Steve Harper testimonial match: Highlights, interviews and Harper’s farewell speech

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Very brief highlights of the very well attented (over 50,000) testimonial match for Steve Harper against a team of AC Milan legends, a tribute to his twenty years of loyal service to the Magpies. They mostly feature Paolo di Canio being booed, Harper and Alan Shearer being cheered then Harper missing his penalty when the game went into a shootout after a 0-0 draw. The Milan legends side won on penalties in the end.

Full penalty shoot out.

A selection of awful penalties from a bunch of old men!

A futher selection of videos from the game are available here and here.

Interviews and Steve Harpers speech.

The man himself being interviewed before the game.

Ex NUFC legend Sir Les Ferdinand being interviewed at half time.

And finally, Steve harper’s farewell speech to the assembled multitude.

Thanks to ‘MrBeanyman62’ for the videos.

Match details.

Final score: 0-0 (Milan won 2-1 on penalties)

Newcastle United legends squad: Tino Asprilla, Peter Beardsley, Joey Barton, John Beresford, Lee Bowyer, Olivier Bernard, Nicky Butt, Andy Cole, Nicos Dabizas, Kieron Dyer, Les Ferdinand, Ruel Fox, Keith Gillespie, David Ginola, Shay Given, Steve Harper, Brian Kilcline, Paul Kitson, Rob Lee, Liam O’Brien, Darren Peacock, Alessandro Pistone, Scott Sellars, Alan Shearer, Nobby Solano, Pavel Srnicek, Alan Thompson, Steve Watson, Steve Stone.

Newcastle United Legends (4-4-2): Steve Harper (Given 30 (Srnicek 61)) (G), Nobby Solano (Steve Watson 55 (Steve Stone 76)), Darren Peacock (Brian Kilcline 55 (Olivier Bernard 76)), Nicos Dabizas, John Beresford (Alessandro Pistone 41), Ruel Fox (Keith Gillespie 41 (Paul Kitson 71)), Robert Lee (Nicky Butt 41 (Kevin Nolan 61 (Ed Speed 81))), Lee Bowyer (Joey Barton 61), David Ginola (Scott Sellars 55 (Alan Thompson 71)); Les Ferdinand (Tino Asprilla 25, (Andy Cole 51)), Alan Shearer (Peter Beardsley 51 (Tommy Speed 81)).

AC Milan Legends squad: Ibrahim Ba, Franco Baresi, Zvonimir Boban, Angelo Carbone, Alessandro Costacurta, Paolo Di Canio, Roberto Favalli, Federico Giunti, Christian Lantignotti, Gianluigi Lentini, Paolo Maldini, Daniele Massaro, Roberto Mussi, Massimo Oddo, Guiseppe Pancaro, Sebastiano Rossi, Massimo Taibi, Mark van Bommel, Pietro Vierchowod, Christian Vieri.

AC Milan Glorie (4-4-2): Sebastiano Rossi (G), Guiseppe Pancaro (Ba 55), Franco Baresi (Roberto Mussi 46), Roberto Favalli, Paulo Maldini, Massimo Oddo (Pietro Vierchowod 55), Mark Van Bommel (Roberto Lorenzini 82), Alessandro Costacurta, Gianluigi Lentini (Daniele Massaro 55), Paulo Di Canio, Maurizio Gant.


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62 Responses

  1. A faithful servant to the club,humble and underrated,we had the two best keepers in the league for many seasons with Steve and shay,I fully believe we could have been relegated many times if not for our ability to find great keepers.Best wishes to the fella.

  2. sampdiago says:
    September 12, 2013 at 11:37 am

    “A faithful servant to the club”

    A bonus sheet rebel alongside Chris Hughton, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll, Joey Barton and Alan Smith. Their days were always numbered after that. That’s when Ashley and Llambias started feeding stories to the media about Hughton losing the dressing room to the cabal of senior players mentioned above, including Harper. That’s why Rob Elliot was brought in too, so they could finally freeze out Harper.

