability over anything and like Ashley a continuous PL presence, with it’s rewards, ah well !

  107. Watched the M.U., game against Bruges last night, was not impressed, a team that has spent the money they have, they looked average and I don’t see them going anywhere this season, though the transfer window will probably see some of the biggest deals of the year go through in these last days.

    The best game so far was City vs Chelsea, a great game of football, where City proved they were the better side and got the Chelsea owners attention, he opening the purse strings shortly after.

    Mourinho will possibly surprise everyone by whom he brings in and I certainly wouldn’t discount him repeating his last seasons effort, the guy knows how to win, then again Citeh looked unbeatable in their first two games and appear up for it this season.

    Looks like this could be one of the most entertaining seasons of football, certainly a lotta dosh has been spent all around, with the recently promoted sides determined to remain in the top division, though our neighbours Sunderland are already being dubbed as a relegation bound side.

  108. Chuck says:
    August 19, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    “Watched the M.U., game against Bruges last night, was not impressed, a team that has spent the money they have, they looked average and I don’t see them going anywhere this season”

    My ex young prospect, Memphis Depay was excellent as usual though. Manchester United their last marquee players, or sold Di Maria and didn’t want Falcao back. Van Persie’s gone, replaced by Chiquitita again. Their squad has actually fallen behind Arsenal’s now.

  109. Yep! The Glazers must be very concerned, here ‘s a guy who has spent (I believe) over two hundred million on players, but has ended up with little improvement in the side, talking about LVG,

    Appears he has a personality problem combined with a massive ego, not something that leads to success IMO.

    If a player like DeMaria can’t cut it, then who?

    Seems no one is interested in joining the club, I wonder why, the club has become something of a laughing stock, with outrageous amounts of money being randomly offered to various players who have no intention of moving, is LVG in fact any better than Moyes, who was never given a chance by either management or the players, who wanted him out.

    Well they got their wish, but the question arises, would Moyes have a better side in place at this time, had he been given the time and funding received by LVG.

  110. Oh, by the way what was the issue yesterday, as I couldn’t receive the blog , due to a lack of broadband availability ?

  111. To-morrows game against the might MUFC may be more interesting than entertaining, being MU have lost their mystique and are no longer feared in the EP?

    Not only that, but both managers are under pressure following a buying to rebuild summer, with both clubs spending heavily.

    Neither side showing the results, in fact struggling would better describe their present state, certainly Newcastle look a bit disorganised and lacking in many fields, giving the impression of not giving it their all, which at St. James’ Park is unacceptable with the fans.

    However it’s early days and we can perhaps put it down to new faces, a new manager and a change of tactics (actually there appeared to be no real tactical plan in either of our games played)

    Which makes for an interesting afternoon watching for signs of intent from both sides, with both managers and their tactical approaches on display and perhaps give the fans a bit of hope or the opposite, though there’s a hell of a lot more at stake for MU, with their kit and other deals under threat if they don’t produce this season.

    As for NUFC, it seems Ashley has realised that mediocrity can lead to relegation and kill the goose that lays that EPL funding, in which case he is willing to spend a few bucks to ensure mid -table spot, though it’s actually a case of over compensating for having spent nada last season on players.

    Where will we finish up, the big question being asked, along with how good is McClaren, we will see, but there are or shouldn’t be any great expectations IMO, other than with some of the quality players, we might enjoy a bit of entertaining football (I hope) which would be a change.

  112. Chuck says:
    August 21, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    “Oh, by the way what was the issue yesterday, as I couldn’t receive the blog , due to a lack of broadband availability ?”

    That was a “509” saying that the server has run out of its bandwith provision. Hugh has fixed it though.

    Chuck says:
    August 21, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    Yep! The Glazers must be very concerned, here ‘s a guy who has spent (I believe) over two hundred million on players, but has ended up with little improvement in the side, talking about LVG,

    “Appears he has a personality problem combined with a massive ego, not something that leads to success IMO.”

    Johan Cruyff would certainly agree with you that van Gaal has a “personality problem,” and van Gaal would say the same thing about about Cruyff. Like Cruyff, he is an obsinate, arrogant old sod with a massive ego who knows that his way is best way. They are the fighting Grand Dames of Dutch football. However, he’s won about 20 major trophies in a glittering career of success. He won the Champions League with Ajax, could you imagine that today? His teams can play some fantastic, exciting football and other top managers like Mourinho and Guardiola know how good he is.

  113. Worky

    In regard to your faith in LvG, you may be right , but face he has always had decent clubs with which to win and unlike Cruyff didn’t last too long at Barca.

    His present job is to get this mediocre MU side back to it’s winning ways, or lose massive sponsorship deals, he’s certainly not in for the long haul, or rebuilding for the future.

    But I suspect there’s a problem between himself and Woodward in making deals, else why these sudden bids all over the place and it might be embarrassing to them if the reason why they missed out on their last attempt to sign a striker was because of Woodward attempting to chisel Barca on the deal, but even more laughable that it was rumoured that the deal with Chelsea was negotiated by Fabrgas” wife, explaining the difference Between living in London and Manchester.

  114. Well the defence was alright this time, but I’ve certainly seen better performances from van Gaal teams than that. Fair play to Coloccini because he did actually have a good game today.

  115. Not a classic from a spectators point of view, though Newcastle did look a bit more organised and defending high gave MU some problems breaking out.

    Yes I have to agree we defended well, but had some luck also and could still use help in the back four.

    Though I was disappointed we didn’t use our pace to counter with as many as eight MU attackers playing deep in our end throughout, instead preferring to build slowly, with far too many lateral balls played.

    Whe you have pace in the side, use it, like in the late stages of the game when we broke fast with three players and came close to scoring! It’s both exciting to watch and can result in goals and I would think this side with it’s pace, could become quite effective by using this tactic.

    I would also like to see a bit more spirit from the side, as both clubs seemed to be playing a slow motion game, perhaps the fitness levels are not up to par yet.

    We may have seen what Mitrovic is capable of, with his header that came off the woodwork, let’s hope so, certainly Thauvin got a (welcome to the EPL few moments) and gave as good as he received, I expect big things from him, from what I saw to-day.

    A worthwhile away point to-day, from a not great game, whith the good news the side looked a bit more organised and hopefully can improve a lot more, we have some decent players but our build up when in possession takes far too long and uses too many lateral passes, allowing the opposition to organise themselves, I want to see us take advantage in numbers, which with a fast breakout at pace, can scare the hell outta the opposition and hopefully put the ball in the net, being we have a number of goal scorers now.

    I see where both managers appeared to be happy with their sides to-day, at least according to the media, which is nonsense, as I’m sure the fans expect a hell of a lot better performances than to-days, but then it’s early days with each side having made major changes, so hopefully we will see a big improvement sooner than later.

    Excuse time is over.

  116. One additional thing, Krul made a few good saves to-day along with a few blocks by our defenders and quite a few balls went directly too him, so he in fact had a pretty decent game, except for his kick outs many of which went to the opposition or out of play.

    Possession is important and to continually give it too the opposition, is not a good thing ,”practice”.

  117. Personally and this is only my opinion, I think that as NUFC are now above both Chelsea and Sunderland Steve The McQueen should be named as Manager of the Season; all references to Alex Ferguson being ‘Manager of the Decade’ should be deleted; the lack of European football is an irrelevance; the name of the stadium should be “We’re Better Than You Direct”, and none of the rest this season makes a jot of difference. We’re not top but no matter, it’s not big, and it’s not clever.

    Bask in the glory.

  118. KDS

    As you state, “it’s just your opinion” and that’s what blogs are about people’s opinions,no matter how strange.

  119. There are rumours to the effect both Obertan and Goufran are on their way out the door, possibly to pay for either Thauvin or an additional player yet to arrive (hopefully a centre back)

    Obertan has been a bit of an enigma in the sense he has all of the qualities, pace, technique, etc.
    but for some reason, never quite uses those gifts effectively, as for Goufran, no more than a decent squad player, but not someone you would go out of your way to sign.
    In which case the pair will not be missed and i’m sure Ashley keeps an eye on the bottom line in regard to this seasons transactions.

    Though the depth of the squad will play a factor if we are to engage ourselves in the never ending series which is the shit European cup, the one that earns no money but effects the clubs performance in league games, which I believe the club will as usual try to avoid, no matter what Ashley has said about silverware.

    I know I keep saying this, but we do have the making of a decent side and if we add to it in a discriminating way, (and stop selling our best talents) could in fact become a force to deal with in a couple of seasons.

    Success breeds success and it becomes easier to recruit decent young talent with a winning side
    though a lot has to do with location we know, without either you end up paying more and recruiting fewer of your choices.

  120. I mentioned earlier above about how Bournemouth were robbed by poor decisions by the ref.
    during their fixture against Liverpool and the fact they are a decent though no name side, well remember this name Wilson.

    This young man is completed a hat-trick yesterday and as I projected they would and are giving teams fits, a well drilled, very fit side who not only play an entertaining style of football, but I pproject to (if they continue as they are,) be around for another season.

    This the season of “The Big Bucks” could yet prove to be entertaining and possibly end up with a realignment of league standings not projected by the pundits, with recently promoted sides such as Swansea, Bournemouth and others surprising the so called elite sides of the division.h

    Take Newcastle’s game against MU for instance, it’s only recently that teams have gone to Old Trafford, believing they can get a win, perhaps once that mystique is ended, it may become commonplace not only there but we may end up with a greater balance between the clubs, with no longer per determined results, like that time that existed gprior to the seventies.

  121. My problem is not so much the actual football arguments. It’s my rotating dish. I’m now quite adept at Croatian, Moldovian and Finnish. I know ‘reggie’ means half time anywhere in Europe.

  122. Hugh

    So that’s. two Indo European languages and one Asian based, I would consider that quite a decent learning result from adjusting your dish and probably the rest of the non existent contributors to the present blog are in full agreement.

    What’s next ?

  123. Although Newcastle united defended well against Manchester united during their game over the weekend, I still insist the side needs a decent centre half, just like Chelsea are dedicated to signing a replacement for John Terry mainly the young Everton and Engerland player Stones.

    At present we have our own version of Terry in Colo.who may have a decent season this year, maybe not, but it’s about time we put him out to pasture at perhaps his home side in Argentina and bought our own stones, who if he turns out to be as effective over the years as Colo. would certainly make the fans happy, along with shoring up one of the leakiest defenses in the PL.

    So how about it folks, can someone give Carr a call and get him on the case right away?
    Or will the club continue to ignore the obvious and sign another striker or fecking midfielder, against the wishes and needs of both the club and especially the fans.

  124. Just skimmed through the latest news regarding NUFC and came across an article by Dr.Ed , who seems safely back in the Ashley fold, yes it’s back to “good news” stuff.

    One of which concerned the approaching crap cup tie against Northampton, which should for any PL side should be no more than a stroll in the park.

    Though following the Ashley speech a while back, with his insistence that all competitions would be taken seriously, it appears they are bigging up the opposition in preperation for a quick exit.

    With such nonsense as “the players are knacked and need to be rested”‘that there are no guarantees on starting, as everyone must be ready to step up, (I thought that’s what training sessions were about) so I guess we are about to field a side of youngsters .

    Which in turn suggest’s not much has changed, with McClaren sounding like a “Pardew mark 2”
    With a claim he’s only interested in the fortunes of the club and though he is aware he is heavily
    Incentivised he doesn’t or hasn’t bothered to check out the amounts involved, being more interested in the clubs fortunes , “yeah, sure Steve”

  125. I guess not much has changed from what one reads between the lines or propaganda, same old club, mid table mediocrity hopefully ensured by the recent signings, no interest in silverware as we just won’t have the quality in depth needed, same old owner, who has managed to con a certain amount of the fans, but also a more questioning group of fans who can read between the lines.

    Same old type manager, following the party line, hoping he can collect those monitory incentives
    At the seasons end, but where the hell is our central defender ?

  126. “At present we have our own version of Terry in Colo.who may have a decent season this year, maybe not, but it’s about time we put him out to pasture at perhaps his home side in Argentina”

    Well he did keep a clean sheet against Man U and win the Man of the Match Award. Defender wise, we haven’t seen Jamaal Lascelles for Newcastle yet. He’s a real young prospect, he certainly isn’t Paul Dummett anyway, though he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself in the Premiership yet. Mbemba and Lascelles could be the future. The squad has undoubtedly improved and actually quite strong at the moment. Having said that, the other teams have improved their squads just as much which has cancelled it out.

    If Colo is like Terry, there’ll probably be a load of bairns sprouting up in Newcastle that look like Sideshow Bob.

  127. Just a rough analogy, not saying Colo.. was as good as Terry, but I believe he has been value for money over the seasons and it would be the decent thing to let him play a couple of seasons for his old club in Argentina, if that’s what he wants.

    But if in fact he does go, we should replace him with a quality player for the long run, I havenT seen Lascelles play so have no opinion,but I feel having not been selected on a regular basis, he is not ready to step into Colo’s. shoes, perhaps still a work in progress.

    Doesn’t appear to be anyone bidding on the youngish Celtic center back VanDijk, could be a possibility for us, especially now the club has been eliminated from the champions league, though it’s claimed Southampton had shown interest.

    I assume the asking price has scared off some clubs, as Celtic are a selling club (no choice))
    Might be worth a try as he has been rated quite high and I’m sure with a bunch of Hollanders already in the side,he would be approachable.

    Plus if the powers that be at the Toon think because we had one good defensive game against Man. U. that we are set, perhaps they should look at our goals against history for the last couple of seasons.

  128. I have the feeling, our recent French acquisition Thauvin will become a fan favourite with the fans.

    And Carr i think is possibly his biggest fan, as I recall how hard he tried to bring him to St.James’ when he was at Bastia And considered a boy wonder.

    The Newcastle fans like their flair players, Ginola, Robert, HBA etc. and why not after all that’s what it’s about init and I believe Thauvin can become another to join the list of popular Frenchies.

    And playing alongside our recent signings we have the makings of a decent side most of which have a history of scoring also, hopefully our center forward Mitrovic can take advantage of their ability to get him the ball, he appears to play a role as an old time English center forward, physical and not afraid to put himself about and if his header during the Man. U. game was something regular with him, then we can look forward to some goals from set pieces, for a change.

    One thing that arouses my curiosity is, who (apart from Ashley) was responsible for choosing those players brought in, my suspicion is Carr, which in fact supports the theory that he is more than just a head scout and that McClaren is in fact the head coach, simply given a number of players and moulding them into a team, same as Pardew.

    I have nothing against the idea of hiring a Director of Football, as long as there is agreement between he and the head coach on the needs of the club in regards to players, to fit into the coaches system, which I believe was non existent between Carr and Pardew.

    Resulting in certain players (flair players) who certainly didn’t fit with Pardews rigid defensive sides, spending more time on the bench than on the field.

    Hope that’s not the case at present.

  129. Chuck, I’ve mentioned this before but one centre back I’ve followed for years has been Mateo Musacchio (Argentinian) at Villareal. He was a youngster when I started but he’s 25 now. The best time to get him would have been when Villareal were relegated a few seasons ago for around £5-6 millon but I would still have a go at double that, if he hadn’t had his leg broken in a Ben Arfa style horror tackle a few months back.

    I’ve seen Lascelles and wrote a thing about him. He was good, fast, good with the ball and good in the air but it was with Nottingham Forest in the Championship.

  130. Chuck says:
    August 26, 2015 at 10:19 am

    “The Newcastle fans like their flair players, Ginola, Robert, HBA etc. ”

    Let’s break down that oft repeated, meaningless cliche, interchangable with “The Newcastle fans like their number 9s, Shearer, Milburn etc. ”

    Which football fans, wherever they are don’t like “flair” players like Pele, Maradona, Cruyff etc? Who wouldn’t like a number 9 if it was Alan Shearer in his glory years? Or Diego Costa blah blah…? Does that mean we loved Xisco the number 9? or Pingel, Andersson etc..? I don’t think so.

  131. Yeah I suppose there are a few center backs that could fill Colo’s. role and of course that River Plate area produces some of the globe’s best football players, I just dont understand why the EPL, doesn’t buy directly from that source, rather than pay through the nose.

    And yes I understand there are exceptions, plus a few of those bought directly didn’t work out, but over the years, NUFC has failed to scout some of the most productive of the worlds football producing areas,seemingly only concentrating in nearby continental countries, though some of our buys have been born in those areas such as The Balkans and South America.

    Is this due to ignorance,money or what, it certainly couldn’t cost much to have contacts who could inform the club about likely prospects, who could in turn be watched by the clubs scouts in those areas not covered by the scouting system.

    Yes I suppose most fans, enjoy watching flair players, one of the reasons Pulis,BSA, Pardew and most of the British retread managers were not particularly popular with the clubs fans, I mean who wants to watch, robotic players,playing a percentage game,it’s simply not entertaining.

    Another subject that has come up lately is Arsenals failure to win anything, even now when they have plenty of dosh to lay out, is it time for change, meaning get rid of Wenger, or is that blasphemy ?

    Though at times they look like a highly organised side, I’m sick and tired of the way they play those short passing triangles in mid field, instead of being a bit more direct and FFS, use wingers to stretch the defense, instead of a continual attack concentrated down the middle, it’s boring and expected.

    As far as NUFC are concerned, the side looked a bit more organised and with new players,a new manager, a different tactical approach, it takes time for everyone to adjust I know, but there are certain things I don’t like, for instance the lack of a fast break, with Man. U. players camped in the attacking area for mot of the second half,there was perhaps two attempts made and with the pace and youth of this side they should be paying more attention to catching sides on the break.

    On the other hand I believe we are attracting, or someone has called for a more pleasing style to be played, following the crap stuff we were forced to watch week after week with Pardew, having bought some players who can entertain, it’s either about team ethos or individual skills, give me that entertaining football, that where the individual is as important, as opposed to too a much more controlled team game, working the percentages and having set plays for everything,it’s a different mind-set, one based on winning points the other based on entertaining and if football is not a form of entertainment, what is it ?


  132. Chuck says:
    August 27, 2015 at 11:43 am

    “Another subject that has come up lately is Arsenals failure to win anything, even now when they have plenty of dosh to lay out, is it time for change, meaning get rid of Wenger, or is that blasphemy ?

    “Though at times they look like a highly organised side, I’m sick and tired of the way they play those short passing triangles in mid field, instead of being a bit more direct and FFS, use wingers to stretch the defense, instead of a continual attack concentrated down the middle, it’s boring and expected.”

    Is “sterile” the word, Chuck? I do know what you mean. However, on not winning anything, Arsenal have won the last two FA Cups and FA Charity shields in a row. I think the big issue with Arsenal’s pride and identity as a big European club is er, Europe. Even Aston Villa have won the European Cup but Arsenal haven’t. Wenger wasn’t even able to win the lesser European Cup, just get beaten in a final once. At least boring George Graham could win the European Cup Winners Cup.

    On the subject of Ben Arfa, who you mentioned brifly above, he’s got off to a flying start with Nice and has scored two goals in his last two games.

  133. Interesting to see that two old socialists have cought the attention of the voting public on both sides of the Atlantic , talking Berie Sanders and Corbyn here.

    I’m not sure exactly why though, could be a Podemos come Aucupy Wall St.. type crowd, who are sick and tired of being screwed by a bunch of white collar gangsters and morons running these two very different countries, yes the same ones responsible for most of the worlds problems.

    The recent invasions in the gulf area have opened up a Pandors’s Box of nightmares, refugees, religious wars , terror, a case of total destabilisation , but there has to be a market for the killing machines, that’s what we (humans) are good at and one of these days we will end up wiping all traces of this flawed spieces off the face of the earth.

    Any way if I were part of the political scene, I would certainly take note of what could be the beginning of a shift by the voting public, it has accured in the southern tier of Europe, with the Greeks, Podemos etc. and though from different ends of he political spectrum, the Aucupy Wall St. crowd and the Tea Party.

    All part of a dissatisfied public, which is so diverse in it’s political goals, that directing them to-wards a single objective is near impossible, but it’s obviously the reason for the Corbyn’s, Bernie Sanders and most of all the Donald’s present leads in the polls.

    I see the present party in power in the UK have already renaged on election promises and are hard at work making their friends the Bankers and the wealthy even more wealthy while cutting social program’s to the bone, even forcing the disabled to face a threat of losing social benefits if they don’t find a job, carefull what you vote for folks.

    I just don’t get it, why there is constant turmoil in this world, the recent devaluation of Chinas currency has caused panic everywhere and though it may appear the recent recovery by the markets means we will return to normal, if their is such a thing, I certainly wouldn’t bet on it.

    China has more or less completed it’s infrastructural plan, with thousands of ghost flats sitting vacant, meaning those countries supplying cement, iron ore , copper etc. will now become effected, the Chinese policy to switch from the worlds factory and become like those western countries that have a service base economy.

    Apparently the Chinese will have a massive market within which will absorb a large amount of their industrial production, therefor having less reliance on exports, unfortunately unlike most developed nations, the Chinese market is based on the investments of individuals, not by money management professionals, who manage such things as pension funds etc.

    The recent panic which was caused by an inflated market, known in the west as an adjustment, was perhaps due to individuals borrowing money to invest in an already vastly inflated market, which indicates the difference between it and the Hong Kong market, run on a much more professional level.

    Though the present government has recently allowed government funds entry to the market as a stabilising force, it seems they, the Govenment have much to learn from the west and could if they are not more carefully could be responsible for a major financial failure in this the inter dependable world we live in.

    And yes I’m not forgetting the Lehman Bros. and computer driven failures of Wall St. , which was and still remains just as dangerous.

  134. Chuck, It’s all starting to get a bit spooky and maybe I’ve been wrong having religious doubts all these years when the truth has been under my nose?

    The evidence is mounting up now – Corbyn’s initials are “JC” and he’s a mild mannered, bearded man who wears sandals. He has turned the other cheek, has forgiven those who have tried to smear him and he wants to give alms to the poor and the sick. Despite being an MP, he rides around on the humblest forms of transport like bikes, buses and tubes. I’ve even spoken to him a few times and in hindsight, I’m sure my aches and pains felt a bit better afterwards. Finally, people are openly plotting to crucify him. Anyway, I’m glad I voted for “Jesus” several times if the last judgement is on its way! :-)

    There has allegedly been evidence that the Chinese have been cooking the books for years, manipulating inflation figures to exagerrate growth to the tune of trillions. I’m not a Chinese economics expert though.

    “the Chinese policy to switch from the worlds factory and become like those western countries that have a service base economy.”

    Have you ever seen the size of Germany’s trade surplus, Chuck? They’re a factory to the world too since the advent of a euro which is artificially low for Germany even though they are a first class western economy.

    Oh well, another big game against Arsenal tomorrow.

  135. Worky
    Strangely enough, you could be describing Bernie Sanders with your bio of Corbyn who has no time for personal criticism or most other stab in the back politici’s, remaining on track with his projected platform only and refusing to be drawn into the rough and tumble of US politics, though I would fear for his life if ever elected.

    Looking back at the only honest politician ((Immy Carter) elected in recent history and the treatment he received from the general electorate because of it, to then imagine what possibilities Bernie may have to undergo,would be more Christlike than anything we could imagine possibly resulting in a similar end.

