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Fabricio Coloccini - NUFC Blog's "player of the year."
What, me again?
Well, 1732 of you voted at the time of writing, and for the second time in a row NUFC Blog’s player of the season is (drumroll):

Fabricio Coloccini!

He beat off Tim Krul into second for the second time in a row too, with Davide Santon replacing Yohan Cabaye on the bottom siep of the podium. However, a poor season for the team seemed to make it much harder for all of you who voted to pick a decisive winner. Last year Captain Colo recieved received a mighty 34% of the entire vote, or 525 votes out if 1522. This year however it was only 17%, or 287 votes out of the aforementioned 1732.

You can see the full results in the poll at the bottom of this piece.

Though not a perfect defender, many are better in the air including central defensive teammates such as Mike Williamson and Steven Taylor, his abilty with the ball on the floor and the way he can build play from the back have marked him out in Newcastle United’s heart of defence. Unfortunately though, this quality has hardly been a feature of Newcastle United’s play in general under the old fashioned “kick and rush” style of Alan Pardew.

Though last season certainly wasn’t Coloccini’s best at Newcastle, as I’ve already suggested it was hardly a great season for any of the players. One factor which may have swung it Coloccini’s way though was two awful defensive capitulations when Capitán Colo was on holiday nursing a bad back, a humiliating 3-0 drubbing to the Mackems, and two games later the even more awful 6-0 mauling by Liverpool. Despite earlier news that Coloccini was having a passionate Latin affair with an Argentinian old flame called San Lorenzo, and that he even went as far as trying to initiate divorce proceedings with Newcastle until the financial ramifications cooled his ardour somewhat, his reputation was soon restored when he returned from his holiday romance and seemingly staunched the bleeding. In his return to marshal the defence and captain the side after the Liverpool hammering, Newcastle United kept a clean sheet in a 0-0 draw with Fat Sam’s West Ham, and beat last season’s Premier League whipping boys, QPR, 2-1, eventually signing off for the season with a modest 0-1 defeat to Champions League Arsenal. Together with a little help from Swansea City, this helped the club to avoid a second relegation under the stewardship of Mike Ashley and then Managing Director, Derek Llambias.

Mentioned in dispatches…

Looking at a other players in the poll, who’d have thunk a season ago that Cheick Tiote would end up rock bottom with a support of under 1% with only 4 votes? Or that the much pursued Mathieu Debuchy would only be just above him after all the fuss, bother and high hopes preceding his arrival in January? Of course, it could be said that much of this was due to his late arrival, however Demba Ba only played for half a season too before moving to Chelsea, yet the Senagalese goal machine still came fourth with 7% and 127 votes. In his first half season Debuchy played like a bull in a china shop, though this is nothing new as he has picked up no fewer than 63 yellow cards and 6 red cards in his career so far.

One player who possibly did less well than expected is Yohan Cabaye, who as you can see came only sixth on the poll with 6% of the vote (111 votes). Although it was hardly his greatest season either, and he missed 13 games with a groin injury, he still had a case for being Newcastle’s two or three most important players last season. Perhaps his spell as captain in the absence of Coloccini, including the abovementioned abject results against Sunderland and Liverpool counted against him?

Cabaye was beaten into fifth by the surprise package of the season, Sylvain Marveaux. Though the fleet footed little Frenchman made a total of 36 appearences in all competions throughout the season, many of his appearences in the Premier League were as a late substitute and it was only in the Europa League that he got a fair go. In the 22 times he got a run out in the Premier League, he only played for an average of 45 minutes, or the equivalent of 11 full games. Despite that though, he was the teams leading provider of goal assists with 5 in the Premier League, or 6 in all competitions.

Similar things could also be said about little Vurnon Anita though, and he only managed a tiny 1% or 15 votes. Though brought in as defensive midfielder who could also fill in on both sides of defence too, he actually distinguished himself his superb technique with the ball and his abilty to create chances in attack. Like Marveaux, he made quite a few appearances (37 in all competitions) but once again, many of these were as a substitute and they tailed off rapidly in the latter half of the season, when he spent most of his time on the bench for some reason. Despite this, he was still (along with the aforementioned Marveaux) Newcastle United’s second greatest creator of chances behind Yohan Cabaye.

NUFC Blog Player of the Season Roll of Honour
Season Player Votes (Total) %
2012/13 Fabricio Coloccini 297 (1732) 17%
2011/12 Fabricio Coloccini 525 (1522) 34%
2010/11 Joey Barton 525 (1698) 31%
2009/10 José Enrique 529 (1866) 28%

NUFC “Player of the season” poll – 2012-13.

