Putting lipstick on a pig called “Wonga”

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Wonga loan Shark.
Wonga: Ticking the boxes for fans?
My latest ‘blog on metro.co.uk is now up!

Entitled “Is Wonga really Newcastle United’s greatest ever sponsor after only five weeks?” I reflect on the words of Newcastle United’s Financial Director John Irving, who recently said the following at a meeting to reassure Newcastle United fans about the club’s controversial sponsorship deal with Wonga:

“From a commercial impact, Wonga have had the money on the table and have been a lot more aggressive.

“It’s massively important to have people on board that want to get involved with us in terms of what we do with the fans and the foundation and what we do with the younger players.

“Wonga have only really been here five weeks and they have actually done considerably more than anyone ever has done in terms of investment and support.

“The gates have been unveiled… they renamed the stadium back to St James’ Park. Wonga tick the boxes.

“From a club point of view we are delighted they are partnered with us for such a long time.”

As most people with a modicum of intelligence know, Wonga are not a charity with the best interests of the region at heart, they vile parasites who feed off the misfortune of the most desperate and vulnerable in society, and their efforts to get involved with the community on Tyneside are just an effort to put lipstick on a pig, something to give these leeches a false respectabilty they do not deserve, not to mention a way to sink their claws into the region’s poor. But anyway, you can read the blog!

Is Wonga really Newcastle United’s greatest ever sponsor after only five weeks?


Will you be buying / have you bought a Wonga shirt for next season?

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26 Responses

  1. I would not be seen dead wearing any garment displaying the word WONGA. Why promote a company that admits that it makes its profit from the most vunerable members of society

  2. jim c says:
    August 23, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    “Why promote a company that admits that it makes its profit from the most vunerable members of society”

    They doesn’t admit it though, Jim, they’re constantly denying it.

    They get VERY angry when they are referred to as a “Payday Lender” always stressing they are a “Digital Finance Company” who only lend to highly successful urban professional metrosexual gadabouts who are “time poor” not money poor, or some such shite. Another one they made up is that their customers are the kind of people who prefer taking a black cab to a bus.

  3. ‘Renaming us SJP’ wow we are forever indebted to our merciful leader. Organising a stadium boycott is tough to organise and of questionable help anyway, but I would have thought a boycott on the shirts would have been easy enough to orchestrate over tinternet ‘n that.

  4. Bring back the “Blue Star”. Best sponsor we ever had. Bar non. Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  5. Those that are whinging about harming team moral and damageing the club should seriously consider what a state the club is already in .Can we damage team moral any more than has already been achieved by this crumby regime ?
    We are already a joke, not just in our own league, but across europe.Very sad to think what might have been if the club was run by someone with black and white blood.
    Protests, sit-in’s and the like, bring em on, especially on TV games. Not possible, but I would love to see Cashley humiliated and brought down with a massive bang. Ah well, Iv’e been a dreamer for the last 55 years so one more can’t hurt, can it !!

  6. Soh! It’s BSA back in town, with two legit wingers and Carroll, also Nolan, who we know can poach a goal or two.
    If we get beat badly, could this be the final nail in Pardew’s coffin ?
    I think I could take the humiliation, if it would hasten his departure, but probably ain’t gonna happen.
    Which in turn puts me in a similar position as many long time fans who Have stated they no longer care, that the way the club is being run makes it and it’s fans a joke, which is not easy to take.
    It’s the ignorance and arrogance of those running the club, from Ashley’s hands on, even though he knows nothing about football, to Joe’s dumbass rants and of course our genius manager, who if you don’t believe that statement, just ask him.
    We are going nowhere as a competitive side and are either close to selling
    our midfield playmaker or not.
    The question is will he play against West Ham, him being upset and not feeling great is no excuse, get his ass out there, even if you gotta kick ass, I mean what would the average employer say if any of us were to complain were not coming to work as we rally want to work for another company and don’t feel we could do a days work ?
    It’s a soap opera FFS !
    So maybe it’s time for a lot of us to say screw it, no more games, watch if you must on the telly or “damn a pub” even on line, but no more spending on either shirts or seats, perhaps it would send a message
    Yeah it’s only the start of the season , but already lethargy is setting in and a whole season of listening to Pardews sound bites and reading the Chronic’s WONGA sponsored propaganda, plus probably fighting once more to avoid relegation, is just too much to lay on any set of fans.

  7. That’s vigorish Ben, the term for interest used by WONGA’s competitor, “La Cosa Nostra”
    Or “our Thing”

  8. Ben says:
    August 23, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    “Better a legal loan shark than an illegal one.”

    Better a punch in the mouth than a kick in the head. So do you want a punch in the mouth, Ben?

  9. On the question of legal being better than illegal, ain’t neccessarily so!
    The old numbers racket, which was run by the mob, was the best bet in town, no taxes to pay.
    Then NYState set up it’s own “off track betting parlours” which were run by the state, unlike in the UK and Ireland where it’s owned and operated by the private sector.
    It’hard to believe but they couldn’t make a profit so they went outta business.
    So, we are back with either betting on line through Las Vegas, being gambling is legal in Nevada, but paying taxes on any winnings.
    Whereas if you want to bet with the local illegal bookie, usually the mob, you don’t have to pay taxes on your winnings .

  10. So even though it was spelled wrong on the paitent form we still have the incorrect logo on our shirts,the chosen company sponsored name was to represent the current chairman and owner.Yes,the o was to be an a,and the g,a k….

  11. Worky
    Been this side of the pond since early June, back to the City early Sept.for that hopefully Indian summer that could last until mid Nov..
    For anyone contemplating a visit to NYC, that’s the time of year I would advocate.
    Everyone’s back from the beach and upstate, Thanksgiving and Christmas are next, the kids are back in school and theirs a buzz in the air.
    The world series coming up and the winter sports season, hockey, basketball and American football comming up.
    For those who may visit the City or elsewhere at this time, I would suggest they go to a game, itz’s a different spectacle when watched live, whichever of the sports you choose.

  12. Porciestreet, Don’t worry, We’ll see our day with Ashley, No matter how long it takes!
    I don’t care if we have to wait the next 20 years, He will get his comeuppance.

    So John Irving says the sponsor were aggressive, Of course they are, All sharks are aggressive!

  13. sirjasontoon says:
    August 24, 2013 at 11:32 am

    “The Wongo logo just makes me think of tramps.”

    So why aren’t they sponsoring Sunderland?

  14. Hope we break sams record of victorys against us,however watching a replay of Mondays match,the way cisse got disposed by kompany,who was too much for cisse and co,who thinks Nolan
    Will score?

  15. Chuck says:
    August 24, 2013 at 11:15 am

    Been this side of the pond since early June,”

    Aye Chuck, I recall you mentioning something about that before, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was right now.

  16. As I mentioned in the comments section, funny how all the owners of clubs connected to the loan sharks are complete and utter arsewipes.

    On the plus side I notice the Journal managed a response to your earlier comment WT by including the interview with Chi Onwurah. She says a “special place in Hell” is reserved for the loan sharks. Hopefully the Fatman has his too :)


  17. AndyMac says:
    August 24, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    “On the plus side I notice the Journal managed a response to your earlier comment WT by including the interview with Chi Onwurah.”

    You have to keep plugging away at them, Andy. :-)