    As for George Bush’s poodle, obviouse concerned over his legacy ofbeing (a winner) due to being a triple election winner, elections only put you in a position to either make the right or wrong decisions and I have little regard for most of his and find it hard to believe both he and his Blairite followers want to reconvert the voting public back to Labor Lite, simply because it was successful in the pols, nothing to do with a just platform and to then attempt to eliminate the powers of the trade union movement, it’s original founders is close to, if not schismatic,

  136. Well didn’t get to see the game against “the Arse,” though I heard the score and am presently hoping our record to-date has more to do with a tough start than a side with a crap manager who bought the wrong players and employs the wrong tactical approach and lands us in another relegation struggle.

    I’m beginning to

    “hae ma doots” as they say north of Carter Bar, but I had better hold my fire as hopefully things may change, which by now i have little hope in! Same old team, same poor top managementt Though a new party line, it impresses the fans when you go out and spend fifty big ones meaning you are actually spending € 25m, cause you spent nowt last year.

    And with other PL sides spending twice that on one player how significant is that.

  137. An early straight red card this time for our new Serbian striker. He’s a bigger nutter than Radovan Karadzic and Arkan. So, we were trying to hold on to 0-0 agains a top 4 team, so much so that we spent most of the match without a striker until Cisse got a few minutes after Arsenal went ahead. They only got 1-0 though and it should have been 5-0 really if Arsenal were firing on all cylinders. We did defend and Tim Krul was probably the man of the match.

    How does Pardew do it? Crystal Palace certainly didn’t play like Pardew’s Newcastle (even when they beat Chelsea too) and his Crystal Palace are good at set pieces (WTF?). Poor Bournemouth seemed to get robbed again too.

    Carter, nice chap though he seemed had his own sinister, Polish Kissinger type to f**k the world up, Brzezinski. We’re still looking at what he started in Afghanistan, a square in Brzezinski’s “Grand Chessboard” as he called it.

  138. Yeah Brzeszinski who whispered such things as, dominating the Central Asian landmass would bring world domination to the US, with it’s oil and mineral resources, but first it required a destabiliisation process, with Afghanistan in the central role, seems so long ago to-day, though it’s been no party for Afghanistan since that time.

    Having to first fight a war with the invading Soviets, then with NATO, but thankfully now coming to an end, with the defeated NATO forces declaring victory and hauling ass, having had enough, those Afghans having defeated two Paper Tigers it may be the Chinese are next in line.

    With the demise of the Soviets, though Russia still attempts to threaten through military force, a threat that would bring NATO to it’s very borders, with the game continuing though it has become a secondary threat to that of the recent Chinese resurgence, which now concentrates US military power to -wards south east Asia.

    Yeah poor old Brzezinski is now a forgotten man, though he pops up once in a while with some crazy anti Russian nonsense, which few pay attention too and poor old Jimmy has brain cancer, however there are plenty looking to fill the roles they once assumed who may be both crazier and
    more dangerous and the game goes on.

    But have things improved, I think not the present world is in worse shape than ever with numerous wars everywhere you look, refugees, terror, starvation, nowhere is safe from some kind of of unrest.

  139. Soh ! That’s it then.
    Already at the bottom of the league, with one defender signed a questionable Serb striker running around collecting cards like they are going outta style, a couple of wingers, one Dutchman and a Frenchman, both rated as decent, but no striker, though one wanting away”Cisse”due to not being given a start.

    Sure it’s been a tough start, but the fact is every side in this league is now tough, with most sides having strengthened and whose goal is to remain in this league, with even the recently promoted sides looking good.

    If Ashley wants to have a guarantee of a permanent place in this division, he has to spend accordingly, plus improve the top management.

    Looks as if he wants to sell those not regular first team choices, in order to make up for this windows purchases, though I question Kamens sale which may come back and bite us in the ass, being so many top sides were after him and one question is why was he never given a place in the side ?

    I don’t know who evaluates our youngsters, or who is actually in charge overall, the guy who makes the final decisions, obviously McClaren hasn’t been here long enough, but certainly long enough to figure who the deadwood are, my problem is does he actually have the say so to get rid of those who every fan is aware of as deadwood, or if it’s someone else who ?

    I understand we have had an offer from Leeds for Williamson, which was turned down ,FFS anything would be enough for him, on the other hand we quietly get rid of some of our best youngsters without giving them the opportunity they deserve, while starting people like Obertan, if anyone still believes that either he or Williamson will ever become decent players, then I give up.

    This club is still badly run and I place the blame on Ashley regardless of his claims as being out of the picture, I ‘m sure everything that goes down has to be vetted by him and for someone who has been in an on the job training course for the last eight years, it’s been a slow learning curve i’m afraid.

    Yep! The problem lies with poor management, ah well not my club.

  140. Perhaps we should have offered Kamen to van Gaal, he seems to be attempting to bankrupt the Gazers, chucking money around like a drunken sailor, perhaps he may be interested in Obertan
    or Williamson.

  141. All the other big teams like Manchester United are throwing money around like a drunken sailor though Chuck, and they did lose Di Maria, Falcao and Van Persie too. Even Ashley has spent something to be fair, though not on a manager, that’s for sure. Even though he has spent on players though, so have his opposition so he isn’t any further forward, just about a top ten side. You won’t get rid of Iron Mike that easily, though Mbemba certainly seems to have swept him aside for now. It would be good to see Lascelles.

  142. Well. as far as the transfer window goes, I’m a bit ambivalent , we did pick up in Wijnaldum and Thauvin, two quality players, with the possibility that our Serb striker can come good (hey I love those old fashioned Nat Lofthouse center forwards that put themselves about)

    Our center back appears to be decent and certainly sounds enthusiastic, as do the others, perhaps just directed to-wards the fans and media, but nice to hear anyway.

    As for the periphery players those bought from the lower leagues this and last year, be interesting to see them get an occasional game, to see what we got.

    It’s rumoured we may be back in the market as early as the winter window, where I would prefer the policy of quality over quantity was continued, but we really need a replacement for Colo, the equivalent of Mourinho’s attempted replacement of Terry.

    I don’t really care if it takes time to rebuild this side, but it would certainly be nice to see a quality side built, which in turn would be easier to replace over time with the annual purchase of one or two players, with the occasional youngsters from the youth system making a breakthrough.

    Hey! We should be a perennial top six side, and with the support these fans have provided over the years deservedly so.

  143. Chuck, Mbemba and Mitrovic were also big signings just like the other two and it is now time for Lascelles to prove himself at the highest level in the middle of defence too. As well as this, Darlow the new number 2 goalkeeper should be more of a Forster standard number 2 than a Rob Elliot one. There’s also De Jong the forgotten big signing and the big £5.5 million Riviere, who couldn’t score in a brothel and is now totally on the sidelines.

    With this large investment all in one go, Newcastle is where it should have been before, however, the latest Premier League TV deal has moved the goalposts, or raised the bar anyway with Newcastle’s closest rivals, ie Everton and Southampton are still ahead, West Ham are currently overtaking Newcastle and Swansea are tailgating them. Southampton have got your favourite now, Van Dijk.

  144. Yes! Hopefully this present side can provide the type of football the fans can appreciate and with it none of the angst of once again struggling in the lower third of the table.

    On paper we do have te makings of a decent side,one that could IMO make the top ten, though we are not deep in quality and I believe getting involved with any extra cup games coud stretch the side, though qualifying for Europe for next season would be a worthwhile goal.

    I know it’s a tough tournament game wise, but it would be a test of how far we have come and gain the club some respect, always good when it comes to attracting talented players.

    Plus we get to see some interesting games against top continental sides,though not a lot of money involved, perhaps it may be increased as it should.

    As we both stated previously, this window has been decent and the tubby GM has stated there’s more where that came from, all designated to-wards quality, oh yeah .

    Well I’m down with that and not before time, is it too much to expect for the twentieth or so, wealthiest club in the world to finally expect to play up to it’s financial means ?

    I think not and expect more.

  145. Quite a lot of infighting going on within Labor (Labour) Party, over it’s leadership, with all the big guns comming out of the woodwork, to either deify or destroy any of the four candidates.

    It appears to be a struggle that has taken place before on a number of occasions, between those on the left and those centrists or rightist .

    The question that divides the party is should it be a matter of staying true to the original principles of the founding trade unionists or shift to the right in order to appear more attractive to those who voted overwhelmingly for the Conservatives, possibly seen as a more modern and able party.

    In other words the Blairites.

    Of course there are those who believe Socialism as being an unworkable system following the collapse of the Soviet system and the subsequent rise of China, using a capitalistic approach.

    How easily we forget the various collapses of capitalism over time resulting in the Great Depression, that and Wall St’s collapse in 07 which we are barely recovering from,to the present
    Chinese devaluation of their currency and collaps of the Shanghai Exchange, which could be the beginning of another period of financial depression for all.

    Yes a wonderfully system !

    Anyway our one leftist candidate, has stated some of his proposals if elected, the re-nationalisation of rail, energy etc.

    Nothing like the Atlee plan, simply the fact that transportation and energy can in mamy cases be run more efficiently by the public sector, being it has no stockholders to take their cut.

    Well apparently these proposals have been viewed as a country going back to the nineteen forties by the Blairite’s, who it appears have no actual proposals, at least no that I have heard, other than making themselves more like the conservatives, “Labor Lite” , inorder to win an election.

    Hey! I have seen Tony Blair and his co-horts in action and I would like to ask you a question, would you buy a used car from any of them ?

    For them it was all about power “New Labor”, personally I proffered the original, just like Coke.

  146. Actually van Dijke is just an example of what I’m talking about, being Colo is getting a bit slower each season and it would be nice to let him go out to pasture in Argentina and find a solid young replacement.

    On saying that perhaps we should look at how some clubs have been successful , one of which is Southampton , another Swansea, both with a much smaller fan base and stadium , who have proven to be both resilient after loosing some top players and yet replacing them both by buying selectively and using players brought up through a good youth system.

    That’s my main beef with Ashley’s NUFC, the lack of employing a decent management system, preferring to hire ” yes men”.

  147. Chuck, Labour have been totally outpropagandised by the Tories for many years now, even though it’s absurd bollocks, a big lie. We’ve discussed the likes of Hitler, Bernays, Goebbels and the idea of big lies which are repeated over and over, the more ridiculous the better so long as it is repeated constantly. Every day for the last several years, the Conservatives repeated the mantra that all of Britain’s financial woes were the fault of Labour overspending and the financial incompetence of the left. All the people all over the world who have felt hardship because of the world financial crisis can blame it all on the UK Labour party. Of course though, the truth is that there was a world financial crisis which led alot of countries like the Uk into more debt too. Looking at the other big EU countries like the UK, France is in more debt proportionately. The debt of the famously frugal Germany isn’t quite as high with their huge trade surpluses but still rose hugely and is in a similar ballpark too. As for the last of the four biggest european economies, Italy has been far worse but Italy is a crazy circus run by Italians. I don;t have to tell you about Greece, Spain etc either

    “Well apparently these proposals have been viewed as a country going back to the nineteen forties by the Blairite’s,”

    No, not the 1940s, the 1980s when the “Iron Lady” kicked the Argies off the Falklands and Michael Foot the highly eccentric Mad Professor type (and perfect figure of fun for Murdoch) was Labour Party leader. Labour split in two amid much infighting between the left and right of the party. This was pre Tony Blair, when the “Gang of Four,” four heavyweights from the Labour Party on the more right “Gaitskellite” side left to form the SDP, (Social Democratic Party). In the fullness of time, this eventually merged with the Liberals to form the Liberal Democrats. The aftermath of that period was the fertile ground from which Blair’s Neoconservative “New Labour” revolution exploded. The Tories and the right wing of Labour are constantly trying to compare Corbyn with Michael Foot.

    Where it all went wrong for a proper Labour party was a few years before Foot in the late seventies after Wilson retired and Jim Callaghan became Prime minister.

  148. “Of course there are those who believe Socialism as being an unworkable system following the collapse of the Soviet system and the subsequent rise of China, using a capitalistic approach.”

    Chuck, we’re discussing the Labour Party and a left field Democrat candidate over there and at worst, democratic Socialism, not Leninism. I know it’s not you but it is ridiculous to compare the Social Democracy and a bit of Democratic Socialism in the Labour Party, or the Swedish Social Democrats, French Socialists or whatever with Russia and China. It’s as crazy as likening John McCain to Hitler because he’s on the right.

  149. Yes I understand the fact there are a number of political parties in Europe with the label Socialist
    which by no means have anything in common with Marxism, but unfortunately many in the US continue to believe it to be the case and even in the UK I believe that Labor aka The socialist Party, to some has the same connotation.

    Though the propagandist’s have described it as the party of the deadbeats, that allows certain lazy scroungers to live without working through the ability to beat the system, by obtaining every benefit available.

    It’s no different in the US, where we used to have the welfare Queen, who drove to the unemployment/welfare office in a Cadillac, all nonsense of course, but believed by many.

    The propaganda put out by US industrialists is so pervasive, there were many who in the Great Depression who refused certain benefits, blaming themselves for their situation, the same thing during this last Wall St induced depression (though no one called it that!)
    What else ?

    Actually looking at the present four candidates for the party leadership, no wonder the conservatives won by a landslide, what a bunch of losers, I doubt if I would vote for any of them, even for dog catcher, this party has to find some new blood and a platform that will impress the voters, or stay in the wilderness of opposition for ever.

    If there is any more schismatic divides such as in the eighties it will be the end of the Party, the remnants could possibly reform under the banner of a new party, perhaps a rebirth of the Liberal Party,

    There are too many people as in the US, who refuse to consider themselves as workers,
    A classification that they consider demeaning, to-day everyone is middle class, part of the downfall of Labor IMO, but Labor and it’s recent leader did little to enthuse the electorate as far as presenting either a platform that was in any way interesting or gave them reason to believe they were the party that could lead them out of the present malaise, a failure that has left them to this point bereft of any idea of how to deal with their loss.

  150. Let’s hope a certain amount of public pressure will force your reluctant PM to allow a fair share of refugees to be taken in by the UK, as it’s not difficult to perceive his feet dragging when interviewed on the subject.

    When one views the acceptance of both the German leader Angela Merkel and the German population in general, not just giving lip service but actively welcoming and providing for their needs.

    In contrast to the hedging and stalling of Cameron, more interested in securing allies in Spain and Portugal for his upcoming attempts to secure a better deal for the UK, within The EU.

    This is nothing new for the UK I might add, the same country that closed it’s doors to refugees from Hitlers Germany in 1938, the only exception being the kinder transport immediately prior to the wars outbreak, where roughly 10,000 children were reluctantly accepted, which they continually use as a self congratual pat on the back.

    Well it’s time to step up to the plate and do the right thing, having been along with the US responsible through their invasion of the Arabian peninsula and setting the dogs of war loose, then leaving, to at least bear some responsibility.

  151. “This is nothing new for the UK I might add, the same country that closed it’s doors to refugees from Hitlers Germany in 1938, the only exception being the kinder transport immediately prior to the wars outbreak, where roughly 10,000 children were reluctantly accepted,”

    Chuck, there were far more Jewish refugees in the UK than the kindertransport. There was getting towards a 100,000 who were saved from being gassed by those lovely, hospitable Germans. You have a crazy logic sometimes. Anyway, Roosevelt betrayed half of europe and left them to his good friend Stalin, who was an even bigger killer than Hitler.

  152. Thought that was down to Churchill, being Roosevelt was almost on his death bed by then,
    believe it Winston made deals that I or anyone else would hate to have on their conscience.

    Yeah prior to 1938′ there were approximately around close to eighty thousand Jews and others taken in from a combination of fascist dominated countries including Austria and Italy.

    But every bit as reluctantly as the Uganda Asians who were in possession of British passports yet, interesting movie “The Last King of Scotland” which covered that period.

    Looks like Cameron is under pressure to get involved, but don’t expect too much.

  153. Chuck, he certainly wasn’t a well man, his doctor was an incompetent army man who was absolutely useless and never did anything. It was actually as if he was actually trying to kill him rather than cure him. When he finally got a proper doctor, he was hanging on.

    The thing is though, remarkably when we consider the US and what it thinks of Stalin and Communism, Roosevelt saw Stalin as a partner he could trust, and handed him eastern europe on a plate. He said he didn;t give two hoots about the Poles. He was only interested in Germany and more concerned with getting Russia on board against Japan. Churchill was totally pissed off, we went into the war over Poland but by the end of the second war, the US had the money and the power. The UK allowed over 200,000 Poles citizenship after the war.

    We also took in 40,000 from Uganda. There was a big Uganda resettlement board and help with housing and other things, have a look for yourself. You really come out with some rubbish about Britain sometimes.

  154. Yes of course if you choose to accept that the Ugandan Asians were accepted with open arms, then what can I say to convince you that it was far from the truth, the above was only the required propaganda of the times.

    In regard to both Roosevelt and the US State Departments policy of simply handing over the whole of eastern Europe, that’s simply not true and I think if you research it you will find Churchill was more responsible for the setting up those regions of east west control.

    Besides for the most part it was already a situation in place, being the Soviets already controlled or were about to take control of most of Eastern Europe.

    In one particular meeting between Churchill and Stalin,it’s believed Churchill wrote on a piece of paper that he insisted that Greece remain as part of the West, to which Stalin replied in the positive.

    You make it sound as if a dying Roosevelt gave away all of what was considered behind the Iron Curtain (Coined by Churchill) but if you do your research you may be surprised how much is directly reflected on Churchill.

    As for the Poles, who fought gallantly for the allies, one must remember there were two opposing factions, the pro Western “London Poles ” and those who were controlled by The Soviets.

    There were many betrayals by both controlling sides.

    Following the wars end and demobilisation there was the choice of remaining in the UK or being repatriated to Poland, followed up by a demand from the Soviet controlled Polish Government that all former Polish citizens return to Poland at a certain date or lose their citizenship.
    Many decided to stay and others were accepted by either the US or Canadian governments as DP’s and of course others returned to Poland.

    Of course the British government did not issue British passports to those who stayed (even having fought in the British army for the length of the war) only travel documents, which were not commonly respected.

    Look perhaps you believe that the UK is a country (ex Empire) that did nothing but good as your history reveals it ( severely edited history) but the UK is no more moral as an entity than any other country and throughout it’s history has a lot to answer for, so have most countries so accept it, after all it would be ridicules not too, no ?

  155. Well at least according to news reports, the UK is now the largest doner of funds in regards to supporting and maintaining those camps in places like Jordan and Lebanon and others.

    And as far as using British warships to aid in picking up survivors in the Med., sorry that’s off the table as is accepting Syrian refugees, other than those selectively chosen from those camps.

    That and the fact there has been no agreement on any new amounts to be accepted..

    So throw some money at the problem and await to see how things work out, but make no promises, a situation where the general public are way out ahead of the government and await their catching up in order for them to take their own action.

    Hell even the Irish, with their two ship navy have been actively rescuing people for some time now, using half their navy.

    A sad state of affairs, when the general public have to take the lead, because the government’s judgement is unsure of what is the right course to take, always looking at any possible negative political fallout, what a lovely bunch of people.

    Almost as bad as the Hungarians, who want to round up everyone and put them into camps, even refusing passage to those who have bought train tickets and who appear happy enough to see those poor bastards walk all the way to Austria, what kind of people are they ?

    Actually I stated the UK were the largest donors, but only as far as Europe is concerned, in fact the US is by far the largest donor as usual, but they are also one of the countries that has a responsibility for this present situation as have the UK, therefor it’s only right they at least provide
    the the majority of funding, though both the Germany and Sweden stand out as countries to admire for their humanitarian attitudes.

  156. Well the UK has gone more the American way since the 80s. On the mainland of europe, you might have rich, capitalist economies with a fairly right wing government like in Germany right now, or a fairly left ones like in France, but you don’t have the same amount of demonisation of things like state ownership and unions that you get here now. There is still a bit more of a mixed consensus, like there used to be in the UK. You can have a party of Government called the Socialist party in France without people shrieking in horror.

    I wrote that the other day but the site had a problem for while.

    On the Asians from Uganda, Ted Heath was a Tory prime minister but he was very good on this issue, just as he was about fighting the old reactionary bigots in his party like Enoch Powell.

  157. Interesting article from the News now section in regard to the transfer policies of NUFC to-day.

    The gist of which is, changes had to be made unless we wanted a repeat of last seasons disastrous finish (due in general to the previous seasons lack of reinforcements)

    And though most will agree we made some decent signings, though the article insists our policy is wrong, we buy players who in fact have the potential to be successful, but are not yet the finished product or in the cases of Obertan and Gouffran cheap squad players.

    Plus the fact our projected targets during the upcoming winter window is to sign prospects, not the finished article we actually need.

    I have always objected to age discrimination as far as building a side and it’s obvious therefore that Ashley looks at it as more of a business venture than rebuilding, in other words looking at the potential sell on potential, rather than as part of a long time plan to improve the side.

    Which in turn is not that much different to his regular retail business, which is to make money, (though he appears to be in a spot of bother right now with Sports Direct)

    Yes with the present policies used by NUFC, buy young and hopefully cheap,scouring not only the top leagues but also the lower divisions for boy wonders, (Perez) with the intention of making money within a season or two, face it it’s not that difficult to define.

    The problem is retaining a PL spot while using untried imports to the league, that and being the policy is to sell on for profit, resulting in never having a competitive or set side to challenge for anything.

    Sure we have been re-assured that the future will be different we will become a top six to eighth place side, money will be spent and we will resort to playing a side with both flair and tons of goals, you name it.

    But the facts are there has been little to no change (other than Ashley has learned you gotta spend to remain in the PL, it took him one relegation and two near misses to figure it though)

    Same Club, same owner, same policies, same fans, nothing has changed.

  158. The fact is Ashley is a detriment to both the club and football in general, his use for the club is simply as an adjunct to his real business, the retailing of sports equipment, mainly that of replica football shirts and other sports, for which he enjoys free advertising every time the side play home games, how do you figure a price on that, just compare what sponsors are paying for various time amounts during the game.

    Now that the EPL has become such a successful buisiness venture, with a tremendous worldwide Tv audience earning sponsorships and continuously expanding in ways that were never imagined, certainly one can see this by the number of buyers from overseas wanting to become a part of this phenomena, while it lasts, because all good things do eventually come to an end.

    On the other hand it can become a two edged sword, take for instant, the amount of money spent by the Glazers on almost replacing an entire team, not taking into consideration the combined wages of these super stars, why ?

    Because their sponsorships demand it, the unbelievable amounts of money paid by GM motors and the shirt manufacturers contracts dictate a certain guarantee of success or a possible loss of sponsorship, which would be disastrous to the Glazer family in a business sense.

    A veritable treadmill, spend to earn, with other top sides in a similar position who with the increasing revenues from EPL membership has all but gotten out of control, but that’s the market place and for those that believe the market is always right, perhaps you might reconsider ?

    Certainly there have been many complaints from clubs located in other countries of how the EPL has dominated the player market for some due time, due to earnings that in many cases double that oftheir particular leagues, though this has for the most part been the norm in the past, with the same wealthy clubs being able to dominate, it has now become a major problem, with certain countries that once had the opportunity for there clubs to win a European championship, nowrelegated to being feeder clubs for a small minority,surely not a good situation for football.