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95 Responses

  1. Indicative of how poor a season the squad had. Colo appeared in 30 of NUFC’s 52 competitive matches. He had pedestrian stats, multiple injury absences, a straight red & suspension and an attempt to engineer a no-fee move. Ladies & gents, your 2012/13 NUFC player of the season.

    Santon is still a defensive liability imo-directly cost us points and was part of our flameout against Benfica.

    Not to hate-just not a good season for NUFC’s squad.

  2. I know Marv was injured and for soem reason Pards does not seem to rate Anita but with them achieving quite a bit numbers wise compared to their time on the pitch surely we can fit them in.


    Depending on injuries and form we have Goofy, Haidara, Mbiwa, (bent/remy), and some kids coming through.

    Lets hope Jonas and Shola go as I’d prefer to have some of the lads given a shot or the ne faces getting some game time

  3. I’m a bit concerned about the fact Pardew may go for Bent, though following the recent Dutch keeper buy, which from reports, he was’nt even consulted, leaves me a bit confused.
    I mean was his recent -I’m still in charge speech- for real or is he being pushed out the door.
    The fact he wasn’t consulted appears to suggest , he’s on borrowed time.
    Tomkins is no where near six million, which is rumoured to be what BSA is asking and a trade for
    Saylor plus cash for Remy , doesn’t impress me.
    Surely we can get someone like an Alderwiereld and a S Dejong.
    I’m looking at the guys Houghton is signing and wondering what are we doing ?
    And why was Douglas good enough for Milan but fcucking Kinnear has to show he’s the boss and cancell a deal that looked good, free agent etc.
    The more I think about Kinnear and Pardew the more I become concerned, these two are not good for the club, there will be trouble and it will reflect on the field, of course having Pardew as manager will effect the side.
    FFS,just fire the jerk, do we have to go through this whole charade.

  4. So why are we looking at Sinclair, good player no doubt, but what about Marveaux, Gouffranan, Ferguson,all decent left wingers.
    We need another CD , though we could possibly get by with a decent veteran who has a couple of seasons left in him, but this stupid criteria of not buying anyone we can’t sell on puts the kaybosh on that happening and it’s too bad because every side should have a couple of decent veteran players.

  5. Worky

    Been a bit busy lately, well not so much busy as enjoying my annual extended vacation this side of the pond -Europe.
    So is this the end of the blog as we have come to know it ?
    If so too bad.
    I just can’t seem to get into the other NUFC blogs.
    Well I understand it was ment to be a joint effort and I believe you put in more time here than was healthy for anyone, so thanks for the effort and good luck on your new venture, hopefully it’s less demanding and more rewarding.

  6. Good thing is we don’t need an Uzi Style Blog-more banter the less the thread changes.

    I am sure during the window there will be little to report of any note so enjoy your rest Worky you deserve it.

    Pardew is starting to spout his plop again on a daily basis, I am looking forward to him and JK making a total mess of things and making each other look like a total pair of pricks and hopefully Ashley getting rid of the club.

  7. STJ, I have been reading the next installment of his bull, In Today’s riveting edition of The Chronic.
    About how he is still the voice of Newcastle United, And how he doesn’t fear Man City.
    Does Pardew think the people from Tyneside are completely stupid, Or what?
    Does he think if he continues to talk, People will forget the stuff he uttered previously?
    If i had just had the Season he had, I would have kept my mouth shut, And let the results on the pitch, Do the talking.
    Low and behold, He’s off again, Talking a good fight as always, Maybe he should be worried about Man City, Because that would be a healthy fear.
    Frankly, I have never seen a bloke get ritually humiliated, As much as this man has, Over the course of 3
    years, And still act like he is in control of things.

    As John Lydon would say, “Classic Stupidity”!

  8. It is rare I read Pardew’s Cak and try to avoid it as much as possible.
    He is bad enough on his own….now with an additional cockney numpty it can only turn into epic comedy :lol:

    Pardew has no power now,probably never really had much when Lambeezee was at the club either-a total tool of a man.

  9. joe hawkins says:
    July 10, 2013 at 10:58 am

    “As John Lydon would say, “Classic Stupidity”!”

    Well, Lydon and his mates in the Sex Pistols committed the biggest act of “classic stupidity” in music when they sacked their bass player and songwriter, Glen Matlock. Johnny’s mate Sid was certainly more “picturesque,” but musically useless so they were f**ked and always living on borrowed time from that point.

    They still do it though, Atomic Kitten and Robbie Williams to name but two. It’s classic suicide.

  10. sirjasontoon says:
    July 10, 2013 at 11:41 am

    “Sid was the best Worky”

    SJT, did you know that his ashes were scattered all over Heathrow Airport? They weren’t supposed to be, but his mum dropped them getting off the plane.

