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With so many France internationals in the Newcastle United team nowadays, I just thought I’d post a live stream for this evening’s crucial World Cup Qualifier between France and the Ukraine so you can see how the likes of Cabaye, Remy and Sissoko get on. Alas, there will be no Ben Arfa as he is about as popular as Eichmann at a Bar Mitzvah with current France manager Didier Deschamps, who was Benny’s manager when he went on strike at Marseilles.

The kick-off will be at 8.00pm UK time and the show should start around 7.45pm.

In case you don’t know already (which you probably do), Les Bleus are already 2-0 down after the first leg of this clash, and will need a great performance to have any chance of beating a strong Ukrainian side to Brazil. If they do, it will be a first as no European team has managed to come back from a 2-0 deficit before.

Of course, Shola is already packing his bucket and spade for the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema after some sparkling performances for Nigeria, not to mention an outsatnding goal in their last friendly against Italy, Shola’s second for the ‘Super Eagles,’ I have also posted a video of that below for those of you who haven’t seen it already.

Shola – Let the Eagle score!


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55 Responses

  1. Cheers work, bizarre to think that we’ll be seeing Shola in Brazil and probably not cabaye and co
    Made up for shola tho, it’s like a boys own story…. Well apart from the fact he’s paid loads as a professional footballer

  2. Mindshaft says:
    November 19, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    “Cheers work, bizarre to think that we’ll be seeing Shola in Brazil and probably not cabaye and co
    Made up for shola tho, it’s like a boys own story…. Well apart from the fact he’s paid loads as a professional footballer”

    I thought someone might be interested, mindshaft.

    Eusebio played at the World Cup, so why not the Fenham Eusebio? He did relinquish a chance to be a winner of the African Cup of Nations to sit on the bench at SJP. He could have kissed his International career goodbye too if Stephen Keshi wasn’t such a big fan of his and hence very understanding. He’s far more valued there than he is at Newcastle.

  3. Not hard to see Frances tactics here, go to ground at any touch and hope to get someone sent off

  4. geordiedan says:
    November 19, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    “Is the link broken? Won’t work for me.”

    Any luck yet Geordiedan?

    It seems to be working fine at this end. I don’t know what to suggest apart from the usual things like refreshing the page.

  5. Just finally got it working, thanks.

    Much appreciated and just in time for the 2nd French goal!

    Quality. Cheers mate

  6. so far so good – Ukraine look quite dangerous on the break tho and if they score 1 france need 2 more
    Just noticed England are losing 1-0 to Germany B team

  7. Still as tight as a gnat’s chuff then.

    England haven’t been too bad but if you can’t even give Fritz one or two chances. It isn’t really a B team, more an A- team really.

  8. Watching the Germany vs Engerland game, crap !
    The Engerland hopefulls against the German reserves, who have dominated.
    I doubt if either are going anywhere next year in Brasil.
    Missed the Chile game, where another Bielsa clone managed, embarrasing !
    The only answer is to give the managerial role to that great French strategist “Alain Pardue”
    Besides he looks good in a blazer, with the badge n’ everything like.

  9. Game over, one zip to the Krouts, outplayed and outfoxed was the commentators final word.
    What’s new ?

  10. just switched over to hear Ballack saying there is a lot of room for improvement as this was not our 1st team !! kin useless England

  11. I was watching the game that had consequences for a lot of our players. They will now have even more incentive to play well for us for the rest of the season although I think Cabaye, Debuchy and Remy are certain to go anyway.

    I wouldn’t write off the Germans although it is likely to be a South American team that wins the World Cup. One of Brasil, Argentina or Uruguay and I don’t think I have to be Mystic Meg to predict that.

    I also watched the Ronaldo game.

  12. It sort of worked out that the playoffs sent the expected teams to the WC. I wonder if the draw was rigged?

  13. Wor guys advanced, most fans now have both France n Engerland to root for, after all we got more team members playing for La Belle France.
    Bout time the Newcastle fans got some decent team chants going, something with alez! in it.
    Because using that toon! toon! crap is boring and lacks any imagination, that goes for most other chants.
    Would much prefer the old Howeeeeeaaaaah Neeewcasil!

  14. You mean France and Nigeria surely, with Shola one of the faves to win the golden boot

    The fact that he’s even playing in Brazil is the stuff of dreams so who knows what could happen…..
    Saying that he’ll probably get injured and end up not going!