    But isuppose if you are a PL fan I suppose the answer to that is, screw em! we got the most entertaining league and that’s that, but is it ?

  159. Hmmm ! Appears there is a division in a political sense between Europe’s old western area and the recently acquired former socialist states, who appear to have reversed completely, now becoming more rightist in nature than any of the old western former NATO members.

    Certainly it appears that Hungary, Poland and some of the Baltic states along with the Ukraine are now closer to being fascist than rightist, even the Greeks and Slavs are looking inward, as opposed to belonging to a multi state European structure, while making certain demands on the EU

    One of which was to ensure that Greece pay it’s way and also paid off it’s debts, believing they had been lax in collecting taxes and lived off borrowed money, I hope they are now happy that Greece is now owned by western European banks the IMF and open to the takeover of their country by those institutions.

    Little do the above mentioned countries realise they may be next, in their rush to become capitalistic as opposed to being forced into the former Soviet Communist system, from which they have recently been released by the downfall of the former Soviet State.

    It’s only a short step from rightist to Fascist and Hungary appears to be on that path, already one hears the warnings of fearmongering and xenophobia, our culture is being threatened by these hordes ( as the UK PM put it swarms) of Islamic and African peoples will change the balance of Europe and our way of life.

    Hungarians, the descendants of those tartar hordes who invaded the plains of Hungary centuries ago.
    And if I recall right didn’t everyone originally come out of Europe.

    Since George B. In tandem with Blair decided to invade Iraq followed by the Arab spring, the entire Arab world went crazy, like opening a Pandoras box of events and we all are reaping what we have sown including being responsible for this present nightmare taking place, it’s insanity, but western politicians are refusing to attempt to solve things, ain’t my fault is commonly repeated by most, with only a few countries taking responsibility (Germany and Sweden) the rest like the UK, attempting to weasil their way out while making vague commitments, that they hope they don’t have to back up.

    As a matter of fact, the situation in most western countries is such that the people are way ahead of their governments, willing to accept these refugee people, yet the heads of government are attempting to ignore them, so put some pressure on them if you don’t want your country to repeat the refusal to accept any refugees from Germany from 1938 onward, a shameful era.

  160. Chuck, I daresay you’ll be out celebratng this evening because good old Queen Elizabeth is becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history today.

    I think we’ve had this discussion before. Some social attitudes were locked behind an Iron Curtain after the war, but I certainly wouldn’t put Greece in that group. You’ll get mobs of idiots in lots of places but I don’t think eastern europe is going fascist quite yet. In former Communist totalitarian countries, it goes without saying that that there will be a strong right. Just like over there, conservative, or orthodox religion is more of a social influence in eastern europe than it is in western europe too. Getting back to the Greeks, you Yanks certainly didn’t help there, promoting a sucessful Greek right wing coup in the the late sixties. That turned the home of democracy into a state ruled by a Junta of Colonels for a few years.

    Tony Blair is still a very popular man in Sierra Leone. British forces saved the day and alot of UK aid went there subsequently. I say that because he was drunk with glory on that in the run up to Afghanistan, Iraq etc and he wanted more. Bush and co had their own motivations for Afghanistan and Iraq, but that was one of the forgotten factors buzzing around in Blair’s vainglorious mind at the time.

    Cameron has been dishonest over the refugees. Unlike France who said they would take 25,000 over the next year, he said he’d take 20,000 as a headline figure, but in the small print, Cameron is only going to take 4000 per year over five years, probably hoping that things will die down and he can take even less. It’s shocking that he would be so blatant in a crisis like this.

  161. Don’t be surprised , worse things have happened.

    Well yes we did support the Greek generals, just one of many mistakes made since the end of WW11′ however it was the British army that kept the Greek communists from taking over Greece following the German withdrawal and the chaos that followed.

    The communist guiruillas were the only effective anti German organisation during the aucupation and would have had no problem becoming a similar state such as their neighbour Jugoslavia had it not been for the aucupation by the British army and as I said above, Stalin had already agreed with Churchill that it should belong within the western sphere of influence.

    As for. Queen Elizabeth, afraid I’m one of those who have any time for historical anachronism’s preferring a republic, as opposed to a Parlimentary Monarchy, as I fail to see the sense of having a hereditary head of state and certainly not one imported from Germany, but do as you will, it’ s your choice.

    Actually what is Blair upto these days, making as much dosh as he can I suppose besides interfering with the Labor Party by attempting to ouster Corbyn in order to save his legacy.

    It’s interesting the present infighting among those looking for power within the Party, I mean where did this uncontrolable backbencher come from, to take the lead and a socialist to boot, but hey! The Democrats have one too (Bernie)) but I gotta say we do better political theatre than you guys and it lasts for over a year, god help us .

  162. Having recently read Corbyn’s projected platform if elected as party leader, I see what has caused the fear and loathing in most of his opponents, especially within the leftover Blairite faction.

    And it also raises the question as to how many of those who surprisingly supported Corbyn, we’re aware of what to expect.

    Sure most knew him as a radical backbencher, who frequently objected to the party line, a kind of maverick who would not be considered a reliable party-man, someone who only voted his conscious , so who in fact are his backers.

    Is it a case of choosing the best of a bad bunch, or does the Labour Party intend to go back to a pre Blairite approach, as it’s one thing to win an election as a party that reflects policies closer to the opposition, (winning the undecided vote) than to lose to a party with a more radical left platform.

    For instance Corbyn has come out with policies that would take some consideration to vote for, namely, to withdraw from NATO, to re- nationalise both energy and Transport, to cut defense spending, which includes the nuclear submarine Polaris system.

    This plus allowing the Bank of England to print money which would no doubt increase inflation, install a national wage limit, for top earners, while increasing their taxes and a number of other economic policies that will not go down well with either the Rich or the Blairite minority.

  163. Of course the points I have raised are only a few of what in most countries would be considered
    major changes in policy, my question is are the general public in favor of such radical changes or even those who may vote in favor of Corbyn as head of the party, do they realise the seriousness of what they may be advocating.

    I mean we would all be happy enough to see the end of the nuclear threat and would be more than happy to see a more equitable world , without the vast difference between those that have and those that don’t, but to make such unilateral changes, without some sort of quid pro quo, would be a serious decision to make.

    But I’m reassured by the fact that the longest reigning monarch in the world , would certainly straighten his ass out, being she is used to certain standards , no tax cuts for her or her doating son,

    To think that the inheritance tax imposed by the post war government of Atlee
    , may have by this time got rid of the majority of titled landowners, had it not been changed, being land ownership at that time was very much where the royals wealth lay.

    So is the country in this the age of information going to revert to the policies of the seventies as Corbyn has threatened or are we experiencing a new phenomena, one that resents the recent
    phenomenal increases in wealth of the few are being opposed by the beginnings of a political revolution, where such groups as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall St, combined by a rethinkinking and reverting to their original goals, by the Labour Party in the UK, plus the rise of Podemos in Spain, not to mention similar unrest in most EU countries, the unrest caused by the so called Arab Spring, one doesn’t have to look far to see we have more unrest and instability throughout the world than ever, what’s it all about ?

  164. Will be keen to watch Mondays game against the Hammers, which aught to be a good test of our
    new side, being we had a fairly tough schedule so far, that and the fact we we ended up playing shorthanded.

    Also good to see Marveaux is back at the club and recovering from injury, the guy was never given an opportunity under Pardew,who seldom gave flair players a start, being they couldn’t defend, yes I know that sounds oxymoronic, but true.

    I have a feeling we are going to need a bit of depth to the side if we are to get involved in going for silverware, not the depth of Williamson, Obertan and a couple of others, being rumour has it that long ball football is out, that we intend to play a style closer to that played in Holland.

    Which sounds logical, being McClaren has experienced both styles and has had more success in Holland than anywhere, that plus we have a number of Dutch players who are familiar with that style and can help the others to adjust.

    I also feel we are short when it comes to quality defenders, though I have to admitt we have defended well against some tough sides, in which case I would like to know who it is that is organising the defense, obviously not Pardew, in which case we need to now have someone to organise set plays and the fast break, which with our present pace we should be utilising more often.

    Hopefully we will now begin to see a more organised side, that will begin a climb up the league and with the addition of our winter window buys, end up with a top six to eight final spot in the league

    Well ain’t counting on it, just hopefull.

  165. Well Corbyn won with over 60% in the first round (a slaughter) and the names of the new Labour leaders are now “Tom and Jerry” after Tom Watson won the election for deputy very convincingly too. I wouldn’t go on what Corbyn’s actual, exact positions are from reading sensationalised UK newspapers over the last few months as they have usually been totally misrepresented.

    Personally, I believe that the UK should have an atom bomb and a place on the Security Council. Never mind the US, never mind Russia, never mind China or even Iran, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea, Islamic State etc. You can’t have the bloody French having atom bombs and a place on the UN Security Council without the UK! That would be completely and utterly absurd and intolerable.

    Interestingly in this debate, the phrasing of the argument used by the hate anything nuclear Greens and the SNP isn’t “ban the bomb,” it’s usually “scrap Trident” a particular kind of nuclear missile system from the US. They’re still pulling their punches and semantically, that statement still leaves a third option for the UK, have a home made Nuclear deterrent like we used to, and France still do. I don’t think that the UK’s nuclear weapons should be outsourced to the US, or that the US should ever outsource its nuclear weapons to anyone else for that matter. I don’t think that the civil UK nuclear industry (the first in the world) shouldn’t be owned by the French and the Chinese either.

  166. There’s hardly ever a Newcastle game at 3.00pm on a Saturday anymore. The one against West Ham will be the fourth league game out of five not to be played at the usual time.

  167. Well one can only go by what one reads or hears, in regard to where Corbyn is at, that and what he is reported to have decided will be his platform for the future of the UK.

    His reported decision to eliminate the trident missile defensive system and possibly other armaments presently being purchased from the US, may or may not be a serious part of his platform for a future Labour government.

    It ‘s obviously a case of a lack of funds, the reason the UK is tied to the US in regards to aircraft for their new carriers, that and new trident carrying submarines, both costing mega bucks, easier to buy off the shelf than develope.

    On the other hand does the UK really need two aircraft carrears , when they cant afford to buy a full compliment of aircraft to man one of them and what the hell are you gonna do with them anyway, this is as crazy a decision as any I have seen, attempting to remain a world power when it’s obviouse you can’t afford it ?

    Perhaps Corbyn sees things in a different light, believing nuclear disarmament is something every country should be looking to achieve and to begin with those who already have both the
    capability or in fact have a nuclear arsenal and should be leading the way, whether unilateral by -lateral for multilateral as the use of any such weapon ,means the end of everything for the planet.

    It’s just insanity the way this planet is being run, instead of co-operation, there is competition for resources and power and continuous expansion by the powerful.

    The fact religion, racial differences and both economic and political systems are serious reasons for threatening war is just ludicrous.

    And the fact there is as much if not more money applied to the development of the Arms Industry as that applied to help solve the problems of overpopulation and it’s fallout, proves that we are a sad lot, more interested in personal power for the time being,than the continuation of our fellow beings, that we are constantly attempting to take advantage of.

    All I can say is we are a flawed species who are probably going to end up destroying the planet and all it’s existing life forms, for some ridicules reason, which could be avoided if only co-operation as opposed to competition was employed.

    Ah well, I will hopefully enjoy my four score years plus before that happens, best of luck to the rest of you.

  168. Chuck says:
    September 12, 2015 at 11:24 pm

    “It ‘s obviously a case of a lack of funds, the reason the UK is tied to the US in regards to aircraft for their new carriers, that and new trident carrying submarines, both costing mega bucks, easier to buy off the shelf than develope.

    “On the other hand does the UK really need two aircraft carrears , when they cant afford to buy a full compliment of aircraft to man one of them and what the hell are you gonna do with them anyway, this is as crazy a decision as any I have seen, attempting to remain a world power when it’s obviouse you can’t afford it ?”

    No it isn’t about money, Chuck, not in that way. American gear is very expensive anyway and it defies logic in many ways for a country which has been a world leader in defence and civil technology itself, and that includes nuclear. Like it is with civil resources like health, the railways and so on, these solutions cost more, not less, but are wrapped up in both right wing ideology and corruption.

    It’s a complex thing though and there are other factors behind the titbits you might have read about UK defence. One is that NATO says that members should spend at least 2% of total GDP on defence. Global hegemon that it is, the US certainly does (and then some), the UK does, France does, even poor little Greece does. On the other hand, some of the richest per capita countries in the world like Germany, Canada, Denmark, Norway etc expect the full protection of being a NATO member (with nukes too), without paying anything like 2% of their GDP on defence. They just ignore the NATO requirements. In Canada it is only 1% for a catapult and a few ex-mounties and places like Denmark and the Netherlands are hardly any better. Now they might very small countries but Germany isn’t. Hence, to listen to them recently trying to lecture Greece on their responsibilties was hypocrisy.

    Hence there is an argument that these very wealthy countries should start pulling their weight and we can view aspects of this as a toy fight between a nation which has always upheld its side of the NATO bargain, and a few other very rich countries that haven’t. Also throw in a governments which put put stupid little personal party concerns and gamesmanship above huge issues of the highest importance like defence, Britains membership of the EU, Scotland’s membership of the Union etc…

    Incidentally, NATO was originally the brainchild of an old school Labour politician called Ernie Bevin (not to be confused with Aneurin Bevan). He convinced Truman and Marshall (of plan fame) of the need for “some form of union in Western Europe, backed by the Americans and the Dominions” which led to NATO.

  169. No it’s not about NATO, it’s about remaining a major player and also a major arms supplier, rather than adhering to the required 2% of GDP

    If British governments had been smart they would have done as Germany has, employed a military that fitted within it’s budget, not some figure that is well over the top defined by the US, who’s spending is what Eisenhower warned against, when he coined the term Military Indusftrial Complex.

    As I understood it NATO was created as a military block to defend western Europe against The Soviet’s and it’s eastern European allies, in a political standoff based on two very different economic systems, which since the end of WW2 had competed for control of the worlds populations and resources and as it turned out, both the forms of communism practiced by the Soviets and China, could not compete with the form of capitalism, practiced by the US and their allies, resulting in a world where we all compete economically in a similar system, in China the Communis party dictates how the country is run, in Russia it’s Putin and the Oligarchs, but there is only one Market in which we all buy and sell.

    As for who has what kind of military system, depends on what the wants and needs of those country’s are and what they can afford to pay for.

    I don’t see any particular expansionist moves , unless you consider Chinas South China sea island policy a form of hegemony and expansion, that would cause any need for concern, therefore why not a reduction in military spending, after all the present economic outlook is not exactly that great and a redirection from killing machines to those that could benefit the world, could be a beneficial change of course for all.

    Yes the British Government still sometimes sends a warship to intervene in such places as Sierra Leone the small former colony and still fight small wars in such dumbass places like the Malvinas/ Falklands, still halfass believing they are protecting the natives, like in Giberalter and other ridicules places such as Diego Garcia and St. Helena.

    France is another, that frequently intervenes in the affairs of former colonies, with illusions of grandeur and a paternalistic attitude

    It’s about time the UK started to act like a country of it’s size , two main aircraft Carriers FFS, with only enough aircraft to man one carrier and without the required destroyer and cruiser force to protect them, yes it’s a matter of what you can afford these days and unfortunately Britannia can not afford to rule the waves.

    There is China, the US, Russia and soon there will be an Indian but a United Kingdom, or a France that can project sea or air power unilaterally no, perhaps as a joint EU force it may be possible.

    Look the Greeks have spent more money to defend themselves from their so called NATO allies the Turks than any enemies of NATO.
    I doubt the French spend the required 2% of their budget on arms and if they do it’s because they are big in the arms market and have a similar crazy belief as the UK as far as being a major power.

    I suggest if you think it’s not about “money” you may find “the rise and fall of the great nations”
    By a Geordie (Kennedy) who’s basic theory is once a nation begins to spend more than a certain percentage of income on the military the economy will be unable to support it, therefore causing the country’s demise.

    For instance, the cause of Germany and Japan’s demise in WW 2 is that they were out produced by the Allies, an economic victory so to speak.

  170. Chuck says:
    September 13, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    “No it’s not about NATO, it’s about remaining a major player and also a major arms supplier, rather than adhering to the required 2% of GDP”

    Chuck, to get your latest Anglophobic chuntering out the way, the UK doesn’t sell any more arms than France and Germany so that’s wrong for a start. Germany might not spend as much on their defence, but they still have a highly developed arms industry which sells alot of equipment to other countries, just like France and the UK, and all three are even joined in huge civil and military stuff, like Airbus civil planes and the Typhoon fighter. Saudi Arabia spends more than 10% of its GDP on defence and is the UK’s biggest arms customer. It spends more than the UK, or France on defence and that includes our nuclear defence systems.

    “I don’t see any particular expansionist moves , unless you consider Chinas South China sea island policy a form of hegemony and expansion”

    I suppose you didn’t notice that China have now completely swallowed up Tibet then? Or that Russia has occupied part of the Ukraine? IS occupying parts of Iraq and Syria? etc etc…

    The UK aircraft carrier commissions have been a farce. Getting rid of the Ark Royal and Harrier jump jets before building the new ones always seemed monumentally stupid from the start, but like most big Government arms farces wherever they are, it is a very long and complicated story and I you are just blundering in without all the facts as usual. Anyway, the UK is now getting a third aircraft carrier, apparently.

    “Yes the British Government still sometimes sends a warship to intervene in such places as Sierra Leone the small former colony and still fight small wars in such dumbass places like the Malvinas/ Falklands, still halfass believing they are protecting the natives, like in Giberalter and other ridicules places such as Diego Garcia and St. Helena.”

    The US base leased from the UK in Diego Garcia has been a major asset to the US in the Pacific / Indian Ocean after the US lost the Vietnam war. The UK pulled out of that kind of presence in the Pacific decades ago but it’s Uncle Sam that is really keeping it as it is. It was also the US which wanted all the Chagos Islanders cleared off there, though this does not absolve the British at all.

    There are over 3000 people on the Falklands and I think there’s a few thousand on St helena too. The Falklands is a British Overseas territory which was invaded by a brutal military dictator. He thought he’d get away with it because he was one of Reagan’s pet dictators in the dirty war, but he was wrong and he got fucked. No problems with that, unlike Iraq and Afghanistan. Just with Galtieri for being a shit dictator and wasting all those lives.

    “For instance, the cause of Germany and Japan’s demise in WW 2 is that they were out produced by the Allies, an economic victory so to speak.”

    That’s a good point but the war was won and lost on more than one factor. Japan was no different to Germany in being bonkers and out of control and being bonkers doesn’t win wars in the long run either.

    When the war started and the US were still twiddling their thumbs, Germany was almost an unstoppable force, except for the UK. The UK had to hold in Europe. However, being bonkers, Hitler invaded the Soviet Empire when he couldn’t even crack Britain. Stalin would suck up millions of deaths because he didn’t care. He murdered millions of his own people anyway. When things inevitably started turning against Hitler after this and the American money, supplies and troops were flowing to Russia, the bonkers ex WW1 corporal started interfering with his generals, making things worse. When the war started for the Yanks at Pearl Harbour, the Japanese could have done alot more damage than they did and what they didn’t sink by finishing the job really cost them later on. Another factor.

  171. No creativity in creating chances at all and despite the new players, it is as bad as Carver in bottom place with two draws and no wins at all

    Meanwhile, I always keep an eye on Hughton and Brighton are on fire now. Top of the Championship with 16 points in the first 6 games. Gan on Chris.

  172. Yeah I got to watch the Monday night game.

    As you described it no better than Carver’s crowd.

    War gannin doon wi the Mackems,
    Dooooooooooon, wi the Mackems,
    War gannin doon wi the Mackems.

    There’s no knight in shining armor out there and unless Assh**e spends another fifty big ones at Christmas, it’s the second tier next year.

    Just think how that would feel, missing out on all that PL dosh, that’s what happens when you are a cheap SOB.

    For eight years now “he”, our Dear Leader, has tried everything, that’s everything that can be done cheaply.

    And why should this year be any different, a second tier manager, who was fired for not getting a decent second tier side promoted and who looks as if he is determined to end his career by getting Newcastle relegated.

    A fat little man, who is a total newcomer (oh! sorry, a guy that spent twenty years at the club, sharpening pencils or summat) as the new GM, simply because when Ashley called NEXT!, he was the one who stepped up.

    He has started out by spending too much on mediocrities, and just who is in charge of rebuilding, as McM. didn’t seem to know who he was getting, or how many ?

    It appears nowt has changed, Carr picks the players, fat boy pays for them and McM. ends up with them, is this any way to run a football club, especially one that is expected to be a top eighth side in the worlds toughest league.

    Will this guy who claims he has more important stuff to take care of and is leaving everything to these three stooges, please stop with the bullshit and go out there and hire some people with track records to run the club, cause you get what you pay for and in our case Ashley is not paying much.

    Ah! what do I care, aint my money being wasted.

  173. On the other hand there are rumors about Sissoko, unquestionably our outstanding player and far too much has been said about him all summer and he also has to shut his mouth and perform as we know he can, perhaps a new contract could solve the problem.

    We understand he wants a place in the French side for the Euro tournament, as a matter of fact most are tired of hearing about it, that and the fact he wants to save himself from possible injuries by feigning a groin strain ?

  174. Then we have another dissatisfied player in Tiote, whatever his problem is, who has put in less time than most players recently, who had better get his act to-gether or go on the block, being his better days are well behind him.

    Our red haired midfielder better wake his ass up and stop those stupid fouls, yeah I know he works hard but ffs play smart, the same applies to Mitrovic, wise up buddy we cant afford to be a man down for every game.

    Wijnaldum, rather have bought Cabaye, a proven player, that does it all.

    And what the hell is Obertan, Williamson, Riviera,and Anita still doing here, Anita has had every opportunity to show what he can do, but he just cant cut it, time for these to go, now.

    Our need is a guy like Cabaye, to take charge in midfield as no one seems to want or be able to fill the role, leaving the side without a leader.

    The less said about our forwards the better and one back four line is not enough, I mean who the f**k is running this shit team and are they purposely attempting to get the side relegated, again ?

    Yeah we went out and paid fifty million quid for what, who picked the players and who agreed to the fees, the f**king blind leading the blind.

  175. We have a middling squad now, like Swansea or West Ham. There are some good players in there and we should come around tenth just as an average. Many would say that this isn’t good enough for a team like Newcastle and they’d have a point, but we’re not even that, we’ve had to keep worrying about relegation and that’s because of the setup around the players, which has been chaos at times.

    Ashley has bought some decent players now and spent what looks like a fair amount of money. The thing is though that with all the extra Premier League money, all the other teams like Newcastle have too, so it’s like walking the wrong way down one of those travelators you get at airports, you have to spend even more to move forward. Despite the spending, the team is still moving backwards against other teams, from being a euro challenger in the days of Cabaye and such to mid table mediocrities now. Everton have overtaken, Southampton have overtaken, and West Ham and Swansea have caught up.

