Newcastle United’s new crazy gang – Kinnear and Carr

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Joe Kinnear and Graham Carr.
Kinnear and Carr: NUFC’s scouting “dream team.”
They are two chubby old men who swear so much, they even make Bernard Manning and Chubby Brown sound like a pair of Vicars.

One is reviled and one is revered by significant sections of Newcastle United’s fanbase, yet they are almost like peas in a pod. Two chubby, foul mouthed, old school pros with two lifetimes worth of experience in football. Carr has already been an excellent scout for Newcastle United, and there is no reason why Joe Kinnear can’t add to that significantly too, as a scout himself, as well as a bridge between the football side of the club, Mike Ashley and the future Managing Director, whoever that might be.

Since Kinnear’s return to the club, the first lazy stereotype of uninformed newspaper hacks was that Kinnear was putting a stop to the foreign signings because he’d never heard of them, that he was looking to sign more Kevin Nolans and Ryan Taylors, and also that Carr was set to walk out of the club in disgust. However, if you cast your mind to his time as interim manager at Newcastle, Kinnear was actually exploring the French market long before Carr came to the club. One transfer target Kinnear bid for was potential Butt replacement, Stephane Mbia, then a Stade Rennais player who eventually moved to Marseilles for over £10 million and eventually, QPR. There were others too such as Toulouse right back Albin Ebondo, who was looked at by Kinnear before he eventually moved to St Etienne.

Of course, these idiotic prattlings have since been discounted by Kinnear himself when he said:

“We will look abroad again with Graham. We have been palling up, so we will go abroad. We will go to everywhere in Europe looking at matches. We will scour the length and breadth of Europe to find what we want.”

Later adding:

“Each night, I will be going to matches. Maybe I will be going out of the country with Graham. We will travel around. We will go elsewhere to try to open the doors on new signings.”

Personally, the only problem I can see with Kinnear’s words is the seeming emphasis on travelling WITH Carr unless it’s just some kind of temporary fact finding mission to get himself aquainted with Newcastle United’s current scouting operation in action. As I wrote above, Carr has done an excellent job so far but with one huge caveat, he is only doing it within a very limited geographical area. It would be preferable perhaps if he and Kinnear didn’t “pal up” too much and turn Newcastle United scouting trips into one big Jolly Boy’s outing to France and the Low Countries. After all, if they were planning on scouting together, that would just be a wasteful duplication of effort. Surely it would be a better role for Kinnear if he helped to extend Newcastle’s reach beyond Carr’s Eurostar triangle of Lille, Paris and Brussels, as well as it’s connection to Rotterdam and Amsterdam?

Alan Pardew’s predecessor and the man who brought Carr to Newcastle, Chris Hughton, has continued a similar policy at Norwich City with his current chief scout, Ewan Chester, another who is reknowned for his knowledge of the European market. However, rather than just relying on mostly French players with the odd one or two from the Netherlands like Cheick Tiote or Vurnon Anita, Hughton and Chester have spread Norwich’s net far wider than Newcastle’s with the signings of such players as Alexander Tettey from Stade Rennais in France, Javier Garrido from Lazio in Italy, Ricky van Wolfswinkel from Sporting Club of Portugal, as well as giving the glad eye to PSV Eindhoven’s Ola Toivonen. This has also been balanced with signings from closer to home such as Leeds’ Robert Snodgrass, Tottenham’s Sebastien Bassong and several others.

If Kinnear takes a leaf out his his fellow ex-Tottenham right back’s book, this would be a very good thing for Newcastle United. Though come to think of it, why did we ever sack Hughton in the first place?


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37 Responses

  1. Because he was’nt a big enough name and he did’nt fit.
    Possibly too honest and made both Ashley and his now ex sidekick uncomfortable.
    They may have done Hughton a favor, as he has shown to be a decent tactician and a good judge of players, which no doubt will ensure his place in the managerial ranks.
    Sometimes it works out that way, but the cold way in which the firing was carried out, was nothing to be proud about.
    And to then, hire someone like Pardew, compounded that dumb-ass decision.

