Norwich City vs Newcastle United match banter!

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Norwich City vs Newcastle United.
Goodbye from NUFC Blog!
Venue: Carrow Road, Norwich.
Date: Tues 28th Dec, 2013.
Kick off: 7.45pm.
UK TV: None.

Hello, good evening and welcome to my last match banter!

Please forgive me if it doesn’t follow the usual script but this piece is really just a way of saying thankyou and farewell to everyone who has read and contributed after almost five years of blogging on Newcastle United here.

A few years ago my ex-friend and colleague, Hugh, left the site suddenly. I’ve managed to struggle along on my own since then, but I now have other things to do with my life, and in the last few days, the abovementioned Hugh has also informed me that he’s going to cut off the server on the 21st February.

Originally this site was supposed to be a co-operative thing with several contributors, but since then it has been just myself for quite some time now, and it has never come close to being what it should’ve been. I have been busy with more important projects, health problems and even trying to have a social life from time to time!

Anyway, once again, thankyou to all and I mean that from the heart of my bottom!


Getting on to the match, Norwich City fans seem to be behaving like deluded ingrates. Despite some significant purchases at the beginning of the season, they have one of the cheapest squads in the Premiership. For most of the season, the least valuable apart from the three promoted sides this season and last season according to Transfermarkt (though Fulham and West Brom have just fallen below them in the last few weeks).

After finishing 12th under Hughton’s prececessor, Paul Lambert, then 11th under Hughton himself, for the first time in years they are around where they should be rather than punching above their weight, largely because Hughton has a team which is in transition to a certain degree.

Because of that, the twelve fingered banjo twangers are now calling for Hughton’s head. If they get their wish, goodbye Norwich, it was nice knowing you. Good luck in League One again! Actually, if things don’t go too well for Hughton this evening, then Alan Pardew could even be responsible for getting Hughton sacked a second time!

As for the Magpies, I have a feeling that Cabaye won’t be getting selected this evening, but I’ll leave it there as this os a special last blog. I’m sure there are one or two other stories elsewhere where you can read about that particular intrigue.

So, that’s about it, except to remind you that as usual, I will post some links where you can watch the game online in the comments section below.

Howay the Lads!

Team sheets

Norwich City (4-4-2): John Ruddy; Russell Martin, Ryan Bennett, Sebastien Bassong (c), Martin Olsson; Robert Snodgrass, Leory Fer, Bradley Johnson, Anthony Pilkington; Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, Gary Hooper

Subs: Mark Bunn, Steven Whittaker, Javier Garrido, Alexander Tettey, Nathan Redmond, Johan Elmander, Luciano Becchio

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul; Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Steven Taylor, Davide Santon; Vurnon Anita, Cheick Tiote (c), Moussa Sissoko; Hatem Ben Arfa, Loic Remy, Sammy Ameobi

Subs: Rob Elliot, Massadio Haidara, Paul Dummett, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Dan Gosling, Shola Ameobi, Adam Armstrong.

NUFCBlog Author: workyticket workyticket has written 1092 articles on this blog.

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588 Responses

  1. That bench is a fucking joke. But then we’ve been operating with no depth for a few seasons, so who cares?

    Need for creativity in midfield falls entirely on Anita’s miniature shoulders. I hope he can handle it.

  2. Ach, got my blogs mixed up-can’t say that here. Our bench is crap (honestly can’t believe Gosling is still here) and the only vaguely creative midfielder in there is Anita.

  3. I’ve frequented this site for awhile and have always been truly appreciative of your efforts, commentary, and links (even though I’ve never posted). For a fan in the US, it has not always been the easiest task to find replays and streams. Again, thanks a ton!

  4. A big night for young Armstrong. Is this how poor our squad depth is that we have to field a foetus? I have shirts older than the poor little bugger.

  5. J W says:
    January 28, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    “For a fan in the US, it has not always been the easiest task to find replays and streams.”

    Cheers, JW.

    I’ll put something here in the comments section with links to good sites for highlights / full match videos and so forth…

  6. ‘kin hell!, So you decided to do a match banter!

    I cannot believe that this blog will be no more, As it is the best imo.
    Where else would you come onto a blog, And learn something new as a result.
    The range of topics from Politics, Religion, Economics, Terrorism, Propaganda etc, Gave this blog something none of the others could offer.


  7. Predictions for tonight anyone? I’m going with 1-0 to us and a dull performance. Remy to score.

  8. Norwich are no great shakes and in the normal circumstances i would take us to get something from the game.
    Our esteemed owner has decided to throw another brick in the pond, Just as things were going along “normal” he decides to pull the rug away.
    I don’t know whether this will have a negative or galvanizing effect on moral.

    One thing it has done is give Sunderland a massive lift for Saturday!

  9. I think it might be a narrow win for us tonight, but I’m not sure it’s worth bothering about given Cabaye’s departure. I think we all knew what the despicable greedy fat cnut was going to do.

    Just before the derby as well.

  10. dokky says:
    January 28, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    “wow we are playing well! keep this up”

    The Norwich goal appears to have a repellant force field around it though, Dokky.

  11. Disappointed not to pick up a goal in that half. I thought we played well (even, dare I say it, young Sammy). Wonder what cunning plan the Silver fox has up his sleeve.

  12. You just know with all our play and bluster the chances are they will break away and we will be chasing another game We should destroying teams like this. Bet Pardew has got it all worked out for the second half.

  13. I’m almost retired on here but I still didn’t get the chance to watch the first half properly. It did look like Norwich were rather lacklustre and we were on top though.

    Pardew will probably try to hold on for the point.

  14. Buying Sturridge at 10M almost completely made up for the inane moves Dalglish/Comolli made. Worth every penny.

  15. tunyc says:
    January 28, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    “Buying Sturridge at 10M almost completely made up for the inane moves Dalglish/Comolli made. Worth every penny.”

    When Liverpool bought Andy Carroll, they also bought a lesser striker called Luis Suarez from Ajax. Together they were £55-60 million.

    They’ve recouped £17 million for Carroll so at the end of the day, they got Suarez for around £40 million, or Suarez and Sturridge for £50 million. Of course they also stole Enrique for £5.5 million and he’s more like £15 million now.

    Worth it?

  16. @ 34: How much is CL qualification worth again? Then there’s maintaining your global brand despite some horrible missteps.

    Oh, then there’s the fact that they seem to want to win something there. Some call that priceless.

  17. Ok, since it’s slow, I’ll comment on how it seems absurd to see an article whose headline tells me that Robbie Savage is gonna lay some edumucation on me as to how Moyes can get the best out of Mata.

    Juan: ignore both of those plodders just do what you did at Chelski before you pooped in Jose’s desk drawer or whatever it was…

  18. 18 shots off target. Seems tough to do. Then again, with Cabaye gone we’ve got about 3 players who could expect to hit one from outside the box and one of them’s injured. Ruddy’s a good keeper, especially if you don’t make him work.

  19. tunyc says:
    January 28, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    “@ 34: How much is CL qualification worth again?”

    Depends how far you get but say £30 million+ for a big league team who have a respectable run.

  20. worky-that plus the shirt sales and it’s definitely worth it.

    Darth-fair enough but we’ve seen a lot of shots going high & wide as well…

  21. Really is stark to see LFC-who seemed on the ropes not so long ago-absolutely crushing an EFC side that made our boys pale in comparison not so long ago. No need for 5-year plans over there, even when they do get it wrong for a couple seasons.

  22. Over our next three matches, AP gets to pick from a squad with a grand total of 6 league goals between them, 13 if Cisse & Gouffran are back.

    Have I overused the word “bleak” lately?

  23. tunyc says:
    January 28, 2014 at 9:29 pm (Edit)

    “Have I overused the word “bleak” lately?”

    I should have used the word “Icarus” more in conjunction with Newcastle United when I was blogging, Tunyc.

  24. It’s going the way i thought it would with the coward Pardew unable to get more out of them!

  25. Did we really get too close to the sun, worky?

    The scenario I think of is from that Twilight Zone episode where everyone gets on the alien ship to cruise the galaxies-seems like a brand new, brilliant world until they realize the alien book “To Serve Man”…is a cookbook. Difference is, there weren’t any humans on the ship claiming that things were actually going fine after learning what was up.

  26. Absolutely pathetic. Completely out of ideas in the second half. Looks like a bad set up for the Mackems lads.

  27. joe hawkins says:
    January 28, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    “It’s going the way i thought it would with the coward Pardew unable to get more out of them!”

    Me 40 minutes in

    workyticket says:
    January 28, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    “Pardew will probably try to hold on for the point. :-)”

    Joe, you and AndyMac should start an anti-Pardwho jihadist training camp in the hills. I can just imagine you two firing AK 47s in the air shouting “death to Pardwho!”

  28. There goes a couple hours from my life I won’t get back.

    We ended with exactly 1 more shot on target than them.


  29. You just knew what would what go down tonight.
    After Kinnear’s instance that the squad was the strongest it had ever been, You knew something was going to happen.
    Tonight showed that the statement was a load of crap, And even taking Cabaye out of the equation, We look like a very average side.

    The fringe players are not up to it and we need strengthening badly, But that will fall on deaf ears no doubt!

  30. Solid article, Darth. I like the clarity with which the author expounds on AP’s role.

    This season is literally over as far as our administration is concerned. Out of cups (check), safe from relegation (pretty much check), most valuable player sold (check), looking to buy an out-of-favor 23-year-old continental for a knockdown fee (check). I mean, what more could we expect of AshleyCo?

  31. @ 60: indication of a very weak league this season-24 points gets you 10th right now. What does the 8th-place trophy look like? lol

  32. Where do i sign up?

    I’ll only shoot him with shit though lol

    Howay Worky, I thought you were in the “Alan Pardew Hatred Society”!

  33. Well that’s it another Pardew “Crock”. Not likely to change my mind. So its goodbye from me. Thanks again Worky the blog is the only part of all this that has given me any enjoyment.
    Good Luck

  34. joe hawkins says:
    January 28, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    “Howay Worky, I thought you were in the “Alan Pardew Hatred Society”!”

    Well I think I’m far more balanced over the short term than you two militant jihadists, Joe. I always like to look at things over the long term though.

  35. joe hawkins says:
    January 28, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    “I just read that article and Andymac had left a comment at the bottom lol.”

    I don’t have to read it to know that ‘Pardwho’ was mentioned :lol:

  36. @ 61: somehow, Dan Gosling on the bench and Sammy Ameobi starting doesn’t say “strong squad” to me.

  37. only plus we can take from this is it might convince them to actually get a couple of players.

  38. All joking aside, It’s coming to something when you cannot trust your manager.
    No one has been able to do that from day one, And his constant vehement support of Ashley has been disgusting to say the least.
    There is nothing worse than an a**ecrawling toady merchant!

  39. Nutmag says:
    January 28, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    “Well that’s it another Pardew “Crock”. Not likely to change my mind. So its goodbye from me. Thanks again Worky the blog is the only part of all this that has given me any enjoyment.”
    “Good Luck”

    Nutmag, cheers mate.

    The one thing I always think about (apart from the constant lies / cons of course) is the signs. They’re the things that really boil my piss. They rub salt into my wounds as well as well as boil my piss and look even worse when you’re actually in there. I can still see them flickering in my eyes after I come out the stadium. Is that what supporting Newcastle United is all about now?

  40. An uninspiring game with Norwich looking the more likely to score from a goal line scramble.

    They also ruffled Newcastle’s feathers by being the more physical side.

    I can’t see this side doing much for the rest of the season, as without Cabaye, we look lost, with Anita far
    from looking like an adequate replacement.

    We were like a leaderless side, going through the motions
    in a game with a surreal slo-mo like quality to it.
    t we need
    And of course no real help from Pardeux, it should have been three points against a poor Norfolk side and to see Pardeux playing for a draw, was shameful.

    Well I guess DeJong, who I don’t think is the answer, will arrive soon, but we need help, but I cant see Ashley laying out the funds for all of what we need.

    We need help!

  41. Good luck in whatever u do worky.. shame to be losing such a good blog (wont be the same without it to be fair) take care and thanks for ur tireless contribution.. its been emotional :)

  42. Kev, I just don’t have the time to do it properly on my own, and I don’t want to do it half arsed, which was what I’ve been doing. I couldn’t even get away to go to games because of the blog too.

  43. Worky, You should pick another day to retire.
    What better way to bow out than your last match patter against Sunderland.
    That is the ultimate game to bow out on, Come on you know it makes sense.
    I’ll be able to put the boot into Pardew even more, Because old Gustavo Poyet will turn him over again.
    Sunderland have the feel good factor and have signed a striker today in Skokko.
    Poyet has them playing good football, And if they play like they did against Man Utd, They have every chance of doing the double over us.
    What’s the betting we come out in pedestrian fashion, And Sunderland are bang up for it, And want it more!

  44. Worky, The way Ashley is strangling the life out of this club, You might not want to go to any away games in the future!

  45. DarthBroon says:
    January 28, 2014 at 10:44 pm


    “Will the blog still be active until Feb 21st?”

    As close to that date as I possibly can, Darth.

  46. GS, I’m not being negative, I’m just being honest.
    It will be a tougher game to win than some of the other Derby games we have been involved in recently, And we have been beaten in those games!

    We are going to be without Remy, Gouffran, Ben Arfa is supposed to be injured, Cisse has done his back in.
    There could be four missing for a start.
    Poyet has them playing football with good movement, And they will come to win.
    If they can get up to the level of performance that they did against Man Utd, Then they have a good chance of winning the game.
    They will be no push over, And Pardew cannot be p***ing about with his little black book, And being negative.

  47. Yo Workey !

    Been an interesting few years on here.
    Though it never reached the dizzying heights of where you crash and burn, could have continued a bit longer.

    A diverse set of contributors, hey! make your own judgments in regards to where they were coming from, but they were certainly diverse.

    But gotta give you credit, you held it together, putting in a mega effort and many hours of time to-wards continuity, while simultaneously attempting to keep order on the blog.

    So thanks!
    It’s been my pleasure!

  48. As a postscript, just wanna say, for those who feel I might have slighted them in anyway.
    Live with it!

    A special mention to those who experienced early 1950’s
    football, where my hero Bobby Mitchell, played for over ten years and took part in all three FA Cup wins.
    We remember those days, these guys were our heroes.

    But you cant repeat eras, days when there were expectations, where a cup win was almost as important as a league title.

    To-days criteria appears to be, what’s in this for us, it has to be viable as far as being financial successful.

    Me! just love to see some more classy French Players at St. Jamebs’ Park.

    Those we are reported to be interested are from what I can tell, all young, and talented, future big profits for our owner when he sells them during the next five year plan.

    Hell while our beloved owner buys cheap and sells high
    time moves on to where a club that’s not winning anything
    becomes no more than a mediocrity.
    Even Aston Villa won summat in the last fifty years.

    With the right acquisitions we could have a team that plays good football and could be very successful and possibly be known to be a team of entertainers, that play attractive football, hey, why not!
    What am I saying here!

  49. “I don’t think it’s right to keep mentioning players’ names who are under contract at other clubs,” Pardew said.

    “I try to steer away from it. If I said it once, I’d certainly never back it up again.

    “I’m a little bit disappointed he’s been doing that, I guess.”


    Look after yourself Worky and appreciate the effort you have put into the blog over the years – SJT

  50. chuck says:
    January 29, 2014 at 7:05 am

    “Hell while our beloved owner buys cheap and sells high”

    Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah! Hold your horses a minute, Chuck.

    You say that alot, but think about it.

    When you bear in mind that Carroll was a player who had nothing to do with Ashley (he was one of Roeder’s bairns, brought in under fat Freddy) Cabaye will only be the first one over £10 million really, and that’s chickenfeed in today’s Premier League.

    After that you are scratting around looking at players like Sebastien Bassong for £8 million and Demba Ba for £7 million. It’s hardly Ajax, Benfica or Udinese.

    Then you have players like Enrique almost given away for £5.5 million (50% off) and others who didn’t want to work on fatty’s farm no more…

    I don’t doubt he would sell more players for high prices if he could but he has failed, and I’m still not sure the British media haven’t done a bit of slight inflation on Cabaye through forgetting the difference between Pounds and Euros again after looking at some of the French media.

  51. sirjasontoon says:
    January 29, 2014 at 8:28 am

    “Look after yourself Worky and appreciate the effort you have put into the blog over the years – SJT”

    Cheers SJT, though I’ll still be around for a couple of weeks yet.

  52. Well apparently we have put in a substantial but undisclosed bid for Grenier.
    This is according to “The Chronicle” and “Sky Sports” and a few other outlets.
    The “Substantial But Undisclosed” bit bothers me to be honest.
    With Pardew’s double speak yet again in his post match interview, It doesn’t auger well for me.
    The interviewer asked him whether the money would be invested, And Pardew said we would have to invest the money wisely, Like they did with Andy Carroll.

    He was then asked if there would be any immediate moves to strengthen to which he replied, “I Hope So”!
    He then went on to say he had been in touch with “The Powers That Be” to get them to try and make something happen.
    How many times have we been here with Pardew at this stage of the window?
    Look everyone knows i’m not his biggest fan, But he really shouldn’t be saying anything about transfers, Because we now all know he has nothing to do with them.
    He’s only going to make himself look stupid again, If it blows up in his face!

    Like Efan Ekoku said during last nights commentary, Newcastle will look desperate and selling clubs will hold all the cards.
    Which from the outside looking in, Everyone can see that, So the board cannot be that stupid can they?

    It has all the hallmarks of a typical Mike Ashley end of window trick, Where they appear to be proactive without actually doing anything.
    The undisclosed bit of the bid could well read 5 million, So we have no chance of getting him.
    Added to the fact the player himself has said he does not want to move at this stage.
    I hope i’m wrong but we have seen this all too often during the reign of Ashley!

  53. Worky, Your not packing it in just yet, Are you?
    I thought this was going to run for the best part of another month.

  54. Joe, Hugh handed in a months notice for the server over a week ago but didn’t tell me for a few days. It should be around the 21st of this month when it finally cuts out, but I may want to take it off to do a few things slightly before that.

    As I mentioned to SJT, call it at least two weeks.

  55. joe hawkins says:
    January 29, 2014 at 11:27 am

    “Well apparently we have put in a substantial but undisclosed bid for Grenier.”

    Originally, it was Arsenal and Liverpool who were chasing Grenier.

    The bid was allegedly £8 million according to the Mirror and £10 million according to the Star and the Daily Diana, and it wasn’t enough, allegedly. It’s probably complete crap though.

  56. Worky, We’ll just have to make the most of it then, For how long it lasts.

    If Grenier is as good as he’s made out, Then you could expect a few other clubs to join the race, And i cannot see Ashley ending up in a bidding war.
    I think it’s more smoke and mirrors with Pardew being hung out to dry at the end of it again.
    The usual buzz words will be used no doubt, “Over The Line”, “Negotiations Became Protracted”, “There Wasn’t Much Movement In The Market”, “We Didn’t feel as if any of our targets were better than what we had already” etc

  57. If Lyon are saying they want 10 million for him, Why doesn’t the fat oaf just pay the money, If they are wanting someone over the bloody line?

  58. joe hawkins says:
    January 29, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    “If Lyon are saying they want 10 million for him,”

    They want alot more than £10 million, Joe.

    I haven’t really watched Grenier closely at all TBH, though he seems to be a very good player, as a Geordie I’m actually bored with French footballers, and this idea of Graham Carr only buying players who play close to the Eurostar is getting rather tedious now.

    The one I’ve been watching since I saw Basel in the Champions League is Mohammed Salah. It isn’t that easy to watch a Swiss team though and I don’t really have time for that shit anymore.

  59. Chuck says @85:

    “As a postscript, just wanna say, for those who feel I might have slighted them in anyway.
    Live with it!”

    God, you have a high opinion of yourself.

    Seems Brentan easily won the battle of your 2 faves. Does that mean Martinez is sh!t now?

  60. Worky @93: I hadn’t heard it called the “Daily Diana” before. That’s what comes from living overseas.

    When “Lady Di” died I was working in the same building as the British Consulate. There were thousands of flowers outside as a tribute to someone that none of the Yanks even knew. Strange.

  61. GS says:
    January 29, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    “Worky @93: I hadn’t heard it called the “Daily Diana” before. That’s what comes from living overseas.

    “When “Lady Di” died I was working in the same building as the British Consulate. There were thousands of flowers outside as a tribute to someone that none of the Yanks even knew. Strange.”

    GS, the Daily Express was the ‘Daily Diana’ over here in case you thought I meant the Daily Hate Mail.

    Yanks know hardly anything about anything outside the US. Don’t they usually just fill in the huge gaps in their knowledge of the UK with hopelessly outdated cliches about tea, scones, stately homes and Anne Hathaway’s cottage? They claim to speak English but can’t even pronounce words like “Leicestershire” and “Gloucestershire” FFS! :-) Diana was a fairytale princess anyway so they could just take bits from Disney too.

  62. GS says:
    January 29, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    “God, you have a high opinion of yourself.”

    Referring to him as “God” won’t help with his modesty, GS.

  63. Worky: don’t put down the Yanks too much. I was married to one for 17 years. Spectacular girl.

  64. @ 85: awww, that’s nice.

    @ 86: should have seen that coming.

    @ 88: inflation indeed. I first saw £19M, then over £20M with add-ons, then £23M, then £25M. This despite NUFC policy not to disclose fees. I smell bullshit.

    @ 90: Grenier, huh? I guess I missed something. Does he have a release clause? Is he feuding with his current club or manager? Does he have a knee due to explode? If not, I can’t see us buying him since we’re not currently in relegation trouble.

    @ 93: “Originally, it was Arsenal and Liverpool who were chasing Grenier.” Ah, so it’s another Salah situation. Don’t like them odds one bit.

    I’m getting sick of the French thing too (nothing against the French themselves). It’s tired and I can’t believe we’re not missing out on prospects from other places.

    Oh, and Americans are probably the most stereotyped people in the world. Ah well, I guess we deserve it. BUT: chuck is NOT American. lol

  65. I heard someone say the other day they wanted 10, But now i’m hearing it’s closer to 15 that they want.
    So that one will go straight out of the window!

    Worky, It is getting tedious the whole obsession with France, I wonder who’s whim it is?
    Is it Ashley trying to copy what Arsenal have done down the years, Or all that Graham Carr’s imagination will extend to?
    Or is it a combination of both of these things?

    I mean young Ince is being hawked around everywhere and he’s English.
    I thought we were supposed to be interested not long ago, And would that not fit the British talent Pardew was banging on about?

    You have Gus Poyet picking up an Argentine striker for 3 million quid, What’s wrong with scouting in these places?
    What happened to this agreement i think we had with Boca Juniors when Shepherd was in charge?

  66. Well it’s official on Cabaye joining P.S.G, They have give him the number 4 shirt.
    Luuk De Jong has also went through, Well at least he’s not French for a change.
    I must say he doesn’t look that glad to be here, Judging by his interview enthusiasm was at a premium!

    This substantial but undisclosed fee has be officially lodged, So it’s a case of wait and see zzzzzzzzzzz

  67. “@ 93: “Originally, it was Arsenal and Liverpool who were chasing Grenier.” Ah, so it’s another Salah situation. Don’t like them odds one bit.”

    As mentioned already, Grenier’s team is Lyon. Remember them? Bafetimbi Gomis and their owner, Jean Michel Aulas blathering away as things just dragged on for what seemed like an eternity, only to end in failure?

