Paços de Ferreira vs Newcastle United match banter!

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Pacos de Ferreira v Newcastle United match banter.
Newcastle United go hunting beaver!
Venue: Estádio da Mata Real, Paços de Ferreira, Portugal.
Date: Tues 23rd July, 2013.
Kick off: 8.00pm.
Referee: Jorge Sousa.
UK TV: None.

Well this lot will certainly be no pushovers, and should be an even stiffer teat than our last Portuguese opponents, Rio Ave, and they beat us 3-1!

Although they only play before around 5,000 fans at their own stadium (and that’s for a big game), Pacos de Ferreira, or the “Beavers” as they are known were third in last season’s Portuguese Primeira Liga behind Benfica and Porto. Although the latter teams were miles ahead (23 and 24 points) of this evening’s opponents and the rest of the chasing pack, it is still some achivement to beat the likes of Braga (our next opponents), not to mention the fading giants of Sporting. Hence, if they show up and decide to really have a go, our Silver Supremo is going to have to up his game somehow.

Team news.

Most of the squad went out days ago with one or two others like Haidara joining the team later. Below is what should be the complete 24 man Newcastle United who are out there currently:

Tim Krul (G), Rob Elliot (G), Jak Alnwick (G), Davide Santon, Massdio Haidara, Paul Dummett, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Mike Williamson, Steven Taylor, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Mathieu Debuchy, Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye, Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa, Moussa Sissoko, Sylvain Marveaux, Vurnon Anita, Gabriel Obertan, Haris Vuckic, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi, Yoan Gouffran, Adam Campbell.

Of course, one big miss for Newcastle United is our top goalscorer, Papiss Cisse, who has not travelled out there with the rest of the squad and remains on Tyneside getting his fitness levels up for the coming season.

On the injury front, Shola Ameobi’s wrist had been a worry after the abovementioned Rio Ave game where Shola scored our consolation goal in the 3-1 defeat. However everything now seems to look much better on that front now and he could feature, or he might just be rested just in case. We’ll see soon!

Well, I think I will leave it there for now, except for my usual reminders that I will be posting any links for the game I can find in due course, along with the teamsheets for the game as well. After the game I will also try to get some highlights up for all you lucky people if I can, which only leves it for me to say:

Howay the Lads!


Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Rob Elliot (G), Mathieu Debuchy, Mapou Yanga Mbiwa, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Steven Taylor, Cheick Tiote, Yohan Cabaye, Hatem Ben Arfa, Moussa Sissoko, Sammy Ameobi, Shola Ameobi.

Subs: Jak Alnwick, Davide Santon, Mike Williamson, Paul Dummett, Jonas Gutierrez, Sylvain Marveaux, Yohan Gouffran, Haris Vuckic, Adam Campbell.

Pacos de Ferreira (4-2-3-1): Antonio Filipe (G), Tony, Ruben, Roberto Dias, Helder Lopes; Andre Leao, Anunciacao (C), Manuel Jose, Sergio Oliveira, Caetano, Jaime Poulson.

Subs: Matias Draga (G), Freitas, Vitor, Christian Irobiso, Rui Miguel, Hurtado, Nuno Santos, Ricardo, Fernando Neto, Rodrigo Antonio, Gino Guerrero, Sousa, Eridson.


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349 Responses

  1. Ed says this lot qualified for the Champions League. Wow, I had never even heard of them.

  2. GS says:
    July 23, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    “Ed says this lot qualified for the Champions League.”

    So did I GS, you never read f**k all on this site, are there too many long words for you? :-)

  3. @ GS
    <<<<<< this dude here had never heard of the pub team that beat us the other nite also lol

  4. Well, it is National Hot Dog Day today in the USA. It sort of cheapens the “brand” of days if you ask me. They have Labour Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day and Martin Luther King Day. Yes, what was missing was f@cking hot dog day.

    (They also have Secretary’s day and bring your kid to work day, seriously. )

  5. sirjasontoon says:
    July 23, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    “Worky the wiziwigs all look flash they gonna be ok on a mac?”

    Well Macs do Flash but is it an IPad tablet thing?

  6. GS says:
    July 23, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    “Worky: I saw you said they were 3rd but I didn’t realize that qualified for CL.”

    I did mention that they qualified for the Champions League too, Mr.Unobservant.

  7. F***ing hell full house???
    Why the fook aren’t we playing in big stadiums??

  8. Oops! sorry GS! I did mention that Champions League thing (honest) but I had two editing windows for the blog open and as I mentioned to SJT earlier, I bollocksed things up by saving in the wrong window somewhere and knocking things back to a previous version.

  9. tunyc says:
    July 23, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    “3rd place in that league gets you into the CL? Wow.”

    Well they’re supposed to have three big teams who can hold their own in Euro football, but Sporting have been absolutely crap in recent seasons so now it’s just Benfica, Porto and the rest a few miles behind.

  10. A lightbulb has suddenly turned on in Pardew’s heed and he says he been working on closing down teams more in training. That means he’ll be Alan Pardiola this season.

  11. Well I rather did enjoy the championship, thank you…but we’d need to bring back the mustard & custard shirts…I’m sure Big Mike would be pleased with the savings…

  12. When we get back Pardew can say we are knackered from our European games after a bad display against St. Mirren.

  13. Did I I see it right and 1 of their lads got sent off at the same time as Colo or not?

    Looked like the ref held up 2 reds but didn;t see one of their lads walk off.

  14. Stop me if you’ve heard it…………..Papiss Cisse has said that he won’t put on a Newcastle shirt with as the sponsor, as he doesn’t feel that he’ll be able to give 5853%

  15. AndyMac (@amacdee) says:
    July 23, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    “Papiss Cisse has said that he won’t put on a Newcastle shirt with as the sponsor, as he doesn’t feel that he’ll be able to give 5853%”

    Quite possibly the most inevitable joke ever, Andy! :-)

  16. GeordieDan says:
    July 23, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    “Did I I see it right and 1 of their lads got sent off at the same time as Colo or not?”

    Aye GeordieDan, it’s 10 v 10.

  17. Reading that,I get the picture,we wont win any pre season games,parpoo wont walk,so who wants to bet that he wont be in charge first game of the season?

  18. sampdiago says:
    July 23, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    “parpoo wont walk,so who wants to bet that he wont be in charge first game of the season?”

    Pardew’s message of reassurance of warm the calm the nerves of those who are worried by Kinnear:

    “My message to them really and truly is look, I have got a seven-year contract left to manage this football club.”

  19. “My message to them really and truly is look, I have got a seven-year contract left to manage this football club.”

    Yeah that’s what he thinks :)

  20. I’m reminded of that time worn phrase “Its football Jim but not as we know it ” :(

  21. Worky dont,I might wet myself,seven years to win the 2nd of his st.Johnston paint trophy…

  22. Daniel. ‏@LeMakeleleRole 1m
    After the antics of the first-half that was a very worthwhile friendly. Plenty positives to take. #NUFC

    Twitter boils my pi55 what positives???

  23. danny b says:
    July 23, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    “what was the score i missed it?”

    1-1 Shola the goal machine again. He scores when he wants.

  24. sirjasontoon says:
    July 23, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    “Well that deserves a FIST PUMP!!”

    I know the Gay mafia down here, SJT, they’d give Pardew a fist pump he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

  25. worky says “1-1 Shola the goal machine again. He scores when he wants.”

    BAD NEWS! Now they will think he has still got it after 2 in 2 he will be a starter next season……… save ashley a few mill

  26. C’mon Worky relax you sound up tight.

    Bit pissed to see they shipped Ferguson off to Brum again, which delighted Clark, the kid is a decent winger and I keep hearing we are short of a left winger.
    FFS the guy is 22 years old one of our best suppiers, we have a relatively small squad after shipping out a number of players and these fkuks are happy to ship him out to save a probably low salary.
    No wonder this club is going nowhere, we got a bunch of morons making decisions.

    Curious how did Vidic look ?

    Soh! An Argentino manager got the job at Barca. also somewhat of a disciple of Bielsa, has it got to the stage where the best managers are coming out of the latin countries, just reading Martinez who I would liked to have seen come here, is also a fan of Bielsa and is rumoured to be about to employ a three man defensive line, giving Colman and Baines the freedom to go forward

    Could you see Yanga M’Biwa, Colo and Taylor , allowing Debuchy and Santon to bring the ball up ?
    No neither can I unless we hire a manager.

    It’s very frustrating to watch what other clubs are doing in the way of managerial selections and to compare it with who we have, when others are looking at Bielsa like lineups, that take both a group of somewhat intelligent players and lots of practice with particular drills to perfect those tactics and compare it to hoof-ball, what can I say.

    Plus Pardew has apparently switched Stone to take care of those younger players attempting to break into the side, while he is to be more involved in the coaching aspect, god help us !

    Well the rumours are Bent is destined for Fulham eh!
    A definite goal-scorer but, a twenty nine year old dissident, who has never been happy at any of the clubs he’s been at, rather have Remy or the guy at Lyon, or both.
    But I hope we can clear up this problem with the logo and Cisse, as I think that Cisse and Remy could either split the centre forward role or possibly play to gether.

    Question is when is the club going to get off the dime and sign somebody, or are we to expect another summer like last ?

  27. Here is my Bielsa lineup

    ************************** Krul**********************

    Yanga M’Biwa*********Colo**********Taylor






    -**Yanga M’ Biwa****Colo*************
    De Buchy*****************Santon****

  28. So how much did England’s four contestants make (paid by UEFA) from the Europa League last season?

    Chelsea: €10,704,878
    Spurs: €5,402,106
    Newcastle United: €5,302,106 (around £4.5m)
    Liverpool: €5,033,719

    Not a bad little score for Mike…I bet he spunked that in Aspers in 10 minutes!

  29. I was busy last night, So i missed the game, Probably not a bad thing, Because by all accounts, They were terrible again!
    That deluded idiot Pardew reckons they were “DIFFERENT CLASS”, Enough is Enough!, Time has got to be called on “Walter Mitty”, Alan Pardew!
    It’s over 3 years now of this man’s sycophancy, Day dreaming, Delusion, And all round constant drivel!
    The squad are in a steady decline, Under his stewardship, And he should be gone, In fact this should have happened months ago!
    It’s just like letting an open wound fester, It’s never going to get any better.

    Pushing aside new signings for a second, It will not make any difference, Pardew is the problem, And any new recruits, Form will take a drastic nose dive, When Pardew has anything to do with it.
    Alan Pardew is more of a Cowboy than Randolph Scott ever was, If that is possible!

  30. From what we hear, we may end up with Bent yet, as it’s rumoured Fulham have baulked at his £80m. wage. Aaaarrrgghhh !
    And we are in competition for Remy from West Ham.
    Look I would be happy to only sign Remy, that’s of course if we can reach some kind of a compromise with Cisse.
    We keep hearing there’s teams out there just dying to sign Cabaye, but where are they, we ain’t had bid one as of yet, if we could get anywhere close to twenty big ones, I would sell him in a NY second and immediately offer the same amount for a younger and IMO better midfield engine room at Wigan, namely McCarthy. (home grown)
    So what’s the story with Joe, we have been fkuing around forever, trying I guess to chisel a deal, while other clubs (even the newly promoted) have been offering fees of twenty million and more for players, bout time we got off the dime here !
    What’s up with our negotiators, afraid to tell Ashley they can’t get em for free ?
    I sense a déjà vu scenario all over again, just like last year, same shit different season.
    Yes folks the slow learning curve continues.
    Look as far as I know S. De Jong is still available and who better to compliment Cisse, who if not on his way, could be replaced by Remy also a proven scorer, we don’t need two centre forwards, but DeJong can both get his goals and supply, by playing behind the forward.
    And whatever happened to Douglas, or someone like him, once Joe put the kaybosh on him,
    (actually I doubt Joe had clue one about the guy) just using him as an attempt to stamp his authority .
    As I said on here I was pissed they let Ferguson go to save a buck on wages, that’s gonna come back and bight them in the ass, when we badly need a LW.
    So far we haven’t loaned out Hidarra and I hope it doesn’t happen as he appeared to have the making of a decent young player and as everyone who has followed this club knows we have more than our share of injuries in any given season and need backup.
    Yep after six years one would think something had been learned about running a football club, but the way this club is run is the same joke as it was six years ago.

  31. Chuck says:
    July 24, 2013 at 11:18 am

    “From what we hear, we may end up with Bent yet, as it’s rumoured Fulham have baulked at his £80m. wage.”

    £80 million per week wages is a little on the high side for Bent, Chuck. To be fair, I would understand if both Fulham and Newcastle United baulked at that.

