Probing Graham Carr’s scouting targets – Christopher Jullien (AJ Auxerre)

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Christopher Jullien (Auxerre).
Christopher Jullien – He’s a very big lad.
Well, I hadn’t seen a great deal of the previous subject of my little mini series of players being followed by Graham Carr, EA Guingamp’s Gilbert Imbula Wanga, but I have seen even less of this tall (6’5″) Centre Back from another Ligue 2 side, AJ Auxerre.

I have only seen the compilation below and a few very small bits on the Ligue 2 highlights I picked up on YouTube, plus a very brief glance of him in a film on Carr himself. Hence, I can write even less from personal experience, and am pretty much totally reliant on a few snippets about the player online. In other words, not alot!

As you will see from the highlights video below, at the start at least it looks more like a collection of “bloopers” than “highlights,” with the defender being shown in the worst possible light. In many of the better bits, he is mostly at the other end of the pitch using his height as a target man heading crosses at goal. The player can’t really be assessed to any degree from that though.

Anyway, according to this site called “Football Talent Scout,” he is right footed and similar to Bayern Munich’s big Belgian, Daniel Van Buyten, though whether that’s just because Van Buyten’s another big lump at around 6’6″ I do not know exactly. It also says that Jullien’s strengths are his marking, tackling, positioning, body balance (which can be hard for someone so far up in the clouds – wt), aerial duels (which he should be! – wt), and finally, composure.

It also says that he is “best suited as a Centre Back in a 4-4-2” and the following:

“This player has great physical attributes. He is a graduate of the famous Auxerre youth academy, which produced players like Phillipe Mexes, Djibril Cisse or Eric Cantona. Christopher is currently a key element of the Ligue 2 outfit Auxerre and is a regular of the France U-20 team. If he keeps up his development at the current rate, he should soon join a leading Ligue 1 side.”



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40 Responses

  1. So Ligue 2 is where it’s at this summer, huh? Level of play in that league I’m guessing is a shade below the SPL? So these would all be gambles as first-teamers/ones for the future? Maybe AP can blame them for a 3rd-round FA Cup exit?

    Some call me cynical…

  2. tunyc, Graham Carr speaking on the road to watch an Auxerre game:

    “It gives me the chance to watch the second division of the French Football for the youngsters that are coming through ’cause every year, there’s players coming out of this league and go to senior clubs, and sometimes you’ve got to catch them before they make that jump.”

    Anyway, as I mentioned in the piece itself, there are bigger clubs than Newcastle who have been sniffing around Imbula like Arsenal, who also signed Alex Song from Bastia when they were a Ligue 2 club. It’s the same in England too with players like Theo Walcott, Victor Moses, Wilfried Zaha and Thomas Ince soon, probably.

  3. Fair enough, worky but we need players for the first team NOW and I’d like to hope that’s the priority. For every Song (overrated to me anyway, not surprised he rides the pine at Barca), I’m guessing there are several Romaine Amalfitanos. I know that that’s true regarding the English players you mention. Giles Barnes, anyone?

  4. tunyc says:
    June 13, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    “Fair enough, worky but we need players for the first team NOW”

    No, we need a new manager NOW. As I’ve stated many times before (so please forgive me for repeating myself) teams like Swansea and Norwich (not to mention the promoted teams) can’t even dream of having a squad like ours. However, they did better than us and one of them even won a major trophy, something Newcastle United haven’t done since 1969.

    This has nothing to do with the fact that every club wants better players, of course that’s true.

  5. Now, wt-you know I agree about the manager.

    But one actual forward, 3 CBs with one wanting to get away and one effective winger won’t cut it. I agree that our first XI really is very very good…the entire squad? Not so much. Very strong in some areas but seriously unbalanced and thin in others. We can’t keep getting into positions where we’ve got 4/10 of the outfield squad playing out of position. Then again, that’ll probably happen even with a fully fit squad under AP.

