Newcastle United vs West Ham full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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Newcastle United vs West Ham United full match video, first half.

Second half.

Extended highlights.

‘Match of the Day’ highlights of the game.

Alternative highlights.

Post match interviews.

Alan Pardew accuses Sam Allardyce of playing long ball football, comes out with the usual stuff about how Newcastle can’t compete with the big boys on transfers, them Geordies who support us fru fick and fin and there’s also a Cabaye drivelfest.

It was a case of ‘cuddawuddashudda’ to Fat Sam.


Newcastle United (4-4-2): Tim Krul (G), Mathieu Debuchy, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Davide Santon, Hatem Ben Arfa, Vurnon Anita, Moussa Sissoko, Sylvain Marveaux (Sammy Ameobi 65), Shola Ameobi, Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Paul Dummett, Dan Gosling, Gael Bigirimana, Haris Vuckic, Sammy Ameobi, Yoan Gouffran.

West Ham (4-2-3-1): Jussi Jaaskelainen (G), Guy Demel, James Collins, Winston Reid, Joey O’Brien, Mark Noble, Mohamed Diame (Ravel Morrison 75), Matt Jarvis, Kevin Nolan (C), Stewart Downing (Joe Cole 63), Modibo Maiga

Subs: Adrian (G), Razvan Rat, James Tomkins, Alou Diarra, Joe Cole, Ravel Morrison, Ricardo Vaz Te.

Yellow cards: Joey O’Brien (43)

Red cards: None.

Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffs).

Attendance: 49,622.


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99 Responses

  1. The way I see the Cabaye situation is this, his first season with us he was very good, but I think he was expecting Manure, Citey or Chelski to come galloping in to buy him, when that did not happen he’s throw his toys out the pram big time. I know he was injured a lot but even when he did play, he was’t great by anybody’s standards.

    I also think that Pardew is protecting him by saying it was his (Pardew’s) choice not to play him, as if he is not sold to PSG or Arsenal and has to stay with us, I am pretty sure he will get a bit of a hard time from the NUFC faithful.

    I firmly believe Pardew has no say in who goes or stays at the club and as for that pillock Kinnear, he’s about as much use as half a scissor. Mind I don’t know who would be any good as a DOF with Ashley holding the purse strings.

    I despair really, after nearly 50yrs of supporting Newcastle, I feel like packing it all in, at least until this shower has packed up and left and the sooner the better. I can’t get my head round the fact Ashley bought the club and has no ambitions at all for it, what was the point.

    If Cabaye is on ‘strike’ he a fecking disgrace and has no right at all to call himself a professional footballer.

  2. Cloggybob, I read that earlier today, Although it is most likely lazy journalism, I would drive him down their myself, If it were true!

  3. I watched his interview for sky, And i have just watched his M.O.T.D interview, And again he is writing cheques, That he cannot cash.
    What’s the betting that when the window slams shut, We will be weaker, Than before it opened.
    In fact we are weaker as it stands, With the summer outgoings.
    I wonder if we’ll get the, Alan is off on a scouting mission, When he takes the huff, When they rip him off again, And goes missing, Like he did when Carroll wasn’t replaced.

  4. Another one of Pardew’s Gems from yesterday, Concerning the fact we cannot compete financially with the top four.
    That’s okay though, Because we can compete with them, In terms of our fan base, Is just as good as theirs.
    Unless you can get 50,000 fans onto the pitch, To stop the opposition scoring, What difference does it really make?

    Monaco get two blokes and a dog turning up, But they have done well because of financial clout, Which unfortunately, Is always going to be the case.

    So what’s it to be Alan, We can just play at being a big club, Because the crowd is full?

  5. you couldn’t pay me to watch that again. We need to tell krul to play the ball everytime he gets it he hoofs it. We had a free kick yesterday and got cleared we passed it back to krul and just hoofed back up whats the point?

  6. toonie149 says:
    August 25, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    “I also think that Pardew is protecting him by saying it was his (Pardew’s) choice not to play him, as if he is not sold to PSG or Arsenal and has to stay with us, I am pretty sure he will get a bit of a hard time from the NUFC faithful.”

    Yes, Pardew is certainly trying his hardest to create that impression, dropping hints like “It’s difficult at the moment. We have big clubs filling our players with disharmony” and that dropping him was “a decision that I had to make” and “there has to be a way back for Yohan as well” blah blah, before going all coy and adding that he can’t say any more. If he really wanted to protect him, surely he would just keep his trap shut (if that’s possible for Alan Pardew)? The way he’s behaving, it sounds more like he’s trying to not so subtly manipulate people against Cabaye whilst assuming the mantle of his protector, without saying anything categoric he can he held accountable for.