  32. joe hawkins says:
    July 24, 2013 at 10:51 am

    “I was busy last night, So i missed the game, Probably not a bad thing, Because by all accounts, They were terrible again!
    That deluded idiot Pardew reckons they were “DIFFERENT CLASS”,”

    I didn’t concentrate on it very much, Joe, but I wouldn’t say “terrible.” Although I had reservations, we drew against a Champions League side, we didn’t lose 6 nowt or anything like that.

    What WAS terrible was Coloccini really throttling another player, and in a so called “friendly” as if that makes any difference.

  33. Yeah, I have been reading about unbelievable amounts being offered £85m. supposedly for Bale from Real Madrid, with M.U. about to match it, The Arse offering over £40m for Suarez.
    Hell I know the EPL are increasing the payments to those clubs lucky enough to be members, but are these kind of transfer fees sustainable, I doubt it ?
    In which case thank goodness we are resisting paying these exorbitant amounts, we will either end up struggling to avoid relegation again, or in fact possibly end up in the second tier for the second time in Ashley’s tenure.
    So keep up the good work Joe, don’t give those bar stewards an extra dime and look for more free agents FFS.
    Buy em cheap and pile em high !
    I can’t see Ashley paying £80grand a week for a twenty nine year old dissident, regardless how much Villa paid for him, ain’t gonna happen, even for a five million transfer fee
    I hope !

  34. Hey bout time Wor Colo. got tough, kicking ass and taking names as they use to say in the army.
    Our back four have not been especially fearsome in the last few years, perhaps we could post the above photo near the opposing dressing room , might install a bit of respect.

  35. I would have put some highlights up by now but there are only 20 very blurry seconds of the two goals.

    Newcastle always seem to be the last team to get highlights online nowadays, if they get them at all.

  36. If Bale gans to R.M. for eighty five million, how is Wor Ronny ganna feel like , being number two on the list, he migh just fcuk off back hyem to Manchester to join up with his mate Shrek,
    Oh ! I forgot he’s fcucking off teh Chewsea cause he cannot see being number two teh the Dutchman.
    Hey what’s gannin on man ?

  37. Worky

    Highlights you say ?
    It’s early in the season and Pardew is still in control, or at least thinks he is, so why would there be any highlights ?

  38. Chuck says:
    July 24, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    “Hey bout time Wor Colo. got tough, kicking ass and taking names as they use to say in the army.”

    “Kicking ass” my arse Chuck, that picture looks more like child abuse. I’d like to see him try something like that with Nemanja Vidic or Chris Samba.

  39. Looking at that photo, Collo’s hands are both wrapped tight around, The kids neck!
    Looked like his heed was ganna explode!, I’ve never really took Collo to be the Radgepacket type lol

  40. Stupid Strangling players in a friendly…shows a total lack of discipline in my humble opinion.

  41. Speaking of child abuse, my sons partner who works in child care was doing some research for a college course and she googled “stranger danger” and came across a book titled “Jimmy’s Giraffe”. No prizes for guessing who the author was. One of the reviews (it was on Amazon) by a lady said that “It was a useful addition to “The Gary Glitter book an child care” and also “The Rosemary and Fred West book on gardening and DIY, that she already has.

  42. STJ, Totally unprofessional, He never finished the kid off, The Boston Strangler, Will be turning in his grave ffs!

  43. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    July 24, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    “Speaking of child abuse, my sons partner who works in child care was doing some research for a college course and she googled “stranger danger” and came across a book titled “Jimmy’s Giraffe”. No prizes for guessing who the author was.”

    Sounds like a dreadful euphemism, Grumpy. I can just imagine him saying something like:

    “Uhehuhehhehuheh, now then, now then, boys n’ gals, would you, like to play with, Jimmy’s Giraffe? Uhehuhehhehuheh!

  44. At least we passed the ball along the ground a bit more last night. The players will have to get used to it, I hope, unless Pardew reverts to type.

    We didn’t create many chances, but we really didn’t have any strikers anyway (although Shola’s goal was well taken).

  45. No wonder he wore those shell suits, Probably easier to get stripped off, In a hurry, Horrible owld cnut!
    Is there any truth in the rumours, He was also a necrophiliac?, And that’s why he worked in the hospitals, So he had access to people’s mortal remains?

    Can anyone remember a news item on the BBC, A few years back, About the remains of children, Being found in a Jersey Children’s home?
    Why was that story covered up, Not long afterwards, And the public Have heard nothing of it since?

  46. Right, I am going to try to stop Pardew bashing and get positive. A ball has not been kicked in the new season and we still have more than a month to sign new players. It looks like Sissoko at least has learned some English (I saw him talking to Taylor in the center circle last night) and we have employed a health and fitness expert. Stone has been demoted, which is good because something had to change. Hopefully, the coaching burden will be too much for Pardew and we will hire a good new coach – what about the ones Man U let go?

    The team looked committed last night and were chasing the ball before it got to our 18 yard box. Hopefully, the penny has finally dropped that we should be pressing further up field.

  47. a think i’ll start supporting sunderland – anybody know any good sites?

  48. GS that was Mike Phelan, I wondered about him as well. I think he would have even less enthusiasm than Harford had to take the job though under the present regime.

  49. roy cropper says:
    July 24, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    “a think i’ll start supporting sunderland – anybody know any good sites?”

    Well if you go to the games and stand in there with the Mackem lot, make sure you get yourself checked for creepy crawlies afterwards.

  50. Well if Collicini ever want’s to be a Serial Killer, He could be “The Cordoba Choker”!

  51. My faith in football fans has been partially restored.

    I was reading a poll on Joey Barton’s site, “Who is the greatest ever British football export?” and John Charles still won after all this time, beating David Beckham into second place. Chrissy Waddle came third because there are alot of Marseilles fans on there and they think he’s their second greatest player ever.

  52. I’ve already mentioned why I haven’t posted any highlights of yesterday evening’s game, but here are some highlights from the previous one against Rio Ave.

    I think it’s safe to say that the defending could have been a little better.

  53. I think it is safe to say that Pardew really doesn’t have a clue what is going on with transfers. The evidence is his pleading with Joe to get him a striker and the Frenchies we signed in January on Ashley’s orders.

    So, if he is being employed only as a coach, then he is probably being overpaid by Ashley. I don’t mean that cynically, I mean how many other 1st team coaches are on a million plus a year?

    It’s a bit of mess really innit? If there was an easy get out clause you would think Ashley would sack him because he is doing all he can to undermine him. I think there must be a guaranteed pay-out, not for the full contract but probably 5 million (that’s just a guess).

    Until there is real movement on the transfer front I will continue to think that Worky’s Uncle Joe is twisting the knife.

  54. GS-I think the value of JK appointment to Ashley is the chaos it appears to create. It doesn’t even have to be suggested as the reason for transfer paralysis-folks are coming to that conclusion on their own as they realize JK-related items have been about 85% of everything written about NUFC this offseason.

    I don’t know that Ashley much cares who runs the team. Maybe he thinks it doesn’t matter. I don’t know anymore.

  55. tunyc: it is funny, but on any of the blogs I have read, Worky is the only one that has given any sort of defense for Kinnear. That includes blog writers and contributors. I am not even sure if Ed did.

    (awaits scathing reply from Worky :) )

  56. I definitely think Joe has been appointed to shake things up.
    Behind the scenes Ashley thinks he got ripped off by Pardew And Llambias,Over the January signings.
    I don’t think he trusts Pardew anymore, But he is a good spokes person for him, So he’s clung onto his job, In the short term.
    Ashley feels he was coerced into making the signings, Which he felt could have waited until the summer, And they had little impact, In his view.

    Joe is being called Bleach around the place, The same word was attributed Wise, When he was D.O.F.

    I think we can write off the Man City game, Unless they have an off day, But there are some winnable games, After that.
    I think the puppet will have his strings cut, If he fails to get any early results on board.
    Judging by what we already know of him, There seems very little chance of a turnaround in fortunes, So he will be a knocking bet for the first to be axed.

  57. GS feels that Cissoko has learned to speak some English, as he saw him communicating with Taylor
    Has he considered that perhaps they were communicating in French, as after all Taylor had claimed he was taking French lessons being he had so many French team mates, Je nais se ?

    Anyone read the recent Ed. blog where he recorded a pole reflecting that ninety six percent of the fans involved felt Cisse was a hypocrit, in regard to the WONGA deal.
    The very nature of the question was weighted to-wards the required answer, also the nature of the particular blog leaves me with the feeling Ed. is not only someone who has an anti Islamic bent but is also someone who is possibly racist.
    As for Ed. most of what he sez is hardly worth considering.

    And yes there is no doubt that king John Charles , who was loved by his Italian fans was the best ever British export as far as footballers were concerned, face it Beckham was never a great footballer, as much in fact of a footballer as his wife was a singer, infact both were more of a fashion statement than anything, generating a great deal of wealth, from both fashion and advertising.

    However there were of course the usual closet racists and Islamophobes , but it was the fact there were a good number of comments,, which defended Cisse, that both surprised and heartened me.

    Worky’s defence of Kinnear should come as no surprise, after having listened to his defence of Williamson over the last couple of years, at least he is consistent, or perhaps refuses to consider he may in fact be wrong sometimes.

  58. Joe Hawkins

    I kind of disagree, my take is that being Llambias knew less than nothing about football, Ashley felt he had to have someone around to advise him as to the who what and when’s of the game.
    Also the fact that Llambias had influenced him to hire Pardew as manager and the fact the two were in alliance, one that apparently Carr (who may have had Ashley’s ear at the time) did not necessarily agree with on certain points.
    As it turns out I believe Llambias, who was there as a lightening rod for Ashley, a mouthpiece, but never served any real role, fell out of favor possibly because of last years events, the close shave with relegation, which forced Ashley to spend heavilly during the winter window.
    I believe things got out of control, being that Ashley thought following a fifth place finish, everything was fine.
    Why else would he award those clowns with eight year dels, FFS they won the lottery.
    But reality struck, the lack of signings plus the extra European games, injuries , the reality that Pardew had no clue other than hoof ball, all became apparent.
    So Ashley looked for help and there was Joe to explain over a pint, what went wrong and who was to blame, but it was too late, everyone but Llambeezie had an eight yeat deal and contrary to what Worky believed, it was solid.
    What to do ?
    Force Pardew to quit, joe will take over and find a decent manager and Joe will take over the Llambeezie number.
    Hey I got no problem with that, anything to get rid of those two guys, question is who will be the new manager, plus we really need someone with a track record as the GM, who can grow the brand name.
    But if that’s the future, better than continuing with the clowns who were in place.

  59. Chuck says:

    “Anyone read the recent Ed. blog where he recorded a pole reflecting that ninety six percent of the fans involved felt Cisse was a hypocrit, in regard to the WONGA deal.
    The very nature of the question was weighted to-wards the required answer, also the nature of the particular blog leaves me with the feeling Ed. is not only someone who has an anti Islamic bent but is also someone who is possibly racist.
    As for Ed. most of what he sez is hardly worth considering. ”

    Chucky, what the f@ck are you talking about?

    Criticize Ed all you want, but he is not f@cking racist for f@ck’s sake.

  60. However there were of course the usual closet racists and Islamophobes , but it was the fact there were a good number of comments,, which defended Cisse, that both surprised and heartened me.

    I couldn’t resist making a sarcastic comment there and wrote:

    “Another brilliant move by Newcastle United’s fans, Let’s stick up for Wonga and keep vilifying our best goalscorer until we scupper any discussions and force him out of the club on a cut price deal. After all, we could do with offloading another striker.”

    It seemed to work a bit. It always reminds me of a chimps tea party on there, especially when they start screeching and breaking all the crockery.

    It’s actually a Muslim who’s spurred on the anti Cisse brigade as much as anyone, some no-mark councillor called Dipu Ahad who wants his five minutes in the spotlight and thinks there might be some votes in it.

    Reacting to the photos of Cisse in Aspers casino taken by a fan, he says that he’s “ashamed” as a Muslim by Cisse’s actions and that he can’t “pick and choose” which parts of Islam he wants to follow. He’s given the hate mob fresh ammunition.

  61. Everybody on this blog feels the same way about cisse,the number 9 shirt is too heavy for his skittish frame and lack of understanding of the offside rule,truth be told,we are supporting and patient,but many games cisse played as he desired,up front as a lone striker,but his return of goals was poor.He can go,we wont cry,he will not get any better.

  62. I am totally upset. Only 4 names? How about 7:


    If they are going to have 4 names for a kid it should be: “Kardashian Klevage For Shame, North”.

    I know that is five with a comma. But I am real. sukka.

  63. GS says:
    July 25, 2013 at 10:26 am

    “Criticize Ed all you want, but he is not f@cking racist for f@ck’s sake.”