  2. Well it was kind of a rhetorical question, Chuck, but your response begs another question – If Hughton was sacked because he wasn’t a big enough name, then why did they replace him with someone who couldn’t even keep his jobs at League One clubs?

  3. Doesn’t matter what players they scout they will still play utter shit under Partridge’s guidance.

  4. Worky

    The sad truth of the matter is Ashley was dumb enough to listen to Llambias, the only person in the world that knew less about football than Ashley.
    And upon hearing Pardews rap, with all of his bullshit, he, like others, believed it.
    I know it sounds hard to believe, but that’s the conclusion i have reached and have been saying so here for some time now.
    It’s a slow learning curve!

  5. Where is Pardew anyway? Is he still on Holiday? Has Kinnear met with him yet? I know Kinnear met with Carr to discuss transfers, has he talked with Pardew about his choices? Is Pardew being marginalized or even forced out?

    Pardew has said nothing for weeks. Kinnear said a lot but most of it was to defend his prior record. Really all he said was LLambias had resigned. Carr was rumoured to be leaving now it turns out he and Kinnear are making a Buddy movie on the Eurostar.

    Meanwhile, a team like Liverpool, who were a shambles 18 months ago, quietly go about signing a bunch of players.

  6. Whats scary is the constant references to Bent being signed, he and Tomkins, who is not a bad player, but we can do better.
    Who knows whether we are actually going after some of the names we have been associated with, or using them as a smoke screen while bidding on others.
    Ashley certainly keeps shtum about everything.
    Obviously he had prior discussions with Carr, over the five he signed in panic during the last window, as it took next to no time to sigm them.
    The fear of the drop and possible loss of PL revenue , certainly galvanised El Gordo into action.
    And believe it was a combination of ignorance and him being his cheap self, that resulted in not signing them in the summer, he possibly figured he could get a better price if he waited.
    Seems there’s a cleanout taking place, which will if we bring in a CD and a Striker, give us a much smaller squad
    though one with more quality.
    But again we have to worry about injuries, as this club seems to have hsd more than their share over time.
    In which case i hope Joe can explain that to Ashley, as he appears to be a slow learner, hey when all you hear is from an idiot like Llambias, how are you gonna learn anything.
    Hopefully we will have less rhetoric and more action from Joe from now on, but until Pardew is safely heading towards the airport i would’nt bet on it.

  7. Imagine being stuck in a room with ashley,pardew,kinnear and carr!!

    In the words of the great eddie hitler “I would rather cut off my penis with a rusty breadknife”

  8. Danny b says:
    July 2, 2013 at 1:44 am

    “Imagine being stuck in a room with ashley,pardew,kinnear and carr!!”

    Danny, I wouldn’t mind being stuck in a room with Kinnear and Carr at all, that would probably be quite funny. Ashley and Pardew on the other hand…

  9. Robinson Crusoe had Man Friday, Well we have Joe Friday.
    Apparently he wants a new signing through the door by Friday.
    I remember his first stint in charge, And everything was going to happen on that particular day, The thing was, Nothing ever did?, So this doesn’t augur well!

    Another point of interest, When was Joe at Newcastle for nearly two years?

  10. so he has a selective memory and talks himself up. At the very least – he has confidence in his own ability.

    can anybody really put their hand on their heart and say that they are offended by him?

    embarassed aye… but howay man

  11. pete_toon says:
    July 2, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    “Worky, you wrote an article about bringing the playground bullying to an end.”

    It’s like a small town lynch mob now, Pete. Have you ever seen the film “Deliverance?”

    The media can always count on Newcastle United fans to fall for the bait. We think that the joke is on Kinnear, but it’s on us too.