    And remember big Douglas the psycho from Twente? The media used him to scapegoat Kinnear for allegedly pulling out of the Douglas deal because (they claimed) he’d never heard of him (that bit at least was obvious bullshit). There were other teams after him as well but like NUFC, they lost interest as soon as they made contact with his agent and listened to the demands.

    Another thing to look at in the transfer window is the situation with season ticket / half season ticket and all the other offers.

    If they have tickets to sell before a deadline, stories will be put around that we’re looking at big signings blah blah. Then though, as soon as the deadline is up, the alleged deals all go tits up.

    Everything’s a lie, everything’s a con, everything’s a swizz.

  68. joe hawkins says:
    January 29, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    “Worky, It is getting tedious the whole obsession with France, I wonder who’s whim it is?
    “Is it Ashley trying to copy what Arsenal have done down the years, Or all that Graham Carr’s imagination will extend to?
    “Or is it a combination of both of these things?”

    tunyc says:
    January 29, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    “I’m getting sick of the French thing too (nothing against the French themselves). It’s tired and I can’t believe we’re not missing out on prospects from other places.”

    Joe, tunyc, this Eurostar routemap will tell you everything you need to know. That is Graham Carr’s and Newcastle United’s scouting strategy.

  69. Nice map. Now I see why we got linked to Salah. A bit far out on the line for Carr perhaps…

    Cabaye now saying he was told he could leave at the end of the summer-according to Lee Ryder. Interesting, that.

    And Norwich will appeal Johnson’s red.

  70. Same shit different window, we got DeJong, which certainly doesn’t impress me any.

    Doubt at this late stage we will get either Grenier or Cabella, probably low bidding as usual, with Pardeux dusting off his same tired old excuses.

    Sorry to see Cabaye leave, he was by far our most effective midfield engine in a long time.

    Having watched yesterdays game, it became more obvious that without him we are mediocre and may yet drop back into a relegation fight.

    Especially when you cant beat a poor team like Norfolk.

  71. tunyc

    Does this sound familiar, or had you just hit the pipe.

    tunyc sez,

    I said you SOMEHOW make Americans look bad, my opinion has nothing to do with it (really) to wit:

    You were called out by several above and specifically as someone who embodies stereotypical Bad-American-ness.
    I didn’t say that THEY DID, I didn’t even call you senile
    like GS.

    Nice of you to be so specific, being none of it is anything you would say, it being those, several above and GS who uttered them.

    Y’know what, I don’t pay the least attention to GS and what’s more you just joined the list, you hadn’t the cojones to openly confront me so you contrived to excuse yourself from blame by using THEY SAID IT
    Know what redneck, you just compounded the whole thing, making it obvious what a jerk you are.
    Perhaps you and GS can communicate, a drunk and a stoned out redneck, sounds about right!
    Just don’t use a football blog, cause neither of you know jack shit about the game.

  72. Chuck says:

    “Y’know what, I don’t pay the least attention to GS and what’s more you just joined the list, you hadn’t the cojones to openly confront me so you contrived to excuse yourself from blame by using THEY SAID IT
    Know what redneck, you just compounded the whole thing, making it obvious what a jerk you are.
    Perhaps you and GS can communicate, a drunk and a stoned out redneck, sounds about right!”

    You are an idiot. I thought you were old and senile. Now I only think you are an idiot.

  73. Are you two still verbal jousting!

    How long has this feud been going on for now?

    You must have some common ground somewhere ffs, Can’t the two of you let it go?

  74. That must be the most Ashley will cough up for is a Eurostar Ticket.
    Carr missed a trick though, He never picked up on Fellaini or Hazard or Benteke.
    He must have just stopped of to get their lass some chocolate in Belgium.

  75. Worky sez
    Yanks, they know hardly anything about outside the US.

    Don’t know what kind of Yanks you have been meeting up with, but they are no greener tourist’s than those from the UK and just what do YOU really know about the US ?

    You write a good story, but exactly what has been your experience in the US, that is if you have ever been this side of the ocean at all.

    So enough with the simplistic generalities concerning yanks, when you know they are ridicules and silly.

    And the one pronunciation everyone still gets wrong is Worcestershire.

    Of course place names pronunciation’s have changed over the years, but not the spelling, resulting in silly English people like yourself tending to take great fun from any foreigners attempting to pronounce certain words, which are pronounced with no bearing on the way they are spelled.
    How does one get Chumly, from Choldmondeley?

    And Anne Hathaways, afternoon tea and the rest of your sorry rituals, are of little interest to the average American.

    God how naïve do you really think Americans are, good thing this blog is closing, give you a chance to get out more and maybe do some travelling.

    I suggest you visit the US, where you will realize that the USA is quite a complex country, or half a continent
    actually, I think you may be surprised by what you find.

    And listen, been thinking bout what you guys should do with the two aircraft carriers @ 6.2 billion quid apiece with the cost of the F-35’s reported to be somewhere near seven hundred thousand dollars apiece over it’s lifetime.
    The carriers can hold up to fifty planes apiece, but there will be far fewer bought at those prices.
    I mean, who are you guys gonna fight, which remains to be seen when/if they are finished six years down the road.
    Sell em to the Indians I say!

  76. Looks like my predictions of Sunderland avoiding the drop are working out, with a win over Stoke yesterday.
    An amazing turn around for a team that looked set for relegation.
    Goes to show how key men can effect the fortunes of football clubs.
    Our loss of Cabaye will hurt us and showed it during the Norfolk game, plus I doubt we will sign anyone else following the DeJong deal.
    But it will take fresh signings to stay in mid table mediocrity land come summer.
    Better to try and get them over the line now, before they increase in value.
    But Ashley believes he is safe, so why should he spend.

  77. chuck says:
    January 30, 2014 at 2:00 am

    “You write a good story, but exactly what has been your experience in the US, that is if you have ever been this side of the ocean at all.”

    Er yes, I have been to the US, Chuck.

    Also, my sister was married to an American who used to run the old RCA record plant at Washington (the original Washington over here, not the inferior copy over there). She lived over in the US for a few years too. I have also had some American girlfriends in the past and have known quite a few Yanks both over here in London and around the world over the years.

  78. chuck says:
    January 30, 2014 at 2:00 am

    “And Anne Hathaways, afternoon tea and the rest of your sorry rituals, are of little interest to the average American.”

    My sister made a very good living in Florida running Olde English Tea Shoppes when she was over there. The fat bastards absolutely loved it!

  79. Worky, Did they wash that tea down with a huge Blueberry pie that would serve four, But is scranned by one?

    We can call Sunderland on the one hand, But i think they will have pulled a right flanker if they sign Liam Bridcutt for 3 million.
    I have watched that lad a few times and have been impressed by him.

  80. Chuck, The trouble is The States are that big, It’s more like something resembling the old Soviet Union, In the fact it’s like a block of different countries meshed together.
    Not in a political sense, But i guess one average American could travel from his own home state, And look like a fish out of water in another.
    Each State has different laws, Customs etc, So it is pretty stupid to make assumptions about all Americans, Like you say.

  81. Joe, it isn’t the geographic size of a country which makes it diverse, it’s how cosmopolitan it is. Russia is huge, the biggest country in the world. Despite this though, it still isn’t as diverse as tiny London or New York, which are the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.

  82. As I mentioned to SJT, call it at least two weeks.

    Good Stuff.
    Will miss .org when it goes :(

  83. Worky, The States, Is it really a Country or a block?
    Each one of them States are like a Country in it’s own right.
    You can fit Great Britain into Texas ten times over, It’s that big.
    Me personally, I think of The United States as a conglomerate more than a country.
    It’s like a huge company that does hostile take overs of other peoples countries lol.

    That flag of their’s hangs outside of nearly everyone’s homes, Is that a countries pride, Or a struggle for identity?
    They could have put an Adidas sign on their flag, Because they come across more like a brand name.

    I would say a person from Alabama is going to be coming from a different perspective, Than say chuck who is from New York.
    There are some cultural differences as people from New York are probably more European in their attitude than other Americans from different states.

    I suppose you could call it diversity in one respect, Or are they different people, Only united by a flag?
    I suppose you could probably say that about any country in history.
    What are we seeing with the United States, Are we seeing the birth of a nation, Or the death of one?
    Is it nothing more than a modern day empire, akin to the old Roman one?, And if so you know what happened to them.
    All Empires have a finite existence, And will topple eventually.
    One thing is for sure the States are going to struggle to maintain themselves in their current form, And their debts are getting bigger and bigger.
    It will be fascinating to see what happens to them in the future, Because there will be massive upheaval if they go down the pan!

    Britain has a strong identity and we ourselves are a Nation of immigrants.
    We have nearly 2000 years of history to back us up, And were a country before we were an Empire.
    As Britain’s we don’t need to tote a flag around because we know our history, And we are comfortable with our identity, Even if a lot of it is dubious to say the least.

    I am not trying to put the boot into Americans as they are nice people and very friendly, And they cannot do enough for you when your over there.
    I think they have now reached that critical mass point in their existence as an entity, And they can go one way or the other!

  84. I’ve been checking out this Grenier chap, nowhere near enough but nonetheless, he doesn’t seem like a Cabaye replacement, actually more of another Benny for the right wing if anything.

    What I mean is he’s very good on the ball, great first touch, passing, shot. The defensive side is more Benny than Cabaye though. He dpesn’t really muck in and tackle / track back much, he doesn’t have a great defensive sensibility generally. These are the kind of things Pardew leaves players on the bench for.

  85. Worky, It looks like it’s going to have to be Charlie Adam then.
    We’ll probably be able to get him because Ashley and Joe will be able to entice him with Donnay socks and crates of Buckfast.

  86. joe hawkins says:
    January 30, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    “Is it nothing more than a modern day empire, akin to the old Roman one?, And if so you know what happened to them.
    All Empires have a finite existence, And will topple eventually.”

    A very powerful empire in it’s day but also very shortlived when you compare it with the older ones.

    “I would say a person from Alabama is going to be coming from a different perspective, Than say chuck who is from New York.”

    Aye Joe, but I know Turks and Turkish Cypriots, Greeks and Greek Cypriots, Kurds, Somalians, Ethiopians and Kenyans, Iranians, Iraqis, Thais, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, all the islands of the Caribbean blah blah… all within a square mile or two of my flat in North London. My neighbour os Jamaican, the ones before that were Iranian, the people over me are Turkish.

    Similar parts of New York, ditto. You seem to be confusing that with geographical size.

    The Yank state of Alaska is huge on it’s own and it’s population consists only of inuits and masturbating white redneck men (bit of a girl shortage up there).

  87. Worky, I take your point on geographical size, As Papua New Guinea is the Worlds most diverse country for its size.
    There are over 850 languages spoken and hundreds of different tribal groups in the country.
    Not to mention loads of cannibal tribes and rape being one of the biggest crimes in the place.
    It is also considered to be one of the most dangerous places on earth!

  88. joe hawkins says:
    January 30, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    “I would say a person from Alabama is going to be coming from a different perspective, Than say chuck who is from New York.”

    There are two types of people in Alabama, Joe, black people and racists.

  89. Now that’s an unfair assumption on your part Worky and were I to make a similar statement, for instance that everyone in the UK was a monarchist, it wouldn’t be long before someone refuted it.

    Yes there’s a different history in Alabama from that of New York, which has been the gateway for so many immigrants for so long.

    Look every American apart from native Americans, is an immigrant or the descendant’s of immigrants.

    Which installs a sense something similar to the national
    “e pluribus Unum” “out of many one” where all are equal.
    I understand that not all are created equal, but for the most part Americans and especially immigrants, believe they are the equal of anyone.
    As they are the most recent Americans, something I doubt is felt by those who migrate from Africa or Asia to Europe or those who migrate throughout Europe.
    Possibly the closest similarity are those who emigrate to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina.
    Former colonies who have for the most part, parted company with there former colonial masters.
    And young countries, those without a long history as individual entities, tend to create symbolism’s to reflect their unity, flags, pledges of allegiance, reinforce that unity, being they are ethnically diverse.
    It can be annoying to some, but it is the glue that holds it to-gether.

    Interesting WW ranking of cities, but as we should already know, it’s pretty much of an absurdity, though momentarily entertaining, simply by how the rules are created.

    []gh Newcastle-on-Tyne came out well, competing with such mega cities as Lusaka, Skopje, Tegucigalpa and Quiritano
    Interesting study of cities in regard to their international ranking, though everyone knows it boils down to nonsense

    And countries with short histories, tend to create
    The ranking

  90. chuck says:
    January 30, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    “Now that’s an unfair assumption on your part Worky”

    Chuck, I don’t claim that one. It was actually a black comedian originally from the deep south who said that on TV over here, Reginald D. Hunter, though he might have said the South, or Georgia because I seem to recall he’s from there rather than Alabama.

    He has one of the best deep Southern drawls I’ve ever heard so I presume he knew what he was talking about.

  91. Reginald is from my home state, Georgia. Funny dude too. I like his stuff. He’s an interesting fellow.

  92. Worky

    Ermmm. sound like tunyc, who stated I didn’t say it they did, sorry man you did say it and are now copping a plea!

  93. The blog seems to have a life of it’s own.
    I meant the National Seal.
    Plus it’s hilarious and absurd to attempt to set rankings for such diverse cities and to then feel good about the fact Sunderland are not ranked, when Newcastle are ranked alongside such countries as I mentioned.
    Is simply absurd.

  94. Joe @24

    So given the choice between what you consider to be an oversized slice of Blueberry pie, or ridicules finger sandwiches with the crusts removed, which sounds the more appetizing?
    And don’t forget that scoop of ice cream on top.

    Look we have different areas where the cuisine changes like the topography, from New England Lobsters to Gulf Shrimp and west coast Abalone and all things in between.
    Our national cuisine hasn’t been borrowed from a different country (India) and continues to become even more interesting and diverse as we continue to absorb
    people’s who’s varying ethnic backgrounds and, cuisine’s just add to the mix.

  95. Of course, going to Fortnum and Masons may be some simple folks idea of dining out.
    But face it there’s really not a lot of interest in Kedgeree or Finian Haddie, with a poached egg.
    Well I guess you know what I’m saying, those dishes have been abandoned for years, with the present favorite, being a Tikka Masala from the now national cuisine.
    So Enjoy already !

  96. Chuck man! stop showing your ignorance. London has just about every food you could imagine. Plus McDonalds and KFC.

  97. Joe Hawkins: you know the only person I mess with is him? Worky has his quirks but he is super smart as well (so, I don’t really want to mess with him :) )

  98. Worky

    Why not get rid of that twisted blustering old troll and let real toon fans have a decent, civil dialogue until the server’s shut down?

    He’s obviously hacked off everyone on here now – why let him ruin the last days of the blog?

  99. I’ve read this blog from the start, I’ve not posted because I witnessed at first hand what Worky did to the many that helped him, including when he raised money for the blog and bought himself new computer stuff.

    Hugh was a good man, as was Big Dave and many others sullied by Worky – who would edit blogs after a debate to make himself look good – even though he had acted disgracefully throughout.

    It started with great promise but Workys personal issues (we can imagine) hamstrung it from the start.

    This won’t be posted, Worky will edit this too, but he will having read this know that people far and wide know him for who he really is. Goodbye Worky, what happened ?

  100. Guest toon: I don’t see the point of trashing Worky. He writes a lot better stuff than the Chronic. Toonsy’s stuff is pretty good as well. You might think I am hypocritical because I get on Grandpa Simpson’s case but that is because he gets on my nerves.

    I have never seen Worky edit this blog except for dumb shite and spam.

  101. Petty fights in the past do not make any difference to the quality of Worky’s (or Toonsy’s for that matter) writing.

  102. Why are there so many Scottish co-commentators? The last good players they had were Souness and Dalglish and they don’t even do it.

    They have a population of about 5 million and all of them seem to be commentators on the premier league.

  103. Guest Toon says:
    January 31, 2014 at 12:17 am

    “I’ve read this blog from the start, I’ve not posted because I witnessed at first hand what Worky did to the many that helped him, including when he raised money for the blog and bought himself new computer stuff.”

    You’ve posted on here before. You’re an adult who is spending your day posting malicious lies on a website using a disguised name. Are you proud of yourself and what you are doing with your life? :-)

  104. DarthBroon says:
    January 31, 2014 at 12:21 am

    “Guest Toon = Chuck”

    It isn’t Chuck, Darth, I’ve checked. It’s just one of Toonsy’s goons again.

  105. GS says:
    January 31, 2014 at 8:17 am

    “Why are there so many Scottish co-commentators? The last good players they had were Souness and Dalglish and they don’t even do it.”

    “They have a population of about 5 million and all of them seem to be commentators on the premier league.”

    At least a million of them are pundits too, GS. I’ve found that the best at both disciplines is probably ‘wee’ Pat Nevin. He’s very intellegent and articulate at dissecting what’s gannin’ on.

  106. Nowt to do with me! Bloody hell I don’t have enough hours in the day to do my own stuff let alone coordinate attacks on an internet site :roll: Plus having my son now has calmed me down ;-)

    Just having a look around. Shame that this is the end as I did crack off a few hundred articles on here. I do get what Worky says though as it takes a lot more time than just the time spent writing which a lot don’t realise. It’s like just because there hasn’t been an article it’s assumed that the owner is away which might be true.

  107. Hit comment button in error :roll:

    But yeah as I was saying it’s that owners admins are away. They might be as we do live in a real world with things to do, but quite often stuff is getting done which you dont see front of house.

    Anyway all the best to all of you :-)

  108. Well it looks like another fruitless window with Ashley taking the money and running!
    No doubt Pardew will put a positive spin on things, And try and say he was fully aware of what was going on, And how he is happy with the squad, And the summer is the real time for rebuilding etc.

    Overground, Underground, Waffling free,
    The w**ker of Wimbledon, Common is he!
    Making no use of the players he finds,
    Acquired by Ashley, The ones other clubs leave behind!

  109. Toonsy says:
    January 31, 2014 at 11:34 am

    “Nowt to do with me!”

    Aye, I’m sure you’re right, Toonsy. I didn’t want to suggest it was part of some grand conspiracy but it was one of your contributors. You really need to keep control of that lot ;-)

    Cheers, that means alot. I just have to concentrate on other things ATM. I haven’t had time to do this site properly for years really. Writing the stories was great, and even doing them for the Metro too. It’s all the other stuff though, which you know all about of course.

    Very belated congratulations on the bairn too!

  110. Overground, Underground, Waffling free,
    The w**ker of Wimbledon, Common is he!
    Making no use of the players he finds,
    Acquired by Ashley, The ones other clubs leave behind!

    I suppose that verse could be versatile for both Pardew and Kinnear haters, Joe.

  111. Worky, I suppose it’s versatile lol.
    I would love to hear that sung at Pardew in St James’ Park.
    Sandie Shaw’s “Puppet On A String” would go down nicely as well…
    I want to sign players, But i’m not allowed, I’m a puppet on a string etc

  112. I am seriously thinking about tekin’ me baal an’ gannin’ hyem!

    I am reduced to making up absurd ditties because i cannot take anymore of supporting this basket case of a club.
    I think Ashley has finally battered me into submission, And i don’t think i will be able to go on much longer.
    I thought i had seen the end of this s**t with Mckeag and Co in the 80’s, Now we are right back where we started.
    I feel sorry for some of the fans who are older, And had to put with Westwood and the others who has raped and pillaged this club.

  113. What’s the betting he learns nothing from previous defeats, And he cannot get his team up for the fight come Saturday?

  114. chuck, you take this shit way too seriously. Relax-you’ll live longer.

    @ 161: I don’t distinguish amongst Ashley’s many cronies, personally.

    So, uh-nothing doing on deadline day, eh?

  115. Chuck, To be honest i don’t like any of the choices, I haven’t really got a sweet tooth lol.

  116. Guest Toon says:
    January 31, 2014 at 12:17 am

    “Hugh was a good man, as was Big Dave and many others sullied by Worky”

    Sullied? :lol: I’ve just noticed that. It makes it sound as if I’ve taken Hugh’s, Big Dave’s and everyone else’s virginity by force or something like that, then left them dishonoured and broken.

  117. The Chronicle are saying Cisse turned down a move, implying NUFC had accepted a bid. So that would have left us with 2 loanees and Shola as our strike force. Remy is suspended and De Jong untested in the premiership after failing in Germany. And Shola doesn’t score.

    I suppose we could play Ben Arfa as a number 10 which is what we were told he was when he first arrived.

    It appears we have no ambition, which is sad really as we have the nucleus of a good team.

  118. DarthBroon says:
    January 31, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    “‘Operation Yewtree Makes 3,432nd Arrest In Geordie Blogger Sullying Shocker’ :) ”

    Darth, I saw a photo of ‘Big Dave’ once, and I honestly don’t think I’d try to sully him! He’d need a bit of a makeover at least.

  119. so are we actually not going to do anything again? there is no ambition at all, they are happy to finish mid table and get a couple of cheap frenchmen while uncle joe is on his duty free trip. utter bollox!

  120. “Apparently no club in EPL history have failed to sign a player in successive transfer windows”

  121. chuck says:
    January 30, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    “Of course, going to Fortnum and Masons may be some simple folks idea of dining out.
    “But face it there’s really not a lot of interest in “Kedgeree or Finian Haddie, with a poached egg.
    “Well I guess you know what I’m saying, those dishes have been abandoned for years, with the present favorite, being a Tikka Masala from the now national cuisine.
    “So Enjoy already !”

    Chuck, you’d be surprised. Funnily enough I made a Kedgeree for breakfast the other day since you inspired me. It was great! You should try it some time.

  122. Dokky says:
    January 31, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    “so are we actually not going to do anything again?”

    They did get de Jong on loan, Dokky. His scoring rate makes Cisse’s look like Ronaldo’s right now but you never know.

    The 50% off bargains seem to be drying up in the last couple of windows so loan deals seem to be the new way forward.

  123. Worky, all

    Has anyone had a look at

    It seems a bit light in terms of people commenting but the articles look to be well written (only read a few from this month).

  124. i heard about de jong, but next season we will have an out of sorts cisse and shola lol, i think we will finish 9th any lower and thats just terrible

  125. Worky

    Surprise, I just finished the remnants of a Goan style curried shrimp dish I made.

    Thought it was time a had a good English dish, and truth be known, I’m quite fond of smoked haddock.

    However kedgeree is a dish too far, originally an Indian dish, introduced by returning colonials, originally a rice and lentil/bean dish, which became unrecognizable by the addition of other ingredients and assumed to be an English invention, which is true.
    Strangely enough, Indian restaurants have not really been that successful in the US, Chinese and Japanese, Thai and lately Korean, all more popular.
    Possibly most believe all curry dishes taste like a Vindaloo.
    When in fact, India has as many diverse cooking styles as your average sub continent.
    They may be missing a lot, then again for the most part, many so called Indian restaurants here are in fact operated by Bangladeshi’s, who have their own perticular cuisine’s.

  126. Tunyc
    No my man, I just don’t take kindly to how you attempted to do a number on me, for what reason I’m unsure.
    Plus I’m perfectly relaxed.

    And Dark Browned off
    Your obvious anger and sniping at most of my comments are becoming an obvious obsession, not healthy guy.

