Sunderland vs Newcastle United mega match preview

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Sunderland fans.
Time to face the Banjo twangers again.
Venue: Stadium of Blight, Blunderland.
Date: Sun 27th Oct, 2013.
Kick off: 1.30pm.
Referee: Lee Probert.
UK TV: Sky Sports.

“They’re an odd lot let me tell you; ideas above their station yet supporting a team who are nothing more than a hindrance even when at their best under Peter Reid.”

Wrote Sir Alex Grumpyface on Sunderland fans. I think he is referring to the time when they once came seventh under their simian faced supremo, with Peter Reid winning a Manager of the Year award then bombing the next season in a style later emulated beautifully by our own silver supremo in the his last two seasons on Tyneside. But as most Newcastle United fans know, our old friend Sunderland is always there so we can say to ourselves “oh well, things could be worse!”

Meanwhile on Newcastle and it’s fans, old red nose had the following to say:

“If you bring success to those fans you will have achieved something that will write you into the folklore of a special city. To go so long without and whiff of success yet still retain that amount of passion is unique.”

Which is better than that stuff about “a wee club from the north-east.”

Previous results.

NUFC Blog on
NUFC Blog on
Before I get on with this section, this is just a little plug for my other blog on, where I also take a look forward to the Sunderland game.

As I point out in that piece, out a potential 18 points in their last six Premier League games, Sunderland have won NONE, and the Magpies aren’t doing too badly at all with 11 out of 18. Actually, they haven’t one ANY of their last 12 Premier League games (L9, D3). What is more, whilst that 0-3 defeat to them last time at St James Park might have smarted a little at the time, it is the only Tyne – Wear derby Sunderland have won out of the last eleven. Let us hope that normal service is resumed in this game!

Tyne-Wear derby: Newcastle should be strong favourites, but there’s hope for Sunderland.

On the Magpies’ side, we really could do with three points before we go into face Man City in the League Cup on Wednesday, before facing Chelsea and Tottenham in the Premier League. Once again you never know, but I don’t think I’ll put my life savings on those three games!

As for our games with Sunderland last season, we drew 1-1 at the Stadium of Blight. Then of course, there was that abovementioned game which will live in infamy to quote Roosevelt. Let’s move on.

Team Results Points
Sunderland L|L|L|L|L|L 0/18
Newcastle United D|W|L|L|W|W 11/18

Team news.


This game could see the return of Wes Brown, the Ryan Taylor of the Sunderland squad as he has been out for over 18 months now with a knee injury, though it seems to be a more minor calf strain which might keep him out this time.

Injured: None.

Doubtful: Wes Brown (calf).

Suspended: None.

Newcastle United.

As you can see below if you don’t know already (which you probably do), all the casualties in the Newcastle United squad (and a suspension for this game) are in the defensive area. If anything though, things have actually got better in the Newcastle backline amidst the carnage. With Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa being suspended for this game after being sent off against Liverpool, here’s hoping that young left back Paul Dummett is up to the task in the centre of defence once again if the doubtful Steven Taylor doesn’t make it. He certainly made an impression in his substitute appearence against Liverpool last weekend with a very well taken goal in the 56th minute of our valiant 2-2 draw against the Red menace.

Injured: Fabricio Coloccini (groin), Ryan Taylor (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).

Doubtful: Steven Taylor (hamstring)

Suspended: Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (one game).

What the managers have been saying…

Gus Poyet.

The new Sunderland Supremo said what he was expected to say, waxing lyrical about the special nature of the Tyne-Wear derby:

“This is an opportunity to forget about any doubts and play a proper game.

“You don’t need any kind of special motivation at the pre-match meeting at all, they know.”

“I think it’s the perfect game to start winning. If we need to win one game at this football club it’s this Derby and we know that. We need a win, we need the three points. We’re desperate to go there and do well well (er, does he know he’s playing at home this time?) and if we can start doing that in this game, that is perfection.”

“They are always special and I don’t think you can analyse these games because when you are on the pitch it is a unique situation, a unique game. The decisions, the tension, the atmosphere, everything is different, so you cannot really think about what happened before, or what is going to happen after.”

“This is a game to win, so everything is set up to win this football game. Then we need to wait and see the result, but we are focussed completely on winning this football game.”

Alan Pardew.

“We’re looking forward to it (the game with Sunderland). We’re off the back of two good performances and we want to get a third one under our belt.

“It will be Gus’s first home game as the manager of Sunderland, so there’ll be a special atmosphere there and we need to be prepared for that. Hopefully, we will. We’ve got a good side, an attacking side, and I think we’re good to watch when we’re in full flow, hopefully we can bring that to the surface on Sunday.”

Excerpts from Pardew’s pre-match press conference for the Sunderland game. In the second he speaks on the Pope’s recent endorsement of Sunderland, which shows that though a Mackem has still never been spotted in Milan, one has now been spotted in Rome! The Silver Fox explains how he has told the Pope’s bezzie mate and fellow San Lorenzo supporter, Fabricio Coloccini, to have a quiet word with the Pontiff.

