Newcastle United board say trying for a cup would risk relegation

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Ladies and Gentlemen, my latest piece on is now up!

Once again, the Metro’s trainee headline writers and sub-editors have been at it to ensure it gets as few a readers as possible but never mind! It’s now entitled “Newcastle’s lack of ambition in the cups is a slap in the face for the club’s supporters.”

Basically, it is my thoughts on the following exchange between two Newcastle United fans’ representatives (Phil Patterson and Chris Forster) with unnamed representatives of the club at the recent ‘Fans’ Forum’ meeting at St James’ Park.

When Phil Patterson asked:

“Realistically, the cups are about the only chance of silverware, but year in year out we don’t seem to target one, why not?”

The Newcastle United panel responded:

“We utilise the cup competitions to secure match experience for the wider squad. The club is also mindful of injuries following last season’s Europa League.”

When Forster added:

“A cup would be success for fans”

The board then reiterated:

“The financial rewards of being a Premier League club are so great that we have to make sure that we do everything we can to stay in that position.”

So basically, the club were saying that despite being the world’s 20th richest club, despite having one of the best squads outside the top six of the Premier League, if they made a real effort to win a cup, they think there is a chance they could get relegated like Wigan or Birmingham City.

If that isn’t a damning indictment of six years of Ashley’s ownership, not to mention Alan Pardew’s management, I don’t know what is!

But you can read the rest the rest on my metro blog.

Newcastle’s lack of ambition in the cups is a slap in the face for the club’s supporters.

Finally, to go with this piece here and the one on, I have added a new poll on the topic, and I would really appreciate it if you could let us know your thoughts, either by voting in the poll, in the comments section below, or both.


Do you agree with the Newcastle United board that if we mount a serious challenge to win a cup competition, the club would run the risk of being relegated like Wigan or Birmingham City?

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17 Responses

  1. All ashley wants is to make money he has no interest in the club as long as keeps bringing profits. But week in week out 50,000 plus will flood in regardless and promoting wonga while lapping up pardews drivel. I try and be positive but i can not actually think of one reason why i should be. We are a joke now. F**K THEM ALL.

  2. Level on points with Man Utd with a game in hand has taken on a whole new meaning. Mind you, for anyone who watched the game, WBA are a class act. How come we can’t be like that, huh?

  3. Paul in Hollywood says:
    September 28, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    “WBA are a class act”

    Cheers Paul, Chuckles will start gushing about the wonderful Steve Clarke again now thanks to you. Then it will be Martinez if he beats us as well. That’s even more incentive to want the Toon to win! :roll:

  4. If Ashley and the management can’t be bothered to show any ambition why should we, the supporters of this club?
    The man is a disgrace to Newcastle United in particular and the city in general.
    How much longer is he going to take the fans for a ride?
    Only until we can take no more and make an absolute 100% supported stand against him.
    If we don’t there is NO FUTURE FOR THIS CLUB.

  5. I think the point is that Mike Ashley couldn’t give a shite about the Newcastle fans. Ever since they demanded he “get out of our club” after, in his eyes, he had saved us from ruin, he has taken an attitude of eff you. He is demonstrating, in ways that Derek Llambias could only mimic, how effing nasty he can be. He couldn’t give a shite about the Toon. We are merely a cash cow to him and if we were ever by some extremely remote chance to get to a cup final against his beloved Spurs, he would be wallowing in the extra cash he had reaped while hoping for a Spurs win.

    We all need to start purring “Nice Mike Ashley, Nice Mike Ashley” if we are ever to come close to softening his closed corporate heart.

  6. Worky, I ALWAYS want the Toon to win but like Chuckles on the right hand coast, I am not oblivious to the tactical skills and panache of either Martinez or Steve Clark. 1These are the ones we want to dance with at the Ball, not wallflower Pardew who is as totally out of his depth and dre

  7. Not only did I suggest a long time ago on this blog that Ashley was only interested in making money as owner of NUFC and his prime consideration was to remain in this, the richest league in the world.

    But he himself must realize, that not strengthening the side is a much quicker way to-wards relegation, than competing in various tournaments.

    And he does, otherwise he wouldn’t have brought in five players during the winter window.
    A clear case of panic buying.

    Then of all things he does the very same thing again, refusing to strengthen where and when needed.
    I don’t know if he understands the fact that you cant stand pat with a PL side, one must always attempt to improve.

    Well it appears to me (depending on our league standing) around Christmas, he will either spend big or at least bring in one or two players.

    Which only reinforces my belief, that had he any ambition for the side, he would have bought at the seasons beginning, but he only buys during the winter window (not because there are better deals) but only to ensure we remain in the PL, cause that’s where the money is.