    And the managers. The Premier League is a magnet for top managers, even little Watford has a Europa League and UEFA Super Cup winning manager, but we get managers who have been sacked from League One sides or Championship sides, or we let John Carver do it. Having written that, one of Ashley’s former just let the coach do it appointments is setting Brighton on fire. They were bottom, or just about bottom of the Championship when Chris Hughton arrived, but he has taken them to top now.

  176. Maclaren is just another ‘yes man’ opportunist, lacking the talent and the strength needed to take NUFC to where they ought to be.
    How can he say that another defeat, several games into a terrible start to the Season, is “a wake-up call”? The only explanation is that he and the squad have been asleep on the job

  177. Oh Jesus, it really is like Carver and we’ve only just started. Somehow, there is a silver lining out of all that though. We have actually overtaken Sunderland due to them being slightly more crap than us and going down 2-0 instead of 2-1.

  178. The one most striking comment made during the game was, McClaren has one two out of his last nineteen games in charge, one of which was Blackpool, the other Wigan.

    I think that about summarizes McClaren and his career, as there was little rhyme or reason behind to-days debacle and if I may say so, this guy is even worse than Pardew.

    I kinda agree with Worky’s statement ,in regard to the fact we do have some decent players, but by now it should be obvious to all, that once again Ashley has let both fans and the club down by hiring a manager on the basis of ‘How much” instead of “how good”.

    Yeah there is the making of a decent side there and with another fifty million spent in the approaching window we could have a top ten side, but never with this clown in charge.

    I’m going to repeat myself for the zillionth time, what this club needs more than anything is decent management, not a bunch of cheap losers, nor a head scout, a GM and an excuse for a head coach, all pulling in separate directions.

    And least of all an owner who veto’s every dime spent and meddles, believing he really does know how to run a club.

    Yeah we hear him crow about stabilization and other money matters, but nothing about our relegation and further two close brushes with going down.

    Hell does he realize we haven’t won a single game so far and are bottom of the division, or does he think it will all come right after a few games, well I got news for him
    we got Chelsea and other tough clubs coming up and if we cant beat a crap side like the one we played to-day, what hope is there for beating the others.

    Look the present division of TV funding allows teams to go out and buy good players and if you fail to constantly improve you go down, it’s hat simple, there’s no given right other than producing a good side ,when it comes to EPL membership.

  179. You know I used to think Pardew was a bit of a whack job, with his constant psycho-babble shit.

    But on listening to his replacement i’m beginning to wonder if this guy McClaren is any saner, following six games, none of which we have won, he comes out with such nonsense as, “we gotta wakeup call to-day” “the team has to dust itself down and…” f**king cliché’s, ffs.

    Looks to me to be someone on some heavy duty medication, either that or he’s totally insane.

    Where does Ashley find these f***ing nutters ?

    Could it be there is a good young manager out there with some kinda track record, looking for a shot at the big time, I mean there were suggestions concerning Moyes following his firing at MU as a possibility and I wasn’t that happy with the suggestion, but on looking at Ashleys choices hell I would just as soon have him than anyone he has hired (apart from Hughton)

    So what is it, small money? yes man ? or what, he’s gotta have some criteria to explain his dumb-ass choices, or are there just a lotta screwed up retreads available.

    Certainly beats the hell outta me ?

  180. Continuing the nit picking of McClaren, I know the way his voice always goes up at the end of each sentence is going to get on my tits. This is sometimes known as the “moronic interrogative” because everything sounds like a question and it makes the speaker sound like a moron. It’s a virus which mostly affects younger, vapid Barbie doll type females in Australia and the US, but McClaren has been badly infected with it too. His Double Dutch accent seems to have cleared up now but I think his constant use of the moronic interrogative is here to stay.

  181. The writing’s on the wall for any who want to read it.

    Another season of discontent and failure.

    Who to blame ?

    Well for the most part the usual fall guy is the Manager/head coach.

    And in an attempt to be fair, we have one that probably
    (gleaning from what we read) had little input into a system where there’s an age cap and most of the recruiting had already been pre-decided by Carr and Ashley.

    Yes there’s argument in regards to whether a DOF or the current managerial system is better, actually both may work equally well, with certain managers such as a Ferguson or Mourinho,strong willed, but with impeccable histories, in other cases it may be better to hire a DOF, someone who has knowledge of the game, let him pick the coach and both he, the coach and scouting staff should then be on the same page, along with playing style’s etc.

    But our GM is obviously a novice, undergoing on the job training, which has resulted in paying over the top amounts for average players, Carr has made choices based on sell on possibilities (else we would have signed Cabaye as opposed to Wijnaldum)a case of where a managerial policy over rode common sense.

    Of course all through the window, there were constant enquirey’s to our new coach concerning who we were about to sign, I felt a bit sorry for him, being he had as much of a clue as the rest of us, but had to give the appearance that somehow he was involved in the decisions
    being made.

    This system we employ is both stupid and confusing and causes friction between the four individuals who supposedly are running the club, namely Ashley, Carr, Chubby and Mcclaren.

    Besides Carr once described as almost infallible has recently brought in some questionable bodies and as long as the sell on business policy continues, there’s likelihood, we may have more Cabellas on our books, already some pundits are calling Thauvin the new Cabella.

    So Carr is not Infallible, and pudgie is “on the job training” what about “Shteve” ?

    Obviously a company man, (anyone see his stage managed first day here) and willing to please, but he’s a guy with a checkered past, mostly negative.

    I mean look at who the Manager/coach was for our last opponents, a young guy with a track record, something that obviously escapes Ashley’s understanding of the game, that’s the type of coach we should have been looking at, not some mediocrity recently fired by a second tier club.

    The choice is to soldier on with this clown, which could end up as a repeat of last seasons debacle or do a real search and find a decent DOF, who will appoint his choice of Coach and send Penfold back to emptying baskets or whatever he did and have the DOF inform Carr of exactly the type of players he wants.

    Otherwise we will either lose out on he big bucks through relegation and re-entering the PL will not be that easy next time, as there are no longer any gimee games in either league.

    So wise up Ashley, hell you been at it now for eight years, all of them crap, any chance of you getting it before it’s sixteen years.

  182. Chuck, did you ever read the satirical magazine “Private Eye” over here? Their resident fictional, quintessential old school English football manager is “Ashen faced, tight lipped Ron Knee (59)” (always the same age), who is the long suffering, and absolutely awful manager of Neasden FC. Graham Carr is a perfect Ron Knee. He’s a foul mouthed scout / Conference Manager, he isn’t a Director of Football, General Manager, Technical Director or whatever term you use.

  183. chuck says:
    September 20, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    “Well for the most part the usual fall guy is the Manager/head coach.”

    But when the club has seemed almost permanently in crisis for eight years under many different managers, most of them bizarre choices, you’ve got ot blame Mike Ashley and the clowns in the boardroom.

    “I mean look at who the Manager/coach was for our last opponents, a young guy with a track record, ”

    Quique Sanchez Flores is 50, only a few years behind McClaren. I think that one is wearing slightly better than the other though.

  184. Who couldn’t agree with all that has been said by you Chuck and Worky? The fault is Ashley and HIS system nothing will change till he goes simple.
    Till then I will have nothing to do with this corrupt “Sports Derelict Un United” that pose as Newcastle United.

  185. Nutmag says:
    September 21, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    “STAY AWAY!”

    Nutmag, that’s easy for me in London, and even easier for Chuck in New York. I don’t like all those red white and blue signs flashing on and off when I’ve tried to watch games there in the last few years. That puts me off as well as the football.

  186. I would say right now there is the beginning of a change, one that is mixed with a bit of panic and rightly so, nothings going right, everyone’s injured, there’s discontent among the players, easy to see.

    Why ?

    If you are a fan of the club, do you have to ask ?

    There has been an early reaction and that could mean anything at this club, firings, an attempt to repeat his Winter window buying spree, but by that time it may already be too late.

    But I have no doubt there’s a bit of panic going on, especially as the promoted sides are doing so good and to-days PL is as tough as it has been, so in fact even though the club spent five million they are in fact, no better shape than they were seven years ago.

    Badly run club folks, terrible management.

  187. Wor “Mr. Mac”. is stretching things, according to him, it will take the results of three windows to take care of the rebuilding procedure.

    That’s giving himself a long time employed at least one and a half years on the payroll, how many managers have that kinda luxury.

    I hope we don’t have to suffer under this clown for another year or more, as it’s clear we don’t have what’s needed, a manager who knows how to win.

  188. Really there is only one word that describes it from owner through board, manager, coaches, players and supporters. “Pathetic”
    How can you go on believing? Get ready for:
    We must stick together.
    We have to draw a line in the sand.
    We have to dig deep.
    We owe it to the fans.
    We have to step up to the plate Blah blah blah.
    I am amazed people still just don’t get it. Its not working and its not going to. The Ashley system is a “crock” and will always be so.
    Find something else to do match days I have and I’m glad I have. My only contact now is a read of this blog now and again. I enjoy the “Odd Couple” (Chuck and Worky)at least they get away from football (I use the word loosely)on occasion.
    After you’ve made the break it doe’s get easier looking at it from the outside gives it a different perspective. Good luck from an ex addict.

  189. Remi Cabella said it all when he spoke of “losing joy on the pitch” at Newcastle. That’s how we all feel.

    Nutmag, this was some of what he said:

    “We have to turn it around. We have to draw a line in the sand and say how far do you have to go?

    We have to turn it around and when we turn it around, we will be stronger and better for it, but we have to start by turning it around and that has to start with the performance on Saturday”?

    I don’t know what that drivel meant, he made even less effort in that interviews than the players did in the game.

    What’s your new hobby now you’ve spurned NUFC?

  190. Oh aye, Ginger terrorism is back. A carrot topped fundamentalist was plotting to kill Prince Charles so that Ginger Harry could be king. I’ve noticed that Jack Colback has been getting very feisty this season too.

  191. Recent results have brought our pudgy wee MD to offer a public apology to all fans, which no doubt also created a panic throughout the club.

    One obvious result is players dissatisfaction and a manager who has no clue what to do about it.

    Recent media rubbish has us at around 7/1 odds on hiring Jurgen Klopp or Moyes, which are both nonsense, due to Moyes having a job and Klopp awaiting the Managerial role at Bayern and enjoying his sabbatical.

    Actually Moyes would possibly provide the ideal man for the job, being he worked for possibly the second cheapest owner in the PL and is used to cheap SOB’s.

    Plus he has a decent track record, not my first choice but someone Ashley shouldda gone for immediately after his firing from MU.

    Something has to be done with this club, but knowing Ashleys brinksmanship approach, it will be too late if we wait until extremis, even the upcoming window may be too late.

    Certainly will be a miss next year to see possibly “The Smoggies” collecting all that PL revenue and NUFC, back in the second tier, paying those top wages to the same old couldn’t care less players.

  192. WORKY

    I’m afraid I don’t see Carr as some old loveable but foul mouthed character you describe.

    I don’t care about anything about him but his ability to name players that can play effective for NUFC.

    Yes he has brought in some decent players, Cabaye, Sissoko, Haidarra, Debchy, Janmaat and possibly Thauvin.

    Others were not given the opportunity due to being considered flair players or who didn’t defend, under Pardew.

    His remit i’m sure is also to provide good young players who could be sold on within a couple of seasons, resulting in the side being unfamiliar with each other never being a settled side.

    Our defense and attacking players have been ignored, while we bought in any number of midfielders, what’s that about.

    Face it is there any side in the PL, who would have Taylor (sick note) Colo. passed his sell by date and of course Williamson, all still playing for the side.

    Ignorance rules at NUFC, between the Head Coach, the head scout and god knows what Penfold does, other than sign checks for mega bucks, for mediocrities.

    It’s a disaster and will continue as a disaster until Ashley see’s the light, which is never gonna happen.

  193. chuck says:
    September 25, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    “Face it is there any side in the PL, who would have Taylor (sick note) Colo. passed his sell by date and of course Williamson, all still playing for the side.”

    Chuck, the bottom end Premier league sides have lots of players like that, they don’t have much choice. To put things in perspective for you with just one example of many, Dan Gosling is a top midfielder at Bournemouth now.

  194. From what I’ve seen this season the things we lack most are character and coherence as a team. And we seem somewhat clueless tactically. Either the manager’s tactics are non-existent or the team is failing to carry out whatever tactics have been imparted to them.

    I don’t think the new buys are necessarily bad, if a little inexperienced (particularly in terms of the Premier League), but there seems to a lot of trouble with reading what one another is going to do. I sometimes think the opposition is reading our passes better that our players are.

    The lack of character is a big problem though. With the possible exception of Janmaat and Colback – and maybe to a lesser degree Sissoko and Perez – there seems to be no grit and determination. Most of them are just too willing to roll over and take the loss.

    It’s a mess and McLaren needs to get a grip of things.

  195. Lets see how we do to-day, a loss no doubt, but what I would be satisfied with, is a bit of real effort by all, not some side who look like they are participating in a never ending training session.

    I would also like to see the left side do a bit more attacking and hope that some time in the future we can learn how to break fast and use our pace.

    Sissoko and Janmaat compliment each other well and most of our play comes through them, but it’s become well known by opposition sides and they concentrate on them.

    Not impressed by De Jong, or for that matter any of our new purchases, either get Tiote out there or sell him, somebody calm Colback down, as his collection of dumbass cards is becoming annoying.

    Cisse looks like he doesn’t care, dump him and try for Remy once more, a guaranteed scorer.

    It’s gonna take a load of cash to get this club back on the rails, that and a complete new management group, all three being useless and in positions way beyond their capabilities, well, have to give Carr some credit for finding the above mentioned players.

    But he has to give up his (undisclosed DOF role) unless
    he can get on the same page as the rest.

    We know the present policy at the club, a perennial mid table side, that profits from selling on young prospects,
    buy em cheap and make a profit, no different than SD only we cant pile em high.

    Problem is there’s a bit more competition in the PL, meaning the side has to improve each year, which costs money as our dear leader has found out and it appears fifty million won’t cover it, best laid plans……

  196. chuck says:
    September 26, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    “It’s gonna take a load of cash to get this club back on the rails, ”

    Not really, Chuck. Newcastle could easily aspire to mid table mediocrity without spending any more. It’s just the serial incompetence which has us at the bottom. Oh well, here we go again.

  197. hey worky m8 how ya been? do you still write blogs anywhere? i miss your stuff, if you wanna have a chat during matches you should come over to /r/nufc on reddit its pretty lively over there

  198. Watching yesterdays game was like being on a rollercoaster, sure we saw a vast improvement during the first half, but always had that feeling “we may be leading, but this is Chelsea”.

    The second half was a tutorial of what not to do when leading, packing ten men behind he ball, conceding two thirds of the pitch to the opposition and seldom crossed the halfway line in possession.

    There were numerous opportunities to spring fast breaking attacks on a high Chelsea back line, when pressing for a goal like Chelsea were, they should (and did) presnt opportunities to spring a number of breaks, but obviously the side had been advised to defend only, stupid! stupid!

    It was an improvement over previous games, but this club has a lot to do, as far as tactics were concerned, give Mac. a zero based on yesterdays game, hopefully he has more than shown up until now.

  199. Hi Dokky, great to hear from you again. I’m limping along at the moment, literally becasue my foot’s knacked! I’m not writing many blogs at all for several reasons, but one is that it just gets harder and harder to build up the enthusiasm to write about Sports Direct United.

    It was a good game for a change yesterday though. The team was more balanced as we had a left hand side. Mbabu was good for a bairn, he was frustrating Pedro and getting him angry.

  200. Worky @209
    Since I managed to finally retire from being a chef last year I have been engaged in my other passion art (painting). Being a member of my local art society and two galleries is more like a full time job than a hobby. What with exhibiting in several shows and trying to put together a North East themed exhibition covering mining shipbuilding etc. So as you can see I have no time for NUFC that was a passion and is now less than a passing interest.
    I think that you may have lost the passion and the buzz you once had. Can I quote Michael Craig-Martin RA about aspiring to be an artist but I think it applies to other activities;
    “Pleasure in doing is the essential basis of making art. When you love what you do , no effort is to great, no time too long. we are capable of doing a lot of things for a while, but not for long. Art can only come from what we are able to sustain”.
    I would suggest you aspire to write perhaps a change of subject or is it just “writers block”.
    Now in my late seventies I’m reborn with a new direction.

  201. Worky
    Not yet just happy and enjoying getting things on canvas.
    The guys at the gallery are going to sort it out. I still have trouble with my smart phone (Not so smart)
    The gallery is also moving to larger premises so all printing framing etc is on hold.
    Hell! Ive spent all my working life in catering being ruled by time now “What’s the hurry”

  202. Nutmag, there’s a bit of a knack to photographing paintings. You need lots of nice natural light or studio daylight. You’ll have to show me some when you get them up now you’ve mentioned it!

  203. Yeah! looks like panic has taken over, with the media already voicing “the scouts are out and about” searching for, well you name it, cheap youngsters, free agents, in other words just put “cheap” in front of it, while at the same time loaning out our best young players, supposedly to give them playing time, while the real reason is to save on wages.

    Anyone who fell for Ashley’s bullshit line , I leave it to the three stooges doesn’t understand Ashley, think about it , if it were your club, would you leave everything in that trio’s hands, without a veto, no didn’t think so.

    Though having made the statement he is leaving things in the hands of the trio, leaves him blameless for any negative performance’s or poor deals.

    Unfortunately nothing much changes at NUFC, other than the squad, the good players are sold, and the likes of Williamson, Taylor, Obertan, etc are still here, perhaps warming the bench, but still here.

    It’s becoming football’s biggest bore, with better than half the Newcastle fans now having a couldn’t care less attitude, though they are still addicted to attending home games, while only the really hard core attend away games.

    You could call it a Stand off, the fans detest the owner and the owner doesn’t give a rats ass and continues to run the club in the same old way, trying to squeeze an extra buck out of the club, with a ridicules transfer policy, no real goals for the club, other than remaining in the big money PL.

    It’s no wonder he is detested by so many, with no change in sight.

  204. Chuck, it reminds me of Akira Kurosawa’s old Samurai films like the Seven Samurai, or the Hollywood versions like the Magnificent Seven and all those Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, The A Team etc films. The natives are weak and oppressed by a brutal overlord, they are waiting for an adept in the dark arts of war to come and rescue them, but there have only been paper tigers like Keegan and Shearer.

  205. Yes ! a well used theme, certainly in the case of Hollywood.

    A more interesting film was Kurosawas “Rashamon” an old story, re-told through those that took part, in other words the Traveling Samurai and his lady, the Bandit/rapist ? and an observer.

    The Deceased bandit’s version told through a medium.

    Of course each story tells a different tale, much like life itself, we hear the same story’s told by our Owner, Coach, MG and Head scout, in regard to events at this great club of ours.

    Like the film intends, I remain confused as to which story bares any resemblance to the actual events taken place or to any future projections.

    What I do know is Ashley knows little about football, or how to run a football club and tend to agree with that great NUFC winger Chris Waddle, that the club is not on the same level as far as spending on talented players as many in the EPL and you usually get what you pay for.

    Meaning we are doomed to either fight relegation season after season unless we go down and now with so much money involved, we could never be assured of bouncing back like we did previously.

    Get ready to spend another fifty big ones, come the next window, or believe one or two of the three stooges, that we can do it with the present side, which consists of a bunch of mercenary’s on their way to bigger and better sides, like Cabaye, Remie, Ba and Debuchy.

    The grass is not always greener and apart from Sissoko I don’t see anyone who looks like a future star, regardless of how they may be described by the local media, this is not a top eight side and has to be strengthened or risk relegation.

  206. On perusing to-days news, I came across an article regarding the other DeBoer (Frank) currently at that once renown club Ajax, now just another Dutch League side.

    The fact that TV revenues control the very existence of many sides as opposed to the days when whoever had the most bums in seats, counted most.

    Ajax, Celtic and others, from smaller leagues with small tv contracts, will probably never again achieve a trophy
    though constantly qualifying for the Champions league.

    Sure, it’s become all about money and one would think that the EPL with it’s foreign legions of players (chasing the big bucks) would come out on top.

    This however hasn’t been the case and looking at the present clubs involved, only RM, Bayern Munich, Barca and perhaps PSG appear to have what it takes to win the trophy this year.

    So! why are EPL clubs not as successful as they were previously, considering the vast number of imported players and available cash ?

    Well anyhow it appears Frank DeBoer has had enough of the smalltime football that is now played in Holland and possibly the lack of both trophies and cash.

    It appears everyone associated in any way to the sport, wants to end up in the EPL, being it’s where the money is at.

    And Frank has decided to advertise his intention of finding an EPL side to manage, mentioning Newcastle United and Liverpool as possibilities.

    Being “Mr. Mac.” now has a record almost as bad as Shearer or our last managers ( Ashley sure can pick em )

    The perfect answer to our problem would be to fire Shteve and bring in De Boer, perfectly legitimate, the guys a loser and the sooner we dump him, the less drama and Ashley would be on his way to achieving part of a first class management system.

    So what’s to stop this happening ?

    Well there’s Ashley with his vision of things, who we know is obstinate as a mule and is never wrong, plus the fact De Boer is probably a step beyond his willingness to pay for.

    Yeah penny wise but cant see the big picture, ain’t gonna change, so no Frank i’m afraid.

  207. Both brilliant films. The battle scene in the Seven Samurai is a cinematic work of art.

    You know how I follow Dutch players and bang on about them, Chuck. The last few seasons their teams have really been stripped down to the bare bones, but then new players rise up from the ashes somehow. The teams are far younger on average than the Premier League. On De Boer, that would be a bit of a turnaround, as he turned down Liverpool to stay with Ajax once. Have you been reading the latest products from the football drivel factory again?

    Oh well, another game tomorrow, against Manchester City. There’s some interest in it though as we did show signs of something last time, even if it was a total game of two halves and Chelsea are having their shitest period for a very long time. Manchester City aren’t 14th like Chelsea, but they’ve still lost their last two Premier League games, and got hammered 4-1 by Spurs.

  208. Yep ! decent first half, but then things went wrong, you cant go toe to toe with MC, which is what happened and expect to outscore them.

    If Ashley doesn’t see the writing on the wall by now he never will, he should get his ass in gear and go sign DeBoer, possibly the best manager available right now, excluding Klopp, or suffer through another self made debacle that will make last year and the others look like winning seasons, but most of all learn that money spent well will have it’s reward, whereas trying to do things on the cheap , just doesn’t work.

    Time for the fans to raise their voices again, when will this crap end, if ever, yes again the learning curve is both slow and delusional.

  209. Yeah Kurosawa was a bit strange, but his samurai films remain a major part of his work as a director and if you enjoy heads being lopped off and battle scenes, then “Ran” and “Throne of blood” are possibly the bloodiest, both loosely based on the Shakespeare classics, “King Lear” and “McBeth” respectively.

    Of course he directed many non Samurai films, which are not so well known, as they never experienced the same amount of distribution as the former, where the audience
    probably enjoyed the bloody scenes as opposed to any subtle quality and one has to pause for thought on how popular Shakespeare’s tales are, being they have any number of Movies, Operas etc. based on his work.