    I certainly don’t think so either but he’s an Uziblogger who wants as many hits as possible. There’s no time for any deep thought in his pieces, he just gets carried away with the tide of the media agenda and the general consensus, and alot of the time when the subject is Muslim issues, there are some pretty dodgy undercurrents and huge misunderstandings.

  64. Worky: Ed is a bit of an uber-blogger. Still, he can’t really be held accountable for what people write on there…


  65. sampdiago says:
    July 25, 2013 at 11:29 am

    “Everybody on this blog feels the same way about cisse”

    Well I don’t, Sampdiago. Personally I don’t give a flying f**k what number he has on his back. I watched him for months before he joined Newcastle United and I’ve watched him play for Senegal too and he has always been a good poacher with an excellent goalscoring record with the partial exception of his young days when he was getting his eye in and last season with Pardew’s idiotic play.

    At Chateauroux he scored a goal every 270 minutes, at Metz he scored a goal every 199 minutes, at Freiburg he scored a goal every 145 minutes, at Newcastle he’s scored a goal every 187 minutes and with Senegal he scores every 138 minutes.

  66. GS says:
    July 25, 2013 at 11:50 am

    “Worky: Ed is a bit of an uber-blogger. Still, he can’t really be held accountable for what people write on there…”

    What’s an “uber-blogger,” GS?

    I wasn’t referring to the comments on there. Ed tends to go with the general consensus and as I suggested above, the consensus can be pretty misinformed sometimes.

  67. I might have to get rid of my girlfriend. She was telling me to turn music down as it might bother neighbours. It was on a 12 watt speaker and they have their dog barking all f2cking day.

    I tried to tell her I should turn my music up. As I said, I should maybe get rid of this one.

  68. sampdiago @ 109: I also disagree with you on Cisse (who isn’t offside any more than many PL strikers). His 21 in 50 makes him one of our most successful recent forwards. It’s about the same rate as Ba.

    The vilification of Cisse is a sad sign of what football fans have become: consumers of a mass-produced corporate product who eat up the adverts and propaganda from that corporate structure. How can anyone be OK with W***A but upset with Cisse? Again, I gamble and I think payday lenders are scum. I’ll have the argument with anyone who thinks that’s a hypocritical stance.

    worky-I wish someone would tell that grandstanding councillor what you implied on the other thread: you don’t have to be a Muslim to think W***A are douchebags.

  69. tunyc says:
    July 25, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    “His 21 in 50 makes him one of our most successful recent forwards. It’s about the same rate as Ba.”

    tunyc, and that’s just in the Premier League. In total, Cisse’s scored 26 in 61 in all competitions so far, though as you might have guessed by now, I tend to prefer minutes per goal figures (187 for Cisse at the Toon).

    As for the offside business, many of the times he has been called offside, he’s actually been onside when they show the replays. As has happened to other strikers beofre him, he’s got a bit of a reputation, with inferior assistant referees tending to flag him on his reputation rather than what they have or haven’t seen. He would have scored at least 6 more goals last season if it hadn’t have been for dishonest line calls.

  70. tuny@117
    Even the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on the news today is stating he will compete Wonga and their ilk
    out of existence using Credit Unions. He has served on the Banking Standards Commission and had a life in business before getting into religion.I can’t believe some fans on the Cisse issue they should be backing him all the way.

  71. Nutmag says:
    July 25, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Even the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on the news today is stating he will compete Wonga and their ilk”

    Nutmag, do you remember wor former Bishop of Durham, David Jenkins? I used to be a big fan of his, though old Maggie certainly wasn’t!

    I’ve been a huge beleiver in the expansion of credit unions and microfinance initiatives around the world and that is a brilliant idea, not just to fight those bastards.

  72. Worky I remember everyone who stood up to that Bloody Woman. It just happens that Justin Welby was my parish priest. Not that I’m a religious sort but the guy always talked a lot of sense on may subjects that I recall.

  73. What I want to know is why aren’t companies like Wonga obliged to display the equivalent APR figures on their TV adverts anymore? How have they got around that one all of a sudden?

  74. GS says:
    July 25, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    “over-blogger. like super, in the sense of super-man.”

    GS, “Super” in German is “Super” and “Man” is “Mann” hence, “Superman” in German is “Supermann” and “Superblogger” is “Superblogger,” especially so as no-one likes compound nouns more than the Sausagemunchers. Hence there’s no need for all this “Über” business.

    Speaking as someone who was formerly an avid reader of Nietzsche, if he wanted to write about a “Superman,” he would have called him “Supermann,” or “Supermensch,” not “Übermensch”

    There’s also the word “Louisemensch” too, which means stupid, spoiled, offensive, attention seeking Tory cow.

  75. The only reason the situation between Cisse and W***A.COM, Is resolved, Is because he was seen in Aspers, So he hasn’t got a leg to stand on.
    I wonder if Mike Ashley’s Casino Cohorts, Were behind that photo, Seeing the light of day?
    I wouldn’t put it past a certain fat gentleman, Who has put the squeeze on Cisse.
    A bit underhand, But that’s what this regime is all about!

  76. Worky says:

    “There’s also the word “Louisemensch” too, which means stupid, spoiled, offensive, attention seeking Tory cow.”


    I think there is a joke in there somewhere? Does it have something to do with that Mackem tart?

  77. That is good news @125 and @126. We want to keep our good players and get other ones over the line.

  78. Worky @114: I think I used uber-blogger correctly, although the US keyboard doesn’t put the umlaut on. And I do know uber is the new high five and air inverted commas.

  79. “Newcastle to give Gosling the cold shoulder”

    “A source at the club told SportsDirect News: “It would be safe to assume that [manager] Alan Pardew and [director of football] Joe Kinnear would look for another club for him.”

    “A spokeswoman for the club declined to comment.”

    Whether it’s Newcastle United or Sports Direct, it’s all Mike Ashley shit. So we have an employee of Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United refusing to comment to an employee of Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct, but we are supposed to believe that the same employee of Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct has also gone to another employee of Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United who would only speak under conditions of anonymity to say what the other employee refused to comment on.


  80. GS says:
    July 25, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    “I think there is a joke in there somewhere? Does it have something to do with that Mackem tart?”

    No, nothing to do with old broken fusebox mouth, GS. Louise Mensch. She was an big attention seeking Tory MP and writer who is also married to Peter Mensch, the manager of Metallica, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jimmy Page and a few other world famous bands and musicians.

    She was on the TV ALOT over here for awhile gobbing off about anything to get attention and making a fool of herself. However she usually got ripped apart so eventually she picked up her toys, resigned as an MP and went to join her husband, Chuck and tunyc in old Noo Yawk.

    Here’s an example of her making an typical arse of herself on the popular British TV news satire show “Have I got News for You.”

  81. Joe @ 126: there are so many assumptions in that statement. Not meaning to rip you and don’t feel the need to argue over specifics but this is a big part of the problem with following the corporate media. They’re very good at reifying innuendo, assertions, accusations, excuses and propaganda. Truth is, we really have no idea what the actual nature of the disagreement between Cisse & the club was. But I’m sure not surprised the corporate media took the side of W***A, SD and a PL side over an individual acting on whatever motivation.

    I’m less than convinced that photo was actually of Cisse. Has there been an admission from him?

  82. tunyc says:
    July 25, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    “Joe @ 126: there are so many assumptions in that statement.”

    Cheers for covering me there, tunyc, I was about to say pretty much the same thing. :-)

  83. worky @ 137: wondered the same thing…everything I see still has him going to WHAM, which makes sense as they need forwards and are another London side. I’d still have him.

    As for the other thing-amazing and again telling that a “respected” news outlet like bbc can run the article linked above that states “the striker will wear the club’s Wonga logo on his shirt despite his religious beliefs” – despite the fact that through all of this, Cisse has not made his thoughts publicly known at any point.

  84. Cisse has apologiesed for refusing to ware the nufc top with wonga on and said he will ware it now and he is going to give 3457% to nufc this season.

  85. GS says:
    July 25, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    “Pleated jeans and short shorts. Maybe on women, but ’80′s men…”

    GS, I think most people are guilty of committing sartorial crimes in the ‘eighties if they were around.

  86. tunyc says:
    July 25, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    “No worries! I’m a card-carrying member of the assumption police.”

    I’ve always suspected you of being a fellow fan of reason and logic, tunyc.

  87. sorry my sister phoned me and said it but she was just tryin take the piss.

    but the odds are 1/3 do he could come bent is 1/4 i dont know why we never went in for hooper i would much rather him than bent or remi

  88. The season is over,we are safe,but remember this,cisse scores spectacular goals and yes worky he has scored a few,but I hate a player who thinks he is bigger than the club,or a player who will not work hard.I gave cisse hell on this forum last season I watched every game live for the full 90 minutes,then gave my opinion.Everybody knows the manager is crap,hence I call it parpoo,and never call it by its birth name,but if we,the paying fans say its o.k. To play shite and blame tactics,the weather,linemen,refs I dont care,I just want the players who wear the real shirts to care about wearing them as much as we wear the replicas with some of the passion.

  89. Worky: I never did the pleated jeans. Don’t put the Beardsley’s bollock on to demonstrate short shorts.

  90. sampdiago-you seem to imply that Cisse thinks he’s bigger than the club? Is that the case? If so, why?

  91. Nutmag says:
    July 25, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    “Worky I remember everyone who stood up to that Bloody Woman.”

    And here’s one of the very best of them, Nutmag. Behold the Beast of Bolsover! A great little tribute speech in honour of Mrs.T.

  92. Brilliant video…even mentions W***A by name. And actually utters the word “class” and then speaks about it in a prescient way. Could use someone like over here.

  93. tunyc says:
    July 25, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    “Could use someone like over here.”

    tunyc, real politicians like the Beast are becoming extinct over here too, he is one of very few who are still left standing.

    Much like the US, we now have no real choice in the UK since Thatcher and Blair, just an utter sham, a false choice between two parties serving corporate interests and lobbyists at all costs no matter which way you vote.

  94. I Tam Dalyell still alive. My favourite was Tony Banks – he said to a Tory c@nt “you four eyed git, I’ll see you outside”. I am not sure if there was a real fight, but I like to think there was.

  95. Worky, I know that isn’t Tam. Your site has gone weird and I can’t really see what I type in the tiny box that it has gone to.

  96. GS says:
    July 25, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    “My favourite was Tony Banks – he said to a Tory c@nt “you four eyed git, I’ll see you outside”. I am not sure if there was a real fight, but I like to think there was.”

    Aye GS, he also once called Thatcher a “half mad old bag lady” and won a spliff rolling contest on TV with “Fish,” the lead singer of the band Marillion. I think he was my MP once back in the nineties when I moved to Stratford (where the Olympics were held last year).

    He died on your side of the pond a few years back.

  97. Worky @156: I lived in London for 5 years and know where Stratford is. I didn’t know “Sir” Mike Ashley isn’t a Cock-er-ney until you told me.

    Do they give “Sirs” out with bike rides and boat trips now? Not that it makes it any more meaningful than SIR – ICI, RBS, that “Apple executive that happens to be from Britain”. And wasn’t Jeffrey Archer some sort of appointed to nowt tw@t as well?

    We need to have the “Sir” Barry Humphreys. That would make me so happy I would send hugs and kisses to Chuckledodledoo.

  98. Here is my list of “Sirs” that should have been:

    Tommy Cooper
    Basil Brush
    Sid James
    London Weekend Television
    Frankie Howerd – f’kin hell, (the only man as funny as Tommy Cooper)
    Marcus-Pierre-Fucus or whatever his shite chef name is
    Emile Heskey – because his name makes you think he is better than he is.

    etc. etc.

  99. Well, with Cisse back in training and no bids for Cabaye that is like 2 new signings for Uncle Joe.

  100. I think in todays game,a few not just cisse think they are bigger than the club,cabaye included,words from players get twisted in the media all the time,but the fans see the performances and hear the weak apologies,but we still
    Pay hard earned money.These footballers get enough money to shut up and play ball,complain to the p.f.a,or their agents if they want to leave,remember berbatovs last game for spurs when he wanted to move to man u,he wouldnt run or tackle or anything,he sulked on the pitch,like a host of our boys did in a few games I.e a loss at st.James to that fluffing lot of scum.I pay to see effort,a bit of passion for the shirt,and I give a monkeys about the number nine,imagine we buy remi and give it to him,personally I think he took us for fools,got a night out on the town on the club and a PlayStation,on the club which he said he was too busy playing and slept in and missed his medical with us,and missed his flight,and his missus had food poisoning..blah blah…Im just highlighting how Funny the players get while forgetting they are employed to do a job,if any of us behaved like some footballers or showed the lack of effort we would be visiting the job centre.

  101. TUNYC, That’s what it looks like, He’s had a climb down, Because a few prominent Muslims were saying he was a hypocrite.
    It does look like an admission to the photograph, Because he hasn’t rebutted it, If it had of been me, I would have vehemently denied it.

