Manchester City vs Newcastle United full match video, highlights and interviews

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Manchester City v Newcastle United ful match video.

Manchester City vs Newcastle United full match video.

Full match video of Manchester City vs Newcastle United from the City of Manchester Stadtum, Monday 19th August, 2013 (English commentary).

Full match video of Manchester City vs Newcastle United 2 (Russian commentary).

Second half.

Match highlights.

Alternative highlights.

Post match interviews.

Manuel Pellegrini.

Alan Pardew.

Score and goalscorers.

Manchester City 4 (David Silva 6, Sergio Aguero 22, Yaya Toure 51, Edin Dzeko 75), Newcastle United 0.

Other match facts.


Manchester City (4-4-2): Joe Hart (G) Pablo Zabaleta, Vincent Kompany (C, Javi Garcia 71), Joleon Lescott, Gael Clichy; Jesus Navas, Fernandinho, Yaya Toure, David Silva (Alvaro Negredo 80), Edin Dzeko, Sergio Aguero (Samir Nasri 61).

Subs: Costel Pantilimon (G), Aleksandar Kolarov, Javi Garcia, Jack Rodwell, James Milner, Samir Nasri, Alvaro Negredo.

Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul (G) Mathieu Debuchy, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini (c), Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa; Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez (Vurnon Anita 44), Hatem Ben Arfa (Sammy Ameobi 64), Moussa Sissoko, Yoan Gouffran (Paul Dummett 45+4); Papiss Cisse.

Subs: Rob Elliot (G), Paul Dummett, Vurnon Anita, Sylvain Marveaux, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi.

Yellow cards: Edin Dzeko (31), Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (31), Fernandinho (32), Moussa Sissoko (33), Mathieu Debuchy (39)

Red cards: Steven Taylor (45+2).

Referee: Andre Marriner.

Attendance: 46,842.


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80 Responses

  1. The score of 4-0 flattered Newcsastle, I cannot believe i just typed that!
    If it wasn’t for Krul, It could have been 10!
    Pellegrini should drop Dzeko, Because he could have had six.
    He could have had a hat-trick on his head alone.
    I thought we might at least keep the score down beforehand, Well we did in a way!

    Pardew is bang out of order, Saying we gave a good account of ourselves, Before the sending off.
    Well most knew before the kick off, This team would struggle.
    This fact seems to be lost on the people who run the Club, The performance was gutless, Spineless, Lacked any effort, No direction, No plan, No coherence, No basics, It was devoid of anything, In all honesty, And that was before the sending off!

    Pardew needs to go A.S.A.P, Should have left 18 months ago, In fact this has been coming since the Pre-season pitch invasion at Darlington, A few years back.
    The same problems are there, And the two biggest are, An utterly greedy absentee slum landlord, Of an owner, And a complete an utter waste of space, Of a useless manager.
    If he can defend that performance, Then he is a disgrace, Calling himself a Newcastle manager.
    There is not one iota of change, From what happened last season.
    The lack of investment is catching us up fast now, And Ashley cannot hide behind his crap about his so called business plan, Anymore!
    It is what it is, A complete lie!

    The least that fat prick can do, Is rid us of the immediate problem we have, Alan B*****d Pardew!
    I cannot see us winning another game under his stewardship.
    Nevermind about we will not face opposition like that every week, Every game in this league is hard.
    West Ham will be us easy, If we play like last night.
    The trouble is, They will play like that again!

    The match was like a behind closed doors training match for City.
    They were in a canter, And strolling around the pitch, Picking us off at will.

    We need to get a new manager in now, And to hell with all this crap about stability, If this is stability under Pardew, You can keep it!
    We cannot go on with him in charge, And should make the change now, Before this fool does any more damage to us!

  2. True to form, I have just seen him on Sky Sports, Talking about the Transfer Window, Being closed before the season starts.
    Another Pardew trick to try and steer things away from himself.
    He’s got some brass neck, That hopeless fecker!

  3. I’m with you Joe 100% I said it last season and it still stands this.”This team and set up has not got a win in it”.Under Ashley and Pardew we are going to be this seasons whipping boys.Pathetic Pardew is incapable of change and I fear that if Ashley does grow some he will only replace Pathetic Pardew with Kinnear.

