Newcastle United vs West Ham extended match highlights and post match interviews

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Highlights of this afternoon’s Premier League game between Newcastle United and West Ham United from St James’ Park, Newcastle.

Newcastle United vs West Ham full match video.

Alternative highlights.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew accuses Sam Allardyce of playing long ball football, comes out with the usual stuff about how Newcastle can’t compete with the big boys on transfers, them Geordies who support us fru fick and fin and there’s also a Cabaye drivelfest.

It’s a case of ‘cuddawuddashudda’ to Fat Sam.


Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G), Mathieu Debuchy, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Hatem Ben Arfa, Vurnon Anita, Moussa Sissoko, Sylvain Marveaux (Sammy Ameobi 65), Shola Ameobi, Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Paul Dummett, Dan Gosling, Gael Bigirimana, Haris Vuckic, Sammy Ameobi, Yoan Gouffran.

West Ham (4-2-3-1): Jussi Jaaskelainen (G), Guy Demel, James Collins, Winston Reid, Joey O’Brien, Mark Noble, Mohamed Diame (Ravel Morrison 75), Matt Jarvis, Kevin Nolan (C), Stewart Downing (Joe Cole 63), Modibo Maiga

Subs: Adrian (G), Razvan Rat, James Tomkins, Alou Diarra, Joe Cole, Ravel Morrison, Ricardo Vaz Te.

Yellow cards: Joey O’Brien (43)

Red cards:

Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffs).

Attendance: 49,622.


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31 Responses

  1. Clean.sheet mediocre peformance ben arfa most dangerous player but needs to learn when to pass the ball, our best cd partnership is defo mapou aand colo, anita solid. Marv ok but needs a bit more sharpness, the team does looj a bit fresher without gutierrez, goofy mate me nanna vould have put that away, nuff said

  2. For someone who couldnt be arsed to watch Pardwho’s shitey excuse for a tactical plan today, those “highlights” show Wet Spam were the more productive by a long way.

    14 shots off target obviously werent worth highlighting :lol:

  3. AndyMac says:
    August 24, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    “14 shots off target obviously werent worth highlighting”

    I think it said 16 off target on my Anal+ coverage, Andy. According to them, West Ham only got one on target though.

    One thing that interested me was that Benny seened to be playing on the left side in the first half.

  4. Might have a bet on Morecambe midwseek 11/2 sounds too good not to drop a few dollars on!

    By the way in NZ we have this premierleaguepass so we can watch every match . Price for 2nd class pass is $149 so about 80 quid is that aboot right ??
    Is that what people are doing in UK now instead of watching Sky sports Channel 1-3 ?

  5. Believe it or not, I come away with more pluses than minuses considering where we have been. I would not have been at all surprised if we had lost to WHU. Today’s team, which lacks confidence and with only one semi-English guy in Shola, is unsure of the English game and still trying to figure out what the heck they are doing living in the north-east of England in often cold, lousy weather far from family and friends. Not only did we avoid defeat but as the second-half wore on, we started to look more composed. There were no injuries and no bookings. Our guys need to find their feet and build their confidence. If we can start the next game where we left off this one there may still be some hope.

    Oh, and Cabaye can bugger off.

  6. nzedtoonman says:
    August 24, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    “By the way in NZ we have this premierleaguepass so we can watch every match . Price for 2nd class pass is $149 so about 80 quid is that aboot right ??
    Is that what people are doing in UK now instead of watching Sky sports Channel 1-3 ?”

    Nzed, there’s the BT Sports channels as well as Sky, they shows the Premier League games broadcast locally that Sky doesn’t. For the games which aren’t televised by either channel, there’s magic boxes and internet streams.

  7. Guess I didn’t miss much from both the match and post game comments, why I watched both the Everton vs W/Brom. and the L’pool. vs Villa games.
    Which were both very entertaining.
    I did hear Pardews post game rap on sky sports, he looked like a condemned man and nowhere near his usual confident sound bite self, perhaps his prepared scenario didn’t quite fit and he was winging it ?
    I know it’s just the second game of the season n’ all,, but already we appear to be in a struggle to
    avoid relegation.
    Our recruiting is in a shambles, mostly I believe due to Ashley’s parsimonious nature, joe and Al are at each others throats and Carr doesn’t like either.
    Cabaye apparently needs a kick in the ass and told to get his ass out there cause he is still on the NUFC payroll and besides he is causing problems within the dressing room.
    Chaos reigns and Pardew doesn’t know which way to turn.
    And I really don’t give a rats ass, having been a fan for more years than I care to admit, I now don’t really care what these idiots do with the side, they are a joke and by association we the fans are too, they, especially Ashley, who knows little more than he did about football than when he took the club over.
    Someone aught to inform him, football ain’t the rag trade, where you buy cheap and hopefully sell for a big profit, does he really expect to get £20m. for Cabaye ?

