Sunderland vs Newcastle United full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Sunderland v Newcastle United full match video from the Stadium of Light.

Extended highlights.

‘Match of the Day’ highlights of the game.

Alternative highlights.

Highlights of the game.

Post match interviews.

An unbelievable post match interview from Alan Pardew.

Gus Poyet’s very relieved.

Score and goal scorers.

Sunderland 2 (Fletcher 5, Borini 85), Newcastle United 1 (Debuchy 57).

Teams and other match facts.

Sunderland (4-4-2): Keiren Westwood (G); Phil Bardsley (Ondrej Celustka 77), John O’Shea (c), Carlos Cuellar, Andrea Dossena; Sebastian Larsson, Lee Cattermole (Ki Sung-Yueng 71), Jack Colback, Adam Johnson (Fabio Borini 69); Jozy Altidore, Steven Fletcher.

Subs: Vito Mannone (G), Ondrej Celustka, Valentin Roberge, Ki Sung-Yueng, Craig Gardner, Emanuele Giaccherini, Fabio Borini.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G); Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Paul Dummett, Davide Santon; Moussa Sissoko (Papiss Cisse HT), Cheick Tiote (c), Yohan Cabaye; Yoan Gouffran, Hatem Ben Arfa, Loic Remy (Shola Ameobi 70).

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Massadio Haidara, Vurnon Anita, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Papiss Cisse, Shola Ameobi.

Yellow cards: Steven Fletcher (5), Yohan Cabaye (28),

Red cards: None.

Referee: Lee Probert.

Attendance: 46,313.

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57 Responses

  1. What a poor advert for soccor in N.E. Kick and rush by both sides no proper control of the ball and what was Pardew thinking? Taking of Sissoko for Cisse, leaving on HBA who played the worst game i’ve seen him play. Why take of Remy. Cisse was just as bad as HBA. So starts the big slide down with Man C. next(cup) Chelsea, Spurs and Man U. In the League. UNLESS our tactics improve we will be back in the relegation hunt

  2. I was at the match today (unfortunately) and to be honest, despite the stats showing we had plenty more(half) chances than them we were absolutely awful.

    Yes we got slightly better after the break but we gave the unarguably worst (and least confident) team in the league every chance to win this game.

    The 1st half just seemed to disappear into insignificance before I could fully take in their 6th minute opener and before I knew it I’d seen the full 90 minutes + go by with Sissoko, Ben Arfa, Remy, Gouffran, Cabaye and many others just oblivious to the fact they’d let us all down so much last time that they needed to ******* try!!!!!!!

    The 2nd was predictably more of an effort to avoid being embarrassed but when you get the combination of half-arsed players and s**t officiating going against you then you know its just not going to happen.

    We deserved what we got-f*** ALL. What a waste of £100

    Tomorrow I wake up skint and they wake up an extra £5,000-20,000 richer, despite backing them every second and them backing me for about 5 seconds throughout!

  3. Oh, and to top it all off I tried to speak to ‘wor little Adam Campbell at the bar just before the game and he apparently is above talking to the likes of us and wouldn’t even look at me.

    I’d said, “well done for getting (himself) involved” and he must “be proud”, “hope you get in the next derby …..”.

    Couldn’t even be arsed to turn around and say cheers/thanks/f**k**f. Nowt to me.

    Didn’t realise just how much these young’uns think the World of themselves as soon as they play 5 minutes of 1st team footy!

    I was embarrassed for him to be honest.

  4. ascot7 says:
    October 27, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    “Passion. can only come from a bunch of geordies.”

    Like Kevin Nolan, Rob Lee, Nolberto Solano, Kevin Keegan, Gary Speed, Malcolm MacDonald, George Robledo, Ronnie Simpson, Hughie Gallacher and so on..?

  5. I think we should get a bunch of cockneys in…and be done with it :lol:
    Maybe banning the local media will be a decent thing and maybe they will report more honestly rather than ass licking.
    Who wants to listen to Pardew spouting his nonsense every week anyway?

  6. At least we will not have to put up with the silver dickhead’s constant drivel, Which can only be a good thing.
    That defeat mortally wounded the idiot yesterday, And his crap attempts at propaganda and blame shifting, Are not going to wash anymore!