  6. We would be better off leaving those youngsters in France until they are ready, as opposed to introducing them to a style of football that hasn’t been seen other than at Stoke or BSA’s Bolton, in years.
    Hell they might think it’s some new revolutionary style being introduced by a genius manager, never having experienced goofball, sorry, hoof-ball.
    Which begs the question, I wonder what the recent recruits think about both Pardew and the EPL
    I can understand them finding there’s a lot of running and physicality in this league as opposed to the French leagues (god forbid they had been introduced to the second tier, where there’s much more perspiration than innovation) but we basically understand they have to consider what tthey say in public , but among themselves find it hard to believe that a guy like Pardew is for real.
    I guess it’s a strange experience, but perhaps they think of it as just another way to gain entrance to the big money being payed by EPL clubs.
    And Cabaye’s recent chat’s concerning Man. U. certainly tend to confirm that belief.

  7. workyticket says:
    June 13, 2013 at 5:26 pm
    ‘teams like Swansea and Norwich (not to mention the promoted teams) can’t even dream of having a squad like ours.’

    Do we (still have) a striker who was as successful as Michu last season? Were our goalkeepers at the level of Vorm or Ruddy who is basically England no.2, or should be. Did we have creative players playing like Robert Snodgrass or even have as good a season as Wayne Routledge? What we have is some players with big reputations, and a squad that looks good on paper. Doesn’t mean we have a better squad than these teams who will probably continue to progress next season whilst we stand still. Next season we will most likely be hoping we are better than Hull City and Cardiff, not Swansea or Norwich. I wouldn’t say Swansea can’t dream of having a squad like ours – if I was a Swansea fan I would be much happier with the squad and manager I already had. A good Squad (team) can pass the ball around for 30+ passes and can change positions without too much disruption, in that sense we don’t have a good squad at all. Some good individual talents yes.

  8. “Wonga of course bought the shirt sponsorship and stadium naming rights. The money lending company has been getting some stick from the London media but has been winning some hearts and minds amongst United’s fan base by restoring the St James’ Park name to the stadium, and removing the garish “Sports Direct” advert – which could be seen from space – from the roof of the Gallowgate End.

    “This latest idea to restore the famous gates is another excellent contribution by the sponsor.

    “It is planned that the gates will be in place for the beginning of the 2013/14 season – and there will no doubt be a queue of fans waiting to have their piccie taken beside them!”

  9. Who’s this Brown Ideye kid, He’s a striker playing for Dynamo Kiev?
    We’re supposed to be after him, According to Pie Sports.

  10. joe hawkins says:
    June 14, 2013 at 10:36 am

    “Who’s this Brown Ideye kid, He’s a striker playing for Dynamo Kiev?
    We’re supposed to be after him, According to Pie Sports.”

    I’m glad my parents didn’t give me a name that’s almost the same as “brown eye.”

  11. DJG says:
    June 14, 2013 at 1:57 am

    Well we did have Routledge, DJG, but Pardew got rid of him after saying he wasn’t good enough and would only ever make the bench with players like Ben Arfa, Gutierrez and Cabaye around. He loaned him out to QPR at first then sold him to Swansea for around £2 million. Then he brought in better players like Obertan and Amalfitano.

    Snodgrass was a big signing for Hughton, he paid Leeds almost £3 million for him.

    As for Vorm, he is a good goalkeeper but even the Dutch coach can’t seem to pick him and Krul apart as challengers to Stecklenburg for the Netherlands goalkeeper’s jersey.

    Michu isn’t a striker, he was a £2 million attacking midfielder from Rayo Vallecano. Thay had Danny Graham up front to start with, but Luke Moore and Itay Shechter were Swansea’s strikers for much of the season, and they hardly ever score so Michu was pushed up front for a few games.

    Swansea’s only reserve centre backs are over 30s players who have been with the club since they were a League One side and are only worth less than a million combined. I could go through all thorough all three squads position by position, including squad players but that would take too long!