  12. I’ve seen Deliverance, but I don’t think the analogy’s apt here. If Deliverance had followed the logic displayed here, Ned Beatty would have offered himself up.

  13. Worky

    C’mon guy ! your defence of Joe is going beyond the defendable, it’s becoming another Williamson situation, refusing to accept the facts.
    Which are the guy knows he is completely out of touch and trying desperately to catch up, but everytime he opens his mouth , his foot goes in to it.
    Believe it, this will not end well.

    howeh yourself !
    No i dont find Joe offensive, just a bit sad really.

  14. chuck says:
    July 1, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    “Whats scary is the constant references to Bent being signed, he and Tomkins, who is not a bad player, but we can do better.”

    What makes you think chubs wants to DO any better? Which of the appointments(or signings) made since he blessed us with his patronage leads you to believe that he has any ambition beyond bobbing around mid-table, soaking up all of that luvverly EPL cash?

    If JFK doesn’t make it for whatever reason, he’ll replace him with the likes of Bobby Gould or Dave Bassett (or some other old struggler). And, if he gets rid of Pardew, he’ll be shipping in the likes of ‘Marmite Man’ or Lawrie Sanchez to take his place. And, as ever, the new players will be coming in from the Eurostar Belt, staying for a couple of seasons, then being sold on for a profit (or loss. Whatever).

    That’s our lot until chubs goes.

  15. It would seem we have Ashley who says nowt!
    Pardew who only speaks to blame others for his failings.
    And now Kinnear who has not got a filter on his brain so everything that comes into his head comes straight out his mouth.Add to this Carr who sends a lot of time getting value for money on his Senior Railcard.
    Its a damned funny way to run a football cub.

  16. Deliverance was canny, But can anyone remember, “Hunter’s Blood”?, I think it was from about 86/87 time, With Ken Swofford and Clu Gulager.
    That was from that whole Deliverance, Southern Comfort sort of genre of film.

  17. Nutmag, It seems Ashley will be thinking the three of them together, Will make one good one.

  18. joe hawkins says:
    July 2, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    “Deliverance was canny, But can anyone remember, “Hunter’s Blood”?, I think it was from about 86/87 time, With Ken Swofford and Clu Gulager.
    That was from that whole Deliverance, Southern Comfort sort of genre of film.”

    Some of the people at that “Fans United” meeting reminded me of those films Joe, especially the one with no dentures.

    One of the women interviewed there by Sky, Susan Snowdon, stole two Toon tickets from me once. It was the Arsenal away game down here. Me and my mate had to watch it in an African restaurant instead eating raw meat and rice.

  19. Worky, you wrote an article about bringing the playground bullying to an end. Trouble is, he’s the gobby little twonk who keeps goading the bigger kids to beat him up.


  20. I don’t really care about factual errors in Kinnear’s interviews except he doesn’t seem to learn or read the papers. He was taken the p*ss out of for saying things like he played over 400 games for Spurs then he says he managed us for 2 years. Things that are very easy to check. At this point his embellishing is only embarrassing him, so be honest or shut up. They are all lying in wait for you after your sweary press conference first go around and now the latest boastings that simply aren’t true.

  21. We shouldn’t be upset if Aubameyang goes to Dortmund. Ah come on, who would you choose: NUFC or current Big Cup finalists and winners of 2 of the last 3 Bundeligas? Klopp or Pardew? It is a no brainer.

  22. Of course there is still money. We could offer double Dormund’s wages? I think Lewandowski is said to be on 25k a week and I bet they are not offering much more than 40k to Aubameyang.

    Come on Ashley, it is time to play with the big boys.

  23. Some of the things he’s said are errors, and some things are subtly distorted like Chinese whispers, like when he said he “brought” Krul into the club and that was immediately translated into “bought” and “signed.” He actually did bring Krul into the side, from Falkirk. He was permanently out on loan until Given f ed off to Man City. The harshest possible possible intepretation is put on everything he says. If Bobby Robson gets a name wrong, it’s charming and funny. if Kinnear does it he’s worse than paedophile and he’s destroying the club.

