The source of the James Perch to Wigan non-story

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James Perch - Newcastle United.
Perch – No evidence whatsoever for Wigan move.
It has been “reported” by several frauds in the media, as well as several lazy copy and paste style blogs that James Perch is set to leave Newcastle United.

It all started around a month ago on the 2nd June with a short piece by Alan Nixon in the Mirror. It read:

“Newcastle prepare to dump James Perch to make room for more Frenchmen”
2 Jun 2013 22:30

“Alan Pardew’s Baguette Batallion set to grow and grow – which means no place left for the Englishman.

“Newcastle United will let versatile James Perch go – to make way for new foreign signings.

“Boss Alan Pardew has decided that Perch, who played several roles for him, can be sacrificed in the summer sales.

“Perch joined the Toon from Nottingham Forest and is one of the few English players left in the first team squad after their French revolution. Now Newcastle will allow Perch to move on.

“Pardew’s scouting network has identified more signings for the summer and are expected to land up to three new French players.”

Since this completely unsubstantiated rumour started, further refinements have gradually been added. Of course, there’s been the introduction of Leicester City, and now Wigan Athletic into the story. In a crucial improvisation, the part about Alan Pardew wanting the player out has now been switched to villain of the moment, Joe Kinnear, since he announced himself as Newcastle United’s Director of Football.

Since Kinnear’s arrival, this story has been ramped up consderably to get the Joe Kinnear lynch mob even more incandescent with rage (if that’s possible), and indeed, a forgotten story has now gone “viral” with a few embellishments. Finally, when the transfer fee was introduced as £700,000, now it’s £1 million, yet there has still been no substantiation whatsoever for any of it, and nothing from either Newcastle United, Leicester or Wigan.

Never trust a Journalist, they are professional liars.


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35 Responses

  1. Worky: one of the blogs is keeping track of the transfer rumours and I think it is up to about 50 in and 20 out. That said, the stronger rumours we see quite often end up with a bid eg. Cisse, Debuchy. Even when we don’t get the player, like De Jong, there appeared to be genuine interest.

    They are probably shopping Perch, although I can’t see why as he has proved to be quite reliable and he is cheap.

  2. Tis the sesaon to be silly – I dont ever believe them until they either have toon colours on or their new colours on. Lets face it Papers need to sell and if they dont have a story then they make it up

  3. I was listening to the news on Radio 4 and they said a maintainance worker at a Chinese Railway station was sitting at one of the computers and put in a banned porn DVD to watch, but didn’t realise that the computer he was using was hooked up to the station’s huge videoscreens.

    I would put a smiley in at this point but the poor knob jockey could get two years of jail in China:

  4. reported it, and they dont report things without knowledge. Notice they have not mentioned anything about Cisse going etc? Howay, man. “Non-story” lol.

  5. GS says:
    July 2, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    “I don’t know if Sky are reliable but they are reporting that their sources are saying Perch to Wigan:”

    Aye GS, thay’ve been saying it on Sky Sports News on the telly over here for a while too. Doesn’t mean it isn’t complete and utter bollocks though. Their “source” is probably a Sky Sports gimp reading “Newsnow.”

  6. Worky: they show some Sky Sports news here but it is not a constant feed. They also have their Canadian affiliate.

    I would think Sky would have a network of spies giving kitmen and the like backhanders (or buying them drinks)so they can be first to report. They have the money and have proved to be unscrupulous.

  7. The other thing is that there are a lot of people who are very loosely associated with the club who want to appear more important than they are. I mean people like the one’s who turned up to the meeting last week or other assorted hangers on. I bet they would want to spill whatever they have to get some vicarious gratification.

    It happens everywhere there is fame and money so I wouldn’t automatically distrust “sources” just because they are not official.

