Cardiff City vs Newcastle United full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Cardiff City v Newcastle United full match video.

‘Match of the Day’ extended match highlights.

Alternative highlights.

Post match interviews.

Malky Mackay.

Alan Pardew.

Score and goalscorers.

Cardiff City 1 (Odemwingie 58), Newcastle United 2 (Remy 30, 38).

Teams and other match facts.

Cardiff City (4-3-3): David Marshall (G); Kevin Theophile-Catherine, Ben Turner, Steven Caulker (c), Andrew Taylor; Aron Gunnarsson, Gary Medel, Kim Bo-Kyung; Peter Odemwingie (Nicky Maynard 80), Fraizer Campbell (Craig Bellamy 66), Peter Whittingham

Subs: Joe Lewis, Mark Hudson, Jordon Mutch, Don Cowie, Craig Noone, Nicky Maynard, Craig Bellamy

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Tim Krul (G); Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini (c), Davide Santon; Yohan Cabaye (Hatem Ben Arfa 86), Cheick Tiote, Moussa Sissoko; Yoan Gouffran, Papiss Cisse, Loic Remy (Jonas Gutierrez 70).

Subs: Rob Elliot, Paul Dummett, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Vurnon Anita, Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa, Sammy Ameobi

Yellow cards: Aron Gunnarsson (89).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Kevin Friend (Leics).

Attendance: 27,538.


Do you agree with the Newcastle United board that if we mount a serious challenge to win a cup competition, the club would run the risk of being relegated like Wigan or Birmingham City?

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115 Responses

  1. Just got home from the piss and did not realize we had played. What a great surprise, especially two goals from Remy as he is in my dream team. :)

  2. Fatman looked like Sir Alan sugar,ready to fire someone,parpoo looks like a parrot about to be plucked…

  3. sampdiago says:
    October 6, 2013 at 11:20 am

    “Fatman looked like Sir Alan sugar,ready to fire someone,parpoo looks like a parrot about to be plucked…”

    Sampdiago, he’s ‘Lord Sugar’ now, which makes him sound like a pimp / cocaine dealer from Chuck’s side of the pond. ‘Fatman’ is now worth almost four Alan Sugars with his £3 billion, I’ve just figured it out. Sugar isn’t even a billionaire with his estimated £770 million fortune.

  4. Hugh de Payen says:
    October 6, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    “I will admit, I thought Sugar was worth more. Probably spending too much time on TV shows.”

    Well on the subject of ‘the Apprentice,’ Hugh, Ashley is now considerably richer than the Yank Apprentice gadgie with that ridiculous Irish jig on his heed, Trump. Ashley’s now worth £3 billion, Trump’s only worth about £2 billion.

  5. Really, Trump only worth £2 billion?

    I’m just getting a grip on the figures though. I believe Mansour knocks them into a cocked hat. Then again, he does own country!

  6. Hugh, $3.2 billion according to Forbes magazine, though they are out of date on Ashley as thay only do them annually and he seems to get richer by the day.

    Veering even further from the subject this blog is supposed to be about, I’ve just realised what hypocritcal little twat Ed Miliband is.

    Months ago, the same Daily Mail attack dogs who recently attempted to smear Miliband and his dead father started a hate campaign against the superb Hilary Mantel, completely distorting her words about the Duchess of Cambridge to portray her as an evil woman who was full of spite.

    Miliband was quick to join in the the Mail’s hate campaign, describing Mantel’s comments as “offensive.” He’d obviously never read the whole of her excellent speech on the media’s portrayal of royalty at all or he wouldn’t have said that unless he was a liar, yet he jumped in with the attack dogs nonetheless in a desparate attempt to curry favour with the public. No integrity whatsoever.

    What goes around comes around. :-)

  7. Phisix says:
    October 6, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    “How does one get the title of Lord?”

    Phisix, you CAN’T actually get the title of “Lord.” You can be appointed, or inherit the titles of Baron / Baroness, Viscount / Viscountess, Earl, Marquess and Duke – That’s going up with a Duke being the highest. ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’ are kind of generic terms which cover people who have been awarded or inherited one of the above titles. For instance Lady Thatcher (Booooooo!) was actually a Baroness.

  8. Don’t know and don’t care, but it obvious works well, most Brit’s willing to perform fellatio, in order to have a lordship in front of their Joe Blogs like name.
    Silly bastuds !