  3. Wow some highlights I may actually watch…think the last time I did that was the 3-3 against Arsenal many moons ago!

  4. tattyheed says:
    September 12, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    “howay workie man – he had to go sometime”

    tattyheed, as I mentioned above, Harper wasn’t the only one, there was six of them including Hughton (because he wouldn’t force them to sign).

  5. Harper was only kept, because of the lack of a decent backup for Krul.
    The others, mentioned by WT were all sent on their way, due to their influence in the dressing room.
    Pardew was obviously informed as to what his role was in relationship to them, especially the two scousers.
    Being his first move was to visit with both, from there on, the writing was on the wall.
    Which raises the question, who besides Pardew, is presently a voice in the dressing room ?
    There has to be a French clique and there is always someone to fill the leadership role.
    It appears Pardew is attempting to placate Cabaye, who imo may be that person, as he appears to have those leadership qualities.

    I recently read a claim, that the reason there was no money spent, was about Ashley and Pardew.
    That Ashley has lost faith in him and wants to see him quit and by not co-operating, makes his position more untenable.
    However another mistake on his part, not only is Pardew a poor choice (but cheap) as a manager, but has no shame and will hang in there as long as it takes, to be paid off.
    What was Ashley thinking when he gave those loosers, (Pardew and the coaching staff), an unprecedented eight year deal, on the say so of Llambese, a guy that was described as someone who knows less than nothing about football, by KK.
    No wonder he disappeared in the blink of an eye, following Joe Kinnears appraisal of the situation.
    So we went from the ridicules to the less than sublime, with more to come.
    Yes folks, Ashley may be great as a rag trade retailer, but his learning curve in regard to football, continues to flatline.
    Ah well ! this nightmare will all end sometime.

  6. A fitting tribute to the last of, “THE TOONPUDDLE MARTYRS”!
    Good to see there was a near full house for this game, But lets hope that any matches fronted by Ashley’s stooge, The contemptible prick, Alan Pratdew Pardew!, The crowds dwindle, For the forseeable!

  7. looks like our next two games are winnable against both Villa and Hull, then we will be tested by Everton away.
    In which case if we are able to put the ball in the net against either of those next two sides and happen to get two wins in a row.
    I don’t want anyone to get too carried away or you may be disappointed later.
    It seems Cisse is just not making the runs, but from what we have seen from Remy, he knows how to score and it may behoove us to start him in place of Cisse.
    So here’s my side for the Villa game.



  8. SJT, Balls of an ant, Is being kind to the f**ker!, I would go as far, As calling him a eunuch!

  9. Good show, Steve Harper. He deserved better from this club, but supporters won’t soon forget his service!

  10. tunyc says:
    September 12, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    “Good show, Steve Harper.”

    That’s more like Terry Thomas or Jimmy Edwards than a Yank, tunyc. Do you wear a monocle and a smoking jacket too? :-)

  11. I think you have me mixed up with the monopoly guy…

    I pride myself on not being a typical Yank or, in my mind anyway, a typical anything.

  12. Surprised he stuck around so long he never even played 150 games in 20 years. But collecting a fortune just to warm the bench aint bad i suppose

  13. dokky says:
    September 12, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    “Surprised he stuck around so long he never even played 150 games in 20 years. But collecting a fortune just to warm the bench aint bad i suppose”

    You’re right dokky, he should have signed for a club where we would have been more appreciated when he had the chance.

    He played around 200 games for Newcastle United, and around 50-60 for other clubs.

  14. Serious question re that “Price of Football” survey:

    Has anyone out there seen £15 tickets at SJP for Premier League game which aren’t for bairns, old fogeys etc?

    Last time I looked it was from £27 and that was for Hull City, not Manchester United. It seems to be like that every time I look, though being in London, I’m not the greatest expert.

    Could someone who might know a bit more than I do please help me out?

  15. SJT, He’s banging the same drum, In The Chronicle!
    If this was the case, Then why didn’t he tell the fans from the start.
    He’s a total lying, Patronizing,Toadying a**ehole, He must think people are as thick as he is.
    This bloke has crossed the line imo, Well in fact he has crossed the “Rubicon”, And he is now just basically taking the p***!
    I really hope this cnut gets what’s coming to him soon!