  127. Soh ! the window was a great success.
    We got rid of our best player, obviously a deal had been in place to let him go if the price was right.
    We signed a guy who had set the Dutch league on fire, but found it hard to get a game for Munchen Gladbach.
    Could turn out to be another Cisse ?
    Having had plans to replace Cabaye, if or when he was sold, how come during the entire month we couldn’t arrange a deal, for Cabella, Grenier, or Benficas Djurcic ?
    Too fcuging cheap, it was all smoke and mirrors anyway, there was no intention of buying, same as during the summer window.
    Of course the designated goat will be Joe Kinnear, Pardew will rightly enough claim he had no say in the matter.
    We will hear the same tired excuses, but the fact is we are still in eight place and probably assumed to be safe enough in regard to relegation.
    Well I’m gonna predict that or below is where we will eventually finish the season, with perhaps a scare or two between now and then.

  128. It’s a strange situation in regard to Cisse a fairly expensive buy, at who’s suggestion I’m not sure ?

    Anyhow he fairly exploded onto the scene, scoring goals for fun, with Ba also a prolific scorer having to take a supporting role.

    However following Ba’s departure, the guy cant put the ball in the net to save his life and Ba cant get a game at Chelsea.

    What happened ?

    Is it due to lack of support, or the fact Remy has proven to be a more prolific scorer and being part of a 4-4-2 is not working.

    Certainly more than one or two of Cisse’s supposed off side goals, were in fact legal and it may be his lack of support and both he and Remy’s competing together up front is where the problem lies.

    We will find out when Remy leaves in the summer, when we are reduced to Shola, Cisse and DeJong, who could in fact be returned to Munchengladbach if he doesn’t impress.

    I have always thought of the likes of Cabaye, Roy Keane,
    and other midfield engines who can do it all and actually drive the side by example.

    As the most important in the side, then finally when we get one for peanuts I might add, we turn around and sell him.

    Is this the future of NUFC .

    I mean the writing was on the wall, with Pardeux touting him on a daily basis, I would like to know why, having been aware since last summer, we haven’t lined up a replacement ?

    Someone obviously doesn’t understand the importance of his leaving.

    Plus I would like to add, it’s disgusting what this club has done to the career of Marveaux, refusing to play him, because he wouldn’t accept a reduction in wages.

    This is now an ugly club, run by low lives, Ashley and his low paid manager and director of football.

    They have made the venerable St. James’ Park, into an ugly display of cheap tatty advertising signs, everywhere one looks, to advertise Ashleys cheap tatty sports regalia.

    But as far as ambition is concerned, there simply is no ambition, other than to retain a membership in the richest league in the world.

    But nothing or no one last’s forever, however in retrospect, looking at our previous owners and chairmen, nothing much has changed, it was always about them making a buck.

  129. Dark Brown
    Another cheap shot!
    You had better let it go, it’s unhealthy and keep’s you in a constantly angry state, you could burst a blood vessel or summat like!

  130. I’ve just heard the horrible cnuts were hawking Cisse around to Arsenal and Cardiff.
    They wanted him on loan but Ashley wanted a straight sale.
    Fair enough Cisse hasn’t been scoring, But we would have been left way short of cover.
    I have no idea where the brains of these jokers are!

  131. Chuck, The trouble is, 50 odd thousand mugs will be there tomorrow, And if we manage to win this one, “The Deliverance Mob” will be only too happy to forgive and forget.
    Until we have a proper across the board BOYCOUTT, Complete with the aforementioned Mob with bed sheets and shoes off.
    We are never going to get rid of the parasite!

  132. I am in constant conflict about NUFC. There is no way we could have kept Cabaye once PSG made their intentions clear. We sort of have a replacement already in either Anita or Sissoko.

    Also, Pardew has the team playing a pass and move game which I never thought would happen.

    It is not all doom and gloom. De Jong may turn into another Remy. We should have tw@tted Norwich even without Cabaye. We are actually pretty good to watch now (imagine how West Ham fans feel and you will realize it could be a lot worse).

    Like Chuckles said, it is a shame about Marveaux. We are paying him anyway, get him on the pitch and stop the stupidity. A contract works both ways.

  133. That lunatic Whack-a-mole’s transfer to Stoke has fallen through, apparently.

    He’s supposedly got a calf injury but I have a feeling he’ll be putting in an appearance tomorrow.

    Major Kong: Stop whining, FFS.

  134. Well that’s the window shut, So we know what the game plan is for the rest of the season.
    Lump the ball forward at every opportunity to De Jong and play off the second balls.
    It’s going to go back to Sam Allardyce percentage Football “Cross Bows And Catapults” style.
    Everyone get the Anderson Shelters ready and the sirens working!

  135. Joe Hawkins: we have played a totally different style of football since the Frenchies settled in. Why would you think we would go back to hoofball when we are doing much better in the current system?

    Pardew would have to be an idiot to do that. He is a gobshite but he has turned it around somewhat.

    I have watched NUFC for 40+ years and this is not a bad team. When I was a kid we had the likes of Glenn Keeley, Kenny Wharton and Alan Gowling. You can’t tell me watching Ben Arfa, Anita and Gouffran isn’t just a little step up :)

  136. And Joe: imagine being a Leeds, Derby or Burnley fan? At least we are not in terminal decline.

    There are at least 6 more clubs with a lot more money than us, so we are probably at the level we should be. Sure, Ashley is milking the club for his other business but he really isn’t f@cking us up the @rse like some people think.

  137. I watched Man U in Chicago about 4 years ago and about half of their “supporters” had green and gold scarves protesting the Glasers ownership. I think Man U have won 4 or 5 of the last 7 titles. You have to have some perspective and I think a few on here have lost it in the last few days.

    As my good friend would say: “we sold Cabaye, get over it”.

  138. GS says:
    January 31, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    “but he really isn’t f@cking us up the @rse like some people think.”

    He is, and he hasn’t even bothered to use a condom.

  139. Worky @199: we will have to agree to disagree on that. If he paid full boat for sponsorship, what would that get us – another 20 million? We would still be way behind the top 6 in terms of money.

    I don’t often agree with my good friend, but London has a certain attraction and the Mancs and Liverpool have money. Unless we reincarnate Brian Clough we are looking at 7th to 12th and Ashley knows it.

  140. Phisix @200: the bookies have us at evens and them at about 3 to 1.

    You could be right though as I am not sure where our goals will come from without Cabaye, Remy and Gouffran? Ben Arfa hattrick?

    Worky, sorry to have gone on as much recently but it has been under freezing for the past 3 weeks here in Chicago and I was a bit bored.

  141. GS says:
    February 1, 2014 at 12:27 am

    “Worky @199: we will have to agree to disagree on that. If he paid full boat for sponsorship, what would that get us – another 20 million? We would still be way behind the top 6 in terms of money.”

    Well you’re only looking at one aspect, GS, you’re not looking at the whole picture and there is never any point in sticking up for Ashley anyway, he will always make you look like a fool in the long run.

    Look at managers for instance. Paul Lambert gets £2 million at Villa, Roberto Martinez gets around £1.5 million at Everton, Alan Pardew gets around £500,000 and Chris Hughton before him only got half that.

    Look at players. Most teams made an investment in players with the huge Premier League broadcasting rights windfall. Newcastle United always make a big net profit on transfers nowadays, and seem to be moving out of buying them completely and into loaning them for a year or so instead. Despite Cabaye, Ashley still hasn’t shifted enough Grade A livestock for a huge profit. That could be one of the main reasons why you are defending him now.

    Wages are about what you would expect for a non-moneybags team, around £64 million which is a bit less than Aston Villa (£70m), about the same as Everton or Sunderland (£64 million and £63 million), though far more than teams like Swansea and Norwich (£35 million and £34 million).

    This last window we sold a player for £19 million, loaned out a brace of players and brought one in on loan for a year. You could point to the French invasion the January before last, but as I noted above, we still make a profit in transfers.

    “Unless we reincarnate Brian Clough we are looking at 7th to 12th and Ashley knows it.”

    Mike Ashley is actually richer than the owners of Tottenham or Liverpool nowadays, he isn’t hobbled by an old stadium which is too small for the fanbase. You’re just accepting the fairy story that Ashley has presented to you, that we are a poor little team who could never compete. We were richer than Spurs before Ashley and they’re competing.

  142. GS says:
    February 1, 2014 at 1:37 am

    “Worky, sorry to have gone on as much recently but it has been under freezing for the past 3 weeks here in Chicago and I was a bit bored.”

    Well it won’t be here soon anyway, so you might as well make the most of it while you can.

  143. Worky @205: I am awake ready for the pre-game over here. Paul in Hollywood will have to be up at the crack of dawn.

    I don’t think I have totally swallowed Ashley’s BS. He seemed into it to start with and now sees it as just a money maker/tax dodge. I am not sure what the other non football/soccer fan billionaires are involved for?

    It has sort of got comical, what with Cardiff and Hull. And Abramovich never smiling even when they are winning 8 nowt. And Ellis Short, why the hell does he own the Mackems?

  144. Worky. (and all others with sensible and relevant views – you know who you are)

    I have enjoyed reading the blog and will be sorry to see its demise. I dont normally comment on blogs as I do not always explain my thoughts as articulately as yourself and nd some of the regulars. However, as the blog is soon to disappear I wanted to pass on my thanks. Your research has been very illuminating and thought provoking.

    I appreciate this has taken up a lot of your time for very little reward. I hope there is some consellation for you in knowing that your readership is probably a lot higher than those who comment on your blog.

  145. Worky @204: I will probably read Ed’s as it is quite entertaining sometimes. They are manic depressive. If we go 1-0 up we will win the league, if we go 0-1 down we will be relegated :)

  146. Marveaux on the bench!

    I think Obertan has been transported up to the starship Enterprise to be one of those giant headed space aliens from the ’60s. AndyMac will be happy.

  147. Joe Kinnear Raving about Sammy Ameobi in the program notes.
    What a F00King W@nker of a COCKNEY PI55 BAG!

  148. GS says:
    February 1, 2014 at 11:50 am

    “He seemed into it to start”

    “Seem” is a good word with Ashley because he always lies. He lies even when he doesn’t have to, even when a bit of honesty might be a better option because he actually likes it. He gets a buzz from deceiving people.

    I stuck up for Ashley on a few occaisions in the old days. It wasn’t because I liked him, it was just that clueless idiots would just make up risible rubbish about him and the rest of his cabal which was obviously incorrect and I would point this out and be called an Ashley arselicker and so on…

    Every single thing you defend him on though, he will do something later that will make you look and feel stupid for ever having defended him.

  149. Toon is nothing but a cash cow….very sad,the club has been totally bastardised by a cockney billionaire that doesn’t give a flying fook about achievement,trophies,pleasing the paying public….it is depraved what he is doing.

  150. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 1, 2014 at 11:57 am

    “I dont normally comment on blogs as I do not always explain my thoughts as articulately as yourself and nd some of the regulars.”

    sirjasontoon says:
    February 1, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    “What a F00King W@nker of a COCKNEY PI55 BAG!”


    Seriously, cheers DissilusionedToon, and you’re right, you can’t always tell how many readers a blog has by the amount of comments. You’re wrong about being inarticulate judging from your comment though.

    As for “very little reward” it was never about that. I haven’t even collected any of the advertising that’s been owing for years because I just didn’t have the time and it just wasn’t worth the hassle. When I did I would put it into prizes for a competition or something like that because it’s irrelevant compared with what I do elsewhere.

  151. I am not as depressed as the majority of people seem to be. I think we have been pretty good to watch and have had a good showing even when we have lost.

  152. Last important game of the season GS then we can focus on finishing tenth and MA can sell some more players and coin in the Telly money – kerching !!

  153. Worky when the Blog shuts shop will it go offline or are you leaving it up until you fancy blogging again?

  154. GS says:
    February 1, 2014 at 12:30 pm

    “I am not as depressed as the majority of people seem to be.”

    Aye but you’ve been living in the ‘States for decades, hence you’re more used to the horrible, cheap, tacky awfulness of it all.

  155. sirjasontoon says:
    February 1, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    “if anyone wants to add me on twitter its @gtperformer1984”

    Bet you drive a G-Whiz car really :lol:

    I will, SJT.

  156. GS says:
    February 1, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    “Let’s stuff these c@nts. Apologies to my good friend for saying bad things about Mackems.”

    I was listening to Sunderland’s Kate Adie on Radio Four earlier and she describes herself as a “Geordie.” Bob Paisley was from Hetton, Bobby Thompson was from Penshaw and they called themselves “Geordies” too. Your best mate Chuckles is actually right, times have changed for the worse.

  157. Walking in a Pardew wonderland one week, lynch mob for Pardew another week, then back again…

    GS, you write about the manic nature of idiots on Ed’s site, but the awful truth is that’s just normal for Geordies now.

  158. Funny how an experienced manager can get his team playing well but our experienceed manager never does much. Had enough of these ups and downs now.

  159. On the bright side, it’s good to see Gus Poyet doing so well with our esteemed neighbours from Sunderland. They looked like they were gonners for a while but Poyet’s doing an excellent job so far.

  160. Sunderland deserve their lead. Phil Dowd is a really bad Ref though.

    Give De Jong a go, we have nothing to lose and are playing pretty cr@p.

  161. They just showed Vincent Tan on TV here. Does he ever look in the mirror – the bad ’70s mustache and sunglasses?

  162. Shola for De jong, Swap Benny and Sissokos postion around then swap Sissoko for marv, but Pards will keep everything as is as usual. Joke.

  163. GS says:
    February 1, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    “They just showed Vincent Tan on TV here. Does he ever look in the mirror – the bad ’70s mustache and sunglasses?”

    GS, I’ve seen him wearing a shirt and tie under a sweatshirt, and the sweatshirt was tucked into his pants. Need I say more?

  164. Our beloved manager possibly had to change his underwear, so it wasn’t the boo’s that caused him to run into the tunnel.
    We have yet to win a second half, so don’t expect to win this one.
    Hope that Ashley’s figures out the lesson, when we go sliding down to-wards the relegation zone.
    Also the fact that a decent manager can make a massive difference.
    Fact is this club needs upper management, that can secure the proper players and a manager who is capable.
    Face it you wouldn’t put Pardeux or wor Joe in charge of a Sunday morning pub team.
    Gonna watch us suffer through another loss, a clueless side led by an idiot and owned by a cheap cnut.

  165. Always thought Johnson was a canny player, how come he ended up at Sunderland instead of Newcastle?

  166. And the thing of it is, I expected this and kind of can’t bring myself to care as AshleyCo has taught me to completely disengage from the club emotionally. As I said the other day, where we were the day before Cabaye left will be the high water mark this season.

    Back to watching the Bundesliga…

  167. I wish i had put a bet on now!
    Said all week we would get turned over by Sunderland, And it was inevitable in all honesty.
    You cannot take it away from Sunderland they played Newcastle off the park.
    Sunderland’s movement was different class, And they out thought, Out matched, Out played Newcastle for most of the game.

    Look i’m sicked of having a go at Pardew, But he is s**t, End of story!
    This man will never win a Derby game as long as he has a hole in his a**e!
    They were crap from the first whistle, And the sad thing about it is, You knew it was going to happen.

    We should have a merger with the Newcastle Falcons Rugby team because that it what we are closer to playing.
    Football is well and truly finished under this regime, And maybe Ashley and his non plans may succeed in the Aviva Premiership!

  168. And my objective-as-possible evaluation is that this squad really isn’t that good when you remove Cabaye. The only one of the French imports to impress over time is Gouffran. I suspect if we sold the others today we’d take losses or break even on all of them. Anita looks decent at times but overmatched at others and it doesn’t help that our management has shown no confidence in him. We’ve got a 1M center half-solid player but nothing at all special-as the first name on the team sheet now that Cabaye is gone. Most of our signings under Ashley-they’re release clauses, players feuding with clubs/managers, players fleeing relegated or soon-to-be-relegated sides, or with dodgy health records, or with criminal charges hanging over them, etc., etc. They’re all held back by AP’s “management” but I think we’ve got the evidence that you can’t build a really competitive side on the cheap. I don’t know, maybe HBA steps up, he’s quality, but then he’ll just be sold anyway.

    Bleak, bleak, bleak.

  169. tunyc says:
    February 1, 2014 at 2:48 pm (Edit)

    “This man will never win a Derby game as long as he has a hole in his a**e!”

    Does he though, Joe? Most of his faeces seems to come out of his mouth when someone sticks a mic in front of it.

  170. Cant wait to hear why we lost, from Pardeux, no air punching to-day.
    The side was disorganized, never really looked interested in playing and Pardeux simply had no answer.
    This will continue and may result in our slipping down the ladder to-wards relegation, hopefully Ashley will learn some kind of lesson from it.
    The cheap SOB.

  171. As I expected, DeJong looked out of his depth.
    So thanks guys for all your hard work during the transfer window, bringing in the necessary players.
    Smoke and mirrors from a cheap-ass owner is all we got, looks like Dejong is another guy from the Dutch league, who flattered to deceive and we may be stuck with him.
    Yes folks when it’s a choice between spending and saving, we know we can trust wor Mike to choose not to spend.
    I guess it will be a long and frustrating season, again!

  172. What chance have you got when the man who is supposed to own the club, Actually works against his club!
    You employ a D.O.F who has no experience at the job he is hired to do?
    So he is working against the club when all said and done!
    You then employ a manager who has from day one, Basically worked against his own side!
    We only tend to get results through moments of individual brilliance from players, And riding our luck.

    We might as well pack it and go home because it doesn’t make any sense what these clowns are doing.

    If Ashley has some kind of master plan going forward then it cannot include Kinnear, And especially that loser Pardew.
    No doubt he’ll extricate himself for blame and cite injuries to key players, But hey!, He has strength in depth according to him.
    I bet he now changes his tune though, And some f**ker will get the blame.
    Once you see Shola Amoebi and his brothers name on a team sheet, You are in trouble!

    I’m absolutely devastated at the result although it was nailed on for me, But Football was the real winner, And Sunderland played it very well, They will not go down with performances like that.

    The back of today’s Chronicle had a picture of Pardew in a Lord Kitchener type of Poster, With the words “The Toon Army Needs You”, And him trying to put a spin on things, And saying that he wanted us celebrating tonight.
    You just knew what was going to happen!

    I believe in Karma, And Ashley and his pals are going to reap what they sow, And it really is a self Prophesy!

  173. Probably should have said a self fulfilling prophesy, But it is a self Prophesy what Ashley is doing to himself.
    The stupid f**k has gambled once too often, And he is going to pay the price!

  174. chuck says:
    February 1, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    “looks like Dejong is another guy from the Dutch league, who flattered to deceive.”

    You mean like Van Persie, Jan Verthonghen, Tim Krul, Michel Vorm, Arjen Robben, Rafael van der Vaart and the scores of others if I could include, especially if I keep going back through the decades like Bergkamp, Stam, van der Sar…

    You keep saying the same thing about Wifried Bony and yet he has scored 16 goals so far this season, which is far more than any of our players. Your silly prejudices seem to be completely impervious to facts.

  175. joe hawkins says:
    February 1, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    “What chance have you got when the man who is supposed to own the club, Actually works against his club!”
    “You employ a D.O.F who has no experience at the job he is hired to do?”

    That isn’t really true though, is it, Joe? Your namesake has bought and sold more players than anyone at St James’ Park.

    Kinnear is the perfect deflecting shield for Ashley when it comes to Geordies, who fall for shit like that every time (Dennis Wise was another good one). Iain Duncan-Eichmann the cripple hater is the same for the Nasty Party.

  176. Worky, I see what your saying in regards to players like Bergkamp, Van Persie etc being top drawer.
    De Jong will have game time to shine, But i’m not so sure this lads stay is going to be a fruitful one, Under the tutelage of this regime.
    They have ripped away any kind of feel good factor, And sold the “Golden Goose”.
    The lad is struggling for confidence as it is, And i can now see us going on a downward spiral, And i don’t think this will do him any good.

  177. joe hawkins says:
    February 1, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Joe, as you know, I’ve watched the Eredivisie a bit the last couple of seasons and de Jong never really took my fancy when he was there. Vertonghen and Bony would have been my two biggest signings, with tasty little morsels like Adam Maher, Oussama Assaidi (now Liverpool on loan to Stoke) as little hors d’oeuvres on the side. Little Vurn was a number two on my list just behind likes of Maher and Assaidi before he came to Newcastle. I had Finbog the Iceman behind Bony too.

    Never De Jong though.

  178. joe hawkins says:
    February 1, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    “Worky, I see what your saying in regards to players like Bergkamp, Van Persie etc being top drawer.”

    That isn’t the real point though, Joe. Do you see players signed from the Dutch League such as Luis Suarez, Jan Vertonghen and Wilfried Bony as players who flatter to deceive and then flop in the Premiership as Chuck is suggesting?

  179. Worky, In regard to Kinnear, That’s exactly why he is there, Basically as a s**t deflector.
    I think the fans are wrong to have a go at him in that sense.
    My gripe with his appointment is he was supposedly brought in to work on the financial side.
    Well to me, That is not Joe’s area of expertise, And his strength lies in working with players, And trying to give them the gee up, And possibly give Alan a hand.
    He could go out and do scouting trips, Which he has done before.
    The trouble is they have Graham Carr to do that, So that is another area that a D.O.F is supposed to work in, Which is covered.
    Why hasn’t Ashley went out and appointed a proper experienced person in that field, Like a David Dein for instance?
    No offence to Joe but i don’t think he is going to have the savvy when it comes to trying to make money etc.
    Of course he will probably look like whizz when it comes to outgoings, But

  180. Hit the wrong button.

    Ashley Is the Ayatollah when all said and done.
    The problem for Joe is going to be the incoming’s, Which he probably has as much control as Pardew in that respect.

  181. Worky, I reckon Pardew could conspire to f**k up even the form of Suarez lol.
    The Pardew Factor does tend to endure, And we have seen other players form go down the pan.
    I think a lad like De Jong struggling with confidence is like giving a bairn a box of matches, Where Pardew is concerned!

  182. joe hawkins says:
    February 1, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    “My gripe with his appointment is he was supposedly brought in to work on the financial side.”

    That is bollocks though, Joe, of course he wasn’t brought in to work on the financial side!

    One of the ver few bits of gossip I might give a bit of creedence to is that there could have been a little friction between Pardew and Carr, with Pardew blaming Carr’s players (amongst everything else) for failure last season, and Ashley needed someone he trusted to judge.

    Dishonest hacks fed less intelligent Geordies with the script that Carr was on the verge of leaving the club over Kinnear, which was dishonest shit as usual. As I mentioned at the time, Kinnear and Carr are two good old boys who are very much alike really, so much so that they are an interesting study in prejudice when you look at the reactions to them. Pardew is more of the odd one out if anything in that team.

  183. Worky, Joe said that himself later on after his initial put his foot in it interview on Sky.
    When it all settled down and he clarified his position, He said he would be doing the job that Derek had done on the financial side, And not on the football side as he first claimed.
    We know in reality that it is complete crap, And his only role is another Front Of House deflector man.
    That was my point really, If Ashley wanted to appoint a for real D.O.F, He wouldn’t appoint Kinnear.
    Ashley is the Ayatollah!, And everything goes through him.
    He would have to run the club properly if that was the case.
    I think even Derek Llambias eventually cottoned on to the fact and could no longer carry on with it.

  184. According to Pardew, “We woz too hyped up”, What a load of s**t!
    Although he did have the good grace to say they were beaten by the better side.

  185. Worky, We all know Alan likes to toss the blame around.
    One of my pals has just told me he was on the Radio trying to blame the fans.
    He was saying that when a pass goes astray it doesn’t help when the groans of the crowd can be heard.
    He really needs to grow up, Man up and start standing up to Ashley, If not, Do the decent thing and resign.