    Anyway switching back and forth between the Spurs vs W.H and the Arsenal vs WBA games.
    Quite interesting from a tactical perspective, with Clarke’s side holding a one zip lead.
    Surprise, not from me.
    Also W.H. playing a 4-1-4-1 have blocked the middle where mainly the Spurs attack operates , like Worky’s side Swansea
    Who by the way were soundly beaten by a rampaging Southampton side.
    You can pull off certain tactical approaches until the other clubs in the league, become aware and find a counter for.
    It’s the history of the game.
    So I was thinking, did we do the right thing in sacking BSA ?
    A pragmatic tactician, with well drilled sides, who play to their strengths.
    And never having had the luxury of managing a side that had the funds to let him build the side he wanted, has had to rely on whoever was available at the right price.
    Sure he championed Route one football, but on the other hand he has managed to keep his sides in the PL.
    One would think he was the ideal manager for Ashley.
    But apparently there were more backroom staff than players, which obviously Ashley questioned, especially their cost and that was the end of Sam.
    Back to the game.

  9. Yeah but then you have you have to observe rules. Have dinners and such.

    Top tip from Hugh. The captain always passes the red port left.

    Nothing to do with Lordships but that’s me.

  10. Chuck, I deciphered most of what you were saying and picked up on a point.

    No, they were not right to sack BSA, Keegan, Shearer or anyone really.

    It’s the constant sacking that is the problem. And then when we finally do stop sacking folk they employ a numpty.

    See where this is going wrong? It’s not about managers.

  11. In Pardew we trust, Best manager we have had in recent times.
    I think Pardew should be mentioned in the same breath of Bobby Robson, He really is that good!
    In years to come, He will have a statue of himself erected outside St James’ Park, And a stand named after him.
    He’s a master tactician, And that little black book Should be insured for millions, God help us!, Should that ever be misplaced.

    Ashley looking like Alan Sugar, The closest he will ever get to that, Is when he is diagnosed with diabetes.
    The size of him, He’s a walking health hazard!
    I take it the bint sitting next to him was the former Mrs Ashley, Whom he sorted with 50 million, In divorce settlements.
    I’ll sit next to him, If he wants to give me that tidy little sum of pocket money!

  12. Nice win for BSA and his side, who frustrated a Spurs side who had no clue as how to break them down.

    Plus a satisfying point for WBA against a league leading Arsenal side, who appear to be setting the standards this season, following almost a decade of soso, results.

    Both result’s due to the tactical nous of BSA and Clarke.

    We should be so lucky as to have a manager, even one who understands the basics.

    Having proved we can both score and keep possession in the first half of Saturdays game, what happens ?

    You know it, he reverts to bringing nine men behind the halfway line (the Pardew Catenaccio) without the, hit em on the break, when the opportunity arises.

    I may be jumping the gun, as Pardew had this shit eating grin following the game, but if he is to be replaced, how about a blog on fan choices, for his replacement.
    Not just a name, but give your justification for your particular choice.

  13. <<<<<<<, hears there was a famous battle fought on fatboy called the battle of the bulge

  14. Something was different yesterday – we played a high pressing game with Remy and Gouffran especially running their @sses off. It reminded me a bit of when Bellamy used to hassle the opposition. For large parts of the game it was the opposition that were hoofing straight to Mike Williamson. Has Pardew actually learned something and is setting up his tactics to suit our players?

    Pardew certainly has balls though. With his job on the line he drops our most popular player.

    I really did think Ashley was there to sack him yesterday and he saved his job with the 2nd half at Everton and 1st half yesterday.

    I am not going to give Pardew too much credit though as we have Liverpool soon and I remember what happened last time we played them.

  15. Hugh

    No I have always thought the problem with NUFC is it’s owner and his approach, attempting to operate a football club, by applying the same rules used in his retail operation.

    Plus his refusal to admit following six years of mismanagement (hubris) that it may be better to have a winning side, run by professionals, than one continually fighting relegation, run by cheaply acquired morons.

    October 6, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    “<<<<<<<, hears there was a famous battle fought on fatboy called the battle of the bulge" Toon, he was fighting the 'Battle of the Bulge' a while ago and he was winning, looking like a shadow of his former self. He could have been a 'Slimmer of the Year' but the fat bastard's let it all go again.

  17. @13: knighthoods are the funniest. Every Banker and Chairman of ICI gets one, now you just have to be an Apple executive.

    There are plenty of Sir Rides a Bike Fast and Sir Rows Pretty Fast too.

    Is there a place name in Sugar’s title. If not, I would suggest Lord Sugar of Grumpy Old Sod-dom.

  18. Chuck: there were only about 15 minutes in the second half where he reverted to his two banks of four defensive mode.

    I can’t stand the guy because he has mainly been a clueless, two-faced gobshite but when he lucks into something that works we might want to recognize it.

    Whatever your views on Williamson, you have to admit the defense has looked more solid with him in it. I’d much rather see the ball out of play than in our net.