    The one thing we are now starting to see, Is Mike Ashley isn’t as thick skinned, As people think.
    The criticism he receives, Is hurting him.
    Personally i think Ashley is p***ed off because he has spent the last few years trying to crush dissention.
    He has tried to dictate who gets into the stadium, He has tried to do the same at away matches.
    The biggest thing he did think though, was he had The Chronicle in his back pocket.
    To be fair, A lot of the fan base thought the same, And Pardew used it as a platform to spread disinformation on behalf of Ashley.
    Ashley thought he had everything the way he wanted, But the reporting of protest march, Which there was nothing wrong with, And was lawful!
    It now shows Mike Ashley and his regime, Have been engaged in a operation to subvert and control and manipulate the fan base of Newcastle United.
    If there was any doubt about that, You can now see that this has been the case from day one of his tenure!
    Those portraits of messrs Ashley, Kinnear and Pardew, With word Liar emblazoned underneath, Have hit a nerve with these crooks.
    I also think that the recent meeting between the fans group and Ashley cohorts and W***A.COM, There was a level of arrogance shown by them, And they sneered at a protest, Saying they would be lucky if 50 to a 100 people showed up.
    They thought they had won all the battles in their quest to create a club of zombies, They can manipulate.
    Ashley woke up to the fact that he still cannot defeat the will of the people, The Kray’s were booted out in the 60’s, And we will get rid of these cowboys also!

  7. Iphone is shite I cant find this app anywhere Worky how can I register I need my space to call for parpoos head

  8. I would like to think the Chronicle thing would change a few attitudes but I doubt it.As long as the Wonga Shirt Wearing Sheep continue to file into the ground and spend hard earned cash on his tat nothing will change.Change only happens if you are prepared to demand and fight for it.Carrying on as normal and hoping things will get better is a sure way of putting up with this dross and worse for the foreseeable future.
    Ive heard the call get behind the team many times. But there comes a time when they need a kick up the ass for the Pathetic Pardew induced crap they are producing.
    Having said this I can’t see the present supporters getting up any head of steam to demand change.

  9. Nutmag, They won’t always file into the Stadium, Apathy always dictates in the end.
    Lets not forget, Most dictatorships are finite, And they crumble eventually.
    It happened during the Mckeag era, And it will happen again, During Ashley’s tenure, Because he will never change, But the fan loyalty will disapate.
    Only the most deliverancesque fan will stand for Ashley continued Sleight Of Hand!
    Chin up, All is not lost!

  10. R.I.P Lou Reed, We’ve lost another of the old guard, Soon there won’t be any of the characters left, And we will be left to the tender mercies of people like “Cold Play”, Which doesn’t bear thinking about!
    The name is ironic in itself, Because i go cold, Every time they play !

  11. Joe@11
    The time Ive been around I hope you can forgive my loss of patience.Ive hung on to the memory of our cup wins for so long now.At least I have them. How you younger guys keep going god only knows.
    Lets hope this is the beginning of the end for Ashley and I’m around to see it.

  12. sampdiago says:
    October 28, 2013 at 11:16 am

    “Iphone is shite I cant find this app anywhere Worky how can I register I need my space to call for parpoos head”

    Sampdiago, wasn’t that a call for Parpoo’s head then?

    Do you know where the links to register are? Top right on the desktop site and right at the bottom on the mobile version of the site.

  13. Worky, Yes that would be the post in question.
    Nutmag, We should never lose hope, Let the nutter do his worst!
    Even when he eventually gets around to dismissing Pardew, Then let him put Kinnear in the job, Which some seem to think will be the outcome.
    I have no doubt in my mind that that decision will go west, And there isn’t a Cat In Hells Chance, That Kinnear will be a success, For different reasons, The biggest being Ashley finishing the poor bloke off!
    Which in light of what has occurred so far, You wouldn’t put it past him to preside over a disaster of that magnitude!

    After all that has taken place, Where will he go after that?
    I am safe in the knowledge that Ashley will never make a success of it, At Newcastle.
    He can try and park as many tanks as he likes, On people’s lawns, It ain’t going to get him anywhere!
    Although crowds will eventually go down, He will get sick long before we will!

  14. To be honest, until the point that Pard’s is officially announced as having been kicked out of the club then I’m not bothering with the news.

  15. Just looking at pics from time4change March…was it sponsored by Wonga?
    Loads of Wonga shirts in the pictures it kind of defeats the object a bit.

