The truth of the Patrick Vieira and Steve McClaren to Newcastle stories

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Steve McClaren and John Carver
NUFC: Still no decision on a head coach.
I couldn’t help feeling there was something odd about the story of Patrick Vieira coming to Newcastle, as there is about most unsubstantiated football stories.

Some fans seemed to believe it though, even embroidering it further to their own tastes as it gathered a momentum of its own in a few short days. My curiosity piqued, I looked but I couldn’t find any real evidence that Newcastle United made an approach for Patrick Viera to be the next ‘head coach’ at St James’ Park. Even the guff I’ve read about Steve McClaren coming to Newcastle (and I’ve read alot) seems to be based on the same kind of unsubstantiated “it is understood / sources say” style drivel we see so much of nowadays in the media. Concentrating on the Vieira story first though, I traced the threads of it back to the beginning as I usually do, and in this case it was ‘broken’ by North East Sky Sports reporter, Keith Downie with two tweets below on 30th May, though it seems like longer:

Swiftly followed with a brief news report:

And that was what the whole edifice was built upon. It wasn’t much. All the other stories I read subsequently added nothing new in terms of substantiating the story. It was copied so many times though that it eventually became a ‘fact’ merely by repetition.

As for the story of McClaren coming to Newcastle, that is more of an old story which keeps coming back, going back to when Pardew left and beyond. Indeed, he does like a more credible candidate than Vieira and the journalists could strike lucky eventually. Like Pardew when he came to Newcastle, he is having a big slump in his career after another failiure at Derby, hence he should be available on the cheap and might be more willing to work under the Newcastle selling club system as a ‘head coach’ rather than full manager. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if McClaren was announced as the next manager. Newcastle United are so random in their choices of head coach that they might even put the cart in front of the horse and let themselves be led by the media speculation in their choice. However, like Vieira, the McClaren stories have been the old unsubstantiated “It is understood from sources…” kind of thing which has become meaningless due to constant misuse in the past.

Cui Bono?

Behind the surface, the shadowy hand of betting companies can often have a huge influence in the writing of stories like these nowadays. Unsubstantiated football gossip can generate alot of betting revenue if fans are led by the nose, and indeed, many bets have been made on the Vieira and McClaren stories, fuelled by constant speculation in the media. The club can also benefit as stories about fancy new players and a head coach coming in can persuade fans to buy season tickets they might just be having a bit of trouble selling. Cui Bono? (who benefits?) as wise Romans used to ask, and detectives still do.

How it should be done…

To put the situation in some kind of perspective by looking at another team, Newcastle United have been dithering over a new head coach for six months now. Though the stories keep flying in, they are still without one. Meanwhile, promoted club Watford lost their manager, Slaviša Jokanović when negotiations for a new contract broke down. Before Jokanović’s contract had even ended (this month) they had appointed 50 year old Enrique Sánchez Flores as their new head coach. In his career he has won a Portuguese League Cup with Benfica, a Europa League, UEFA Super Cup and Spanish Cup with Atletico Madrid, along with three trophies in the United Arab Emirates. One reason I have chosen Watford is because it also shows that Newcastle can’t use the ‘head coach’ having less control on players excuse if little Watford can recruit a manager of Flores’ calibre so quickly and efficiently. As I pointed out in a previous piece on here, Watford are a selling club just like Newcastle, and just like John Carver, Flores will also be a ‘head coach,’ fronting a footballer farm where scouts comb the world, finding talent to develop and sell thorugh the network’s three clubs, Udinese, Granada and Watford. Of course, Southampton is also another good example of how to appoint a good manager in the right way at the right time as they have done it several times now.

As for Newcastle United, I think that things have sunk so low that some of us are just hoping we get someone a bit better than John Carver now.

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23 Responses

  1. Any chance Downie is also in Keith Bishops stable – like David Craig who got the Ashley ‘interview’???

  2. sure it was some1 in here started the McClaren rumour sure it was aussie magpie though a friend of a friend who knew some1 that said it was McClaren

  3. You say Newcastle are a selling club,name a club that
    is not a selling club.

  4. An excellent piece. Thoroughly reasonable.

    So much better than the ranting drivel we have seen published at other club blogs on the same subject and/or “newspapers” written by so-called professional journalists.

  5. Yes it’s sad but true, NUFC have become a sad joke, each season struggling in a fight to avoid relegation.

    Due to the policies of a profit driven owner, who cares nothing about either the club or fans, squeezing profit out of the club and using it as an adjunct (free advertising) to his main business.