    Louise Mensch, Marks out of ten, I’d give her one, Although she is a chinless wonder.
    I thought the way she tried to make herself out to be a “Rock Chick”, And her crawling up to Brian Johnston, Was cringeworthy!
    Brian shouldn’t have indulged her with his, “Alreet Me Darling”, And giving her a ride in his sports car.

    SJT, What gave you that idea? lol

  102. I think it was old Dennis Skinner who brought up the question of Bilderberg, In the house, A few weeks back, So good on him for that!

  103. One of David Cameron’s senior advisers, Jonathan Luff, Has left he post, To be a Lobbyist For W***A.COM.
    Apparently this will fuel the debate on the “Revolving Door”
    Policy, Between Ministerial Aides and Lobbying.

    F**KIN’ UNBELIEVABLE!, It just shows these thieving b*****ds stick together!
    It’s coming to something when members of Government, Are being Head Hunted by a Usury Company.
    Surely the likes of this caper, Shouldn’t be allowed IMO

  104. What a lot of great times we have to look forward to, I can only hope against all hope, That these idiots don’t start getting involved in Fracking, Because their greed will destroy the planet further!

  105. It is so unfunctionately brilliant. It has four buttons on the side that I will never use and can go to 99 feet underwater when I only ever take a shallow bath, or a spa with Joey Barton.

  106. GS says:
    July 26, 2013 at 11:20 am

    “I just bought it. My ex-boss bought me a Rolex to “impress the clients”. I like this better.”

    GS, it does have a certain “retro” look about it but to be honest this is a bit more up my street.

  107. Worky: mine was $28 though.

    So, if I borrowed $28 from Wonga, how much would that debt accumulate to after 3 years, given a rollover?

    8 hundred million credits, I am guessing?

  108. John Stamos, the guy from Full House, got his band back together. I am so happy about that.

  109. GS says:
    July 26, 2013 at 11:57 am

    “So, if I borrowed $28 from Wonga, how much would that debt accumulate to after 3 years, given a rollover?”

    GS, Someone calculated something like that once and they came up with a figure that was bigger than the US national debt, and they’ve put the interest up since then. I think that was for a hundred quid though so you could get three or four of those Timexs for that.

  110. Worky

    Apparently you find my claim tha Ed may be somewhat of a racist hard to believed, then I suggest you read his particular poll and on Cisse and see how it’s worded in order to weigh heavily on the required answer.
    Look there exists in most white European’s a certain latent form of racism, due to the fact Africans and people of color have been considered inferior in order to justify either their enslavement or colonisation.
    Slavery has always existed and continues in certain places through out the world to this day, certainly not legally but it does exist.
    However slavery and racism is a fairly recent accurance, used to justify the African/atlantic slave trade of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.
    This was especially true in the US who’s constitution begins with the wording “that all men are created equal” that is except Africans who were considered a form of sub human, in order to justify there enslavement .
    And nowhere were they treated so badly as by their Anglo/Saxon masters, not by the Arabs or Spaniards in Latin America, though other slave owning colonies of both the French and Dutch were equally cruel slave owners.
    The fact writers of the various colonists enforced this belief in their superiority over the colonised countries, Kipling especially, “the white mans burden” being a well known phrase.
    And these beliefs have continued, an example was the explanation given to me by someone, an ex high school principle who told me as a youngster he believed whites were superior to blacks, because he never saw them in films, their were none playing baseball or football in the major leagues and in general they only a occupied the lowes strata as far as employment was concerned.
    Of course at that age he was unaware of the fact all of which was a direct result of segregation, separate but equal, yeah sure !
    That and racial predudice, which in its self was due to a dehumanisation program used to avoid any guilt concerning the enslavement of people simply because their skin was a different color.
    Look if you are perceptive , you can detect strains of disguised racism contained in these blogs that and a certain amount of xenophobia, which though most know better, still exists in a latent sense, as a result of those earlier beliefs.
    Otherwise why has there been from the earliest introduction of people of color into pro football
    a continual combination of both verbal and physical demonstrations of racism, chants and throwing banana skins, etc.
    Which by the way continues to this day.
    Look my point is within all of us their are the remnants of a certain xenophobic / racist attitude that was part of the official policies of those European colonisers, in order to justify the subjugation of other countries or races of people.
    And there are to this day apologists for empires who attempt to justify, by using sentaces like, we brought justice and educated them, what we did do was by force of arms was subjugated them, robbed them of their wealth, as for educating them, some such as the Indian sub continent had great civilisations dating back long before we in Europe got out of wearing animal skins.

  111. Joe Hawkins

    I hope you are not suggesting mr Luff would in anyway use his friendship with the PM to enhance the fortunes of WONGA.

  112. I also wear a. Timex which I payed a heafty $19 for a number of years ago, it even has a light to read the dial in the darkness, or use as a light in order to insert your key in the door at night.
    Which is a pretty tough manoeuvre, as requires two hands, one to depress the stem in order to operate the light , while using the key with the hand the watch is on, one could of course remove the watch from the wrist, but in the early hours of the morning who thinks of such things.
    Though it has no other functions, but what it does best is keep better time than the most expensive mechanical watch.
    Anyone remember the Timex like watch which was advertised in the UK during the fifties , as having been attached to the wheel of the flying Scotsman steam engine (yes folk believe it or not the UK was still building steam engines following WW II) and still worked perfectly ?

  113. Me Chuck!, I would never insinuate such a thing lol.

    Adrian Beecroft, The boss of The Private Equity Group, That ran W***A.COM, Is also a massive Tory Party donor, And has given them over 800,000 pounds, In his time!

  114. £800,000,even by US standards that’s a lotta dosh!
    I guess the little people are gonna have to work some overtime to provide his get back on that amount, ah well in the words of one of a pair of cabinet twins in the US one of who stated,”We can’t have the poor taking from the rich, it’s the job of the rich to plunder the poor”and that’s documented.
    Unfortunately the same policies are in effect in both the UK & US, both the parliament and congress are controlled by a combination if Wall and Threadneedle St’s., who regularly buy the legislation they need.

  115. Chuck @172: that was a lot of unsolicited venting about a non-football topic. Haven’t you said we should all stick to football on here?

    Anyway, what about that Weiner? Your town might have a Mayor that likes to send pictures of his c@ck to semi-random people on the internet. He should run for office in Britain where he could really be called the honourable member.

    I still don’t understand why you think Ed is racist, but I guess I will never understand you.

  116. GS says:
    July 26, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    “Anyway, what about that Weiner? Your town might have a Mayor that likes to send pictures of his c@ck to semi-random people on the internet. He should run for office in Britain where he could really be called the honourable member.”

    That was quite a good joke, GS, though not quite as good as that gadgie over there being called “Weiner” :lol:

    Did Mayor Koch ever do any pics of his knob? :-)

  117. He is a strange one. I saw him on the news yesterday saying he had sent pictures of his c*ck to less than a dozen people.

    I never understood why anybody (not least a politician) would think sending pictures of your c*ck would be a good idea.

    I mean, imagine…

    John Major
    Ted Heath
    Margaret Thatcher

  118. Best political quote ever was Dennis Healy describing debating Geoffrey Howe as like being “mauled by a dead sheep”.

  119. GS @ 168: you would owe them a kidney. If you only have one, too bad.

    @169: John Stamos seems to be the only Greek-American celebrity who is not completely adored in my very Greek neighborhood…and this is a place where businesses still display photos of their proprietors mugging with Dukakis…do the Chicago Greeks claim Stamos?

  120. btw, if he makes it to the ballot, I’m voting for Wiener. About the only thing that will get out my vote…I have to laud the NY Daily News staff for their ability to generate dick-pun headlines for weeks on end.

  121. GS says:
    July 26, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    “Best political quote ever was Dennis Healy describing debating Geoffrey Howe as like being “mauled by a dead sheep”.”

    Though it is quite ironic that Geoffrey Howe went on to give one of the most effective maulings ever, of Margaret Thatcher in his resignation speech. Many say it was the coupe de grace which finished her off.

  122. More Weiner, political c*ck stuff:

    “excuse me while I whip this out”, Apologies to Chuck for the racial stereotyping:

  123. I don’t understand Rupert Murdoch. He is from a wealthy family in Oz, makes a bunch more money in the UK by peddling T & A, becomes a US citizen and peddles God and that right wing nut case Shaun Hannety’s views.

    Are we not entertained? Is this what we want?

    And Sky? Didn’t they inflict Jeremy Kyle on the world?

  124. Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy objects to Wonga and becomes the victim of an online smear campaign which was traced back to Wonga’s HQ.

    Cisse allegedly objects to Wonga and then photos emerge of him in a casino.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury objects to Wonga, saying that he’s going to fight them with credit unions. In a trice, two journalists from the Financial Times exclusively reveal that the Church of England have 0.0015% (£75,000) of their investment portfolio in a pooled investment fund with Accel Partners, who have invested in Wonga.

    Don’t mess with Wonga or else shit will happen if you know what I mean?

    Perhaps the biggest shock though is not that the C of E have £75,000 in an investment fund which has invested in Wonga, but that they have an investment portfolio worth £5 billion!

    Justin Welby used to be the Bishop of Durham, but is he a Toon fan who might want to invest a few hundred million of that five billion into buying out Ashley, kicking Wonga out of the Temple, giving a top world manager a call and throwing in a hundred million or so into a transfer kitty?

    Howay your holiness, you know it makes sense! :-)

  125. GS says:
    July 26, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    “And Sky? Didn’t they inflict Jeremy Kyle on the world?”

    ITV, GS, but I think he was on local radio before the telly.

  126. Worky

    “Don’t mess with Wonga or else shit will happen if you know what I mean?”

    Are they connected to Scientology? That’s another lot who scream like bairns when criticised.

  127. On a football note, I reckon any Toon supporters sitting patiently awaiting the new signings will be covered in cobwebs just like in an old Hammer Horror film scene.

    I also did a quick head count and as things stand at present we have 9 English players in our squad not including non English qualifiers. Don’t know how accurate my figures are but I think they are close.

  128. @188: thanks, I was back in England about 4 years ago and saw Kyle and thought he must have been a Murdoch invention.

  129. F@CK: it has been driving me crazy what the Radiohead Black Star baseline ripped off? It is Stone Roses – I wanna be adored.

  130. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    July 26, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    “On a football note, I reckon any Toon supporters sitting patiently awaiting the new signings will be covered in cobwebs just like in an old Hammer Horror film scene.

    “I also did a quick head count and as things stand at present we have 9 English players in our squad not including non English qualifiers.”

    Grumpy, Tim Krul’s the non English home grown player. Haris Vuckic would be if he’d been was over 21 on the 1st January but he wasn’t. There are slightly more than nine (two or three perhaps) but the thing is that’s including players such as Conor Newton, Paul Dummett etc. Also, the first team squad list which has be be handed in at the end of the transfer window is for 25 players including 8 home growns. Getting the eight over 21 home grown players into that squad of 25 is a problem now and I can’t see how we can just go on buying more French players.

  131. and Joe @ 162: adding “that’s what it looks like” makes all the difference…just keep in mind that when it comes to what “it” actually was, we’ll never know for sure.

    So, uh…still no bodies over the line, eh?

    But Cisse’s back and Gosling’s move fell through so…basically two new signings?

  132. Here is a thought after the Cisse shirt thing.How many fans at the first home game will be wearing the new Wonga shirt? Further will it cause a split with those that disagree with the said sponsor?
    Further could we in the near future have a new word in the English dictionary? Wonga. definition:
    Person of low self esteem,one easily led,of low moral fibre.
    Or just desperate!

  133. In regard to the fact W***a is not an organisation to mess with, reminds me of a scene from “Dr. Strangelove.
    Where Mandrake (Peter Sellars)the British liaison officer realises general Jack D.Ripper is completely mad, has to call the white house to inform the US president, but has insufficient change to call via a pay phone.
    He orders Major Bat Guano (Keenan Wynn) to shoot the coke machine’s store of coins, to which the reply is, Mr if this is some kinda preverted commy trick, “you will have to answer to the Coca Cola company”.
    Of course everyone laughs, missing the irony of how powerful an organisation they really were.
    Just look at the poor sods who went up against the powerful Worldwide McDonalds corp.
    In a case that turned out to be one of, if not the longest in British jurisprudence and were it not for the fact for the most part those poor sods were represented pro bono, by concerned lawyers and obviously had the sympathy of a liberal judge, things though bad could have been considerably worse.
    In fact the award to Mc Donald’s was never demanded or paid, McDonalds being more concerned about the reputation of their food and it’ s possible repercussions in regard to their public image.
    The moral is don’t fcuk with Monet and power.