    A few fans ran onto the pitch and threw their season tickets in his face.
    There were also anti-Ashley and Kinnear chants aplenty, What a bunch of a**eholes for what they have created!

    There has been a group of charvers emptying the contents of a skip and pelting The Templars with it.

  186. Worky
    Wait a minute here, don’t put words in my mouth here.
    I’m well aware the Eridivisie has produced some excellent players over the years, but not lately.

    With Van der Vart, Vn. Persie, Robben all veterans, you only ended up with one youngish player, Krul being Vertonghen is Belgium, thought you would know that at least.

    And my point is I believe the Dutch league is not what it was and therefor De Jongs goal scoring record from two seasons ago, will certainly not be repeated at NUFC.

    Plus the guy had difficulty getting starts at Munchengladbach

    As for your your hero, The Prince Of Denmark and his thirteen million signing Bony, don’t know where you get sixteen goals from, the EPL lists him with seven, which is the same as our Gouffran.

    Not exactly what one would expect from a high priced striker, is it.

    I’m positive The Prince must be embarrassed and wishes he had never uttered his boast he only needed a squad.
    of around twenty players.

    He can tell that to his next employer as I doubt his days are numbered at Swansea.

    Whereas both my recommendations (Rodgers& Martinez) are
    Lying fourth and fifth respectively. duh!

  187. Bout time the fans got out the bedsheets, it’s time IMO, to once again create an atmosphere that cannot be ignored by Ashley.
    I’m going to predict we will not finish in the top ten which will send a message to the power structure.
    You have to invest on an annual basis or risk the possibility of relegation.
    And Ashley is well aware of the consequences of that.
    And for gods sake, get rid of those two morons, Pardeux and wor Joe.
    Yeah I know it’s difficult to find people who will work for those wage levels, but how bad would you have to be to replace either of these two clowns and not do a worse job.
    Get your resume’s out, who knows.

  188. I got up early to watch that and went back to bed at 3-0. Nobody could pass or tackle today. A lot of people were touting Poyet for us and on that evidence it wouldn’t have been a bad call.

    It is so annoying because I was just getting a bit encouraged.

  189. Strange! Tv it appears refused to cover the fans invasion of the pitch and subsequent tearing up of tickets.

    A few more games like this and I’m gonna predict, there will be fan trouble.

    Not only about the lack of action in the summer they are pissed about Cabaye and the fact we only signed a questionable striker.

    Yeah the unholy trio of Ashley, wor Joe and Pardew, how did we end up with such an alliance running this club,

    And not good for the average fans head.

  190. It has become only one more obvious Anita will never fill Cabaye’s Shoes/Boots.

    He may be the only one who can really fill in until the end of the season, but that will require a different lineup and a tactical changes.

    Noticed a more attacking role with a couple of hard strikes from Tiote, playing in a more forward role.

    But how come we don’t give young Bigirimana an opportunity to show us what he can do, because I think he has a good future in the game, but like Marveaux is ignored.

    Surprised we didn’t put in a bid for Gourcoff, couldda probably got him cheap, but a midfield engine is now our priority along with a good central defender and a center forward.

  191. Bobby Robson was right, Gus Poyet really is “the scourge of Newcastle.” He scored goals galore against us at Chelsea, Brighton in the FA Cup, Sunderland double… Perhaps he should be immediately appointed as manager before he beats us again.

  192. I think Poyet’s a bit overqualified to manage us, Worky, even if low self-esteem and a lack of professional pride would allow him to consider it.

    If Pardew strays out of that ‘sweet zone’ the board are committed to (under the European places and above the drop zone), he’ll be replaced by some second-rate desperado who hasn’t worked for years.

    What’s Harry Basset doing these days?

  193. Banning the local newspapers is one of THE great Ashley blunders. He shot himself right in the middle of the foot with a big shotgun. They’re all stirring the pot in the Thomson House war room now they’ve got the denouement of the transfer window and the Mackem treble to get their teeth into.

  194. @ 295: I was one of those people, and oddly would get nitpicked about it for things like he’s Dennis Wise’s buddy. So what? From what I’ve seen he has a combination of above-average man management and tactical skills. I know he was well-funded at Brighton but it was hard not to be impressed with what he got out of that squad-against us twice, for example. Plus as an unproven in the PL he would have been willing to come into a less-than-ideal situation (see Sunderland). But hey, AP’s shown that with luck and players on form, he can get us into a European spot that he doesn’t want.

  195. @ 297: and a winger, and fullback depth. Over two windows, what is it? Five (Simpson, Perch, Harper, Jonas, Cabaye) out and none permanently in?

  196. @ 302: and that assumes nobody else leaves. Shola, for example, already has a foot out the door and Colo will leave if he can find a way. I also wonder how long it will be before Debuchy leaves. Bet he won’t make it through two more windows.

  197. I just can’t believe there isn’t anyone out there willing to buy Ashley out. he must have an astronomical price tag on the club plus the loan to him!
    The hole situation is just so hard to watch.
    joke of an owner, joke of a manager, joke coaches and a scout that wont travel passed france ( even though we wouldn’t buy anyone of any significance)
    think it will take another leeds style collapse to get rid of this fat c**t!

  198. “Take a look in our sale department for some fantastic bargains!”

    Including Cisse to Rubin Kazan any day now by many accounts (Sorry, Cabaye – SOLD OUT)

  199. It seems Pardeux is a tough nut to crack, his constant placing of blame elsewhere, anywhere, but himself.
    For a while a certain number of fans, began to believe his nonsense, fans tend to accept and believe in managers, following a winning streak.

    But Saturdays game exposed a poorly chosen side, “the Ameobi’s”, that’s the best choice available, FFS!

    And the obviousness of playing without Cabaye, was the musical equivalent of listening to an orchestra without a conductor.

    It’s all about money though and the real culprit is Ashley, by his control of the purse-strings and the very fact he has possibly two of the worst assistants that cheap money can buy.

    Pardeux came out with, “we may have to change our tactics” something the man has so far shown to be, mission impossible, he’s playing the same game he brought with him and found it impossible to adjust or learn how the modern game is played.

    It’s tough being a Newcastle fan, having an owner who has no interest other than in pocketing any profits, whether Transfer fees or PL tv revenue, that and using the club as a free advertising board, for his empire of tat.

    But to sell our best player (for the money)knowing he would go and not setting up a deal for a decent replacement is criminal.

    And may result in our slipping down into the relegation zone, though obvious Ashley thinks we are safe in that regard, or he would have strengthened and I’m going to predict we will slide down the table and hopefully give him a fright.

    The thought of relegation and the loss of PL revenue being his biggest fear.

    Plus it’s time the fans started to get on his case, showing up each week and accepting all that takes place, only encourages Ashley and co., to laugh at the fans and their concerns with THEIR club.

    Make it uncomfortable for him to attend games, that includes Pardeux and wor Joe, it will become as apparent as the boos that resounded at the end of both half’s of the Saturday game.

    He (Ashly) has already fallen out with the local press, time to include the national media and for that to happen, the fans must play their part, as nothing happens without pressure being applied.

  200. Joe @ 292 #

    You got two dinosaurs, Joe Kinnear and Pardew, who are otherwise unemployable, but come as cheap, if not the cheapest in the league.
    Combine that with an owner who knows less than nothing about football (an eight year deal to Pardeux is proof of that) and you are already up shit creek without a paddle.
    But for the fans to a

  201. …accept this situation, without a murmur is depressing.
    If change is to be achieved, then pressure has to be applied.

    Make it impossible for Kinnear and Ashley to attend games, by vocal methods, not a crime, and used successfully in the early stages of Ashleys regime.

    And simply Booing Pardeux at every opportunity possible could make his job untenable.

    On the other hand we could end up with some unemployable
    retread that has failed in every job he has attempted, as you can bet your ass, the next manager (seven years from now) will be considered by his wage demands and ability to kiss ass.

  202. DarthBroon says:
    February 2, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    “Take a look at this and tell me it’s not an out-and-out provocation to the fans”

    It’s on rotation, Darth. The sale banner only shows up sometimes.

  203. People are saying it’s time to rise up against Ashley (again) but WTF?

    How long ago did Ashley go bonkers throwing his all his toys around over a small, peaceful march to hand Ashley dissidents the initiative?

    It was a rare piece of luck, but a couple of wins against big teams and they threw all that away by doing absolutely nothing except for making themselves look like feckless clowns with no credibility and no backbone whatsoever.

  204. i really am losing interest in it all, ive supported the club for over 20 years (not long compared to most here i know) but there is no ambition at all, and pardew saying we should find another way to play aka hoof just makes it even worse.

  205. avatar workyticket says:
    February 2, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    “It’s on rotation, Darth”

    It’s still fukkin stupid (whether it’s in the large panel or being rotated to one of the small ones) and it speaks volumes about chubs ‘interest’ in the club.

  206. Speaking now as an outsider as Ive stated before to me NUFC now does not exist. “Sports Direct Un United” an offshoot of Ashley’s cheapskate tat market stall business has taken its place. This is run for him by a “Has Been” and “A never was” Who’s weekly output of manure could fertilize a large farm.
    I do not understand that there are still those who are waiting for the miracle when Ashley gets ambition and Pardew understands football.
    Protests will not happen not unless they grow some which I doubt and if they were I again doubt they would be sensibly organized.
    The only aim of Ashley if any is the money for finishing in the top ten year after year. Fans tradition etc mean nothing to him. If your not prepared to fight for it be like me And as the Eagles song says “Get Over It”

  207. Nutmag

    Yeah I know what you mean, but I’m not suggesting any organized group, which is guaranteed to immediately becomes splintered due to differences of opinion.

    Just a general booing of both Pardeux, Ashley and the rest of that unholy group.
    Believe it, the last time it happened, it caused upset.

    With Ashley complaining he and his family were intimidated from attending, due to fan hostility.

    And constant booing would have it’s effect on the side obviously, plus the media would have a grand time with it.

    Creating bad publicity, for Ashley and his buisinesses.
    I mean how could the fans be the guilty party.

    That’s all, and as we slide down that slippery slope, to-wards the drop zone, we can watch Ashley get some of his own back.

    As far as I know, it’s no crime to boo at a football stadium and the fans could have fun with it.

    Just getting out the message is the problem.

  208. It’s all p*ss and vinegar at the moment after a Derby defeat!
    When “Keegangate” blew up we should have kept on protesting and made life unbearable for the fat b*****d!
    We even let him make Joe Kinnear manager, Then he got us relegated ffs.
    He sold all the players in a fire sale, And then gave Chris Hughton f all to get us back up.
    He changed the name of our stadium to “Sports Direct Arena”

    These are some of the strokes he has pulled in the nightmare 7 years he has been here, And the fans have kept turning up.
    Like a lot of people are saying now, Which i have been saying for that last 4 year, Stop f**kin’ going to the matches!
    It’s the only thing a greedy cnut like him understands is money.
    That’s the only way to get through to that parasite, Is stop his tap!

    I had to do it and it is tough to walk away, But i will never set foot back in St James’ Park while he owns the club.
    If people are not prepared to do that, Then stop complaining about him, And continue to stand for the three card trick.
    This “Support the team, Not the regime” is a load of owld bollox.
    Your not doing f**k all by turning up, He will never go away as long as he’s making money.

    All it will take is for that soppy f**ker to somehow fluke another couple of results, And it will all be forgotten about!
    That terrace chant about being the loyalist football supporters is starting to do my nut in.
    It’s like the old saying, “There’s only a hairs width between sanity and insanity”, I think we as fans have to start to give that some thought, As there is only a thin line between loyalty and stupidity imo!

    I have looked at a lot of comments today across different boards and online newspaper comments, And there is a trend for people who say, “How can you blame Pardew for this”?
    Fair enough Ashley is f**king him over, And i do feel sorry for him in that respect.
    The way some are going on though, You would think Ashley is picking the players, Setting the tactics, And making substitutions.
    Some of the football served up in his stewardship has been worse than Sam Allardyce’s, And that takes some beating, But he is getting the sympathy vote off some.
    Gus Poyet, Now that is a proper manager, Not some chancer like Pardew!

  209. After nearly 40 years of supporting the Toon, I call time. As of Saturday, I have officially had enough – the only team I shall be supporting is my daughter’s football team. They are only 9 year old, and they display more passion and tactical awareness than I saw on display on Saturday.

  210. Chuck and Joe
    I agree with both and I think a combination of the two is the way to go. It would be very difficult to get large numbers to stay away but a fall in gates and show of disapproval by those who do attend would send the right message.
    Unfortunately if Ashley did sack Pardew he would replace him with Joe or someone equally naff.
    The whole rotten lot need to go but again I can’t see that happening (Not in my life time)
    Just as well the blog is closing down I can make it a clean break.

  211. Nutmag says:
    February 2, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    “Protests will not happen not unless they grow some which I doubt and if they were I again doubt they would be sensibly organized.”

    Nutmag, the ‘Time 4 Change’ group had a gift from Ashley with his ridiculous reaction to the march (such as it was), the banning of Thomson House, the banning of NUST from the fans’ forum, and even a vengeful local media ready to back them. It was like an open goal in the 90th minute of the Cup Final, but they did f**k all, it was embarrassing. Two good results against bigger teams was all it took for them to complete deflate and lose all their credibility.

    It’s hard to take an organisation which uses text style numbers for words in its title seriously anyway.

  212. I see the “The Mirror” are at least trying to probe and have a go at the regime.
    On Saturday Wendy Taylor was up to her old tricks in not letting Pardew answer questions.

    At least they put questions to Pardew which you have been wanting asked for an eternity.
    They were asking him whether his constant backing of the regime was attacking his credibility.
    Whether or not he stood by his statement about how you cannot lose a player of Cabaye’s quality and not replace him.
    He tried to wriggle out of that one by claiming he didn’t mean this window, Which is a load of s***e!

    Nutmag, What we do know of Ashley is he is a very childish man, Who at the bottom of him wants to be loved.
    He is a good business man, But like most money people, They are crap human beings!
    I used to work for one and they are all the same, They have crap people skills, Try to get away with paying people peanuts, They want your loyalty on a shoestring budget, Surround themselves with sycophants who hang around them because they think they are going to get something, They never do though!
    Cannot see the people who do a great job for them, And treat them like s**t, When proper snide’s are ripping them off and they treat them like royalty.
    The biggest thing you will find about money people is, They are a bunch of tightfisted nutters, Who will rip you as soon as look at you.

    Ashley doesn’t like criticism, Hence the wall of silence he is trying to create around him.
    Look how he reacted to one protest against him, He put the club up for sale.
    Look how he reacted to “The Chronicle’s” coverage of a small protest, He banned the paper.
    What we do have going for us, Is our ability to get to him easily.
    Just imagine what can be achieved if we keep the pressure on him!

  213. Aye Worky, I think it might have been the 31st of January to cancel your direct debit out of your account, If not your stuck with it.
    Although i have heard a few people i know say you can still get out of it somehow.

  214. joe hawkins says:
    February 2, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    “We even let him make Joe Kinnear manager, Then he got us relegated ffs.”

    That’s where I go all controversial because I think what Alan Shearer did was just so egregious, it even made me agree with Derek Llambias!

    Shearer demanded top money, far more than Bobby Robson, and then he brought in a a crony to manage for him, Iain Dowie, who of course is one of the worst football coaches in human history.

  215. joe hawkins says:
    February 3, 2014 at 11:38 am

    “I see the “The Mirror” are at least trying to probe and have a go at the regime.”

    Mirror, People, Chronic, Journal, Sunday Stun – Same newspaper group.

    Anal, Ryder, Bird, Douglas etc are all playing for the same team. Ashley made such a big blunder.

  216. Who was it who said, “When Mike is hurt, He makes mistakes”?
    Lets continue to have a go at him, And he may make fatal errors to himself, It might hurt us in the short term, But he has been doing this to us for nearly 7 years.
    In the long term though, He will run out of mugs, casino and drinking pals to lean on.
    No decent Football people will work for him, And eventually he will have nowhere to turn.
    His back will truly end up against the wall, And he will have to sell.

    We may have to lose the odd battle, But you have to if you want to win the war!

  217. Worky, They are all under the one banner, And like you said, They will now rake up and s**t stir like there is no tomorrow!
    I think there have been other occasions when clubs have banned the media, To disastrous effect.
    He will definitely back a losser with his banning of the media, As they will crucify the fat git!

  218. A former Newcastle player Nigel Walker has passed away aged 54.
    It is not yet know the details of his passing, R.I.P.

  219. joe hawkins says:
    February 3, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    “Who was it who said, “When Mike is hurt, He makes mistakes”?”

    Pardew, but it was supposed to be blackmail, ie if you fans upset Ashley, he will damage the club.

    Aye, I read about Nigel Walker.

  220. @ 317: actually, if you use direct debit, your account was debited for them the night before the window closed(h/t the mag).

    Quite a coincidence, that.

    I agree that protests will have no effect as long as they only happen when we’re on a run of bad form. AshleyCo will rightly see those as protests against results which will, ultimately, turn. I remember thinking at the time how strong a statement it would make for the protest activity to continue after the Chelsea-Spurs-United results. Oh well. Do what you feel like, folks. I’m amazed that so many still feel like turning up at matches.

    joe-I don’t know. I don’t see Ashley as the wants-to-be-loved type. I think he’s more into proving his superior abilities and understanding of everything as compared to, well, everyone. I think that’s why surrounds himself with mediocrities flatterers.

  221. Anyone remember Ashley’s early days, wearing a Smith
    replica shirt standing alongside the fans on the terrace, then buying a few rounds doon the quey.
    If that wasn’t an attempt to ingratiate himself with the fans, then I don’t know what would be.
    Well whatever happened, we now have an adversary relationship, where he is cushioned by two underpaid clowns, who absorb any heat from both the media and fans.
    And has decided, he doesn’t have to worry, play a game at St.James’ and they will fill the stadium.
    Not only that, but has decided he can get away with anything he wants, screw the fans!
    And he’s right, most being no more than sheep, where show them a win and you can do whatever you want.
    Half of them even believe Pardeux is a decent manager,
    no the day’s of protest are done, Ashley is firmly in control

  222. tunyc says:
    February 3, 2014 at 3:07 pm (Edit)

    “@ 317: actually, if you use direct debit, your account was debited for them the night before the window closed(h/t the mag).

    “Quite a coincidence, that.”

    Don’t worry tunyc, they have it all worked out. This includes manipulating fans’ expectations in the arse end of the window too when they’re deciding whether to pay up or not. I nevever thought we were going to buy Grenier for a second, or Cabella, which sounds quite similar to Cabaye, incidentally. Fabricio Coloccini was the last player Ashley paid over £10 million for, and even then it was only just over £10 million.

    You have to remember that everything is a lie with Mike Ashley, even when it’s unnecessary. He gets a really big kick out of deceiving mugs, it gives him an erection and there are no better mugs than Geordie mugs. Things will always be the same at Newcastle United too until Ashley goes or Ashley dies. He isn’t going to get a visit from the ghost of Christmas past and change his ways.

  223. Though I suggested Ashley is firmly in control, it’s also true that the guy knows (following seven or so years in control) as much about football as he did on day 1#.
    An eighth place spot had convinced him, we are safe from the drop, I’m not so sure, we had some lucky wins and draws against better sides, but keep losing to lower placed sides.
    And following Cabaye’s sale, lack both a playmaker/ de fender/ goal scorer.
    There’s still forty two points to play for and I’m sure no one believed we would be relegated, the last time it happen

  224. Chuck, My cousin was privvy to some of his buying drinks antics in the city centre.
    I had to walk away from him because even then i could see him for the fake toe rag he was.
    He was full of s**t basically about how he was going to do this, And how he was going to do that etc
    Although i didn’t stay for his patter my cousin reliably informed me she thought he was someone who couldn’t deliver the milk, And his pals were a bunch of dick heads also.

    She said even then you got the sense that there was going to be trouble ahead with this clumsy clueless oaf.
    She said waking away from the pub he was in she got a shiver down her spine by his lack of sincerity.
    She said others who were there also got the feeling that there just wasn’t something right about him.
    This was long before “The Keegangate Scandal”, And it could have been when Fat Sam was in charge.
    I do remember seeing Llambias back then standing with a managers jacket on, But he was more in the periphery back then, And seemed to be more of a hanger on.

    I always found that a strange one, Him donning a replica shirt and drinking with the fans, Because it could never have lasted.
    Even if the thing with Keegan hadn’t of happened, It would have been something else.
    Like i have stated before, You couldn’t sack a popular manager at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Then expect to be on the drink with the lads at 7.30pm.
    It was naive at best from his point of view if he thought any different.
    Unless he thought that his story about how he saved the club from certain oblivion, Would have been enough to give him freedom of the city, And credibility for ever, I don’t know.

  225. chuck says:
    February 3, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    “Not only that, but has decided he can get away with anything he wants, screw the fans!”

    He decided that before he bought Newcastle United, Chuck. His whole business MO is about screwing the customer, whether it’s his market stall grade clothes with once respectable names clagged on the front or his Premier League football side.

  226. …happened.
    Tell the truth, my personal dislike for the ugly trio presently in place, exceeds my caring about the current near future of the club.
    If it would take relegation to rid us of these losers, that includes Ashley, count me in.

  227. Well it is coming to light now that the bid for Grenier was derisory, Which we all knew would be the case.
    I find it staggering that Pardew still has the temerity to believe these fools actually have his back.
    It’s starting to look more like another calculating move to get him to walk, By depriving him even more.
    If they sell Cisse then there is defo something funny going on.

    I still would like to know what Mike Ashley’s plan for the last week of 2013 window was, After the so called St Tropez meeting.
    If it was to do nothing, Then that one worked a charm!

  228. That’s it for me as far as football is concerned, I don’t give a damn anymore and will watch the rest of the season, half hoping we win, but not caring that much if we loose.
    Talking about this season of course.
    And it’s obvious a close scare with relegation, will have Ashley reaching for his check book, come summer.
    So we can become a top ten side during the following season.
    Real ambition!

  229. @ 336: “I find it staggering that Pardew still has the temerity to believe these fools actually have his back.”

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    -Upton Sinclair

  230. tunyc says:
    February 3, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    We deliberately fail to “understand” alot of things our comfortable lifestyles depend upon.

  231. Anything could happen at Sid James’ Park with Ashley. They could announce big Ron or Kim Jong Un as Kinnear’s replacement and I wouldn’t be surprised.

  232. The best D.O.F in the World has left his job, So much for picking the phone up to any manager anywhere.
    Still think he has carried the can for an abject loser in Alan Pardew and a pathetic owner in Mike Ashley.

    This departure might tickle quite a few people, But Joe didn’t put that shower of s***e on the pitch at the weekend.
    One of the major bugbear’s still remains Alan B*****d Pardew!
    At least Joe has a bit of integrity and is man enough to hold his hands up, And realise it hasn’t worked out.
    You will not get the same from that coward Pardew, Who should also do the decent thing and walk away, Because his time is well and truly up!

  233. All this does is take the heat off “The Fat One” and “Slimy Grey”. Somewhere to point the finger and for a great many that will be enough unfortunately.
    This is the time for more pressure on the evil two not less.

  234. A load of divvies on Sky Sports comments pages and The Chronicle are saying it’s like winning the lottery ffs.

    Wake up you fools!

    Did you honestly think his position was real?
    He has served his purpose to get Ashley through a season without spending one red cent on players!
    This has only happened to stop a protest from happening, And is another act of appeasement.
    So will all the fans now calm down and go back to sleep?
    more than likely, But there should be a concerted effort to keep the pressure on Ashley to leave this club.