    I suppose that’s not unremarkable in any capitalist society, that of making a profit, though most EPL clubs owned by oligarchs hire professionals to run their clubs and in doing so, spend money in order to make money and which in turn, rewards their customers the fans, with both entertainment and the occasional piece of silverware.

    Sad to say that’s not now and never will be the case at NUFC until our present owner moves on.

  6. Magtino

    Of course every club sells players, even the two Spanish giants, but that is hardly their main business policy, as it has become for those clubs mentioned above, there is that distinction.

  7. Sadly the entire world of Toon Gossip revolves around storied with little or no substance. Thats just the way it is.

    We go from grasping at anything just for the hope, through to bitching about anything and everything because thats what we do best.

  8. Good article. Nice to see some analysis for a change. It’s unbelievable how much faith people have in print media.

  9. Brisvegas says:
    June 5, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    “It’s unbelievable how much faith people have in print media.”

    Aye, and Lee Ryder should be crucified for some of the shameless bollocks he’s come out with in the Chronic. To be fair though, the Vieira story was started on Twitter and Sky Sports TV with no movable type involved. It’s all just ‘the media’ now; multi platform, full spectrum bollocks.

  10. Looking forward to seeing the Euro final, hopefully Juve can make it interesting.

    But playing against a forward trio of Neymar, Suarez and possibly the best player ever produced by the richest footballing breeding grounds in the world, the River Plate area, talking bout Messi, that plus backed up by possibly the best side ever produced by Barca, things don’t look that good for the “old lady”

    Wish I could say sumat good about NUFC, but with the apparent arrival of another English retread as manager, what’s to feel good about.

    Shows that Ashley has no more desire or interest in the club as far as building an entertaining side, only the same goal, mid league mediocrity, which in fact is dicing with relegation, but we are used to that by now.

    It was obvious he wasn’t about to change and trading a Pardew for a McClaren, just proves it, I mean what’s the difference, boring unimaginative defensive football again, that is anything but entertaining, so hold off on those Season Ticket’s folks, you may regret it.

  11. Worky

    Perhaps it’s time you started to listen to my words of wisdom, as I have been right from day one.
    No smiley but i’m kidding !

  12. I’m not so sure whether Ashley was serious concerning his statement about only supplying the necessary’s when it comes to buying and selling, players.

    After all he did state the buck stop’s at him, but states he doesn’t get involved in the actual decision’s which I find hard to believe.

    That certainly wasn’t the case during the Carroll deal, if I remember right.

    If we are now about to let NEXT ! “Pudgy” take care of business in bringing in new faces and dumping others, it would be the equivalent of putting him in charge of the nuclear collider program in Switzerland.

    Hopefully both Carr and McClaren can point him in the right direction, though can he close a deal, he worries me.

  13. chuck says:
    June 7, 2015 at 4:12 am


    “Perhaps it’s time you started to listen to my words of wisdom, ”

    If you mean Juventus, they scored a goal not long after I said that and came back into the game and could have won it if things had gone a bit differently. They certainly made it interesting for a while anyway. Alot of thse finals are actually boring but that one wasn’t.

    When’s the season ticket deadline? Ashley’s put out a story that he’s going to spend £60 million this season.

  14. Worky

    Yeah I wouldn’t have minded Juve. winning, being I usually root for the underdog, but in this matchup, it simply was never going to happen.

    Plus when one favors one particular side, the game takes on a different perspective, but you being known as somewhat of a statistician, I suggest you take a look at the stats. for this particular game.

    And yes I know how quickly seemingly unbeatable sides can fail following an amazing season, I just don’t see it with the present Barca. side.

    Watched the friendly between Engerland and Ireland, more like a training session, though certainly a calmer atmosphere from the last time they met at this particular venue.

    I don’t particularly care for either manager, believing they belong to the football of a decade ago and it certainly was the worse England performance I have seen in a long time, Ireland at least showed some decent short passing ability, but one would never have believed they were rated as the fifteenth and sixtieth rated sides in the world.

    The Ireland vs. Scotland game coming up should prove to be much more entertaining, being there’s at least something at stake and there’s little between the sides, Scotland edging Ireland 1-0 in their last meeting.

  15. Sixty big ones you say !

    I will believe it when it happens, there is certainly going to be a tremendous amount of speculation and i’m sure Ashley got quite a fright at the clubs close call.