  16. joe hawkins says:
    September 13, 2013 at 11:09 am

    “Well in fact he has crossed the “Rubicon”,”

    Joe, comparing Pardew with Gaius Julius Caesar just doesn’t seem right somehow.

  17. I always thought that a “Marquee” was a big tent. So are the management hoping to offload St James Park and play future games on the Town Moor in that big tent.

    That should cover what the club owe Ashley and help him pay-off any loans he has had from Wonga.

    Good business or what!!

  18. joe hawkins says:
    September 13, 2013 at 11:59 am

    “Worky, Your right there!, At least he had a set of nads!”

    His tactics were slightly better than Pardew’s as well.

  19. The correct term should be Marque. The word is more associated with prime quality cars at the top end of the market, hence the connection with the top quality footballers, probably anyway.

    Another interesting former use of the word is

    “license granted by a state to a private citizen to capture and confiscate the merchant ships of another nation. Also called let′ter of marque′ and repris′al.”

    People can put their own opinions or slant on that. :)

  20. Grumpy, I’ve just consulted my big Oxford. I think the word you might be looking for is “Marquise” not “Marque” (which is like “brand” and doesn’t have to be the best). Marquises were the biggest, best tents used by military officers on campaigns and I thnk that is what’s behind the modern “Marquee” and also the word being used to denote the biggest, best signings in sports teams.

  21. Worky, I googled it and I interpreted it a little differently. I would associate modern super status cars more with modern footballers than with big tents. It’s like a lot of word usage, the modern meanings don’t always relate to their original meanings.

    It’s certainly more amusing to equate footballers to tents though. Who is the biggest tent in our team and who is the play tent? :)

  22. He’s spouting more guff in The Journal, Now we have to judge him over the next 8 games.
    I thought he wanted judged after the two home games?, Why doesn’t he go the full hog, And asked to be judged in 7 years time?
    He goes on to imply we are too impatient and demanding, And the reaction of the crowd for Harper’s testimonial was extreme!

    I never went to the game, So did Pardew get any stick from the fans?
    If he did, Then brilliant, As it is long over DEW, For that sap!

    Rob Lee is more or less saying no one decent will ever come to Newcastle United, With the current set up.
    He said, It tells it’s own story, When 50,000 turn up to watch a bunch of middle aged men play, And less turn up for the first team.

  23. What is all this crap about “Marquee Signings”?
    Nobody wants these big time charlies, All we want are players who are going to improve the team.
    Now we are being spoken down to, By a jumped up “Parvenu” with all his mendacious waffle, That the super star Bafetimbi Gomis, Was going to send us spiraling to the workhouse!

  24. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    September 13, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    “Worky, I googled it and I interpreted it a little differently. I would associate modern super status cars more with modern footballers than with big tents.”

    Aye Grumpy but as I wrote previously, “marque” in the sense of a brand (especially a car brand) doesn’t confer any status. Lada is just as much a “marque” as Rolls Royce or Bugatti. It’s another French one which comes from “Marquetry” this time.

  25. @worky 1t says 147 on wiki but that aint the most reliable. and i agree he should of left about 8-10 years ago when had the chance to make a name for himself at another club he was a great keeper a while back not so much the last few years

  26. Dokky says:
    September 13, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    “@worky 1t says 147 on wiki but that aint the most reliable”

    dokky, where they have the figures on the top right, that’s just league games which should be about the same as the 147 you write. The full figures are usually at the bottom and it should be 199 with a further 60 games or so he played on loan.

  27. tunyc says:
    September 13, 2013 at 4:17 pm
    sjt @ 22: his contempt for our intelligence knows no limits.

    I agree….Total Fookin’ W@nker as well.

  28. joe hawkins says:
    September 13, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    “Rob Lee is more or less saying no one decent will ever come to Newcastle United, With the current set up.”

    Joe, Rob Lee doesn’t have a mind of his own, he is just Alan Shearer’s ventroliquist’s dummy / parrot. Shearer doesn’t like Joe Kinnear, that means Rob Lee doesn’t like Joe Kinnear either.

