Cisse gets a real winger to break his scoring duck at last

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Papiss Cisse scoring against Leeds United in the League Cup.
Cisse – Back in the goals against Leeds.
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Now entitled “Left-field selection Sammy Ameobi helps Papiss Cisse break his Newcastle scoring duck,” it orignally had the same title as this piece until a sub-editor got his or her hands on it. Thankfully though, they seem to have left the story intact this time, apart from taking my correct spelling of ‘Yoan Gouffran’ and changing it to ‘Yoann Gouffran’ like another French player, Yoann Gourcuff.

Enough of my petty griping though, the piece itself takes a look at the return of Papiss Cisse to the score sheet in Wednesday evening’s League Cup game against Leeds United. It also takes a look at the role of two of the best players in that particular game, Sammy Ameobi and Yoan Gouffran. In particular I look at how, for a change, Alan Pardew actually had a left footed player, Ameobi the younger, playing on the left hand side rather than a right footer who would constantly cut in. This resulted in a superb left footed cross by the big lad for Cisse’s goal, with Ameobi also playing a role in Gouffran’s spectacular second goal in what was an excellent performance overall on the wing from the youngster.

On the subject of the Gouffran, he has been a right footed player playing on the left in his brief Newcastle career so far, though against Leeds he was deployed centrally just behind Cisse, turning in a similarly excellent performance to Sammy. I also go slightly deeper into the subject, looking at other examples of wingers playing on the ‘right’ / ‘wrong’ side at Newcastle and elsewhere, including Gutierrez and Ben Arfa, but I’ll leave that for you to discover in the original piece!

One final thing though, the image I chose for the original story, of Papiss Cisse praying towards Mecca in front of a battery of huge Wonga signs is positively dripping with irony. I wish I’d taken it!

Cisse gets a real winger to break his scoring duck at last.

Newcastle United vs Leeds United match highlights.


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71 Responses

  1. Hey ! how long have I been saying we needed real wingers, instead of trying to fit certain names into a lineup.
    Now can we give Marveaux a shot on the right wing and stop wasting HBA out there, put him behind either Cisse or Remy, whoever gets picked.
    It’s a luxury to have Gouffran, Tiote,Anita, Cabaye, Bigrimana and Sissoko to chose from, perhaps coming on after seventy minutes, when needed.
    Keeps them game fit and rests others.

  2. I guess everyone cought Iron Mike’s stellar performance, when McCormack breezed by him as if he had taken root.
    Please someone get this guy outta here and have him take Obertan with him, perhaps we can give a two for the price of one deal, to some lucky club.

  3. @Chuck,I have prayed for a year and it has not worked,like parpoo mike and obertan ain’t going nowhere..

  4. sampdiago

    You may be praying to the wrong god, give the good god Bud or Shiva a call, there’s no lack of them in India, around four hundred or so.
    Both the Elephant and Monkey gods are pretty popular.
    What about saints (no not Southampton) I mean there’s gotta be a patron saint of footballers or at least Sport.

    Looks like the jungle telegraph is working overtime, associating us with “Di Matteo”, who has according to rumor shown little interest in the Sunderland job.
    I had mentioned earlier that it would be a hard sell for both De Matteo and Poyet, as S’land. certainly look like relegation bound.
    And both of these guys have bigger ambitions, though whether they both would be interested in replacing Pardew remains to be seen.
    Why ?
    Like Sunderland, it’s remote and i’m sure both guys are aware that Ashley is not known to pay the going rate, but then they are both PL sides and one doesn’t get an offer to manage top sides every day of the week.
    Either one would be a big step up from Pardew, if not my particular choice, so perhaps you should break out the prayer beads, ya never know?

  5. Chuclkesbrother: I know we argue, but this Everton game could be a Martinez and McCarthy “told you so” party for you?

    Except nobody would take the other side because we all know Pardew is shite. I saw it later than others (Worky and AndyMac), but I wasn’t that late to the party :)

  6. am i the only one who has hated pardew from the start? he has accusations of sleeping with a teammates wife when his own wife seriously ill and his “rape” joke on match of the day then the wrongful dismissal of hughton ive never wanted him from the start the bloke has done crap everywhere he went with the exception of west ham

  7. The worrying thing is that Pardiola is gettingjust the right results going his way to avoid the chop.

  8. chuck says:
    September 26, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    “Hey ! how long have I been saying we needed real wingers, instead of trying to fit certain names into a lineup.
    Now can we give Marveaux a shot on the right wing and stop wasting HBA out there”

    Marveaux’s another left footer, Chuck. If you wanted him to play more like a real winger, he would be better on the left.