    What are they going to say when f**kin’ Mavis start losing more matches?
    These idiots seem to forget who employed Joe in the first instance.
    We have had some of our biggest hidings in recent history but our fans are more concerned with picking on an old man, Rather than where their real anger should be directed.

    I think the whole thing was a very shoddy attempt to lean on Mavis to try and get his to resign.
    Why doesn’t the stupid f**k just swallow his pride and pay the daft cnut off?
    I mean he would be doing the whole of the Football World a favour by getting rid of Mavis!

  235. I like the comedy writing of Chris Morris and Kinnear at Newcastle reminded me of a scene from his 2001 Brass Eye show, “Paedo-geddon.”

    In that, Morris’s fictitious TV show is covering a baying mob outside a prison holding a ficticious paedophile and to distract the crowd, they throw them a scarecrow type thing which is full of guts for them to rip apart. That’s what Joe was, a bucket of guts to be ripped apart by a baying mob of tabloid newspaper readers.

  236. joe hawkins says:
    February 4, 2014 at 9:40 am

    “Did you honestly think his position was real?”

    I think there might be something in the story that Pardew was blaming Carr’s players for last season (along with almost everything else except himself), with Carr saying it wasn’t his players and Agent Kinnear being brought in to investigate.

  237. Worky, All these nutters are having a laugh at Kinnear, But as always Ashley is “The Ayatollah”.
    Are people so foolish that they think Kinnear signs off the cheques?
    Kinnear is only going to be able to sign players if Ashley gives him the money, His hands were as tied as Pardew’s were.
    “The Deliverance Mob” will not let that get in the way of their undying support for Mavis though.
    Stupid idiots have got a blind spot where Mavis is concerned.

  238. Whilst not displeased, Joe Kinnears leaving has left me slightly bemused. It is not like Joe not to blame someone else for the lack if transfers and I have not seen any statement from him. Has he genuinely fallen on his sword or us he protecting his mate Mike Ashley – a scenario I also find unlike him.

    As for “Mavis” I think his job is safe as long as he does not bite the hand that feeds him, something he has shown no inclination to do.

    KK, Shearer, and Chris Hughton all showed some independent thought and were shown the door.
    Any thoughts?

  239. That fact seems to escape them though Worky.
    The way Sunderland passed and moved the ball on Saturday further highlighted Pardew’s inefficiency imo.
    We have international standard players in our side, But we are never going to play anywhere near anything approximating football, With Alan Pardew.
    That was utterly poor from Pardew at the weekend, And he made Egil Olsen look like a Brasil manager.

    If Sunderland with their side that had one or two stars, But mainly players who are not superstars, Can play football like that, Then where does that leave Pardew?
    For me he is a complete dinosaur and his style of football is gash.
    There has been a bit of slight improvement this season, But watching the Mackems on Saturday has convinced me even more, That Pardew has to go!

  240. If Patdew wss to go, I cant see any good managers touching NUFC with a bargepole if they have no say in the players who are staying and going from the club.

  241. Joe.

    Who would you like to replace Mavis, do you think they would come, and why would they come to NUFC if they hsve no control over who cones and goes?

  242. DissillusionedToon, Look no further than Gus Poyet, We could have had a manager like him no problem.
    Even people like Zola and Di Matteo could do a better job than Pardew.
    Those sort of managers wouldn’t be beyond us, And would definitely come here.
    I reckon there are managers in the Championship like Pearson who i think could do better than Pardew.
    Non of these managers have had remarkable careers, But such is my low opinion of Pardew’s ability, Any half decent manager who gets it down and plays it on the deck, Will be a step up imo.

  243. What if Joe has left his position of D.O.F to take over as manager?
    That’s a scary thought, But you never know with Ashley lol.

  244. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 4, 2014 at 11:17 am

    “Any thoughts?”

    What I said at comment 351, DissilusionedToon. It could be that Kinnear was only ever brought in to settle a dispute between Pardew and Carr when Pardew fingered Carr’s players for last season.

  245. My opinion of Pardew is also pretty low, and would like to see a change. However my fear is that any Manager brought in by Mike Ashley will be another man who parrots mikes “line to take”. Any good manager would not stand for that. KK, Houghton and Shearer were all shown the door for having minds of their own.

  246. Worky. I tend to agree with you on that. I think Carr is doing a great job with the brief he has been given, but if Pardew plays them in an unfamiliar position or asks them to hoof the ball up the field that is hardly Carrs fault.

  247. Kinnear’s going is only a minor incident in the catalogue of disasters over the past seven years. After all he was only ever used as a band aid when major surgery was called for. Ashley will see this as more money saved for his “Tat Empire”. Nothing will change Pardew will continue to screw up the football side of things while spouting more manure for anyone that will listen. Ashley will continue with his free advertising, money grabbing (Never give a sucker an even break) attitude. While the £100m loan gets no smaller and serves to put off potential buyers. This story has a long way to run until enough people get wise to these Numpty’s.
    Can not see it happening anytime soon. Bets on the gate of the next home gate anyone?

  248. There was someone on the Chronicle website going under the moniker of Michael Caine, Came up with a corker lol.

    “To say Pardew is a puppet, Is an insult to Sooty & Sweep”

    Now i have to say i like that kind of quality!

  249. Worky. If you sre right about JK being in to settle dispute, shouldnt this be the beginning of the end for Pardew?. If so, maybe JK did some good after all!

  250. Rumours flying around that “Deadly Dekka” is on his way back, Which was always going to be the first rumour.

    Another one doing the rounds is Mavis Pardew will not last much longer.

  251. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 4, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    “Worky. If you sre right about JK being in to settle dispute, shouldnt this be the beginning of the end for Pardew?. If so, maybe JK did some good after all!”

    DT, I’m not sure, and I’m not sure at all about Pardew leaving or getting sacked imminently unless things get considerably worse very soon. What I am sure about is that Pardew tried to blame Carr’s players (and everthing else) for the fiasco last season, and that Carr wouldn’t have been pleased by that.

  252. DT, it’s several years since the similarly unpopular Dennis Wise left the same position and most people were overjoyed back then too, but how much has changed now?

  253. Worky. Ive been confused sll along as to what JK was doing there. I do not hsve a oroblem with the role of DOF provided that he does nor sell players the manager wants or buy players the manager does want (as was the case with Dennis Wise). As far as I can tell neither Pardew or Carr welcomed the arrival of Kinnear. The situstion is messy enough with Pardew and Carr at loggerheadswithout JK muddying the waters. Presonally I think Carr is doing a good job, but we need a manager who can work with him. KK had the same issue Dennis Wise.

  254. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 4, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    “Worky. Ive been confused sll along as to what JK was doing there.”

    Ashley trusts him, DT, and trust is a very rare commodity when you are a multi-billionaire.

  255. Worky. You are probably right. I only wish his judgement as a businessman was could be the same judgement as the owner of the club. If Ashley is set on seperating the manager from the buying and selling equation, then he needs to find a manager who understands Carr and can work with him, not against him. Pardew could have Manchester Citys squad and still cock it up.

  256. Mike Ashley having a D.O.F started when Sam Allardyce was asking for money for players.
    When Keegan came in he wasn’t taking any chances, And quickly moved to create the role.

    I think that’s when he came up with the idea, And it’s only real purpose that i can see, Is it has been created as a buffer between him and his manager.
    If he does employ another person in this role in the future, It will only be another of his mates who gets the gig.
    Personally i don’t think he has any interest in the role, It’s just used as another tool for him not to spend money.
    He would never give the job to a proper person with the necessary nous and experience.
    That would mean he would have to start running the club in a proper fashion, And i don’t think he is ever going to do that.
    He will probably jump up some young kid from Sports direct who has been working at the main Mansfield Office as a manager, Or something equally as s**t!
    The timing of it will probably take place as the summer window is about to open.

  257. joe hawkins says:
    February 4, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    “Mike Ashley having a D.O.F started when Sam Allardyce was asking for money for players.
    “When Keegan came in he wasn’t taking any chances, And quickly moved to create the role.”

    When Ashley first came to the club, Allardyce was already making signings that weren’t just poor, he was making signing so bad they were actually suspicious and should have been investigated.

    One of them was Alan Smith AFTER Smith himself had said that he would never be the same player again after he broke his leg at Manchester United. Then there was Geremi AFTER Bobby Robson warned the club that “his legs had effectively gone.” Then there was Cacapa and one or two others…

  258. And I thought I was cynical! !! Clearly not as cynical as you. I dont disagree though. I believe cynicism comes with experience. No one is born cynical! !

  259. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 4, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    “And I thought I was cynical! !! Clearly not as cynical as you.”

    Which bit in particular did you find cynical, DT?

  260. According to fat Allardyce, He reckons Ashley wouldn’t give him enough money to get the players he wanted.
    He said, “I told him if he didn’t give me the money i needed, The fans would give us stick down the line”
    He then went on to say that the job he was sold by Freddie Shepherd completely changed when Ashley came in.
    He reckons the job then no longer matched his ambitions.

  261. Maybe he resigned for health reasons? The only other explanation I can think of is that he assumed he was manager in waiting on a short term contract, and realized he wasn’t going to shift Pardew.

    I cannot fathom why Pardew went back to hoofball against the Mackems.

    I also don’t think we will have an easy time against Chelsea as Mourinho will have figured out what went wrong last time and will make adjustments. That’s what a real manager does.

  262. Joe @381: but Fat Sam is delusional anyway. Some of the papers call him Allardici because he said he could manage Real Madrid.

  263. Sorry worky. Should have clarified. Your comment wasnt there when I started typing. My comment was in respone to Joes last paragraph about Ashley bringing DOF from Mansfield branch rather than someone who knows something. On past performance, Joe is right. Ashley just wants a “fall guy” for not spending and selling best players.

  264. GS says:
    February 4, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    “Maybe he resigned for health reasons? The only other explanation I can think of is that he assumed he was manager in waiting on a short term contract, and realized he wasn’t going to shift Pardew.”

    Maybe he just realised it wasn’t going to work with the hatred from the most of the fans and he just resigned out of decency, GS?

  265. Guess wor Joe ended up being the sacrificial goat (too old to be a lamb)
    It’s bread and circus time again, throw them a victim.

    Obviously Joe will not be missed, because he didn’t actually do anything, other than make the rare comment.

    He accomplished exactly what was expected, then thrown away.

    I got no real problem with Joe, he was for the most part harmless and could be entertaining in the style of SBR who supposedly couldn’t remember any ones name, though no one too umbrage at that.

    I just wish Pardeux would take a cue from him, does he not realize how most fans detest him, guess that thin paycheck is all important.
    But I would imagine this may be his last managerial role and he’s obvious willing to eat whatever amount of shit it requires to keep it.

    Yeah he could go, but don’t rule out Ashley bringing in someone who could turn out to be worse, if that’s humanly possible, we know the type’s he hangs out with.

    But it would be a publicity coup for Ashley, if he fired him, then all we have to work on would be to get rid of Ashley himself.

    It’s gonna take time and a willingness to make Ashleys time at the home games a nightmare.

    With a constant verbal abuse, that forces him to stop attending.

    He must be close to reaching the point where he has regained any investments made, following his purchase of the club.

    Plus I don’t see that personal loan shrinking, as I guess most incoming goes right into his sky.

    Nah! Joe is just a sideshow, used to mollify the fans, don’t take it as a sign of change.

  266. GS says:
    February 4, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    “Joe @381: but Fat Sam is delusional anyway. Some of the papers call him Allardici because he said he could manage Real Madrid.”

    It was Allardyce himself who came up with ‘Allardici,’ GS. He said something roughly along the lines of if he came from Italy and his surname was Allardici instead of Allardyce, he would get more respect and be regarded as a great manager.

  267. GS says:
    February 4, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    “Laudrup sacked.”

    They’ve replaced him with their 30odd year old League two captain who hardly ever plays. It’s a bit like sacking say, Ronald Koeman as manager and replacing him with a centre back from Dagenham and Redbridge who has never managed before.

    It like a Newastle United style decision! Roberto di Matteo is quite Swanseaish though I suppose. They might be hoping to line him up.

  268. BSA

    Say what you like about his style of football (mostly route one, old fashioned English approach) with a big center forward who could nod the ball to a team-mate around the box.
    Much like Jack Charlton, during his time as manager of The ROI.
    However he hasn’t exactly had the money to build a side like Arsenal, Spurs, Citeh or Chelsea either.
    In which case the man may be right, as West Ham & Bolton, are not quite flush like those above.
    On the other hand Pardew coming here, played and still does to a degree, direct football, doesn’t know any other way and doesn’t actually get that right either.
    I would take BSA anyday, as much as I dislike direct hoofball.

  269. Why on earth have Swansea sacked Laudrup ?
    Oh! guess it has something to do with only winning one out of the last ten games.
    Funny old game innit!
    One minute you are projected to be the next Real Madrid manager, the next, out the door.
    You really know how to pick a winner Worky.

  270. Have to say, for me-JK leaving changes nothing. Given his position was never clearly defined, I think this actually was his function: relief valve for criticism of Ashley. And who knows why he left? Maybe he got sick of MA too. Oh well, at least we don’t have him as a distraction anymore.

    @ 378: then there was the breathless pursuit of Joey Barton, including ultimately paying his loyalty bonus while letting better targets (Jagielka for example) slip away.

  271. I doubt if Laudrup will be the last manager sacked this season.

    When the going gets tough, those in danger of loosing their PL status and all those loverly bank notes that come with it, will be trying desperately to survive.

    Which may very well include ourselves.

    There are fourteen games left, which means a total of forty two points available to each side, more than enough to make big changes to the present situation.

    And I’m hoping we end up at least seventeenth, but we will come below the top ten and scare the living shit outta Ashley.

  272. I’ll save my celebrations for a headline along the lines of
    “Toon Owner Ashley Bursts!”

    I didn’t have anything against JFK personally but I’m glad he’s gone if only because it gives us another roll of the dice – first time in a long time.

    I hope we find out that he’s walked rather than been shoved but Joe’s silence suggests some kind of settlement I would say.

  273. The downside to JFK leaving, of course, is that it gives Ashley the chance to make us a laughing stock (again) with his next appointee.

    My money’s on Eddie “The Eagle” Edward or Bonnie Langford.

  274. “Obviously Joe will not be missed, because he didn’t actually do anything, other than make the rare comment.”

    He was being attacked from stopping Cabaye from going to Arsenal for £11 million by Lee Ryder, or rather, his “source close to a Newcastle United player” or some such tosh.

    So basically, Kinnear was actually being ATTACKED for saving Newcastle United £8 million and keeping Cabaye at the club for a further several months than he would have otherwise :lol: Somehow, I don’t think he’s ever going to get any credit for anything here.

    Kinnear also persuaded Ashley to bring Loic Remy to the club as well.

  275. GS says:
    February 4, 2014 at 9:12 pm (Edit)

    “Worky @389: so Alladici is the Rodney Dangerfield of football managers.”

    No, Joe Kinnear is. He definitely gets no respect, no respect at all.

  276. Well one thing positive concerning the possibility of Pardeux’s departure is the amount of recently replaced managers available.
    There’s Laudrup, Zola, De Matteo, Villas Boas, Jol Clarke and Mackay.
    Not a bad lot, and for me certainly a step up from the present clown we have.

  277. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 4, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    “Worky. Wasnt Remy one of Carrs recommendations?”

    Aye DT, probably, when he was at Marseilles, but it was Kinnear who persuaded Ashley to go back for him the second time.

    Kinnear was also the first to go on these French expeditions to look at Ligue Un players. The first he put in a bid for was someone else who was eventually signed by QPR, Stephane Mbia who played for Stade Rennais at the time. There were several others as well such as lyon’s Bafetimbi Gomis (yes, him) Toulouse’s Albin Ebondo (he wasn’t that good really and we pulled out).

    Of course though, the bids were always a few million shy, then Kinnear had his heart episode…

    I’m sorry but I like or dislike Ashley or Kinnear or whomever, I can’t stand all the pathetic lying and distortions coming from smallminded idiots.

  278. Worky. Thanks. I stand corrected (said the man in the orthopedic shoes.

    I tend to agree that there is a lot of bile directed at people within the regime. However, having said that, the club do not help themselves by saying one thing and doing another, making blatently untrue statements, banning the press, breaking up “the singing section”, to name but a few. Until Ashley starts to have some real dialogue with the fans there is always going to be un-informed resentment. At present, the only person speaking for the club is Pardew. Because of his shall we say “inconsistencies” people are always going to read between the lines and will often jump to an incorrect conclusion. Unfortunately that is Human nature. It can only be countered by being honest and transparent in the first place.

    I do not believe I am alone in not questioning anything Bobby Robson said. I didnt have to because there was no hidden agenda.
    Unfortunately that is no longer the case. My view is that Ashleys idea of communicating with the fans is creating more problems than it is solving, and how ultimately you are seeing the “small minded” comments that can be quite poisonous. I dont believe Ashley will engage with the fans, but until he does I’m afraid uninformed and small minded poisonous views are going to continue.

  279. I cannot understand why people are so dense about this situation?
    Joe Kinnear is getting from all sides and it’s just not on imo.
    What does it say about society when they conveniently savage a senior citizen for absolutely nothing what so ever.
    It’s an utter disgrace imo, And as per usual is shielding the real villains of the peace from deserved criticism!

    If Joe Kinnear was “The Director Of F**k all”, Then why are people celebrating?
    If he did nothing at the Club then will resignation change anything in the scheme of things.

    You really need to look at the person who hired him in the first place, It wasn’t thought out properly was it.
    Joe was given a job for no other reason than Ashley liked him, And probably promised him a role when he regained his health through an act of loyalty.
    If anything he has disrespected Joe because what is the point of having a D.O.F who is kept away from the first team squad?
    I thought joe’s remit was to make sure Alan had the best squad available to him, And to take a broad look at the squad.
    The problem was Mavis kicked up a fuss about it and didn’t want to work with him.
    He knew at the end of last season they were going to bring someone in to assist him, He knew what the score was.

    It seems like Ashley has given Joe a job in title only and deliberately kept him in the background, And had him trying to sign players when the is not really his forte.
    Ashley just doesn’t think about what he is doing full stop.

    Everyone knew that this appointment had no merit what so ever, And the proper thing to do was dispense with the manager because Mavis is a right load of rubbish.
    He along with Ashley are the real problems at the club, And as usual they are playing the victims.
    Joe Kinnear was not responsible for that abject failure of a performance against Sunderland.
    There was enough about that squad to at least be fired up and try to get something, But there was nothing.
    You could point to Cabaye being sold, But one player does not make a team.
    The reason we got beat was bad management by Pardew, And this is not the first or the last time this fool will get it wrong.
    I wish people would take the blinkers off where he is concerned.

  280. joe hawkins says:
    February 5, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    “I cannot understand why people are so dense about this situation?
    “Joe Kinnear is getting from all sides and it’s just not on imo.
    “What does it say about society when they conveniently savage a senior citizen for absolutely nothing what so ever.”

    In most of their lives they are completely impotent and inconsequential. Joining with others to cause someone else misery and pain makes them come together feel powerful and important for a short while. Newspaper hacks know this better than anyone, that’s what they do.

    Joe, do you remember this one from Simon Bird’s mate, Brian McNally in the Mirror?

    “Revealed: My part in Joe Kinnear’s downfall as Newcastle boss”

    About McNally’s drinking session with Kinnear shortly before his heart episode at West Bromwich.

    Journalists and politicians know that many of us are almost as vile as they are though. Verbal and physical attacks on the disabled have exploded because of the Government’s campaign to convince us that they are scroungers who are all fiddling their Disabilty Living Allowance.

    You can convince stupid, nasty, disshonest people of pretty much anything, and sadly, most of us are capable of being stupid, dishonest and nasty.

  281. I’m not impressed that anyone “convinced” Ashley to pony up for Remy. That anyone would need to do so only speaks to Ashley’s lack of football knowledge. Would he need convincing to take Ronaldo on loan? (Probably.)

    To answer some points above, I just see absolutely no distinction between the dignity of JK’s role at the club and AP’s. Nobody here is ever asked to explain their vitriol toward AP, are they?

    Again, looking forward to the distraction of JK at NUFC fading away. But what’s the next act in this circus?

  282. tunyc says:
    February 5, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    “I’m not impressed that anyone “convinced” Ashley to pony up for Remy. That anyone would need to do so only speaks to Ashley’s lack of football knowledge.”

    Pardew also claimed he had to repeatedly persuade Mike Ashley he was getting “value” with Cisse at £7.5-£9 million when most were valuing him at around £13-15 million.

    But then again, he has paid sums which have been roughly around what they should be for one or two players like Anita and Yanga Mbiwa.

    tunyc says:
    February 5, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    “Nobody here is ever asked to explain their vitriol toward AP, are they?”

    That simply isn’t true, tunyc. Me and a very familiar and valued member of this site had a big argument over Pardew once. I’m not saying who was right and who was wrong and it was a bit silly in hindsight, but it did happen and is all in the past now I hope. I’ve disputed a few bits about Pardew when they haven’t been true as well, and I even did it for Ashley a few times going right back to the days of Keegan and Kinnear (as a manager). I was even called an ‘Ashley arselicker’ on more than one occcaision.

    Of course, there have been reams of anti Pardew comments but somehow, they have never been quite as nasty and personal as the stuff about Kinnear.

  283. Worky & Joe
    I believe you are right about JK being the sacrificial lamb for the baying mob.

    Joe didnt help himself with his disastrous radio interview, however JKs going doesnt actually change anything. The anger most of us feel should be directed at both Pardew for his tactical ineptitude and Ashley for raping the club.

    The problem is (and I am at a loss to explain how it happened) that the club are currently 8th in the league and some normally intelligent people are espousing what a tactical genius Pardew is. I personally dont see it that way, but I am unable to explain why we are in a better position than I would have dared hope at the start of the season.

    I believe however that it is very much downhill from here. Our confidence after the derby will have taken a huge knock and the tough games against Chelsea and Tottenham will only knock our confidence further.

    We havent got a bad team, just a bad manager. Maybe at the end of the season when we have not many more points than we have now will people start to question Pardews credentials.

    I hate being negative about the team but with Pardew in charge I find it very difficult to be optimistic.

    I am hoping that if JK was asked to sort out whether the problem was Carrs signings or Pardews tactics he came down firmly on the side of Carr. If so that is something I would want to thank him for. Whether Ashley will do anything about it though I have my doubts about. Pardew keeps defending the indefensible for Ashley and getting a replacement puppet who knows what he is doing tactically will be difficult. Good managers and puppets are ten a penny, but they tend to be either a puppet or a good manager – not both.

  284. Worky, So mcnally was somehow claiming to take some credit for Kinnear having further heart problems, That’s what i mean “Unbelievable”!

    These idiots forget that Kinnear brought Kevin Nolan and Ryan Taylor to the club.
    How we could have done with Kevin and Ryan on Saturday, They would have been going around giving everyone the gee up, And leading by example.

    The anti-Pardew sentiment has a lot of legs in my opinion, Compared to a man who has basically done nothing wrong.
    Pardew has lied, Back tracked, Supported this regime at every turn, And toadied up to Ashley every chance he has had.
    What is all this, “That one was for Mike”?
    He has been nothing but a flash in the pan over his time here.
    He has had one 5th place finish and he has lived on it way too much for my liking.
    He has been pretty much negligent the rest of the time with his bizarre substitutions, Pathetic team formations, Playing people out of position, Questionable fitness levels of players, Poor team set ups, Lack of any intelligent plans for set pieces, Naive tactics, And being outwitted regularly by his peers.
    He said the other day he was a professional manager, Well i’m pulling him up on that, And i’m saying he is amateur in most things he does.