    They lied about Andy Carroll, making mugs out of fans who called him “Judas” and I wouldn’t be totally surprised if they were trying to pull off the same kind of scam here, pushing all the opprobrium away from themselves and on to the player without coming out and saying that Cabaye is on strike.

    Just about everything at Newcastle United is a lie nowadays.

  7. Toonie: what version of reality do you live in? Pardew has not said he’s taken him out of the squad; his implications are the original source of the story that Cabaye’s on strike. As for Cabaye not being very good: we should throw out the whole squad then. He created the most chances of anyone in the squad last season by a country mile despite missing time and indeed not playing as well as he can.

    I know he’s gone; I’m not going to rationalize it by believing tripe like he’s on strike or making up stuff in my head like he’s not that good.

    joe @ 5: to not be weaker, we’d have to get in 2/4 players good enough for the first team and at least one definite for the first XI if Cabaye goes. (That’s not even considering filling the slot vacated by R. Taylor.) There’s no way that’s going to happen.

  8. tunyc says:
    August 25, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    “He created the most chances of anyone in the squad last season by a country mile despite missing time and indeed not playing as well as he can.”

    tunyc, i see what you’re saying and Cabaye was certainly one of our most important players last season. However, according to OPTA’s chances created stats (which have now been taken away from the likes of me) it was Vurnon Anita and Sylvain Marveaux who were the biggest creators of scoring chances last season, with Marveaux providing the most assists too. The stat which was topped by Cabaye last season was most long balls from an outfield player.

  9. The former East Germany looks like Butlin’s in comparison to the Dictatorship Ashley is running!

  10. workyticket says:
    August 25, 2013 at 10:17 am

    OK, I asked this question in the last blog but I’ll ask it again in here:

    To anyone who was at the game – how many fans were wearing Wronga shirts?

  11. joe hawkins says:
    August 25, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    “The former East Germany looks like Butlin’s in comparison to the Dictatorship Ashley is running!”

    Actually, East Germany DID look a bit like Butlins, Joe! :-)

    There was a real kind of seventies chic to it. The big Stasi prison everyone feared (Bautzen) was called “yellow misery” because it was all yellow. I know a Saxon lass who told me about life in der Ost. Since the unification, East German stuff eventually became quite trendy because it was such a seventies timewarp.

  12. Worky 9 – What do you expect Pardew to say, nothing?

    As for the AC transfer, no one knows the truth about that except Ashley, Lambias and Pardew. I agree that nothing but lies comes out of NUFC these days, but Carroll had only signed a new contract 3 months earlier, he could have refused to go, but greed got the better of him and of course with Nolan’s encouragement, he was off like a rocket. Unless you know better of course.

    Tunyc 10 – If your happy with Cabaye’s contribution last season fine.

  13. The whole team is a shambles,low in confidence and with no relative tactics,any player who comes out and says something should be considered a hero.Guys like guti talk crap about soft training and then play awfully weekly,sissoko has been told he is an attacking midfielder,cisse is a right winger apparently and krull and Colo just panic and hoofball,or its what they have been told to do.The manager is a laughing stock and he doesn’t even know what his position is,so how can he coach or lead a team?Joke.

  14. Toonie1949 says:
    August 25, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    “Worky 9 – What do you expect Pardew to say, nothing?”

    Either nothing if he was protecting Cabaye or a straight disclosure about what is going on, not this drip drip of sneaky innuendo then saying “Ooh I can’t say any more that.” I trust people who carry on like Pardew about as far as I can throw them, he’s a snide.

    “As for the AC transfer, no one knows the truth about that except Ashley, Lambias and Pardew.”

    Toonie, Llambias spilled his guts all about it almost a year after to some fans who were secretly recording him, and Pardew let a few things slip too if you study what he says closely as I do. They stitched up Carroll like a kipper on that one and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trying the same thing with Cabaye. If I was Carroll or Cabaye I would want to get out too.

  15. sampdiago says:
    August 25, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    “with no relative tactics,”

    sampdiago, what about the tactic where Krul hoofs it as far up the pitch as he can, hoping that one of his own team will pick it up at the other end and stick it in the goal?

  16. Phisix says:
    August 25, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    “So Cardiff beat city 3-1 and we lost 4-0. Relegation season for us we are pathetic.”

    Aye Phisix, but West Ham beat the team who beat Man City 2-0 and they could only draw 0-0 with us. As Jimmy Greaves used to say, “It’s a fanny old game.”

  17. We might not have had shots on target, but we had chances and shots off target in the second half. West Ham were hanging on a bit at times. Those MoTD highlights are ridiculous. They show about every single West Ham chance and one from us, to suit their reporting agenda. If we had a decent striker on I reckon we could have nicked it. Gouffran should have scored, he looked our best forward before that. Shola just keeps shoving players over and Cisse looks off-form.

