Has Joe Kinnear made us forget the real problems at Newcastle United?

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Joe Kinnear - A lightning rod?
Joe Kinnear – A lightning rod?
Last season seems like a dim and distant memory now.

Things like a sixteenth placed finish, Alan Pardew’s abysmal tactics and even more abysmal excuses have all been completely forgotten. Forthcoming delights such as the arrival of Wonga and all the opprobrium that will bring have been completely forgotten too, all because of a few interviews from Joe Kinnear as Tyneside finds itself once more in the grip of “Kinnearophobia.”

Is it pure genius?

Strangely, the “local” Mirror Group media, the Chronic and the Journal, have seemingly abandoned their usual sycophancy to the current regime, and have happily been laying into Newcastle United’s new Court Jester at every opportunity. It’s almost as if they’d been given the go ahead to be as brutal as possible by Newcastle United’s Managing Director, Derek Llambaisie Llambias.

Personally, I do not share the antipathy to Kinnear held by many fans, and some of the stuff has been shameful, like the headline in another Newcastle United blog which read “Gan On Kinnear – Have Another Heart Attack!.” I’m not as horrified at his appointment as some claim to be and have alot of respect for what he has achieved in his football career in the past.

However, in his own words, he has come “to find players that will improve the club.”

In the midst of Newcastle United’s awful season though, that is the one area where the club where the club were actually doing rather well, even despite the involvement of Kinnear’s predecessor as Director of Football (according to Kinnear in his last Talk Sport interview anyway), Derek Llambias. Our chief scout, Graham Carr, who was arguably Chris Hughton’s greatest gift to the club before he was sacked. Alas, he never got the chance to bring in Steve Clarke as his assistant too. So, we are left with Ashley and Llambias to make the recruiting decisions again. Incidentally, it’s interesting to see Hughton taking a similar approach to the one he started at Newcastle in his current job with Norwich City chief scout, Ewan Chester, another scout he recruited for his knowledge of the European market amongst other things. But I digress…

Getting back to Newcastle United, did Alan Pardew shoot himself in the foot with his constant prating about lack of players, then the “inexperience” of those new players when they belatedly arrived?

Or was it is the exact opposite?

I was also listening to another interview on Talk Sport today, not the notorious Joe Kinnear one I linked to above but another Talk Sport interview, this time with the Mag’s Mark Jensen on Kinnear’s return. At one point in that interview he said:

“I think that he’s probably the big beneficiary in terms of the relationship with the fans with his appointment is Alan Pardew. Alot of people turned against him at the end of last season but certainly, I think he’s got pretty much everybody’s sympathy with this appointment.”

Well not mine particularly as he was the primary author of our misfortune last season with his antediluvian tactics. Some might blame injuries for the club’s poor season too, something which has been a regular bugbear for Newcastle United even pre Pardew. Despite that though, I would say that Pardew’s highly physical “kick and rush” football with the concomitant groin and hamstring strains was the protagonist for quite a few of those injuries. They are things which need to be replaced next season rather than constantly hoping that more players will cure the problem. But anyway, Jensen’s words started me thinking…

Have all the problems which existed pre Kinnear really been swept aside now with the appointment of Kinnear? Has the potty mouthed one taken all the opprobrium from Pardew, from Wonga, and possibly even from Llambias in one fell swoop? Have some fans been fooled into using Kinnear as the lightning rod for all their angst and fury, or am I just a conspiracy theorist?

Probably not, but I think it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.


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69 Responses

  1. Thanks Worky for the constant food for thought. My view on Kinnear is very open-minded. I think he focuses more pressure on Alan Pardew to get good results and I doubt Pardew exactly relishes that more intense focus, but it can do us no harm. For all his lack of educashun, Kinnear does bring a light-heartedness to the club and, personally, I find that refreshing after Pardew’s indulgence in faux-seriousness and phony intelligence. Let’s see what happens in 2013/14. If it’s not going right by Christmas, Mike Ashley’s going to be getting very hot under the collar. Let’s see – and enjoy the ride!