  210. Well it all started so well considering what we were up against. I was hoping it might be a bit like the last game. It was all about the third quarter of the game if you split it up into four like American Football though. If you could take the first half of the second half out of the game, it would have been a draw.

    Apart from Aguero, Silva and the big Belgian, hardly any of the rest in that Man City team had great performances, some were actually pretty shite like Sterling before he was pulled off, but he certainly wasn;t the only one. We were routed, but we weren’t routed by a superb team performance.

  211. chuck says:
    October 3, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    “Yeah Kurosawa was a bit strange”

    He’s Japanese, Chuck, what do you expect?

    Even Rashomon which you used as an example is a Samurai film of sorts, it’s just that the Samurai has been killed.

  212. Ashley has to bear the blame for Newcastle’s most recent
    string of games, so don’t let him off the hook.

    How come ?

    Well you cant skip an entire season in the EPL, without strengthening and meanwhile sell off your best players.

    That and the fact there are sides who are your competition, paying as much for one player as Ashley spent on all of his signings, which turned out to be mediocrities who were bought for mediocre prices.

    Yeah the guy is cheap by nature and just cant change, believing he knows better and has found a way of getting by cheaply.

    Let him live with his delusion and the fans will react, but will have little effect, what needs to happen is to convince him he’s wrong, which ain’t gonna happen, so the only alternative is for a season in the second tier, which could come with this present season.

    You cant hire re-tread managers, with dodgy records, especially ones recently fired from second tier sides.

    So stop it right now, get rid of this clown or lose the lucre of EPL membership and you certainly will lose a large chunk of support from those long suffering fans.

    And don’t blame things on everyone but yourself, as there are no “nexts” no more Penfields, or Carvers available (thank goodness) Take a shot and become a hero to the fans by getting rid of this loser and bringing in DeBoer, it’s a window of opportunity that may pass, action has to be taken now!

  213. “as they never experienced the same amount of distribution as the former, where the audience
    probably enjoyed the bloody scenes as opposed to any subtle quality”

    His bloody scenes were very subtle too though, everything was exquisitely done. Kurosawa’s samurai films aren’t just about heads being lopped off. Seven Samurai is one of the greatest films ever made and can be read on many different levels.

  214. How subtle can one be when portraying mass slaughter.

    This fascination, with the sword and taking heads may have been a way of culling the population, but I fail to see the ritualistic worth of it.

    It’s both bizarre and another part of many Japanese acts that end up becoming rituals, like the less brutish tea ceremony, another weird ritual, which is common in this island nation.

    I have to admit the historical ethnic history of the Japanese, when it was proven they were descendants of the Koreans, which amused me to no end, but did not sit well with most Japanese, who had considered them as Mongolian invaders and were historically controlled by Japan as a subject nation.

    Well having forced the Japanese into a “No Nukes” constitution and basically small self defensive armed forces the US is now attempting to reverse the situation, due to what the US and their south east Asia allies consider the confrontational attitude of China and extensions to it’s territorial land (disputed islands) mass, which can then further extend it’s sea limits.

    Why Obama wants outta the Arabian Peninsula and is now concentrating most US forces in that area, with such strange allies as Viet Nam and certainly is encouraging the Japanese to rearm, something we really don’t need.

  215. Anyone catch the latest league standings, well let me inform you we are truly in the shit, without a win in eight games, while one of our former managers is top of the second tier without a loss in the ten games played.

    In case you didn’t know which manager or what side, that would be Hughton and Brighton.

    Yes folks hopefully it’s a schadenfreude moment for Hughton, who was ignominiously fired by that ignorant a**hole Llambias, guess Ashley dispenses those kind of jobs to his hirelings, which sets me to wonder who will be designated to fire Shteve, don’t tell me Penfold ?

    Of course Ashley will not recognize the obvious and instead of firing Shteve right away as deserved, he will remain twisting in the wind as we continue to dig ourselves a bigger hole to get out of.

    Dose anyone now find Shteve worth saving, certainly when receiving a drubbing like to-days, to then come out with a statement like, “we didn’t deserve it”, last week it was “a wakeup call” and i’m sure there are lots more excuses in his head, perhaps even more than Pardew.

    But action has to be taken, as there cant be any reason for a PL side to be in this predicament and still have the manager laughing and joking and coming out with such nonsense.

    On the other hand, perhaps he’s looking for a payoff, of course we don’t know what kind of contract he signed, but he seems unusually good humored to be contemplating the sack, which would have happened at most clubs in this league by now.

    Hey enjoy your moment in the sun and the Shadenfreude moment it provides you Mr Hughton, the only decent manager we have had under this ignorant clown.

  216. So what happened to-day ?

    Tactically a mess, teams don’t go head to head with Citeh, it’s suicidal.

    Poor finishing in the first half prevented Nufc from gaining at least a two goal lead and to continue to press Citeh, was not the way to go and soon proved so.

    The side obviously caught Citeh by surprise by holding a high line and pressing early, not many sides do this against Citeh, which in turn almost allowed Nufc to take a significant advantage early.

    Had they done so, they could have changed their tactics and tried to play a more defensive game, only attacking when the fast break presented itself.

    Not as they did against Chelsea, where they allowed the opposition two thirds of the pitch and packed ten men behind the ball, but by awaited the opportunity that would and did present itself when Chelsea were pressing.

    It’s all about the training field and practice, obviously here’s not a lot going on there, being we would and should have paid more attention to using our pace, with some basic moves which will allow at least three of our players to understand there’s a break accuring and to understand their role in it.

    Unfortunately I see no sign of anything like that, Pardew used it just before he left, when he saw Sissoko could run all day and is now living off it at Palace, where ha has a pacey young side.

    But Shteve, no f**king idea, get rid of this clown it’s too early to be fighting off relegation after eight games
    even last season with it’s scarey moments, was an improvement on the present.

  217. The more things change, The more they stay the same !
    This is the norm under the stewardship of Michael Wallace Ashley “Negation Of The Negation.”

  218. Well Chuck, if you just see Seven Samurai as an unsubtle way of portraying mass slaughter and ritual violence, then you really are missing out on 99% of the film. I’m not going to do a long essay on the many things which are so good about it. Also, it’s set in the feudal Japan of the 1580s, a time of swords and some primitive firearms. I know you you Yanks don’t bother much with world history or Geography in school so let me tell you from a nation that knows about history that the 1500s was violent and brutal in many places. They hung, drawn and quartered people over here and had witch trials among other things. You still execute people over there in 2015, that’s ritualistic violence and they’ve made movies about that it in Hollywood too. Hence to see ritualistic violence, especially in the 1500s as a peculiarly Japanese trait is ridiculous. Every nation has it’s funny little rituals. The Tea Ceremony is a ceremony which encompasses many disciplines from life, etiquette, architecture, pottery, gardening, aesthetics, proportion and artistic matters in general but that’s another essay.

    Ancient culture, ritual and old fashioned outlooks did survive in Japan better than in most places because of the Japanese policy of Sakoku (locked country) a policy of controlled isolation from the rest of the world for well over 200 years between the 1600s, just after the time of Seven Samurai, to the 1850s. We’ve had a conversation about Eastern Europe and how they were locked in but that was for less than 50 years.

    On the football, it shouldn’t be forgotten that in a parallel universe of justice, we did actually go up 2-0 at one stage and Mitrovic almost scored just after. When I first saw it, that goal seemed so obviously onside I presumed that I must have missed something even in the replays, but it was as onside as it seemed. It’s what happened after, when the shoulders went down over the injustice of it all. The way they lost it completely for that first half of the second half and conceeded 5 goals, notwithstanding that Aguero is one of the best players in the world and was having a very good day, Newcastle facilitated it too. We were actually good for periods of the game but just completely lost it in that 20-25 minutes.

  219. How’s things Joe? Haven’t heard from you for a while. What’s the mood on the the street on Tyneside this season? As you know, I’m in London and hence very out of touch.

  220. A bit arrogant of you to state that Brits for some unknown reason know more about history than those turned out by the US system of education.

    How do they do that? by osmosis ?

    The fact is very few Brits know much about history in general, having for the most part, been taught a revisionist load of rubbish, that has been highly sanitized.

    (for god sake you still believe that the Mau-Mau were terrorists) when the result of that conflict was over two hundred thousand Kenyan’s killed as opposed to 200British soldiers and thirty five civilians.

    We wont mention the millions ,( Cypriots, Malaysians, and those living in other British territories, who wanted to oust them.

    And of course the continuation of a revisionist history is still prevalent, with that ridicules question, was the British Empire benevolent to those nations attacked and occupied.

    As for Japan, a country that lacked modernity during the nineteenth century, having neither a banking system or for that matter lacked a modern army, or system of taxation, preferring to isolate themselves and resort to a system dominated by Samurai and moneylenders,, with all of their non-sense regarding life, honor and chopping heads.

    Yes the Japanese invented the perfect blade for chopping off limbs and heads, their flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, ability to produce ceramics and while committing Seppuku,( ritual disembowelment) manage to write a haiku (poem) to honor the occasion.

    All total nonsense of course, but face it had the Emperor not been in favor of ending WW2, millions of Japanese would have died, rather than surrendering.

    Something to endorse, I think not.

    As for the opening of Japan to trade and exchange of officials, the introduction of a modern banking system and the overall modernization continued until the twentieth century.

    First it was imposed under threat by admiral Perry’s ironclads (warships) anchored in Tokyo Bay, immediately followed by a treaty signed in Nagasaki with the Russians, based on friendship.

    The British signed their own treaties shortly after, as did those various other countries interested in doing business in Japan.

    And as far as the movie “RAN” is concerned, there is nothing that I can describe as any more than human carnage involved, sure there may have been a well choreographed battle scenes, but please don’t claim any of this as the mysterious 99% I missed.

    No I think you read more into those Samurai dominated films than is actually there, they are simple tales adapted from Shakespeare, that are understandable to anyone, no matter where or how re-enacted.

  221. The mood on the street eh?

    I would be very surprised if I find anyone (a fan) overjoyed with the present situation.

    We have had three occasions where we fought relegation, losing once, but to begin the first eight weeks without a single win, is starting early.

    We need a figure of command, someone with a reputation who will command respect from what appears to be a couldn’t care less bunch of players.

    It should be apparent by now that it was a serious mistake. he hiring of Mr. Mac. so FFS give him his pay off and call him a cab, before this mistake turns into digging a hole so deep, we cant get out of it.

    No sense in hoping a miracle will happen, we need a manager that can get !00% out of these guys and the fact Frank DeBoer has voiced he would be interested in managing the club, should be an opportunity for Ashley to act, or end up with some other clown of his choice that will take the club to the second tier.

    It’s been eight years now, how many more years will it take before Ashley learns, that a top management team, is essential to run a PL club, not a failed coach recently fired from a second tier side and an ex pencil sharpener as MD.

  222. It might provide some kind of bitter, twisted comfort to Geordies that the Texan fella who owns Blunderland seems to be in the same bracket as Ashley, ie as rich as Croesus but like a clown lurching from blunder to blunder as a football club owner.

  223. Here we go again, I see the odds on ex Newcastle player Clark, drop to 2/1, to replace the present idiot, I guess Ashley wants to hire another loser.

    But Why ?

    Cause he is cheap and cheap always appeals.

    But unless he believes in miracles he has to act now, as MR.Mac. is going nowhere, still coming out with meaningless drivel about how the side needs to fight etc, with no sign that anyone is listening, ffs get rid of this idiot, before it’s too late.

    Liverpool wasted no time in firing Brendan Rodgers and will start negotiating with Klopp immediately.

    If Klopp goes to Liverpool, there’s still Frank De Boer who claimed he liked both sides Pool and Newcastle, and with the unrest at both clubs, you gotta be tough or crazy to think you can turn things around.

    But not a chance in hell of our signing DeBoer, being too strong a character for Ashley and would probably want things run his way, which ain’t gonna happen.

    Ashley runs this club and only wants a bunch of yes men, the very reason we are sitting at the bottom of the league and certainly will be relegated to the second tier, unless there are BIG changes, beginning with a class Manager.

    Following eight years of screwing up, most people would agree it’s their fault and obviously not the way to succeed, what is it about Ashley that he can’t seem to understand it’s all his fault and should try a different approach, like hiring the right people.

  224. Yes it’s a bit sad really, to see those north East giants (Sunderland & Newcastle)lying bottom of the PL, while sides like Bournemouth and other’s recently promoted, sit well above them in the league.

    Like Worky stated it’s the fault of both owners, who although they constantly state they don’t interfere are both involved in every decision made by each side.

    Plus a series of lousy Managers and questionable choices of players, has had it’s effect.

    To be honest, if both sides continue as they are, then they deserve to be relegated and who knows may both end up as yet another miss managed side, playing in the second tier, alongside Leeds and others.

    And Oh! Worky,

    Those Kenyans suing the Crown for damages during their war of independence against the UK, have won a multi million pound settlement, which proves the torture and concentration camp claims of abuses to be valid.

    A day late and a dollar short though and why does the findings of the court and the general history of the period, still remain a closed book ?

    Too awful to admit to ?

  225. “Here we go again, I see the odds on ex Newcastle player Clark, drop to 2/1, to replace the present idiot, I guess Ashley wants to hire another loser.

    “But Why ?

    “Cause he is cheap and cheap always appeals.”

    That’s easy, it’s because betting companies want idiots to spend their money betting on it, Chuck.

    “If Klopp goes to Liverpool, there’s still Frank De Boer who claimed he liked both sides Pool and Newcastle ”

    I read that after you mentioned it, it was just the usual diplomatic managerspeak from the silver tongued Klopp. He might end up at Liverpool. What about Ancelloti?

  226. Well we could discuss replacements for Shteve all day long, but don’t expect Ashley to act decisively and early,

    Then there’s the problem of hiring a guy like Klopp or DeBoer, both of whom have mind’s of their own and would no doubt make certain demands in regard to decision making….

    Oh I see that Klopp has demanded control of signings, but would be willing to work with the transfer committee, which is not a lot to ask.

    Of course Ashley has such a fear of losing control, he will as usual be the last word on everything, which makes for a tough job, almost impossible.

    But don’t take DeBoer’s statement too literal, as Worky sez, just a bit of managerialspeak and who knows he may have been tapped up, or has his eye on a job, obviously not the Liverpool job.

    Got to give the Fenway group credit, they don’t mess around, three years and no silverware and your out.

    Of course Liverpool can still attract quality managers, even though they are no where near the dominant team’s they produced more than a decade ago.

    On the other hand who, other than someone desperate for a gig would apply to either Sunderland or Newcastle.

    Both clubs have the same problem, interfering owners who firmly believe they know how to run football sides, when all evidence shows the opposite, the fact they don’t get it is amazing, perhaps it’s time hey took a good look at themselves and really take a step back, allowing a professional approach by people with track records in the business.

  227. McClaren! he’s still here ?

    What could possibly be the reason ?

    Twenty odd games without a win and counting.

    Why is he still here, what does our Dear Leader expect from this fool.

    A sudden recovery where we go on to a top eight finish, which was being projected by many.

    Stop wasting time and replace this clown, who has lost the dressing room to the point it will be impossible for him from now on.

    Look there’s the making of a decent side in this lot and with additional signing’s during the winter window, could survive the drop.

    But the longer Ashley does nothing, the more difficult it will be.

    But say he fires Mcclaren, and Penfold becomes the fall guy for Ashley’s decisions, like using Carver who he thought could handle the last ten or so games, last season, but it all imploded and we are lucky to be in the PL to-day.

    I don’t know, Ashley’s decisions over the last eight years have changed little, still wants to operate a PL side on second division budget.

    Ain’t gonna happen and if we go down this season, it won’t be as easy as last time, returning.

    Hell we may have another three major NE clubs joining Leeds as permanent members of the second tier, which eliminates having to see all those SD signs everywhere and watch our side fold in front of any opposition, because the owner knows nothing about operating a club, other than on the cheap.

  228. There are only two managers in history who have won the European Cup three times. One is Bob Paisley at Liverpool and they could have had the second one, Carlo Ancelloti.

    As for McClaren, it’s just begun. Remember how long Ashley stuck with Pardew?

  229. If the figures in this Sky thing are right, Newcastle only have around 30,000 season ticket holders now and compared to the size of the St James’ Park. It also mean that Newcastle now has one of the lowest percentages of season tickets sold though interestingly, Liverpool are one of the three clubs that are worse than Newcastle in terms of season ticket percentage of the stadium’s capacity (the others are Blunderland and Aston Villa). It would also suggest that the North East is no longer the hotbed of football it once was.

  230. Every day brings better news, that Ashley will wait for an extremis situation, before acting to get rid of his dumb-ass choice of manager, who looks happy enough considering he’s about to get sacked (in good time hopefully) possibly the result of the availability of some good medication.

    Tim Krull looks like he will be out for the most part of the season and we will probably employ a twenty year old to replace him, happy days.

    Not only that, it appears although we may have as yet, not won a game, our concentration is on getting a good price for our best player Sissoko and to ease the pain, by demonizing him as someone who gives less than 100%, a planted word here and there,

    Following that we may sell if possible our second best player Janmaat and are planting stories about whether we have the ability to hold onto him, you heard it before concerning Debuchy & Cabaye.

    Looks like many of Ashley’s top guys are starting to bail out on him, Penfolds predecessor was first, now the head of his holding company, (Which includes NUFC), gotta be a big problem somewhere when you see guys with jobs like that bailing.

    Well we can re-coup all the facts about how badly this club is being run, while we play against Leeds and the other poorly run sides, now in the second tier due to bad management.

    Yes it’s true that in the EPL, money talks, but only in regard to how it’s spent and if Ashley thinks he can buy his way outta this present predicament, the answer could be perhaps, “depends on who he spends it on”.

    But he first has to understand that spending on a good manager is the most important, the mortar that holds a side to-gether, I mean can you believe Mr. Mac. with that pharmaceutical grin on his face can inspire a side of players, simply awaiting a move to a champions league side.

    We are in deep shit, getting deeper, nothings changed.

  231. A hotbed of football, never understood that term,

    It may be true of the other clubs, but when you get a full house @ St. James’ Park every other week, to watch a side that has yet to win a game, “that’s a hotbed of football”

    Though they may lack any enthusiasm, those fifty odd thousand still fork out the entrance fee to make that pilgrimage, my question is why ?

    When if the figures are right, those paying through the turn-styles, are almost half of the total earnings for bums in seats.

    What could be easier, than to employ the Boycott, for a couple of home games, which would no doubt get some serious attention from The Man.

    To possibly do the right thing and stop selling our best players, instead make a serious attempt to have a well run club, with decent management and players and to make an attempt to provide decent entertainment to the fans, instead of blaming everyone but himself.

    Face it well run clubs earn more money, provide better entertainment and draw bigger crowds, resulting in a better club all around.

    We should be so lucky!

  232. Well here we are awaiting our next outing, with almost a quarter of the season gone and still awaiting our first win.

    Was it Mr. Mac. who recently voiced the fact we are almost at a crisis, that was shortly after his opinion that we had received a wake-up call.

    Is this man on drugs or what, it was a crisis when Ashley decided to hire this clown.

    It’s obvious he has to go along with Penfold and whatever other
    useless clowns he has on the payroll.

    Some of us gave a sigh of relief when Carver was dumped (rightly so) but to then hire a similar cheap-ass yes man
    who is still here following the worst start for this club since the late nineteenth century, is just beyond belief.

    Why is this clown still in charge, what the hell is going on
    at this club.

    Get it over with, unless you believe in miracles, cause it should be absolutely obvious McClaren is not the answer, unless the plan is to be part of second tier football next season and with this present side , it’s where we belong.

    How much longer will it take before reality bites, possibly long enough to get us relegated.

    Even if we win against a side like Norwich coming up next, where does that leave us, no different than if we lose, as it’s obvious this side is just not good enough nor even cares, most of the decent players will be happy enough to move on to play for bigger or more well run clubs.

    It appears the inmates are running the asylum at present, therefor the need for someone with both a track record and a presence that will demand respect, because what we have right now is anarchy, with Mcclaren only waiting for the inevitable chop, as he knows well the fact he doesn’t have the answers and
    even if he did, he has lost the dressing room, which means he should go.

    Then again that may be what Ashley is waiting for, his resignation, to save himself a few bucks, look there’s no solutions coming from me as the same old bull**itt just keeps repeating itself.

  233. chuck says:
    October 12, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    “Was it Mr. Mac. who recently voiced the fact we are almost at a crisis, that was shortly after his opinion that we had received a wake-up call.”

    “Is this man on drugs or what, it was a crisis when Ashley decided to hire this clown.”

    Actually, that’s an insult to people on drugs, Chuck. I say that because I’m just listening to John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ in the background here. Coltrane was usually up to his eyeballs on drugs, but he did a much better job playing jazz and coaching a band than McClaren ever has coaching a football team!

    “Even if we win against a side like Norwich coming up next, where does that leave us, no different than if we lose,”

    Whether we lose or win against Norwich will make a huge difference. Actually we have a run of games against Norwich, Blunderland, Stoke, Bournemouth which we should take at least two wins from. The first one of those will be very important though and set the tone.

  234. “A Love Supreme” eh!

    Strange as i was just listening to Sonny Rollins “All the things you are” with Coleman Hawkins and Herbie Hancock.

    Anyway, the upcoming schedule appears less intimidating, perhaps we may win that one or two, but don’t think that will send us onward and upward in the league.

    It will take time and another manager before this side get’s it’s act to-gether and even so will still depend on reinforcements during the next window, which may be too late.

    Plus this business policy of buying cheap and selling on for profit, just doesn’t work.

    What it does is leave us with an unsettled side of constant replacements, most new to PL football who take at least half a season or more to adjust.

    What’s needed is a change of policy, from a selling club, to one that is gradually built over time, to challenge for the title.

    Yeah the word is we cant compete financially with the “big clubs”, which is nonsense, a side built over time with a decent manager can accomplish a lot and certainly is a more realistic goal, than having a side in continual turmoil, with constant changes, which i wouldn’t mind, were it not full of useless players such as Taylor (Sick note) Williamson(useless) well you all know who i’m talking about.

    And to end up fighting relegation each season, certainly doesn’t encourage decent signings, it’s tough enough attempting to entice them to the glorious North East, with all of it’s delights for living, as opposed to boring old London.

    No a different attitude is needed and though our Dear Leader, has hinted that things will change, here we are eight games into the season, without a win and bottom of the league, certainly not only a case of concern, but a direct effect of the policies of an owner who has no clue about running a successful club and never will, only don’t tell him that !

    It ‘s about time for the annual break out of the bed-sheets, a total waste of time, when with almost half of the attendance non ticket holders, it’s obvious that a boycott of home games from that fifty or so percent of the disillusioned, would get an immediate response, unfortunately they haven’t figured that out yet.

    Ah well, not my problem.

  235. Well Williamson has hardly played this season, and he scored when he did so put that in your pipe and smoke it, Chuck. Taylor’s the same so you can hardly blame them for this season’s fiasco. Despite that epic 20 minute collapse against Manchester City, the strongest motif in our awfulness has been an inability to produce enough goal chances, and Newcastle are the joint lowest scorers in the Premier League with West Brom. Most frustratingly though, we were playing some of our best football just before we were cheated and then humiliated in the second half of that City game.