  9. dokky @ 8: no, you’re not the only one. Along with plenty of folks at the local supporters club, I thought and think it was one of the most ill-advised appointments ever. There was and is something fishy about it and you can sense it wasn’t a decision made with the success of the club in mind.

  10. Armylite

    On the contrary, regardless who we play, essentially i’m a Newcastle supporter, have been since before you were a twinkle in your old mans eye.
    However the Monday game ought to be a pretty good game to evaluate how we match up.
    Being so far we have had fairly light opposition, against Villa and Fulham, both in the doldrums.
    Yep, Everton will be a real test for us, a team that, best mirrors ourselves as far as ambitions are concerned.
    Both with cheapass owners, forever crying about money.
    The main difference is, they have a decent manager, whereas, we are stuck with someone who thinks he is, but has to be the worst in the league.
    I would have had Pulis before him and that’s a stretch.

  11. I can’t figure out NUFC. Do we play better with Cabaye and Tiote, I don’t know?

    Cisse scores wonder goals but is always offside.

    Santon on the left or on the right?

    It seems obvious that Sissoko should play through the middle, but what about Anita?


    I would make a place in the team for Ben Arfa, Sammy and Cisse. We would win as many as we would lose and would be ENTERTAINED.

  12. Chuck: off to a wedding, mate. Keep me posted on the Elvis and Jerry Lee concerts. Check back with you laters.


  13. GS-if I were the manager…well, if I were THIS manager, I’d just quit and go away.

    BUT, if I were manager, I’d have tactical flexibility and want to play different ways in different situations and against different opponents, and I’d probably have no problem finding places for all those guys. And to those who aren’t included, I’d suggest playing better than those who are.

    I’m just spitballing here.

  14. Here Worky, if you think I am like Rodzilla, I’m not?

    Classic Morrissey line:

    “Spending warm summer days in doors”

  15. Bit of a story by Pardew in regard to who gets the Monday start, will he give it to Anita or Tiote ?
    Actually we are well stocked in that department, defensive/playmaker midfielders.
    There’s Tiote, a pretty good stopper, who’s forte is a kind of sweeper role in front of the back four.
    Yeah but that’s it and sometimes he lays too much body on the opposition.
    Unfortunately his distribution is woeful and needs work.
    Anita on the other hand, is not quite as good at breaking up plays, but his passing is excellent, a decent playmaker, more like Cabaye.
    Cabaye, too bad we didn’t get twenty million for him, as he is not he same force he was during his first season here and appears injury prone.
    But on a good day could prove to be a gamewinner.
    Bigirimana, the kid has it all and will surpass the others, best buy in a long time.
    Give him some cameo outings to hone his skills and we will have a special player.
    Sissoko, as no one seems to know what to do with this guy, how about either a YaYa Toure role or a new Patrick Viera, being he can run all day and has the skills to be something special.
    Of course being these guys all present different skills, they should be used as horses for courses roles, in other words platoon them against various sides, where their particular skills can best be utilized.
    We have the luxury of choice these days and should use it to our advantage.

  16. Worky @ 12#

    Ok, then who do we play on the right wing, hell I would put Santon there if I were running the world.
    But it’s my opinion, that Marveaux has done a pretty good job there and if not there, then where?
    As I still think HBA should be given a free roaming role behind the striker.
    Having watched Santon bombing down the right side,(when he was played on the right side) I think it’s a more natural role than as a defender, especially when played on the wrong (left) side.
    I just don’t get that!
    Plus young ferguson was quite successful when played on the left wing, playing some great passes into the box, which is one of the reaons Cisse is not scoring, lack of support.
    You see how cheap this guy is, sends out good young players on loan, to avoid having to pay them, obviously
    his interest is about making a buck and surviving in the PL, as opposed to having a side that is in anyway successful.

  17. GS

    Yeah heard about these young guys, Elvis the pelvis and Gerry Lee Lewis, actually prefer Lil Richard and Chuck Berry.
    You are probably a Pat Boone fan though no?