  2. I too am open-minded. The decision has already been made so let’s get behind them, and if in six months we have not improved then we can start complaining.

  3. Worky
    Yes we are by now well aware, you have a soft spot for Joe and you are right, he was a decent manager.

    And as far as i’m concerned any one who will be instrumental in getting rid of Pardew, who i consider to be one of the worst managers we have had the I’ll luck to be associated with, is ok in my book.

    However believe it, Joe Kinnear is not the answer.

    The problems with this club run deeper than with either Pardew or Kinnear.

    It begins with an owner who trusts no one, making all the decissions himself.

    And as described not too long ago by KK as someone who knows nothing about football, and people wonder why he continues to screw up, his ignorance almost getting us relegated this season through his failure to strengthen the side for a season that included numerous european games, not to mention the normal injury problems.
    What was he thinking ?

    He has as a GM a person who was described in the same sentance by KK as knowing less than Ashley about football.

    The guy who does his dirty work and was responsible for Pardews hiring who’s CV reads, he worked in a gambling

    Whereas most successful clubs have GM’s with a financial background, but also a pretty good knowlege of football, as in the case of Arsenal and Man. U. plus Chelsea.

    They also pay these people well, which reflects in the operation, being they are top earning clubs.

    It just did’nt happen these people have been mainly responsibe for growing the brand names and increasing both sales and attracting sponsorship deals way beyond the pittance we are settling for with a loanshark organisation.

    My point is, until Ashley either sells the club, or changes his approach, by hiring both a smart money man, GM/football director and a decent manager familiar with the modern game, this club will never have success.

    Yeah! he can hire all he cheap managers and casino GM’s he want’s, but you get what you pay for.

    Plus the likelyhood following five plus years of screwups will continue, as there’s little likelyhood that Ashley will suddenly become a footballing genius, any time soon.

    Yes folks the slow learning curve continues.

  4. Like i said earlier has Ashley pulled another of his psy-ops?
    A lot of fans think he’s a sandwich short of a picnic, But the cnut is like Keyser Soze!
    The minute i heard Mark Jensen utter the words, “we have sympathy for Pardew”, It was like a “Manchurian Candidate”, Picking the phone up, And hearing a song or phrase, To activate them.
    I thought there you go, That’s the real reason Kinnear is there, He plays the hate figure, And Pantomime baddie, And i have to say, He’s played a blinder, So far.
    This gives Pardew some breathing space, And wins back the affection of the fans, And gives old Joe a bit of a hobby and Project, Because Ashley likes the old fella.

    Personally i have no sympathy for Pardew, Because he decided to dance with the Devil, And he’s a big boy, And knows what they are like, By now.
    If some reports were correct, And he knew Hughton’s job was up for grabs before he got peddled, Then you could say it’s Poetic Justice, If this conspiracy theory is not true!

  5. “Has Joe Kinnear made us forget the real problems at Newcastle United?”

    Nope, we’ve got 99 problems and a bitch aint 1 (for a change). :(

    Kinnear is just a side show to the shambles behind the scenes:

    Where is our pre-season?

    Where are our transfer targets ?(obviously for next January because everything we know about Ashley points to the inevitable excuse that Joe coming in needed time actually watch football in this Millenium and start looking at targets all over again)

    Who is going to fix our set plays?

    Are our players going to play in their favoured positions?

    Who decides to drop players out of form for months (Jonas, Tiote, Taylor…..)

    I’d go on but I’m boring myself to be honest. Think this is my last post for a while because there is literally F’all to be positive about right now.

    Ashley is simply making me want to avoid anything to do with the club I’ve loved and supported for well over 30 years and for that I’d gladly like to make sure the c**t never get another penny out of me. Well and truly had it with his continually piss-takes at our expense and he can go f**k himself.

    Apologies for the language but sometimes it is warranted in every sense of the word.

    Nite all.

  6. underground overground wonga free the wonga of wimbledon wongaring is he.Makeing crap use of the junk that he finds junk that the other teams all left behind .