  134. Oops! You can fcuck with Monet, as he’s no longer around, but don’t mess with bid money.

  135. Chuck says:
    July 27, 2013 at 12:50 a
    “Just look at the poor sods who went up against the powerful Worldwide McDonalds corp.”

    Up the McLibel Two!

    You’ve got to keep annoying the bastards and making them look bad or they’d be even worse. They beat the UK in the end through the European Court of Human Rights and the Government had to give them compensation for not trying the case properly or something like that. They won and they stuck it up McDonalds for a decade.

  136. Everything appears to be going rickety poo, with Gomis making further demands and the Lyon club not helping much, so much for Joe’s expertise in the transfer market.
    Just cancel the entire deal , go and get S. De Jong, we don’t need another centre forward , Cisse up front with some help from HBA , Gouffran can fill in for Cisse if needed.
    My fear is we will end up playing 4-4-2 with two centre forwards hanging around up front waiting for the ball that never arrives.
    There are already rumours that last seasons 4-2-3-1 is going to be abandoned and look, I just have no faith in Pardew as a tactician, get rid of this guy FFS.
    He’s the biggest flaw in the system.
    And oh! Apparently we have just discovered Portugal and found out they have some pretty good footballers, in which cas we are to expand our scouting system, wow!
    Fact is they get most of them from Latin America, so why not hire a scout or more to check out the River Plate area and Brazil instead.
    Plus there’ a place called Eastern Europe, which includes the Balkans, another hotbed of football, but then Carrs train ticket won’t get him outta France and The Netherlands.
    This club I can see, needs oversight badly, just discovered Portugal and have no clue about Africa, Latin America, or the Balkans, hmmm!
    But apparently we are about to do something positive about our rash of injuries over the last few seasons, we got this big lass who used to train the England rugby side and is driving them to an unprecedented fitness level, which should give us the ability to run around sides, yeah right !

  137. Worky

    Yeah, I’m not sure exactly how it worked out, the Mc Burger case, actually I believe there was no winner, in fact both lost in a sense.

  138. Nutmeg

    The answer to the Wongification of NUFC is simply refuse to be an advertiser for the organisation.
    Which of course means buy a shirt by all means, only make it your favourite retro one, that’s if you have to.
    This could be a situation where those opposed to the various Ashley decisions, could make a statement in opposition, by refusing to purchase the shirts, which would certainly resound in the boardroom.
    Though I have the feeling there are more out there who don’t give a damn about WONGA and what they represent and will be spending good money on a cheapass poorly designed replica, that is way overpriced, only concerned as to how it looks, ah well !

  139. Jeremy Kyle is just another example of manipulation and control.
    Another attack against the most vulnerable members of a society.
    These peoples dirty laundry are laid bare to the nation, In another gross example of exploitation, And voyeurism.
    The unfortunate guests are lured onto the show, With being put up in a hotel, And given access to the mini bar.
    This is like a holiday to people, who couldn’t otherwise afford a hotel room.
    The trade off for this gesture, Is their humiliation, For the masses of university students and future captains of industry, Who are made to feel better about themselves, Over their toast and cornflakes.

    Is it any wonder that that vile individual “Jezza” Jeremy Kyle, Has strong links to the Tory party, And attends conferences and workshops, And is a David Cameron crawler.
    I wonder if he has links to that other bunch of 5th columnists, Common Purpose?

  140. Is this deja vu? Haven’t we been here before. With Pardew saying he wants a striker or two over the line so that they can have a full preseason and then there is a bit of d*cking around. Remember that Rues fiasco where we tried to hijack and helicopter the guy an hour before the transfer deadline?

    Are we the only club run this way? I suppose if you are an Arsenal supporter you would have a similar experience. They are linked with some of the best players in the world and never seem to get them “over the line” and then lose their best player 2 seasons in a row. Then they supposedly have a buy-back clause for Cesc and he may end up at Man U anyway.

    Yep, they are as messed up as we are. And Leeds…

  141. Chuck says:
    July 27, 2013 at 10:12 am


    Yeah, I’m not sure exactly how it worked out, the Mc Burger case, actually I believe there was no winner, in fact both lost in a sense.

    European Court of Human Rights is the Cup Final and they won, Chuck. The libel trial was ruled unfair and it was Helen and Dave were awarded damages in the end. The idea with stuff like this is that you’re supposed to get frightened and cave in, but they (especially Helen in this case) simply refused and challenged absolutely everything right to the end. It was the same with the Stephen Lawrence case over here too. MacDonalds, and the Pigs in the Lawrence case simply don’t realise what they up against and how many intelligent people were behind people like Helen and Dave, and Doreen and Neville.

    This is the full McLibel documentary all about it.

  142. This is unbelievable. Can Pardew spell naïve? He got assurances from the man who is after his job that he is not after his job :) Furthermore, he got assurances from the man who hired the man who is after his job.

    It is like getting a vote of confidence from the board. 3 days later and you are sacked. In Pardew’s case, he has a maximum of 10 games. The writing is on the wall.

  143. GS says:
    July 27, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    “This is unbelievable. Can Pardew spell naïve?”

    He’s seen the hostile reception for Kinnear and he’s trying capitalise on it as much as he can by making snide remarks and trying to undermine his new boss. He’s shooting himself in the foot though because the fans won’t help him. He’s just cutting his own throat.

    He’s absolutely shit at tactics in any field. :-)

  144. At the end of the article I posted @215, Pardew said:

    “We’ve got plans, which I hope Mike will give the go-ahead for, because we’ve fallen behind some of the top sides in term of facilities, especially water-based recovery,”

    That’s it then Alan. We need a f*cking paddling pool.

  145. Pardew isn’t exactly covering himself in any kind of glory, In fact he is coming across as weak and pathetic.
    This is hardly the sort of person, Fans at any Football Club, Should have at the helm.
    He should be demanding better facilities, Never mind, Hoping for them, From the owner.
    He is more or less admitting he thought Joe was after his job, And was there to babysit him, He’s coming across like an immature 14 year old school boy ffs!

    This sorry state of affairs, Has to come to an end, A.S.A.P in my opinion.
    Is Ashley deriving some perverse pleasure from seeing Pardew squirm, After him and Llambias, Have had their hand, In his pocket?

    Pardew must have been strutting around the training ground, Like King S**t, For Ashley to rein him in, And bring the Stegorsaurus in, Over his sizable head.

    It’s getting pathetic now though, It like watching a horse break it’s leg, And no one having the decency, To put the poor thing, Out of his misery.
    You kind of get the feeling your watching someone on Death row, And your waiting for the switch to be flicked!

  146. GS says:
    July 27, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    “That’s it then Alan. We need a f*cking paddling pool.”

    Iain Dowie’s was obsessed with that sort of thing and he was forcing the players to take lots of extra ice baths when he was managing for Shearer. The players hated it.

  147. Before Tottenham paid £9.5 million for Jan Vertoghen I wrote that we should go all out for him and be prepared to outbid Spurs, Arsenal and any other club even if it went up to £15 million. He was the best centreback in the Premiership last season and he’s worth around £20 million now according to transfermarkt.

  148. More of what Pardew says:

    “I will always manage one way and that is talking to my staff, talking to my players, talking to my peers, as well as people like the owner, to make sure we are on the right agenda.

    Joe now fits in there. But he can’t interfere with me managing the team and I won’t let him. I made it very clear to Joe.”

    I think his ego is so large that he genuinely doesn’t understand he is being shat upon. He told his boss that he (Pardew) is the boss. Kinnear already told him he would be at practices and on the team bus/plane and would be involved in tactics discussions. Kinnear did back off that a bit but my guess is he is giving Pardew enough rope to hang himself with.

  149. GS says:
    July 27, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    “More of what Pardew says:

    “I will always manage one way and that is talking to my staff, talking to my players, talking to my peers, as well as people like the owner, to make sure we are on the right agenda.”

    That is just totally meaningless stating the bloomin’ obvious unnecessary bollocks which is a waste of precious life to read. It’s a bit like a taxi driver saying “I am a taxi driver and I will always work one way, driving around, picking up customers, dropping them at their destinations and picking up a fee” as if it’s some kind of meaningful revelation.

    Love him or hate him, at least the Joe Kinnear show is far more entertaining and better value :-)

  150. @225: that Kinnear is marginally better than Pardew doesn’t say much. His managerial record at NUFC was worse than Allardyce. You know I think you are a very good writer and make very interesting comments about NUFC and football in general, but your defense of Kinnear is like a tallest midget defense.

    Kinnear had a little bit of success managing a very small club – it hardly makes him Brian Clough. He has been out of football for 10 years except for four months with us when he won like 4 games.

    What I am saying is that it seems we have 2 idiots in charge – Pardew AND Kinnear. If I had to choose between them I would choose Kinnear because he didn’t oversee the Liverpool game. Why do I have to choose though when we can do so much better? They are both gobshites.

  151. GS, I don’t get the impression that Worky is defending Kinnear. I don’t think any of us saw him as the ideal “manager” for us and Worky has continually mentioned a number of preferred alternatives but he and us don’t have a say in who is taken on by the club. I think we just hope somehow, something will click.

    Joe apparently has asked about Bardsley, he is English and had good games against us last season so might be a good signing if true.

  152. Grumpy: I am not necessarily saying Worky is a fan of Kinnear, I am saying he is the only one I have seen anywhere who has anything good to say about him :)

  153. You have to admit that it is totally bizarre that a club the size of NUFC would pick up both Joe Kinnear (twice) and Alan Pardew off the scrap heap.

  154. GS, Sadly it’s not bizarre, But totally predictable, That Mike Ashley would employ people like Pardew and Kinnear.
    I have nothing against Joe personally, But he should have stayed retired.
    He wasn’t a bad manager, Back in the day, But i now worry about his health.
    Ashley is a complete control freak, By the looks of it, And i think Joe’s main job, Is to be Ashley’s man at the training ground.
    It’s about Ashley having more control, Which Llambias, Had previously been given.
    Joe will be reporting back to Ashley, So he more like a spy, Than anything else.
    You have a bloke who is 66 years of age, Who has known heart problems, And Ashley has put him into the firing line, He really is a heartless barsteward!
    He is already copping flak from all sides, And it’s all pressure, He doesn’t need, At his time of life.

    Ashley cannot even be bothered to employ the people that would propel this Club forward, Because it would cost the greedy git money, And he doesn’t like that!

  155. GS
    He is probably at bit like me and try’s to see something good in anyone, although admittedly sometimes is not that easy. :)

  156. Phisix says:
    July 28, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    “What time is the match on today lads?”

    3pm Phisix. Haven’t you noticed the little fixtures list on the side of this site yet? ;-)

    There isn’t any tv coverage that I can find of this one though. I’m watching the Hungarian Grand Prix.

  157. Pile ranger is trying to look hard,now he has been charged with rape,so when he has to go to jail he looks the part.I live in London and I see him all the time,I have had to threaten him in the past,he is a Prat who now sells class A drugs,he will
    Never play premiership ball again,trust me.

  158. sampdiago. I hope you’re not lieing because that not very nice thing to be accused of

  159. I bough some Lemsips off Ranger the other night…his Range Rover was full of the stuff.

    No streams today?

  160. sirjasontoon says:
    July 28, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    “No streams today?”

    SJT, I did check and there’s nothing around for the Wonga derby. I would’ve done a match banter thing if there was.

  161. And Ham-il-ton wins the the hun-gar-ian grand prix. They have this very nasal guy doing the commentary here.

  162. Worky
    Again thanks for displaying the McLibel tape, very interesting story.
    Apparently the others involved took the easy out by apologising, but the two who refused were a different story and an interesting study.
    I wonder though, had they any idea of how their lives would be affected, would they have continued on the course they took?
    The fact that the original condemnation of McD.was written by a Met. Police spy, who had infiltrated the organisation, was not brought to light.
    Apparently we are learning things about the Met. that many would have thought unbelievable, namely the infiltration of so many organisations, it reminds one of either the Gestapo or the Russian NKVD in the day.
    The same situation applies within the NYPD, both they and the Met. heavily involved in spying
    Not only on Islamic groups, but green organisations and others, many considered harmless.
    Plus there is continual protest from citizen groups in regard to similar stop and search laws, that also smack of the old “where are your papers” of Gestapo Germany.
    Again many members of the public will ask, if you have nothing to hide why worry about it,
    obviously entirely missing the point.
    But I will not labor the point, but get back to football, though I suggest those who have not watched the McLibel tape , do so.