  19. Chuck@22

    Yes managers can make a huge difference. But in the state of NUFC the players have been playing alone for a while.

    But then when Ashley appoints someone for 7 years. It is Pardew.

    I think he tries every week. The man cares. If you miss that on the touchline you need glasses.

    This man is doing the best he can.

    I’m not having it. I do not rate Pardew, understood? But he is just doing a job.

    It’s the top of the tree we need to look at.

  20. I agree that HBA has not played well lately, but perhaps playing him out of position had something to do with it.

    As for who should play and who should sit, there should be horses for courses, pick whichever players are needed against the opposition at hand.

    Especially now we have the luxury of a fairly good bench.

    Though it appears Ashley is determined to loan out as many as possible, in order to save a buck.

    This club needs a good CD who can put himself about, plus we are going to need a Colo. replacement soon.

    If Dumitt proves to be the real deal, we could shift Santon between LB & RB as needed (which no doubt would appeal to Ashley) but wingers and at least a good CD is what’s needed imo.

    Obertan though he has all of the requirements, it appears he will never reach his potential, Williamson is a useless lump, who cost’s us goals, sell them.

    Each season teams have to evaluate the squad, dump those who are a waste of space and bring in new talent, no PL side can afford to sit pat, it’s a recipe for relegation, as there are few bad sides in the PL, simply because all have access to decent funding.

  21. @ chuck
    Williamson is a useless lump, who cost’s us goals

    agree he cost us the goal yesterday but i also notice him back on the goal line trying to attone for the error

  22. As an aside. We never see folk online. I hope Worky won’t mind me mentioning this. The man is a top bloke and puts this together amidst illness and strife. That deserves thanks alone.

    Just had to say that.

  23. @ Hugh de Payen
    williamson switched off and the dude nicked it away from him lead to the goal

  24. Chuck, we’ve let in a grand total of one goal in two and a half games with Williamson back in the centre of defence with Coloccini. Would you prefer to go back to losing games six nowt? :-)

  25. @ Hugh de Payen
    but he did make up a lot of ground to get back on the goal line that was a swift counter attack

  26. Hugh

    I’m not arguing whether Pardew is trying or not, what we do know is the guy will never ever be a good tactician, even if he wrote shit in a hundred note books.

    He has shown to be very limited in both imagination and tactical nous.

    Cartainly in comparison with the new group of younger managers who are presently doing well, bringing a modern version of football to the PL.

    Look at Pochetinno at S’Ampton and Clarke to-day, not to mention an older but tactically astute BSA.

    This guy is a dinosaur in comparison, plus managers are becoming just if not more important than players to clubs
    lately, with just cause, as they are the ones who shape and are responsible for the success or failure of clubs, in general.

    They (managers) of clubs at the top levels of football are in big demand, with salaries to match and there is possibly more competition for good managers than for players.

    Time Ashley figured that out !

  27. I bet if you looked at the stats, Williamson is no worse than Colo.

    Pick me up on that one boys.

    Now I don’t know the stats but I’ll tap dance in my street if the stats show up Williamson to be worse..

  28. Hugh

    Sez, everyone seems to blame Williamson why?

    Hugh, if you have to ask, having watched him, I don’t know what to say ?

  29. Worky

    He was directly responsible for the only goal against Cardiff.

    Read the comment at 33#

    And as Baldy Hogan the character in the old Wizard comic book always said, it’s goals that count.

  30. Hugh de Payen says:
    October 6, 2013 at 6:58 pm


    Everyone seems to blame Willliamson.


    The Cardiff players also beat Coloccini and Santon after Williamson for that goal, with Coloccini being wrongfooted too, but you just can’t argue with prejudice sometimes.

  31. Pardwho’s biggest failing is his inability to react to situations occurring on the pitch. It is very rare that he’ll try to change anything until the half time whistle. Having said that the holes he dug at Wigan in our 5th placed season and Everton on Monday were examples of why he doesnt alter things on the hoof cos he cant “see” the impact of these changes until its too late.

    Followed on from that is his obsession with “keeping shape” while failing to recognise that possession plus movement are key elements of success on the field.

    A passing, moving game is something that will never happen while Pardwho is in charge. Hoofball, on the other hand, from the keeper through to No 11 will always prevail.

  32. @ workyticket
    <<<<< is not prejudice bud just trying to give an honest opion on what i saw thats all, bar that 1 switch i thought williamson had a fairly solid game

  33. Hugh you are digging deep, stats are one of Worky’s favorite means of attempting to prove most of the nonsense he comes out with.

    Recently came out with the so called fact that any goalie over a certain height ( six two I think) loose flexibility or agility.