  7. Sorry Worky, usually I like your articles, but not this one. I cannot stand Kinnear and I don’t care what he achieved 30 years ago.

    He is not qualified to be a Director of Football at any club, let alone ours.

    After listening to his ramblings on Talksport, I am of the opinion he should be sectioned under the mental health act.

    Sat 17 Manchester City (a)
    Sat 24 West Ham United (h)
    Sat 31 Fulham (h)

    Sat 14 Aston Villa (a)
    Sat 21 Hull City (h)
    Sat 28 Everton (a)

    Sat 5 Cardiff City (a)
    Sat 19 Liverpool (h)
    Sat 26 Sunderland (a)

    Sat 2 Chelsea (h)
    Sat 9 Tottenham Hotspur (a)
    Sat 23 Norwich City (h)
    Sat 30 West Bromwich Albion (h)

    Tue 3 Swansea City (a)
    Sat 7 Manchester United (a)
    Sat 14 Southampton (h)
    Sat 21 Crystal Palace (a)
    Thu 26 Stoke City (h)
    Sat 28 Arsenal (h)

    Wed 1 West Bromwich Albion (a)
    Sat 11 Manchester City (h)
    Sat 18 West Ham United (a)
    Tue 28 Norwich City (a)

    Sat 1 Sunderland (h)
    Sat 8 Chelsea (a)
    Wed 12 Tottenham Hotspur (h)
    Sat 22 Aston Villa (h)

    Sat 1 Hull City (a)
    Sat 8 Everton (h)
    Sat 15 Fulham (a)
    Sat 22 Crystal Palace (h)
    Sat 29 Southampton (a)

    Sat 5 Manchester United (h)
    Sat 12 Stoke City (a)
    Sat 19 Swansea City (h)
    Sat 26 Arsenal (a)

    Sat 3 Cardiff City (h)
    Sun 11 Liverpool (a)
    Sat 17 FA Cup Final

  9. tough start to the season at man city but the games after that down to nov all winable

  10. Come now its all about stability!! You couldn’t get any further from stable as Kinnear.We can only hope the men in white coats are watching these buffoons very carefully they could be a danger to the public.

  11. Words escape me, to try to explain and comprehend the situation developing there, but what i will say is this: With my Level 2 badge, i’m probably the most experienced coach working in the game….in the World….Ever.

    Joey Kinrarr has at least cleared the muddy sludge of fearful expectation on the power sharing, by stating that he’ll do transfers, while Pards picks the team….. Oh, except that he’ll also ride the coach with the players to every game, chewing the cud with Yohan Kebab about his playing style. And also, now he’s talking about getting involved in the coaching side:

    “We have the financial side right, now let’s get the football side right. Newcastle should be rubbing shoulders with the top teams.”

    “They are pointing the finger at the injuries. Then there is the Europa League. I will be at the training ground to help find what has gone wrong.”

    “Let’s hope Newcastle never find themselves in this ­position again. To go from fifth to 16th is a big slide. The team struggled last year.”

    All hail our saviour, Joe!

    As well as numerous error laden statements from the guy, claiming league trophies and marquee signings, and a supposedly cosy relationship with the Godfather of management – he now claims to be able to solve our problems by standing around pitch side, shouting at players to Pass, Run and Shoot.

    God only knows what the French contingent will make of him. That being those that survive the oncoming cull, who will now have to adapt culturally to 1980’s English Football Management….. maybe, just maybe, that extra portion of bacon and sausage, will be just the meaty catalyst those soft boiled players require??

    So a final note, who do we think will be left in St.James Park after this restructuring?


    Overtavan, Dan Goosling, Meady Abeddy, Amalfanlargo, Ryan Taylord, Gut’tree’airesy, Santoned, one of our 3 stars Kebab/Tiotiote/Ben Afry (for £20m plus)…… Pards? Carr? 85% of Toon fans that oppose the appointment online?


    Bobby Zamora, Darren Bent, Jordan Henderson, Downing, M.Owen? Kinrarr as Manager??