  18. Attempts on Goal: Newcastle United: 16; West Ham United: 6
    Off Target: Newcastle United: 14; West Ham United: 3
    From Outside the Box: Newcastle United: 9; West Ham United: 1
    Key Passes: Newcastle United: 15; West Ham United: 4 And then we were told West Ham were better in the air. Aerial Duels Won: Newcastle United: 27; West Ham United: 21
    I’m not one for stats but I think quite clearly these paint a different picture to the BBC.

  19. DJG, did you see what counted as attempts on goal in that 16? at least half of them were wild shots that didn’t go anywhere near the goal. They were more indicative of Newcastle’s impatience than anything else. Their goalkeeper was just standing there watching alot of them go towards the corner flag or towards row z or whatever.

  20. @worky,yeah I think the whole team practice hoofing,it probably is in line with a new wonga/sports direct American football cross over that fatman has been planning for months…But seriously,I thought the same as everybody else about Cardiffs result against city,but compared to us and our shambles,we had to play against one Vincent kompany,and he was a monster on Monday against us.

  21. For a team to be successful it needs good morale, and good morale needs good leadership. On the pitch, that comes from Collo who last season was trying to leg it back to Argentina for some personal problem, and besides, he could hardly communicate with any of his mainly French team mates. Off the pitch, it’s supposed to come from Pardew who has seen his one ally, Llambias, chucked out; a virtual spy in Joe Kinnear come in to peer over his shoulder and report back to the man who sits in the big chair upstairs who can’t stand the lot of ’em because they all cost him so much damn money. So it’s a shambles. Frankly, Ashley was at his happiest when we were in the Championship. He could pick up players like Mike Williamson for just a million and pay them peanuts (by football standards). Getting into Europe and needing to buy more expensive players demanding more than the minimum wage is driving him into a stupor. Performances are crap because the lousy morale wafts out from under the door where big fat Mike sits ruing the day he ever bought this sorry club.

  22. Joe Kinnear has come out to defend himself, And rightly so IMO.
    He’s right about the fans needing a scapegoat, There really are some thick fans at Newcastle.
    Where was Kinnear last season, When the same problems were occurring?

    Apparently Pardew got a warm reception from the crowd, Before the match.
    The stupid fools cannot see that he is in fact the biggest immediate problem, The club has!
    If anyone should have had a banner unfurled with them being called a clown, Then frankly, It should be Pardew.
    He is the real “Joke Of The Premier League”, And if brains were dynamite, He would have enough to blow his head off!

    Joe has been here for all of five minutes, And the fans are pathetic, If they blame him for the state the club is in.
    Kinnear’s appointment isn’t ideal, And Ashley should have employed some with experience of that role, If he wants to go down that road.
    To blame Kinnear for the failings of others, Is short sighted, But predictable of the knackers and Sky Sports Specials, Who get in at St James’ Park nowadays!

  23. Sorry should have typed wouldn’t have enough to blow his head off.
    I guess i’m becoming a Sky Sports Special lol.

  24. I would like to know what happened to the new tactical approach we were promised, with Pardew himself taking charge of training, or am I confused ?
    Did he not say a couple of years ago, he is in charge of the defensive side while the other coaches take care of the attacking end.
    Well I recall recently where he complained about spies watching his training sessions (probably paranoia, induced by delusion) the man needs help and it may be a favour to call an ambulance instead of a cab.
    Any way I see little in the way of any change of tactics, in fact I don’t actually recognise what sort of game or game plan we have intended to play, it’s just a bunch of players out there without a game plan, either hoofing it when in doubt or passing it around aimlessly.
    With Cisse isolated up front and starved of any real service, too bad Jonas wasn’t fit he could have joined in with the madness, collapsing like a stack of bricks everytime he feels contact.
    I’ve had enough of this insanity and if Ashley had clue one, he would have never gave this clown and his coaches that unprecedented eight year deal, as he is now between a rock and a hard place.
    The only solution is a total clear out of Kinnear, Pardew and his coaches, hired a Diene type GM
    Who in turn can advise him on a manager he can work with that knows his stuff, it sould be obvious to all that in to -days game managers are as important as players, perhaps more so.
    But to put it in a nutshell, the problem is Ashley himself, who just doesn’t get it, but keeps interfering and treats both management and players like his Sports Direct employee’s and wonders why things fail to improve, having been in charge for the last six years, perhaps if he looked in the mirror he would get the answer.
    Wise up Mike !

  25. Actually the best tactics that Pardew could use at the moment might be to tell the team to go out and play to enjoy themselves!

    Have to admit to some confusion over the MOTD highlights cos as already pointed they don’t seem to equate to the stats at the end of the game.

    I have only watched about ten minutes of the full game on the blog so far (will catch the rest when able to) but our main shortcomings appear to be in the final third of the pitch. No killer final pass or the lack of ball control (Shola) kills of good play. Players have to believe in themselves and much of this conviction has to start with the manager. How many times does the obvious need to be pointed out to the man at the top?