    What really embarrasses me is the way some fans are behaving right now.

  24. Worky: I had thought about your Bobby Robson point a few times but then decided that Bobby was never boastful even with his many achievements in the game. I think the journalists are playing Kinnear at this point. The point is Kinnear is not helping himself here and the knives are out. He should know this.

    Also, they did call him on that 3 managers of the year award thing – one was from the Daily Mirror.

    I still think going on holiday at this very important time is a bad idea.

    Anyway, aren’t you a journalist now with this Metro gig?

  25. Journalists are very fickle. They suck ‘Arry’s dick and ridicule Joe. They are very similar characters as far as I can see and ‘Arry’s record isn’t that much better than Joe’s (if at all).

  26. GS says:
    July 3, 2013 at 12:05 am

    “Worky: I had thought about your Bobby Robson point a few times”

    Why the f**k did you waste your time doing that, GS? :-)

    I think it’s safe to say that he could do with a bit of media training, but it’s all Ashley and Llambias. They’re the ones who should be burned at the stake, not poor Uncle Joe the fall guy.

  27. Worky: Joe is embracing his roll though, and Llambias is probably (deservedly) the fall guy. The Chronic is saying we are likely to get Bent, I don’t know if that is literally or figuratively.

    What do you think of him? For a low price and on reduced wages? Lambert has done what Rodgers did to Carroll.

    I never really paid much attention to Bent. Is he a poacher who doesn’t do much for the team?

  28. He hardly set the world alight at Sunderland and Villa. He is well past his peak now so best to move on to someone else.

  29. Physix: Bent must have done something because Villa paid 20 million plus add-ons for him and pay him 70k a week.

    I think he was injured a lot at Villa. I am sure Chuck will say he doesn’t fit the modern pass and move game which is why Lambert has ostracized him.

    I am not sure, if he scores goals and can complement Cisse he may be better than what we have got.

    Should probably hijack the Bony transfer though. That looks increasingly like a better deal.

  30. Still waiting for anyone to make even a decent argument that Joe Kinnear should be representing NUFC…

    Out of the game for almos ten years, can’t say anything factually correct to the press, insults the club’s greatest assets (fans).

    I have no confidence that Kinnear can lead this team to success.

  31. You think we’ve got problems. Poor QPR now have the master polyglot, Steve “Wally with a brolly” McClaren as a coach to complement Harry “Fiddler on the roof” Redknapp.

  32. Bent has shown at times that he is a good finisher, And 29 isn’t exactly old, And still has a lot to offer.
    My worry is though, The whole thing smacks of desperation by the board.
    They know for a fine fact that they are not willing to spend any money, After January’s spend, And it now looks like Ashley feels has has been bumped, By messrs Pardew, Carr, And Llambias.
    There must be a reason for Bent not being able to get a start for a side that narrowly avoided relegation.
    It must be a sad state of affairs if people at the club, Are willing to back an idiot like Pardew’s whims.

    I don’t have anything against Joe Kinnear, Because you cannot blame anyone for turning down a job, But it now seems Ashley has put him in there to do a sabotage job for him, And keep things running cheap.
    Apparently he’s being called Domestos around the club, A word used by Fat Ashley, When he wants a clean up job done.

    I can see this club on the precipice of another disaster, And the Media will jump on it, Like a tramp on a kebab.

  33. joe hawkins says:
    July 3, 2013 at 11:07 am

    “There must be a reason for Bent not being able to get a start for a side that narrowly avoided relegation.”

    Joe, Bent missed 16 games missed through injury and Benteke came in and scored 23 goals. There’s only room for only one big lad up front nowadays and Lambert isn’t Pardew, so he wasn’t going to stick Bent out on the wing when he has players like N’Zogbia, Agbonlahor and Weimann who are naturally suited to that role.