  4. The question is (having diagnosed the problem) how do we get rid of this jerk, it appears he has still got seven years to go and Ashley being tight as a drum, ain’t about to either admit he made a mistake or pay the guy to go, we are up shit creek without a paddle.
    And so is Ashley.
    It sure is getting tougher to be the only Newcastle fan damn a pub, requires a bit of attitude.
    Having watched a couple of games already, it appears there are no gimmes, even Palace looked decent.
    Does this mean a season of trying to get out of the relegation zone, if so I don’t think I can take it anymore.
    Ashley do the right thing, cause you know it’s inevitable, get rid of him and FFS find a David Dien type and a manager who knows what he is doing,
    I mean why do you think there is so much attention payed to hiring managers these days, if you don’t know the answer to that , then sell the fcuking club.
    It ain’t always about saving nickels and dimes, why do you think Pardew came cheap, cause you usually get what you pay for in professional football, this is not selling a cheapass rag for fifty times it’s worth.
    Do the right thing for once.

  5. Nutmeg

    I noticed that, the side looked dissolusioned, with no heart, I can see why Cabaye would want to get to fcuk outta here, plus the rest are probably putting themselves in the shop window, hoping a better run club will put a bid in for them.
    As long as this idiot is in charge it can only get worse, decisions have to be made,
    Dumping the idiot Llambeezie was a start, now get rid of the real problem, because there is the making of a decent side here.
    A side with the right coaching can play effectively and with a few additions could be a top six side.
    However at present we have a side that is, as stated unbalanced, lacking in any cohesiveness it appears no tactical plan, managed by a jerk who is delusional and makes the strangest positional and lineup moves.
    And I’m not sure the dressing room consists of a bunch of happy chappies, in fact they must wonder what they have got themselves into.
    Ah well !

  6. Sooner or later Ashley has to decide which will cost the most relegation (And we haven’t got the team or manager we had last time to make a quick return)or ditch the Pathetic Pardew.Simple really well it is to most of us.

  7. Nutmag mate. Is it Pardew who is sh#t or the players?

    I think it is Pards, but I could be wrong.

  8. GS says:
    August 20, 2013 at 11:59 am

    “I think it is Pards, but I could be wrong.”

    I know it’s Pardew and I know I’m right. If we carry on with these ideas that it’s the players’ fault or Joe Kinnear’s fault who whoever’s fault it’s just going to send us further and further up the wrong street and become ever more damaging.

  9. It looks very much like Pardews constant references to Cabaye’s possible move has become a reality, I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, think so, otherwise why all the references, almost an official touting of the guy.
    Now if we get £20m. I would grab it and spend some of it on McCarthy, Everton want him, but can’t afford him, then bring in Abomeyang and Alderweireld, job done.
    That is of course depending on Ashley seeing the light and dumping our present deluded manager, who thought their was no malicious intent in Taylor’s smacking a guy to the ground from behind and that we were doing well until that moment.
    I want to try whatever it is he’s on!

  10. I don’t think it’s as simple as saying it’s Pard’s fault. Obviously he’s a huge part of the problem, but watching last nights performance, it was obvious that there’s a whole heap of blame that can be shifted around.

    1. Taylor – why was he not closing people down? That second goal was down to him keeping pace with the player rather than coming in to him, and pushing him off to the side.
    2. Cisse – very limited running for him trying to get the ball and, yet again, looking like he’s unaware of the offside trap.
    3. Anita – when you’re in the line up, don’t duck and turn your head away when the free kick is coming towards you.
    4. Jonas – learn that you don’t always have to run to the corner flag. Once in a while, mix it up, and actually try to cut in towards the box.
    5. Debuchy – that round thing’s a ball. That’s the thing you’re supposed to kick.

    Pardew – work out who’s supposed to play where, and play them there. Don’t substitute your strongest player and keep a weaker one on unless the stronger player’s in danger of red carding, or is injured.

  11. Chuck says:
    August 20, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    “then bring in Abomeyang and Alderweireld, job done.”

    Aubameyang’s already gone, Chuckles, he signed for Borussia Dortmund. He’s scored three goals in his first two Bundesliga games I believe.

  12. Jonas in the Mirror
    “We tried our best. Now we are focused on Fulham and West Ham”.

    If that was the best I would hate to see the worst…it was fookin DIRE.

  13. Question. Do you think the club will fine Cabaye for his no-show?

    Second question. Could he do the decent thing and take Debuchy with him when he goes?