  26. When one looks at the management team of Levy, villas-Boas and Baldini, then compare them to Kinnear, Pardew and Ashley, what comes to mind .
    Though they may be rivals and perhaps disliked by NUFC fans, ya gotta respect there dealings over the last coupla years, whereas with us it’s the blind leading the blind, concentrating on only on money.
    Yeah I know money is the ultimate reason, but Spurs have been prudent and earned more than NUFC, but gradually built a team without breaking the bank, a side that should end up in the top four this season.
    But looking at our joke management team, we will be lucky to beat relegation.
    Wise up Mike !

  27. The fact Pardew touted Cabaye every day, then went postal when a bid came in, had to have been something either pre planned or a screwup, but the fact it is being covered up with Pardew not admitting to him refusing to play in the first game, yet not stating, only hinting he had taken him out of the lineup.
    Hopefully , but I doubt it that anyone is going to offer £20m. for Cabaye, but that was obviously the strategy, Pardew tout’s him continually, plus PSG shows interest , Wenger is under pressure to buy anyone as long as he buys.
    The desired result, a bidding war that ends up in Ashley’s pocket, ain’t gonna happen !
    We will end up with an unsettled player, who will effect the rest and miss out on getting both another striker and central defender and be very lucky to avoid relegation.
    Plus it will cause Ashley to spend heavily again during the winter window.
    The best laid plans, yeah right !

  28. Exactly Chuck, He was saying about 2 years ago, About how he worked constantly on the training pitch, On the Defensive side, Of all things, Another epic fail!
    The bloke couldn’t lie straight in bed!, Constant lies and inconsistencies, And backtracking!
    He must think we are all as thick as he is, And we are going to forget the clap trap, He comes out with.

    There was a lad commenting on The Chronic’s forum, He said he was sat behind Pardew, On a flight over the Pyrennees, A couple of years back.
    Pardew’s mate asks him, What is the mountain range called, We are flying over Alan?
    To which Alan replies, Them’s the Himalaya’s stupid!

  29. Sorry about the Cabaye thing; those must have been stats from two seasons ago. Still, he wasn’t all bad last term and is a good player and important to this club. In two matches without him, we haven’t looked like creating anything. That’s not all down to him but he would help. Selling him will not improve this squad.

    Re: Andy Carroll-without getting into specifics, the club’s version required one to believe that 22-year-old AC rolled Derek Llambias. Yeah right.

    Joe @ 28: did he say anything about transfers?

  30. tunyc, The narrative has now changed, And Kinnear is now saying, That it was decided before the window opened, That the squad was strong enough.
    He also said that Newcastle had spent 60 million in transfers, Over the last two years.
    I don’t know where he is getting that from, We only brought in Anita until January, It was more like 20 million spent last season.

    So if that is the case, Then Pardew is talking s***e, Joe reckons they are all working together, But they cannot even get their story straight, Between them!

  31. Just reading Wor Joe thinks we have a big and strong enough squad, which fit’s my theory we may sell Cabaye, but if we don’t , he will be a festering sore in the dressing room.
    Plus obviously Anita will then be our playmaker as IMO Ashley is about to repeat last summers failure to strengthen the side.
    What’s up with this guy, he failed to finalise a deal for Gomis because of nickel and dimeing over agent fees, gets a guy on loan that’s injured, puts Cabaye in the shop window and plays hardball over the fee.
    We are in desperate need of real wingers but sends the only legitimate one on the books out on loan, turns down a deal for Downing, who came cheap and wanted to come, because there’s no sell on, he being 29.

    There was a rumour Palace wanted our supremo (they must be crazy) but I hope they don’t because that’s my sons side, but we gotta get rid of this clown, somehow.
    I see where there’s unrest with the fans, the bedsheets starting to re-appear.
    Unfortunately they are targeting the wrong guy, wor Joe !
    Well I would like to seethe back of all of them, from Asley to the coaches, as it’s hard going watching the side, with no relief in sight.

  32. joe hawkins says:
    August 26, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    “tunyc, The narrative has now changed, And Kinnear is now saying, That it was decided before the window opened, That the squad was strong enough.”

    To be fair, Joe, he said that they decided that the squad was strong enough for the top ten and not that he thought the squad was strong enough for the top ten so he didn’t see any point in bothering with amy new players.

    He was actually right, we do have a squad which is strong enough for the top ten. His second signing as Director of Football should be a new manager to help that top ten squad get into the top ten!

  33. Worky, I’m not personally attacking Joe, It’s more the inconsistency, That comes out of the club.
    On the one hand you have Pardew saying we are lacking players, Then saying we need British experience, Then they are back in the French Market.
    Now you have Joe saying something different, For people who are meant to be working together, They don’t even seem to be on the same page.

