Newcastle United vs Chelsea: A great day slightly tarnished

Posted on November 3rd, 2013 | 18 Comments |

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Dear readers, this is just another quick note to let you know that my latest piece for was published this morning.

Entitled, well actually it originally had the same title as this piece when I wrote it, but the Metro in their infinite wisdom have decided to retitle it “How Alan Pardew tarnished Newcastle United’s great win over Chelsea.” They are my reflections on Newcastle United’s 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Saturday.

You can find it by following the link below:

How Alan Pardew tarnished Newcastle United’s great win over Chelsea.


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18 Responses

  1. Thanks Worky – had a proper good session at the weekend – great to get a Win as well !!

  2. AndyMac says:
    November 4, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    “Here’s something to stick in your next Metro piece, you investigative journo.”

    Cheers Andy. I’ve just left one for them about how the Joe Kinnear wanting to sign Shane Ferguson rumour may have been started by a Sunderland fan several weeks ago.

    Alan Oliver is such an awful liar.

    I have another one up my sleeve too.

  3. All I have to say about Pardew is that performances like Saturday cropping up amongst the turds we’ve seen lately are the strongest indication of his incompetence.

    We know we have a good squad. It’s full of internationals from premium sides. Saturday showed their potential. Pardew can’t get that out of them consistently. These are facts.

  4. Good point, well made ! Who knows the potential of this squad ? Pardwho doesnt thats for sure !

  5. tunyc says:
    November 4, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    “All I have to say about Pardew is that performances like Saturday cropping up amongst the turds we’ve seen lately are the strongest indication of his incompetence.”

    AndyMac says:
    November 4, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    “Good point, well made ! Who knows the potential of this squad ? Pardwho doesnt thats for sure !”

    This one will get you lot radged then! :-)

    “Future is bright at St James'”

  6. worky @ 10: I don’t know. It’s pretty “meh” for me.

    Then again, I’ve been told that AshleyCo is the SAVIOR of this club in some rather colorful, aggressive, ill-informed and condescending ways for a few years now, so that could be it.

    I still find your soft spot for ol’ Uncle Joe humorous…but carry on!

  7. The fact most of our French players are now showing the reason they were bought.
    The so called adjustment period, that many fans believe is a part of playing in the EPL is over.
    Personally i believe it’s nonsense, sure an adjustment to a new side in a new league, is required, but it shouldn’t take an entire season.
    It appears Cabaye has recovered the form of his first season here, and his buddy Debuchy is now showing why we went back for him.
    Which may be a concern, as playmakers are at a premium, along with good wingbacks, which we have two and we already know, everyone is for sale if the price is right.
    Look i quite like Anita, but the short period he played (being fresh) i think that and the fact he supplied the pass resulting in the second, earned him a bit of overpraising.
    Yes the guy can pass the ball, but he’s no defensive player, wheras Tiote ran his ass off, as did Sissoko and Gouffran and it was the efforts of the midfielders, that won the game.
    That and a stay at home pair of FB’s, who only broke out when the opportunity availed itself.
    Plus i would like to know why our great tactician, didn’t replace both Gouffran and Sissoko earlier, as they were obviously tired from the effort they put out.
    Shola starting was an obvious poor judgement, he should only be used as a late impact player.
    Now we should do everything we can to secure Remy’s signature as IMO he is a natural goalscorer.
    Obviously Cisse is suffering from a loss of confidence, but being a Pardew signing, both he and Obertan will continue to get time.
    I would be satisfied if we brought in a quality CB, preferably someone with size and a nasty attitude, or a outstanding prospect CB and a veteran with the nasty attitude.
    Perhaps a winger, try for Zaha on loan, but the fact we have (Joe’s) choice out on loan, (Ferguson) makes me wonder who makes the decisions, like selling our local lad and possibly future Engerland goalie, for two mill. quid.
    But we need defensive help, CD’s.

  8. tunyc says:
    November 4, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    “I still find your soft spot for ol’ Uncle Joe humorous…but carry on!”

    If you’re referring to my latest story, it’s not about that, it’s about integrity and the fact that shite is shite whomever it may concern. If someone is really so bad, then you shouldn’t have to lie about them and it isn’t right anyway. You should know that.

  9. pardew gets credit for the first goal on saturday because he had a word with cabaye. what do you suppose he said, “whip it in to the back stick”… inspired stuff.

    taking credit for 1 set piece when we haven’t scored from a corner in what, 2 years is not surprising with pardew.

    i still get the feeling that we win games like saturday’s despite pardew and not because of him.

  10. and i don’t think he ‘slightly’ tarnished the game with his post-match comments, he just reinforced what i already knew… that he’s slimy, cockney toad with his tongue firmly up his boss’s ‘arris.

  11. tunyc/worky

    If it’s about integrity, then what does that say about
    judgement, when defendig such stalwarts as the diplomatic (“wor Joe”) and the next Engerland CD “Leaden Mike” ?
    If it were me i would’a copped a plea to stubborness.
    And dont be so sure thats not what we are dealing with.

  12. Stewpot

    It;s not rocket science to call your guy taking a free kick over and whisper in his ear, if it turns out successful you are a hero, if it turns brown, who remembers, in which case the kicker takes the blame, for failing to execute.
    What a guy eh!

  13. worky-I kid. I appreciate that sort of thing. It’s instructive about the importance of vetting sources especially now when the internet facilitates, more than anything, the free flow of bullshit. You may have already noted my unadulterated cynicism when it comes to mainstream journalists so I’m too cynical there to be surprised.

    On the other hand, I hope you don’t feel the need to run down every story-especially in sports journalism-that’s based purely on rumor/completely un-sourced.