    My reply was tell that to “Dr J” or “Michael Jordan”
    both well over six two, plus the thousands of other pro. basket ball players.

    Plus I don’t have to inform you that statistics can (according how you use them) prove or disprove almost anything.

    Don’t take my word for it, watch the game, make up your own mind, about Williamson.

  34. We have let in 12 goals this season and only 1 was when Williamson was on the pitch. I am not saying he is a great player but he does seem to suit Pardew’s style.

    I know you can easily manipulate statistics and it might look a lot worse after Liverpool.

    By the way, Williamson was not on the pitch for the combined 0-9 thrashing by Liverpool and Sunderland at the back end of last season.

    Chuck, I thought you would appreciate statistics, you being a Yank and all. Baseball and American Football are obsessed with them and they even made a Hollywood Movie about it -Moneyball.

  35. AndyMac says:
    October 6, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    “Pardwho’s biggest failing is his inability to react to situations occurring on the pitch.”

    But on the other hand, Andy, insanely, he DOES react when everything is going swimmingly. We’ll be a goal or two in front, then ‘Pardwho’ will immediately decide stick his neb in, put us on the back foot, then we’ll switch from dominating the game to desperately trying to hang on to a one goal lead, often unsuccessfully.

  36. Worky

    You bring a whole new meaning to obstinate on this point, you have a tiger by the tail and cant let go.

    Ah well, if you want to continue to defend the indefensible, so be it.

  37. And also, with MBiwa as a central defender we have shipped a boat load of goals. So if we are to deduce anything it would be MBiwa is not a Premier League central defender or hasn’t figured it out yet.

    He obviously has skill, but maybe he is a leftback?

    Horses for courses is all well and good but I wouldn’t risk MBiwa again against Liverpool. Bring him on at half time if we are getting beat 3 nowt.

  38. GS

    You forgot to mention, Williamson has only started two games, that changes the statistic some, no ?
    My point about using statistics.

  39. Chuck: I did say that stats are there to be manipulated. I think the MBiwa one is meaningful though because I don’t think he has adjusted to the premier league.

    I hope he is not another Obertan who flatters to deceive.

  40. GS says:
    October 6, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    “We have let in 12 goals this season and only 1 was when Williamson was on the pitch. I am not saying he is a great player but he does seem to suit Pardew’s style.”

    He works with Coloccini, GS. Colo’s weaknesses are Williamson’s strengths and vice-versa.

    If it was up to me, I would have gone all the way to sign Jan Vertonghen, even if it would have been several million more than Spurs paid for him in the end. He is the full package and it still would have been a bargain as he’s now worth more than twice what Spurs paid for him (£9.5 million).

    I did try to say at the time how good he was, though I admit it was the great master himself who turned me on to him originally.

  41. I wasent implying that I wanted to be a lord I just did not know how one became one when he was not born into it.

    Happy for West Hams win against Spurs, it means anyone can beat anyone which gives me confidence that we could have a little chance not to get smashed against the big teams.

  42. Chuck’s argument that Williamson is crap is basically “have you watched the game”? He looks big and gangly and doesn’t pass too well and belts it out of play a bit too much. I repeat what I said earlier – better out of play than in our net.

    But we seem more solid with him in the team. Jack Charlton also looked like he couldn’t play football for toffee, but was effective.

    Chuck, I am not getting at you as I agree we could do better than Williamson, but you haven’t refuted anybody’s argument about him and saying he is crap is not a refutation.

    Marseille and PSG are just about to kick off. That should be a good game to watch with a few Amstels Chuck.

  43. Worky: at the risk of being called immature by you know who. Marseille have a player named “Fanni” to add to your list of rude player’s names.

  44. the main question aint been asked dos williamson deserve to start next game for me its a yes

  45. GS says:
    October 6, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    “Worky: at the risk of being called immature by you know who. Marseille have a player named “Fanni” to add to your list of rude player’s names.”

    Aye GS, Rod Fanni. Don’t worry though, he’s on my list!

  46. Here, Williamson has started 22% of the time this season during which time we have let in only 8% of our goals. That’s over 200% more effective (to use the sales-speak championed by Steve Jobs).

    If I was Williamson I would ask to sit out the Liverpool game. (I doubt it will look as good after Liverpool, because Suarez and Sturridge are a handful)

  47. Phisix says:
    October 6, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    “I wasent implying that I wanted to be a lord I just did not know how one became one when he was not born into it.”

    Phisix, judging by your comment number one on here, you were as drunk as Lord early this morning! :-)

    You get appointed by the Government basically. Bishops sit in the House of Lords too.