    Yes i will call him a crawler, Question his integrity where Ashley is concerned, Question his methods, And call him a coward, In a football sense, But that’s it.

    I have heard and seen things written about Kinnear where people have wished heart attacks on him, And hoping he will die etc
    Stuff like that is way beyond the pale for me!
    If this bloke has done nothing in 8 months like people say he has, Then surely they have nothing to call him for.
    If people think it was Joe Kinnear who sold Cabaye, Then they are insane.
    Okay Ashley might have blew his stack because the bloke couldn’t get him 25 million.
    The fat prick should have handled the negotiations himself, And at the end of the day he wanted to sell him.
    Ashley could have vetoed a deal at any time.
    People thinking Ashley is innocent in this need to give their heads a shake.

  285. Ok, Ok, Ok,! ffs.

    Enough with wor Joe.

    He’s gone, good luck too him, lets just forget the whole bizarre episode.

    Not a lot different (the way he was dumped)from Hughton’s departure, which tells a lot about the way Ashley uses and in turn abuses those he hires.

    I’m getting sick and tired, like the rest of the fans and am beginning to loose interest in the rest of the season, I mean what’s the point, there’s nothing to win, it’s all about how high we can finish, being there’s extra dosh involved.

    Now would be the ideal time for Ashley to get rid of our useless cnut of a manager and give his replacement time to see what he has and what he needs.

    It would make the majority of the fans happy and take some heat off himself.

    The alternative is to loose a considerable amount of revenue from those who have had enough of his ignorance and couldn’t care less if we ever win anything attitude.

    There will be both unrest among the fans and bed-sheets at the stadium, plus more serious, a large cancellation of tickets.

    What is it with this this fat clown, he’s done nothing but aggravate the fans following a short honeymoon, where he attempted to ingratiate himself with the fans, by imitating a big bellied supporter’s and buying a couple of rounds doon the quay.

    If it’s an undeclared war he wants, then give it too him,
    make him the undisputed center of loathing that he deserves, who then would be brave enough to sit next to him at the home games.

    Yep, the fans actually have the hammer, but either don’t know how to use it or couldn’t care less as long as we win an occasional game or two.
    And I’m afraid it’s the latter of the two.

  286. Another casualty this week in case no one noticed, was Worky’s favorite “The Prince of Denmark” Michael Laudrup.
    Headlined as “One year wonder, Laudrup, just too cool to care”.
    Who had similar experience with his last club Mallorca.
    Laudrup who inherited a good tiki taka side from current Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, had some initial success, but trades and a change of style, which didn’t please many of the fans, saw the clubs decline, having lost to their fellow Welsh side, earlier in the season.
    Ah well, though I doubt whether he will be managing Real Madrid any time soon as was suggested during his early games la

  287. ..Last season.
    One blogger felt he would be a good replacement for our great tactician, Pardeux.

    And though I would be willing to accept just about anyone over Pardeux, no thanks!

    Ain’t gonna happen, just another would be who didn’t make the grade.

    Perhaps he can pick up another Danish side.

  288. chuckhelseak says:
    February 5, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    “Who had similar experience with his last club Mallorca.”

    Er, they were in a bit of a mess and skint when he went there, he saved them from getting relegated and got them to mid-table before he left. He didn’t half let rip about the owner though. As usual, I know about it, you don’t. You know what a big crush I have on Michael. :-)

  289. Worky

    Yeah, just pulling your leg, actually hope he has success elsewhere, but you know how that goes with even the best of managers.

    Take the rotations at Citeh and Chelsea, where instant success is demanded.

    It’s probably more demanding the bigger the side, the more is expected and there is a fine line between success and failure.

    The rewards of the EPL are also somewhat of a poisoned chalice, the more revenue involved, the more has to be invested.

    And with the advent of big money, plus foreign investors,
    many like our own Ashley, who have no clue about football, are constantly interfering with things they know nowt about and have no hesitancy in firing or hiring, with no real knowledge of what they are doing.

    Who you gonna blame, it’s always been about the money ain’t it

  290. Joe

    Don’t know about others, but I have had some strange reactions from my keyboard, or possibly sommat to do with the blog lately.
    Where the blog submits my rant without being prompted, have a feelng it’s either a combination of the two or the keyboard alone?

  291. Guess as usual, Ashley will keep his heed doon and just ignore the present fan unrest.

    We got a couple of tough games vs Arsenal and Spurs coming up, so there’s concern we may begin to start slipping and sliding down that slippery slope that is the EPL.

    I have no doubt the bullshit we have been hearing about everything in the dressing room being tickety boo, turns out to be exactly that, “bullshit” and the present side are not happy chappies, having just lost their best player and the one person who ran the side.
    Without bringing in a replacement.
    I cant imagine any other reason for this than the fact Ashley believes the club is safe from relegation and can bring in any needed reinforcements, during the summer.

    Obviously his memory is not that good, we are currently fifteen points above the drop zone, meaning loose five games and that puts us there.

    With fourteen games left to play and having watched he less than pathetic performance against Sunderland, I certainly don’t have any more faith in this side than I did in the side that was relegated.

    So lets see what happens, as obviously Pardeux had no clue to how to combat a resurgent Sunderland and the side were awfull.

    So we can expect changes, or so said Pardew, the old “Back to basics” rap again.

    I ask you? are there any excuses left unused.

  292. Chuck: you have to realize that the teams below us have to play each other so that 15 point gap is actually massive. You are also not factoring in draws. We probably need 6 points (max) from 14 games to be certain to avoid the drop and I doubt even Pardew could manage less than that.

    As for the sacking of Laudrup. You are not questioning whether it was justified you were just gloating that Worky’s favourite was sacked. I would contend it is insane, especially if they do not have someone else lined up. How about Bob Bradley?

  293. DT, Nothing goes for you when your at a low ebb.
    Although injuries are part and parcel of the game, Our squad has been short of about 5 players all season long.

    Speaking of low ebbs, Why is it you always have Shola Amoebi piping up with another interview that says nothing in particular?
    He always seems to have his non say whenever the club is going through a turmoil.
    It’s always something along the lines of; Staying focused, Staying fit, That’s the nature of the game, Without making any kind of sense.

    Now this is supposedly a reaction to Joe Kinnear’s departure.
    We were told the other day that he had no involvement with the first team squad anyway, And no one knew him.
    So why would his departure affect the first team, If he had no input?
    I think The Chronicle have nothing else to put out, But nonetheless Shola does not half talk a load of bollox!

  294. Worky. Apart from my comments over the last couple of days, I have not made any comments on blogs for years.

    The reason I stopped was because I did not poperly check what I sent before sending and what I meant to say was the complete opposite of what I actually said.

    I caused no end of arguments over what at the bottom of it all was only bad punctuation with 1 word missing. The entire meaning of what I wanted to say was changed. For thst reason I stopped because I dont want a repetition of it.

    This blog however has been addictive and I wanted to thank people for their views, some of which I would never have known.

    Once this shuts down I will go silent again, but in the meantime I am just being careful that my comments cannot be misenterpretated.

  295. If Cheick Tiote is in fact injured it gives Mavis a head start on his excuses, If we get turned over again!
    I suppose it is more plausible than the grass being too long, Too pumped up for it, The weather, The referee’s haircut, Dog ate his tactics sheet, The crowd were too noisy or too quiet, Witchcraft, Global Warming, The illuminati, Goal posts were too small, Pitch was too small, Pitch was too wet, Margaret Thatcher, Joe Kinnear putting a hex on him, Corrupt banking system, The oppositions kit colours, The ball wasn’t round enough, The recession, William Roach, etc…

  296. Worky. I havent seen Sholas latest thoughts, but talking Bollox is not unique to Shola. I would say that the vast majority of comments to the press from footballers sound like something they found on “dial a cliche” with particular emphasis on the “bleeding obvious”. With the exception of Joey Barton who likes to be controversial, cliches and the bleeding obvious is pretty much all I have come to expect from players when a microphone is thrust in front of them.

  297. DT, That’s nowt, I do that all the time lol.

    I know what you mean though, When you start typing you can get carried away, And forget yourself.
    I normally type that much crap i forget to look back for my spelling mistakes, Then look like a right “Treasure Hunt”!

  298. joe hawkins says:
    February 6, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    “I suppose it is more plausible than the grass being too long, Too pumped up for it, The weather, The referee’s haircut, Dog ate his tactics sheet, The crowd were too noisy or too quiet, Witchcraft, Global Warming, The illuminati, Goal posts were too small, Pitch was too small, Pitch was too wet, Margaret Thatcher, Joe Kinnear putting a hex on him, Corrupt banking system, The oppositions kit colours, The ball wasn’t round enough, The recession, William Roach, etc…”

    Joe, my favourite was when we were beaten by West Ham, and Pardew blamed it on Sam Allardyce using something called “tactics” as if as if they were a crime and against the rules of football. That one was real as well!

    Even if it was some kind of veiled reference to Allardyce’s ‘route one’ reputation, irony of ironies, Pardew was actually worse in that area too.

  299. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 6, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    “Worky. Apart from my comments over the last couple of days, I have not made any comments on blogs for years.

    “The reason I stopped was because I did not poperly check what I sent before sending and what I meant to say was the complete opposite of what I actually said.

    “I caused no end of arguments over what at the bottom of it all was only bad punctuation with 1 word missing. The entire meaning of what I wanted to say was changed. For thst reason I stopped because I dont want a repetition of it.”

    Why haven’t you done that in the last few days then, DT? Maybe you were just on a blog that was full of w@nkers who were so insistent and quarrelsome they had you doubting yourself?

  300. Worky. Its partially because I have time on my hands at the moment (off work till next. month) and am not in a hurry to type anything. When I do go back to work it is for months at a time, most of it without internet connection. so blog comments are very erratic. People will just get to start to understand my points of view before I disappear for another 4 months.

    It is not so bad if I say something on here when I have time on my hands that could be misinterpreted, I can easily correct it However if I say something without cheking and the next time I look it is 1 month down the line having been “argued with in my absence” it would not be good.

    By the time I go back to work this blog will be gone. I can check regularly and comment regularly.
    Other blogs I do not have that luxury.

    I dont think I explained that too well, (one of the reasons I rarely do it), but I think you get the gist.

  301. Worky & Joe.
    Not sure about favourite excuses for losing, but I did hear about a piece of commentary that made me laugh.

    It is probably an urban myth, but if true, you may be old enough to remember it.

    The story goes that it was in the seventies when Paul Cannell played for us.

    The commentary on the radio went along the lines of

    “Cannell on the wing – HE SHOOTS – It’ s a beautiful goal into the top left corner for cannell”. Pause…. “I said what?

  302. Worky, My personal favourite was last season, When he said someone was leaking his tactics to the opposition.

    What tactics?

    I mean does he really think that getting Tim Krul to punt the ball down the field, Wasn’t going to be easily sussed out.
    He said he was going to have wooden boards put around the training pitch, So no one could see what they doing.
    The biggest problem he has is, He doesn’t have any tactics full stop, Other than one mentioned above.
    It makes me laugh when i see him furiously scribbling in that little black book of his.
    The more he scribbles the less effective the team becomes, And i don’t think one of his substitutions has ever made a difference to a game ever!

  303. worky @ 409: I thought of Cisse too. Easy to forget how foolish that was in hindsight now that Pardew, some bad form, disputes with the club and incompetent linesmen have destroyed his confidence. I do have to admit that right now, I wouldn’t give much for him.

    I get what you mean about Pardew though I think that exchange must have happened before I started reading. What I mean is that AP is still the target of many many aspersions here because he’s Ashley’s shill. At least for some who criticize Kinnear-myself included-it’s for exactly the same reason. If either of them were principled men, they’d stand up to Ashley and be sacked or would walk. To be fair-as I mention above-that may have been what happened with JK. If so, I will respect him more for sure.

    @ 411: Ryan Taylor as part of a swap for N’Zogbia in January of the season we were relegated was not good business. IF the name mispronunciation was what finally alienated Zog then that is potentially a horrible mishap that is fully JK’s responsibility. Remember: we were relegated by a single point. Nolan, yes-that was solid business.

    @ 421: Bradley? Why? I thought he was nothing special as U.S. manager. I don’t particularly dislike him but I can think of a lot other candidates who seem more qualified and yes, willing to come here. I mean, Solskjaer is willing to work under that nutjob Tan…

    @ 424: Shola was around when Kinnear managed. The line in that (quite possibly completely made-up) article was that players from his stint as manager knew him, others did not.

  304. Yes, but wasn’t it an accusation of “diabolical tactics”?

    At least Mourinho’s melodrama (19th-century football!) is funny. Oh, and he wins things. All the goddamn time.

  305. Tunyc, How was getting rid of N’zogbia not good business?
    Since he left us he hasn’t exactly ripped up any trees has he.
    He was playing for Wigan, Then Villa, Where he still is now, And Villa are not exactly going places either, With a owner who wants to sell up.
    They have been treading water themselves for the the last few years.
    I know he has been out since July, But his career hasn’t massively took off.
    You can count on one hand how many class performances he has had since he left us.

    We got a very useful utility player out of that deal, Who has scored some important goals in his time with us.

  306. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
    Look at old “Block head” Shay Given who wanted to leave and hasn’t exactly turned out the way he would have liked.
    He’s went in a messed up kind of full circle, And he has still ended up back in the North East.
    The only difference being he now has the displeasure of breathing in nostrils full of I.C.I chemicals.

  307. Apparently Pardew is sad to see Joe go, And reckons he did a lot of good work.

    Make of that what you will!

  308. @ 437: for all the ire Zog rightly got for his attitude, he was one of the better players in that squad. Would he have found a goal to get us that one point we needed to survive? I don’t know. But dumping him and Given at the end of window in a season where we were struggling and getting nothing back but a depth FB/free kick specialist is not good business. Bringing in an out-of-form/shape Nolan, Ryan Taylor and Lovenkrands in exchange for Shay Given and Zog was downgrading the squad when we sat 16th. It’s not surprising that that gamble didn’t pay off.

    Cast your mind back: we drew the mackems 1-1 on 1/2/2009, one day after selling Given and the very day we sold N’Zogbia (window went into Feb since end of January 31 fell on a Saturday). We won the next match, 3-2 v WBA and then won exactly one more in the final 13 matches of the season-that against Boro, who were also relegated. Again, and I do repeat this a lot so I apologize: we were relegated one point below Hull though we had a much better GD (-19 v -26). That window perfectly encapsulates the short-sightedness of this club’s transfer policy. We got 12M or so for Given & Zog…and our PL status.

  309. tunyc says:
    February 6, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    “Yes, but wasn’t it an accusation of “diabolical tactics”?”

    Perhaps on another occaision, but in the interview I was referring to, he just blamed West Ham’s use of tactics. I mentioned it at the time.

    “To be fair-as I mention above-that may have been what happened with JK. If so, I will respect him more for sure.”

    Why do you say “may have been”? No one has any evidence to suggest he was sacked and if he was, Ashley would probably want that to be known going by his previous record.

    “worky @ 409: I thought of Cisse too. Easy to forget how foolish that was in hindsight now that Pardew, some bad form, disputes with the club and incompetent linesmen have destroyed his confidence. I do have to admit that right now, I wouldn’t give much for him.”

    You forgot to mention the fans, who gave him no support whatsoever and just turned on him, at one time it was even over Ashley and Wonga FFS! Maybe if he moves to a club with more supportive fans, that would help him get back on track.

    “If either of them were principled men, they’d stand up to Ashley and be sacked or would walk.”

    Er, Kinnear HAS walked in case you haven’t noticed but he just can’t win with some people. No, it wasn’t before you started the site at all

    “IF the name mispronunciation was what finally alienated Zog then that is potentially a horrible mishap that is fully JK’s responsibility.”

    You wouldn’t have said that if it was Bobby Robson though, who was every bit as bad. I still can’t believe Geordies were having a go at Kinnear for getting names wrong without realising the obvious Bobby Robson double standard. The stupidity and hypocrisy made me ashemed as a Geordie. Of course, it was far more likely to be a pretence by N’Zogbia so he could bail out of a sinking ship just like he did after Wigan were relegated (He said he wanted out before the club agreed to sell him).

  310. joe hawkins says:
    February 6, 2014 at 5:29 pm (Edit)

    “Apparently Pardew is sad to see Joe go, And reckons he did a lot of good work.”

    He also said that he would have done things differently if he’s have been in charge of transfers.

  311. Tunyc, Both of those players wanted to leave though, Although it was probably down to Mike Ashley’s running of the club, As per usual, That they left.

    Doesn’t really matter whether or not he was a better player than Taylor, In terms of ability.
    He hasn’t really went on to do anything memorable really, So have we missed out on anything?
    In the same quirk of fate Ryan Taylor has got some important goals for us.
    If we kept N’zogbia at the club, Ryan Taylor would not have scored that free kick against Sunderland.

    Everything is hypothetical really!

  312. tunyc says:
    February 6, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    “@ 437: for all the ire Zog rightly got for his attitude, he was one of the better players in that squad.”

    You’re right, tunyc. Not only that, he’s given us plenty of cause for concern when he’s come back with Wigan and Villa.

  313. tunyc says:
    February 6, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    “@ 437: for all the ire Zog rightly got for his attitude, he was one of the better players in that squad. Would he have found a goal to get us that one point we needed to survive? I don’t know. But dumping him and Given at the end of window in a season where we were struggling and getting nothing back but a depth FB/free kick specialist is not good business.”

    You know perfectly well that both Given and N’Zogbia were determined to leave, Ashley was determined to get all the money he could and Kinnear just had to make the best out of it. It was the same with Cabaye, though Kinnear got him to agree to stay for an extra six months (and got an extra £8-9 million).

    You are not your usual self at all when it comes to Kinnear.

  314. Charles N’Zogbia, was one of the better players we signed, every bit as good if not better than HBA, to compare him with Ryan Taylor, a one trick pony as a taker of set pieces, who never actually scored one for the side during his tenure here, but was used as a fill in without a defined role.
    As for Seamus his position at the club had, prior to his leaving, become somewhat tenuous, there was squabbling and a lack of unity in the side.
    In which case he wanted away.
    He by that time was getting on and he was never that good following his departure, but got the occasional game here and there and will probably get an odd game at Sunderland too.
    They were both good servants to the club and N’Zogbia is still playing well.

  315. Worky

    What do you mean by bailed out from both NUFC and Wigan, is that a criticism?
    I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but most good players bail out when their side is relegated, that’s if they can.
    And obviously the fact he was able to bail out, just proved he was a good player.

  316. I see Bielsa is once more available, would be interesting as hell to have him take charge here.

    And if we are not going anywhere in either direction in the league, could prove to be a good time to sign him.

    It would be a “from the ridicules to the sublime” moment.

    His are some of the most unusual and innovative tactics and with a couple of signings could end up being a winning side and one that plays an entertaining style, after all football is primarily a form of show-biz
    Whereas hoof-ball has little in the way of entertainment

    But we can put this thought to rest, as Ashley has probably never heard of the guy and he might have to pay him.

  317. chuck says:
    February 6, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    “a one trick pony as a taker of set pieces, who never actually scored one for the side during his tenure here”

    I think you’ll find that Ryan Taylor HAS scored from set pieces, including his famous one against Sunderland. He also kept us in the Europa League with one too. It seems to be forgotten that we had to depend on a bad judgement from the ref to keep from falling at the first hurdle in that one.

    Ryan Taylor was the equivalent of around £1.5 million. Ashley got five or six times that for N’Zogbia. N#Zogbia has always been trouble as well. He went on strike to leave Newcastle and he went on strike to leave Wigan too.

  318. chuck says:
    February 6, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    “I see Bielsa is once more available, would be interesting as hell to have him take charge here.

    “And if we are not going anywhere in either direction in the league, could prove to be a good time to sign him.

    “It would be a “from the ridicules to the sublime” moment.”

    Interesting certainly. However, strangely, though I have been very interested in his work since he led Argentina in the 2004 Olympics (they won gold and Tevez scored a hat-trick), He wouldn’t necessarily be my choice of a coach. I like his theory very much but his results can be erratic. Sublime and inspired on one game, caught out on the next. Bielsa’s Arhletic Club may have impressed in the Europa League but they were really only a mid table side in La Liga.

    Pochettino will need to be more consistent than his mentor, he’s had his warming up period and chance to get his club used to the new paradigm. It gets on my tits the way he hasn’t learned English yet also.

    On the same theme, Laudrup. I liked his style more when he first started at Swansea, when it was more like Bielsa and Pochettino, ie a bit more attacking, direct and ‘vertical’ as they say. With the new season and the new players, he went a bot like Brendan Rodgers was the season before at Swansea, ie just stroking the ball around in his own half without breaking forward. Possession for it’s own sake like he did with us one time with the Swans.

  319. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 6, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    “Banned papers sharpening their claws?”

    Of course, DT. They aren’t exactly subtle either.

  320. Worky: are the Chronic still banned? If so, that is a sorry state of affairs with the local paper having no access to the club.

    They would have to resort to pulling stories out of thin air and talking to “sources close to the player”. Ah, you say they did that anyway.

    Seriously though, who really reads the Chronicle except for the NUFC stories? The rest is car ads, miss North Tyneside hopefuls and petty crime stories. Without access to NUFC, what is the point?

  321. GS says:
    February 6, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    “Seriously though, who really reads the Chronicle except for the NUFC stories? The rest is car ads, miss North Tyneside hopefuls and petty crime stories. Without access to NUFC, what is the point?”

    Having both moved to where the action is decades ago, we are hardly the best judges, GS. I remember all the oldies would sit there and read it from cover to cover in forensic detail over a pot of tea.

  322. Worky @456: you get my point though. Newcastle is a NUFC mad city and that is a big part of the local papers.

    Now we have to rely on Pardew press conferences, press releases, Sports Direct News :) , NUFCTV and made up stuff from Ryder and Gibson. No wonder we don’t know what is going on.

    Look at the Jonas and Marveaux situations. There wasn’t any news for weeks.

  323. GS says:
    February 6, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    “Lee Ryder is at it again, laying into Uncle Joe:”

    Aye, it’s been mentioned a couple of times above already, GS. It’s such a lie. Simon “c**t* Bird did more or less the same story in the Mirror as well.

    I like the way he writes about Kinnear upsetting Cabaye by not letting him go to Arsenal for £11 million as if he’s condemning him for it. He persuaded him to stay at the club for another six months AND got another £8-9 million for him. What an incompetent bastard. :-)

  324. DarthBroon says:
    February 6, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    “Chubs is trying to starve is ti death now”

    Pardew’s Newcastle United hardly ever score more than twice in one game because they go completely defensive once they score two goals. They must have figured that one out now.

  325. Oh hang on! I was completely wrong in the comment above:

    “I always think I put a team out to win the game.

    “I have always done that. And I will do that at Chelsea and if we pay the price and get beaten 2-0 or 3-0, because we are pushing towards the end, like Sunderland, I don’t care. I want to get something out of the game. And if it exposes us to a heavier defeat, I will take that rather than get beaten by one goal and accept it.” – Pardnocchio.

  326. They should just give every fan 10 pence of every pizza bought, Because everything that goes on at the club now is “Two Bob” anyway!
    All those 10p pieces saved up can go towards trying to buy a new player.