  14. GS@9
    Yes I think its Pathetic Pardew.Look at all players brought in during his time.Look at their early games there is a an obvious decline in their play.You could look at it the other way name one player brought in under Pathetic Pardew that has improved in any way.
    There is also those who have escaped like Routlidge who are doing a great job else where.Start by ditching him nothing will change until that change is made.

  15. We were shite, shite and more shite. But there is always Brighton in the FA cup to look forward to. And Europe :)

    If he kept his enormous yapper shut I wouldn’t get so annoyed at him.

  16. The problem with Pard’s is that he spends the second half looking like he’s trying to figure out what his post match excuses are going to be, rather than looking to see how he can change the shape of the team to counter. Plus, it was a return to “hoofball” again last night (not that we ever got away from it).

  17. There is a Geordie gollows humour that I miss since moving away 30 years ago.

    Pete Toon said:

    “Question. Do you think the club will fine Cabaye for his no-show?

    Second question. Could he do the decent thing and take Debuchy with him when he goes?”

    Now, that is f#cking funny.

  18. pete_toon says:
    August 20, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    “Question. Do you think the club will fine Cabaye for his no-show?”

    Pete, Pardew said he dropred him because he felt he’d been unsettled by Arsenal’s alleged bid. I don’t think he went missing.

  19. My girlfriend has a huge set of knockers and doesn’t have a fat arse so even Pardew can’t make me sad.

  20. worky – that’s different to the version that I heard – that he’d refused to play.

  21. pete_toon says:
    August 20, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    “worky – that’s different to the version that I heard – that he’d refused to play.”

    Who said that, Pete?

  22. Between AP & y’all’s security services, it’s all English dudes spouting lame excuses on my screen this morning. Unsettled? I call bullshit, Alan; you’re keeping him from getting injured so the sale isn’t derailed.

    Regarding last night, all I want to hear from anyone at NUFC are apologies. That “performance” was shameful. Except you, Tim-you’re cool.

    Chuck-do you believe in some sort of sympathetic magic where if you assert that NUFC REALLY SHOULD sign McCarthy enough times, it will happen? FFS, I’m tired of the guy already just from your references.

    A specific question for anyone who knows: has Debuchy ever been sent off for France?

  23. GS @ 23: whereas I have a 6-month old cutting teeth, a miserable job in cubicle hell and a wife who really actually sees me as not much more than a source of income and labor right now. Would love to take out some frustration on AP and Fat Mike right now. No horse punching though.

  24. worky – I can’t find my original source. It’s entirely possible that the amount of alcohol I downed to drown my sorrows fuddled my already addled mind.

  25. Thanks, pete. Only three bookings in 14 matches.

    Why don’t our coaches talk to theirs to see what the approach is with that? Or is he just more worried about his spot in that squad? Or is it English football?

  26. I don’t really understand this Arsenal Cabaye thing.

    Looking at it through the eyes of Arsene Wenger, I can entirely understand him going for a top centre forward like Suarez, but there are other kinds of players that Arsenal need more than a central midfielder like Cabaye.

  27. tunic

    If you don’t want to hear sense then don’t read my rants, the reason I am touting McCarthy is he has the making of a good replacement for Cabaye who is on his way to some club, haven been sickened by the shambles and chaos, that has become NUFC.
    Perhaps you may know as little about football as you do about cricket, but I have been following McCarthy since he broke into pro football in Scotland as a sixteen year old, he is now twenty two and judged by many to become a very good midfield, has all the requirements.
    Perhaps you watched him play at Wigan.
    As I said Martinez wants him at Everton, but can only afford him as a loanee, he probably wants to play in the PL, so what better time than now, where are you gonna get a homegrown midfield engine room for what he would cost and still only twenty two.

  28. It is strange, worky-but only because they have other areas of greater need. With Arteta out their midfield is a bit static. (And the 10M bid tells me he sees wor Yohan as a depth player anyway.) I imagine they’re working on deals for the forward and defenders they more obviously need. I’m guessing those deals are contingent on other players moving. I think you’ll see the whole log jam cleared over the next couple weeks. United will get whatever forward they’re after then Rooney will move and then other moves will happen.

    For NUFC supporters, it’ll be like being the only Jewish kid in town on Christmas.