  16. SJT, In a daft kind of way, W***A.COM are kind of being paraded on the shirts of fans, In a protest against their business partner Mike Ashley.
    I don’t think they will like that too much, Even if it is a bit of publicity, W***A.COM being alongside portraits of Ashley, Kinnear, And Patsy Pardew, With “LIAR” splashed underneath.
    There is definitely a comic value in there somewhere!

  17. Yeah Joe – I agree.
    Hopefully the chronicle will start gunning for the regime now as they have nothing to lose.

  18. Can’t believe I actually mean it but the regime found a new low over the last 48 hours.

    As for the shirt thing-yeah, many folks don’t get that but I also indulge my tiny romantic side when I say that I think some of them don’t even see “W***A”-it’s just an NUFC shirt.

  19. joe hawkins says:
    October 28, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    “I am safe in the knowledge that Ashley will never make a success of it, At Newcastle.”

    He doesn’t NEED to make a success of it at Newcastle, Joe. He just needs to make sure we don’t slip out of the EPL and suffer the massive revenue loss that the drop would entail. He has no interest in seeing the team succeed in any way. The board had the bloody cheek to make that pretty clear when they met supporters recently.

    This Chronicle/Journal/SSun thing is just him blundering into new territory. He’s mildly annoyed – he won’t be packing his bags and sloping off in a dead sulk any time soon.

  20. Stupid Feckers!, There might end up being 20,000 people turn up to protest, On the strength of their latest gaffe, Never mind quibbling over a few hundred, Here and there!
    The protest will now gather a pace, And become a self fulfilling prophecy.
    Their arrogance and shear bloody mindedness has gave more weight to the very people they sneered at, Only a few weeks ago.
    Do these fools honestly think that the people of the area are going to back them, When they continually try to alienate them, And trample over their traditions?

    Who is this Wendy Taylor anyway?, Is she from the Newcastle area?
    Because if she is, She is a very foolish woman, Throwing her lot in with the parasites?
    She will not be able to walk the streets, At the finish, The way she is going on!

  21. Darthbroon, He will only be able to hold onto the fan base for so long, If he isn’t going to give them anything in return.
    Loyalty is one thing, But the fans are not stupid, If this fella is taking the p*** out of them long term, There’s no way you will be getting crowds of 50,000.

    I do think that somewhere is Ashley’s subnormal mind, He wants the club to do well, It’s just he will never do what’s required to get them there.
    I don’t think for one minute will we stay in this League, With his continued method of running things.
    It’s falling on it’s a**e now, And last season they nearly went!
    It’s only a matter of time before this club ends up in the Championship again, And you have seen what has happened at big clubs like the two Sheffield’s, And Leeds Utd to name a few, It’s easily done, And we could quite easily end up in the third tier with these knackers in charge!

    What good will the club be to him in league 1, With a huge stadium and 15,000 turning up?
    It will become a huge money pit to him, And there is no way he will be making any money from player sales.
    It will end up a millstone around his neck!

  22. joe hawkins says:
    October 28, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    “Who is this Wendy Taylor anyway?, Is she from the Newcastle area?”

    Joe, she used to be the press officer for Newcastle Airport, though if you try to look her up on Google you might get “filthy MILF and UK porn star.”

  23. joe hawkins says:
    October 28, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    “Loyalty is one thing, But the fans are not stupid, If this fella is taking the p*** out of them long term, There’s no way you will be getting crowds of 50,000.”

    Joe, he’s taken the piss for over six years now, isn’t that “long term?”

  24. joe hawkins says:
    October 28, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    “Darthbroon, He will only be able to hold onto the fan base for so long, If he isn’t going to give them anything in return.”

    But he’s been stringing us along for six years now, Joe. One juddering disappointment after another; one cringingly embarrassing gaffe after another; one daft, dissembling press release/statement after another. I sometimes think it’s only us lot posting here who actually give a flying feck. And maybe it’s only us that’s actually noticed that we’ve been short changed, fobbed off and treated with complete and utter contempt for the last six years.

    I just think that there’s a MASSIVE sheepish, apathetic core to our fans that will just carry on turning up at the turnstiles and buying stuff at the shops regardless of the sh|t that’s flung at them. I hope you’re right about an upsurge in discontent – but I personally think we’ll only get rid of Chubbs if someone makes him a silly-money offer for the club.