    What Swansea and Norwich fans can be very happy about though is that they both have very good managers who aren’t consantly whinging and making excuses for being crap.

  12. With midfielders like Cabaye, Gouffran, HBA, Sissoko, Marveaux, Anita,plus youngsters coming on like Ferguson, Bigirimana and Sammy.
    With both Perch and Tiote to bring on later in the game.
    Our midfield looks decent.
    If we pick up Douglas, we have Yanga -M’biwa and Taylor, three decent CD’s, plus Debuchy, Hidarra and Santon who can play either side, not a lot of depth but decent quality.
    We obviously need help up front having only one good striker and across the back four.
    Douglas apparently wants a guarantee of playing time, with only three CD’s and expected injuries, he may get more than he bargained for.
    I expect Colo. to find a way out of his predicament and end up playing in Argentina, hopefully he can take his buddy Jonas as I believe they have both lost a step.
    Yeah ! The squad is not that bad, all they need is someone to give them direction and I,m not talking about Pardew.

  13. We’ll all sleep well in our beds tonight, Because Steven Taylor has committed his future to the club.
    Apparently he’s still living the dream, Dream for him, Nightmare for the majority?

  14. Joe, when they need Taylor’s tongue to give “feel good” interviews to the Chronic, they usually have to call in the Fire Brigade to remove it from Llambias’s “brown eye” first. I might sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I’m sure he made some kind of satanic pact with Owlheed when he negotiated his improved new contract, to be the chief propagandist amongst the players, and possibly his spy in the dressing room too.

    Do you remember his story about Llambias and the Chinese?

  15. Worky I never heard about the Chinese, What happened, Did Dekka buy him off with a Chicken Chow Mein?

  16. joe hawkins says:
    June 14, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    “Worky I never heard about the Chinese, What happened, Did Dekka buy him off with a Chicken Chow Mein?”

    Aye Joe, more or less. And he sent the lads out paintballing too.

    It was one of those Taylor interviews, but a particularly sickly and creepy one where Taylor went round the local media teling everyone how the bad old days of Hughton, Nolan, Barton, Carroll and bonus rows were over now the club had evicted all those troublemakers, and also what a wonderful guy Derek was for bringing the team back together after all the hurt because he sent them all out paintballing and for a Chinese.

    Here’s the Journal’s coverage of Taylor’s arse licking. Read it for yourself but keep a bucket handy just in case! ;-)

  17. Reading that Worky, It just reeks of the “Two Bobness”, That you can associate with Ashley and his cronies.
    Everything that is uttered by them, Or people associated with them, Is tainted with cheapness, And very little to do with making this Football Club, A force again!
    That’s about all they are good for, Is taking people out for a pint, Or to the casino.
    Paint balling?, How many modern day Footballers do that?, It’s the sort of activity you take a bunch of kids, From the local youth club.
    It’s just another indication of the mentality of these classless morons.

    I see they are trying to win around the fans with their pathetic gesture of,” Bringing back the gates”.
    Again “Two bob”, And very shady to say the least.
    It has all the hallmarks of a back alley scrap deal, And is more in keeping with St trinian’s,And “Flash Hary” Than a Premier League Football Club!

    There is also a story about them spending 300,000 grand on renovating a ticket office, Into another watering hole for fans, With Llambias saying, “It’s somewhere for our fans to meet up before, And after the game”.
    Are they that naive or stupid, To think this makes everything all right?
    Are they not aware of all the doom and gloom surrounding the club?, After the season they have presided over?
    All the fans want to know is who they are doing their level best to attract to the club, To advance it, And not the quibbling and back tracking, And trying to strong arm clubs into cheap deals, And being gazumped by smaller clubs.

  18. joe hawkins says:
    June 14, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    “I see they are trying to win around the fans with their pathetic gesture of,” Bringing back the gates”.”