  34. Worky, Funny enough i cannot remember this, But it’s groovy all the same.
    It must have come out around the same time as, “Lip Up Fatty”, By Bad Manners.
    It sounds like some old Tory, Who’s had too much peeve!

  35. joe hawkins says:
    August 26, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    “It sounds like some old Tory, Who’s had too much peeve!”

    He did used to have nicknames like “Reginald Beaujolais” and “Reginald Boozealot.”

    I also believe that his dad invented the “googly” (Chuckles the cricket expert will know that one).

  36. Two rejoinders to JK’s points:

    1.) If the squad is good enough for a top-half finish and we don’t get there, I’ll expect an explanation. Prediction: Kinnear will either use the same excuses as AP (injuries, other teams’ tactics, bad luck) or he’ll blame AP himself (which would be refreshingly honest and accurate).

    2.) He’s wrong about the squad. As much talent as there is in the first XI, the depth to compete over the course of a season simply isn’t there. We have so many players covering for multiple positions.

    As for what he’s gonna do? Well he’s in on this AshleyCo con so it won’t be anything to actually move this club forward, I can guarantee you that.

    Still don’t get the defensiveness about Kinnear. This wrapping-oneself-in-victimhood-to-forestall-criticism thing just doesn’t do it for me.

  37. When Shola was picked ahead of Gouffran on Saturday we all knew how this would affect the team tactics. I think this one move affected our whole style of play. A word in Kruls ear as well to not always think of the punt first would have been very helpful. FFS he was punting the ball when we had free kicks halfway into our own half. That had to come from the coaches. I expect their reasoning is we have a man over if the goalie bangs it forward. But with us, that just leads to the inevitable counter attack as we only win about 25% of the hoofs (I have no stats to back that up, it is just my gut feeling from watching)

    I did just see a stat that 14 goal attempts with none on target was last achieved over 7 years ago.

  38. GS, That seems to be Pardew’s talent, Or non talent, Depending on which way you look at it.
    He breaks records for all the wrong reasons, Where ever goes.

  39. He’s the very best at being bad, Like the “Bugsy Malone” song.
    He could’a been anything, That he wanted to be,
    Why the f**k didn’t he just stick to being a Glazier?

  40. Nee wonder he’s a glazier, Because every other manager, Can see straight through his tactics, I’ll get me coat…

  41. A couple of articles in The Daily Fail, One about how Anita might benefit from the uncertainty of the Cabaye situation.

    There was another article about Kinnear watching Andre Ayew, On Saturday night.

  42. Yeah, Andrew Ayew for 7 million when Gomis was about 8 million. Why didn’t they just up their bid a bit for their first choice? I know Joe said the goalposts were constantly being moved but he also said the clubs were not that far apart.

    I have no idea who is the better player, by the way. What I am saying is their negotiating seems a bit suspect.

    We’ll see if the Cabaye gambit pays off. It is the North London derby this weekend and a bad result could put pressure on Wenger. We all know fatty likes a gamble, and he is gambling with our season now :(

  43. Worky: how accurate is that physioroom usually? It says 5 days for Remy and I read something this morning on Football365 that he was expected to be out until mid-September. If that is the case, we’re a bit f@cked as Pardew will probably play Shola again.

    Is Remy in training?

  44. Or is Ayew an attacking/goalscoring midfielder? We all know we need that. We probably have close to the least number of goals from midfield of any non-relegated premier club.

  45. joe hawkins says:
    August 26, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    “There was another article about Kinnear watching Andre Ayew, On Saturday night.”

    Pardew said Kinnear didn’t have anything to do with scouting players and that was his and Graham Carr’s job, with Kinnear simply putting the case to Mike and getting players “over the line” like Llambias. Now Joe’s saying that he was the one who decided to sign Remy and he’s out scouting.

  46. GS says:
    August 26, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    “Or is Ayew an attacking/goalscoring midfielder?”

    Winger and forward, GS, mostly left wing I think. Though as he’s left footed, Pardew would probably stick him on the right.

  47. Worky

    You got that right, just ask chuck about cricket terms, because you are way outta date with the seldom used term (actually it’s googley not google) a ball that breaks in when addressed to a right handed batter and the opposite to a left hander which to-day is commonly called a Bowsie .
    And erm! Uses the same split fingered hold as a baseball screwball pitch.
    And erm, did you know that pinch hitters exist both in baseball and cricket.

  48. Time to put in a bid for James McCarthy folks, and from the outtakes of Saturdays game I saw a good thread the needle pass from Anita, so we get rid of a player who’s gonna be a problem and get a better and younger version in McCarthy, plus he can split the load with Anita who I think needs game time.
    If in fact we get £20m.for Cabaye we will be lucky, plus we could probably pick up McCarthy for around ten to twelve million, nice profit !