  25. One way or another, the press conference on Wednesday should be interesting. Will they even let Ryder and his colleagues in? The letter from Bendy Wendy seems to suggest not.

    Shouldn’t the rest of the press boycott the conference in support of the local journos? At least those who are allowed in should be pressing Wendy and Pards as to why they’ve been excluded.

  26. Granted he has used the lack of Due diligence, And the debt Shepherd and the Halls left him with.
    That has gave him some grace and understanding, In the early days.
    The Keegangate Scandal and the subsequent relegation, Yes he has had a lot of patience and chances, But personally that has now become threadbare, And he did say he was working to a time frame and plan, Which has now passed.

    It has been a long time coming, And the Mckeag board got away with it, For a fair while during their time, But it happened then, And i can see it happening soon.
    It might even go on for a few more year, But i can see the start of the decline now, And it will only get worse imo.

  27. joe hawkins says:
    October 28, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    “Granted he has used the lack of Due diligence, And the debt Shepherd and the Halls left him with.”

    Joe, he only paid what the club was worth including the debt and that mortgage.

    If Ashley paid the debt off tomorrow rather than letting the club pay it off, he would have put around £270 million into a club that would be worth around £270 million.

  28. “We have seen this kind of bullying by Newcastle United before. They have form; they are serial offenders. They just can’t take criticism, can they?

    The club has placed itself alongside many unsavoury organisations around the world which, instead of doing something about their own failings, inadequacies, incompetency, brutalities, try to stop people mentioning them. That way, they hope, criticism will disappear.

    But they can’t stop people talking about their inadequacies around the water cooler, in the bars, on the terraces, on Twitter and Facebook – so they try to stop journalists doing their jobs, writing about them, reporting on them.

    The leaders of Newcastle United emerge as rather pathetic figures, thin-skinned and paranoid. But what this bullying behaviour really betrays is an ingrained lack of respect for the team’s fans – whose money pays the executive wages. It is the fans who ultimately lose out when a football club bans the local papers.I was going to suggest that this kind of behaviour was more suited to the primary school playground than the big boys’ game, but that would be very unfair on the children who are, for the most part, far more mature and sporting”

    Good point well made :)

    PS How stupid do you have to be to try to swap your fake Belgian driving licence for a UK one ? Doesnt he have an agent to help him sort this sort of stuff out ?

  29. AndyMac says:
    October 28, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    “Good point well made”

    Aye, I did rather like that bit, quite a nice bit of anti Ashley polemic there. Some of the stuff coming coming out from the media profession over this has been a bit rich though.

  30. She never went on a trek, The blisters on her feet come from trying to circumnavigate around Mike Ashley.
    Lets be honest, It would take f**kin’ weeks!, It would be easier to climb Everest.
    I cannot understand the man, Is he only going to be happy, When he has alienated, Not only the Journalists, Fans, Local MP’s, But bigger entities like the NUJ, And basically the whole of Great Britain?
    He will have to leave the country eventually, If he carries on with his ridiculous behaviour!
    A very stupid individual who is not going to have anyone to turn to, When he might need it, Because he is hell bent on becoming a pariah.
    It’s the reputation of the Football Club that suffers though.

    Call me cynical, But it does look like they have deliberately used the Derby defeat, To steer criticism away from them.
    Looks like they covered their backsides last week, Because if they lost the game, They would get savaged by the press.
    With all the fuss this has created, The Derby defeat has more or less been forgotten, And Pardew has time for damage control!

  31. I suppose you would have to be an experienced climber to get a job as fat arse’s chief censor.

    joe hawkins says:
    October 29, 2013 at 10:48 am

    “Call me cynical, But it does look like they have deliberately used the Derby defeat, To steer criticism away from them.
    “Looks like they covered their backsides last week, Because if they lost the game, They would get savaged by the press.”

    But they’ve been savaged by the press far more this way though, Joe, and Ashley has borne the brunt of it rather than Pardew. They’ve also taken a smallish march of up to 1000 and turned it into a big bullseye for the Ashley dissidents. He’s inspired them. :lol:

  32. Worky, Ashley gets loads of stick anyway, I’m staring to wonder whether all this is just another Ashley mind game?
    Another ruse, To start a petty argument with the press, Which steers the focus away from Kinnear, And the lack of investment, Which will no doubt rear it’s head again, If results don’t improve!
    When all this “toing and froing” is going on between Thomson House and the club, The attention is taken away from the abject failure, Which is unfolding on the football side of things.

