Newcastle United vs Leeds United match preview (and a few Yorkshireman jokes!)

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Alan Pardew and Brian McDermott.
The men in black go into battle once again.
Venue: St James’ Park, Newcastle.
Date: Weds 25th Sep, 2013.
Kick off: 7.45pm.
Referee: Mike Jones (Chester).
UK TV: None.

This game will see Alan Pardew taking on his Reading protege Brian McDermott once again. Of course, the last time they met as opponents was when McDermott was manager of Reading, and predictably, two of the great masters of “route one” football served up a festival of long balls with Reading eventually coming out as the 2-1 victors. McDermott’s latest side certainly aren’t setting the Championship table on fire right now though, being 13th with 11 points after 8 games.

Previous results.

Newcastle United and Leeds Uniteds last six games in all competitions (most recent first).

Team Results
Newcastle United L|W|W|W|D|L
Leeds United L|L|W|L|W|W

Team news.

Newcastle United.

It’s over to the horse’s mouth, Alan Pardew, for this one, as he gave a bit of a breakdown of what’s gannin’ on injury wise in his pre-match interview. Take it away, Alan!

“Shola has got flu and will definitely miss. Yohan I feel perhaps needs to do a full week’s training because he had two games last week, so he won’t be involved. Jonas (Gutierrez) is too early because he has just done two days training.”

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a great deal of news about forgotten man Massadio Haidara, who has disappeared into the shadows somewhat in recent weeks. There was this update from Pardew a few days ago however when he said:

“Massadio’s training on Monday (last Monday – wt), he’s had a terrible pre-season, bless him. He’s a young player, and he’s never really had an injury before. It’s been difficult for him.”

As Haidara will have only been training for two days and Pardew has already announced that Dummett, another Left Back, will definitely be playing he’s very much a doubtful. With Gabriel Obertan back in the squad over the last few days, that just leaves the two Taylors. Steven should remain out with his hamstring and Ryan, as you probably know, will be out for a long while yet With his re-injured Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

As well as mentioning players who would be definitely out, Pardew also mentioned three that would definitely be in too, so it’s over to Alan again:

“We are putting out a strong side tomorrow but I do need to look at one or two, to see if they can push to be starters in the first team. In particular, two young players out of our Academy, Sammy Ameobi and Paul Dummett, who have done absolutely brilliant [sic]. They are really knocking on the door of the first team, so those two will definitely play. Cheick will (also) definitely play. I don’t like to say he is champing at the bit, because that is probably the wrong phrase to use with Cheick, but he is desperate to play, trust me.”

Injured: Shola Ameobi (‘flu), Jonas Gutierrez (match fitness), Yohan Cabaye (tiredness), Ryan Taylor (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)

Doubtful: Massadio Haidara (match fitness)

Suspended: None

Leeds United.

Hmmm, there doesn’t seem to be much happening really on the Leeds United injury front. The only issue seems to be with talented 20 year old right back, Sam Byram. Though he made his return from a five month spell out with his hip in Leeds’ weekend game against Burnley, he started struggling a bit at half time apparently and was taken off after an hour. Judging by the words coming out of the club, he’ll be a doubt. If he is fully fit and does play though, he’d be a good one for we Magpies to look out for. As I mentioned above, he is a talented young player who is being watched by Premiership clubs and Newcastle United have been rumoured to be one of them.

Ps: Leeds fan “StuH” had this to add to the Leeds team news: “Lee Peltier and Tom Lees missed Saturday’s defeat,and are also doubts.These are the three players at the club who have played at right back for any length of time,so that could be a problem position for us.”

Cheers for that Stu!

Injured: None

Doubtful: Sam Byram (Hip)

Suspended: None.

What the managers have been saying.

Alan Pardew: “It’s my first domestic tie at home – I am absolutely delighted with that and I certainly don’t want to lose it.”

*This is actually incorrect, Pardew’s Noocarssel actually played Blackburn Rovers at St James’ Park in the third round of the FA Cup back in January 2012. He should have remembered the miraculous goal Ben Arfa scored in that fixture at least! But anyway, he continued:

“I have had some really tricky away ties in domestic competitions as manager of this club. But we had a little taster at home last year in the Europa League of what a night fixture is like here, and they were brilliant nights. For us, with Leeds bringing five thousand fans and the great club they are, it’s going to be a really good occasion.”

Brian McDermott: “It’s really important to us, we’re bringing six thousand fans there so it’s an important game for us. We’re going to change the side around a wee bit. We’re trying to make sure we put in the right performance and we’re going there to try and get a result, and Newcastle will try to do the same. I don’t know what kind of team Newcastle will put out but I’m sure whatever team Alan puts out it will be a strong side and we’ll know what we’re coming up against, but it’s important to us.”

Finally, in honour of Leeds’ visit to St James’ Park, here’s Lancastrian Punk Poet, John Cooper-Clarke, telling a few jokes about how tight Yorkshiremen are! :-)


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32 Responses

  1. As a leeds fan,I should slightly correct our injury situation.
    As well as Sam being a doubt,Lee Peltier and Tom Lees missed Saturday’s defeat,and are also doubts.These are the three players at the club who have played at right back for any length of time,so that could be a problem position for us.Paul Green would fill in if the worst came to the worst.
    Also,left back Adam Drury has missed the last two games,and is also a doubt.That position will either be kept by Aidy White,or handed back to Stephen Warnock on his return from suspension.