  11. Actually I wouldn’t worry too much about Pardew, as the writings on the wall, just a matter of how much humiliation he can take.
    Then again we are all aware of now thick a skin he has and his penchant for self delusion.
    It may come to a point where Joe has to actually relieve him as manager but I suppose that would equate to being fired and Ashley having to pay him.
    Not that that would bother me, education cost’s money- I still don’t get the eight year deal, whatever was he thinking ?
    Appears we have three guys, Kinnear, Carr and Pardew, each at one another’s throats, a power struggle, all instigated by Ashley’s ignorance, not good for the club.
    As far as getting anyone signed, I don’t have to explain how difficult it’s going to be.
    This can easily be resolved by hiring a GM who knows the business and a good manager, who can build the side for the future.
    Why else do sides like MU and Everton, Swansea , Spurs, Liverpool become successful, they hire the right people and give them the freedom to manage the side, to-days managers have become more important than the playing staff.
    But apparently Ashley’s criteria is how much do I get away with salary wise ?
    Not exactly a recipe for success, is it ?
    Ah well, it’s still a slow and stubborn learning curve.

  12. Never forget the great performance on tv, I was living in London at the time and mainly outta boredom watched him doing the song “My Way” which blew me away as I recall, either that or I had got ahold of some good smoke at the time.

  13. Chuck says:
    July 10, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    “Never forget the great performance on tv, I was living in London at the time and mainly outta boredom watched him doing the song “My Way” which blew me away as I recall, either that or I had got ahold of some good smoke at the time.”

    Chuck, it must have been some real grade A shit IMO! :-) But here it is, judge for yourself:

  14. Worky, They completely dropped the bollock when they got rid of Glenn.
    Steve, John and Paul, Now all realize it was Malcolm Mclaren’s manipulation, That led to that situation unfolding.
    I think the thinking was the album was nearly done, And Sid would play in the tour of The States, With his amp turned down, And he would eventually learn the Bass, Down the track.

    I think Sid only ever played a bit of a line on Bodies, But even that wasn’t up to the required standard, And it’s more of a muffled after thought.

    The Sex pistols sound, Was formed by Steve Jones, Building up his rhythm guitar, to form the bass line.
    The stripped back rock n roll sound of classic punk, For me, Belongs to The ramones.
    They were the first ones to play Rock n roll sped up to hide novice deficiencies, In the music.

  15. Worky, He should have been a lead vocalist, That’s where his talents lay.
    In defence of him though, I don’t know why he got as much stick as he did, For his Bass playing.
    It p***es me off when people say it’s easy to play the Bass, Fair enough with a bit of tuition and a lot of practice, You can play basic lines, Outlining the chords, And banging out eighth notes, A bit like T.V Smith’s girlfriend.
    If you want to be a good Bass Player, You are better off learning music, And some of the other techniques, Like Slappin’ And Poppin’, And Tappin’, Take a hell of a long time to learn.

    Viv Albertine out of The Slits, Reckons he learned the Bass by sitting up one night, And playing along to The Ramones tracks.
    Absolutely no way can someone learn the Bass over one night, Not even Jaco Pastorius, Could pull off such a feat.

    Lemmy from Motorhead tried to give him a few lessons, But said you couldn’t get through to him, And he didn’t have any talent to be a Musician.

    The Guitarist out of Adam And The Ants, Marco Pirroni, Said if he stuck at it for a couple of years, He might have got up to some kind of reasonable standard.

  16. sirjasontoon says:
    July 10, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    “Good Sid Vicious titbit Worky :) very impressive haha”

    She was supposed to have scattered his ashes over Nancy Spungeon’s grave in New York, but most of ’em went at Heathrow.

    Here’s another one, his mother Anne was also a registered junkie used to supply him with smack.

    One of my friends down here in London is an OAP (Old Age Punk) and he was at the Speakeasy when Vicious tried to take the piss out of Paul Weller over the Sex Pistols nicking his “In the City” riff for “Holidays in the Sun.” Paul knocked him down with one punch and he ended up in casualty so he wasn’t quite as “vicious” as his name suggested.

  17. Heh Heh Both great Tunes – Do you reckon Sid done Nancy in?
    Oh and who killed Bambi?

  18. Cool man-got a pretty hefty load of sixties 5hit just started listing my collection on discogs it’s the dullest thing I have ever done in years haha
    You on Discogs Joe?

  19. joe hawkins says:
    July 10, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    “Viv Albertine out of The Slits, Reckons he learned the Bass by sitting up one night, And playing along to The Ramones tracks.”

    Well, she was in the “Flowers of Romance” with him, but he couldn’t play, Joe. Chris Thomas and Bill Price couldn’t use any of his bass on “Never Mind the Bollocks” and according to Steve Jones, he had yellow jaundice when they recorded the album too. Thomas and Price struggled to incorporate at least some of his bass playing “for his sake” as Price put it. However, it was so shite that Steve Jones ended up having to go down an octave on his guitar and that was the bass for NMTB. It worked superbly in the end
    though. Steve Jones was very raw at the time but unlike Vicious, he was also very talented indeed. There is a bit of Sid’s bass on “Bodies” though, allegedly.