  12. Worky, Things must be getting desperate in the entertainment
    Department, If our tawdry ridden club, Has taken centre stage lol.
    I wonder if we have really seen the back of Llambias, Or this is one of Ashley’s typical cabinet reshuffles, Which the prick does from time to time?

  13. well… I’m looking at it all as a positive (becasue theres F**k all i can do about it)

    Llambias has gone. Good riddance.

    In my eyes – Kinnear does have a degree of credibility – and it was gained on a shoestring budget.

    lets see what he can do with a real pot of money eh?

  14. You have to give Joe serious “Man Points”, For trying to set about The Tango Man, Karaoke Singer, Phil Brown.
    That tops Pratdew’s fake running into the crowd, And fake emotion to boot!
    At least Joe is real, And not some cheap ring master, Like Pratdew!

  15. It’s quite funny now to think that some fans were mocking other teams and how badly they are run in comparison with Newcastle United’s new “third way” under Ashley’s and Llambias’s expert supervision. Though it’s true that Ashley made some mistakes initially, he has learned from them now and is really showing the rest how it should be done.

  16. Worky, Joe is a bit of a bulls****er, But what you see is what you get.
    Pardew is a fake self promoter, And a bit of a con man!

  17. Worky, We’ll just have to wait and see who he brings in, We could do with a few Nolan type players with fight, In this side.

  18. “We’ll just have to wait and see who he doesn’t bring in”,more like :lol:
    I forgot though he can call any manager anytime so thats a bonus,bet they don’t pick up the phone though.

  19. Here we go again, the laughing stock of the league, the papers and other media having a field day.

    Of course it could have been handled better.

    But letting Joe run with the story embarrassing everyone including himself, big mistake.

    And as if he had any clue about playing staff and requirements, it appears he has put the keybosh on Dougas, like he has ever seen him play ?

    I get the feeling this is just the beginning of another disasterous year.

    And before you come to his aid Worky, following that overmedicated interview, it’s obvious the guy is out of touch (if not out of his mind) trying desperately to prove otherwise.

    Yeah he can be both humerous and a character, but that’s not a requirement, a decent manager and a financially smart GM, are what’s needed.

    Personally i believe he is here as part of a dump Pardew role, which is the only positive i see.

    Oh! that is of course apart from Llambias being shown the door, he did’nt know how orrible wor Mike could be.

  20. Sjt, It’s happened now, We just have to get on with it.
    I still think Pardew is the problem, We have at the moment.
    He did bring Nolan in, And he was good for us.
    We are in the continual Bargain Basement, Under Ashley’s administration.
    Pardew will no doubt louse this up, Because he is shhheeeeite!, And if Kinnear isn’t given the gig, Who would you like for the next patsy?
    If we are going down the journeyman route, What about owld stiff hips himself, Mark Mcghee?
    He played for the club, And has a wealth of experience, Albeit at a lower level, But that’s where we are now.
    God has it really come to this!

  21. Chuck, With (RENFORTH) Llambias getting the push, Hopefully this the beginning of the end, Of Mike Ashley’s foray into Football Ownership.
    F**king Off his biggest ally in Llambias, Could be the catalyst, That brings down everything around him, Like dominoes.

  22. joe hawkins says:
    June 19, 2013 at 11:13 am

    “Sjt, It’s happened now, We just have to get on with it.
    I still think Pardew is the problem, We have at the moment.
    He did bring Nolan in, And he was good for us.”

    After Nolan and Ryan Taylor, who was just a makeweight in the Insomnia deal, Kinnear was looking at the same sort of players as Carr before he had his episode. Stephane M’Bia of Marseilles but now QPR was one of them.

    It was Hughton who really picked up Nolan’s career again when he moved him forward a bit.

  23. Yes, the decision is meant to distract or reset the narrative as much as anything.

    I’m not excited by the appointment, but Kinnear has a (distant, foggy) football pedigree unlike Llambias and I’m willing to wait and see what happens.