  29. Worky, i’ll never forget that John Sitton footage, I remember seeing it years ago, And having right old laugh.
    He even sacked his mate in the dressing room, “You have a couple of good performances, And you think your Bertie Big Bollox, Come and see me tomorrow, Because your down the road”
    I always remember him saying, “We’ll have a right old sort out here, And you can bring your dinner As well”
    First time i seen it was on a programme the comedian “Bob Mills” did, If memory serves me right.

  30. Worky, To be fair to him, I do agree with him to an extent.
    I’m not one for having a pop at Joe Kinnear, But Joe doesn’t know the club as well as some, And might struggle when trying to sell the club to potential recruits.
    I think Pardew hasn’t got a clue either to be honest, And no amount of his crawling around people is going to change that.
    You only have to look at Pardew in the Derby games, He just doesn’t get it what it’s all about.
    Di Canio figured it out within two weeks, And knew what it meant, And was able to send out a team, Who wanted to win.

  31. Soh !

    This next game against Villa will tell the story ?
    What ?
    It will be the acid test in regard to how the season could go.
    It appears Lambert has rejuvenated a side that looked relegation bound last season.
    With a win and two close defeats by three of the PL’s
    pretenders for a top spot.
    Handily beating Arsenal and being narrowly beaten by a resurgent Liverpool, though outplaying them in the second half.
    And of course like ourselves being beaten by a good Chelsea side, though not quite as badly.
    Once again it bothers me to see these young managers playing modern versions of the game, the Lamberts, Martinez, Rodgers and Clarke’s, (no not the explorers) et al.
    While we are still holding onto possibly the worst manager ever to manage in the PL.
    Simply due to him being recommended by a footballing
    idiot (Llambese) and the fact he came cheap and is willing to do anything to hold onto a job.
    Have to say it makes me grin, when I think about Ashley’s dilemma of not being able to fire this guy, because of an eight year deal he had awarded him and his coaches’.
    No wonder Llambese left in haste.
    The thing is we do have the basis of a good side, had we the right manager to direct them.
    But I have a feeling there’s some truth in the EX NUFC players claims that few are interested in coming to the club, considering the management set up.
    That is other than French players who don’t know any better, or if they do they are here to present themselves in the shop window for a season or two.
    And though I have no problem with imported players, I just don’t believe an almost entire side of French players can be a healthy thing.
    And if it’s the case why not go all the way and hire a decent French Manager, at least he would be able to communicate, something that Pardew obviously can’t do, even if they all had fluent English.
    Ah well, it cant possibly last for the next eight years, can it ?

  32. joe hawkins says:
    September 13, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    “First time i seen it was on a programme the comedian “Bob Mills” did, If memory serves me right.”

    Joe, aye, Bob Mills is a Leyton Orient fan. If you haven’t seen the whole thing WATCH IT! It’s called “Orient: Club for a fiver” as the Leyton Orient owner of the time (who’d had a few problems in Rwanda) said he’d he’d happily sell the club for that amount. It could have been called “Manager on the edge of a newvous breakdown” or “Dead man walking” too.

    It was made by a fan and as tragi-comic “fly in the wall” football documentaries go it’s the gold standard along with that one on Graham Taylor which was the inspiration for Mike Bassett.

    Poor John Sitton is a star! You just can’t help watching as he sinks ever deeper into the mire along with his co-manager, Chris Turner. Just about everything he says is is tragic but pure comedy gold too. You know exactly how it’s going to end, especially when Barry ‘Earn enters the picture.

    The link below has it on a YouTube playlist in six ten minute chunks.

  33. I have to add my two cents to the argument as to whether Joe Kinnear presents either a positive or a negative image in regard to recruiting players.
    Depends on who they are, it could work in the case of a home grown youngster, but on the International market definitely not.
    Plus I believe he has been too long, out of the game in spite of his claim of having access to people and clubs.
    When one looks at, say a side like Spurs, who have been doing great business over the last few years, with people like Levy, Comolli and the present DOF Franco Baldini, who do have connections and a young manager , who IMO, was never given a chance at Chelsea.
    And before you belittle Comolli, he is the one who signed Bale.
    Anyway then you look at the set up at St. James’, with a control freak owner, Joe Kinnear, Pardew and an the now ex Llambias, it could make a grown man cry.
    A case where arrogance is only exceeded by ignorance.
    With no change in sight.