    Pardew is off again with his total propaganda and cheesy charm offensive.
    He’s more or less trying to play the Derby defeat down, And sweep it under the carpet.
    He’s saying he gets the passion with the fan throwing his season ticket at him.
    No Alan, You do not get it, If you did then you would realise that losing these games are not an option!

  327. Worky, At least “El Loco” would stand up to Fat Boy and tell him where to stick it!
    Pardew on the other hand is a complete and utter melt!

  328. I think I will write one more piece before this blog goes down like the Titanic, just to say goodbye, tie a few things up and let everyone know that I might well start start again (or not as the case may be) if I get the time or whatever.

  329. @465: whatever you decide to do… but can you make NUFC a little bit more functional before you go?

  330. @ 441: the sacking thing was a rumor that I had just read about on The Mag. The “may have been” precisely covers the very likely possibility that it isn’t the case. Thought exercise and all.

    As for Cisse and supporters, I take the point but he’d be a pretty poor craftsmen to blame…not even his tools but the people who pay to watch him use them? He should be able to perform regardless of that and I’d bet he would insist that he can do so.

    As I said before, I’m willing to let it drop but I’ve never gotten an explanation from anyone as to why it’s fair game to criticize AP but not JK. I aver that I’m being completely consistent. I’ve never personally insulted him, never carried a banner calling him a clown, I’ve only insisted that he seems to me to be another Ashley crony. That is-CONSISTENTLY-my reason for criticizing him. I don’t even go in much for criticizing his efforts, as it’s never been clear to me exactly what he was supposed to be doing here. I also criticize his belligerent public persona and there I admit that I just don’t care for it.

    There’s no equivalency between Robson and Kinnear. One tends to get the respect-and be given the slack-that one earns. Robson earned plenty through tremendous results and displaying a very charming, affectionate personality. Contrast Kinnear.

    Sure, Given & Zog wanted to leave. Hoolahan recently wanted to leave Norwich, no? And am I to believe that Baines wouldn’t prefer to double his money at Man U? It’s not impossible to keep a player around for another half season, and it’s advisable if you’re low on quality in the squad and, say, sitting in 16th place.

    Looking forward to your last piece, worky.

  331. Oh, and you should be thankful if poor performances save you from Papa John’s “pizza”. Silver lining right there…

  332. tunyc: I couldn’t watch the stuper-bowl. The commercialism and commercials just drove me away. I have friends who are not interested in football, but watched the “game” for the commercials. How sad is that?

    5 hours. 4 hours of commercials and 3 minutes of Bruno Mars (that’s about all you would want anyway).

  333. I agree with pretty much everything tunyc says @467.

    JFK didn’t deserve the contempt leveled against him by a section of our fans. Nor did he deserve to be ridiculed by the national media to the extent he has been in his time with us (although he brought some of this upon himself with his ‘arrival speech’).

    In any case, he didn’t achieve much of any importance in either stint with the club and I think most fans viewed his appointment(s) as further evidence of the lack of ambition of the club’s owner.

    I think most people who’ve expressed pleasure/relief at his leaving are just hoping that this is a precursor to Pardew getting the heave-ho in some kind of clean out.

    Fat chance.

  334. Tunyc, The tide has now turned against Pardew, And the little support he does have is dwindling by the day.
    This is compounded by his interviews which he is digging him self even further in.
    At least they had the good sense to stop Kinnear from hanging himself with his gaffes.

    It is getting more and more bizarre from Pardew, Where he tries to play big club in one sentence, And then contradicts himself by calling us a small club in the next sentence.
    And to cap it all off, He has some bint from the airport stopping him from answering proper questions, But lets him make a fool out of himself with others.

    He is not doing himself any favours with his continued dubious support of a rotten regime.
    This has started to filter itself across the country, Where he was eluded to as an Ashley stooge by Sky Sports.
    There is no way i would have my good name besmirched by some tat merchant, For all the tea in China.

    He said the other day he was a “Professional Manager”, So if he wants this to continue to be the case, Then he should consider his position at Newcastle.
    He eluded to getting a punch on the nose and getting back up and coming back from it.
    Well i watch a lot of boxing and he looks like a boxer who has no chance of winning the fight.
    He is on the ropes without much coming back, And you are waiting for the ref to step in and stop it.
    Or similarly he has taking a beating and his corner men pull him out of the fight, So he can fight another day.
    Like a boxer he could be permanently damaged if he doesn’t look after himself, And when he leaves here, Where does he go?

    You only have to look at what happened to Keegan with his association to Ashley.
    No one will go near him and he won his case against Ashley.
    Pardew is a fool to himself if he insists on carrying on with this farce.
    He looks weak and pathetic, And it is pretty pitiful and painful to watch him at times.
    When the hell is his dignity for ffs, When he contiually kowtow’s to this shower?

  335. tunyc says:
    February 7, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    “There’s no equivalency between Robson and Kinnear.”

    Oh purlease tunyc, not “equivalency” I hate the word ‘equivalence’ or ‘equivalency’ when it’s used in that way . I’m not suggesting you mean it for the same way for a second, or that you are like this in any way but it has becaome common parlance and I thought that you’d be intelligent and logical enough to see right through it.

    Equivalence in the sense you are trying to use it is a very modern. It’s a ZioYank NeoCon term, a logical fallacy which is used to dehumanise people, usually Arabs, Iranians, Palestinians, Afghanis etc in the Middle East and exhonerate the abhorrent acts perpetrated by ZioYanks.

    Yes there IS an equivalency between Bobby Robson and Joe Kinnear, they are, or were in Robson’s case, human beings who have a right to be treated equally, with dignity, and the right not to be libelled or slandered no matter how popular and lovable Bobby Robson was or how unpopular Joe Kinnear was with some Newcastle United fans. I would’ve thought you’d have understood that. Bobby Robson used to get people’s names wrong and so did Joe Kinnear and their isn’t the slightest bit of difference.

  336. tunyc says:
    February 7, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    “Oh, and you should be thankful if poor performances save you from Papa John’s “pizza”. Silver lining right there…”

    Haven’t seen one round here but I gather they are those ‘grease pie’ style pizzas like Domino’s or Pizza Hut so count me out. We are truly blessed when it comes to proper Italian pizzas on this side of North London.

  337. Errrmmm!

    So what or who are zioyanks, I know what neo-cons and the confusing term neo-liberals are.
    Is this the introduction of some new form of life we/i are about to welcome into every day semantics, or your own recently coined phrase?

  338. It’s been suggested recently that Ashley could be in the process of asset stripping the club, in order to ensure he garners the maximum of assets, prior to a possible sale.

    We have however lived in hope and died in despair over this move since he arrived.

    Fact is like I have previously mentioned, it’s my belief he is content to use the club as a cash cow which includes reaping the enormous rewards of PL tv revenue.

    That plus the outrageous number of tatty “free” Sports Direct signs, all over the stadium.

    As for WONGA ? They reflect the type of organization he would love, birds of a feather.

    Hey no-one is more hopeful of getting rid of this creep, who has no intention of competing for anything or spending one thin dime, than myself.

    As far as I’m concerned he can take his two billion and shove it up his ass, just ferk off, go buy Rangers or some other club, where he may be welcome, because he has
    lost any respect he may have had at this club and for the most part is detested, along with his cheap-ass hirees, another disgusting bunch of kna nowts.

  339. worky-all human beings have equal right to be treated with dignity, I agree.

    I am not someone to hold up as an example of unreasonable or uncivil criticism of Kinnear. I resent the suggestion of that. Again, I’m not carrying banners, not referring to him by insulting nicknames, not jumping for joy (like some others above) that he’s gone. I’m not a professional journalist using my column inches to malign him now that he’s left the club. I have no ill will toward him, regardless of my interpretation of his stints here. My criticism of him does not go beyond pointing out my opinion that he’s another Ashley crony (completely compatible with the idea that he was brought in to deflect criticism) and that he’s been needlessly confrontational and vulgar as a representative of the club. That’s all. Why is that unreasonable? Is it untrue? Unreasonable? Have I not explained my position? Is it slander?

    I have trouble believing that you don’t know why any NUFC supporter is more likely to have fond feelings toward him than Kinnear. That being nice-and yes, successful-gets you better treatment than telling people they’re stupid when they criticize you is no mystery.

  340. It’s normally perceived that Ashley is the root of all our problems and I agree.

    He is in direct control of everything that happens at this club, nothing happens without his say so.

    Pardeux is no more than a pathetic would be con man, who is undoubtedly the worst manager in the PL, but who knows when to say, yassuh boss !

    Though he aughtta be careful as far as being too outspoken is concerned, as Ashley is liable to turn around and do a Joe Kinnear/Llambias number on him.

    And like everyone else, I don’t see any point in the rest of the season, other than to avoid the drop, which looks likely.

    On the other hand without Cabaye running the side, there is both a lack of cohesion and what appears to be no game plan, combine that with a possible lack of concern by the side and there’s three points down the tube.

    I’m dreading the Chelsea game, we are gonna get hammered.

    The rebuilding process will will start immediately following the seasons end and the money spent will relate directly to our final league spot, which I’m going to project will be below tenth place.

    Though not that impressed by the recent influx of foreign owners, with their interference and quirky ideas concerning changing the clubs name or the color of their shirts.

    Ashley in fact by changing the more than one hundred year old name of St. James’ Park totally antagonizing the entire fan base, that and doing a deal, that has the club advertising some disgusting loanshark outfit, which could be described as close to being criminal, in some countries.

    What to do, What to do ?

  341. Look Worky likes Joe, mainly because of his history.
    But to believe Joe Kinnear is capable of accomplishing anything, apart from being a target that deflects any blame from Ashley.
    His interviews have been embarrassing and whether he has enlightened Ashley in regard’s to anything other than by now the fact it has become clear, he’s more of an impediment than of any help, has become obvious, so Ashley got rid of him.
    Who care, except perhaps Joe, but he has himself to blame obviously.

  342. tunyc says:
    February 7, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    “I am not someone to hold up as an example of unreasonable or uncivil criticism of Kinnear. I resent the suggestion of that.”

    No, maybe not quite as bad that that “true Geordie” on youtube, :-) but you do keep bringing the Kinnear issue up even after I’ve answered you. As for Pardew, we have to watch him, and listen to his bollocks every bloody week and react to it. On the other hand we’ve hardly heard from Kinnear himself, but we just hear the same stuff which probably wasn’t true in the first place regurgitated over and over again, and yet people just can’t shut up about him. The nasty stuff makes we Geordies look so primitive and childish too.

  343. chuck says:
    February 7, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    “Look Worky likes Joe”

    It’s not that, it’s just that I don’t like untrue bollocks, even if it was about Ashley, and I just think a dishonest vendetta against an old man is unsavory (that’s why I’ve never banned you :-)).

    chuck says:
    February 7, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    “His interviews have been embarrassing”

    Well it’s true that he isn’t quite Kofi Annan.

  344. Niether a Kofi Annan nor a candidate for a diplomatic career, I’m afraid, but on the other hand not someone one would detest (like Pardeux)
    I could just imagine listening to Joe in some pub, where he’s giving you inside info and other tit-bits in regards to what’s going on.
    Would imagine he’s good craic, dahn a’ pub like.

  345. Worky

    Why would you want to ban your most controversial commenter.
    Who else is more responsible for the series of angry hits generated by something I might have said.
    And truth be known, our opinions are more in agreement than not.

  346. Joe Kinnear should have been a scout in southern europe. He could do what he was good at for the club, be a long way away and nobody would’ve been able to understand what he was saying. That would have been my way of solving the problem.

  347. Worky

    For that matter he could have been observing anywhere in the world as far as anyone understood what he was on about.

    But that’s water under the bridge.

    Presently we have a side without a leader and possibly one that pays little attention to the idiot in charge.

    At present we desperately need a Manager who understands the modern game and can instruct our players.

    We have to dump this cheesy Kna nowt idiot who lives on excuses and has no clue how to combat the present EPL sides.

    For the love of football, what is this idiot doing, we have been subjugated to a cnut who knows less than nothing about tactics or how to employ them.

    Who wrote the book on excuses and who’s presence as a PL manager could only be brought about by a likewise idiot.

    God help us !

  348. Great psychology from Mourinho, he even backed Pardew as a future England manager in the run up to the game.

    Pardew fans might be battering the likes of Joe, AndyMac and Chuckles with Mourinho’s words if we do alright today.

  349. According to his bessie mate Mourinho, Pardew is one of the best managers in the prem.

    Smell the glove Jose!

    I don’t think Pardew gets paid anywhere enough money to pay Jose to lie down for his pal.
    I cannot see him being tempted with a skip full of track suit bottoms and Donnay socks either.

    I wouldn’t put it past Pardew to somehow fluke a result against Chewlsea.
    He has a knack of pulling something out of the fire when his back is against the wall.
    That being said, If Chewlsea come out and play their game, There is only one winner imo.
    I doubt whether the utterly dire Amoebi brothers will have much of an impact on proceedings, But Pardew will play them in the vain hope that a couple of Geordies can do the job for him.

    I can see us getting beat today quite easily, But i don’t think it will be the cricket score i have heard some people mention.

    2-0 to Chewlsea.

  350. Worky, Pardew would trade on that for weeks, If he could get a result at Chewlsea.
    There is an article in The Chronicle where he still will only partially take the blame for the Derby defeat.
    If a Newcastle manager cannot get his side up for a Derby game, Then he needs to go on the strength of that alone!
    It’s not as if this is a one off, We have been poor in Derby games since he has been here.

    If Ashley is daft enough to have him hanging around next season, I have no doubt he would lose the games again.
    In fact i can see him never winning a Derby game ever again.
    He has been too scarred by them, And he will crack up every time we play Sunderland.

    If he is lucky enough to get anything today, The gimp fist will be going ten to the dozen, And he’ll probably put it through the bench roof!

  351. They are a bit of an all or nothing team are Arsenal.
    Capable of passing you off the park on their day, But they can also be like a glass hammer.
    That will not do the title hopes any good, Not that i think they will win it anyway.

  352. Worky, That is an evil word “Eviscerated”.
    It conjurers up all kinds of horrific images in the mind lol.

  353. Danny Simpson has been nicked for allegedly attacking a bloke with an iron bar!
    He doesn’t look the type though, He looks all angelic and all that lol.
    He must have thought to himself, I’m not getting sparked out again.

  354. Hit the wrong keys again ffs!

    Dokky, Why switch to the rugby?, That’s what we play lol.

    Worky, I know what you mean, You never can tell with people, But Simpson looks like he models knitting patterns.

  355. Watching NBC, Some Yank company were advertising 15Mb Broadband as if it was a good thing. Is that right, Yanks?

    Dokky, since my school days in Durham City, even the mention of the word ‘Rugby’ is enough to make me snap.

  356. Glad I did not wake up to waste my time watching this today. This season is a write off now anyway.

  357. Chewlsea should have scored there!

    I went onto Wiziwig and all the jah Jah Binks have went down!

    Oh well 3-0, I thought it would have stayed at two.

  358. Iron Mike saves us from another goal again, then Mbiwa does something shoocking again. He should have been sent off as well as the penalty too. He is still a real problem.

  359. One win in seven ffs!

    You could have wrote this one off today, But with losing the Derby game, That’s six goals conceded without reply.

  360. Worky, There’s some very disturbed characters on that message board at the side of that link.

  361. joe hawkins says:
    February 8, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    “Worky, There’s some very disturbed characters on that message board at the side of that link.”

    I always just shut them off immediately because of the annoying sound effects.

    Impressed with Newcastle’s performance this week?

  362. Worky, If we hadn’t lost the Derby game you could see a few positives.
    Sami did okay today, De Jong looked lively, And if we had taken that chance in the first, Then it might of been a different game.
    Although Chelsea were not that good today, Would it have made them up the ante if we had scored?

    That’s one win since 29th of December, And we are back to where we were at this point last season.
    Okay we have a better league position, But we look like we are lapsing back.

    We started the season badly, Then had a little bit of a run, But we now look like something resembling last season i’m afraid.
    It’s going to be a tough run in for us with very little to look forward to.
    I don’t think there has been much improvement to our all round play, And Pardew seems to have reverted to hoofing it again?
    That’s one of the features of Pardew’s tenure is the long losing streaks.
    I still say Pardew out as i cannot see things changing with him in charge.

  363. Very little chance of a Eurpoean berth now. Safety in the EPL virtually assured. Out of all of the cup competitions. A good few quid to be skimmed off from selling our best player.

    Another successful season for fatso.

  364. Darthbroon, It’s next Season that worries me!
    Ashley seems to be losing interest in his toy, More and more as time is going by.
    Even Pardew himself has stated on a couple of occasions that you have to keep Ashley motivated.
    I just wish he would do one and sell up to someone who wants to do something with the club.

  365. Joe

    Don’t we all !

    Unfortunately the fat-man is only interested in becoming richer, some kind of sick power trip.

    All I can suggest is the fans harass him at the home games, make it impossible for him to attend, or at least as uncomfortable as possible.

    A combined approach of constantly booing both Ashley and Pardeux linked to an attendance boycott, would no doubt force him to take some sort of action.

    And hearing Mourinho’s recent proclamation, that Pardeux is capable of managing Engerland, probably feels
    vindicated for giving him the that unprecedented contract.

    Yeah right!

    Ain’t their anyone out there interested in buying a football team ?

  366. Worky: since you are shutting the blog down:

    I have tried a few times to listen to Muse : Absolution, and cant get past the 4th song. It is not that it is bad music, it is just so derivative. I shouldn’t care.

    That’s why The Stranglers were never heard of again Lou.

  367. Liverpool were good today. If a certain person on this blog didn’t have Brentan’s c*ck in his mouth all the time I would appreciate it more.

  368. Chuck, Ashley cannot even be bothered to attend the home games now.
    Like Michael Martin who does “True Faith”, He thinks Ashley’s actions smack of a man who is ready to sell.
    Lets hope he is right, Because there is no way we can carry on with the way the club is being run.

    Ashley has talked about sustainability in the past, That’s all well and good if you have a plan.
    In the seven years Ashley has been here, It is staring to dawn on a lot of fans that there is no plan.
    The bloke has been selling everyone a never never from day one.
    All they have ever done is try to wing it with their version of “The Apprentice”, Transferred to running a Football Club.
    We must be the only Football Club in the World that provides on the job training.
    I just hope he puts the club up for sale at a reasonable price and he does one back down south.
    Knowing him he will sell us to someone even worse than he is, Oh the joy of following this Club!

  369. Joe

    Why would Ashley sell his cash cow ?
    He is just beginning to reap the rewards of EPL membership and his one fear is to lose that

    Of course so is every club in the league, in which case I would actually love to see Ashley, who is the last word on everything in this club, suffer the humiliation of being relegated.

    It might effect his self belief, that he alone knows how to run this club, yeah folks it’s about arrogance here.

    And being he alone makes the decisions, is why we haven’t brought in anyone during the window, he alone has decided we are invulnerable from the drop at this stage, so we can save both on wages and the fact there’s nothing else to play for.

    Is this the kind of club the fans want to watch every week, a club that has nothing to play for (intentionally) totally disinterested in either cups or other silverware, to simply exist as a middle/lower level, league side, in order for the fat one to be able to milk the side for those ever increasing tv pac

  370. GS says:
    February 9, 2014 at 5:41 am

    “I have tried a few times to listen to Muse : Absolution, and cant get past the 4th song. It is not that it is bad music, it is just so derivative. I shouldn’t care.”

    “That’s why The Stranglers were never heard of again Lou.”

    Muse are a shit Radiohead tribute band and I don’t know why you bother but I don’t know what you mean about the Stranglers? They were very popular for a long time and many people have still heard of them.

  371. …packages.

    No fans anywhere would want this to be the case, but we are presently stuck with this jerk and for the foreseeable future.

    There is however a divide between those fans who see things this way and those who believe had it not been for Ashley, we would have become Leeds.

    Listen if this club is ever sold it will be Leeds, with every asset stripped down to the bare bones.
    And you can take that to the bank.

    However on the other hand, though there’s no real liking of Ashley, the fans have been intimidated and inured to those cheap and ugly Sports Direct signs everywhere one looks.
    It’s over if the fans don’t make a stand soon, so get used to it!

  372. chuck says:
    February 9, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    “There is however a divide between those fans who see things this way and those who believe had it not been for Ashley, we would have become Leeds.”

    The only time we almost became Leeds it was because of Ashley. Geordies need to stop whinging about him though and actually do something. They can’t though because too many are utterly pitiful creatures with no bollocks and no backbone nowadays. Some might take umbrage to that, but I doubt they’ll prove me wrong.

  373. Chuck, Because he can only get away with it for so long.
    There will definitely come at time when total apathy sets in, And fans no matter how loyal will start to turn away in their droves.
    In fact you can see the beginning of it now, Where a lot of people are not going to renew their tickets.
    If Ashley carries on down the same path fans are not going to put up with it anymore.
    He will end up with the some total of nothing, The man is a fool to himself.
    He could have been loved here if he had done things properly.

  374. Worky, Spot on!

    There’s a lad i know who is like that, Where you would have more chance of getting through to the Taliban.
    He continually moans on about the way things are, So i have told him to stay away.
    What do you get in response though, “Oh it’s something i have done since i was a kid, And it’s my Saturday afternoon out”
    You try to tell them that they are part of the problem, But all you get back is, “Your not loyal, And you should get behind the lads, Your not a true fan etc”.

    It will be interesting to see if any of these people who said they are going to stay away carry out their threat?
    I wonder what the crowd will be on Wednesday?

  375. I was just reading the minutes from the last fans’ forum meeting, and I noticed that one of the fans’ ‘representatives’ wanted to have Police sniffer dogs checking all his fellow fans. What about Tazers next for people who stand up during the games? Who the f**k are these fans?

    Why are there always two representatives from Wonga there? They’re not the club, they’re not the fans, so why are they there exactly?

  376. It’s both obvious and embarrassing how the NUFC fans behave.
    They are both angry and frustrated by the two Derby defeats but just don’t stop and think of why ?
    In fact don’t ask any questions .
    Fact is Poyet guided a poor side to easily defeat a mismanaged one, yeah I blame our on field screw-ups on a lousy manager, who doesn’t understand how the modern game is played, someone who has yet to present any distinct style of play, other than direct football a relic of the eighties and nineties.
    Sure he talks a good game and is renown for his line of bullshit, but NUFC will never amount to anything as long as this chancer remains at the club.
    Plus like Worky, the fans must take a certain amount of blame, being willing to settle for whatever Ashley and Pardeux throw at them.
    That’s show up every home game, wearing their WONGA logo’d shirts and pretend to ignore the Sports Direct signs everywhere.
    Even sheep go against the grain sometimes, not these loyal, “git behind the club” morons, willing to go along with whatever crap is dealt out to them, sad really!

  377. Worky

    Yeah, tazers, I also like the idea of billy clubs and have the stewards dress like riot police, with helmets and body armor, and could they have some CS gas just incase.
    I have always been against mounted police, smacks of a bygone era where police were left to split a few skulls if required, but if that’s what it takes…..
    Of course a shakedown of all fans prior to entering would be a good idea and if you are a handicapped senior, don’t give your ticket to someone or you could lose it as we have seen.
    Why ?
    It’s about time there was some kind of reaction by the fans, but apparently, that’s never gonna happen, because
    most fans who although constant attendees, just ain’t interested in going out of their way to demonstrate their frustrations.