Finally, here’s another view on the Papal endorsement from an unfortunate Cider drinking Mackem lunatic in a balaclava to make us all realise how fortunate we are really.

Well that’s just about it for now, except to remind you about our “Match banter” blog which will begin an hour or two before the game, and that I will also be posting match highlights and hopefully a full match video when the game is over.

Tyne-Wear derby: Newcastle should be strong favourites, but there’s hope for Sunderland.


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17 Responses

  1. Look guys ,

    If we don’t win today can always go horse punching after the game , great laff . 12 months with no previous ! Very nearly the proudest moment of my 48 year history as a toon fan, magnificent punch . The geezer was from morpeth too my old stomping grund !

    The picture is actually taken when two sunderland blokes got married in a gay wedding . The boy crying because it was his uncle and he too had a crush on him , Dennis Tueart was his name , they now live in a squat in peterlee , apparently one of them got donated a whom and has given birth to a turd which he keeps in a box .

    Hopefully one day this turd will play for the black cats ! said Dennis and his loverboy , …

    Yeah one more turd with the other ten loads of crap will fit in great !

    Back to the sport noo !

    3-1 to the toon metinx !

    HTFL !~

    October 27, 2013 at 12:31 am

    “<<<<< wont ask what hes up to in the toilet lmao" Toon, could be a reference to Gus Poyet's last days at Brighton, where someone from Brighton allegedly dropped his log in the opposition changing rooms before a game. This was shortly before Poyet was fired for gross (and it would indeed be gross if it was that) misconduct.

  3. At least “The True Geordie” doesn’t hide behind a mask, And fronts up to everyone.
    I find it staggering that the Mackem lad, Has actually took the time to put that s***e together!
    The background wobbled more than a set on, “Prisoner Cell Block H”.
    I mean he had all that time to think about what he was going to do, But in the end, He couldn’t even come up with decent lyrics.
    Talking about meeting Gus Poyet in a toilet, Creepy stuff indeed!
    Then again, You are talking about an area that spawned “Wearside Jack”, Which echoes more on that side of things, Than humour.
    “I see you are no neeeeaaaarer to catching me, Than when i started four yuuur ago”!

    We will be favourites going in to this one, But you cannot take anything for granted, As form goes out the window, In these games!
    If we go there with a similar set up to the Liverpool game, I cannot see us getting beat.
    The only problem we might have is in defence, If Sunderland can capitalize on that, Then it could be interesting.
    I can see us scoring goals, But it’s doubtful we will keep a clean sheet either.
    If we can get an early goal, Then i can see Sunderland capitulating.

  4. joe hawkins says:
    October 27, 2013 at 11:08 am

    “I see you are no neeeeaaaarer to catching me, Than when i started four yuuur ago”!

    John Humble from Pennywell, Joe. He had thick stubble all over his face, yet he still had a big Graeme Souness tache over the top of it. :lol: Typical Mackem tramp!

  5. Worky, They haven’t let him out early?, Because i think he’ll have to wear a balaclava for life, After what he did!
    A couple of my mates dads were pulled in for questioning, When they first thought it was a “Geordie accent”.
    He caused a lot of damage through his pathetic hoax!

  6. Worky, Did you see his interview with the police?
    He was that drunk when they arrested him, They had to dry him out for 2 or 3 days, Before he was coherent to be spoken to!
    The guilt of what he had done, Had turned him into an alcoholic.
    The stupid f**k even jumped off the Wear Bridge, And he survived, Being pulled from the water, By the police, When he was younger.

    So John, What do you think about your actions now?
    “Wye it was eeeeeeeevil man”

  7. joe hawkins says:
    October 27, 2013 at 11:53 am

    “A couple of my mates dads were pulled in for questioning, When they first thought it was a “Geordie accent”.”

    Joe, it is OBVIOUSLY a Mackem accent, it has that classic Mackem whingy tone to it. Idiots.

  8. joe hawkins says:
    October 27, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    “The guilt of what he had done, Had turned him into an alcoholic.
    “The stupid f**k even jumped off the Wear Bridge, And he survived, Being pulled from the water, By the police, When he was younger.”

    It was probably just living in Pennywell that made him alcoholic and suicidal, Joe. You couldn’t live there sober.

  9. Your not wrong there Worky, It makes the “Gaza Strip” look like Beverley Hills!

    It was the typical view, Where everyone in the North East is a Geordie, They even try to tag “Smog Monster’s” as Geordie’s
    The two idiots who ran the Ripper Investigation, Were as thick as s**t!

    I’ve just been on the “Ready To Go” message board, Some of them are putting on bets, For us to win!
    Some of them reckon they have a chance because Pardew is a knacker, And the defence is crap!
    Which in a way, You have to agree with them, In that respect.

  10. <<<<<<<<<<<<<, this dude here thinks the pope chats out of what he should be siting on lmao

  11. joe hawkins says:
    October 27, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    “I’ve just been on the “Ready To Go” message board, Some of them are putting on bets, For us to win!”

    To be fair Joe, there have been Geordies on this and other blogs claiming they have put bets on us to lose in the past, especially last season.