  34. chuck says:
    September 13, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    “And before you belittle Comolli, he is the one who signed Bale.”

    Chuck, aye, according to Comolli.

    All is not as it seems with his claims about the players he’s “discovered” though. If you don’t believe me, just ask Joe Kinnear’s mate Arsene Wenger, or Martin Jol and Harry Redknapp.

    He went to Spurs on a ticket of discovering players like Thierry Henry and Robert Pires at Arsenal but it was all bollocks, ditto at Tottenham too where he also claimed to be the man who discovered players such as Berbatov and Modric as well as Bale.

    He IS a very good bullshitter and con artist though, I’ll give him that.

    “I let you write what you want about Comolli. He was a scout here and not a director of football. He worked under Steve Rowley [the chief scout]. That is it. Only one person decides who comes in here and that is me. Nobody else.” – Arsene Wenger on Comolli’s claims that got him the Spurs job.

    “Yeah, he should take all the credit, for sure” – Harry Redknapp dripping with sarcasm.

    He’s one of the most successful frauds ever seen in football, but of course, Arsenal are hardly going to warn their biggest rivals that the man they’re about to appoint as their Director of Football is absolutely full of it! :-)

    As for Liverpool, he schmoozed a confidante of John Henry and eventually took both the saps in with his made up bollocks. To be fair, Dalglish did say that he had the responsibilty for the players brought in at Liverpool, with Comolli getting the credit for his brilliant work in the negotiations for players like Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing. :lol:

  35. Worky

    That was only part of my argument and your claims are no better than Comolli’s claim, being that he was the one responsible for signing Bale, after all he was the DOF, at the club then.
    And was also responsible for signing such players during his seven year stint as a scout for Arsenal, such as Kolo Toure, Ebue and Clichy.

    In addition was responsible for the arrivals at Spurs of such players as Bale, Luca Modric, Berbatov, Kevin Prince Boetang, Corluka, Assou-Ekotto and others.
    Not to mention Suarez and Jose Enrique at Pool.
    A not too shabby record if you ask me.

    But that had little to do with my argument, it was based on who are the driving forces behind a presently decent Spurs side and compare them with what we have at this time.

    In other words Levy, who drives a hard bargain, ask RM.
    Baldini, who unlike your pal Joe, does in fact have access to most clubs and is well respected in the football world.
    And a good young manager, who will I believe turn out to be an excellent choice for Spurs.

    I believe you are aware of who we have in return, it’s a case of from the sublime to the ridicules.

  36. Chuck, give it a rest, you’re as big a guff peddlar as Comolli!

    I first started watching him when he had the bright idea of replacing Martin Jol with Juande Ramos at Spurs. He didn’t seem to realise that the real man behind Sevilla’s success was their Technical Director (Antonio Fernendez) more than Ramos. Unlike Comolli, he’s actually really good and not a fraud.

    I wondered how I could see that and yet Comolli, who was on a fortune for doing his job at Spurs couldn’t. After further research I found out why, including all the bullshit he made up about his work at Arsenal and then Spurs. Every club he’s worked at have been glad to see the back of him once they realise they’ve been taken for a ride.

  37. Why are you guys arguing over the former tottenham director of football? Who cares lol. Big match tomorrow i bet pardew is preparing notes as i type this. I feel quite pissed off i could do with one of his inspirational speeches

  38. Dokky says:
    September 13, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    “Why are you guys arguing over the former tottenham director of football? Who cares lol.”

    You have a point of course dokky, but old Grampa Chuckles just drives people insane with his guff sometimes! Just ask Darth Broon and GS if you don’t believe me. :-)

  39. I’ve seen it myself worky mate, Everyone on here argues with chuck, he’s like the kid in school who “knows everything”.

  40. Dokky says:
    September 13, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    “I’ve seen it myself worky mate, Everyone on here argues with chuck, he’s like the kid in school who “knows everything”.