  49. Chuck says:
    August 26, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    “(actually it’s googley not google)”

    Actually it’s “googly” Chuckles, which is exactly how I wrote it.

  50. Cabaye might thrive again in a confident team coached by Wenger. He will have a lot more time on the ball as for us last year he was often camped just outside the 18 yard box and asked play as a second (or third) defensive midfielder.

  51. Chuck: you said Anita was a big mistake/crap/too lightweight/not worth the 7 mil. I spout shite as well, I know, but make up your mind about Anita.

  52. GS says:
    August 26, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    “Chuck may ultimately be proved right that Anita will struggle in a more physical league.”

    Because he is too short like Carlos Tevez, Jermaine Defoe Joe Allen, Nathan Dyer and all the other mini Premier League / ex Premier League players, GS?

    I know you’re going to say he’s supposed to be a big defensive midfielder but I see him as a creative player too who is very good technically and that was his greatest contribution last season, and he can tackle whatever his size. He’d be great in a team that actually played football. My original choice for a mini midfielder from the Eredivisie was Adam Maher, I liked little Vurn too though and I haven’t been disappointed with his potential.

  53. GS @ 53: I don’t mind that one so much. I think we were getting jerked around by French clubs, for a change.

    worky @ 65: you forgot Victor Moses, Luis Suarez and Wayne Routledge.

    I’m sure li’l Lio would struggle in England too…

    As for DM’s: how tall was Nicky Butt again?

  54. tunyc says:
    August 26, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    “worky @ 65: you forgot Victor Moses, Luis Suarez and Wayne Routledge.”

    Aye, I didn’t mean for it to be a comprehensive list of everyone below 5’8″!

    “As for DM’s: how tall was Nicky Butt again?”

    He isn’t huge, but he’s no jockey either. I think he’s about average height for a gadgie, tunyc. I’ll look it up.

    ps the Buttmaster is 5’10”

  55. Worky:

    Anita has been tidy, if not spectacular, but hasn’t really had a run in the team. I never saw him in Holland.

    I really wasn’t trying to get into an argument about whether Anita’s stature will hold him back. I will leave that to Chuck.

    Whether deserved or not there has always been a rap on short players that they have to overcome. Dyer and Routledge are players that did that. As are Messi and Maradonna :)

  56. Worky says @65:

    “I know you’re going to say he’s supposed to be a big defensive midfielder”

    I wasn’t going to say that. What I remember from when we bought him was that he had played midfield and rightback at Ajax. I can’t remember what was said about what position WE bought him for.

  57. Shola in part exchange for McCarthy? That would tick quite a few boxes for a lot of people on NUFC blogs.

  58. GS says:
    August 26, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    “As are Messi and Maradonna”

    Garrincha, Pele, Zico blah blah… It’s actually seen as an advantage by many with the low centre of gravity and all that, though there are also all time great bigger players to upset that theory like Di Stefano, Cruyff, Zidane, Laudrup etc…

  59. For some reason or other, I have become the anti little guy, in fact the opposite is true, I think Maradonna was the most skillful player I have ever seen.
    As for Anita I believe both he and McCarthy could split the role of playmaker,in fact under certain circumstancees possibly play in the same side.
    But that particular role I’m talking a bout is the Billy Bremnar, Roy Keane, rolle that requires a bit of presence, which I doubt Anita has, if you know what I mean.
    Though I believe like Trapitonni , that McCarthy has that quality and could be what we need to replace Cabaye, not to mention his eventual sell on value.
    Face it no player is irreplaceable and Cabaye is not the greatest midfielder around, certainly not on last years performance.
    I would be quite happy to collect £20m. for him.
    And if we were to sign the Wigan player, who his former manager , presently at Everton, wants, but can’t afford, I think he would be happy enough to return to the PL, not only that but lets get the kid signed before the big money clubs start circling.
    It would be good business.

  60. “But that particular role I’m talking a bout is the Billy Bremnar,”

    He was a 5’5″ defensive midfielder. I think that’s an inch shorter than little Vurn.

  61. GS says:
    August 26, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    Yeah, Andrew Ayew for 7 million when Gomis was about 8 million. Why didn’t they just up their bid a bit for their first choice?

    I don’t think it was the size of the bid that was the problem, GS. According to the reports at the time a fee had been agreed with Lyon, and Gomis was keen to come. It was, apparently, just the agent’s fee that was the stumbling block:

    If that’s true, I’m surprised that we’re now being linked with Ayew because, according to Transfermarkt, he and Gomis have the same agent – Mondial Promotion:
    so presumably the same problem would arise again!

    What was that definition of insanity? Something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, wasn’t it?