  48. collo got sent off the last time Suarez if i rember right,made collo look like a mug most of the game

    October 6, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    “collo got sent off the last time Suarez if i rember right,made collo look like a mug most of the game”

    Toon, if you mean the six nowt I think that was Steven Taylor and Yanga-Mbiwa? I don’t think Colo played in that one.

  50. Worky: wasn’t it that insane lunge by Debuchy? You always said he was a red card waiting to happen.

  51. @ workyticket
    might of been the game before that, sure collo got sent off for a foul Suarez which Suarez made a meal of,but i rember him makeing collo look like a proper mug most of the game

  52. Is this the ultimate double edged sword? We win, we go into the break happy, but Pardew keeps his job.

    I actually enjoyed the game yesterday. It could easily have been 5-3 to us. We played nice football in the first half and matched them in the second.

    October 6, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    “@ workyticket
    might of been the game before that, sure collo got sent off for a foul Suarez which Suarez made a meal of,but i rember him makeing collo look like a proper mug most of the game”

    Oh aye, he did! I think that one was only a draw though. I remember that 6-0 more for some reason.

  54. GS says:
    October 6, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    “Worky: wasn’t it that insane lunge by Debuchy? You always said he was a red card waiting to happen.”

    Aye, the 6-0 one. I think he was already on a yellow card when he got that.

    No one ever listens to me though. :-)

  55. Tony Adams was called a donkey but was Arsenal captain for a decade. There are just some players who look ungainly but are effective.

  56. @ GS
    imagein if adams was our captain at everton when we went 2 v 0 down, he would have beat his chest, and kicked butt if some1 wernt doing there job unlike collo just stands there and says nowt

  57. GS says:
    October 6, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    “Tony Adams was called a donkey but was Arsenal captain for a decade. There are just some players who look ungainly but are effective.”

    He had a face like a Donkey though, GS. My Arsenal supporting mate saw him on all fours throwing up in the gutter once. I can’t quite remember for sure but I think he might have said it was the night before a game too. Apparently, his party piece was crashing over at a mate’s house and pissing all over their beds because he was so hammered. That was from one of his teammates.

  58. @ Hugh de Payen
    adams had a fire in the belly that all winners have doughlas has that fire also but jfk never heard of the dude

  59. I don’t know if my memory is fading like Hugh’s eyesight but I remember the tabloids or a photoshop doing pictures of Adams with a real donkey’s heed.

    Hugh @77 and TAE: Wilshere should be sent off every game, the dirty tw@t. It must be something about playing for Arsenal, Man U or Liverpool.

    Stevie G. is a dirty player as well who never gets called for it.

    October 6, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    “doughlas has that fire also but jfk never heard of the dude”

    I’m really not sure about that story at all, Toon. I suspect it might have started in some journalist’s imagination, especially the bit where it was said that he’d never heard of him.


    I do know what you’re saying. But we have to accept what we have got.

    We can do nowt else really.

    Most people don’t get this. We do have a team, Despite what popular opinion sometimes says. We have a dick in charge. But that is unfortunate.

    I will bet my hat we finish 7/8/9.

    If I’m wrong you have a new hat, Not a very good one if I’m honest. A cat has been asleep in it for a year. But it is yours if I’m wrong.

    The problem is elsewhere. I could manage this team to top 8 and I’m an idiot.

  62. Hugh: I think Pardew has a lot of passion for NUFC but lacks ability. You need both.

    We have half the French squad. Ben Arfa is a genius that needs guidance and Pardew is not the man to give it. Put Ferguson in charge of him and he would be banging in 20 goals a season.

    We have a natural left footer (Ben Arfa) and right footer (Remy)to scare the sh!T out of teams. And Gouffran is a hell of a worker up front – Jonas with a bit more skill and pace. We should kill every team except the top 6.

  63. Aye GS. Take a player like Ben Arfa, put a decent manager in there and no defence in the country would not be scared. Really. Not saying we’d win every time but they’d be scared shitless of the bloke.

  64. People say Pardew has the passion for N.U.F.C, I don’t believe that for one minute!
    He’s happy to be at a club with a fan base as big as it has, And it is likely to be his biggest gig in football.
    Kevin Keegan for all his faults got what it meant, And had the passion, Plus being a player here, Knows what the club is all about
    The same with Bobby Robson, He was a fan as a boy, So he lived and breathed the club.
    At the end of the day, Pardew is a career manager, And it’s like being a professional soldier imo.
    When a soldier goes into Afghanistan for example, To him or her it’s a job.
    To the Afghan fighting against what they see as an invading force, To them it is a cause, And you will never beat them.