    One thing though. worky-didn’t you constantly say part of the problem with Dekka as MD is that he has no tact, no ability to build relationships with fellow professionals? Doesn’t that look to be a problem with Kinnear too? When he mentioned Ferguson in that interview I thought: does he talk to him like this? Doubt he’d answer those calls. Or does he kowtow to him, only belligerently talking down to those elements of the support who are inferior to him? THAT’s the problem I do see with him. Like Pardew and Dekka, he seems to look right past the real problems with the squad/club (needs: a FW to play with Cisse-back to 4-4-2, sound good to everyone? and no mention of tactics at all and I see no reason to think he’d be a more charming negotiator than DL) and rather tries to mark the supporters’ cards so we’ll back whatever the hell it is they decide to do.

    Still thinking at best this makes no difference.

  24. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m so happy I could cry. When’s the firework display? Why does nobody else share my happiness. Buy buy Derek you useless shite. There is hope, ic Ashley. Was clearly so pissed with last season that he ditched his best pal then Pardew could be next. Provided Kinnear doesn’t get that position, and they bring in a proper manager. Hopefully…

  25. Kinnear is actually good mates with Wenger he coached there with him at Arsenal for a brief spell.

  26. Jimbob, I wanted to put on a party hat and get my bottle of Champagne out the fridge. However, tempting though it might be, we can’t celebrate the departure of Llambias yet for the fear of who Ashley will bring in as the next Managing Director.

    Will it be Big Ron Atkinson? Kinnear? Godzilla? Cthulhu? Robert Mugabe? Kin Jong Un? I hear that Ahmadinejad has retired too. It could be someone even more shocking than the characters I’ve named above.

  27. Even Joey Barton reckons Joe is sound, What ever that’s worth.
    Worky, At least Joe seen something in Nolan to sign him, I think even Bobby Robson questioned the sanity of it.
    If Joe is going to be selling the club to potential signings, His bulls**t, And Barry Fryesque way of doing things, Has got to be better than Llambias’s approach.
    “Sold to the fat b*****d, In the blue suit” lol.

  28. Reading back among some of the above remarks concerning Joe, it appears there’s little animosity to-wards him.
    However having read the transcript of his radio broadcast, does anyone on this blog really believe he is the answer to any of the needs of this club, or has any clue about whats going on?
    Nothing has changed since Ashleys arrival, the bizarre hirings, Mort ? the guy was out of his element and could’nt wait to get back to the City.
    KK another Joe, who had’nt seen a football game in years and was running some crazy football circus that was hemorrhaging money and needed a quick fix.
    Then Joe, who ended up wiv an art attack…
    Ashley then looked around and the next cheap alternative was Hughton, who as it turned out was the best choice he has made so far.
    But we all know how that went.
    When of course our other footballing genius Llsambias remembered seeing this guy Pardew, managing at West Ham, who could be bought cheap, and here we are.
    If you were to repeat that story giving a different name to the club, people would’nt believe it, it’s not possible a muli million quid business could be run in such a manner.
    Well it has been and still is, unbelievable.

  29. i’m vaguely optimistic, Because i can see an end to fat boy’s ownership, This has to be the last throw of the dice!
    If he cocks this up, And he probably will, He’s going to have nowhere to turn.

  30. His biggest mistake was sacking Chris Hughton, He should have been left in his post!

  31. Stuart Pearce is looking for a managers job and as he is known as Psycho he could fit right in with our Looney Tunes,or should that be Toon Looneys
    Sorry the situation is so comical I can’t think of anything positive to say.

  32. ‘I am staying – and I will lead Newcastle back up the table,’ Pardew told the Newcastle Chronicle

    Arron Pardew is staying…..Good News haha

  33. Nutmag says:
    June 19, 2013 at 11:51 am

    “Sorry the situation is so comical I can’t think of anything positive to say.”

    I’m just staring at a screen with my mouth open.

    How can Newcastle United still surprise me after decades of lunacy?

    Is it possible to section a whole football club, including it’s fans, under the Mental Health Act?