    It’s all very well to pontificate from London or New York, but Rangers fans certainly seemed to do a better job of their Jihad against Ashley. They haven’t dropped a point yet this season and should be back to the Scottish Premier League next season.

    I’m still following Hughton at Brighton. He’s still top and unbeaten, but the last three have been draws rather than wins so the Smoggies are only two points behind.

  236. My point wasn’t to particularly demonize either player, but to demonstrate the fact we have players that by now have proven to be , either sick notes or just not good enough and were they at any other PL side would have been sold a long time ago.

    Unfortunately we only sell our best players (the search for profit, any profit by Ashley is continual) leaving the side unbalanced, tactically questionable, with a number of recruits each season, mostly new to the style and pace of the PL, so what else can you expect.

    Most winning sides are built through a well considered recruiting policy, by finding the right players for the required roles, not through some non discriminatory, buy a dozen midfielders, simply because they are cheap and could possibly bring a decent profit in a season or two, meanwhile leaving the side short of decent strikers and defenders.

    There’s just no rhyme or reason to NUFC’s recruiting policy, usually having an abundance of midfielders, yet lacking a decent defense.

    To ignore the future is a mistake, there aught to be a plan in place to build a decent squad over time, including defenders and forwards and to stop selling off our best players for a few bob profit.

  237. I’m sure the happiest club in the SPL are Celtic, that is concerning the news Rangers may make it back into the SPL.

    There apparently has been few games of real interest within the SPL lately, so Rangers return could add a different dimension.

    Though it’s also a bit sad that these two former footballing giants, should suffer because of a lack of tv revenue, being they did well during the bums in seats era, where attendance was the prime source of income and it becomes even more apparent when considering the average income of a EPL side vs. their SPL counterparts.

    I for one would like to see each club allowed to enter the English league, as an entry level side and hopefully work their way up to EPL standards, surely there are sides that don’t belong there now and there are precedents for such a move, just seems the SPL would be a more homogeneous group without those two big clubs, who could easily in time fit into the EPL.

    I don’t know why there is such English opposition to this idea, the only answer in general is that their fans are prone to rioting, though Celtic as a traveling side have had a decent bill of health in that respect, throughout Europe for at least a decade or more.

    Anyhow, my point is these two clubs, with fifty thousand plus seat stadiums, would do better, provide additional competition
    and in general increase the quality of the EPL, whereas their present SPL position only makes obvious the quality of the two big clubs in comparison with the rest of the SPL,

    There was a time when all clubs were financed by attendance, but unfortunately the EPL through it’s spending power from tv revenue, has dominated football (though it’s clubs, not winning anything in the way of silverware lately), attracting the most expensive players in he world, with salaries to match.

  238. cont.

    So if in fact there are more or an equal amount of foreign players presently playing in he EPL, why not two Scottish sides to match the two Welsh sides, already playing (a precedent) in the English leagues.

    I mean what is the real reason for this refusal to accept both of these sides, when most people presently involved in either coaching or playing in their divisions are foreign and are made more than welcome.

  239. Shteve mentioned the fact he doesn’t look at the standings in the PL, a blatant lie obviously, what he is attempting to say i believe is, there’s plenty of time to soar up the standings once these new guys get used to the PL, it’s tempo and physicality that is.

    Between he (Shteve) and Penfold) (not to mention Ashley)it’s possible we have the worst management group in not just the EPL, but any league you care to mention.

    I got nothing against Shteve (apart from he fact he’s a crap manager) or Penfold (who may be really good at what he did for twenty years at the club, sharpen pencils) but the two are way out of their league and are there only because they came cheap.

    We all know who makes the final decisions here, the same shmuck who makes all policy decisions at this club, including buying and selling, which is our Achilles heel, the fact we go out and chase (cheap) youngsters for their possible sell on price, before they have a chance to settle in, is just ridicules.

    Yet the side are then expected to maintain a spot , whether mid table or simply to avoid the drop and loss of PL riches, is expected.

    There’s no doubt, this club has serious problems and from day one of this season, has reflected that.

    It will be another year of tight asses our attempts to avoid the drop, regardless of who we bring in during the next window, as hard as i try, i just cant see Shteve as the guy to get this side interested in playing football.

    Better to cut one’s losses and fire him, in the meantime if a new manager hasn’t already been looked at, shame on the club.

    Most other clubs would have a new manager in place, what about Moyes or Rodgers, both should be available, not my first choices, but anyone (apart from Pardew) would be a welcome change FFS

    It’s a mess, which i dont see the fans doing anything about, perhaps the have become inured to this garbage we are being subjected too and much like myself, no longer give a shit about.

  240. I notice that Kath the tea lady has retired after 52 years.

    If we lose against Norwich at home and Sunderland away there could be bedsheets. That would be it then, another nightmare. Ashley always thinks he can cheat by gambling on a has been, someone who had a heyday that is now over. They can either be semi retired and out of touch like Keegan or Kinnear, or toiling away in the lower leagues like Pardew and McClaren. Oh well, another chapter will unfold tomorrow.

    Chuck, those Welsh teams came up the proper way back in the old days through the Southern League and the English League system.

  241. Soh ! after forty years it appears even Cathy the tea lady has had enough.

    On the other hand, one former fan recently stated that if the club fielded eleven monkeys, wearing the home strip, it would be the same result, a full house.

    Something has to happen, if we the fans want a return to normalcy, that is the normalcy of Pre Ashley days.

    Unfortunately these fans want someone else to complete this transition, either Ashley sell the club (which is estimated at far more than it’s present value) or use the Boycott to force Ashley to change the present business plan.

    According to the media, Ashley doesn’t want to sell for below his asking price, in which case the Boycott is the only answer.

    Certainly something that would get his attention, plus the fans have never been subjected to so much pressure to buy season tickets, either the five year deal at a fixed price, combined with the promises of change,(which ain’t gonna happen) as long as Ashley is running things.

    By now any other PL club with a similar record, the manager/coach would have been replaced, even Liverpool with a winning side have dumped Rodgers and of course Sunderland, who have had more managers than hot dinners, now have BSA, best of luck there guys.

    But at NUFC, it’s the same loser playing the same lousy football, with a side that has no pride nor much in the way of ability, despite the fifty million spent and were it not for the promise of more recruits on the way come the next window, the boycott would be un-necessary being no-one with any sense would continue to watch these losers, who cant win a game and are destined for the drop.

    All the dreaming and wishful thinking in the world will not change the fact we have a poor side and worse management, a stupid business plan, run by someone who has shown over the years, he knows little about football, never mind running what was once a decent club.

    But it’s up to the fans, if one thinks how other fans would react to the present situation, you can bet your ass they wouldn’t have attendances of over fifty thousand every home game, so as long as these fans show up, why would Ashley even consider changing anything.

  242. chuck says:
    October 17, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    “Something has to happen, if we the fans want a return to normalcy, that is the normalcy of Pre Ashley days.”

    The Shepherds and the Halls? You must be kidding. Whilst we’re on the subject, Why do you yanks always say “normalcy” instead of “normality” now?

    It isn’t about picking a crap manager and dumping them quickly, it’s about picking the right ones in the first place and sticking with them if it is for the best in the wrong run. Ashley just picks the wrong manager and sticks with them.

    Newcastle have laid the groundwork with 3 points out of a potential 24, but these next few games against teams like Norwich, Sunderland, Stoke, Bournemouth, Leicester and Crystal Palace are where they will either find redemption or it will get as bad as it has been since we were relegated, like Carver last season but without that early season cushion.

  243. Sorry if it offends your sensibilities, but American spelling was introduced to simplify matters, how many ways can one spell manoeuvre for instance.

    Why for instance are so many English forms of spelling follow the French version labour instead of a simpler labor, bit of ridiculousness based on that British opposition to change, with a bit of snobbery thrown in.

    I’m afraid we did your job for you with an unfinished correction of those existing ridiculously spelled words, but with the US now introducing more new words to the lexicon, it hardly matters as they will be spelled in the simplified manner .

  244. Doubt it !

    Appears as usual, we are putting out another one sided team, with Sissoko, Janmaat and Perez, dominating any attacking football on the right.

    There;s also that lack of effort from the side, obviously they either don’t care or have not been motivated sufficiently, possibly a bit of both in fact.

    Looks like this a must win for Shteve, but if this is as motivated or aroused as he can get this side, then there’s little hope for him.

  245. Chuck, I don’t want to think about an “aroused” McClaren, thanks!

    You don;t think that Widget made enough effort then, scoring 4 goals and saving one from off the line too? The defence were only middle of the road but there were several good performances elsewhere like Sissoko and Perez. Widget overshadowed everything though.

  246. I was wondering if in fact, Shteve and aroused was an oxymoron ?

    Yes the score was certainly not a reflection of play, the only difference was in seeing an opponent, with a worse defense and the fact we scored with every shot on goal, six for six.

    What pleased me was the fast break was reflected in just about every goal and yes this pace we have in the side still needs improving and so does our defense.

    That and a bit more balance, being most attacking play came via Janmaat and Sissoko on he right, i was a bit surprised at the subs, why put Cisse on, when well in front, how about giving Marveaux a shot on the left, see if we could balance things out.

    I suppose i will have to credit Wynaldum for his goals, hope this is a harbinger of things to come, though i think Sissoko was our best player, even if he didn’t always track back enough
    this guy can run all day, but with Tiote and Colback in front of the back four, one wouldn’t think he would need to play much defense.

    Haidara, came on later (prefer him to Dummett) but perhaps was told to stay at home, as he can also carry the ball upfield in combination with the right winger.

    Well i’m sure the faithful were happy enough while enjoying a post game pint, it’s not every day they see a six figure score from this bunch, we can only hope (don’t count on it) to repeat it against our neighbors, but we still need that dominating center back, a playmaker and a a goalscorer we can count on.

    We shouldda tried for Cabaye, looked good against West Ham.

    And dont get carried away by this result, it’s not an indication of how good the side is, sez more about the opposition, oi fink!

  247. So whats it all about ?

    Newcastle six, Norwich two, a bit of half time adjustment in mid-field in the second half, the side moving forward as a whole, instead of leaving an enormous space between the forwards and defense, allowing Norwich to outnumber Tiote and Colback and more than enough room to outnumber the defenders.

    That’s the problem with 4-4-2, unless the wingers track back, great when attacking, but a liability against a fast breaking side, so a bit of adjustment at half time, though it seems no one likes to track back.

    Even our iron man Sissoko, was reluctant to track back in the first half, never mind Wynaldum, it’s a demanding role.

    But depending on the opposition, has to be done, personally i dont care for the 4-4-2, but apparently it’s thought that Mitrovic and Perez can become a high scoring duo, ain’t gonna work in this league i’m afraid.

    Now had we signed Cabaye, we could have played Colback or Tiote in front of the back four, with Cabaye in front of him, both mopping up and Cabaye directing traffic.

    That’s what’s missing a midfielder who can organize the attack
    and were it not for the stupid transfer policy at NUFC we could very well have re-signed him.

    As things stand, looks like we have a goalscorer in Wynaldum,
    which reduces the need for two strikers, mostly a waste of time, better a forward diamond headed by Mitrovic and backed by Wynaldum, with Sissoko on the right and either Ferguson, Marveaux or Aarons on the left.

    Time to get rid of these below and give our youngsters a chance.

    De Jong; a sick note and no improvement on his brother.
    Taylor: another sick note.
    Williamson; if you have to ask ?
    Colo; seen better days.
    Obertan: has all the skills plus pace, but can’t play football.
    Tiote: whatever his problem is, we don’t need it.
    Gouffran: a squad player, nowt special.
    Riviere; nah, cant figure out why he’s here
    Cisse;collecting his wages but not producing.

    I believe Penfold or Shteve had mentioned it would take at least three windows before we had something like a side in place, yeah sure!

  248. chuck says:
    October 18, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    “That and a bit more balance, being most attacking play came via Janmaat and Sissoko on he right”

    Chuck, how much attacking play did you want from the left? Widget scored four goals from the left! He’s a very good signing, probably too good in the long run.

  249. Hatem Ben Arfa has been on fire in France. He’s scored 7 goals in 9, and 5 in his last 3 games for Nice. Hughton got win at the weekend too so he’s still top of the Championship by 4 points.

  250. Sure, but not only the fact he’s scoring, but also entertaining, (HBA)

    Unfortunately Llambias forgot to tell Ashley, that Pardew, like BSA, plays a very controlled game, with no interest in flair players, resulting in some of the most boring games ever played @ St.James’.

    Finally we are beginning to see the fast break from this side, i’m amazed that something so obvious has finally been recognized by Shteve.

    Looking at the team of the week, i see Vandike has been included, tell me again why we didn’t put in a bid for him during the summer, as he appeared to be the best available
    to take over from Colo.
    Hell we couldda ended up with half the dutch national side.

    Going Dutch seems to be the plan now, being not all of our French players have worked out, regardless of how cheap they were.

    So don’t let this BIG win get you too excited, it’s a long season and BSA will have Sunderland well drilled for this upcoming derby.

    If Ashley sells Sissoko, he will once again prove how little he understands football, apparently he wants Debuchy back and should have signed Cabaye before Pardew got him.

    Is this business of selling off our best players going to continue, it’s not too often we end up with a player of Sissoko’s quality, despite the fact many claim he is lazy.
    Which is total rubbish, the man covers more ground than the grass, there should be a ground swell of opposition from the fans against this move, as he is by far our outstanding player.

    If Ashley does in fact sell Sissoko, that will prove his primary concern is stuffing his pockets, as opposed to building a decent football side, as promised.

  251. They’re walking in a Pardiola wonderland over at Crystal Palace now though, Chuck. As you mentioned yourself, he’s got Cabaye as a “flair” player and others like Zaha and Bolassie. Crystal Palace are moving up in the world to join the Swanseas and other aspiring middle teams progressing beyond mere survivor / yoyo club status. Crystal Palace need a good football club or something to give it a reason for being. After all, the thing that gave Crystal palace its reason for being, the Crystal Palace, burned down to the ground ages ago. Leicester seem to be having a good stab at things too though it’s early days.

  252. Yes i understand Pardew must be much happier, for a number of reasons, the most important being he gets to chose whatever signings are made.

    Also the fact he is allowed to play whatever style of football he wants to, not simply to survive in the PL, or the crap football he played at West Ham.

    And yeah, with a bit of decent management, Palace are establishing themselves as a regular PL side.

    Again, this is the advantage of being a London based side, with all the advantages of that particular geography.

    And as you mentioned Ranieri @ Leicester is doing a hell of a job, but still early days, it seems the newly promoted sides usually get off to a good start, full of enthusiasm, but tend to be ground down over the season, lets see?

    Looking at the Newcastle fixture list it appears we have finally ran into a schedule that doesn’t include top sides and hopefully Shteve can take advantage of it, though i cant say i’m particularly enthused about the prospects.

    In which case the approaching window, is all important, that and the latter part of the season, which hopefully doesn’t become another fight for PL survival.

    But i certainly don’t depend on it or the recent big scoring victory over the poor defensive effort by Norwich, which shouldn’t be taken as anything other than an aberration.

    And if this is, as Penfold states, a time of rebuilding, then with rebuilding comes the selling off of those who cant cut it, with which we are stacked high.

    I recall the early propaganda from the Ashley group when taking over, the proposed spending of twenty million per year on new faces, which if carried out, would put us somewhere in the top six or so.

    Unfortunately it appears Ashley forgot to tell us how many of our best signings would be sold on for profit, while holding onto the likes of Williamson etc.

    I doubt if this club will ever have success under our present owner, as he looks at this club, in the same way he looks at Sports Direct, something that generates profit, not success as a football side.

    Ah well at least some of us are aware of it.

  253. It also appears Thauvin is not exactly flavor of the month at present, being compared to Cabella, in other words a lightweight, who may follow Cabella back to the French league.

    Either that, or Shteve doesn’t know how to utilize him, which in turn sez something about Carrs judgement as a scout.

    It seems that Carr has been given a free hand to bring in possible young stars (cheaply) though there was nothing cheap about Thauvin.

    On looking at his record, it appears he has had some success, with Sissoko, Wynaldum, Debuchy, Cabaye, M’bemba, Janmaat, with Perez and Mitrovic the jury is still out, not a bad record, but there were some expensive flops also.

    Though out of those expensive flops, Marveaux, HBA and Santon, were never utilized properly, all three were in fact decent players, that just didn’t fit into Pardews (ugly style) of playing.

  254. chuck says:
    October 21, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    “It seems that Carr has been given a free hand to bring in possible young stars (cheaply)”

    Newcastle United’s big four signings weren’t cheap, Chuck. Carr’s certainly not having much luck with his frail, poetic looking French wingers (and a big, duff striker). He didn’t do too well with the Dutch neither but he’s finally come good with Widget.

    In other news, Chris Hughton is now the joint highest all time winner of the Championship manager of the month award with 8. Brighton are still top of the Championship by 4 points and unbeaten in the League.

  255. I was referring to the likes of our present youngster Thauvin and his predecessor, Cabella, who are quite similar in both style and physical stature.

    Though both are fairly decent players, it seems neither made much of an impact when playing in the side and were then subjected to weight work, in order to build upper body strength in order to deal with the increased physicality of the EPL.

    Obviously this didn’t work for Cabella and it appears (Thauvin, recently dropped) Thauvin wants out and possibly by watching his body language never wanted to come to St. James’ Park, in the first place.

    Look the enthusiasm of the Dutch players and Mitrovic, is great to see, as opposed to the attitude of many of the French imports.

    With both Cabaye and Debuchy leaving at the earliest opportunity and Sissoko making it clear he doesn’t want to be at Newcastle for the rest of his career, which in turn suggests NUFC are just considered as a stepping stone club for bigger and better clubs, though on reflecting on those two and their present situations, there may be some regrets on their part.

    But regardless of Carrs choices (some excellent, others poor)
    and the fact he brings in players perhaps not wanted by the head coach, (all justified by their profitable sell on prices which is part of the Ashley business plan) it’s the reason the club finds itself fighting a relegation struggle each season.

    Look sides are built over time, not overnight and you don’t offer your best players for sale at the first opportunity, that’s a recipe for disaster.

    Plus if the club wants to hold onto it’s best players, there has to be an incentive for them and going to Whitley Bay for a day out ain’t what i’m talking about.

    So either the promise of silverware or a few quid more in their pocket, might work, unfortunately Ashley may not agree on spending more, his whole concept being to make a profit from the club.

    No! you cant have a winning side, when besides selling off your best players, you constantly end up with an unsettled side, with half of the players recent acquisitions from other leagues and strangers to each other, it takes time to adjust, which just doesn’t happen.

    It will take a radical change of the business plan by our owner to become a top six side, money will have to be spent, both on players and upper management, a clear-out of useless players will have to take place that and a serious rebuilding plan, one or two players at a time.

    I believe even though the club has seen no silverware in decades,that the fans would be patient (hell they have little choice) knowing a real policy that could provide a winning side each season and plays decent football, one that has an opportunity to win silverware, is in their future

    Not some side struggling to avoid the drop because of a lack of funds and poor management, that who’s policy is to sells off their best players, but unfortunately Ashley places profit above all and it ain’t about to change any time soon.

  256. chuck says:
    October 22, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    “Look the enthusiasm of the Dutch players and Mitrovic, is great to see, as opposed to the attitude of many of the French imports.”

    Well, apart from Anita, Carr did find the two DeJong brothers, one with goalitis and the other one always knacked. Same as any league, there can be pitfalls with buying players from the Dutch league too, though I have proselytised on the issue of Dutch players. Wherever it is, don’t buy players who are cheap because they seem to have a recurring injury. Chuck, I think you said a few days ago that Marveaux should be playing but he’s got the old Gilmore’s groin again.

  257. Actually it’s not a question of player nationality at NUFC, it has more to do with both the clubs location and the insistence by the owner to do it his way.

    I just can’t imagine the squad being a bunch of happy chappies, having to deal with both, that plus a loser coach like McClaren

    Interesting article in the Independent about how London clubs find it relatively easy to attract players, while those further north, especially the three big North east clubs find it difficult, having to offer incentives, in order to sign decent players.

    And just about everyone is aware of he fact NUFC will sell anyone, as long as there’s a buck in it.

    It appears from media gossip, both Perez and Sissoko are in demand, with M.U. and Spurs attempting to turn heads as usual.

    Plus if there are no bids for Wynaldum and Janmaat i would certainly be surprised.

    Question is how can the club be expected to remain in the EPL when they sell off their best talent, to expect a conveyor belt of cheap young talented players to continue to be recruited, is someones pipe-dream and cant be justified as a policy.

    Better to rebuild over time and hold onto those players, who
    are successful and on a four or five year contract, than sell them for the first offer made.

    The fact is NUFC make it easy for those wanting to play where the big bucks are, knowing they are going to a selling club and if they produce can move on to more money and a better quality of football, with the possibility of silverware in their future.

    In which case, a few extra bucks and the building of a good competitive side, would be another attraction, who if competitive enough could be an incentive to remain at the club.

    But young players will always prefer the anonymity and flesh pots of London, to taking a day trip to Whitley Bay, therefor an additional couple of bucks in their pocket might make up for living in the bleak north east, after all they are entitled to have a life outside of football at this stage in heir lives.

    No! this policy we are experiencing is not sound and Ashley is (slowly) finding that out, though i doubt if the policy is about to change any time soon.

  258. Yeah! Carr is a bit of an enigma, bringing in such players as Debuchy, Cabaye, Wynaldum, Mbemba and Janmaat and Perez, all decent players.

    With Mitrovic and Thauvin, still to be evaluated.

    There’s a certain resemblance between Mitrovic/Perez and Shearer/Bellamy, that suggests we can expect a 4-4-2, every time the are penciled into the lineup, old style football, not a surprise when you look who is coaching, i’m surprised the club didn’t go after Carroll, instead of Mitrovic.

    At the same time introducing the DeJong brothers, Anita, the two look alikes Cabella and Thauvin, then the French failures Obertan and Gouffran, not exactly a great selection.

    I haven’t a clue who the club may sign during the next window, but i have my opinions of who we should sell and can barely understand why some are still here.

    It’s an easy statement to make, that this is possibly one of the worst run clubs in the league, with little to recommend it, apart from some of the decent players brought in by Carr and what it needs is a re-evaluation of both the business plan and a replacement of the top layer management, including McClaren and Penfold, most fans understand this, then why is it Ashley doesn’t get it?

  259. It’s the money, the Champions League and the prestige, Chuck. They’ll go to London, Manchester or even Munich for hundreds of thousands a week and Champions League football but Madrid and Barcelona just about trumps everything, not London. Chelsea and Arsenal have attracted some very good players but so have the Manchester teams so there you go.

    I wouldn’t describe Carr as an “enigma,” he’s a foul mouthed old football scout who’s too basic to be an enigma.

    Flesh pots of London? You make it sound like something from a painting by Hogarth.

    Apropos of nothing, have you noticed that Steve Mcclaren is looking more and more like Donald Trump every week?

  260. I disagree about the preference between London and Manchester and other northern cities.

    Yes certainly those living and playing for the Manchester clubs are there for the money, it (Manchester) not being an especially attractive city and Liverpool is even worse, a veritable dump.

