Papiss in our time?

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Papiss Cisse in new Wonga shirt.
Papiss in his new W(r)onga shirt and “Sisse” boots.
It seems there’s a grand conspiracy to make me look like a complete arse at the moment.

Just before I finally had my most recent blog, “We’re still in the dark about Cisse and Wongagate” published on, Cisse came out and spoke for the first time on his war on Wonga, saying:

“It has been a very difficult time for me and the Club, and also for the fans. I have had some useful discussions with my Club, my family and Islamic teachers in the last few weeks. After a huge amount of thought and reflection I have made the decision to follow my teammates and wear the kit.

“Now I think it is important for the team and the fans that we concentrate 100 per cent on football. Although I did not go to Portugal on the training camp, I was back here working hard on my fitness and preparing for the start of the new season. Since then it has been great to be training with my teammates again. I feel great and ready to go, and cannot wait to be out there against St. Mirren on Tuesday and to play my part for the team.”

The hitman then proceeded to wear the shirt and score his first goal of the season so far in Tuesday evening’s 2-0 friendly victory over St Mirren.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me in recent weeks but thanks Papiss, I’ll remember that next time I feel inclined to stick up for you!

With the crisis now seemingly out of the way though, my thoughts turned to my fellow fans, and I wondered how many of you will actually be paying for the privilege of being a billboard for regional deprivation and financial desperation this coming season? In other words, will you be wearing a Wonga shirt?

Whether you will or you won’t, or even if you’re not in the habit of wearing any replica shirts, it would be great if you could vote in our latest Poll (below).


Will you be buying / have you bought a Wonga shirt for next season?

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19 Responses

  1. Nope Non of my money would be spent on a Wonga Shirt or any Puma football attire and I don’t shop in sports direct either just for the record.
    Total Tat.

  2. Pardew:

    “That was a terrific performance to get a draw against a Champions League side who, let’s not forget, finished just behind Benfica last season.”

    This is how the top of the Portuguese League table looked at the end of the season just gone (points then goal difference);

    78 (+56) Porto
    77 (+57) Benfica
    54 (+13) Pacos De Ferreira

    Courtesy of The Mag.

  3. We mustn’t forget that it was Wonga who paid millions to save st james park for us. I will be greatful to them for that at least and proud to wear the shirt.

  4. Endorse a company that preys upon the weak in society? A company that finds it acceptable, to charge in excess of 5000% interest on loans? I’d rather s**t in my hands and clap.

  5. The only time i would be interested in anything to do with Ashley’s tat, Is if he starts a line of, “Sports Direct Toilet Paper”, With his dial embossed upon it, In the same way Alf Garnet picks a newspaper photo of Adolf Hitler, “In Sickness And in Health”, To wipe his backside!

  6. sirjasontoon says:
    “July 31, 2013 at 2:00 pm
    Breaking…Kinnear in Talks with Dyers agent.”

    Presumably he’s asking him where he gets his ties.

  7. Given how paper thin our squad really is, why are we loaning players out left, right and centre? Abeid’s off to Panathanaikos now.

  8. any1 that buys a shirt is just saying they ganna put up with this crap indefnantly shame on you

  9. Davy says:
    July 31, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    “We mustn’t forget that it was Wonga who paid millions to save st james park for us.”

    Davy, it was confirmed by Derek Llambias before he left that the total amount received by Newcastle United would be “not far off” £8 million per season. This breaks down as:

    Shirt sponsorship – £6 million per season
    Academy sponsorship – £1.5 million per season
    Stadium naming rights – F all as far as I can see.

    It looks like Ashley threw in the towel and thought up this con as a way of saving face and making Wronga look good at the same time.

  10. I would never wear a shirt with wonga on it. I get all mine of vintage sites anyway. Can’t beat the old blue and purple with the classic NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE!!! THAT’S WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT

  11. pete_toon haha :)

    Same here Dokky can’t beat the old kits…my first kit was the black and white long sleeve bukta one from Fenwicks…look like a proper full kit w@nker in the pics though on xmas day.

  12. Won’t be buying the shirt. 1. All the Puma shirts have been crap, utter crap. 2. I will not be a walking ad for these scum. 3. I’m not putting any cash into the coffers of AshleyCo who refuses to spend to improve this club.

    pete @ 10: I had the same thought. WTF? Given the state of the squad, I could see Ferguson and Abeid getting significant minutes. Didn’t we loan out Sameobi too? Good thing we got all those signings.

    worky @ 12: unbelieveable how anyone can’t see through the stadium naming con.

  13. We’ve never had a decent kit, Since our deal with Adidas ended.
    Other clubs who use Puma, Their kits don’t look bad at all, So why is it ours look s**t?
    Remember the one that made Kevin Nolan look fatter than normal, It was like a sack of potatoes!

    Are we just getting to the point, Where we will blame fat Ashley, For anything and everything?
    There are always people willing to go into bat, For a certain calorie challenged gentleman.
    Is he really that bad?, Bob Moncur seems to like him, Beardsley likes him, Steve Harmison reckons he gets a rough deal, From the fans.
    I wonder if they have all been bought off with bacon sandwiches, Like the buck toothed snake, David Craig?

  14. I took Davy’s comment to be sarcasm, I’d be surprised if he meant it. I reckon its the kids who will be getting their parents to buy the W……ga stuff and wearing it to games, a lot of them won’t understand the nasty side.

    It’s really depressing to see that we might be in the market for a decent player then seeing the bigger clubs like West Ham, Fulham, Hull city etc. stepping in and stopping us. How do we compete with these more glamorous clubs?!!!!