  15. Watching the games yesterday:

    France are as good as England. We have 4 players in the French squad plus M’Biwa, Ben Arfa, Marveaux and Gouffran on the fringes. How can NUFC not be doing better, especially when our other first teamers are Krul, Tiote, Anita, Santon, Coloccini, Cisse?

    Williamson for England.

    Would any of the current England team get in the Germany A team? Rooney was once touted to be on the same level as Ronaldo. That is a joke. Only Messi at his best would have scored that hattrick yesterday.

  16. After a bit more consideration:

    Well, I suppose we are 9th and Southhampton are a surprise package. All the other teams above us are expected to be there, so perhaps we are where we should be.

  17. Just for the hell of it I looked to see if I was correct in saying that a few of our players are on the fringes of the French squad. Partially:

    Ben Arfa has made 13 appearances
    M’Biwa has made 3
    Marveaux 0, but 11 under 21
    Gouffran 0, but 23 under 21

  18. GS says:
    November 20, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    “Well, I suppose we are 9th and Southhampton are a surprise package. All the other teams above us are expected to be there, so perhaps we are where we should be.”

    We should be around 7th or 8th, GS, fighting it out with Everton to be a ‘best of the rest’ team behind a runaway top six.

  19. Seems Newcastle has become an attraction for a number of clubs, with Ashley touting Santon, Ben Arfa is looking as if he may get the push, for the right price (lacking consistency)
    It also appears Gutierez could be on his way and Napoli and a number of Italian sides are looking at Krul.
    Then of course there’s the unsolved Cabaye situation and as there’s been no Contract raise or extension, the price is probably the same.
    Yes folks we could see a gutted side going into the second half of the season.
    Rumors of Ince, Zaha and Gomis coming in are of course good news, but i doubt if it will happen, maybe Gomis!
    However the chance of selling for big bucks are IMO too much for Ashley to turn down, and why not, it’s his policy.
    Silverware nah! make a buck thats his ambition, plus he probably believes he’s some kinda dealmaker, dream on….

  20. I asked this about a week ago, but, does anybody know if Jonas and Marveaux are still training at NUFC. There hasn’t been a peep about them in the local media that I saw.

  21. @GS

    jonas is back in argentina. not sure what’s up with him but he occasionally tweets things that suggest he’s having problems in his personal life.

    i don’t speak spanish so i can’t really understand much of what he says but the whole situation seems odd with the club saying nothing.

    haven’t got a clue what the crack is with marv.

  22. It seems some of our defenders, are not only suspect while defending, they have common sense issues.
    What am i on about, well our flavor of the month defender, Williamson, has recently praised our ex manager
    (due to return to St. James’ Park on the weekend) Hughton.
    Mentioning he was a stand up guy, which i’m sure Mr. Pardew has not heard yet.
    Both he and Taylor, what kind of planet do they live on.

  23. Hopefully Jonas will remain in Argentina, thanks for the effort, you got paid well, for little production.
    Perhaps you and Colo., can stay employed preferably at home, being your services are no longer required.
    Hey we all lose a step !

  24. In my best Richie Benaud: So’oo honours even at the Gabba on day one, a bit of nip and tuck, but honours even.

  25. I was trying to explain cricket last night again:

    That strip of grass is the wicket, but the three stumps are also the wickets and if you’re out, that’s also a wicket.

    Right? I think I was just saying it to confuse Yanks that were watching a bit of the cricket with me and couldn’t understand why the bowler didn’t just chuck it and had to bounce the ball.

  26. GS says:
    November 21, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    “That strip of grass is the wicket,”

    It’s a very lightly tufted strip of clay though, it’s the rest that’s all grass which will confuse her further. Trying to teach a Yank about cricket is like trying to teach a Chimpanzee about quantum theory. It never works.

  27. Worky: I just left it with:

    it’s like baseball except there are only 2 innings and it last 5 days, with breaks for lunch and tea.

  28. When I played cricket in London my girlfriend watched a couple of times. We had food during the innings break and she got interested then.

    Oh, so you have sandwiches. Who makes them?