    Thanks to Matlock, there’s alot of Small Faces and stuff like that in the Pistols’ songs but Johnny Rotten used to hate them. He called them the “Small Faeces” at the time. I had a good chat with Glen once, and Jamie Reid on a different occaision. Reid was a Druid when I met him. :-)

    Of course, there is also the famous story about Lemmy trying to teach him bass and giving up and saying to Sid something like “you can’t play bass, Sid.” I seem to recall him saying in a subsequent interview that he was the least musical person he’d ever met, and also that he still couldn’t play bass when he died.

  20. worky – just for the record.

    paul weller smashed him with a bottle & not his fist.

    gobshites acting the tough guy usually end up on their arses – as they should.

  21. Steve Marriott,Ian McLagan,Kenney Jones,Ronnie Lane walk into a bar…The Barman says,”Why the Small Faces”

  22. John Beverley, (AKA) Sid Vicious, Was as soft as claggy s***e!
    He was a trouble maker though, When he was full of drink, And got done for throwing a bottle, Which hit a pillar, Then cut a young girls face open.

    John Lydon gave him the moniker, After he was bitten by Lydon’s hamster, Which was called “Sid The Vicious”.

    STJ, I joined Discogs a while back to buy a punk Cd from Holland.

  23. roy cropper says:
    July 10, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    “worky – just for the record.

    paul weller smashed him with a bottle & not his fist.”

    I don’t know Roy, some people say he headbutted him too, and that it was in the 100 Club, not the Speakeasy (which was wrong) and so on… My mate said that Sid tried to headbutt Paul Weller, but I’m not sure about the bottle thing. My mate just said he gave him a good slap or something like that.

    I wasn’t quite old enough for Punk at the time, and I was up north, but I met alot of the original punks after moving down here to London.

  24. joe hawkins says:
    July 10, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    “STJ, I joined Discogs a while back to buy a punk Cd from Holland.”

    Joe, have you ever tried “Gemm” and “Musicstack” for that sort of thing?

  25. sirjasontoon says:
    July 10, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    “Just had a look on GEMM
    WTF…prices are a joke”

    It depends, SJT, it’s just like an online record fair. The members are just thousands of different record dealers from all over the world collected together in one site and ditto for musicstack. Some of the dealers on there will be very expensive, some of them will be very cheap, and some of them will be somewhere in the middle. That’s half the fun!

  26. At the risk of being pedantic: Nancy Spungen was buried in her hometown of Philadelphia. Story about her grave and Sid’s ashes is true, though, from what I understand. It wasn’t allowed but his mother managed to drop a bit at the gravesite. A muckety-muck of an attorney on my floor of the office is from Philadelphia and has done work for that city’s chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, which Deborah Spungen founded and headed up for some time.

  27. STJ, I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to listening to music.
    I tend not to listen to music online, Apart from Youtube.
    I’m strictly CD’s and Vinyl, Although i haven’t got a record player atm.
    There’s nothing better than going to a small record shop, And spending hours looking through the old Vinyl.

  28. sirjasontoon says:
    July 10, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    “Discogs Ebay and Amazon for me sir”

    Well the people who sell on Discogs are pretty much the same people who sell on Gemm and Musicstack and for the same prices. I buy secondhand vinyl mostly and on EBay if you’re dealing with sellers who aren’t record dealers or seasoned collectors, they have absolutely no idea about grading the condition, and I’ve found that collectable vinyl can often be bid up to prices higher than they are available for from online record dealers if you shop around a bit.

    Basically, it’s best to look at the all of them if you’re looking for rare, hard to find stuff.

  29. Sid was brought into the PiStOLs for his image not his poor attempts at playing bass or lack ov been able to play.Sid also had a run in with Freddie Mercury in a studio,Freddie showed him up & turfed him out a the studio.been an old punk myself Sid was still a hero ov mine as a kid.Sid looked the part but that was all.haha

    on to football now.i hope these rumors ov Saylor been used in a deal for Remy are way off the mark.WE need Saylor,what we dont need is another sex case nonce in wor squad.He fkd us around in January so let the cnut rot in the championship with the mighty QPR.

  30. Lovely turntable that Worky-I got rid of my turntables last year as they where collecting dust through lack of space to set up and although I am still buying records it isn’t practical at the minute…shame as I have thousands of records :)

  31. sirjasontoon says:
    July 10, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    “Lovely turntable that Worky-I got rid of my turntables last year as they where collecting dust through lack of space to set up”

    I’ve thought about getting a Gyrodec for decades but I’ve always had Linn LP 12s since I was a bairn. They have the best sound but as you can see fron the picture linked above (if you haven’t seen one already), they look as boring as f**k!