  62. Worky

    Yeah Bremnar may have been shorter, but he was ten times more aggressive and a leader plus Roy Keane wasn’t a big guy, but their leadership qualities appear to be missing in little Vurn as you call him, being more of a playmaker than a leader.
    While Cabaye does have those qualities, he is both a playmaker, a leader and puts his foot in hard, in other words he inspires by example as did both Bremner and Keane.
    Whereas I find those qualities missing in little Vurn.
    Get it ?

  63. And yeah I think it would be a good move to bring in McCarthy, but don’t expect it to happen.
    Why ?
    For a couple of reasons, Everton and Martinez, plus a club fixated on cheap French imports .
    I’m fairly sure McCarthy having played for Martinez would favour a move to Everton, as opposed to playing with a bunch of French speakers and an Idiot like Pardew.
    But the only reason we might sign him is a lack of funding on the part of Everton, who’s owner is almost as cheap as Ashley
    But if Felaini goes to MU.then they (Everton) would no doubt sign McCarthy.
    The only thing we can go on is we have apparently put in a bid, whereas Everton have yet to do that.

  64. OK ! I think we got more than enough miles outta the McCarthy story, can we now move on.
    As for the Cabaye story, obviously Newcastle was his ticket out of the French League and into the shop window, where I doubt that he intended to stay for long.
    Can you blame the guy, a remotely situated club on a cut price wage, as opposed to the bright lights of
    London, or Paris, is that a choice ?
    Then we have a cheapass Wenger doling out million by million, going all the way from £10 to £12
    Million, hey big spender!
    While the other greedy fcuk is trying to instigate a bidding war and end up with the £20m he wants, which no doubt he will trouser, as we have been recently told we have both a big enough and talented enough squad to perhaps reach the dizzy heights of mid table.
    Then there’s the side we used to beat regularly a few years back, who through good management (buying and selling) have become a top four contender.
    Erm! that’s Spurs, who are about to extort almost a hundred million quid from Real Madrid who find themselves locked into this business of having to feed another galactico to their insatiable fans demand, a repetitive thing they need apparently to reassure themselves they are the premier club in the world.
    They had been challenged by Man. U. butsince the Glazers started using the club as a cash cow
    They just can’t compete in the market, with even their neighbouring club, never mind the Monacos, the big Russian sides, PSG etc.
    Too much dosh being warehoused by the oligarchs, used to be works of art and yachts, now it’s football, he’ll I recall living near to Bobby Cowell, who was on maybe at the most fifteen quid a week playing for Newcastle.
    Where did it all go wrong ?

  65. Chuck says:
    August 27, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    “Then we have a cheapass Wenger doling out million by million, going all the way from £10 to £12”

    Chuckles, Arsenal have only putin one bid. Pardew accused them of lacking “respect and honour” for unsettling the player with their last bid but now he’s warning them that they better make another one soon or else! It’s embarrassing.

    “Erm! that’s Spurs, who are about to extort almost a hundred million quid from Real Madrid”

    It’s €100 million for Bale, not £100 million, or a bit less if Tottenham want it more quickly in two instalments instead of four (I think it’s four).

    “I’m fairly sure McCarthy having played for Martinez would favour a move to Everton, as opposed to playing with a bunch of French speakers and an Idiot like Pardew.”

    Why would he want to go back to a manager who almost got relegated every season with his old club, and finally did get them relegated last season? Steve Bruce was far better at Wigan than Martinez, who is roughly on about the same level as Pardew.

  66. Pratdew is saying Cabaye will only move for World Class money, In today’s Riveting Chronic!

  67. Remember we were told we would target the League and FA Cups? Well, we have a game tomorrow and there has been a deathly silence on it.

    Maybe Pards should be talking about football instead of constantly yapping about Cabaye. I know that he is answering the questions he is asked but in my opinion it is partly about his power struggle with Kinnear.

    All he really has to do is say that Joe is working on that, but he can’t because he has to maintain the perception (illusion) that he has a say in transfers. This is more to feed his own ego because I think we all know he has no say in transfers.

  68. Worky: I just read your Metro piece. It was good, although I don’t know if anyone except NUFC fans will understand the nuances.

  69. joe hawkins says:
    August 27, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    “Pratdew is saying Cabaye will only move for World Class money, In today’s Riveting Chronic!”

    He repeats that kind of guff so many times, one could almost be tempted to think that Ashley’s desperately trying to reel in another mug again, like Comolli the Clown with Andy Carroll.

    It has been over 2 1/2 years since he pulled that one off and he hasn’t managed to pull off the same trick since. We have the same mystery that’s keeping Cabaye from playing (wasnlt it a mystery illness with the big lad?), the same stalking horse bid from a North London club (it was Tottenham with Carroll and they denied ever putting it in). All he needs is the £20 million+ PSG bid now.