    What they have are fairly competitive football clubs, being able to compensate their players in order to keep them in those dumpy cities.

    As for the three northeastern clubs, described by players as the equivalent of living in a goldfish bowl and who don’t want to pay the equivalent wages, can you blame their players for wishing they were elsewhere.

    This is all due to the recent infusion of money into the league which has caused a transformation in English football, perhaps not for the best.

    There was a time when things were on par between clubs, but money has changed all that, where are the former Cup winners Notts Forest or Leeds now and when was the EPL championship won by a club other than the top four sides.

    You mention Shteve reminding you of Donald Trump, he should be so lucky, “The Donald” surprising everyone and still apparently leading in the poles.

    That certainly sez either something about the American electorate or his opposition, most of which would be out of their league as dog catchers.

    I kinda like Bernie, even though he sounds like Jacky Mason, but any one with any association with socialism, will never get elected in these here United States .

    That i figure will be Bills wife, why she thinks she is cape able god only knows.

    As for Carr ? not exactly enigmatic, but only tha fact his choices of players, rank from the sublime to the ridicules.

    With more to come, though they will of course consist of players about to run down their contracts, second tier players and whatever other cheapo’s are available.

  261. So the fans were up for a bit of revenge, following an eight game shootout against a poor Norwich side, the Toon was on it’s way up the league, after struggling against some top sides early in the season.

    The game against fellow struggler’s (also without a win) Sunderland.

    The opening minutes indicated it could be a repeat of the Norwich game, punctuated by a number of deliberate fouls commited by Sunderland’s hit man “Cattermole” some called others ignored.

    Then the call of the game, both a penalty and red card combined to Colo, which in fact ruined the game, from then on.

    The Ref was wrong, plus his later inoring of Cattermoles deliberate kneeing (in the kidneys) of Perez, was followed by a warning only, bizarre !

    Where does the league find referees in this day and age who don’t understand the rules of the game ?

    Anyhow the red card fiasco, turned the game into one of the scrappiest games yet played in the EPL and it’s end couldn’t come quickly enough, so much for either of these clubs, who deserve to be at the leagues lowest point and well on the way to being relegated.

    Two badly run clubs, one with a manager (BSA) who has had some success in keeping clubs up, but who plays a micro-managed game, where everything is a set play and if it’s flair you want, just don’t watch his sides.

    The other managed by Shteve, who’s only success took place in Holland, but comes cheap, but don’t expect anything out of the ordinary there.

    Even if we sign a number of players during the upcoming window, it may be too late, unless we accumulate a good number of points during the next few weeks, which i don’t see happening.

    People come, people go, but not much changes at NUFC.

  262. Chuck, I saw Sanders on TV over here. It was quite windy, his hair was blowing around, he was wearing an anorak and he reminded me a bit of Michael Foot, the much mocked former Labour leader over here, who came across like a bonkers professor in his day. Like Noam Chomsky, I think Sanders should have his hair trimmed a bit more often or avoid windy situations with his old man style Bobby Charlton hair. Yes I do know that Trump has the most ridiculous ginger Irish jig ever, but in his crazy world he’s made it into some kind of brand or asset.

    The game on Saturday was sickening. You can’t really blame anyone apart from Coloccini though. The team have been erratic in the last few games, like some things are finally starting to break through, but not consistently yet, which is often how it happens rather than a steady, incremental improvement. Just remember the Man City game a few weeks ago, we should have been 2-0 up against them if the linesman didn’t rule out a perfectly good goal at one stage, then we let in five goals in a catastrophic 20 minute period just after and all of that was forgotten about.

  263. Yeah! presidential candidates like their British counterparts (both the elected and shadow governments) are a sad bunch.

    And people like Bernie, running on a Democratic/Socialist ticket don’t stand a chance, even though many of those who listen to him may agree with his platform, too much money is being spent on Bill’s wife, politics now becoming a family dynasty in these here United States.

    Smart politicians are now using the vast and growing separation between the rich and poor to counter the un-matchable supply of money to the super packs in order to elect the best government, money can buy.

    This could become a national phenomenon in future elections, resulting in possible new regulations restricting donation
    amounts, which at present result’s in the election of those preferred by Wall St., through their “K” St. bag men.

    The same stuff is happening in the UK, where there’s little difference, the bankers and super wealthy buying governments
    in the same manner, while the Labour opposition is in turmoil and could be out of power for years to come.

    They have to decide who they are, a party of the left, built on trade union and socialist principles or like Blair, the party of “Conservative Lite”.

    I see where Blair has finally admitted and apologized for his
    involvement in the invasion of Iraq, better late than never, though apparently it hasn’t interfered with his more recent attempt’s to be some kind of Ambassador to the middle East, at the same time filling his pockets and becoming a mouthpiece for whoever pays the most.

    Nah ! it aint a perfect world, but it continues to get that bit sleazier from year to year, this world of “Money Talks”.

  264. As for NUFC, same old, same old.

    Whats changed, nothing really.

    A few decent players, that could be the spine of a decent side, that’s if we had a management system that were all on the same page and knew what they were doing.

    Not this group of course, I mean which other club in this league would hire a manager/head coach, who hadn’t won a game either as manager of a second tier (Derby) club and subsequently fired and has now won one out of ten games played.

    Apparently Ashley is waiting for some miracle to happen, Sundays game should have convinced him that once again he erred on the part of “cheap”.

    Instead of hiring this clown when there are good young managers available, but we understand there’s a lot to be said for YES men being they usually get you relegated.

    Carry on Mr Ashley with your belief you know how to run a club,
    after eight years, of which you have made little progress, other than being relegated once and had narrow escapes more than once, don’t you think it’s time to put the club in the hands of professionals, because the fan base may have had enough of your performance and just decide they are no longer interested.

  265. Well however it happened, I have seen bits of good football breaking through in the last few games, Chuck, so I won’t make any “clown” comments about McClaren at this time.

    Blair didn’t apologise for anything and would have been better saying nothing. What he actually said was that he apologised for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong. The snake wasn’t apologising at all, in fact he was actually using it in a roundabout way to blame A.N.Other, some nameless intelligence people or whatever. Notice also how it was CNN on that side of the pond, he won’t go near UK broadcasters even though this is really for something which is happening in the UK. What I mean is that as always with the devious minded Blair, the interview didn’t just come out of nowhere and he had an ulterior motive. It was a pre-emptive strike before the big and much awaited Chilcot Report on the Iraq war over here.

  266. Well when you have immigrants from just about every other country imaginable there have to be some strange sounding names involved.

    A good example of that can be found on the uniforms of pro. US baseball players, which reflect more than any other pro. sport the diversity and makeup of these here United States.

    Plus i know for most Europeans, the US may sound at times the most bizarre of countries, encompassing some unusual attitudes and rituals, which to Americans is just another all encompassing acceptance of the old term “E Pleribus unum”
    loosly translated as “out of many one”.

    Unfortunately i have no similar explanation for the quality of it’s presidential candidates nor do i feel comfortable with many of the beliefs of the average American, but then isn’t that part and parcel of accepting it’s diversity, as face it many of us find ourselves a small minority in regards to any number of subjects.

    About Shteve, any other club would have fired this clown before now, it’s obvious he’s no where near the quality of most EPL managers and just seems to believe everything will work out ok.

    Well we are patiently awaiting that miracle to take place, but one win outta ten is an indication, the club is going nowhere unless changes are made and soon.

    I don’t understand this support of a guy with not much of a track record, recently fired by a second tier side, who has probably won less than five out of the last twenty five games.

    He’s a LOSER who will eventually be fired, better to do it now than let him continue in the expectation of becoming another Alex Ferguson, FFS.

    And who’s to blame ? that footballing ignoramus Ashley, the man who though he attempts to deny it, makes every decision, even concerning the tea lady, did she get a pension after all those years, i wonder ?

  267. Lots of countries have funny rituals. One confusing thing to me though is this idea that there are some things which are supposedly unique in the US which aren’t unique at all but many pretend they are as some kind of unifying myth for a young, diverse country. For instance, my parents started with less than nothing in the North East of England, lived in caravans and hardly went to school, but they worked hard, built up businesses over the years, did very well and gave me and my siblings a fairly privileged upbringing and the chance of very good educations. It was like this American dream thing you keep going on about over there, but it’s just universal.

  268. I disagree that there’s an universal ability to succeed in life everywhere, of course a good education and the will to become successful being paramount.

    However that drive for success is both encouraged and part of the American dream, there’s a million stories of how the poor immigrant who through hard work and the drive to be successful, managed to become wealthy.

    Yes a country that takes an average of two weeks a year vacation, plus usually a quick half hour for lunch and a commute where most continue to work.

    Plus everyone believes that hard work will eventually have it’s rewards, which is hardly a truth, but….

    It’s just not the same in Europe, where it’s not uncommon to have long full lunch breaks and from four to six weeks paid vacations, plus for many, the chances for a decent future depend on not the fact you have a good education, but on the fact where that education took place, is more important, that and the general negative barriers of being from the wrong social class.

    As an example, take the worlds top corporations, mostly American and mostly involving high tech products, there is an entrepreneurial spirit in the US that doesn’t exist in most western countries, but does so in both Asia and the US, being it’s encouraged as opposed to being considered crass by some, the pursuit of wealth and with it power.

    Kinda like Tony Blair, the new road to wealth and power being the leadership of The Labour Government, of course the present Labour leader is a bit of an enigma in that regard, sure we know what his record as a backbencher was, but what will his platform be if given a chance to lead the party in the next election, I suspect going back to the past as opposed to heading into the future, with new ideas that will prepare the country to deal with that future.

    And have no fear, there’s only a snowballs chance in hell that the country will bow out of the European Union anytime soon, they are well aware that could be economic suicide in so many ways, it’s basically a tool to squeeze more from the EU in any re-negotiated deal, with both on the agenda in the near future.

    While the US warns the UK to get with the program if they want to be involved as a member of the EU/US trade
    deal presently awaiting signatures, being they could be left without any deal at all, not a position the country wants or needs.

    And yes, the reciting of oath of allegiance (a cold war ritual) plus all of those other patriotic nonsensical ceremonies can become annoying, hell we have a National Anthem, that sounds almost as bad as God save the King/Queen (not much room for non singing PM’s or republicans there) though it has been recommended we change the US Anthem, I hear nothing about a new British Anthem, being it has become somewhat ancient and offensive to many.

  269. And of course there is still the belief in American Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny and a lot of other rubbish, combined with attempts to get everyone on the same page, but there are definable differences between The US and their European counterparts, which cannot be observed during a short vacation and one has to remember the US being a sub continent, is by no means a homogenized society, with as many differences between the states as there are differences by the countries that make up the EU.

  270. Oh ! football…..

    Nothing of interest happening there, except the usual rumors and lies.

    Lots of stories about giant Center Backs arriving.

    Probably get someone from the second tier currently running out of contract.

    With Mitrovic and Perez, possibly being designated as the new Shearer and Bellamy, there will be no Charlie Austin deal made, eh! who cares…

    One titbit I came across was the fact we have loaned out Williamson, thank goodness !

    Time to line up a few more useless articles to get rid of
    and begin the program of rebuilding, which means, hang onto our best and sell the rest.

    How long will it take before we get rid of Shteve, one two or three defeats, better hurry we could be in deep shit before long.

    still it’s kinda sad that a club like NUFC with it’s hard core of loyal supporters has been relegated to being a joke and about to become another Leeds or QPR, being the owner has no clue even after eight years of OJT.

  271. Chuck, I wrote another longish comment to you yesterday but there were problems with the server again.

    As usual, I was pointing out how out of touch you were :-) More of the world’s largest companies are from the US than any other country, but it certainly isn’t “most” as you say, it isn’t mostly hi tech either, for instance one of the world’s largest companies is American, but it’s Wal Mart, which is more redneck than hi tech. There are lots of European and Asian companies among the largest too. By your logic, the most entrepreneurial nation would be Switzerland as three of their commodities companies are in the top 47 of the world’s largest businesses by revenue, which is very high for a tiny country like Switzerland. The biggest carmaker in the US was taken over by the German Daimler for a while, but they got rid of it because they thought it was a turkey. Detroit and the American car industry certainly doesn’t look very entrepreneurial at the moment. One of your biggest brewers, Miller is now owned by a British South African company. The biggest point probably being that the largest corporations are beyond mere national concerns now, they are bigger.

    I also posted my impressions of the game yesterday too but I have to go out to see the big classic car show at the Alexandra Palace now. It was another frustrating afternoon where the team tried and certainly didn’t play badly. Mitrovic did everything right apart from score, but even though he played very well and it might sound a bit churlish, a player like him still needs to score a bit more than he is. I know he should get time to settle in, but I only mention it because he has been the same with his national side too. He scored enough for Anderlecht, but not for Serbia. I still don’t think Cisse is getting a fair chance too.

  272. Yeah well the figures will vary according to the source, for instance “Forbes Magazine” has twelve US corporations listed in the worlds top twenty five, however the first four are Chinese banks, plus many corporations have like say “BP” a much larger part (around a third) of its investors and operation located in the US, in which case it becomes a more complex question.

    However that wasn’t the point i intended, more of a description of those billion dollar rated companies like Twitter, Facebook,
    The new wealth based companies, based more on an idea than our normal expectation, that are providing a service as opposed to something tangible like a Barrel of oil.

    Which again reinforces the idea that information is now the most important commodity, that is when combined with those machines and information sources, that make this information readily available and has allowed younger people to introduce such programs as Facebook and Twitter and become instant billionaires.

    Which for the most part were introduced in the US, apart from their copies like the Chinese “Ali Baba”, it’ all about innovation, thinking outside the box.

  273. Mitrovic ?

    Lets see how he works out, certainly the side looked as though they are finally gelling, with some decent football played yesterday.

    Yep, the home side definitely dominated the football game and were very unlucky to fail to get all three points, with some well drilled and fast breakouts, which were a pleasure to watch.

    The basis is there for a dangerous side and with a few quality buys during the next window, could begin the next season still in the PL and enjoying the wealth of PL membership.

    A bit more quality in depth, but no more second tier no-bodies who’s contract running out makes them a bargain, or some unknown South African, playing in Sweden or Norway, who because they scored a couple of goals and a free agent, sounds tempting.

  274. “Ali Baba” is less of a copy than Facebook. Ali Baba is all about big wholesale and supplying businesses with cheap Asian goods, a brilliant idea and not a mere knockoff of a Yank site at all. Long before Facebook came along there was the British “Friends Reunited” which kicked off social networking websites. Entreprneurialism is all over the the world and no one has a monopoly on it. The Industrial Revolution and the growth of modern capitalism came from Britain, not the US. You have a whole parallel history of yourselves in the US, where the world started in the mid sixteen hundreds when some white guys ate a Turkey, and everything was invented and done in America. We know what you’re like because you’re all so loud.

    Twitter is more hot air than money, stuff like that isn’t much in grand the scheme of business. Most people around the world know what it is and might use it, but it isn’t like WalMart or Samsung. How does it make the money? That was a thing which was kind grafted on to the business later on as if they’d forgotten about that bit at the start.

    BP is a British Public Limited company based in London, but it did take over Amoco. It was originally the Anglo Persian Oil Company and the madness which took Persia / Iran from being a modern democracy through the brutal reign of the Shah to harsh illiberal theocracy was all kicked off over BP.

  275. You protest too much, face it “Ali Baba” is no more than another Amazon or E-Bay, a direct copy, other than it’s main market was designated as the Chinese market, like the present day attitude of the Peoples Party, a switch from being a nation of exporters to one that is attempting to develop their home market.

    The industrial revolution continues to this day and though it began in the UK, we see little evidence of it in to-days UK, apart from the construction and waste of money of two large Aircraft carriers that are unaffordable and the building of replacement submarines to carry Nuclear weapons, for what purpose god only knows.

    At present there’s little to view in the UK about an extended industrial revolution, the fact is the US and Korea provide it’s smart phones, the Koreans it’s ships, The Japanese, Koreans, Germans and Indians, build cars here, as does the Indian steel industry, hiring hundreds of thousands of British workers.

    Thank you Maggie Thatcher !

    Of course the Bankers and money men are becoming wealthier as time passes, to the detriment of the working classes and poor, using the chancellors interesting equation, that by creating a “living wage” the cuts in benefits would be overall beneficial to the majority, which when examined is nonsense.

    Don’t lecture me on BP, i worked for that company and was in both Iraq and Iran prior to the Iraq revolution of 58, which followed the CIA/ MI6 induced Iranian takeover in 53 which deposed Mussadegh.

    My point was that how does one consider BP to be a British company, when over a third is owned by American interests.

    As for our involvement with the Industrial revolution, the US has been involved since the nineteenth century and has been among the worlds most inventive nations and is still the most inventive of nations, just look at the list of its Nobel prize winners.

    The general equation between the UK and it’s former colony the US since the beginning of the last century, has seen the UK go from an empire which “the sun never set upon” to a small island off the coast of Europe, that retains a lot of the trappings of an empire, but has sadly been reduced to a small country, one which, the advent of a possible separation from Scotland i’m sure brought a certain awareness of those facts to many UK citizens and this upcoming decider of whether the Uk will remain as a EU member is just nonsense, they have no choice and are presently being urged by the US to remain or lose any trade agreements negotiated between the US and EU.

    Whereas he US is a nation, that took over the UK’s Post WW2 role as the worlds policeman, not saying we did or continue to do the job well, but we are a sub continent with riches and power and at present are still the worlds most dominant nation.

  276. Chuckles, you’re the one who’s protesting that the US has some kind of innate superiority on something which is universal. Empires vanish leaving only ruins. The Roman Empire lasted over 1500 years, the British one over 400. The American empire will be one of the shortest.

    Proportionately, the UK (2nd), and Germany (3rd) have won more nobel prizes and many of the American ones were won by brilliant europeans, or the sons and daughters of brilliant europeans who fled from the nazis. It was europeans, including nazis like Von Braun who put a man on the moon. It was europeans like Einstein and Bohr who helped Oppenheimer to develop America’s atom bomb and it was the British and the Germans who invented the jets and the missiles which gave America its power. I was at the Alexandra Palace just down the road the other day and that’s where TV was invented. Total world war was the thing which really helped to hurry along the modern world, the computer, atomic power, the jet and nuclear weapons for a start. and the US totally capitalised on it’s position at the end of World War Two, it wasn;t because the Americans are innately more innovative or enterprising, that’s just hubristic claptrap. The UK has done great with technology and engineering post war, the problem is developing it and getting it to benefit the UK economy, rather than other ones.

  277. Cherry picking again ? what i’m doing is generalizing the fact that the US has been the most dynamic country since before WW1 and if it were not for it’s military power and means of production, you would all be speaking German had the US not intervened in both wars.

    This role was thrust upon the US, it being the arsenal of democracy which outproduced both Japan with it’s availability of raw materials plus Germany with it’s slave labor and allies combined.

    Following the second world war, there was the possibility of the Soviets to take over the rest of Western Europe, were it not for the presence of the US.

    I believe you British aught to be thankful for all we have done for you in the twentieth century, instead of envious of our replacing a worn out empire who could barely feed itself even ten years after the wars end, where people were still using ration books, when even the defeated countries of Germany and Japan were well on the road to recovery.

    I doubt if you remember, but following the end of lend lease,(1947) bread in the UK became rationed for the first time and Horse flesh and whale meat were being sold to make up for the lack of other meats.

    And if you doubt the US ability in regard to brainpower, who invented one of the most important systems (the one we are using now)

    And yes the American domination both military and economical may not last for over a thousand years or even four hundred, but it will continue to be one of the worlds leading economies and military powers into the foreseeable future.

    Which will be something the UK should be happy to see, being the UK government believe they have some kinda special relationship with the US, just ask Tony Blair, who was conned by a dumb-ass like George Bush into being a co-inventor of those illusionary weapons of mass destruction.

    And by the way, why is it taking so long for the report on Blairs involvement to appear, it looks as if they must be employed in fabricating one of the biggest whitewashing cover-ups in history as the general public for the most part, have already found him guilty.

  278. Seems like our latest young striker is being hustled out to another club, with the excuse that he needs playing time to hone his skills.

    At least this is the most commonly accepted excuse used by NUFC,
    which i don’t believe for a moment, rather a way for Ashley to save a couple of bucks in wages.

    Hell Toney and Armstrong could develop like Mitrovic and Perez
    into another Shearer and Bellamy combination, but not at separate clubs.

    Time to unload the deadwood, Williamson was a good start, but we have others gathering “spelks” by sitting on the bench who shouldda been outta here years ago.

    A group of Twenty five (though we have at least a dozen walking wounded right now) aught to be a sufficient number of players, with some taking part in reserve games others on the bench.

    Better to dump the deadwood and have a the rest playing in the reserves, same style of football, same tactics, which should allow for a seamless entry into the first team, as opposed to playing for some second or third tier club.

    Another subject is the transfer policies of the club, the age restrictions.

    It appears the club is adamant on continuing the policy of not buying anyone over twenty six or so, i don’t get that, when your average player reaches his prime around twenty eight.

    It seems not only does our owner believe in the selling on policy as a moneymaker, he wants to stockpile them at other clubs, who will pick up the tab for them.

    Of course not all these youngsters make the grade and will be sold on for whatever they may be worth, to the clubs where they are on loan, others like Debuchy, Cabaye, will be sold for a decent profit and the system will continue, or so our owner thinks.

    That of making the most profit, by investing the least in players (out on loan, or on low salaries) and enjoying those revenues from EPL membership, yeah sure! certainly doesn’t look like we will be in the PL come next season.

    Anyway it’s something only someone who as KK stated knows nowt about football, would come up with, tell that to the diminished number of fans who show up for the start of next season in the second tier.

    Though some will no doubt continue to show up, ah well!

  279. Been noticing a lot of negative statements about our (by far best player) “Sissoko”, that he only plays when in the mood, is awkward and wants away, none of which i have either noticed or read about, simply pieces inserted by no name contributors, with no real source.

    That’s how it’s done unfortunately, first you demonize a player about to be sold so as the fans don’t feel bad or ask serious questions as to why.

    This regime is famous for it and have already i’m sure worked out a deal for Sissoko, which by the time it happens, we will already have his replacement signed, reportedly El Ghazi from Ajax and guess what, he’s another neneteen or twenty year old, being groomed for sale, just like Sissoko.

    So we can assume there has been no change of policy in regard to buying young to sell on at a profit, contrary to Ashley’s
    “hands off” statement a while ago, so that he escapes blame for anything that might upset the fans, instead McClaren and Penfold will will take the blame and possibly fired, which would definitely be a step in the right direction.

    How will this club ever bring results with a bunch of imports barely over twenty, being groomed for a profitable sale, before they even begin to fit into the side or adjust to the speed and physicality of the EPL.

    Come January,regardless of who we sign, it will be a struggle, with a lousy manager attempting to organize a team consisting of mainly newcomers, into a side already struggling to avoid relegation (which is paramount to Ashley’s dream) but may find themselves once again fighting to return to the PL and it’s massive revenues.

    So who to blame, only one person, the guy who makes all pertinent decisions “Ashley”.