    If you can;t use a turntable because of space, how about this one? :-)

  32. BLYTH MAG says:
    July 10, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    “what we dont need is another sex case nonce in wor squad.He fkd us around in January so let the cnut rot in the championship with the mighty QPR.”

    Well Pardew seems to think that he’s the player we fans want, Blyth.

    I really don’t like the way he talks about us as if we’re all identical and incapable of independent thought. I find it far more insulting and patronising than any of Kinnear’s befuddled comments. Apparently, we’ve taken him to our hearts though and he’s “almost an adopted Geordie” now according to him.


  33. 90% ov us fans will never take him to wor hearts Worky mate,even if by a miracle we win a cup with that dildo at the helm we still wont take him to wor hearts and never in a million years will he be an adopted an adopted mackem he could well be in the future :)

  34. He told the Chronicle: “I feel we are in a strong position financially to hold on to our players.

    “If one of our top players goes it will be a bid that blows the doors off. That’s it.”

    Pardew now adopting a Michael Cain persona.


  35. Worky, Very nice, I remember it from the film.
    Very expensive though, I think i might have to pull a man sized crast, For that!

  36. joe hawkins says:
    July 11, 2013 at 9:37 am

    “Worky, Very nice, I remember it from the film.
    Very expensive though, I think i might have to pull a man sized crast, For that!”

    True. One thing though, Joe, if you want good sound and you’re not a millionaire, spend the most on the items which are closest to the source. What I mean is that a system with a top notch Turntable, arm and cartridge, or CD player with a cheaper amp and speakers will sound better than a system with a cheap, dodgy turntable or CD player but with big expensive speakers and amp. The cartridge, arm and turntable, or CD player is the most important, then the amp, then the speakers. So, a turntable like that Gyrodec with a decent budget amp and speakers will sound more accurate than a system with a crappy turnatable no matter how much you spend on the rest.

    It’s the same with sound engineering too if you’re a musician. If you have crappy instruments with shite pickups, shite mics, shite instrument amps etc, all a good PA or recording studio will do is transduce shite accurately.

  37. BLYTH MAG says:
    July 10, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    “90% ov us fans will never take him to wor hearts Worky mate,even if by a miracle we win a cup with that dildo at the helm we still wont take him to wor hearts and never in a million years will he be an adopted geordie”

    I divven’t knaa, Blyth. I think alot of fans would take a managerial team of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Gary Glitter to their hearts if they could win a trophy for us.

  38. Tim Krul…Arsenal Bound?
    Rumours seem to be gathering pace…He seems at the right age for Wenger to groom him too.
    Heh Heh

  39. Punk IMO was a pulling back to something closer the origins of early r&r, by those who believed that music had deviated from a raw sound to a too sophisticated one, of which the moody blues were a typical example.
    It also made it available to most young kids, being in many cases, more perspiration than inspiration, that plus physical presence, that gave an audience an opportunity to get rid of youthfull energies and of course annoy the hell out of both parents and establishment.
    Not much different from the early days of r&r.
    Though they differed in the fact early r&r varied by location and to a degree race, there never being such a thing as r&r but variations from one region of the US to another, though all listed in general under that genetic title.
    Plus not all music travelled well across the pond, some having missed out on actually making it from either the UK to the US and vice versa.
    These variations still exist, at least in the US, with many different Latin American influences combining with the more established musical variations, making for some interesting sounds.
    At present we are experiencing the influences of Asian immigrants, who are beginning to add their flavours to the pot.
    It’s an interesting history of the various unlikely influences of various immigrants, especially that
    Of say the German immigrants influences on the music of northern Mexico, with their use of accordions playing polka like rythyms.
    As to the apex of punk, I think “The Clash” we’re the band that took punk to it’s limit, a far cry from “The Sex Pistols” who we’re more shock jocks than musicians, though many of that generation thought of them as revolutionaries and perhaps rightly so, in a certain respect.
    It being a time (as it is today) of high youth unemployment, where kids of that era considered
    themselves as a social embarrassment and reacted by dressing and acting to reflect that .
    Question is with bands like Daft Punk and others (actually strange to see Kraftwerk enjoying a new popularity) could be the Moody Blues of our present time and to days younger generation going in a different direction.
    But I fear for music turning more into an electronic generated , as opposed to traditional musical instrument generated sound.
    Which I think may be easier to generate than as the prior mentioned Sid and his difficulty to play bass.

