Ben Arfa vs Aston Villa and Fulham kick by kick (HD video).

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Benny crucifying the Villans on 14th September 2013.

Two nine minute videos courtesy of “BenArfa10x.”. The one above shows every kick of Hatem Ben Arfa’s excellent performances against Aston Villa last Saturday. The second (below) highlights his similarly excellent performance aginst Fulham two weeks before.

The videos are pretty good quality for YouTube and still look good at full screen size.

Benny eviscerating the Cottagers on 31st August 2013.

Many thanks to BenArfa10x on YouTube.

Aston Villa vs Newcastle United extended match highlights and interviews.


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17 Responses

  1. Couple of things and yes, I know its early days but…

    Interesting to not that people are now coming out of the woodwork saying we’ve had an easy run and I expect more to jump on the bandwagon if we beat Hull, fair enough but the pundits were praising Villa last week saying they had been really unlucky to be beaten by Liverpool and Chelsea

    Whilst we didn’t make the signings we wanted it’s interesting to see that most clubs i.e. Southampton, Norwich, Swansea who have invested heavily now actually seem to be in a worse position last last season, think Sissoko, Anita Gouffran and Debuchy can actually step up this season and play some decent consistent football – if so ( and dependent on Pards actually picking players on form and in their correct position ) we could have a decent season and finish between 6th and 10th

    I’m a bit fed up of the papers saying we dont like Kinnear because he’s a cockney (which he isnt anyway) – it’s because he’s a twat – I’d gladly have Daniel Levy from Spurs as our DoF, gets the best deals I’ve seen for average players and great deals for good players he also ensures the money is reinvested in the team
    Anyway decent win and one I wasn’t expecting

  2. SJT, That will be the next excuse Mavis Pardew will have, During the January Window.
    “We are vulnerable to bids for Ben Arfa, Because he is World Class, And only a ridiculous bid will prize him away”
    Then he will tell us he’s Superman again, And how he’s protecting the club.

    Then after the January Window closes, We will be told the market fluctuates too much, And it is hard to get players over the line, At that time of the year.

  3. sjt @ 1

    aye that’s my fear.

    i also worry about him going on strike (again) for a move if they dont meet ashley’s £100 million valuation.

  4. joe @ 3
    You forgot the “We went down to Wonga for a payday loan cos we couldn’t get the overdraft and the money we got had to be paid back so we had to sell Ben Arfa and Cabaye to cover the costs”.

  5. An interesting piece worky. Now, they do say that success breeds success, so if we can parlay the current “form” into a win against Hull, there’s no reason that the team can’t take a positive set of results as a morale boost into the next few games. This, after all, was where we had real problems last year – stringing two winning performances together.

  6. Only just watched the BenArfa highlights, should have had a penalty. Pretty obvious one at that.

  7. Worky, Just read your Metro article, it’s easy for the pundits (not including you in this comment) to say Villa and Fulham didn’t play well but I reckon any team would struggle to look good against them the way they played. Credit to us that we did, although without Benny who knows.

  8. pete_toon says:
    September 16, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    “An interesting piece worky.”

    Cheers pete but I’m not pleased at all. Some spotty intern (probably) has sub-edited it very poorly and given it an awful title. Hardly anyone’s going to click on a blog with an insipid title like “Newcastle United fan’s view: A good day for the Magpies.”

  9. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    September 16, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    “Worky, Just read your Metro article, it’s easy for the pundits (not including you in this comment) to say Villa and Fulham didn’t play well but I reckon any team would struggle to look good against them the way they played.”

    Cheers Grumpy. West Ham, Fulham and Villa all had the same problem, with the single exception of Benteke (who usually scores ATM), their hitmen just weren’t firing at all. Three teams, three games, one goal. Fair play to our defence who deserve half the credit, but key hitmen for all those teams were either missing (Carroll – enough said) or having a bit of a ‘mare in their games against us regardless of our defence (Berbatov, Nolan etc…)

    I don’t know why we were ever chasing that Modibo Maiga lad. He didn’t seem very impressive when I probed him in France and he doesn’t seem very impressive here either.

  10. As I mentioned previously in my assessment of the game.
    Villa were nowhere near the side that beat Arsenal recently, and Fulham were also unimpressive.
    Though undoubtedly that had something to do with the the way we played.
    There is pace in the side and we played a combination of both short and long balls, but have to become a better passing side, with more tactical set plays involved, as it looked as if we were making it up as we went along.
    The skills are there but unfortunately any recognizable tactical approach is missing.
    Sure we spend more time attacking than in the past where Pardews negative defensive style, had put us on the back foot, by inviting the opposition to attack.
    The old adage being, attack is the best form of defense.
    As I said above, there’s pace, technical skills, which could be molded into a good side and yes we have began to play a more attacking game.
    But overall, it’s obvious there is a lack of any definable tactical plan.
    Taxi for Pardew, please !

  11. A new deal for HBA and Santon , please!
    Tell you the truth, if some clown offers us twenty million for Cabaye during the winter window, grab it.
    Both Anita and a future star Bigirimana can do the job.
    Plus we could have a future Patrick Viera in Sissoko, that’s if Pardew or any of his coaches recognize it.
    Have to say, I liked the way both Santon and Debuchy add to our attacking options, making their runs, though both appeared a bit restrained on Saturday.
    And both are becoming more reliable defensively.
    Hopefully Marveaux is not going to sit on the bench, as he has looked decent lately, plus he can both find the net and lay on that perfectly weighted pass.
    But Pardew works in strage ways, sitting HBA for much of the time he has spent here, go figure.