  163. Shola 3 in 3 and a goal from a corner? i don’t think that acid has worn off yet……..

  164. Phil Bardsley ?
    It’s almost like keeping Simpson, were we to sign him.
    Both products of the M.U. youth system, who though they never broke into the squad, we’re both decent players.
    IMO he would be an excellent addition, who could give Debuchy competition and more than adequate coverage, plus I’m sure he could be bought for a decent price.
    It appears McClean is also available and as we could use a decent winger, would be a decent buy.
    And yes I am aware of the complications of signing players from Sunderland and what some may regard as political baggage in regards to McClean, but that’s all it is “perceived garbage” by NUFC fans.
    As for the present wheeling and dealing in regards to Remy and Gomis, ether sign them or go for someone else, while other EPL clubs are dealing in tens of millions in regards to transfer fees, we apparently have been chiseling foreve around these two guys.
    We in fact could very well end up missing out and ending up like last year, I gotta say I certainly don’t have much faith in the abilities of those involved with the present negotiations, which with Ashley looking over their shoulders doesn’t make it any easier.
    If I had my druthers I would fire every man jack in the system and hire some real professionals, get rid of this bunch of infighting clowns once and for all.
    It’ s embarrassing and reflects directly on our owner, making him look like a fool.

  165. GS says:
    July 28, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    “Grumpy: I am not necessarily saying Worky is a fan of Kinnear, I am saying he is the only one I have seen anywhere who has anything good to say about him ”

    Well I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are saying at all, GS. What should I be saying about Kinnear apart from what I think? Please enlighten me.

  166. Worky: I think I am quite clear on what I am saying – that you are the only one defending Kinnear – I don’t think I need to enlighten you on anything.

  167. But I have watched some of the Wonga ads/youtube clips and they are sad and funny at the same time.

  168. Worky sez
    …..they won and stuck it too McDonalds for a decade….

    In fact yes they were compensated, by how much I don’t know, another whitewash, The European Human Rights Court, sure !
    The fact is no amount of compensation would be enough for the years this case dominated their lives , plus I have a feeling if they could go back to square one, they would jump at the opportunity.
    Anyone watching the video would undoubtedly agree .
    And exactly how did they stick it to McDonalds for a decade, how many people are actually aware that this particular court case even took place, never mind it’s affect on sales or even what the point of it was.
    I,m sure most McDonald franchises are still doing quite well, as are their competitors, the mainly American based fast food chains throughout the world, even though any food savvy person knows better the results of eating such garbage.
    That and the present food factories where animals are raised under horrendous conditions, the present Franco-foods and hybrid seeds , not to mention the fertilises and poison sprays that kill both weeds and bugs, but allow crops to grow.
    Yeah I know it’ all part of to-days system of producing more for less, (which I doubt in fact) but what is the real cost, when we pollute our own food and environment, with no end in sight.
    It ends up much like the recently destroyed nuclear energy plant in Japan, or Chernoble, poison wastelands.
    But I hear there is talk of introducing more nuclear energy producing plants in the UK.
    FFS Sellafield has just about poisoned the Irish sea and refuses to stop, even though her neighbour has continually protested, hell it’s all about making a buck regardless of the consequences.
    Capital and the free market, rules !

  169. GS says:
    July 28, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    “Worky: I think I am quite clear on what I am saying – that you are the only one defending Kinnear”

    I’m not the only person who has “defended” Kinnear as you put it, but even if I was, what is wrong with that?

  170. What,s going on with Jonas and his recent claim that training sessions are not intense enough, who instigated that, as it appears to be another dig at Pardew.
    I guess the players can see the writing on the wall, or someone has had a word in their ear, that Pardew is in the process of being squeezed out.
    Ashley not wanting to pay adaquate compensation (seven years pay) is attempting to make his position untenable.
    Is this road show going to continue into the seasons start, cause I see no sign of this clown handing in his resignation, in which case how can the side be unaffected by such distractions.
    I can’t say I have much confidence in our performance under the present conditions.
    So ! Can we not just fire the guy, the alternative could be more expensive, relegation..
    In a recent poll Newcastle fans overwhelmingly expressed their opinion that the club will probably finish in the lowere half of the division.
    I don’t recall if that was with or without future signings.

  171. Phisix says:
    July 28, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    “What happened to all of those streaming sites?”

    They’re still there, Phisix, but it looks like no-one is broadcasting this game so there aren’t any video streams.

  172. Thank goodness for that. Most of the usual ones have been shut down but Wiziwig is still up.

  173. Gorgeous day, high pressure, cotton ball skies, high seventies/ mid twenties , off on a two and a half mile walk along the Atlantic coast surrounded by islands, have a pint shandy and stroll back, should generate a good appetite for the fresh fish I bring back, nothing as good as a fish barely out of the water.
    A salad of beef stake juicy tomatoes, feta cheese, a mixture of olives and some Calamata olive oil all combined, plus some fresh crusty bread to mop up !
    Washed down with a nice lightly chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio, eat your hearts out !

  174. Phisix says:
    July 28, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    “Thank goodness for that. Most of the usual ones have been shut down”

    I haven’t really noticed, Phisix. The Premier League won a court order to get UK ISPs to attempt to block “first row” or whatever it’s called, but I hardly ever watched streams on that anyway and I can still get it on my UK ISP. All the usual Aggregators are still there and they still have streams on. They can’t do much to stop the sites themselves so they can only get UK ISPs such as Sky, BT and Virgin to try and block their users from accessing it at their end.

  175. Yeah First row was down so perhaps it was just that one. Don’t know what I would do without my streaming fix every season for our games.

    Shola scored again. That’s his once a season two goals over with then.

  176. I’ve just seen the useless cnut, On Sky Sports!
    He was giving it his usual lemon, About him, Joe, Graham & the transfers.
    He’s banging on about him and Graham, Have given him a list of targets, And Joe going after them, But they are hard to get over the line.

    Where is this f**kin’ line?, Is it chalked onto the deck?
    Is it a piece of string, You have to step over?
    Is it made of wire, How high is it?, Because no f**ker seems to be able to get over this line!

  177. Chuck says:
    July 28, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    “I wonder though, had they any idea of how their lives would be affected, would they have continued on the course they took?”

    Chuck, in a sense that IS the point which McDonalds didn’t get. They tried to intimidate people for handing out a few leaflets on street corners and ended up dragging their whole grubby business, the health problems caused by fast food, the cost to the rainforest, the cruelty of factory farming and so on right into the middle of the spotlight for years to the point where it became a worldwide movement. For ten years, between the late nineties and around 2007, MacDonalds share price went into a dip and it was during that time they announced the first ever loss in their history after what seemed to be an inexorable rise. In that sense it was a gift. :lol:

    Helen once said:

    “Normally if you’re campaigning against a multinational or trying to expose what they’re doing, everything’s kept under wraps, and if you ever get to speak to anyone it’s a PR person and they can just trot out their glib answers and avoid any serious discussion about what they’re doing and what the effects are. Whereas when you’ve got an executive in the witness box, they can’t walk away – they HAVE to answer your questions. So it is a unique opportunity to get information about the inner workings of a huge multinational company out into the open. So in that respect we are quite lucky…”


    “It’s also been a unique opportunity to get all the issues in the case over to the public, with the amount of media interest that there’s been. Effectively that’s the best weapon we’ve got against McDonald’s trying to censor the whole campaign through its use of libel writs – it’s to turn the tables and get more publicity for the issues, and also to encourage people to have confidence in standing up for their beliefs and ideas…”

    And finally, on the issue of whether it would have been better just to avoid the years of court battles:

    “I think it would have been better for us personally because we wouldn’t have had to go through a completely exhausting court battle, but I don’t think it would have been as effective because hardly anybody would have heard about it and therefore hardly anybody would have got to hear about the issues. I mean that is one brilliant thing that has come out of this case, which is that so many of the issues have got a much wider airing than they would normally get and so millions more people have got to hear about what McDonald’s and other multinationals are up to.”

    Incidentally did you know that one of the authors of the original leaflet was a pig working undercover at London Greenpeace? Helen and Dave actually had nothing to do with it!

  178. Worky

    “Incidentally did you know that one of the authors of the original leaflet was a pig working undercover at London Greenpeace? Helen and Dave actually had nothing to do with it!” Are you referring to a porcine member of animal life, Babe perhaps.

    Surely you are not meaning our police force who, although not perfect, don’t really deserve that particular appellation. Never liked that expression! Most of them are quite decent people.

    Incidentally if you go into any shopping complex with lots of food outlets, the biggest queues are always at McDonalds, there are an awful lot of sheep with very short memories, although I may be insulting sheep now!!

  179. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    July 28, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    “Surely you are not meaning our police force who, although not perfect, don’t really deserve that particular appellation. Never liked that expression! Most of them are quite decent people.”

    Grumpy, then I suspect I’ve had rather more experience of the ‘dark side of the force’ than you’ve had. ;-)

  180. Grumpy: Chuck is very eloquent when talking about his trips and food. He is occasionally nice about NUFC as well, but Pardew has ground him down, like he has the rest of us.

  181. Worky: I am not really getting at you about Kinnear. I am simply pointing out that he said some stupid things and now everybody hates him :)

  182. Grumpy, would you describe the force who did this as “quite decent people?” It isn’t an “isolated incident” it isn’t “one bad apple,” it’s normal practice. I used to see stuff like this all the time.

  183. Worky, you could mention The Beanfield , G8, the Miners strike and probably many more examples but that doesn’t make every Policeman an envoy of the Dark Side. Yes as in any walk of life there are bad apples but most of the police are decent hard working people and don’t deserve being called pigs. Anyway that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

    Anyway was this a blog stopper everyone must have turned in for the night, unless you’re Australian and just getting up!

  184. Worky

    Again thanks for doing the research and producing the facts that I am not just talking off the top of my head.
    And yes we do owe a lot to both the two campaigners in the McLibel case and others who put so much on the line for the sake of principle and the wellbeing of the public.
    I think we can expect McDonalds to think twice against repeating such an ill judged attempt to stifle any dissent against either the corporation or it’s product.
    Being they certainly would not want to see their executives give evidence under oath , in regard to the treatment of animals by suppliers, or other negative information divulged by those being interrogated by defence attorneys.
    In the case of police spies, face it every country has it’s police spies, it just hasn’t not come to the attention of the British public untill lately.
    But has existed throughout history, the recent disclosures concerning police spies who infiltrated various organisations through out history is a long one.
    And shouldnt surprise anyone, but should be banned along with those incideous laws like stop and search, which targets certain ethnic groups and are reminiscent of the Gestapo tactics of the nazi era in Germany.
    Sure I may be paranoid, but better that than allow the state too much power over the individual.,
    It is the duty of the individual to protect his rights and freedoms from a constant desire by government to seek more control.

  185. Chuck says:
    July 29, 2013 at 1:08 am


    Again thanks for doing the research and producing the facts that I am not just talking off the top of my head.”

    That’s OK, I follow all that stuff anyway. The time of the McLibel trail was around the same time as when I was on the barricades so there’s a bit of nostalgia there too. I used to see Helen and Dave back in the 90s.

    There is another very similar documentary about he same thing too which Ken Loach might of had something to do with (if you’ve ever heard of him over there?) I think the Michael Mansfield interview was taken from that one but there there’s quite alot of similar footage in both.

  186. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    July 28, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    “but most of the police are decent hard working people and don’t deserve being called pigs.”

    Grumpy, did you know that the appellation “Pigs” in reference to the Police goes almost as far back as the Police themselves? It’s first recorded usage was in 1811.

    Of course it’s wrong to generalise 100% but with all due respect, you haven’t seen what I’ve seen and most I have come into contact with have behaved like degenerates. I’m with Hannah Arendt’s theory that most of us can commit awful acts within the right set of circumstances due to lack of critical thinking, even “decent hardworking people” as you put it. That doesn’t absolve us though. I would never ever trust the Police for as long as I can draw breath and if I did I would have regretted it on several occaisions in the past. After what the bastards have done and tried to do to people I’ve known, it would be very hard to forgive them, and this “bad apples” stuff doesn’t wash with me because I’ve seen how endemic it is.

  187. Worky

    Yes , of course, Ken Loach is one of my favourite directors.

    As for Hanna Arendt, a controversial figure, mainly due to her assessment of Adolph Eichman, which like abortion, I find myself on both sides of the question, of course they are not the only dilammas I have, being there are lots of controversial questions.
    One being do you trust the federales in general, I look at the police as the other side of the cointo criminals, who for the most part they deal with.
    And no I trust them less than any member of the general public.
    Most would not hesitate to fit you up in order to make their life easy, of course they are working in many cases under pressure, which is no excuse.
    And knowing a certain number of now retired NYC cops, who have some interesting stories and sure there are exceptions to the rule, but the truth is to a varying degree, they have all committed
    some kind of bent activities while on the job.