  8. I was watching Match if the Day and thinking “Poor Hull, sponsored by Cash Converters (chuckle),” then I remembered who we’re sponsored by now. Doh!

  9. a seen the pardew interview on skysport – its nice to see his blatant lies are still top quality

  10. Workyticket asks “Why can Cabaye bugger off, Paul?”

    Because, Worky, he evidently wants out of NUFC. Anyone who wants out can go. Having a damaged apple in the barrel surrounded by his fellow countrymen, some of whom he helped entice to the club, is not a healthy situation.

  11. Seems more like the fat man doesnt want his merchendise damaged before he rakes in his wedge. Seems even stranger that no-one has actually heard Cabs asking for a transfer, or that he has not been officially fined for “His” actions.
    No me hearty’s, he’s been told he’s going for a nice little earner and he’s not allowed to spoil the party. See if I’m not right.
    Not as bad a result as I was expecting, but I reckon Fulham will be a much stiffer proposition. Never mind lads, another season, same shit, and we knew what was coming !! Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  12. if what is reported about caybeye in the press is true he can jog right out of toon for all i care 20 mil thanks very much

  13. Mr roy cropper,
    the rod stew vid is great man, reminds me of me yooth, hilarious though it was in germany ,and they are all sitting down really well behaved. Can you imagine it in a club in the toon in 76 everyone would be dancing and swaying on chebbles aye !!

    Anyone remember the hoffbrauhaus ??

    And Cabaye can fech off we want players who want to don the stripes not upset the apple cart , oh and

    arsene you can fech off too ya weirdo !

    ooh sorry now back to alan hansen in the studio !

  14. To anyone who was at the game – how many fans were wearing Wronga shirts?

    On the Cabaye thing, it looks like Andy Carroll all over again. Are some of us falling for the same trick a second time?

  15. If Ashley and Co are going to go down the Andy Carroll route again!
    Then i read somewhere recently, Those little tit-bits of information, Contained within articles.
    The magic words were, “Cabaye should put in a written transfer request, If he wants to leave”.
    Where have we heard that before?, Helicopters at the ready…

    Pardew is talking about the Cabaye situation needing urgent attention.
    What about his own situation, Does that not need urgent attention?
    In any walk of life, If anyone had been poor at their job for over a year, You would find yourself out on your ear , And rightly so!
    Pardew is continuing to say the same things, Do the same things, Nothing is working, And the end result is exactly the same.
    Do we really need to put up with this sort of stability, That Derek Llambias, Was touting about, And hailing Pardew as “The New Fergie”.

    Is this just part of Ashley’s plan to keep him in his position, Until it gets so bad, That Joe can be sneaked through the back door as manager, Without too much fan reaction?

    There is definitely something funny going on, Because the current situation is ridiculous.
    Or does Ashley know no one worth any kind of salt, And who is their own man, Will not work in a “sweat shop”?
    Ashley doesn’t want people who stand up to him, Like Keegan Or Allardyce.
    So is Pardew being given every chance to succeed, Bacause Ashley will find it difficult to find another willing stooge?
    Lets be honest, It might prove more difficult to get the man Ashley wants, To go along with his “plan”, So to speak, Than employing a proper manager, And letting him get on with the job.

    Pardew said himself, That he was quote, “Ashley’s Perfect Manager”, Which he beamed with reverent pride, Failing to realise, The joke was squarely on him, With that one.
    Perfect in which way, Wake up Alan!

    Even if he looked at managers from the lower leagues for example, Doesn’t mean they are going to roll over for him, No matter how desperate they might be to manage a Premier League Club!

  16. According to one rumour, Crystal Palace are after Pardew. I’d be happy with a manager swap!! Holloway has to be a better option.

  17. Again, behold the ability of today’s man to be led.

    BBC running story flatly stating that Cabaye “refuses” to play-read closely and you realize they don’t even CLAIM to have a source for that specific bit of info.

    Yesterday’s match wasn’t a horrible effort from the squad but ffs that was some boring shit to watch. Sam of course set up very negative but to be fair, he’s away from home and now has 4 from 2 so it’s hard to criticize. No excuse for the fact that, once again, we seem to have no particular plan to produce scoring chances…other than Benny taking a series of wild shots from 25+ yards, all of which ended in the stands. Free kicks and corners still look horrible.