  18. aye i never agreed with him being appointed in the first place either. Im not part of a supporters club tho i only know 4 newcastle fans where im from lol but they seem to not even mind pardew. He manages to manipulate peoples minds with bullcrap that aint true and people just lap it up. Getting there news from the mirror or the sun like most idiots these days

  19. dokky-when he was first appointed, it wasn’t like we hated him rather we were scratching our heads and suspecting some Ashley-style cronyism by default.

    Things haven’t really gotten better from there.

  20. tunyc

    Erm… actually there were quite a few who disliked Pardew from day one, those of us who knew his history.

  21. Just thought I would have a quick look at this again but nothing has changed you lot still make us look like the most negitve supporters in the world when are you lot going to be happy I think. We could win the treble and you lot would still find something bad to say about nufc just so it sounds like you know better #theworstsupportersinengland

  22. Tonytoon

    Lighten up guy, it’s obvious there are a substantial number of fans who consider Pardew to be one of the worst managers to ever take on the managerial role at this club.
    And if you read the news as far as the club is concerned, with Ashley’s admitting he is here for the money and silverware is secondary.
    Then why should the fans not have a negative attitude?
    It appears there is not much chance of us winning the treble, whatever that is, so get used to supporting a club with no ambition.

  23. Pardew’s been listening to me:

    “Those two left-footers (Sammy Ameobi and Dummett) balanced us up a bit. That’s why they’re pushing, because we haven’t really got a natural left footer down that side – other than Sammy or Dummett. That’s why they are important to us.”

    However, both Ben Arfa and Marveaux are natural left footers

  24. Chuck your missing the point the point I’m getting at is it would not matter how good we do the people on this site will always moan about something because there like to think there know better than professionals but in reality there can’t even hold down a bog standard job and spend most of there time learning about football on the xbox or playstaition

  25. tonytoon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 9:39 am

    “but in reality there can’t even hold down a bog standard job”

    You’re right in my case, Tony. I could never hold down a bog standard job, I always preferred better, more intellectually stimulating ones, and working for myself too.

    I first started learning about football as a bairn. I was inspired by the Dutch team in the 1974 World Cup. I was only about nine or ten and knew absolutely nothing about football or tactics, but I used to get very curious about things, and I was curious as to why they looked different and better than all the other teams, and that’s how my journey began. I was gutted when Beckenbauer’s Germany beat them in the final though.

    In the same year, my brother in law of the time used to take me to meet Supermac too, he was his landlord when he had a shop in the Newgate Arcade during that period. That’s when I started supporting Newcastle United.

  26. Tonytoon, That’s why Pardew must not be on the training ground, He’s spending all his time on the XBOX trying to learn about Football!

    I think you will find they’re or they are, O

  27. @ chuck
    <<<<<<< i dint want to be hearing any excuses from u when pards leaves ya super hero with a fat eye lmao :)

  28. Sorry pressed the wrong button, Must be all that lack of education, And XBOX excess.

    I think you will find They are, Or They’re, Or even They, Works much better!
    I’m never going to be a Rocket Scientist, But i know we can do a hell of a lot better, Than the current rabble, That run Newcastle United Football Club.
    I have enough intelligence to know when i’m being “Had Ower”!

  29. Incidentally, on the subject of “bog standard” it should really be “box standard” and “dog’s bollocks” should really be “box deluxe.”

    They were the two grades of Meccano you could get, however they have been corrupted in their modern usage to denote other things as well as Meccano which are ordinary standard and deluxe standard.

  30. joe hawkins says:
    September 28, 2013 at 11:25 am

    “Sorry pressed the wrong button, Must be all that lack of education, And XBOX excess.”

    Or Mr.Magoo in denial, groping around and chuntering on about buttons getting smaller, lightbulbs getting dimmer and so on, like all of us once we reach a ‘certain age’? :-)

  31. You lot are so funny all I do is make one small comment and you all start getting your backs up and googleing a load of facts just so you look a bit brighter haha and as for you workyticket you must be really good if you have studied football since you were 9 you must be high up in the football world are you? No! The best you do is put pointless negative blogs up about nufc to try and bring all nufc supporters into a state of depression. You lot need to start looking on the bright side of life

  32. tonytoon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    “You lot are so funny all I do is make one small comment and you all start getting your backs up and googleing a load of facts just so you look a bit brighter haha and as for you workyticket you must be really good if you have studied football since you were 9 you must be high up in the football world are you? No!”