    There are a couple of Pardew stories in today’s Chronicle, About him targeting two home wins, And another about him reading the riot act, After the Derby debacle.
    Both stories have pretty much become second fiddle to the ongoing Press saga.
    If you look the gathering of Ryder and Co, Even they are saying, It’s more or less just gagging Pardew, And it will not stop them doing their job.
    Is gagging Pardew not a good thing?

    The question is, Whether or not, This is what it is, Ashley being his usual petty self.
    Or could this be a clever move by Ashley to buy time for his under pressure team, In the vain hope things will improve?
    The mind boggles, But i think Ashley is a lot more savvy than people take him for!

  33. Steven Taylor
    “We want to do well in that. We talked about it at the start of the season and we want to do well in the cups. We have to play well as a team and hopefully get the stroke of luck we need too.”

    Not what I heard Steven.

  34. joe hawkins says:
    October 29, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    “Worky, Ashley gets loads of stick anyway, I’m staring to wonder whether all this is just another Ashley mind game?”

    Well it’s a f***ing stupid one, Joe. The whole of the media is now focused on them and their failings as well as ‘Time 4 Change.’

  35. I just want the whole regime to end…Ashley and all his cohorts to go ASAP and a clear out of the players that can’t be bothered,adidas back as shirt maker and a decent shirt sponsor.

  36. I’m a bit disappointed that the journalists didn’t take the opportunity to take the attack to Newcastle’s press team. Despite what she thinks, she has no power to stop them asking questions, and it would have been good to ask something like

    “Given how poor the team was today and how fans are going to be angered by the result and lack of performance, do you think it’s appropriate muzzling your manager so that he cannot get his side in? Do you think that running the club like a Stalinist regime is an appropriate response?”

    Put the heat on her.

  37. I think protests will begin to gather more pace and now the chronicle etc doesn’t have to button it’s lips I think that will only help the cause Worky.

  38. They should ally themselves with other organisations who hate Ashley over stuff like zero hour contracts and sweatshops and start attacking Sports Direct. Ashley and all the other Sports Direct shareholders who have been enjoying a free ride off Newcastle United won’t like that at all.

  39. “We had a challenge to come back from four down against Arsenal, and we did it. So now you’re halfway through too. It’s a huge task, but one I know you can do. Don’t let us down Taylor! Now we need to see your determination, character and will to succeed”

    Pardwho’s bullshlt contribution towards the Wendy Taylor charity trek. I presume he’s banging her ?

  40. Andymac, It wouldn’t be the first time Pardew has partook in extra curricula activities.

    Worky, The heat might be back on Ashley and his regime, In the meantime Pardew and his failure to motivate his team in another Derby defeat, Have been forgotten about to an extent.
    Ashley hasn’t been popular since the days of Methuselah, So it’s nowt new.
    Pardew is gagged, Kept out of harms way, While the other Maelstrom gathers a pace.
    The cynic in me is thinking, Diversionary tactic, And Pardew is the real winner, As he gets more sympathy, “Oh poor Alan, His hands are tied etc,etc,etc…

  41. worky, methinks it’s time for Lady Goebbels to take another long walk. If there’s a short pier involved, all the better.

  42. That wasn’t the first time Wendy Taylor has stopped perfectly legitimate questions. She called a halt to a Radio 4 interview with John Irving over the club’s involvement with Wonga once, and a talksport interview with Pardew over Cabaye. I daresay they aren’t the only ones either. It’s making Newcastle United look absolutely awful.

  43. Normally when Ashley pulls these strokes, There is something else closely following it, Which will be another kick in the nads of the fans!

    Worky, Maybe he is trying to create a situation, Where you have to go onto The S****SD****T website, For news about Newcastle United.
    I have an uneasy feeling, There’s definitely something more than meets the eye, To this situation.

  44. pete_toon says:
    October 29, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    “I’m a bit disappointed that the journalists didn’t take the opportunity to take the attack to Newcastle’s press team.”

    “Put the heat on her.”

    I agree %100. This is exactly what needs to happen.

    She’s the person to speak to over the regime’s attempts to gag selected sections of the press – it’s her job. Forget the inevitable excuses from Pardew tomorrow night – the spotlight should be on her and she should be prepared to give full answers to any questions put to her about this farce.