  2. I love John Cooper Clark, He’s been around for ever.
    I don’t know about not seeing a nipple in the “Daily Express”.
    I’m sure they must cover Newcastle matches, And Pardew making a constant tit of himself!

    Looks like he is already on the climb down, Whilst talking his usual doublespeak.
    I can see another long and painful night against Leeds, With Pardew doing the bare minimum to get through, Regardless of his crap about wanting to win silverware!

  3. Cheers for the preview. The bassads here in the USA are showing that tie between the NW minnows Liverpool and Man U.

    Some observations on your preview:

    When you said “It’s over to the horse’s mouth” I’m sure you meant the other end.

    Pardew said Tiote was “champing at the bit” to play. Rodgers said the same thing about Suarez. I am not making that up.

    Did Pardew’s tricky away ties include Stevenage and Brighton twice? I think we beat Chelsea away under him though? Shows how totally inconsistent the tw@t is.

  4. Stu H says:
    September 24, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    “As a leeds fan,I should slightly correct our injury situation.”

    Cheers for that Stu! I’ve added that now.

  5. The first game I ever saw was Leeds vs. Newcastle in about 1971, at Elland Road. Leeds one 2-1 with Wyn Davies scoring for the Magpies. It was the heyday of Leeds Utd: Bremner, Giles, Clarke, Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter, Trevor Cherry, Eddie Gray, Gary Sprake… you get the idea. Nostalgia kicking in.

    HWTL, though I will always carry a soft spot for Leeds Utd.

  6. So Cabaye is tired? What happened to the days players played on pitches that resembled mud baths or were so frozen, ruts acted like razor blades if you made a sliding tackle. Boots were like something you would need on the moon and balls felt like cannon balls to kick or head. It seems a player today only has to break a nail these days to get a month of ( with pay ). Or is the start of pardews excuses for another weakened side and bad performance. How many changes will he make ( again ) tonight?

  7. Bob the vid, Makes you sick doesn’t it , These pampered a**eholes, This day and age!
    That Cabaye is a lazy little fooker, Who always looks like he’s going to collapse!
    These players get paid a “King’s Ransom”, For kicking a bag of air around a field.
    I would play all day and night for 40,000 grand a week, You would never see me tired.
    I would like to see some of these soft s***e’s after Norman Hunter went into them!

    I think it will be a really tough game tonight, And Leeds will see it as a big game, In their season.
    I think there will be over 5,000 tightwads making the trip.
    Mike Ashley would pass of as a Yorkshireman no danger, And could stand with them drinking.
    I can see it now, Five or six of them huddled around a pint of Tetley’s Bitter, With a straw apiece,
    Standing close together, Because there’s a tightness.
    We could be relying on Sami Amoebi to be our spark tonight, And i expect a long night.
    Can we get through?, Who know’s, When you have “The Pardew Factor” to deal with!

  8. Worky, That report is utterly depressing reading, And there doesn’t seem to be anything to look forward to.
    Ashley is overestimating fan loyalty, And he will end up with nothing.
    They are more or less admitting to S****s D****t getting free advertising, And that is total bull about otherwise free space, The amount of signs he has!

    All the rubbish Pardew has spouted within the last few days, Doesn’t hold water as usual.
    “The Cups Are Not A Priority”!, So how do you explain that one Alan?
    Total lies, Lies, Lies, And more lies!

    Not to mention the fact he was telling porkies all summer long, And that meeting has dropped him right in it.
    They really must think we are all stupid, Those at the meeting shouldn’t have put up with that pathetic rubbish.
    The whole thing points to Ashley hanging around at Newcastle for years to come, Taking tiny bits of his loan, And ripping off the Clubs T.V money for himself!

    He has no intentions of selling this club, And he is pleading poverty the whole time, I heard this crap when i was a kid from Mckeag and Co.
    Sometime ago we heard Ashley say through a third Party, “This Is The New Newcastle”, No it isn’t, It’s just the recreation of the old one!

  9. pete_toon says:
    September 25, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    “Don’t follow the fans forum report link for the moment. The site is down “for maintenance”.”

    It’s up now, Pete. According to that report from one of the fan’s representatives attending the meeting, John Irving claimed the the Wronga shirt was a best seller, with the best sales figure in the last six years (which is about the time Ashley took over the club). Despite this, commercial revenue figures were absolutely awful at a paltry £13 million, though the club claim this had nothing to do with the free Sports Direct advertising, which is only placed in places where the club can’t sell other advertising (I’m not making this shit up!).

    The fans representatives were also given a bit of the old “Ludovico technique” by Wronga in an effort to brainwash them about the company and sell it to other fans by the look of things too.

    There’s a fair bit more than that but you can read it all for yourself!