  40. Well spotted Mark Brophy, you’re reet n’aal!

    “Can we see this beginning to happen already on a small scale? If you run a search for “Wonga” on the Chronicle’s own website, it’s perhaps telling that since just after the Wish Sport fund was set up, there’s been a subtle change in how Wonga are referred to. A post on July 4th was the last time Wonga were referred to as a “payday lender”. Since then they’ve become a ‘digital finance company’.”

    Last reference to Wonga as a “payday loan company” in the Chronic.

  41. You would have to be either a smackhead or tw@t to even consider using a company like Wonga.
    If I was really down on my luck I would rather shoplift than use them.

    To have them emblazoned over a tacky puma top does nause me and looks fookin’ hideous !!

  42. Punk, you are lucky! I was in Southern Indiana this weekend and was subjected to this new country cr@p that they have. OMG it is truly awful, and I was asking for ABC by the end (anything but country). I mean, some of the lyrics are outstandingly bad and all the tunes run into one, with an overemphasized twangy accent.

    Next time I see these people I will burn a John Hiatt or Lucinda Williams CD to show them country is OK when done right (some of the old stuff like Patsy Cline was good as well Chuck, before you start. This was more along the lines of Conway Twitty in the awfulness stakes though).

  43. Well, we have the dubious distinction of being the only premier league team not to sign anybody. Sorry, I just had to get that out there.

  44. sjt – I’m pretty sure he’s a youth team candidate, not for the first team.

  45. GS says:
    July 11, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    “Erm…Does Mick Quinn actually get paid to write his rubbish or is it self-promotion for some other business he has?”

    He’s a racehorse trainer, GS. The poor horses in his stable must have nightmares about that fat bastard climbing on top of them.

  46. Oh, and to show how rubbish the gossip is from the press:

    “English players are being targeted by Alan Pardew, with Scott Sinclair and Alex McCarthy top of his shopping list. (Mirror)

    Newcastle are swooping for PSV Eindhoven keeper Jeroen Zoet in a deal set up by new director of football Joe Kinnear. (Mirror)

    Alan Pardew is willing to sacrifice centre-half Steven Taylor and pay around £6m for QPR’s France international striker Loic Remy (Mirror)

    Alan Pardew has told Paris Saint-Germain to stop publicly courting Yohan Cabaye or make a bid for the player. (Sky Sports) ”

    Ho hum.

  47. Well Swansea have definitely signed Wilf Bony now.

    pete_toon says:
    July 11, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    “sjt – I’m pretty sure he’s a youth team candidate.”

    Well he would be Pete if he was “pubeless” as SJT so elegantly put it.

  48. This is the time to ignore football if you support NUFC. Just check out the “top stories” on the NUFC page of any news site…they’re all about Tiote’s fraud charge, Kinnear & Harvey, Ranger charged with rape, Simpson, Perch & Gosling leaving and NUFC miss out on Kone.

    They pro sports is part of the entertainment industry…I suppose tragedy is a form of entertainment.

  49. errr…was talking to a coworker about a baseball player named Harvey as I was writing-that’s “Kinnear and Pardew”…news so slow I’ll now wait for some “credentialed journalist” to throw out the headline:

    “Who Is Mystery Man ‘Harvey’ in NUFC Hierarchy?”

  50. tunyc, you could have got away with that one as another big piece of breaking NUFC news is that fans and ex players have been having a whip round to buy a plaque for Joe Harvey.

  51. Isn’t it about time we had some pictures of the players running on the beach in South Shields? That’s about as exciting as it is going to get until Kinnear gets back.

    How about some pictures of Kinnear and his Missus on the beach in Sardinia. That would definitely stir the pot on Toonsy’s blog.

    Somehow I think the tabloids would rather show pictures of Ronaldo, Cole and their WAGS than our OAP of a Director of F****all.

  52. Worky @67: I am not so sure. I saw something where that model Kate Upton said she wouldn’t date someone who hadn’t done a bit of “man grooming”. I assume she meant down there as well as chest (and back for some people).

  53. GS, you’ve been reading that Daily bastad Mail again, haven’t you?

    Never heard of the stupid cow but I’ll bet she’s no Simone de Beauvoir. Why on earth do you read that shite? :lol:

    When will you be updating us with the latest Kardashian news? I can hardly wait.

  54. I probably did get it from the Daily Kardashian. I feel dirty after reading that paper. Their sports section is really, really crap anyway, I don’t know why I bother? How the hell Martin Samuel has a job I will never know.

    I have never seen anything so hypocritical as The Mail with their middle-class-housewife moralising and total voyeurism in the same place.

    There’s nothing else to read. Lee Ryder should have gone on holiday with Alan and Joe as he has repeated the same cr@p for weeks.

  55. And Pardew is spewing the same shyte as last year – we will do well to keep our players and maybe get one or two over the line. The difference, Alan, is that we finished 5th the season before and 16th last year when you were well and truly found out by the other managers.