  280. Oh really, Chuck, you Yanks are more brainwashed than North Koreans. I should just nod my head and let you get it out of your system really for a quiet life.

    “who invented one of the most important systems (the one we are using now)”

    I studied the history of the Internet with the Open University. It was American originally, but it wouldn’t have worked without British packet switching, and it certainly wouldn’t be what it is today without the World Wide Web, developed by the British Tim Berners Lee at CERN in Switzerland.

  281. El Ghazi’s a very good young player indeed, like Widget and one of the kind I’d be advocating from the Eredivisie if I was still watching it like I used to when I was more active with this blog. Just when it seems like it’s been gutted, the Dutch talent factory goes on. You know how it goes though. Ashley has signed two De Jongs, a Widget and a Midget from the Eredivisie, as well as Tiote years ago too and McClaren used to be Dutch, or he tried anyway. Hence the media are going to use the usual specious logic to churn out drivel just like they used to with French players but we’ll see in the fullness of time.

    However, from what I’ve seen, he’s a bit different from Sissoko. Sissoko’s a central bruiser who can play on the side, but El Ghazi is more of a “winger” who scores a hell of alot. If Widget went in the middle and El Ghazi on the right, that could be an awesome Cloggie double act.

  282. Look inventing the internet and the GPS, both spin offs from the US military, are both US inventions, one a precise location finder (the initially produced machines built for civilian use,had a built in error, since eliminated)

    Both the EU and Russia were both involved in introducing their own systems, but have probably put them in storage, because of both cost and the fact they were inferior to the US GPS, however the GPS system is wholly owned and operated by the US and can be turned off at a moments notice.

    As for the Internet, which began as the US military’s
    communication’s system, based on a system already for the most part in place,(underwater cables many dating back to the early trans-Atlantic cables, others subsequently added) plus above ground systems.

    You have no idea, being the centers of communications in both the south Atlantic and Indian Ocean islands are filled with nothing but antenna and dishes.

    It’s a wholly US system which could and was built by the US despite your claim about (Package switching) which sounds like a Post Office scam.

    Interesting project I was involved in was the attempt to place a satellite in space, by firing it through an ex WW11 naval artillery piece, which though successful was then abandoned, the original plan was to save on he cost of building rockets.

    However as payloads increased it was decided to go with rockets and of course the reusable space plane currently observed, but still a top secret item

    Of course everyone is aware that controlling the space surrounding earth is essential in any future major conflict and the old nonsense of demilitarization is ignored.

  283. A terrible display from Newcastle, playing a long ball game FFS, cant see a win from this game.

    It’s a disgrace when a side with the talent Newcastle have, resorting to playing this kind of football against a newly promoted side that haven’t won in ages.

    Get rid of this guy McClaren, he’s another Pardew, with little going for him but a shit load of excuses, before it’s too late.

  284. One of the worst games so far this lousy season, who is supposed to be running this club, because if we don’t get rid of this clown McClaren. then Ashley can look at a possible 1.5 billion quid loss of income over the next three years.

    Clearly outplayed by an unfortunate Bournemouth side, with only two chances of scoring, playing some of the worst football (long ball) I have seen from this side all season, I mean what’s going on with this side.

    If I were Ashley, I wouldn’t wait any longer, as McClaren has proven to be even worse than Pardew, I mean who the f**k picks these clowns.

    Relegation beckons, “war gannin doon wi the mackems” !

  285. Chuck, don’t forget we were up against a team that’s won the top tier league in 7 countries (8 if you include Toyland), 11 Champions League trophies, 33 domestic cups, the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Ashes. No wonder they had 68% possession, 10 times more goal attempts and looked far better than us.

    Oh no, hang on, it was Bournemouth. My mistake.

  286. Agh ! each game puts me closer to those who have given up and disappeared, it’s no fun being a NUFC fan and the future looks bleak.

    It’s getting to the point I no longer care if we win or lose, apparently so do the players, in fact I believe Burnemouth deserved to win it and I would take some satisfaction from seeing the club relegated, though feeling bad for those fans who still fully support the side.

    The satisfaction being the realization by Ashley that he really doesn’t know how to run a club and that this belief he has that he has everything covered and can splash a few quid on players during the approaching window and everything will be fine.

    This guy should realize by now his wonderful plan of signing future stars before selling them on at a profit and sitting comfortably in mid table, while collecting the ever increasing EPL funding is a pipe dream, that will never come to fruition.
    I’m sure it wouldn’t be quite as easy to get the club promoted, as the last time, when one sees the quality of sides like Bournemouth and Leicester coming up.

    In fact I would prefer to support a poor owner in the second tier, than watch any of Ashley’s PL sides, the guy is a total a**hole, who the majority of fans detest, but getting rid of him would take a complete boycott by a heavy majority of the fans.

    Actually i thought there were a number of vacant seats at St.James’Park, during the Stoke game, could be a beginning, thought i would check the attendance, but who’s doing the counting?

    Yep! a sad state of affairs.

  287. Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Chuck. If you dn’t even know the first thing about how the Internet works, you’re hardly a judge. Galileo is far more precise than the primitive, American tech GPS and hence much better for stuff like driverless cars and so on…

    Eddie Howe did just the right thing, but their best striker has been out. Though they played very well in most respects, they came a cropper in they way most smaller teams who have been promoted do, their attacking players couldn’t be clinical and finish off one or two of the many chances they had.

  288. So pray tell me your version of how the internet works !

    My description was very basic, describing roughly how information traveled through a physical system of both underwater cables and above and below ground cables combined with signals transmitted via the airwaves, are you aware that those presently orbiting space have access to the internet ?

    My point was not to get into modems and servers etc. but “KISS”

    If Galileo and it’s Russian counterpart works so well how come no one uses either, let me tell you they are overly complicated and don’t come close to the efficiency of the GPS system and forget affordability, the main reason the Brit’s. and Ruskies are unsuccessful is they may invent vastly complicated electronic systems, that supposedly do the most complex tasks but they end up too expensive and overly complicated, therefor unmarketable.

    Ah well!

    Did you actually read the report on it, both are extremely expensive projects with enormous cost over-runs with neither system completed or operational, despite both being in the works for a period of around forty years, yes forty years, which are extremely complicated and just don’t work, whereas the GPS system needs no more than adjusting in order to reach a finer definition, you really are out of your depth here and struggling to come up with such nonsense and i will give you plenty of time to google your version of how the internet works, as you forgot to tell us all.

  289. Oh ! that simple, i like your attitude to why Bournemouth were unsuccessful, short and to the point.

    They just were not clinical, hmmmm…..

    They were by far the better side on the day and the fact NUFC packed the middle all day long, enabled them to use both wings,
    but the packed Newcastle defense enabled them to reject all attempts and even with their amount of possession, erm…they were in your terms, not clinical enough, yeah sure!

    How about it could have been pure ill luck, the fact Newcastle scored with their only shot on goal and despite all of Bournemouth’s supposedly numerous shots on goal, ended up both unlucky and scoreless despite their domination of play ?

    I doubt if Leicester, will be quite so un-clinical this weekend.

  290. “If Galileo and it’s Russian counterpart works so well how come no one uses either,”

    Because it doesn’t start until next year, Chuck. When you know nothing, keep it to yourself. ;-) It only started around 2000 so that’s around 15 years, not 40.

    Rob Elliot was very good in goal. Krul is the number one goalkeeper and he has certainly had his moments but I don’t think he could have done any better on the day. But yes, Bournemouth did struggle to finish. They had lost their top striker and that was probably a factor.

  291. Both “Galileo” and its Russian counterpart “Glonass”, have been in the pipeline for longer than you think.

    The Russian system dating back to the seventies.

    The US GPS a spin off from a former satellite based system now defunct.

    These are the two only world wide systems presently in operation.

    Galileo has been a joint European system in the planning stages since the nineteen nineties and is now expected to be in full operation mode around 2020, if ever!

    Which now has partners from many part of the globe and a lot is expected from those investing.

    Plagued by cost run-overs and design problems, it has the longest development time span of any similar system, of which there are Japanese, Chinese, Indian etc systems some operational, but none covering the globe (that is, that we are aware of)

    And how much use the Russians, or anyone else get from the use of ‘Glonass’ is questionable.

    I’m afraid the GPS has dominated the civilian market from shortly after the first Desert Storm period, remember “Kuwait”, where many US Military personnel were equipped with the first machines that had no built in error.

    Just another proof that the US is an exceptional country which has a can do attitude and delivers, our system being effectively operating without any problems, while ‘Galileo’
    plods along into twenty odd years and billions in project costs, nothing to boast about there my friend.

  292. On a different note, it’s always been my opinion that Elliot was a decent goalie and the Bournemouth game only proved it.

    Though i would like to see our young prospect return and be given an opportunity to show how good he is between the sticks.

    No real need to buy goaltenders right now, but we do need help with little depth across the back four and Townsend would IMO be a decent buy from Spurs, being most of our attacks develop on the right, a decent left winger such as Townsend could possibly create more balance in the side.

    Of course the media just won’t leave it alone the fact we may again sell off some of our best players, with recent constant
    criticism, of both Janmaat and Sissoko, clearly our best players this season and mentioned as possibly moving on to bigger clubs.

  293. “No real need to buy goaltenders right now”

    You tend a garden or a wound, you keep goal, Chuck. Tending to the goal sounds more like giving it a coat of white paint ’cause it looks a bit grubby, or repairing the net or whatever. Will you Yanks ever get the hang of the English language, or learn to spell correctly at least? :-)

    On the subject of the left wing, what happened to Gouffran? To provide some historical context, he was good enough to be a top player for Laurent Blanc’s Bordeaux, the one that won trophies and strutted its stuff in the Champions League. He was playing 45 games a season at the time when Laurent Blanc’s Bordeaux were a big European team having a glory patch in their history. Newcastle can seem like a Bermuda triangle for some players’ careers sometimes, like another player who plays in the same area, Marveaux.

    There’s left back as well though. To borrow from Churchill, Dummett is a modest player with much to be modest about. Haidara certainly looks the part physically but hasn’t exactly taken the bull by the horns either.

  294. What ! you mean to tell me you have never heard of the term, “goaltender”, what planet have you been on FFS.

    It’s certainly a more descriptive term than goalkeeper, I mean what does he keep ? we know that tending means taking care of the goal area, which is to prevent the ball from entering the net, no ? so get used to it and FYI, there has been any number of expressions introduced to English football over the years, of which goaltender is not anything recent.

    Haidara has had a tough time since his arrival, especially the possible career ending deliberate foul received from McMeneman, but I still think he will turn out to be a decent defender.

    He needs someone on the left that can cover for him when he brings the ball up-field, which he did frequently with Jonas or Ferguson, one of the reasons why the left side is lacking when it comes to breaking out, with Sissoko and Janmaat obviously designated as the main men when breaking out.

    And yes there are still players Marveaux and Ferguson who can fill that role if given the opportunity, unfortunately McClaren has already decided they are superfluous to his plans, without any attempt to play them.

    Meanwhile promising DeJong number two, the latest sick note, that he will eventually get a start, ah well.

    There’s any number of deadbeats at this club and it’s high time to get rid of them and bring in some quality, but it appears the Head Coach/Manager has little to say in the matter, it’s all Ashley and Carr, when it comes to buying and selling, not a healthy situation.

    As for Gouffran, who IMO is a squad player with no particular skills other than a decent journeyman, a bench player who can fill in at times.

    Right now we lack a player like Cabaye, a midfielder who can take charge, score, take set pieces, put his foot in hard and generally run the side, play him alongside Sissoko, similar to the following, until then use Colback.


    We could also use a backup for Janmaat, a replacement for Colo. and a quality striker,(not Charley Austin) of which there are plenty available, you just gotta be willing to spend the current amount.

    A 4-3-3 where we can still play Mitrovic as the hold up and scoring player and let Perez and Thauvin provide both the supply to Mitrovic or get their own goals, at least we should have a decent defensive side and some flair up front.

    Plus we know the midfield can run all day, hey what the
    f**k perhaps I should be running this side, couldn’t be any worse than what we saw against Bournemouth, with our present clownish Coach.

  295. “FYI, there has been any number of expressions introduced to English football over the years”

    Chuck, “Goal tender” isn’t used in the UK, it’s an American thing like cheese in a can or that ghastly, cheap chocolate you eat over there. :-)

    On the subject of left backs, did you see Spain’s left back playing against England last night, Mario Gaspar Perez? He wasn’t the usual Spain left back, he was a reserve brought in, hence he isn’t some huge player who is totally out of reach. He plays with Villareal and I used to watch him a bit when I was watching Villareal’s Argentinian centre back, Mussaccio. That goal he scored was top notch, his technique was more like a £50 million striker than a reserve left back and the only other time he played for Spain, he scored then too. Not bad for a defender. Probably too late now.

  296. Yeah I know it’s really used more by ice hockey sides, something you may know little about (goaltender) but is also used quite frequently in football though i’m surprised you have never heard of it.

    As for chocolate, ‘Cadbury’s’y your favorite chocolate manufacturer was banned i believe from describing itself both by whatever regulatory agency controls such matters in Europe as not meeting both the standards and ingrediants to describe it’self as Chocolate, with similar findings here in the US by the FDA.

    Though locally produced chocolate here in the US (Hershey and others) met all standards and to be honest i had never seen or heard of Cheese in a can, must be an English thing ?

    Getting back on subject, all i hear about is who we will sign come the approaching winter window.

    Actually i’m more concerned as to who we sell and with constant criticism of both Sissoko and Janmaat by certain fans whom i consider two of our best players.

    Sissoko has the ability to become either a Patrick Vieia type or a YaYa Toure, that is with the right manager (not this clown McClaren) and while Janmaat is much better than Debuchy, having more pace and instigating the majority of most attacking moves.

    I would like to see (as i stated earlier) a bid put in for Townsend to bring a bit of balance to the side, he being a speedy left winger, who in combination with Haidara could exploit things on the left, instead of everything going upfield through Sissoko and Janmaat, bit o balance like y’knaa !

    Problem is the so called business plan at NUFC, Ashley’s brilliant new way of re-inventing the way clubs are run, may be the problem.

    Signing every youngster to at least a five year deal, some of which is justified, Sossoko, Janmaat, Perez, etc. ……..

    But what about the Obertans, Guoffran, Anita’s Taylor and deJong, earning big bucks and willing to sit on the bench until their contract is up, being unable to unload and collecting that steady pay check over the years, a stupid policy and as a direct result, we end up constantly fighting a relegation battle.

    But when will Ashley realize that his policies are rubbish and begin by hiring the right people to rectify his stupid approach
    with the result he could come up to St. James’ Park and enjoying a good game of football, still collecting the riches of EPL membership and watching a club that is not constantly threatened by relegation.

    Hell i think all of us could get off on that.

  297. Once again you are wrong, the above account is un-decipherable due to the idiot who wrote it, fact is the big European Chocolatiers objected long before that, considering the ingredients didn’t comply with the designated EU ingredients, in order to be called Chocolate.

    There was never an objection to American made chocolate from the EU, only the ersatz type from the UK.

    The result was Cadbury had to comply in order to continue selling some if not all of their brands.

  298. chuck says:
    November 16, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    “the above account is un-decipherable due to the idiot who wrote it”

    I know, it’s the same every day with your comments, Chuck. You just make it up as you go along and I give up now. Not because I’m wrong but because you are driving me completely mad again.

  299. Enough about chocolate. It was good to see Ben Arfa’s recovery from his Pardew trauma continuing with a starting place for France against England the other evening, even if it was a friendly giving a go to some of those who play less often. He wasn’t quite earth shattering, but he was OK and asked England a few questions (as they say in the world of sports cliches) with his tricky play.

  300. Following Engerlands crushing defeat by Spain, it now appears as if it didn’t happen, when Engerland then proceeded to win over a mediocre French side at Wembley.

    With belief that though they probably are not good enough right now (with an array of new talent)to win an European title, there’s hope that the young squad will do well in the upcoming World Cup, yeah right, that’s like saying NUFC could be in line to become PL champions this season.

    And what happened to the old rivalry between France and Engerland, it appears the French National anthem will be played at every PL match this coming week, a bit like the French Day’s at St.James’ where everyone showed up looking like the proverbial French onion seller, with a phoney moustache’s and Brettony striped sweater’s.

    I guess there must be the same disjoint between NUFC and Engerland fans, ah well!

    Appears the attendance is lower at St. James’ this season, with a two thousand drop in attendance per game, which in turn has created concern and possibly a need to spend some money on rebuilding, as we are all aware that relegation could spell the end of any guaranteed PL presence for some time and a tremendous loss in revenues.

    It would just take a few more thousand no-shows to create a panic in the boardroom, though what do they know about running a football club, as they/he are not the most knowledgeable (Ashley, McClaren, Moncour, the chubby guy, etc).

    It’s gonna take some money to improve this side during what remains of the season, which will be almost half over by Christmas and then the recent arrivals will have to be bedded in, not a happy scenario, unless there’s a vast improvement by the presently available players. which I doubt any sane person expects.

    Yep, we have gone from a fairly competitive side to a club struggling from day one to get out of the bottom three and could be for the rest of the season.

    Thanks Ashley, you have done wonders since you arrived, by making a top PL side into a struggling candidate for relegation and we all appreciate your input, yeah right.

  301. Reading some of the local (non football news)it appears “The University” is a far cry from what was once known as Kings College.

    With it’s own charter having split from Durham in the sixties and has since gained quite a reputation, with a special reputation for research in various fields, it now houses a large number of students and has achieved though considered a red brick university) a reputation as a fine school.

    Certainly it has had it’s effect on the city, where it continues to expand and in turn attract more students.

    Who in turn need to be housed and fed, an economic boom to the City, where for many years there existed a lack of housing, being it consisted mainly as a shopping center plus offices for the vast amount of heavy industy
    Coal, steel, shipbuilding, and other heavy industries.

    It appears many of these buildings now house students which brings an infusion of money which in turn revitalizes the city,

    The presences of the University is both vital for the city, with so much research taking place, the need for development of such research, could very well increase the amount of space needed, it’s also possible the amount of research taking place, could introduce a certain entrepreneurial spirit and create a spin off effect, where there is a need for both more construction and employment, benefitting all.

    A far cry from the days of full employment and a chicken in every pot, but after all this is the age where something as small as a smart phone generates so much more profit with less labor and materials, perhaps Maggie did see into the future and de-industrialization
    was the way to go ?

  302. Chuck, they were friendlies with teams throwing in younger players and stuff like that. I wouldn’t read too much into the friendly games.

    Durham is traditionally Britain’s third seat of learning, after Oxford and Cambridge, hence Durham has always had a very good reputation and students everywhere in a very small city. The UK has never had a problem inventing things, but sometimes in the past, help with the development of those ideas in the UK itself has sometimes left alot to be desired and the spoils can go elsewhere. Stuff from the UK like cars did get really crap in the late seventies when both sides of industry took a wrong turn in the times that saw the rise of Maggie. For a few years, nationalised British Leyland got a reputation for making cars with little more attention to detail than Commie cars. It was only for a few years but that period did cause damage to British manufacturing which Maggie exploited as she came to power. She helped to make the future in some respects, but it isn’t a good future. Germany is still an industrialised nation that makes alot of things, and has still has quite alot of heavy industry too. It’s famous for it’s cars but Germany makes the things that makes things too which you don’t hear about as much.

  303. Germany! Erm… yes, but they are not immune to screwing up, just take Volkswagen, i mean can you believe it was not known by upper management that this was the work of a few employee’s, concerned by the actual amounts of emissions.

    I mean C’mon please!

    And yeah i had a 77 MGB rag top, with Lucas electrics that stumped every mechanic and electrician, who attempted to figure out why the battery was constantly flat, it was because of poor design, lack-luster assembly and having Lucas ‘The Prince of Darkness’ as the electrical provider.

    I could have been better off with a Trabant or the Russian car sold in the west during the seventies, that as long as you owned a ball-peen hammer and some screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench, one could fix any problem that came up.

    And yes Germany is a different story, a country that rely’s on exports, with a reputation for quality engineering, much of which is heavy engineering.

    To maintain coal mines and steel manufacturing, in order to produce such goods is i’m sure detrimental in the sense that the environment suffers and when compared to a company like say Apple, who can develop a smart phone where the profit level is
    enormous and is desired by techies and the public in general
    throughout not only the first world but a status symbol in the poorer countries, with providers that charge an arm and a leg, continuously, then Germany can keep their heavy industries.

    It appears though there have been an enormous amount of inventions created in the UK, unfortunately they have generally been unable for some reason to take it from the blueprints to the showroom floor successfully.

    It’s certain that both the US and UK, had decided to pursue a post industrial service economy to replace their heavy industries, relying on selling or exporting those industries to the third world and allowing both London & New York to become enormous money management and sometimes criminal enterprises, which is why no one bats an eye when reading or hearing of the multi million($ or quid) fines constantly being placed on both bankers and other money management companies.

    In to-days world, it’s essential to have a highly educated work force, as an example take the Irish Republic, who’s no fee third level education system has been essential during the recent painful financial downturn and who now have returned to a five percent annual growth rate, with many of their brightest formerly headhunted by various institutions in the UK now returning to an invigorated economy.

    Of course much of this was not necessary the result of a good education system, but on the twelve percent corporate tax rate, which has seen a number of easily recognized US corporate giants use Ireland as a tax evasive headquarters, at the same time having little trouble in hiring qualified people.

    When one compares the UK with it’s centers of learning like the big two Cambridge and Oxford and other equally good schools, it’s difficult to see how the country is not doing better, possibly due to the difference in primary education, notably between public and private education, where it’s understood that both class and family connections may play a greater role in college placement.

    Unfortunately the problem of class still exists throughout the country and as a result possibly a large number of bright kids do not get the same opportunities due to a lack of funds and various forms of discrimination.

    Lets see what your socialist neighbor, the head of the shadow government can do about this if or when elected.

  304. I cant get over the attitude of most fans in regard to McClaren, following the Bournemouth game, possibly the worst game we have played all year.

    To then hear our manager state there’s a general improvement taking place within the side is pure nonsense, we have yet to be outplayed so badly, since McClaren’s arrival.

    My advice is to hire Moye’s (certainly not my first choice) who did a decent job at Everton, keeping them in the PL at the early stages, then with limited funds building a decent side, consitently in the top ten over a number of years

    If you understand Ashley’s desire is to do just that on a shoestring, then Moye’s is your man.

  305. Toon, Chuck, I’m not sure about that. Moyes is free because he was sacked by Real Sociedad when they were 16th in La Liga, not because he had to go out plastered in factor 100 every day in Spain. McClaren has won more trophies than Moyes, and they’re both grumpy faced old sods so you get zero entertainment value. Moyes IS starting to fit the Ashley profile perfectly though, like Keegan, Pardew, McClaren and at the extreme, Kinnear. A manager who had a heyday and then fell, possibly a long time ago but could Ashley resurrect them for buggerall? I think Alex Ferguson might have got Moyes appointed at Man U so they would appreciate how good he was. He didn’t want them to get a manager who would go and win the Champions League straight after him ;-)

    Good to hear from you again, Toon!

    ps There is a new blog up by the way.