  188. Surprise,Surprise!, We have cooled our interest in Bafetimbi Gomis, Well i never seen that one coming!

  189. On Ken Loach as a director, who has a considerable body of work, most of which I have yet to see, uses a gritty realistic social drama style, usually with a political bent.
    Whereas Stanley Kubrick, introduces certain subtleties that can be missed by the viewer, unless viewed more than once.
    While Loach’s dramas are for the most part lacking in humor, Kubrick has a technique of introducing humor to lighten a serious subject, but at the same time get his message across.
    Dr. Strangelove being a prime example.
    Though my favourite director has to be the great Carol Reid, who could do it all.
    From Fallen Idol, to Odd Man Out, to Our Man in Havana.
    Just though I would throw this in, as the footballing front has come to a stalemate , with the emphasis on stale.

  190. Chuck, when I was in Brixton, one of the most fragile areas for policing in the whole of the UK, we actually had a decent copper in charge who was actually popular, kept tensions down in the community and reduced crime. This is what happened to him:

    “How smears brought top gay cop to brink of ruin

    “A long campaign by anti-gay colleagues led to the removal of Brian Paddick, but the community he led wants him back”

    On the subject of gritty British film makers, Alan Clark was always my favourite.

  191. Yes Joe it’s all becoming a bit boring, be glad when the season re-starts.
    Though as of now I have no great expectations for the forthcoming season, as long as the same clowns are running the club.
    It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that as usual Ashley is our negotiator, the others being no more than messenger boys.
    As long as Ashley insists on the role of prime mover, this club will go nowhere, simply because he jus doesn’t get it.
    Football is part of the entertainment industry, not the rag trade and to confuse the two, well !
    Yes the slow learning curve continues, ah well did we really expect any difference.

  192. Worky, wasn’t the Paddick thing political, he was a mayoral candidate I believe, we couldn’t possibly have someone honest in that job could we.

    Now step up the Ken Livingstone supporters!! :)

    By the way Bardsley is Scottish, not sure how that would effect our quota if we signed him. He has probably qualified I would think.

    And “the management” seem to be faffing about over the Gomis deal for a few pennies (relatively), beginning to think we will end up with no new signings. Oh well back to collecting cobwebs.

  193. Worky

    Yep ! Doesn’t surprise me one bit, I assume the guy was permanently removed.
    Of course there is a certain machismo connected with semi military organisations , most police forces fitting this category.
    But until we have a police force that represents the entire community, not consisting of just a group of homophobic laddish types, then friction between the police and certain groups, racial, religious and gays, will .accur.
    The police without those in their ranks who can both understand and liaison with those groups who have concerns, will never be able to be comfortable within those communities.
    My question to the Met is why make it difficult to police certain areas when the answer is obvious..

    And the fact is at present we have possibly a leading candidate for the Mayor of NYC, who is an openly gay female, gives one heart
    On the other hand we also have a candidate who could be described as a sexual opportunist, who has e-mailed a number of women with sexually explicit pictures of his anatomy, and has the brass neck to refuse to back out, even being backed by a wife who must either enjoy the situation or whatever, bizarre!
    But then who am I to judge, as Dillon said a long time ago, “the times they are a’changing” !

  194. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    July 29, 2013 at 11:32 am

    “Worky, wasn’t the Paddick thing political, he was a mayoral candidate I believe, we couldn’t possibly have someone honest in that job could we.”

    He was a top policemen before he was a mayoral candidate, Grumpy. He kept getting into trouble though. He was the victim of homophobic smear campaigns from his fellow officers, was falsely accused of smoking cannabis in a Daily Mail story and crossed the Police Commissioner of the time, Ian Blair, over the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes.

  195. sjt – Looks like it’s SNAFU time again here at NUFC central. I guess that’s what this transfer window is going to look like, and then Krusty the Clown will spend the first 3 months blaming abject performances on the inability to bring in players during the transfer window.

    Honestly, I thought that something would have happened in the week I was on holiday.

  196. Yes, but it has been like 2 new signings since Cisse decided to wear the Wonga shirt and Vuckic came back from injury.

    Chuckster: you must be the only other person in the world who has seen Our Man in Havana. I read the book as well.

  197. Worky @281: the Mail is the strangest paper. The story you posted is real news and yet most of their stuff on the right in that report is cleavage and fluff. They purport to be middle class matron and yet most of their stories are cleavage and fluff.

  198. pete_toon says:I agree Pete…Billionaire peasant of an Owner…wish he would just sell up and get F@@@ed.

  199. GS says:
    July 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    “Worky @281: the Mail is the strangest paper. The story you posted is real news and yet most of their stuff on the right in that report is cleavage and fluff. They purport to be middle class matron and yet most of their stories are cleavage and fluff.”

    No GS, they still do all the horror stories about immigrants, poor and disabled people scrounging benefits and spreading diseases to the middle classes (usually backed up by false statistics). I think the right hand sidebar of their site is celebrity fluff island though.

  200. It seems to me that religion is used as a crutch, an excuse for anything. I see the Pope is saying there should be Gay Priests and still no women allowed. Has he read his bible? They are making their rules up as they go along now.

  201. SJT, The sad reality is, He has and always will, Use this Club, As his own personal billboard.
    That is all he is interested in, His free advertising, For his Tat business.
    He will try to continue to let this Club chug along, By spending very little, And selling young players for profit, So it finances itself.
    The trouble with that is, It just doesn’t work, And you can never build a squad.
    Fat f**k is trying to have 18 month turn around, On his young charges, But even that is faltering now.
    Llambias has put paid to that for him, With his drunken bar stool Boasting!

    Whenever i hear the song , “Geordie Bootboys”, It makes me cringe, in all honesty!
    Because the bit about, ” We Are The Loyalist Football Supporters”, I never know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.
    It’s a bit like the saying, “There is a hair’s width between Sanity and Insanity”.

    Personally i think it’s our Achilles Heel, As this Club will always attract, Con men, And all round malefactors like Mike Ashley, Who exploit that very loyalty.
    With there being only one club in the city, Also compacts upon that.
    Maybe if there was more than one club, Con men like Ashley, And toe rags like the Hall’s and the Shepherds, Wouldn’t get away with ripping people off.

    The only way we will ever get rid of a parasite like Mike Ashley, Is to boycott the Stadium.
    The only thing the man understands is money, And if he is keep being fed, He will never leave.
    A few months of an empty stadium, Will make take notice, More than some sh***y banner, With “Support The Club, Not The Regime”.
    He doesn’t give a rats a**e, If people call him a fat b****rd, Hitting him in the pocket, Is the only way.
    I know people will say, That will never happen, Well if you don’t action, Then don’t complain about him, And continue to give him your money!

  202. GS @ 282: and don’t forget Gosling. That’s THREE signings!!1!11

    worky-not to beat on it, but I’ll say one thing about your take on JFK. (Not that you should ever say anything but what you think/want. As I always say, it’s your blog.) I found (still find) the difference in your reaction to JFK’s appointment and Pardew’s perplexing. They strike me as similar appointments: guys who were out of work, on the scrap heap, hired seemingly because they would be beholden to their bosses as they could expect no other job at the top end of football. Then there are the facts that Kinnear has been out of football for a decade and has health problems-not just theoretical problems as they’ve forced him out of two jobs. I suppose it’s just your personal opinions of them, but you didn’t spend multiple posts defending AP from the criticisms of his appointment and musing about the potential bad effects of that criticism. One time, you asked me to stop being a snob about Kinnear and I had to think: weren’t you just as much of a snob about Pardew (though you were right, of course)?

    I guess it could just be the AP followed a very respectable manager whereas Kinnear followed…

  203. joe @ 291:

    “The trouble with that is, It just doesn’t work”

    Depends on what you mean by work. SD’s share price is WAY up and hey, look-NUFC are still a top flight club. Looks like it’s working just fine for Ashley. His goals are different from ours.

  204. GS, Balancing that out, Religion is also used as a convenient Scapegoat, By us humans, Because we don’t do anything about anything, And it’s good to bash Religion, So we can cop out!
    Every thing that is going wrong on this Planet, Is human error.
    We are not doing anything to address any of the problems, We have.

  205. Tunyc, Everything is done for his own benefit, I’m talking about the playing side.
    This Club is not hanging on to it’s top players, And never replaces them, So there is never any chance of Joe Kinnear’s Champions League pipe dream.
    We never offer any of our top players, Any incentive to stay at the club, And we are just looking to get them out the door for profit.

  206. I give up on any signings its obvious to me they are not going to sign anyone of value.
    wish Ashley would just die!
    im 27 and that’s the first time iv ever wished that on anyone.
    Either he’s close to making his money back or hes intent on making us the new west brom, hey another few years and we make some boing boing banners.

  207. Joe @295; I am not quite as down on Ashley as you are. We did get decent players in last year, who, if used correctly will be good to watch – M’Biwa looks really solid, especially at left back, Debuchy is very good going forward, little Vern can pass, Sissoko could be a Viera in the making, and Gouffran has pace and a bit of skill. I am frustrated about not adding a striker, but fatty has played hard ball before and won so he may get one “over the line” soon. Hadaira I will reserve judgment on because he is young and had a couple of good games and a couple of bad games.

    I think we do have a good team, so Ashley can’t be seen as a complete shyster. He just makes some bizarre decisions like hiring Kinnear, twice.

    Plus, with the likes of Swansea spending 12 million on a player the game has changed.

  208. GS says:
    July 29, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    “I spoke too soon, Ashley is acting like a complete shyster at Sprots Direct:”

    I’ve been saying that for a long time, usually to those idiots who were prattle on Ashley being a wonderful employer because he’s paid 2200 of his staff share bonuses.

    The Kapos are given these bonuses to slave drive the zero hour contract scum. There have been reports of staff being refused toilet breaks and Ashley is so greedy he has staff doing four hour shifts so he doesn’t have to pay them for a lunch break.

  209. GS says:
    July 29, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    “How can you be a Gay priest if you are celibate? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”


  210. tunyc says:
    July 29, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    “I found (still find) the difference in your reaction to JFK’s appointment and Pardew’s perplexing.”

    tunyc, for all his faults, JFK is real and I prefer his football knowledge to Pardew’s too. Pardew isn’t real, he’s a snide.

    I don’t want Kinnear to be a manager again with his age and his health. However looking at the positive side I do think he could use his knowledge (which is better than you seem to think it is) to make a good team with Carr as we really need to expand our scouting beyond the Eurostar triangle of France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

  211. @299: yes seriously. I don’t understand why priests should be celibate and there are quite a few places in the Bible that say homosexuality is evil. So if they are accepting gay priests they are accepting homosexuality, which is a big change – they don’t even allow the use of condoms, FFS.

    I have seen some explanations of celibacy saying it is avoidance of procreative intercourse, but that is just horseshit to dance around the subject. I am guessing that the Catholic Church don’t consider gay sex, sex, although it has been classified as evil or at the very least wrong. It is still illegal in some of the Godly states of the USA.

  212. I do know the Supreme Court struck down the state laws. That doesn’t mean the states changed their mind on it though.

  213. Worky: here is some stuff from Wikipedia showing the Church is always hypocritical and now they are saying something different about Gay Priests.

    “The Judaic prohibitions found in Leviticus 18:22 (see also Leviticus 18) and 20:13 condemn homosexuality with the later saying ‘And if a man also lies with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

    In his fourth homily on Romans,[5] St. John Chrysostom argued in the fourth century that homosexual acts are worse than murder and so degrading that they constitute a kind of punishment in itself, and that enjoyment of such acts actually makes them worse, “for suppose I were to see a person running naked, with his body all besmeared with mire, and yet not covering himself, but exulting in it, I should not rejoice with him, but should rather bewail that he did not even perceive that he was doing shamefully.” He also said:

    “ But nothing can there be more worthless than a man who has pandered himself. For not the soul only, but the body also of one who hath been so treated, is disgraced, and deserves to be driven out everywhere. ”

    However, he emphasizes, in P.G. 60:417, col. 1, near bottom of the column,that he (and Paul) is not referring to two men who are in love with one another, but to those involved in a prostitution style relationship. He writes, clarifying Paul’s position in Romans 1,

    “ he did not say that they fell in love [< "eros"] or had passion for each other, but rather that they `burned in their appetite for each

    Historian John Boswell contends that adelphopoiesis, a Christian rite for uniting two persons of the same sex as "spiritual brothers/sisters", amounted to an approved outlet for romantic and indeed sexual love between couples of the same sex. Boswell also drew attention to Saints Sergius and Bacchus, whose icon depicts the two standing together with Jesus between or behind them, a position he identifies with a pronubus or "best man". Critics of Boswell's views have argued that the union created was more like blood brotherhood; and that this icon is a typical example of an icon depicting two saints who were martyred together, with the usual image of Christ that appears on many religious icons, and therefore that there is no indication that it depicts a "wedding". But Saints Sergius and Bacchus were both referred to as erastai in ancient Greek manuscripts, the same word used to describe lovers (Boswell).