  378. workyticket says:
    February 9, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    “Why are there always two representatives from Wonga there? They’re not the club, they’re not the fans, so why are they there exactly?”

    I bet they’re called something like Reggie and Ronnie.

  379. Darthbroon, I was thinking the same myself, Because they sponsor other clubs like Blackpool for instance.
    Is their presence there as full on as it has been at Newcastle United?
    It’s like along with “S***TS D****T”, They have hijacked the club and are using us as a vehicle to promote their shoddy “Numbers gamesque” legalised thievery “Business”!
    It looks like Ashley has let them come on board as another tool of oppression at the club, And has give them free reign to throw their weight around.
    Why are they allowed to attend meetings concerning the club when that has nothing to do with them?
    It’s all very dodgy if you ask me!

  380. Worky / Chuck.
    Agree that most fans have been going to games, buying merchandise and giving blind loyalty to NUFC for some time now.
    However, I also think that there are a lot more fans starting to question whether their blind loyalty is doing the club any good in the longer term.

    Talking to friends about it, I believe the fans are reaching a tipping point. It is a number of things that is causing many fans to openly question their loyalty, but I think the final straw is the clubs clear (and stated if you include cup games) lack of ambition.

    I think a lot of “impertinent questions” about advertising revenue from newspapers may be a problem for Ashley that even Pardew cannot defend.
    Whether the larger papers will pick this up and crucify him with it though is open to question.
    I do hope so. Ashley may own the club, but he should not be able to strip the assets, avail himself of free advertising and ensure that no good players with any ambitions of playing in Europe or winning anything will touch the club with a bargepole, due to its complete lack of ambition without consequences.

    I believe it is dawning on people now the consequences of going to games and buying merchandise.

    I still think we have a long way to go though to change many peoples minds on Pardew though. Many people I talk to think he is dong a good job in difficult circumstances. I dont agree, but it is difficult to argue against when the club are 8th in the league.

  381. DT, I think out of the catalogue of gaffes and own goals Ashley has created, That has to be top of the list.
    The fans were asking for the club to be honest, But that statement that came out about their intentions, Has sealed their fate imo.

    There is no going back for them now, And any chance they ever had of changing the perceptions of the regime evaporated with that statement.
    They will never turn it around now without a complete turnaround by Ashley.
    He would have to come out and speak to the fans with a renewed statement of intent, Otherwise he is knackered!

  382. Joe. I cant see that happening. Ashley has shown only malevolance towards the fans since Keegan left. He has shown no interest in engaging with fans or explaining his position. He sees the fans as sheep who will go to games regardless, and the press as a hostile nuisance who need to be punished for their impertinence.

  383. DissilusionedToon says:
    February 10, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    “Talking to friends about it, I believe the fans are reaching a tipping point.”

    Er, they’re at a tipping point all the time, DT, allegedly. They were at a tipping when Keegan was sacked, when we got relegated, when the stadium was renamed (twice), then there was the ‘long march to freedom’ etc…

  384. There have been a series of incidents during Ashley’s tenure, But i think a lot of fans gave him the benefit of the doubt because of his lack of understanding of football ownership.
    Over the last 3 to 4 years or so they have thought he might get the hang of it.
    To an extent there were signs that he was starting to get to grips with it, Although he was still throwing the odd brick in the pond.

    Since the top 5 finish though i think he crapped himself a bit, And has been unwilling to kick the club on from it’s current position.
    I think it is now dawning on the fans that there is nothing in place, And he has lost all interest in the club now.
    Hopefully this might be the start of “The Long Walk To Freedom”, Although historically we have shown we are crap at revolution, And cannot get together to organize something.
    There tends to be too much division between the fans, And there has always been two distinct groups in the fan base.
    On one side you have the real militant direct action radgie fan, Who wants the club to succeed and won’t compromise on how it’s done.
    On the other side you have the three card tricks merchants who see everything through black n white tinted glasses, And take the positive no matter what.

    We have few middle of the road fans who can link the two groups together.
    I think apathy will do for Ashley in the end, And when people wise up and stop his tap, Only then will he do one.
    There is no way he is going to hang around if he isn’t making any money.

  385. Since Mike Ashley took over Firetrap, mug punters have been buying them at 75% off, believing they are getting clothes like the old Firetrap clothes at a hugely reduced rate.

    They are made in inferior factories with inferior materials to the old one, however the shopkeepers who stuck with the brand are now saddled with a load of products they paid more for wholesale than Mike Ashley is selling for retail. He’s completely shafted them.

    I once did an experiment a few years ago now, and it’s the only thing I’ve ever bought from Sports Direct. It was a pair of Kangol jeans. Kangol used to be a respected brand, mostly for hats. Samuel L.Jackson wore a Kangol cap, as did the Gallaghers from Oasis. The jeans were marked up with a RRP that you’d expect to pay for a decent pair of jeans, over £50, supposedly heavily reduced to less than half price at £20something.

    I took them to a pattern cutter I know who works at the top end of the fashion industry and she confirmed what I already knew. She said they were absolte shit like a £10 pair of jeans on a market stall. The denim was very poor quality indeed.

  386. dokky says:
    February 10, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    “Is today not doomsday for the site?”

    About a week now probably, Dokky.

    Hugh’s having the server shut down on the 21st, 11 days. However I might want to do something before that which involves taking them down slightly before that so say a week for definite.

  387. joe hawkins says:
    February 10, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    “We have few middle of the road fans who can link the two groups together.”

    That’s probably because they were shite, Joe.

  388. That seems about right, joe. The only significant development among the fans that is reasonably possible is apathy. Just not going to games or buying stuff because you don’t give a shit. I never articulated to myself that I was boycotting the club but it came to be that I haven’t bought anything-no shirts, no scarves, no f’ing onesies or christmas ornaments or NUFC-branded lingerie in years. If I were a local, I don’t doubt I would have stopped going to matches. But I’ve been through this before when my hometown NHL hockey club was owned by the asset-stripping heirs to the Walton fortune. As it turned out, we were saved from that by the league’s rising fortunes tempting another ownership group to buy. Now my Blues are arguably the best team in the league and may actually get their hands on the cup this year.

    I live in hope but I’m not giving diddly to AshleyCo.

    worky-yeah, our broadband sucks too. Improving that would require money for infrastructure upgrades, and we don’t do that anymore.

  389. Ok, so abusing people on twitter is a childish, perverse thing to do. I admit, however, that I got few laughs off of the #asktayls thing over the weekend. (Particularly enjoyed the query of whether he thought he’d be a better footballer if he had no arms.) It was a guilty pleasure BUT when people ask how NUFC supporters could be so mean, they have to consider Taylor’s tendency to say things like this for the press:

    “I thought we dealt with pretty much everything in that first half except the two goals.”

    …you know, to justify that there aren’t any problems at the club.

    Just shut it sometimes, Steve.

  390. Worky, Funny enough i don’t mind harking back to the good old days, As it takes you away from today’s diet of musical clones!

    I see Pardew has just been on Sky Sports giving it the bigg’un!
    He wants to finish above Man Utd as he thinks that is a massive achievement for a club like us zzzzzzz.
    I really wish he would keep his mouth shut, Why does he continually persist with his empty battle cries?
    We will be lucky to get a result against Spurs on Wednesday!

    This is what boils my slash with him, Before the Chelsea game he was saying how he wasn’t scared, And in the dressing room they wanted to win, And they owed the fans etc.
    Fast forward to his after match interview and he’s, Oh it was a big ask for us to get anything here today.
    His attitude after the Derby was questionable, And after the Chelsea game his attitude was matter of fact.
    It’s just constant talking a good fight then back tracking when it inevitably goes wrong.
    He’s becoming a parody, A cartoon character and no more than a corporate dummy.

    Does he honestly think people are falling for this s***e?
    No one is interested in what he has to say, And he should keep his mouth closed!

  391. Tunyc, Fair enough, But you have to admit the one about the dying swan gunshot wound against Villa was amusing.

  392. Worky, The singer is worth a doof, And nice outfit lol
    She has a kind of Katy Manning of Dr Who Pertwee era quality to her.
    Bollox to the the Tom Baker fans, John Pertwee was the best Dr for me.
    Although i like Tom Baker, Pertwee was the man with all the U.N.I.T stuff!

  393. What was it with baldy blokes in the 70’s?
    Why didn’t they just get their hair cut ffs, I mean look at the kid on the drums!

  394. If we are on a nostalgia trip, Why wasn’t “Rod, Jane and Freddie” never turned into a porn?
    It was tailor made for it, Dodgy haircuts, Terrible dress sense.
    I remember watching it and thinking, “When are they getting their kit off”?

  395. If anyone’s particularly bored, you can always pay a visit to and give fatso a virtual kicking.

    In comparison: Thatcher’s taken 100,337 hits so far. Piers Morgan’s total is 37,153. Jeremy Clarkson’s at 29,201. Ashley? 2,447,445! That’s TWO MILLION, four hundred and forty-seven thousand, four hundred and forty-five!

    It’s a protest of sorts – and it’s surprisingly addictive. You need to register for the punches to count.

  396. Just reading where DeJong stated he hopes to turn this loan deal into something more permanent.
    That’s a turnaround for a guy who not long ago totally rejected an opportunity to sign a permanent deal, in favor of going to Munchengladbach.
    I have the feeling this guy may very well end up like his fellow Dutchman Von Wolfswinkel, who has proved such a flop at Norwich.
    Let’s see ?

    Nah! it’s not my impression that Ashley is getting ready to sell, why would he, with the present tv revenues, which can only increase through time.

    We are stuck with this fat-ass control freak for the foreseeable future and the sheep will faithfully attend each game as always, dressed in their best WONGA finery.

    Depending on how we do, between now and the seasons end, should dictate how much we spend during the summer window, yeah summer, I mean what’s left to play for in this season.

    And it appears having sacked Donachie as coach of the youngsters, there’s no apparent rush to replace him,
    (good as really haven’t been very successful in ac

  397. ……acquiring good young talent, waste of time IMO)
    Better to sign proven youngsters who have represented their countries, from teenagers to early twenties.
    Bigirimana being an example.

    But what do I know?

  398. Worky, Over 10 million copies, People used to like the cheesy one’s if they were catchy lol.
    The Birdy Song was all the rage when i was a kid, I was more into Bad Manners though, And still am.
    I just remembering Big John Duncan out of The Exploited was trying to get on the stage with the Birds and legs eleven, When he was full of drink on T.O.T.P.

    Jeff and Micky Geggus out of the Cockney Rejects were meant to batter the Lambretta’s who had Poison ivy out at the time.
    Them were the days!

  399. joe hawkins says:
    February 10, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    “Worky, Over 10 million copies, People used to like the cheesy one’s if they were catchy lol.”

    Correct. That is like Live Aid or something like that. It was a hit all over the world.

  400. @ 540: oh yes, the gunshot wound one was class-great screen grab. He really does deserve to be given shit about that for the rest of his life.

  401. tunyc says:
    February 10, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    “I thought we dealt with pretty much everything in that first half except the two goals.”

    “…you know, to justify that there aren’t any problems at the club.”

    “Just shut it sometimes, Steve.”

    That was a classic footballerism worthy of Keegan or Robson. Again, it’s a question of how we perceive the person who’s saying it though.

    I sometimes wonder if Taylor entered into some kind of Faustian pact with the club after Carroll chinned him, everyone seemed to take Carroll’s side and his dad negotiaited a new contract. He’s such a teacher’s pet for the regime it’s nauseating. I remember one of his his big feelgood stories about how all he lads went out for a Chinese, and then ‘Derek’ walked in at the end and payed for it. Does anyone else remember that one?

    He went down just like Michael Caine at the end of ‘Get Carter’ in that sniper incident.

  402. “Hugh’s having the server shut down on the 21st, 11 days. However I might want to do something before that which involves taking them down slightly before that so say a week for definite.”

    gonna miss this place, nowhere else i know to vent my frustration on matchday with other sufferers

  403. I don’t know what we will do when this ceases to be!

    This Blog is unique in the different things we talk about.

    Si’s Blog is good, But it’s just total football and is quite rigid in that respect.
    That’s okay, But sometimes it’s good to go off in a tangent and discuss other things.
    You cannot always talk turkey about Football constantly, And you do run out of things to say.

  404. @ 551: that’s right, perception is key. Keegan and Robson always seem(ed) absent-minded to me, not devious or manipulative. Taylor seems like a full-of-shit water carrier for the club admin. He’s not saying something daffy: he’s telling me it’s raining while Ashley pisses down my back. Hadn’t heard the “Dekka bought us lo mein” story but it sounds about right.

    Either way, the statement is ridiculous: I had a good day, other than when my boss fired me and had me escorted out by security…

  405. @ 553: folks who talk about sports and nothing else all the time bore me. It’s weird, however much one enjoys the subject. I’ve never been able to stick to a purely-sports board.

    Even we idiots in my office get around to movies, politics, art, current events and, you know, our lives…

  406. tunyc says:
    February 11, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    “@ 553: folks who talk about sports and nothing else all the time bore me.”

    Not as much as the Ashley bores who just talk about the wonderful finances at the club since Ashley saved it from liquidation though.

  407. Some people are just boring all the time, no matter what the subject.

    It’s certainly not about lack of subject matter, hell we got the winter Olympics going full bore, which involves what is known as “chess on ice” otherwise known as curling (named after the way the stone turns or curls)
    when directed by those furiously brushing the ice.

    Of course not everyone finds it exciting, being they miss the subtleties of the game, it being purely tactical.

    I’m afraid Pardeux would never be good at it, as he and tactics, any kind of tactics, remain strangers to one another.

    Though there are those others who miss both the subtlety
    and soft touch of the game and have the temerity to state that the Scots are responsible for the invention of the two most boring games ever, golf and curling.

    Try watching it, you may realize all sports do not include, physicality and speed, and like darts and billiards it remains a game that can be played by the overweight, where height or strength, even gender plays little part.

    I would just like to add, that a vote for Billiards, Darts and Golf to be included during the next summer Olympics, vote early and often.

  408. Now that the blog is about to call it a day, having
    exhausted Worky and possibly bored others to death.

    Overall it was interesting enough, much better craic than the alternatives.

    But all good things come to an end and I’m sure most of us have more important things to fill our lives.

    Just like to say to AUSSIE MAGPIE FAN, who wrote….
    “chuck killed this blog site years ago”
    Gulp! I did ?
    How c

  409. ..”How come you waited until now to tell me” !

    And for (Dark Brown) who was always a Worky-Ticket ass kisser and who asked him numerous times to ban me, without success I may add.
    And though I have been quite acerbic at times, I don’t recall ever attempting to have someone banned or being so personally insulting.

    Who wrote, “Worky why not get rid of that twisted blustering old troll and let “real toon fans” have a decent civil dialogue until the server shuts down” .

    In which case both Aussie Toon and Dark Broon, why don’t you just go f**k yourselves.

  410. Ernest P. Worrell says:
    February 11, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    “Who wrote, “Worky why not get rid of that twisted blustering old troll and let “real toon fans” have a decent civil dialogue until the server shuts down”.

    :lol: Aye, and I meant it as well you dopey old fraud. You’re a troll by any definition of the word. Anywhere else, trolls get banned.

    You should be kissing worky’s rear end for tolerating you these last few years. You won’t be welcome anywhere else.

  411. Chuck, The Winter Olympics or Snow Sports are basically all the same.
    It’s see who can go down a hill or course of ice the fastest, That’s it basically!
    At least they are trying to make it a bit more interesting with the inclusion of “Snow Boarding”.
    Although i have always liked the Ski Jump, Them nutters have some bottle to do that!
    I bet their knees are knackered when they get older!

  412. Howay Darth, That’s a bit strang!
    There’s not long left on the blog to be wasting our time squabbling lol.

  413. In light of the new “Standing Areas” being allowed in “The Championship”, What are peoples view on them?
    Do you think it is good idea, Or do you think it is a waste of time, Money Etc?
    Do you also think it will end up being applied in the Premiership?

    Personally i would love to see standing brought back, And it has taken the atmosphere away from Football imo.
    I also think it was a cynical ruse by the “Powers That Be” to kick out the Working Class from Football, Who they blamed for the Hooliganism problem!

    What does everyone else think?

  414. joe hawkins says:
    February 12, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    “There’s not long left on the blog to be wasting our time squabbling lol.”

    Aha! that’s where you’re wrong, Joe. There was a conference between Hugh and myself yesterday evening and though I still can’t do anything much with the blog right now, Hugh won’t be taking the server down on the 21st any more.

    Should I do a ‘match banter’ post for this evening’s game in celebration?

  415. joe hawkins says:
    February 12, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    “So how long is left then Worky?”

    Well Hugh isn’t switching the server off, so it will still be online for the forseeable future at least.

  416. Oh dear just when I was getting ready for a good old final rant!
    Better if the blog stays a little longer then I can spread it out as this blog is as near as I want to get to being a supporter these days
    Go for it Worky you know it makes sense.

  417. @ 566: SWEET!! YES, DO THE MATCH BANTER…well, I’ll be here anyway. Can’t speak for anyone else.

    worky-at the risk of being accused of kissing your ass (lol) I appreciate your comments over at the mag. What really amazes me about the finance discussions is how most involved-especially the AshleyCo apologists-don’t bother with checking publicly available data to confirm/refute the propaganda. Then again, no different from anything like how a lot of folks recently told me they believe the economy is getting better because Obama said so on the tee-vee. I mean, who ya gonna believe? Paid mouthpieces for the powers that be or your lying eyes?

    @ 563: try the ice hockey, if you haven’t before. You might fall in love…people over here who are into football are very often hockey fans too.

  418. joe hawkins says:
    February 12, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    “I also think it was a cynical ruse by the “Powers That Be” to kick out the Working Class from Football, Who they blamed for the Hooliganism problem!

    “What does everyone else think?”

    Joe, in 1985 UEFA had a problem. They allowed a European Cup final to be held at an unsafe stadium which was in danger of falling down, and it did at the worst possible time.

    They needed a scapegoat and English fans in general, and Liverpool fans in particular were right there in the frame. Don’t get me wrong, they were English hooligans in abundance, but they weren’t much different to several other nations in Europe. At Heysel, Juventus fans were just as bad, but the wall fell one way and not another and that was that.

    UEFA also very peed off about English teams winning the European Cup every season, and that was even after Leeds United were completely robbed of a European Cup against Bayern Munich in 1975.

    Something had to be done and we English made the perfect scapegoats. And they could get us out of Europe too, it was like manna from heaven to them. At the same time, it also suited Margaret Thatcher’s demonisation of the poor agenda perfectly and she jumped with gusto, making it a perfect storm for English football fans. Rich Tory parasites always have a demonisation agenda against the poor, the sick and disabled etc, it isn’t a new thing.

    Finally, this was the time just after FIFA and UEFA was being taken over by super corrupt gangsters who have no scruples whatsoever like João Havelange and subsequently of course, Septic Bladder. When I say ‘gangsters’ I do mean that seriously and literally, like Al Capone or John Gotti.

  419. tunyc says:
    February 12, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    “Then again, no different from anything like how a lot of folks recently told me they believe the economy is getting better because Obama said so on the tee-vee. I mean, who ya gonna believe? Paid mouthpieces for the powers that be or your lying eyes?”

    Oh aye, there’s a big recovery here too, except for the fact that ordinary people are working in shitty low paid part time zero hour jobs with few rights instead of decent, secure full time jobs, but they’re all counted the same and pay is constantly losing track of inflation. of course, this means that poorer people are getting poorer all the time, just as the very rich are getting hugely richer all the time.

    The jobs which are counting as replacements for the ones which were lost in the recessions are frequently so bad that many of the people doing them still need welfare just to survive. Poverty figures, child malnutrion, food banks etc go off the scale for both the US and the UK.

  420. The standing issue is fascinating to me; here in America we’re socialized to be very acquiescing to any suggestion from those with power. I mean, a lot of Americans PREFER to sit through rock concerts! WTF?! That said, I could never follow the logic that standing itself causes problems. Why not give it a shot? It seems to be working fine in Germany.

  421. If they get this NAFTA deal across the line for the corporate’s, We are all f**ked and eating Frankenstein foods!

    Worky, The likes of Sepp Blatter are as dodgy as anything, I doubt whether you will see a British person ever being in the top jobs at UEFA or FIFA unless they gangsters.

    I saw the way they are going to do the standing areas at Bristol City on Sky Sports.
    It looks like a kind of hybrid system consisting of seats that can be folded away to leave a standing section.

    Well the blog has been saved for a while at least, I would have packed it in altogether because i wouldn’t want to go on another one phewwww!

  422. @ 573: and the perfect analogy between the American and British economic situation and reporting on it is the best evidence yet that capital has no fatherland.

    My coworker who told me the economy’s doing well-his family income is less than mine, as his wife can only find part time employment as a trained early-childhood caregiver, he has much more onerous student loan debt owed to private banks, has to help out his family economically and also has expensive health problems-he cited the recovering stock market as part of his view that the economy is looking up (again, parroting Obama). I weep for the future because of stuff like that.

  423. Tunyc, The problem in The States though is their is stigma attached to not wanting the best seats.
    What do they call people who sit on the benches at Baseball, Is it “Bleacher Bums” or something like that?

    You cannot whack standing at a game of Football though, You cannot beat that camararderie you have with it.
    You grab total strangers and hug them when you score a goal, You get that sense that you are all in it together.
    I have seen quiet blokes change their personality and drop their otherwise inhibitions.
    It can have it’s negative side as well, Hence the spontaneous violence during the 70’s and 80’s.
    Overall though it cannot be beaten imo, And it is like a drug.
    I used to turn up at 12.30pm on a Saturday just to soak it up and be part of it.
    All my mates were the same and the game didn’t kick off until 3.00pm.

  424. Sorry typo, Why am i repeating the spelling mistakes i am seeing on The Chronicle’s message board?
    It must be a “Freudian Slip” or something lol

  425. joe hawkins says:
    February 12, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    “I doubt whether you will see a British person ever being in the top jobs at UEFA or FIFA unless they gangsters.”

    Joe, before Havelange the British Sir Stanley Rous was the head of FIFA.

  426. Worky

    How’d you get the extension? Did it involve cutting a deck of cards? Have you still got the deeds to your house :)

    Is Hugh going to be blogging again?

  427. joe-yeah, bleacher bums is a term. Those seats are always cheapest though because a baseball field isn’t at all symmetrical and you’re as far as you can possibly be from the action out there. That said, the view of the whole field is spectacular and it was pretty cool when I was a kid that I could go see a Cardinals game for $8. (I understand those tix are $20, but at least the team’s won 2 championships recently and been in the finals a couple more times in addition.) But we don’t stand even there.

    As for the game? Another AP master class: 0-2 loss; 0-0 at half, AP tries to batten down the hatches in the second 45 but is done in by Adebayor (68′, damn!-just before AP was going to bring on Gosling to save us) and just for variety, a 75′ OG.

  428. Joe

    I think perhaps you may have forgotten how going to St. James’Park, back in the day where the only seating was in the main stand was.

    Especially if you were a kid and shorter than most.
    One had to either go way down front (sometimes being carried over adult heads in order to get there).

    I was fortunate to find the nesr perfect viewing spot, on the rail at the top of the east terraces.

    But anyone who prefers standing an a crowd of well over fifty thousand, needless to say uncovered, as the only areas with roofs were the Leazes end and the main stand.

    As some kind of romantic memory, it may bring back, that’s about all it’s worth, in reality it’s no more than a Luddite fantasy.