  29. Worky

    Since Fabregas returned to Barca, Arsenal have used Arteta in that role, but though a decent player, he is getting on and is injury prone.
    I think Cabaye would slot in well there, and good midfield generals are hard to find, why I am touting McCarthy above to replace Cabaye, because you know he is going to be sold.
    Why ? because Wenger is under pressure to buy, with PSG threatening and he can’t afford to lose out on another deal.
    Ashley has him over a barrell and knows it, the deal will be done.
    But we also have to act, as Anita IMO just doesn’t have it and that’s all we have.

  30. Chuck: my problem isn’t with the player so much as your obsession.

    I do relate, though. I tried the same thing with Phil Jagielka. We got Barton instead.

  31. Not sure how anyone can judge Anita at NUFC. He’s hardly played. No, I don’t trust our coaches’ evaluation.

  32. tunic

    Yeah I tend to rant on things that I believe will improve the side.

    Just read all three Ashley , Carr and Kinnear have been reported seen at a French airport, apparently the word is to co-ordinate a deal with Cabaye’s people and if that’s tied up in a satisfactory manner, then do a deal to bring in two players.
    I had previously mentioned we hadn’t heard the last of the Gomis saga and he may very well be part of the deal, IMO.

  33. Not sure about Anita, guys got a cap or two for Holland, just seems a bit light for the sorry to see PL especially when compared to Cabaye, another smallish guy, but one who puts his foot in.
    Like most of the side seemed to go missing against c.
    But willing to give him a shot
    Yeah I will be sorry to see Cabaye leave, he was a feisty guy and a natural leader.

  34. From .com………….’Having missed cashing in on either Cheick Tiote or Hatem Ben Arfa when they were at maximum value, there’s a determination that this won’t happen a third time.’

    Out of the three, it’s a shame they didn’t sell Tiote after THAT season and THAT goal. He has gone from a £15-£20million player to a £2-3m player in my opinion.

  35. Re the Three Stooges (Pardew, Kinnear and Carr) being photographed at Nice Airport, if, indeed, it WAS Nice Airport.

    There are two football teams close to there if we disount Cannes, who are a tiny team. Firstly there is Nice, the kind of team who might have a few tasty morsels who interest Carr and Kinnear including a prolific striker I seem to recall. Secondly, there is the latest super rich club, Monaco, the new big fish who might be interested in one of our tasty morsels.

  36. I think the 3 wise men are off to the casinos in Cannes and Monaco and Joe got Lambese’s ticket.

  37. Chuck says:

    “but I have been following McCarthy since he broke into pro football in Scotland as a sixteen year old, he is now twenty two”

    You have? Should I alert the authorities?

  38. We wait with baited breath, Cabaye is on his way, probably to PSG, but who have we lined up to replace him, is the question ?
    I believe the Gomis saga may continue, depending on how much Ashley can extort from either Arsene or PSG
    Then there are rumours we are interested in young Ince, actually we could use a winger or two, being over stacked with inside attacking and defensive midfielders, an unbalanced side.
    It’s also rumoured we could be interested in replacing Cabaye, with Gomis’ team-mate Gourcoff, who has a number of caps for France.
    Then of course there’s the young striker we were formerly interested in, Thauvin, which if we signed these players, we could either field an entire French or at lest a francophone side.
    But obviously Cabaye’s £20m. or so wouldn’t cover all of them and we are all aware that Ashley’s as tight as a drum.
    Actually the drama is more interesting than watching the side play, especially if the continue to provide the same pathetic display as against Citeh.
    Oh ! Sorry I forgot, how did Pardew describe the first half, the description that sent Caragher and his fellow pundit into hysterical laughter, we was doing ok unti we lost Taylor, but of course he also didnT think there was any malice in his whacking the Citeh player, possibly an accidental swing of the arm, something like his stopping the ball with his arm a few minutes prior.
    Hey he’s our manager and we should all get behind him and support the side whatever the situation.
    , right!

  39. I cannot believe i’m saying this, But i agree with Ashley not spending money, In this current situation.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping the club moving forward, And i don’t think Cabaye should be sold, In an ideal world.

    The problem comes back to Alan Pardew, We should not indulge this fool any further.
    There are reports about Gomis, Tom Ince, Gourcouff etc, Why not spend some money on a decent manager, To get our current squad playing football, Which i think they are capable of.
    Why waste money on a busted flush like Pardew?, They tried this in January, And we still nearly went down.

    It’s time for Ashley to wake up, And realise Pardew is a massive part of the problem, Along with the inept coaching staff.
    I wouldn’t give Pardew the steam of my turd, Let alone give him any more money to waste.