    The 16th Canon of the Council of Ancyra (314)[6] prescribed a penance of at least twenty years' duration for those "who have done the irrational" (alogeuesthai). At the time this was written, it referred to beastiality, not homosexuality. However, later Latin translations translated it to include both.[7]

    In the year 342, the Christian emperors Constantius II and Constans declared the death penalty for a male who took on the passive role of a bride (rather than marry as equals with another man).[8] In the year 390, the Christian emperors Valentinian II, Theodosius I and Arcadius denounced males "acting the part of a woman", condemning those who were guilty of such acts to be publicly burned.[9]"

  214. GS says:
    July 29, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    “@299: yes seriously. I don’t understand why priests should be celibate and there are quite a few places in the Bible that say homosexuality is evil.”

    GS, that isn’t what you asked. You asked:

    “How can you be a Gay priest if you are celibate?”

    As if someone is only Gay when he has his cock in another gadgie’s arse (or vice-versa), then goes back to being hetrosexual when he pulls it out.

    Have you ever read the Bible?

  215. Sorry Worky: you sort of know what I meant though – the hypocrisy of condemning an act for 11 centuries or more and then saying it is OK, even for priests who are celibate anyway, whilst at the same time saying God says condoms are evil and we might have a little think about the celibacy thing since we are being criticized on the Telly now.

    It has been a slow day on the NUFC front, so I had to resort to reading about Popes. Still, it will change tomorrow when we play the mighty Saint Mirren :)

  216. Worky @304: I had to read the bible in school but they avoided the bad bits and played us records of “Joseph’s Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat” instead.

  217. And Worky: you can take my stuff down if you want because I don’t agree with you. But that would go against your webname “workyticket”. Sometimes I think you are out on a mission to prove you are smarter than other people – whether I have read the full bible or not, I can still have an opinion on it. Yes, I may be more informed if I went to bible classes but then I would probably be as delusional as them. I made up my mind that the bible is nonsense a long time ago, so why would I continue reading it?

  218. GS says:
    July 29, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    “And Worky: you can take my stuff down if you want because I don’t agree with you.”

    GS, I don’t know what you disagree with and I’m not sure if you do either. Have you been drinking again?

  219. Worky: your forum is the only place that I can say anything about religion. If I say anything here in the USA I will be a pariah.

  220. If one had not put on this blazer one would be much more comfortable. Oh, but the tie, one must always wear a tie to a picnic.

  221. Oh dear not a religious debate! It never ends with a victory you can’t fix ignorant. any way lets get behind the football god that is joe kinnear! he has a cunning plan wait and see!

  222. If we could fix ignorant, we could sort out Pards. On the religious debate – I like religion. Without it, we’d go and watch the Toon at James’ Park. I don’t want to live in that world.

  223. On another note:

    Former Newcastle United owner Freddy Shepherd has sold the historic La Sagesse school in a deal worth around £10m, it emerged last night.

    The controversial site in Jesmond, Newcastle, was due to undergo a multi-million-pound facelift as part of plans for a luxury housing complex.

    But the Tyneside tycoon is thought to have nearly doubled his investment in the former private school, four years after paying more than £5.5m to take control of the site. During his four-year tenure he also ploughed cash into a successful planning bid.

    Now, in a joint purchase, David Wilson Homes – part of the Barratt Group – has bought the school and grounds which first opened in 1912.

    Personal injuries solicitor Jeff Winn – founder of Winn Solicitors, in Byker – has purchased Jesmond Towers, which was the former home of Tyneside shipbuilder Charles Mitchell. The 47-year-old, originally from Morpeth, Northumberland, but now living in Jesmond, is believed to have become the first personal injuries solicitor in history to take home a pay packet of more than £10m.

    Mr Shepherd, who owns energy company Shepherd Offshore, last night refused to disclose details of the deal, but in a statement said: “This was the best way to move forward for the site and for the future benefit of La Sagesse. It is an important asset for the region and we’re pleased it will be developed appropriately and for the benefit of the community.”

    Mr Shepherd bought the £3,000-a-term Roman Catholic private school in 2009, just six months after it shut down due to cash problems and falling pupil numbers.

    Following a three-year planning battle, his plans for luxury homes were approved earlier this year.

    A spokesman for David Wilson confirmed they will be pressing ahead with £20m plans for 48 homes and apartments on the site. A spokesman for David Wilson Homes North East said: “There will be a mix of new build houses and homes converted from existing properties. The scheme has detailed planning permission and we intend to start work on site this autumn. The project will support around 100 jobs in construction and the supply chain. The £20m development will recycle a disused brownfield site, which has stood vacant for some years, into a new community in this sought-after residential area and deliver a range of benefits.”

  224. You know there’s not really that much difference between one capitalist and another

  225. JoeSoap says:
    July 30, 2013 at 9:02 am

    “You know there’s not really that much difference between one capitalist and another”

    Joseph Rowntree and Mike Ashley?

    I don’t think so, Joe.

  226. JoeSoap says:
    July 30, 2013 at 11:18 am

    “The only connection between FFS & Joseph Rowntree is confectionery !!”

    And Mike Ashley, Joe.

  227. Fair enough, worky. I can understand preferring anyone to AP but as GS points out, that’s not really much. What do you mean by real? Just wondering if you mean something deeper than saying that he doesn’t bullshit as much-which is true, but then I don’t think Dekka is a bullshitter so much as an asshole and I wonder if Kinnear suffers from the same shortcoming. I don’t think that would help NUFC in dealing with other clubs or their own players and staff any more than it did under DL.

    As for his knowledge-honestly, I don’t see any reason to think it’s any greater than, say, Pardew’s EXCEPT when it comes to tactics. (His claim to have everybody in football on speed dial, specifically, strikes me as very Pardew-esque nonsense.) As you rightly point out, his Wimbledon played a more progressive style 15+ years ago than our squad does now. That, however, is not particularly relevant for a DOF. Since I know you’re a consummate researcher, I assume you have reason to think Kinnear does have a good understanding of football today, in the sense a DOF should. Care to share?

    GS-so the Catholic church is run by a bunch of hypocritical bigots. This isn’t news. But you can come by and bitch about religion at my place if you want…lol…

  228. It appears Ashley employs a system in his rag trade business, that works well.
    As Worky has described them “kapos” (the name given to those unfortunate Jews, who were used as judas goats leading the newly arrived trainloads of Jews directly to the gas chambers, then sorted and arranged their usable body parts and belongings)
    Never underestimate what level humans can sink to, in order to survive.
    However Ashley cannot use the threat of death, instead he uses the bait of enormous bonuses,
    to his Kapos, who in turn drive the ninety or so percent low wage earners, to expand sales and profits, in the mean time using any means possible to cheat them out of lunch hours , toilet breaks, etc.
    This is the first time I have heard of a system that allows an employer to hire people to work when and for however long he requires them.
    When was this introduced and by which government, it sounds like something out of the third world.
    I realise working conditions have changed in the UK, over the years, with the introduction of work contracts etc., but why there’s no public outcry against such a system is amazing.
    It would never be tolerated in the US, where there are clearly defined laws in regard to labor, not to say they are disregarded by unscrupulous employers, mostly in cases where undocumented immigrants are concerned.
    Yes it’s easy to see how Ashley has become one of the wealthiest men in the country, his unscrupulous methods of incentives for a small minority who then drive the underpaid majority, makes any of Baldricks cunning plans look commonplace.
    Then we switch to his other business, NUFC, where the cost cutting is totally different, the playing staff being the most expensive employees, whereas top management are underpaid.
    Not quite so cunning a plan, as anyone can plainly see, as they are clearly a disaster.
    But you get what you pay for.
    I believe the bonus system was applied to the playing staff, but caused trouble in the dressing room and more than likely was the reason for Hughton and the two scousers to be shown the door.
    It’ s not difficult to figure who is calling the shots in the transfer market, Joey and whoever being messenger boys relaying offers, no different from Llambeezie.
    And we have at present some kind of a stalemate, in regard to Gomis, with Ashley playing hardball.
    Look there’s still time to make the deals we need, on the other hand we need to get people in before the season starts, in order to familiarise themselves with the new tactical approach called hoofball, which I’m sure they are unfamiliar with.
    That’s eight men in our own half defending and every time one of them gets possession, he then hoofs a hail Mary pass up to the two centre forwards, hanging about unsupported in the other half.
    A complicated and cunning tactical plan.

  229. 319 capitalism is great when there are people like this involved! i had so much fun doing this shame he quit :(

  230. GS-looks like he’s thrown his lot in with the Pardew faction in this mock conflict. Likely, the real scenario is Ashley isn’t willing to spend after January, JFK knows this and is in place to deflect Pardew’s requests for players…while Pardew himself knows he’s unlikely to get anything more than what Ashley decides he needs. They’re all a part of this malaise.

    By the way, Lee: “amiss” is one word.

  231. tunyc says:
    July 30, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    “By the way, Lee: “amiss” is one word.”

    You missed “the only main goal threat,” tunyc. :-)

  232. tunyc: Not to dwell on the God stuff, but that was a big deal for the Pope to say Gay priests might be acceptable and hardly anybody said it was a big deal. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, you can’t say that homosexuals should be castrated because the bible says so and then change your mind. Isn’t it supposed to be the word of God? who apparently has changed his mind now.

    It is like the Republican Congressmen who want to bring fire and brimstone on THE gays until they find out their daughter is gay. It is total horseshit.

  233. sirjasontoon says:
    July 30, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    “Any links can’t be arsed to turn the commadore64 on?”

    SJT, there’s bugger all links, thankfully. If there were, I would’ve probably done a match banter thing.

  234. Forgot all about the Brands Hatch, Pardew will be full of himself, If they go on to win this!
    I knew the likes of Cameron and Osbourne, Would have the North East, Lined up for The Fracking, Complete scum bags!

  235. joe hawkins says:
    July 30, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    “I knew the likes of Cameron and Osbourne, Would have the North East, Lined up for The Fracking”

    George Osbourne’s Father in Law, Lord Howell (who was an energy secretary for Thatcher) said that it was ok to frack the North East because it is an uninhabited and desolate area.

  236. worky @ 329: you got me. I’m just a yank after all…

    GS @ 332: possibly. I gave up on the idea of progressivism from the center of the Catholic Church completely after learning about Liberation Theology. This is the organization that maintains that repressed homosexuality has nothing to do with the rampant sexual abuse of minors in their organization. As a matter of detail-what the church thinks of homosexuals potentially serving as priests is a doctrinal matter and in that the pope is infallible. (This makes more sense than a lot of people think.) If you look at what he said, it could be applied to any sin: he would certainly say that thieves shouldn’t be banned from the priesthood on principle but would assert that they need to honestly seek God (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). That wouldn’t change the fact that stealing is a sin for which one will have to atone before gaining the kingdom of heaven. I’m truly vexed by homosexuals wanting to be Catholics, let along priests. I understand why but seriously-this organization doesn’t want them. I don’t get how honest contemplation of what that means would lead one to any other conclusion than to reject the church. But hey, religious folks are generally fine with non-logical thinking, so there you go.

  237. worky @ 338: huh. Our conservatives (including the entire government and both major political parties) insist we should frack everywhere because there are no bad effects from it. They want to get all up in the watershed that provides NYC among other places and, really, what could go wrong (other than spiking cancer rates and intensely polluted water, along with actually more carbon emissions from the process as a whole from extraction to final combustion than amost any other form of hydrocarbon)? Which lie is more obvious?

  238. Tunyc, I’m no expert on Fracking, But i was warned about this, 2 years back.
    I know roughly the process of how they go about it, But i’ve heard it pollutes the soil, Ruins the water supply, And like you say, Increased Cancer rates.
    These so called elected leaders are Psychotic, If you ask me.
    They don’t give a flying f**k about killing people, Whether it’s home or abroad!

  239. tunyc says:
    July 30, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    “along with actually more carbon emissions from the process as a whole from extraction to final combustion”

    Like a Toyota Prius, tunyc.

  240. joe @ 341: absolutely. It’s an intrinsically dirty, dangerous process. The research on this relatively novel procedure is being controlled by monied interests and the governments they’ve bought.

    worky @ 342: Oh, definitely. Photovoltaic cells as well, which take a whole shit-ton of…you guessed it…PETROLEUM to produce.

  241. Here’s a quote from Lee Ryder about the St. Mirren game

    “United won this game at a canter with the hard work in the first half laying the foundations for another pre-season triumph that maintained their 100% summer record of wins in the UK.”

    Wor Lee is back to his usual self and certainly knows how to put a positive spin on the pre-season.

  242. Thanks, Chuckles. To return the favor:

    up tight

    …all from your very first comment on this thread. So, glass houses and all that.