  70. Here in the USA, it hasn’t gone unnoticed how crap we are playing. The premier league switched networks and NBC had our first 3 games scheduled to be shown live. After, the City debacle, we were supposed to be shown live against West Ham but were replaced by the Mackems. Now, Cardiff are replacing us this weekend.

    So, I have another thing to thank Pardew for. I now have to watch on a crappy internet stream. If it continues like this I will never see NUFC on my big screen again.

  71. Oh, if Pardew continues I won’t have to worry anyway because we will be in the Championship and those games aren’t shown on TV here.

  72. GS says:
    August 27, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    “Worky: I just read your Metro piece. It was good, although I don’t know if anyone except NUFC fans will understand the nuances.”

    Cheers GS but which one do you mean? Is it the new one I’ve just put up? I’m asking because you must have been very quick there if it was!

    Here’s the link if anyone else wants to read it.

  73. GS says:
    August 27, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    “we were supposed to be shown live against West Ham but were replaced by the Mackems.”

    That is THE ultimate humilation, GS, things have gone far enough now. When the Mackems are more interesting than we are, then it’s time to rise up!

  74. Wow.nufc is like Ramsey street.Joke.
    I bet we could all write the script,the excuses are coming thick and fast,we lost players from what was admittedly weak team,parpoo said so,and claimed he told Ashley so at the end of season meeting,instead of the sack he stays and then Joe f-ing kinear spouts the same excuses,almost word for word about us being a strong enough side..when we dont buy any new players we will be told they were difficult,or the agents and clubs made it difficult with unrealistic demands..not that fatman is tight and unless he can do car boot sales with players we wont buy for anyt near asking price…

  75. sampdiago says:
    August 27, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    “Wow.nufc is like Ramsey street.Joke.
    I bet we could all write the script”

    I think of it more like a tragic opera, sampdiago. If Pavarotti had still been alive he could have played Fat Freddy or Fat Ashley!

    “Joe f-ing kinear spouts the same excuses,almost word for word about us being a strong enough side.”

    The thing is he was actually right though, we just have an awful manager who makes them look like a relegation side.

  76. Worky, The way Pardew has handled himself at the club, Since his appointment, You have to come to the conclusion, That he is as complicit as Ashley himself.
    Any normal bloke would have walked out, After being messed around the way he has.
    So the only thing you are left with, He knows exactly what the score is, And his looking for sympathy, And all the other crap, Is no more than fantasy.
    The whole lot of them are trying to con the fans, And they are all lying through their teeth!

  77. It’s all going to blow up in their faces, Because their man Pardew hasn’t got the ability to turn it around for them.
    Grim desperation will take hold very soon, And Ashley will be running around like Basil Fawlty, Looking for another mug to steer his junk boat!

  78. Here’s an idea. Buy Cabaye’s replacement before he leaves, whether it be “young” McCarthy or Thauvin. The worst that can happen is that we have competition for places.

    Every time we go in for a French player his team seems to buy a replacement before we get him.

    I have no doubt we will get an offer of 15 mil or above for Cabaye, so please stop p*ssing about.

    Even with a high payroll compared to shrunken revenue we are breaking even – and giving free advertising to SD. I think fatty can afford to roll the dice on this one.

  79. Is he worth that sort of money though?
    I would laugh my t*ts off, If no one comes in with a bid, And they are left with Cabaye in the reserves, And they are effectively another player down.
    Nothing would surprise me more, With the lard heads, Who run the club.

  80. Worky: I know you don’t get over on Toonsy’s blog very often, but have a read of the latest on FFP. It is interesting if it is really a correct analysis of the rules.

  81. GS says:
    August 27, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    “Worky: I know you don’t get over on Toonsy’s blog very often, but have a read of the latest on FFP.”

    If I get the time.

    That piece about Cabaye on was butchered a little by a poor sub-ed. At least one bit was chopped out and some of the more ‘difficult’ words were clumsily substituted. The original was better.

  82. Worky, I wouldn’t embarrass myself singing that little ditty.
    I wonder which sad individual come up with that s***e, Has to be a “Sky Sports Special”.
    I thought the collicini song was bad enough, Without this crap doing the rounds!

  83. That is a good write up from Premandup, On Simon’s blog.
    I don’t know whether the FFP is a good thing or a bad thing, To be honest.
    Good in the respect that some of the money cannot be spent on players wages etc.
    It still looks like the top 4 or 5 clubs are going to be ahead, With the chasing pack trying to catch them up.
    One club can try and be ambitious one year, But might fall into the trap, If the gamble doesn’t pay off.
    So the likes of Norwich, Southampton etc, Have took the opportunity to increase the spending this year, but might pay the price, If they go down.
    It looks like we haven’t took the opportunity, And we could have increased our wage bill, Without breaking the bank.