    Our foray into the French market has been a mistake, Yet we are looking to add the growing legion of them.
    The only way forward is for Pardew to be relieved of his duties.
    I don’t want to see the job go to Joe Kinnear either, But even he could probably do better than “Scratch Card Alan”!

  40. Nufc,the fatmans circus,with a talking parrot,a kebab worth 20mil and a zombie called Joe.

  41. Joe

    I believe most fans agree with your assessment, however Ashley himself also bears a certain amount of responsibility.
    His apparent ignorance of the game, combined with a controlling attitude to-wards everything that happens at the club has also played a major role in the fact we are no better off six years down the road from his takeover.
    Plus I doubt if they ever will, sure he has this plan, which was I believe based on the Arsenal operation, but the way Arsenal operate to-day, that and their drop to a perennial fourth place side, lack of silverware, failures in the transfer market, certainly places them as no side to envy or emulate.
    Yeah the Carroll deal was a windfall and the Cabaye deal will no doubt give him (Ashley) reason to believe he can make money in the league, but these situations are rare.
    Also the idea of an age limit in order to be able to sell on players is shortsighted, there have been veteran players available that we could have got a couple of good years out of, plus they tend to add experience and techniques that can an asset and passed on to younger players.
    It was the blind leading the blind when the chuckles bros. Llambeezie and Ashley were running things, but as things stand, there is probably tension, between the three caballeros, Carr, Joe and Pardew, with Ashley pulling strings, not a healthy situation.
    I can’t see any improvement down the road, untill Ashley hires the right people and lets them run the club, without his constant interference.
    But it just ain’t gonna happen!

  42. Chuck, I agree with you wholeheartedly, The trouble is, We cannot do nothing about Ashley, Unless we come up with 300 million quid, To get shot of him.
    We can put pressure on the regime to rid us of a really poor manager.
    Although Ashley is as tight as a camel’s a**e, In a sandstorm, Pardew has been backed more than most, Which isn’t a lot in Ashley’s World!
    We are not seeing anything in the way of results, And all we are getting is a lot of childish blame shifting, From the Bug bear Pardew!

    It’s time to call time on a man, Who has had more chances in front of him, Than Savo Milosevic ever did , And that is a lot of chances!
    Why keep flogging a dead horse in Pardew, Who as far as i can see, His only use is as a Propaganda Officer!

  43. With a thin squad,and the impending departure of cabs,why is the fit again vuckic going to bradford on loan?

  44. worky – one slight correction to the piece. We were flattered right up to the point that the ref blew the whistle for kick off.

  45. I just don’t get what Pardew is complaining about, HE is the one who keeps reminding us HE runs the club, then why was Cabaye taken out of the side against Citeh ?
    And why was he spouting of every five minutes about his fear of loosing Cabaye, when no bids had arrived.
    Looked more like touting him than anything else.
    Now, not a peep out of him, obviously the whole thing was a set up.
    So now what do we do for a midfield playmaker ?
    If you plan on selling the one you have, would it not be a good idea to have a replacement lined up and what would you say if all of a sudden Gourcuff and Gomis show up, would you think that a co incidence ?

  46. @58: you are absolutely, totally and categorically correct for once :) Or twice, you get stuff correct now and again for an old coot :)

  47. Sampdiago

    With our lack of wingers, why was Ferguson (our only real winger, unless we convert Santon)
    Also sent on loan.
    They will (the club) tell you to gain experience, but actually to save a couple of bucks in wages.
    It’s kinda like the way he uses people at Sports Direct.
    Remember when he reduced the number of people working at St. James’ , probably would have replaced Cathy the tea lady also, had she not been an icon.

  48. Chuck says:
    August 21, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    “With our lack of wingers, why was Ferguson (our only real winger, unless we convert Santon)”

    Chuck, I’ve already explained that to you. Ferguson and Obertan were about the only wingers who have been played on their right sides regularly, hence they seem more like wingers. If you play the likes of Benny and Gutierrez on their wrong sides, they are inevitably going to cut in and seem less like the wingers you mean.

    It happens with alot with top teams nowadays, but it isn’t working with Pardew.

  49. Worky
    Yeah! That about sums it up, this guy needs help, a victim of his own sound bites.
    Though I think the decision to pull Cabaye wasn’t his, it probably came from a higher authority, but used the bid from Arsenal as a red herring and may even believe it was his decision.
    When you make so many contradictory statements, it becomes difficult to remember what’s reality and it’s opposite.
    This guy needs an ambulance not a taxi !