    You can put Pardew into that category, In fact you can put the whole of the Mike Ashley regime, As an invading force.
    To us it is a cause, To them it’s money and livelihood.
    That is one of my biggest dislikes of Pardew, He rattles the drum, Sabre and everything else, But he will never get it!
    All this, “That Was For Our Fans”, It doesn’t wash with me, Every time he comes out with his rhetoric, It’s fake and forced.
    That is not a good thing, I would much rather him be honest about where he is, And stop with the try hard.

    It’s like Mike Ashley buying the club, Then five minutes later he is wearing the replica shirt, And standing with the fans.
    Some were taken in by it, But all he was trying to do, Was buy people off, And you can see straight though it, Because it’s not natural!
    Llambias used to say countless times, We are fans just like you, The more they said it, The less i believed them.

    We have had managers here like Souness, Gullitt etc, I’m not going to go on about their abilities etc, But they never pretended to get the place, They were there to do a job.
    The way Pardew goes on, You would be forgiven for thinking he was a former captain or club legend.
    He should just keep his mouth shut, And get on with it, Nobody likes a try hard and a faker.
    The more The Chronicle indulge him, The more he shoots himself in the foot, And makes himself look stupid, And in turn makes us a laughing stock.

  65. Joe Hawkins: I usually agree with your rants, but not this time. I think Pardew is a gobshite and a liar but I do believe he has a genuine passion for our club.

    I have seen non-Geordies like Joey Barton and Warren Barton get extremely passionate about the club and mediocre players like Glen Roeder be embraced by the fans. Warren Barton was a pundit on US TV and you could see a smile on his face and a glint in his eye every time Newcastle won.

    I think Pardew is a football man through and through. He had to fight through the non-leagues as a player and he obviously had/has limited ability as a player and manager. That he tries to deflect criticism away from himself doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. I think deep down he knows he will never be a great manager just like he knew he would never be a great player. It is sort of self-preservation isn’t it? Who of us wouldn’t want to be paid a million quid a year and have a job like manager of NUFC and who of us wouldn’t fight to keep that job even if occasionally it meant throwing someone under the bus?

    It is not in Pardew’s blood to be like we are about NUFC, but he is a damn good actor if is faking all of this.

    That said, he is annoying when he so obviously lies and contradicts himself. But, really, it is only us passionate fans that remember every word he says. The rest of the country couldn’t give a sh@t, so I doubt we are a laughing stock because of what Pardew says. Getting beat 6 nowt at home, now that’s a different matter.

  66. Hey Joe, even though we disagree, I think I gave a reasoned reply to your rant. I didn’t just say he is a long streak of p!ss like Chuck does about Williamson :)

  67. GS, No doubt he likes where he is and wants to do well, That’s not in question.
    I’m sorry though, It doesn’t wash with me, “He obviously lies and contradict himself”.
    Someone with true passion for this club, Would never lie to the fans, Keegan never would!
    There is a black mark against him already, In my book!

    A lot of what he says, Comes across as flannel to me, And there are a lot of other people who think the same.
    It’s like he is continually trying to curry favour, Look for sympathy, And he isn’t too dissimilar to his organ grinder, I wonder why that is?
    What he is doing is no different to what Ashley was doing, During his so called “honeymoon” period.
    They are trying too hard to be accepted, With disastrous effects.

    I am not calling Pardew’s professionalism into question, I do think he will want to do well.
    If he did go on to win something i wouldn’t begudge him, I don’t have to like the bloke.
    His fake flattery and all his bull is not required, Because that part of him is fake!
    He will never get what it means though, And that’s okay, But he doesn’t have to act like he does

    You can go onto any forum, And you will see comments like mine, All over the shop.
    They are sick of his continued questionable patter, It’s not just me saying it!

  68. Joe: he is a used car salesman saying “what can I do to get you into this car today”. Just because he is a w@nker, a bullsh@tter and a contradiction, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like cars.

    Just to back you up a bit though, and hurt my argument. Pardew said that Ashley stood behind the club when we were relegated. No he didn’t. He tried to sell it.

    Blatant lie, p!ssed me off. But who on here have not been guilty of flattering their boss to get ahead or flattering a woman to get into her knickers?

  69. GS, If was a billionaire, And i bought Liverpool or Everton for example.
    Obviously i would want the club to do well, But i am not a Scouser!
    I wouldn’t suddenly get a perm, Grow a tash, Put on a replica shirt, Start wearing a shell suit, And turn up at a Job Centre in Croxteth, Shouting at the top of my voice, “I’m one of UUUUUUUUUU’S”
    I would be fake as f**k, And the locals wouldn’t like it!

    That’s what i think Ashley and his pals and associates, Have done from day one!
    Alan Pardew is no different, In that respect!

  70. Alright, alright, calm down. Let’s not make fun of Scousers or Andymac will return and start calling them red bindippers before our next match.