  56. Good catch, GS. You get the “eye on the ball” award for the day. Yeah, the whole “we’re gonna stay the course!1!” message doesn’t go over so well after a relegation struggle. But hey, we all know AP is rhetorically tone deaf, so…

  57. There was one hell of a subtext in Pardew’s big interview. I say “subtext” but being Pardew, he was about as subtle as a brick in the face, which is what I would give him if I were Joe Kinnear.

  58. What are you all worrying about, the plan is to crack the top ten and put a few bob in Ashley’s sky rocket.
    But first we gotta ease wor Al oot the door, that is of course without paying him.
    Hey I got nothing against signing a goaltender or two and I think Sinclair is a decent player, but are those our priorities ?
    Our self congratulatory tude about Carr is beginning to wear thin, at least Worky has sussed his euro train route and it’s limitations, now Joe wants to reduce it to a trip to London or the midlands, possibly because he has no idea there’s a whole world out there, presently being exploited by east European, Portuguese , even Scandanavian sides and others.
    Who manage to dig up and stock their sides with promising youngsters, from South America, Africa, The Balkans, you name it, then sell on to clubs from the bigger leagues.
    Is it not time for NUFC to enter the present century , by expanding their scouting system and to try raising there expectations to at least attempt to win even a no-where cup ?
    After all they are among the top twenty or so clubs in the world, but with Ashley and his limited vision, one would think he was managing fcuging Gateshead, no disrespect to Gateshead of course.

    I can’t but help notice, Joe has been keeping a low profile recently, while wor Al. Has been spouting off a mile a minute, while being not too subtly backed by “The Chronic”
    What’s that all about ?

    When I look around to see the business being done and the money being spent by other PL clubs -hell why not the tv revenues are enormous- while we are looking at re -treads like Bent
    Having been outbid for every striker we have bid on, tells a tale, yeah, nowt has changed, Ashley is the same old cheapass he has always been.

    It will be interesting to see whether Cisse and possibly our other Moslem players will wear the WONGA logo-ed shirt, hope they refuse and the deal is cancelled, FFS it must be possible to get a deal that is more acceptable than this, possibly the highest “vigorish “as the wise guys call it loanshark outfit in the country.
    Hopefully the shirt it’s self will not sell, fans instead going for their favourite older replicas, which will obviously be a way of sending a message.
    Ther must be clubs out there who don’t go through this kind of trauma , that continually accurs at NUFC , the stadium renameing the managerial revolving door, that makes the club a laughing stock and constantly in the news.
    One final thing it’s been stated in the news, that Fulham are for sale this summer for around 150m. to 200m. Being a London side I expect it will be for the higher price and will sell fast.
    We should be so lucky !

  59. chuck says:
    July 12, 2013 at 10:50 am

    “Our self congratulatory tude about Carr is beginning to wear thin, at least Worky has sussed his euro train route and it’s limitations, now Joe wants to reduce it to a trip to London or the midlands, possibly because he has no idea there’s a whole world out there, presently being exploited by east European, Portuguese , even Scandanavian sides and others.”

    I’m not saying he only buys players from clubs around there, but that’s where he seems to hang out looking at players mostly and he does seem to be a bit of a creature of habit.

    On Kinnear, don’t be so sure about that. As I’ve pointed out on here before, Kinnear himself was looking at French players before Carr came. He put a bid for Stephane Mbia when he was at Stade Rennais but Marseilles paid over £10 million for him in the end. Of course, after a few years at Marseilles he ended up at QPR last season. He was also after Bafetimbi Gomis when he was younger and he’s turned out to be a very repectable striker for Lyon since then. He was also sniffing around a full back called Albin Ebondo or something like that who ended up at St Etienne and was a free agent last time I looked.

    We actually NEED to sign some English players now though, or at least “home grown” players anyway. We need to have at least eight in the 25 name squad and we have a problem there now after the latest English exodus (Harper, Simpson, Perch blah blah…)

  60. workyticket says:
    July 12, 2013 at 11:45 am

    “We actually NEED to sign some English players now though, or at least “home grown” players anyway”.

    I remember when Wallsend Boys Club used to feed all the top English and Scottish teams with fresh young talent (of the male footballing kind).

    And you could get a fish supper for a whole family for ten bob as well :)

  61. DarthBroon says:
    July 12, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    “I remember when Wallsend Boys Club used to feed all the top English and Scottish teams with fresh young talent (of the male footballing kind).”

    Darth, Is there any “fresh young talent” of the other kind up there?

  62. Pardew also said Sissoko could play as a number 10. In that case, where are the goals going to come from? Maybe he is just letting his mouth run as usual, but he is proving yet again his tactical skills are scattered if he has any at all.