    To be fair, it usually just four of us who argue with him and I’m a bit of a know all too. I’m always right though and he’s always wrong. :-)

  41. Worky, Enjoyed the documentary, And i had to feel sorry for John Sitton.
    His heart was in the right place, But his methods were slightly draconian.
    Chris Turner loves himself, And was trying to take the limelight, At every chance he could get, Wannabe medallion man.
    A bloke who had general love for the club, But was made to look like a mug!

  42. The poor f**ker is on the taxi’s now, As no one would entertain him after the documentary.
    He has suffered with depression as a result, Who would be a Football manager?

  43. Dokka

    I don’t know who you are, but don’t get involved over your head
    WK tries to buffalo people with bullshit baffles brains, but it doesn’t work with me.
    The fact’s are that Comolli was either the Scout or the director of football, when the players mentioned were signed by either of the three clubs.
    If you don’t believe it check it out.
    You gotta understand WT has certain likes and dislikes.
    One being our central defender Williamson, whom he considers a decent player, which I would estimate most NUFC fans would disagree with, another is the fact he considers Wor Joe Kinnear is a good director of operations.
    My point was to compare the more sophisticated dealings of Spurs and the management group who conduct them, to poor old Joe, who is completely out of touch and Pardew who is awaiting the axe and a nice payoff.
    Lets face it this club and it’s management has become a joke and need’s help.
    Question is from who and where ?

  44. Pardspew reckons we can emulate, “The Entertainers”, Not in financial spending power, But he reckons he can entertain the Geordie Faithful, And grab some silverware.
    Well i have never heard that one before, Typical Pardew though, Cannot make his own headlines for the right reasons, So he has to hijack someone else’s.
    He hasn’t missed a trick in allying himself to a situation, That had nothing to do with him, And still try and take some credit for it.

    Typical of this regime to use external events to try and manipulate and subvert.
    These shameless scum bags, Did the same with Bobby Robson’s passing, And milked it, To steer criticism away from the relegation, They had just overseen!

    Instead of his incessant mendacious ramblings, He should realise that more fans turned out to watch the Old Entertainers, Than turn up to watch his dour uninspiring pathetic excuse for Association Football.
    The deluded fool cannot see the wood for the trees, And is blind to everything that is going on around him.

  45. joe hawkins says:
    September 14, 2013 at 12:30 am

    “The poor f**ker is on the taxi’s now, As no one would entertain him after the documentary.
    He has suffered with depression as a result, Who would be a Football manager?”

    Not everyone is driven to depression by being a black cab driver in London, Joe. Once you complete ‘the knowledge’ and the special course in reactionary right wing ranting at punters in the back, you can make a decent living. Alot of ’em live quite close to me in the semis of Southgate, the traditional home of the black cab driver. It’s about £600-700,000 for a decent semi in Southgate nowadays.

  46. Worky, Nowt wrong with being a Taxi Driver, It’s a decent job.
    I think it’s more to do with John himself, And where he wanted to be in his career, To be reduced to doing something to survive, Instead of him doing something he loves.

  47. Joe, from Sitton’s Wikipedia entry:

    “After leaving Brisbane Road, Sitton battled depression and had therapy, he then trained coaching at the FA training centre at Lilleshall, alongside such managers as Alan Pardew.”

    Poor, poor Sitton. He’s trying to recover from depression, then he finds himself having to work with Alan Pardew! :-)

    It’s scary to think of Pardew training the coaches of the future. As I’ve mentioned on here already, I know someone who was trained by Hughton.

  48. Worky, I looked at that myself last night, And my blood ran cold, When i saw Pardew’s name.
    I do feel sorry for John though, He had all the enthusiasm and fire, To be a manager, But it looks like the Documentary killed his career, Stone dead!

    It’s a shame really, Because a few years later Barry Fry, Was going on like a mad man, Making John Sitton look sane, In comparison.
    He was kicking off big time, And nearly had his players setting about him.
    It worked for him though, And it somehow endeared him to the nation, With gems like, “Sold To The Fat B*****d, In The Blue Suit”.
    This sort of thing goes on in every dressing room, Up and down the country, Every week.
    It must have been too early in the day for John, If he was doing it now, He would be a star!