  10. Haven’t taken much of an interest lately been doing other things.Have made a point of not watching games or reading reports. A look on here now and then is enough to tell me nothing has changed.To me NUFC is dead and gone it has been replaced by S***TsD****T Un-United.I totally agree with Joe H Chuck etc..about Ashley and his hirelings.Will never understand how people don’t get Pardew.The Hull result was not new or unexpected last season was littered with such games. Even the big successful 5th place had its warning sign fixtures Fulham WBA etc.I asked the question then Lucky Manager or Good Manager? trouble is luck has a habit of running out.Can not believe I’m saying the things I am as a life long supporter but a bad result could be a good thing tonight anything that gets us nearer to getting rid of Pardew is good.I doubt at my age I will ever see the back of Ashley but Pardew has the same effect on me as he has on JoeH and others

  11. bob @ 7:

    “Or is the start of pardews excuses for another weakened side and bad performance.”

    Simple answers for simple questions: yes, I believe it is.

    “How many changes will he make ( again ) tonight?”

    Sameobi, Tiote & Dummett make three. Unless it’s Tiote for Cabaye (could be) that’s four. I assume Elliot will start making, possibly, five. I’d be fine with Gouffran starting for Cisse though. It’ll mainly be a second-choice starting XI.

  12. Nutmag says:
    September 25, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    “Haven’t taken much of an interest lately been doing other things.Have made a point of not watching games or reading reports.”

    Nutmag, alot of people are saying that and yet the last game was all but a sell out and someone from the club was claiming that the new Wronga shirts are the biggest sellers in the last six years. Has Ashley managed to attract a new crowd of muppets into supporting the club?

  13. Ah. The NUST report. Honestly, Charnley & Irving might as well have announced that they think NUFC supporters are imbeciles. SD ads in “otherwise unused space”? Oh really? Ok, I’m going to try this on my land lord. Why should I pay rent? I’m just occupying “otherwise unused space”.

    Good to know that the cup competitions aren’t important (gotta finish tenth, derrrrp!)and that JK was appointed to have football-related conversations with AP.

    Keep drinking, lads!

  14. Fact ! Mike Ashley is the 384th. richest man in the world and the 13th richest in the UK, with a fortune of around $3.5 b.
    He is also a fcuking cheapskate, which might have something to do with it.

    Is it not a problem with the tax people to receive a free service without paying an estimated tax on what it’s worth ?

    It’s official, those fans who had reached the conclusion, that Ashley was only interested in a mid table spot and quite happy to retain PL membership and a decent profit each season.
    Rather than spend money on any such ambition, such as acquiring silverware.

    And like many fans, i’m beginning to lose interest and it doesn’t matter so much when we lose anymore.
    As these creeps surrounding Ashley, with their slavish attitudes (hey! anything for a buck) make’s me cringe.
    I don’t even care if Leeds beat us to-night (well afternoon for me)
    But I must be in a minority, as both gates and sales of the WONGA logo shirt, appear to be going through the roof.
    I would like to see the fans make it unbearable for Ashley to attend games, anything but act like a bunch of sheep, while Ashley openly tells them to go screw themselves.

  15. The trouble is, People are throwing their Season Tickets in, But Ashley is just putting the tickets out to general sale, So a lot of people who don’t usually get to the match, Are snapping them up.
    Inevitably youngsters are getting a lot of the tickets also, Unfortunately there will always be people waiting to go to the games, It ends up a rent a crowd, But Fat boy doesn’t give a f**k, It’s just less people calling him a fat cnut!

    I don’t buy it, When he says he doesn’t want to sell the club
    If some billionaire was coming in tomorrow, And giving him the bit he wants, He would disappear faster than Salman Rushdie, When the door bell rings!

  16. chuck says:
    September 25, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    “Fact ! Mike Ashley is the 384th. richest man in the world and the 13th richest in the UK, with a fortune of around $3.5 b.”

    Chuck, as I pointed out in a previous blog, it’s even more than that now, over £3 billion. His Sports Direct shares just keep going up so quickly that those estimates are out of date soon after they’re published.

  17. i see the silver scumbag is talking about being “livid” about saturday. Im so sick of seeing that face i wanna punch him

  18. chuck says:
    September 25, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    “But I must be in a minority, as both gates and sales of the WONGA logo shirt, appear to be going through the roof.”

    Aye but do remember it was John Irving or someone else from the club who said that and they usually lie, so it could well be untrue.

  19. Worky

    Yeah well at the present rate The Fed. is printing $, we all may be worth that amount in American Green, pretty soon.

    The club lie to us ?
    Nah ! surely not.

    Have to say though, I see a lot of WONGA shirts on TV,
    I guess some people just don’t get it, they are there to be taken advantage of, a case of how do I look in my new loanshark shirt, which reminds me I have to take out another loan to pay for both it and my ticket to the match.
    Ah well !

  20. My data was taken from the 2013 Forbes List, dunno when it was printed.
    But whether $3.5b. or $8.4b, that’s a lotta simolians!

  21. What I would like to know is, what happens when everyone is replaced by machines and the money has all gone to the top one percent?
    Do we then equally divide the wealth out and start over?
    Kinda like we were playing monopoly?