    Now I know I have a bit of fun on here in regard to certain managers, who I think are astute students of the game and have by and large taken over from the Alex McLeish’s, Martin O’Niells, well you know names, the retreads that have been fired or quit in time at various clubs.
    Looking at some like S’Hamptons Pochetinno, got em in fourth place, the Clarke’s, the Lamberts, Swanseas Laudrup, et al.

    The division is very different from a few years back and it’s obvious the game has changed, both tactically and in other ways, but basically retaining the Pace and physicality, that makes it the most exiting league to watch.

    Which it may not have been twenty or more years ago.
    And yes it’s money that attracts both players and managers to this competitive league.

    This year may be the beginning of a new era, with any number of sides, capable of winning the league, not only more parity at the top, but the possibility of top sides being beaten by those near the bottom.

    You have to give credit to those younger guys who have taken on clubs that were either on the slide or who have recently arrived in the PL and through astute management and purchase of players, have made them competitive.

    It’s just unfortunate I don’t have much to say in the way of praise, for the side I support, due to problems (interference) on the part of the owner, (incompetence)on the part of the manager.
    However everything is subject to change!

  8. Love Cashly or hate him, Why doesn’t somebody run him owa!
    Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  9. I ticked the box for I agree we could be relegated if we went after a cup.But any sportsman or sports team should be trying to be the best at there sport,this means you win trophys to prove you are the best.When you start winning things top players then want to join your club,this gives you more chance of success with other trophys. Top players want to be WINNERS NOT also rans.

  10. DAVE EDWARDS says:
    September 29, 2013 at 8:05 am

    “I ticked the box for I agree we could be relegated if we went after a cup”

    Dave, as I’ve mentioned on here many times before, Everton are about the closest club to Newcastle in terms of the strength of their squad. Do you think that they could go really go after a cup without risking relegation?

  11. So , following relegation, and near relegation again last year the club has decided that staying in the prem is the priority, and they are getting flak for it.

    This so called indictment of Ashleys ownership seems to conveniently forget how we got back into the club rich list, you prawns.

  12. Archie Brand says:
    September 29, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    “So , following relegation, and near relegation again last year the club has decided that staying in the prem is the priority, and they are getting flak for it.”

    That is kind of the point though, Archie. Ashley had over six years with one of THE biggest clubs outside the top four, five and now six, and we’re still worried about relegation after all that time. It’s a testament to Ashley’s and the board’s complete incompetence. And if you want to start bleating about Freddy Shepherd and all the usual drivel, that would be just pathetic so don’t even think about it.

    12th, 17th and relegated, Championship, 12th, 5th, 16th. That is an awful record for a club like Newcastle United. It dysfunctional and laughable and we’re still looking over our shoulders after all this time.

    As for the “rich list” that seems to be more important to you than how we’re doing on the pitch for some bizarre reason. Also, you omit to mention that the reason we fell in the first place was because Ashley somehow managed to get the club relegated. Hence, it’s ridiculous thing to say.

  13. No way would a cup run relegate us, Utter crap coming from the circus, That tries to run a Football Club!

    Archie Brand, So a good bank balance, And a club that goes nowhere is sufficient for you?

    I keep saying it, But he is overestimating fan loyalty!
    When all said and done, This is an entertainment business, And the fans are fundamentally clientele.
    If you treat your customers like s**t, Eventually they ain’t coming back, End of story.
    I remember the crowds going down to 14,000, In the days of Mckeag’s board.
    In the 70’s, The crowds went down to 9,000, So people do get sick of having someone have their hand in their pocket, And will leave it, And put their energy into something else.

    If the advertised soap powder, Isn’t getting your whites white, Your not buying it, Are you!
    I think new rules should be introduced in The Premier League, Where the owners of clubs have to spend a certain amount on playing staff, If the fans are putting their money in.
    If they don’t, Then they should be classed as not fit and proper, And sanctions or fines against owners, Who are not holding up their end.
    If they continue to flout this, They should be thrown out of the game.
    What Ashley is doing, Is against the Trades Descriptions Act imo, And he should be brought to book.

  14. joe hawkins says:
    September 29, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    “I think new rules should be introduced in The Premier League, Where the owners of clubs have to spend a certain amount on playing staff,”

    As I’ve said before, Joe, though every fan of every team wants better players, we still have a very respectable squad. Hence, however much or little Ashley has spent, that isn’t the problem. It’s the constant mismanagement by clowns like Ashley and Llambias which has ensured that the team we have has seldom performed to it’s true potential.

  15. Bottom line, success breeds success, end of story!!

    Any other attitude is sticking your head in the sand and crossing your fingers.

    If “The Management” think otherwise then they are as thick as pigsh!te.