    I can’t imagine the sack won’t at least cross Ashley’s mind if we lose to Fulham…not least because Uncle Joe will be whispering it in his ear…

  18. worky @ 11: Doesn’t merit response. He isn’t fooling anyone who cares anymore.

    @ 20: Yes, some are, because they can’t fathom subtlety. It’s either “he’s totes being forced out!!!1” or “omg, he’s on strike!11!”. Reality: I imagine Cabaye would prefer to play for Arsenal in the CL and get paid more than stick around this shambles. Anyone who judges him on that is biased or a fool. I doubt he’s forcing his way out; he could easily put in a formal request. Meanuwhile, our profit-minded management is doing their best not to damage the value of their commodity by not picking him. That’s obvious if you don’t overthink/rationalize it. I don’t even judge them for that, it’s what they do, it’s just that I don’t like being told obvious LIES. I don’t like my intellect insulted. A lot of people seem to think it’s inappropriately uppity to even consider such things though.

    What to do?

  19. tunyc says:
    August 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    “I don’t even judge them for that, it’s what they do, it’s just that I don’t like being told obvious LIES. I don’t like my intellect insulted.”

    Ashley probably think he’s dreadfully clever getting his smear stories planted in the newspapers to manipulate opinion (and all his other shenanigans) but it’s just storing up more bad karma for the club which will come back to haunt it in the fullness of time.

  20. Thanks for putting up the whole game Worky.
    Catch It later, gotta catch dinner.

    Being I’m so pissed off with the way this club is being run, perhaps I should calm myself by stepping up to the plate, before I find myself on a sticky wicket, which may be worse than in left field, where having played there before, I doubt whether I would have a good innings, hey ! We got innings in baseball too.
    Though we do lack such expressions such as “doosra”, “a Jaffa”, “cow corner”,
    Hope I haven’t confused some of our regular cricket aficionados, who may be not up to speed with these fairly recent terms, something I just didn’t intend, I mean it just wouldn,t be cricket , would it ?

    On the other hand there are certain tems in baseball that confuse some, ” the sacrifice”, “the hit and run”‘ , “the infield fly” , “batters choice” , but the overall idea is not to make, “an error ” but to “get home”,
    As anyone can see by the very terminology, it’ s a gentle game.
    However a game that is quite tactical and takes time to understand plus no game for cissies.

    Is the Monday evening PL game an indication of the seasons final placing, have to say I’m impressed by Citeh, two games played with six points and a goal record of eight for , one against.

  21. The truth eventually comes out, but usually to late to save the situation.
    What I had noticed was that Pardew has been complaining about the possibility of loosing Cabaye for weeks, literally touting the guy and when someone makes a legitimate bid, goes postal, takes the guy outta the game and using it as a reason for getting routed four zip, when it could very well have been double that score.
    There is more going on than meets the eye in this situation, notice we have not heard a peep from Joe, obviously Ashley is pulling both of their strings behind the scenes.
    Plus he and his legal Cosa Nostra partners have bought the local press and are in a position of feeding other stories to the media, that are taken by most as fact.
    As for Cabaye ? Would anyone blame him for wanting to get outta this crazy house and either go and live in London or Paris, combined no doubt with a heafty pay raise.
    Rather than spend the next few years working for the footballing equivalent of Sports Direct ?

  22. On Cabaye: Worky and Joe, you may well be right in your rationale. I’ve no idea what the truth is behind it all. I guess we shouldn’t believe everything that’s written in the press.

    On Pardew: Since we know that Ashley is very tight when it comes to buying players, I would imagine that he is loathe to squander 8 million quid by firing Alan Pardew, again assuming that this was stipulated in the contract. This little matter of the 8 million quid was also no doubt a major reason for the fall-out between Ashley and Llambias because it was, by all accounts, negotiated by Llambias in the first place.

  23. Clueless again yesterday thought the big lump collins was man of the match won everything so that tells the story noble stood out too could have done with him in the squad need 2-3 players in this week and have got no chance of that have we.Usual story sell cabaye then too late to get anybody in.Awful game yesterday still would have taken a 0-0 at the start of the day got me son his new footy boots too and rather smart his team only got beat 10-1 today but they showed a bit of fight just like yesterday.

  24. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    August 25, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    “According to one rumour, Crystal Palace are after Pardew. I’d be happy with a manager swap!! Holloway has to be a better option.”

    Grumpy, sorry I missed your comment there for a while. I’m not so sure I share you enthusiasm for Holloway but never mind that, how was the week away?