    Us, wives and girlfriends…

    Next thing I knew, a couple of games later, there were pies, tarts, devilled eggs, sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

  29. I cant imagine anyone , Yank or not, ever being interested in such a boring pastime.
    And of course the ball contrary to a claim on here doesn’t have to bounce first.
    And why do those batting have to use more protection than a NFL footballer, looks a bit wimpy to me.

  30. This being a Football blog, can we stay with the program.
    Or will we eventually end up discussing the various tactics and techniques of field hockey and curling.
    Another couple of thrilling spectator sports, though i doubt if you will find many sandwiches with the crusts cut orf, during the tea break.
    Does that make them Kosher ?

  31. GS. Re the Ashes coverage:

    I don’t know if you took up that cable package you mentioned a couple of weeks ago: If you didn’t, you can pick up a feed from

    I watched the opening day on one of the feeds linked from Wiziwig (can’t remember which one) and the quality was very good. Beats lining Murdoch’s pockets anyday.

  32. Darth, old Charlie Adamson was the headmaster of my prep school in Durham, Bow School. I don’t know about nowadays but at Bow School and the public school it was attached to, Durham, we just used to play sports (and army cadets) all day and we were the best in the country. We even beat Rugby school at Rugby when we played ’em.

    I wimped out of Durham when my parents moved to Darlo because it was one of those very hard posh schools which bred army officers, England rugby captains and such, and as I mentioned, they just played Rugby all the f***ing time and I liked football. That Alexander Armstrong on the telly is an ex Dunelmian too, he’s one of the Armstrongs as in the big Elswick factory.

    By the time I went to my new school near Richmond, I’d hardly played football properly so it was too late for me to be Johan Cruyff. That’s where I was taught football by Lance Robson. He was a dentist and ex Darlo legend by that time. One of his bairns, Lance Jr. was in my class. Poor Lance Snr was only about my age when he died, which I only learned recently.

  33. Darth: I signed up at Willow.TV. $15 a month and it starts at 6pm and goes through ’til 2am. That doesn’t even interfere with my football.

    Now I am off meet Chuck to harvest some clams, catch trout or something else that is totally unrelated to football but I will keep y’all posted.

  34. GS says:
    November 21, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    “Now I am off meet Chuck to harvest some clams,”

    He’ll show you his cockles and barnacles if you ask him nicely, GS.

  35. Maybe I can write a recipe book stealing all of Chuck’s recipes that he posted on here, that, of course, were all related to football?

    Or maybe I can post something about Kenyans?

    That’s my last word Worky, you don’t have to delete it :)

  36. Worky @46: It is the Daily (hate) Mail that does it to me. I go to read the sports section and every time they have that family as the first story on their intro page.

  37. I’m no expert, but I thought it was only lasses and gay men who read and gossip about the Kardashians. I thought they were aliens from Star Trek until recently.

  38. You don’t understand Worky. I don’t read it. It is on the intro page. And then I go to the sports section.

    Then they have even more shite.

  39. Funny you should mention that Workey, there appears to be a male fscination with her ass, as big as a brewers horse i here.
    However no one is actually making any accusations or denials, (@50 #) but……

  40. Well, my cricket bubble is burst after yesterday :) Better stick to NUFC as Chuck advised.

    Jonas was on “compassionate leave”. I hope it wasn’t too serious. Now he is back it will probably mean that we don’t see Obertan come on as sub anymore. We will probably not see Ben Arfa either, which is a real pity.

  41. chuck says:
    November 22, 2013 at 1:41 am

    “Funny you should mention that Workey, there appears to be a male fscination with her ass, as big as a brewers horse i here.”

    Lots of women have a fat arse nowadays though, Chuck, and men too.

  42. GS says:
    November 22, 2013 at 10:24 am

    “Jonas was on “compassionate leave”.

    I’ve can only remember five Premier League players being granted time off for compassionate leave, and three of them have been Argentinian, Tevez, Colo and Gutierrez, along with Rooney and Anelka. With Rooney and Anelka it was for a few days but with the Argentinians it’s weeks and months.

  43. Worky: I think they get homesick because their families don’t want to move to England (I could be wrong with Jonas, as there are no details). We seem to have a weird policy of being very accommodating to players – Ben Arfa was allowed to rehab in France for 6 months and Pardew famously said Cabaye was depressed after the Euros.

    I would expect the Fatman to want more control since they are on his payroll.