    Well if you were referring to my Meccano comment, I got that one from the TV show “QI” quite some time ago actually. Google isn’t the only thing in the world, and imformation on the Internet can be a bit dodgy at times to say the least. It’s hard to believe for a Geordie, I know, but I do actually read many books and have been privileged enough to have known, and learned from, some highly knowledgeable people too in many fields.

    On the subject of Pardew, Neville Southall knows a bit about football, he was one of the best goalkeepers I’ve ever seen, and he had this to say about the Silver Fox recently:

    “I have doubts about the manager. Alan Pardew makes excuse after excuse when they lose.

    “Even before they played Manchester City he was blaming Yohann Cabaye because he was supposedly on the verge of joining Arsenal.

    “He’s one of these managers who writes notes. I don’t understand why managers need to write notes. Can’t he remember 45 minutes of football?” :lol:

  33. Tonytoon, If you want to live in Pardew’s “Nothing To See Here”, And his “Emperor’s New Clothes” style of management, Then go for your life.
    It’s fans like you who don’t want the so called negative talk, Because you don’t want it to burst the little black and white cocoon you live in.
    Fans like you are stopping the club advancing by your ridiculous stand by, And perpetually do nothing, And Support The Club, Not The Regime, Waste of time approach.

    Parasites like Michael Wallace Ashley, Will never leave the Club, If you indulge them, By lining their pockets.
    We don’t have to go and Google statistics to see things are not right at the club.
    You are a damn fool if you think any different, And must be on the Happy Baccy!

    You cannot have it all ways, You come on here, Basically on a fishing trip, Then have a flounce, When you receive a reaction.

    Worky, No complaints from me, It’s no good, This getting old lark.
    It’s the hangover’s that i cannot take, Whilst trying to keep up with my younger cousins.

    I was typing, And stood up, And hit the submit comment button, When i hadn’t finished typing.
    You know the next day after a drinking session, When you get that difficulty in trying to speak, And the cold sweats lol.

  34. Well if he said that it must be true I think I might start hating nufc just like all you now. thanks for that information lol there is a old saying that goes surround yourself with negative people and you will go nowhere in life surround yourself with positive people and the sky is the limit. You lot might want to take note of that

  35. Tony, it seems that you are the one who is being negative with your irrelvant ad hominem attacks. As for “not going anywhere in life,” I’ve been to places you could only ever dream about in mine. ;-)

  36. dokkyv says:
    September 28, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    “even though they are a national newspaper and cannot even spell”

    Dokky, as you may know, I write for the Metro and they’re part of the Daily Hate Mail group, and I can tell you that the sub-editors there leave alot to be desired. More than once they’ve taken stuff I’ve written which was correct and have ‘incorrected’ it. In the last story they took my “Yoan Gouffran” and incorrected it to “Yoann Gouffran.” They changed my title to a shite one too amongst other things.

  37. Tonytoon, Hasn’t worked so far has it!, 50,000 plus turning up regardless of how good they are doing.
    Your positivity has led this club to not winning a trophy since 1969, Sterling effort my friend!
    Something is seriously wrong somewhere within the psyche of this club, That needs addressing.

  38. Look I don’t disagree with the problems you are making about our club all I am saying is it gets a bit depressing when all anyone says on here is negative no one on here has ever got anything good to say about us you lot only ever talk about the bad things so come on lads can some start talking about the good things

  39. loonytoon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    “all I do is make one small comment and you all start getting your backs up and googleing a load of facts just so you look a bit brighter haha”

    Difficult to imagine anything making you looking any brighter, you thick hump.


  40. what good things darth? pardews constant lies? being in the bottom 5 with a tough run of games coming up? or the wonga signs everywhere? i tough for me to even care with the bunch of clowns who are running the club

  41. loonytoon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    “so come on lads can some start talking about the good things”

    Go on then, genius.

    Start us off.

  42. Tony

    May I make a suggestion ?
    Try Ed’s blog, he is always positive, both in regard to the club and it’s management.
    Well he’s been a tad critical of late, but i’m sure the blog will meet your requirements.
    No point in getting upset by reading the crap most of us write here.

    Army lite
    Actually just watched M.U. get beat at home by a no name WBA side riddled with injuries.

    Guess who the hero was, “Amalfitano” no ! not the one we signed, his brother, that we were supposed to sign.
    I guess our guy must have come cheaper.

    A WBA with another of my managerial choices, Steve Clarke at the helm.
    Boy can I pick em !