    Wonga’s getting the glory for that one, Joe. They supposedly put up the funding for them to be reinstalled. I refer you to my comment #8 on UTD111’s Wonga arse licking blog.

  19. Worky, It’s all part of the same thing though, W***A.COM, Trying to validate their deal, By keeping the peasants happy, And it turn, Steering negative press away from “Laurel & Hardy”.
    It’s just a s**t exercise in trying to keep everyone sweet, And the sad thing is, The Charver’s will lap it up, And there will be some tawdry ceremony to officially unveil the gates, No doubt, A bit like the opening of new pound shop!

  20. joe hawkins says:
    June 14, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    “Worky, It’s all part of the same thing though, W***A.COM, Trying to validate their deal, By keeping the peasants happy”

    Well it’s certainly seems to have worked with UTD and quite a few other “peasants” and “charvers” too, Joe. According to him, the Wonga conspiracy is just a load of stuff and nonsense, another conspiracy cooked up by his favourites, the “southern” press, to make us look bad.

  21. Worky, Is this the same utd 11, Who used to contribute to this site, And others?
    If it is, He used to be one of the Ashley regimes most ardent critics!

  22. “Every fortress needs some imposing gates”, F**k Off!, The way Pardew has us playing football, It will be nowhere to being a fortress, And more a place that the opposition will rub their hands together, When they see our name on the fixture list!

  23. Not to worry we’ll have lots of good days to look forward to, Due to our Sterling transfer business!
    Estonia Day
    Belgium Day
    Lithuania Day
    Latvia Day
    Moldova Day
    Switzerland Day

    Lithuania Day will be good, You dress up as an Eastern European Gangster, And car jack the fans, As they leave the stadium.

    Switzerland Day, You will get a free Cuckoo Clock from Witch, On showing your Season Ticket.

    Belgium Day, You’ll get a box of Guylian, On entry to the
    Stadium, Knowing Ashley, It will probably be out of date!

    It’s not all gloom and doom, There’s plenty to look forward to.

  24. seing as we are supposed to be going for proven premier league player’s im finding it strange we have only been linked with bent, don’t get me wrong i would be happy to have him but we are normally linked with every tom dick and Harry at this time of year. Anyone else heard anything? ??

  25. bifftoon says:
    June 14, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    “seing as we are supposed to be going for proven premier league player’s im finding it strange we have only been linked with bent, ”

    What about all those stories about the alleged return of the prodigal son from Gateshead, bifftoon. You must have seen at least one of those stories? They were all shite, but then again, so are 99% of all the stories linking us with new potential new players.

    I find that you’re better off guessing they’ll bring in the ones they DON’T mention, or actually come out and deny like Wilf Bony.

  26. Joe, I’d like to see a “Danish Day” at St James’ Park, with Michael Laudrup unveiled as the new manager and dirty Degs handing out free Danish pastries and deviant hardcore pornography.

  27. carrol would be great if pardew has another lucky season but if he goes and we get a manager that realises the lads can actually play football would he then be used? get bent in and a cheeky bid on bony before he gets snapped up. along with Cambell that’s a dangerous front 4 at his disposal. no excuses then!!!!

  28. Worky, Getting the “Prince Of Denmark” would be a step in the right direction, Instead of of “The Wimbledon W**ker”!
    Although Wimbledon Day would be amazing, If the fans could turn up, And hit Pardew with Tennis rackets.

  29. bifftoon says:
    June 14, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    “carrol would be great if pardew has another lucky season but if he goes and we get a manager that realises the lads can actually play football would he then be used?”

    bifftoon, I think it unfair to stereotype Carroll as a long ball footballer who could never play in a team who plays passing football. That arrogant twat of a manager at Liverpool hardly helped there either.

    I suppose it works the other way around at Newcastle with a player like little Vurn. He’s a lovely little player with great technique who would grace a proper footballing side. He can hardly get a look in at Pardew’s Newcastle.