    Seems it was a similar situation that spurred him to spend heavily on Cabaye, Sissoko etc. a while back.

    Cant afford to lose those EPL membership big bucks.

    Though I still believe not much has changed as far as the overall business plan is concerned, just the usual mid table stuff, overseen by a not too ambitious manager.

    If anyone is expecting to be entertained it will only be if the players decide to ignore McClaren and play an entertaining game for themselves, as they sometimes did, despite Pardew and Carver.

    Ah well! did anyone really expect a revolution at St. James’ ?

  16. Worky there’s an article in the Newcastle section of News Now, which i’m sure will interest you, it’s the ultimate in statistics, labeling every major “Professional Sports Organization” in the world their attendances, facts about wages etc., you name it !

  17. Meanwhile the would be journo’s. at the Chronic are pounding the keyboards with nonsense and speculation as to the “who’s and why’s and for how much” as if they have access to some kind of crystal ball.

    Followed closely by Ed. with those tempting headlines, that don’t specify as to who the big name Striker currently being approached by the Toon is,trying desperately to increase his hits.

    Seems this may be the busiest time of the year for both the tabloids and blogs, with insinuation and speculation, playing major roles.

    Well as I projected we are about to receive savior number ? hell I don’t even remember how many previous saviors, but I nor anyone else seem to be jumping with joy, being he’s another retread, recently fired from a second tier side, with an unimpressive record.

    Headlines have the club presently announcing a board shakeup, looks more like rat’s leaving a sinking ship and we are left with NEXT! yeah the chubby little guy
    who used to sharpen pencils or summat.

    The recent debacle, where but for luck, we should be preparing for a season in the second tier, who’s implications have obviously been missed by our dear leader.

    Instead of a so called shakeup, which consists of advancing the next guy on the ladder, NEXT!

    We should have been searching for a DOF, who would hopefully dump the entire coaching staff, which in all fairness should be left to McClaren, after all he should be looking for coaches that best match his projected tactical plans.

    But I just cant see “Pudgy” doing the job, buying the right players for the right amount, better to have someone with knowledge and contacts, basically a track record of success, who has a vision for the club and it’s future in the EPL.

    And why Ashley doesn’t get it, the fact success depends on good management, plus the yardstick should not be based on price, because for the most part you get what you pay for.

    The saga continues!

  18. chuck says:
    June 8, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    “Worky there’s an article in the Newcastle section of News Now, which i’m sure will interest you, it’s the ultimate in statistics, labeling every major “Professional Sports Organization” in the world their attendances, facts about wages etc., you name it ”

    Chuck, I noticed this football brand survey today? It looks like one of those Deloitte football top twenty things on a cursory look but I’ll have a better look later on. Is this what you meant?

  19. chuck says:
    June 8, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    “Meanwhile the would be journo’s. at the Chronic are pounding the keyboards with nonsense and speculation as to the “who’s and why’s and for how much” as if they have access to some kind of crystal ball.”

    If I was a card carrying journalist, I’d be mortified to see some of that embarrassing drivel in there going out with a byline and even a picture of my ugly mug on it. I wouldn’t be able to walk around Newcastle for sheer embarassment.

  20. Worky @ 21#

    Yeah I believe so, interesting for blogsters to have as a reference, as it covers just about every stat concerning Pro-Sports.

    Looks like the end of the road for both Carver & Stone, I doubt if either will be hired by anyone in the near future, going on their recent performances.

    Guess Ashley didn’t take kindly to the relegation scare they gave him, plus when you listened to Carver, one saw an angry man completely out of his depth and deluded to the end.

    But I believe they were on long term contracts and will hopefully be pieced off with a few bucks.

    I’m reading nothing but good references about McClaren, whoever is behind it I don’t know, but they are digging deep, using such sources as Darren Bent, Gazza, Rob Lee and the new Gateshead boss, who suggested he could be the present manager @ Man. U. to-day, had he not accepted the Engerland job at that time.

    From the sources it’s not difficult to figure who’s behind it, a good reception and positive expectations could make a difference in ticket sales.

    Though it appears most Newcastle fans don’t agree, that’s if you check the recent poll results concerning his appointment, I believe most fans look at his record and see another Pardew, or Pardew lite.

    Though we can expect less excuses, as he seems a man of few words (some fairly undistinguishable due to his Dutch accent) and we the fans can only hope some of the praise he’s received is true, as he’s the only Heed-Coach/Manager we have, right now.