  8. Only one man matters at NUFC right now, and that’s ashley. What he says goes, what he wants is what happens. Which is why we have a Joke like kinnear as director of football. If Perch is going it will be because Kinnear has deemed him not good enough, despite the fact he probably did himself more credit last season than most of our squad

  9. Our Friday buy is to be Toby Aldereiweld from Ajax.

    it was thought he was going to Bayer leverkusen – but their manager (sami Hyppia) – has decided that their funds need to be spent on a striker – so he’s no longer interesting them.

    the only other teams in the mix were us and liverpool – but that was before they bought Toure and spent loadsamoney on other players.

    interestingly – Aldereiweld pulled out of Ajax training camp in Austria today for ‘personal reasons’. He’s coming to us – he’s a really good, strong, centre half

  10. I just looked again and they have a lot of ads and even an iphone app. And the empire builds…

    He seems to have a f@cking disconnect when it comes to NUFC. We are a billboard for his tat when you would think it should be the other way around, where glory for NUFC would be reflected onto his main organization.

  11. GS says:
    July 2, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    “What the hell is Sports Direct News?”

    GS, don’t you remember their story about Newcastle United signing Wayne Rooney in the last transfer window? :lol:

  12. Worky @14: no, I must have forgotten that one. I hope Tattyheed is right and he doesn’t usually put up rumours. It got me thinking of Ed who puts up every unsubstantiated rumour and when someone comes in says “as we said in a previous column” such and such is joining/leaving United :)

  13. I just read online we are swapping tiote and cabaye for messi and neymar….

  14. Signings started yesterday, right? Where is Pardew? Isn’t old Joe off as well? Lucky there isn’t anything like a deadline that he has to get people in by and then could take a break. Oh, there is? And he really only has 2 months to get all of his work done that will influence the rest of this year.

    I wonder what his priorities are. Holiday first. I am sure he could reschedule and may even be able to afford somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere if he is worried about the weather later in the year.

    Oh, you say he will miss the first week or two of pre-season? And not be able to sit down with Pardew? No worries then, seems like a plan.

  15. Also, Sunderland signing or trying to sign loads of player yet our higher ups are hiding or going on holidays. bah.

  16. I think it will be a mistake to get rid of Perch, Okay he may not excel at one particular position, But he gives his all, And we’ll miss his versatility, Which is invaluable over a season.

  17. Sorry for laughing at you like, but the whole non story line really tickled me.

    It was obviously happening.

  18. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since the Carlisle friendly (where Perch made his debut before the club record 5 yellows in 5 games at RB) where does the time go? It always felt to me like we got Perch in the championship but we didn’t until after promotion.

  19. It appears that laziness trumps armchair punditry. The Perch story is correct given he is now a Wigan player

  20. Well you well and truly put the kybosh on that one Worky :-)

    I have no idea why they would sell that guy. He was frequently the hardest working guy on the park. Also, he was rarely if ever injured and provided cover in several positions, which you need if you are going to operate with a threadbare squad as we seem to have a consistent desire to do.

    Got next to no money for him, left us short in numbers simply makes no sense whatsoever even simply from the reducing the wage bill perspective.

    Unless we make some moves that shock the hell out of me this could be one of the most shortsighted moved we have made in recent times. In fact; since just about the same time last season…when those at the very top were so shortsighted we made no moves at all and then blamed the manager when we had perhaps the worst injury crisis I have seen at the club and no cover

  21. The media tend to print retractions when they are wrong. Will you for your ‘lies’ in this instance?

    PS that said I’m a journalist (science and technology) and we all regard sports journalists as the lowest of the low.

    -Sports reporter: “Yohan Cabaye are you interested in joining Real Madrid?”
    -Yohan Cabaye: “I’m happy at Old Trafford”
    -Newspaper back page: ‘CABAYE DENIES MADRID MEGA DEAL!”

  22. Mark C says:
    July 3, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    “Well you well and truly put the kybosh on that one Worky”

    I was getting a little reckless as this was one of my last blogs on here for a while. That’s my excuse anyway!

  23. Gordon says:
    July 4, 2013 at 10:15 am

    “The media tend to print retractions when they are wrong. Will you for your ‘lies’ in this instance?”

    No they don’t you ‘liar.’