  30. sorry mate didn’t explain myself properly, I meant the new gaffer might have the same view as Rodgers? Myself I think hes an all rounder, makes you think what could have been if he wasn’t injured when leaving us? the form he was in was mind blowing before injury

  31. I want a Dutch day with good weed and better football…or the other way around, whatever…

  32. Just read the Taylor report and believe the guy who wrote the article knew what he was doing.
    He obviously was smarter than his his boss at the Chronicle or whatever it was, saying all the right things, but giving the impression that both Llambias and Taylor are both complete assholes.
    Taylor has never actually been liked by certain sections of the fans and if we can believe this particular piece, I can understand why.
    I have always stated that both Joey and his scouse buddy Nolan, we’re targeted by both management and Pardew, as being unsettling forces in the dressing groom and were destined to go.
    And having just read the Taylor thing, if true then I have lost any respect I ever had for the guy.

    As for WONGA, we have yet to hear the end of this story, I’m just afraid that as one blog has done castigating Cisse for daring to voice any contrary opinion.
    Which I can only conclude the blog represents either a racist attitude or a pro WONGA one.

    I just hope our fans See this deal with WONGA as a slap in the face, being asked to both buy and wear a shirt advertising a mafia like organisation, in order to fill Ashley’s pockets.
    As for the gates, take em and sell em to Freddy for scrap, we never missed them and this PR bullshit which will cost nowt, we don’t need it and see throug it.

  33. Worky’s

    I fail to understand your attitude about both Carroll and Rodgers.
    Face it Rodgers IMO rightly judges Carroll as not someone who fits into his plans, therefor wants to get rid of him, personally I agree.
    Carroll is a typical throwback English number nine, someone that most Newcastle fans worship, even to-day, the Nat Lofthouse of the twenty first century FFS!
    It took Rodgers most of last season to bring about a change of how the modern game is played to Liverpool, who had a very good end to their season..
    But it appears anyone apart from your Danish prince just does,nt fit the bill.
    Both Clarke and Martinez IMO opinion and of course Rodgers , I have adbvocated for some time now,as managers who understand football from a tactical point of view, but whom you give short shrift to.
    Let’s see what happens in the coming season.

  34. bifftoon says:
    June 14, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    “sorry mate didn’t explain myself properly, I meant the new gaffer might have the same view as Rodgers? Myself I think hes an all rounder, makes you think what could have been if he wasn’t injured when leaving us? the form he was in was mind blowing before injury”

    No, that was probably me more than you, bifftoon. I wasn’t suggesting that you thought that about Carroll. There were a few games last season with West Ham where he was on top form. One other thing I will say about him is that he’ll get back and defend when he’s needed as well.

  35. Anyway, on this Cisse Wonga thing. He hasn’t said anything about it in public, but just supposing all the speculation is true for a moment. Why would his objection have to be for the sole reason that he is a strong practising Muslim, as it say in every story?

    Are Muslims the only people left with any kind of morals and fundamental human decency? I’m not a Muslim and I find Wonga’s extreme usury and preying on the poor and vulnerable despicable too, and if I was a footballer earning millions I would feel even worse about it.

    Are we Geordies really so cheap and lacking in moral fibre that we can be bought off with a few licks of paint over a Sports Direct sign and a few gadgies sticking an old gate up? Do we really have no pride whatsoever?

    The writers of these pathetic stories have also set Cisse (and his girlfriend) up nicely for more racist and Islamophobic attacks too. I hope the bastards are really proud of themselves.

  36. Well I’ve checked out this Cabaye passing a Monaco medical thing and I can’t find anything substantial on it yet. It seems to trace back to some random gadgie the French football correspondent for tweeting it on twitta.

  37. Worky – the Islam angle would render him potentially able to refuse. Otherwise he’s just a malcontent employee. Splitting hairs though-he’d probably say his personal and religious objections are inseparable. It is a crass and simple angle though, and that is why hack stenographers-er, journalists-have seized on it and parroted each other about it.