  71. Worky: how do you explain the incongruity of you supporting Newcastle United? Most things you say are reasonable and intelligent and yet you write a Toon blog. We should all have given up on them years ago.

    We have had a succession of incompetent managers.

    Sold off some of the best talent in Britain: Gascoigne, Beardsley, Kennedy, Waddle.

    All the Board have ever done is call us names and sh@t on us. From The Pirate to Lambastad I have never known them say anything other than self-serving condescending shite with a sprinkle of Mary Poppins and Geordie girls are ugly mixed in.

    Even Wigan, Boro and Brum won a crappy cup.

    We get a billionaire owner and he turns out to be tight and to use us as a front for his other business. I would still probably have Ashley than Ellis Short and Randy Learner.

    But, when I read this blog I see people who are for the most part articulate and smart (with one exception) and we put up with this?

    And don’t say “are you the exception” :)

  72. They are showing the match of the week here and Man U and the Mackems were in the tunnel waiting to out.

    They were playing classical music in the tunnel. Is that supposed to make the Mackems smarter as it allegedly does with children?

    Doesn’t seem to have worked on the Mackems as they still only have 1 point and are bottom of the league.

  73. GS, What about when Pardew was giving it, “I’m an adopted Geordie”?
    Worky did a piece on it, About was his statement warranted.
    I seem to remember a lot of people didn’t share Pardew’s bold statement, You have to be a serious character, To come out with that!
    Pardew’s statement doesn’t back up his real level of popularity, He has On Tyneside.
    So the conclusion i came to, Is like the rest of the Newcastle Board, They are utterly out of step with stand point and view of most fans.
    A bit like the Public School Brigade, Who are supposed to represent this Country, But have no idea about the people they supposedly speak for.

  74. joe hawkins says:
    October 7, 2013 at 10:37 am

    “GS, What about when Pardew was giving it, “I’m an adopted Geordie”?
    Worky did a piece on it”

    “I’m almost an adopted Geordie, trust me and on my travels I’ve seen many fans this summer and they’ve all relayed to me that they really want us to do better than last year and I do as well.

    “My message to them really and truly is that I’ve got a seven year contract left to manage this football club and I’m gonna manage it to the best of my ability and I hope that what we wish for is what I can deliver.”

    Do you agree with Alan Pardew’s claim that he is “almost an adopted Geordie?”

    No? (75%, 555 Votes)
    Yes? (25%, 189 Votes)

    Total Voters: 744

  75. Hugh sez,

    “why apportion blame, when it’s not due”?

    Perhaps you should go back and read what you said about the blog above , under “ABOUT US”.

    Is this not a football blog , specifically related to NUFC, including both criticism’s and other debate?

    It appears both yourself and Worky feel free to criticize both our owner and others, but consider it not cricket, to criticize specific players, regardless of how awful they are.

    The fact is whether either one of you want’s to admit it or not, Williamson is a poor example of a CD, being slow, with poor positional sense, not that good in the air for someone his size, goes to ground, has awful distribution, usually hoofs it in the general direction, upfield, or out of play.

    Has yet to make contact with his head on an attacking set piece, though one of our tallest players.

    His only goals are own goals and was directly responsible for Cardiff’s goal on Saturday.

    I’m pointing out facts not some statistics or fanciful defense of him and feel entirely justified in doing so.
    If it doesn’t meet with your approval, too bad.

  76. I projected and still do, that Remy will be a revelation this season, the guy has an eye for goal, pace and makes his own opportunities.
    Obviously he’s not that impressed by Pardew and if Spurs come calling in the summer it will be difficult to hold onto him imo.
    After all they are one of the sides with ambition, stacked with one hundred million’s worth of signings, who only lack a striker of Remy’s class.
    Plus he would get to live in London.
    Given that choice which way would you expect him to go ?

  77. Worky @96: Pardew comes out with some absolute b@llocks sometimes, but I think he believes at least some of it, probably influenced by those self help books.

    I’ll give you another analogy. That show Dragon’s Den when the inventors come on with a really stupid idea that nobody but themselves think will work. They truly believe in what they are doing and I think Pardew has some of that type of delusional thinking in him.

    Joe thinks it is all calculated, I think some of it is delusional. I wish he would just go though.

  78. One of the dumbest things to admit, to not only the fans, was the recent club’s spokesperson admitting that Newcastle have no more ambition than to remain in the PL.

    I’m sure that will certainly help in any attempt’s to recruit players of substance, not to mention those presently playing for the side, who had believed otherwise.

    Yep, inept doesn’t cover it, it’s a fugking mess from Ashley at the top, to the management levels below and there’s little sign of improvement.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see, like Cabaye this summer, another attempt by those unhappy with both Pardew and the stated club ambitions.
    To attempt a suitcase parade, outta here.