    Looks like MU have turned into an average side, could be the end of an era, that, or Moyes could find himself unemployed.
    Looks as if we are down there close to the relegation sides, a defeat on Monday would strike fear and loathing, among both fans and management alike.

    How much will it take to unload this clown and what kind of excuse or blame will he place, on who or what.
    He’s used up his supply of excuses, so expect repeats.

  43. workyticket says:
    September 28, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    “My latest piece on the Metro:”

    JFW. Absolutely amazing. I’ve been saying for ages that this was their attitude towards cup competitions – and now they’ve had the cheek to admit it to the paying punters.

    I don’t suppose it’s even occurred to any of these pr|cks that a successful run in the league results in one of those pesky cup competitions the following season.

  44. DarthBroon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    “A good read by the way, worky.”

    Cheers Darth. The original was a slightly better before some spotty trainee sub-editor got his or her grubby paws on it. It’s getting rather tiresome now. I don’t mind sub-editing at all, but shite sub editing is a different matter!

  45. Darthbroom I’m not trying to look bright you clown I bet your nothing but a dole woller sitting in your parents spare room lol

  46. Now, now lads! Just trading verbal custard pies isn’t very productive.

    Tony, you actually made a fair point at 51. I shall respond to it when I get a few minutes, after I’ve finished off a new blog and poll.

  47. tonytoon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    “Look I don’t disagree with the problems you are making about our club all I am saying is it gets a bit depressing when all anyone says on here is negative no one on here has ever got anything good to say about us you lot only ever talk about the bad things so come on lads can some start talking about the good things”

    Yes, as I mentioned above, that is a point. However, I HAVE written positive pieces on here too, usually about the players because that’s what I’m usually most positive about in recent times. However I get barracked by some for those too, for stuff like suggesting that Danny Simpson, or Shola Ameobi, or Mike Williamson aren’t quite the worst players in the world, I even used to get it for writing very positive pieces about Chris Hughton when he was here. I was also a champion of Vurnon Anita when some were blathering on about what a disappointment he was. I scouted him for a while when he was an Ajax player long before he came here and he really is a good little midfielder.

    However, irony of ironys, the same people who barrack me for praising particular players are very often the same people who say I should shut up and get behind the team if I write anything critical of Pardew. I can’t figure it out. They usually get less readers too.

    You also made another good point somewhere above as well. You suggested that some people become hypercritical because they think it makes them seem more knowledgable in some way. There’s alot of truth in that actually, it does happen, though I usually find it applies to ridiculously over the top, or misinformed criticism of the players more than anything.

  48. DarthBroon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    “dole woller :lol:”

    Careful Darth, that used to be one of me dad’s favourites, along with “those bloody yobbos!” :-)

    Or usually the two would be combined eg “those bloody yobbos, I bet they’re all dole wallahs!”

  49. Dole Wallah is a contradiction of terms, being wallahs are those who perform specific tasks.
    Punkah wallah, someone who manually operates a fan or breeze maker.
    Dhobi wallah, someone who does laundry.
    Chai wallah , a tea maker.
    Very often it’s added to a name, designating a persons caste or social group.
    My point how can someone be a dole Wallah, when being on the dole signifies you do nothing.

  50. Soh! three points from the relegation zone and a tough schedule of Everton-Liverpool-Cardif and Citeh coming up, with only our neighbors doon the road considered winnable, well perhaps we could beat Cardiff.
    Some surprises, with Villa beating Citeh and WBA showing M.U. how it’s done.
    Again Bruce got it right beating W/Ham, with Southampton moving up to the number four spot, with a win over a Palace side that appears to be only up for a cup of coffee.
    Arsenal looking good at the top, when their main rivals, from north and west London tied at White Heart Lane.
    Swansea are level on points with Newcastle after being beaten at home, but have played one game more.
    In which case Mondays game has added significance, looking forward to it.

  51. DarthBroon says:
    September 28, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    “Perhaps an email to this ‘spotty trainee sub-editor’ is in order, worky. Something along the following lines maybe?”

    Darth, I’ve alredy sent a few notes about it. I’m building up to one like that eventually, I can feel it in my water.

  52. chuck says:
    September 28, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    “with a win over a Palace side that appears to be only up for a cup of coffee.”

    That Ian Holloway does look a bit like a ‘whack-a-mole’ and he keeps popping his head up every few years and getting it whacked back down again. You never know though.