  50. Worky

    I refer you to my reply to that same statement, that neither HBA, Gouffran, Sissoko, perhaps Marveaux may be.
    But regardless which side you play them on, are never going to be wingers in the traditional sense.
    And I never understood why both Jonas and Santon, were played on the left, when during the odd times they were given starts on the right, they IMO improved their game and had the alternative of taking the ball to the line or cut to-wards the center.
    Whereas it’s no secret which way both will go, when on the left side and every defender I the league knows it and is prepared.
    I don’t understand it, why some fans seem to think of playing alright footed player on the left or vice versa is an advantage, clearly it kis not and it is usually the exception to the rule.

  51. Its taken a loooooong time for the writing to finally appear on the wall for some fans although some of them still think he’s better than JFK.

    TBH they’re both crap but it shows how poor Clueless is that I’d actually take JFK as a replacement.

    OK I’d rather have Poyet, as he’s twiddling his thumbs right now, but hey beggars cant be choosers !

  52. Chuckster says (in his right honourable gentlemaness:

    “I refer you to my reply to that same statement”

    Are we in the Houses of Parliament now, Chuckledandy?

  53. Chuck says:
    August 21, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    “I don’t understand it, why some fans seem to think of playing alright footed player on the left or vice versa is an advantage, clearly it kis not and it is usually the exception to the rule.”

    No Chuck, it can work very well. Just watch players like Robben with Bayern Munich, Ronaldo with Real Madrid and many other examples in top teams with top managers and top players. It’s a la mode.

    However, we’re dealing with Pardewball at Newcastle United and at the end of the day, he might just be better realising his limitations and going back to basics and see what happens, I don’t know. I would just get rid of Pardew and bring someone better in if it was up to me. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  54. My second Metro blog for the day:

    “Were Newcastle’s ‘Three Stooges’ in Nice to sell Cabaye or buy Cvitanich?” (They edited the title so don’t blame me!)

    They’re sub editing them a bit more now I’m a “Club Metro Reporter” so if there are any bits you don’t like, it’s probably their fault! :-)

  55. Cvitanich is one of the players I’ve been scouting on the quiet BTW. He’s an Argie Croatian striker, or a Croatian Argie striker with OGC Nice.

  56. worky – I used to live in Lyon. No way were they flying in to Nice to look at a player in Lyon. That’s a near enough 500KM drive.

  57. pete_toon says:
    August 21, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    “worky – I used to live in Lyon. No way were they flying in to Nice to look at a player in Lyon. That’s a near enough 500KM drive.”

    Aye Pete, I know it’s a long long way. How come you ended up in Lyon? Sounds interesting. Very nice food. As I’m sure you know if you’ve lived there, it’s one of the world’s great capitals of gastromony. There are some bits they eat there that I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole though! Tripe, guts, ears, arseholes and stuff like that…

  58. I used to work there worky. Absolutely fantastic city – and the vineyards in the surrounding countryside are second to none. The locals are madder about Rugby than football though. Far preferred Lyon to Paris.

  59. Pete, well you know it far better than I do as I was just passing thorugh but I do remember the food there. I think the craziest place I’ve ever been to over there was Bordeaux.

  60. I presume the “baldy guy” referred to was Lee Charnley ? Never seen a picture of him but by all accounts he was with them.

    However Nice have a Europa league qualifier on Thursday against Limassol so I doubt they’d want their main man leaving before that ?

  61. BTW WT have you seen your site using Firefox ? It looks like a mobile version with none of the side columns and definitely no thread/post numbering.

  62. AndyMac says:
    August 21, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    “I presume the “baldy guy” referred to was Lee Charnley ?”

    Andy, Lee Charnley and John Irving aren’t quite that old (30s).

  63. AndyMac says:
    August 21, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    “BTW WT have you seen your site using Firefox ? It looks like a mobile version with none of the side columns and definitely no thread/post numbering.”

    Andy, I’m using FF right now. Are you sure you aren’t stuck on the mobile version of this site? there’s a link to switch back to the desktop version at the bottom if it’s that, but if it isn’t that I divven’t knaa.

  64. workyticket says:

    “Andy, Lee Charnley and John Irving aren’t quite that old (30s)”

    Older than Squidward then ?