  79. Worky @103: Sorry to bring up ugly again, but from that video I think Wonga had a competition for ugliest supporter and picked the top 40.

    A dream trip to Cardiff courtesy of Wonga followed by a nightmare trip to the poor house courtesy of Wonga services.

  80. We can’t avoid controversy even during the international break. Cabaye is saying Kinnear was involved in his “strike”. I thought it was Ashley who was directing things by letting Cabaye listen in to Arsenal negotiations where they were saying he was expensive for a reserve?

  81. GS says:
    October 7, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    “I thought it was Ashley who was directing things by letting Cabaye listen in to Arsenal negotiations where they were saying he was expensive for a reserve?”

    That was just a reporter on Twitter saying he “heard” that somewhere. He didn’t even bother writing it up into a story. There was no substantiation for it whatsoever.

    As for Cabaye, all he said was:

    “I won’t explain about that today (strike in Summer at Newcastle), it is not for me to answer, I don’t want to talk about it. This is a press conference for the national team.

    It is already over, the only person who could talk about (what happened in the summer) is Joe Kinnear, it will never leave my mouth.”

    That could mean lots of different things, though no doubt, there’ll be alot of half-wits who’ll attempt to put their own interpretations on it.

  82. Who are these jokers who took W***A.COM on their offer?
    They should be named and shamed, With mug shots, Frontal and side profiles, And number plates underneath!
    They need their scruples spoon fed to them!

  83. It is a strange situation. Here is the Northern Echo’s version of the “strike”:

    “YOHAN CABAYE has suggested Newcastle United’s director of football Joe Kinnear is the man to explain why his preferred summer switch to Arsenal did not take place.

    Cabaye was the subject of a £10m bid from the Gunners on the eve of the Magpies’ Premier League opener at Manchester City.

    The Frenchman not only refused to play in that fixture, but was also an absentee against Fulham and the Capital One Cup trip to Morecambe as he attempted to drive through a move to the Emirates.

    His refusal to play ended in disciplinary action being taken against him and then he had to focus back on life at St James’ Park after Arsenal opted to break the British transfer record to land Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid instead.”

    Did the club ever announce that they had taken disciplinary measures against Cabaye? They easily could have and I just missed it.

    I don’t have a twitter account so I wont be able to see any “in the know” fans version of what happened. I can always have a look at Toonsy’s blog to see what Troy heard doon the pub.

  84. joe hawkins says:
    October 7, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    “Who are these jokers who took W***A.COM on their offer?
    They should be named and shamed, With mug shots, Frontal and side profiles, And number plates underneath!
    They need their scruples spoon fed to them!”

    What about Pedro and Howey, Joe?

    October 7, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    “thinks it probally best to put kebab gete behind us lol”

    I’m was just reading his full original interview in the original French, Toon.

    “The State of mind of the fans was born from what the club wanted to pass…”

    and another excerpt:

    “The only person who could explain everything is Joe Kinnear. If he is honest, he says. Otherwise, it won’t come out of my mouth.”

  86. Worky, I loved Beardsley as a player, But i’m rapidly losing respect for him.
    The last time i saw Peter was outside The Tyne Theatre in 1999, And he was driving a right s**t heap around.
    He was starring in panto with Kate Ritchie aka Sally Fletcher, I wonder if he is another one has fallen on hard times?
    Is he happy to play along with Ashley’s s**t, After he was kicked out of the club, For bullying youngsters, The first time around.
    I don’t want to cast aspersions, But that was the patter at the time, Although i cannot see it myself!

    Howey is a surprise, Because he was critical of Ashley’s regime, In the past, So i don’t know what his story is.
    The winners of the competition, I didn’t realise the H.G.Wells time machine had went back to pick up “The Morlocks”.
    F**k me!, Where did they dredge them up from?, It was like an audition for a George A Romero Zombie Flick.
    They looked like a right bunch of hand picked desperado’s, Bigging up W***A.COM, An absolute affront to true Geordie’s everywhere!
    The whole thing was a poorly contrived Propaganda stunt, To further legitimise that s****y company!

  87. joe hawkins says:
    October 7, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    “Worky, I loved Beardsley as a player, But i’m rapidly losing respect for him.
    “The last time i saw Peter was outside The Tyne Theatre in 1999, And he was driving a right s**t heap around.”

    Joe, Pedro’s a simple being who just wants to be involved in football, that’s his life and he’s an addict. He’s not that interested in all the Macchiavellian non-football things going on behind the scenes. He probably doesn’t see that, not because it isn’t in front of him but because he doesn’t want to see it. He just wants to concentrate on football.