  63. “The United chief told the Chronicle: “You could argue that Moussa Sissoko needs to define a position for him. He needs to find a position and he needs to be in the first team.

    “If he is going to play behind the striker then he needs a few more goals.

    “If he is going to play through the middle, then who comes out?

    “Is it going to be Cheick Tiote or Yohan Cabaye?

    “Or is he going to play on the side where he played for France and Toulouse?”

    Why are you asking us? You’re the f**king manager FFS, why can’t YOU make a decision and define a f**king position for him you f**king incompetant clown?

    Why can’t you try try the left footed Benny on the left again, or the right footed Gutierrez and Santon on the right and see if they can bang some crosses in instead of cutting in too while you’re at it?

    This is getting even more insuffereable.

  64. With all due respect to Joe, worky-lots of folks were scouting Mbia and Gomis at that time. Credit for good targets, but I don’t think it really reflects on how he’s going to help NUFC now. Thing is, even if he identifies the right targets, will Ashley pay? Will AP ruin them?

    I’d have preferred just having Kinnear replace AP. I agree with you that he’s a decent manager, not at all convinced about him as DOF. We’ll see.

    By the way: Sissoko is a CDM, simpl as. Good job complicating that, AP. #10-when you have HBA and Cabaye in the squad? Wide? Seriously, wide? So I guess we won’t be buying the winger we need and Marveaux will spend another season on the bench.

  65. Sissoko HAS defined his position: CM. 20G in 200 games in France. #10? Alan Pardew: you don’t know what you’re doing. But yeah, go ahead and have Cabaye in one of the holding slots so he launch more long balls like last season…


  66. tunyc says:
    July 12, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    “I’d have preferred just having Kinnear replace AP. I agree with you that he’s a decent manager, not at all convinced about him as DOF. We’ll see.”

    Nah. I know I was positive about him when he was manager before and everyone was spouting ill informed crap about him. I know that I’m also looking at the positives about him now since his appointment as a director too, but it’s too late and he’s too old. Knowing the NUFC world of catastrophes, he could keel over in the dugout in front of 50,000.

    As you know, in my dream world, I would have sacked Pardew and gone for the Prince of Denmark when he was available. This season, if I’d have known that Oscar Garcia had left Maccabi Tel Aviv, I would have taken a brave punt on him before Brighton nabbed him even though he’s relatively inexperienced as a full manager.

  67. Fair enough, worky. Truth is I can’t have faith in anyone brought in by this regime.

    I like Poyet-but was worried when I read the rumor that he was actually AshleyCo’s prefered replacement. Who would associate with these assholes?

  68. Worky @87: I forgot about all of the cutting in. I am dismayed. Pardew in one interview has shown that he has not learnt anything from last year and will continue not to have a clue and play players out of position.

    It doesn’t matter who we get. F@ck, if we got Aguero he would play Cisse out wide and drop Ben Arfa :) :(

    I just remembered, he had Tevez and didn’t know what to do with him either. Did he even start him?

  69. GS says:
    July 12, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    “I just remembered, he had Tevez and didn’t know what to do with him either. Did he even start him?”

    GS, he played Tevez out on the wing to make way for Marlon Harewood and Javier Macherano (one of the world’s very finest defensive midfielders) often found himself on the bench watching Hayden Mullins playing in his position.

    When Curbishley came in it was a bit like the first season of Keegan’s second coming when he replaced Allardyce. He put things right but they still had a run of losses from my recollection. Then it started to work though and they went on a good winning run which saved them.

  70. I really haven’t seen enough of Sissoko to know if this is a valid comparison, but would Wenger play Viera as a number 10?

    I have seen Sissoko called box-to-box and defensive midfielder. I think Pardew is getting confused by the fact that Sissoko scored 2 against Chelsea (but one was running from deep, admittedly on the wing).

    It would be nice to have someone tall in the middle of midfield.

    The other thing is that Pardew confuses the fact that Cabaye is aggressive with him being defensive. In my opinion he is an attacking midfielder who will stick his foot in.

  71. Sissoko ?
    This guy could be another Viera, has all the tools for it, unfortunately we have neither the manager or coaches it seems to understand and develope him in that role.
    Look Tiote has been with us for how long now ?
    An excellent defensive midfielder, winning more balls and breaking up attacks than anyone in the squad.
    But it’s also obvious that he is limited going the other way and for a while his answer was to get rid of the ball as soon as possible to the nearest guy in black and white stripes.
    Our coaches should have been concentrating on improving that part of his game, also instructing him as to who and when to put an opposition player into the stands, instead of doing it with every tackle.
    If Pardew goes, then hopefully we will get an entirely new coaching staff, no more “Jobs for the boys” ,by hiring people Beardsley and anyone because they are Geordies.