  34. That loser Pearce should have been run out of the under 21 one’s job, Ages ago.
    I’ll never forget him sitting crying when he missed that penalty, Psycho my a**e!, Even Basil Boli chinned him, Well it was sly, What he did, But if he was the hard man he was supposed to be, He would have got off the deck, And filled him in lol.
    He doesn’t have the credentials to win things, I’m in the Chris Eubank school, When he said we praise losers in Britain, We should be critical of them, And give them heart to fight on.

    If your talking about genuine hard men, Look no further than Billy Whitehurst, He was the real deal, Fighting Romany’s and Irish travellers for money, And turning them over.
    They reckon Vinnie Jones was terrified of him!

    I wouldn’t put it past Ashley to give whimpo Pearce a “Shot At The Title”, In his words.

  35. Everybody’s trying to analyse this or that [Maybe DeNiro’s next to come in, as a new dee-fenSe coach?] but in reality we’re all trying to make sense of something with only a smattering of the facts to work with. On the face of it we seem to be on our way up sh*t creek again, but this time they’re using the paddle to smack the fans around the head with! Us fans can only have input on one issue…do we, or don’t we part with our hard earned to watch the circus, or do we as some have suggested give up and start shopping on Saturdays instead. I was going to go into more detail with crap about what might or might not happen, but IF I’m honest, I’m not really sure I give a sh*t any-more I just plan to keep shelling out and sitting in my seat watching the fun….maybe it’s me who needs the couch and Billy Crystal

  36. I wonder how this farce is going to affect the situation with Parpers Sissy and Hatless Big Afro over the Wonga sponsorship?

  37. joe hawkins says:
    June 19, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    “If your talking about genuine hard men, Look no further than Billy Whitehurst, He was the real deal,”

    Joe, if you’re talking about genuine hard men, look no further than the man who broke Peter Beardsley’s chin. How the f**k did he break that thing?

    I was told that Pearce was originally called “Psycho” because he one told Bobby Robson that he’s “run off” what turned out to be a broken leg. I’m not completely sure whether it’s an urban myth though.

  38. Worky, He was meant to be a right hard b*****d, Did he get sold because the fans were getting on his back during a game, And he gave them the w**ker signal?

    Worky, are you on about Razor Ruddick?

  39. joe hawkins says:
    June 19, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    “Worky, are you on about Razor Ruddick?”

    Oh aye! It was him, Joe. Didn’t he break both of Andy Cole’s legs with one tackle too?

  40. Just looking at Sky Sports, The little snake, “David Craig”, Sporting a rather s**t top hat, Talking about the latest shenanigans at Billy Smarts.
    Apparently Joe has put the block on a move for Douglas, And has his own targets.

  41. Worky, Remember when he done something to Robbie Fowler’s Trainers, And Robbie either cut his suit up, Or set it alight, And Razor chinned him, Because he couldn’t take a joke?
    Well it was something along them lines, Anyway?

  42. Chuck@40
    I think the lack of animosity is if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.For me Kinnear is a self-opinionated ignorant load mouthed bigot who looks only to further his own misguided ego.Ashley and co have slowly turned me from always wishing and hopeing the very best for the team.To thinking the best thing would be to see them crash and burn.Any success however small will only prolong the agony.

  43. Chuck says:

    Oh! that is of course apart from Llambias being shown the door, he did’nt know how orrible wor Mike could be.

    :) :)

  44. Worky @45: A friend of mine from school thought that song “turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese” was

    “Tony Jacklin’s knees, I think I’m Tony Jacklin’s Knees, I really think so”

    and said he couldn’t understand the lyrics. Seriously, it wasn’t a p*ss take.

  45. I’ll let pearce off because he’s a Stiff Little Fingers fan, And the singer Jake Burns is a Season Ticket holder, At St James’ Park.

  46. It is strange that Lame-arse is being blamed for Pardew’s appointment and yet Pardew keeps his job.

  47. I think Derek has cost Ashley dear since he has been in his position.
    The fact he cannot mix with the fans any more, Is down to Llambias messing Keegan around.
    Llambias has been a nightmare for him, But he’s always stuck by him.
    He should have been replaced a few year ago, Unless this is one of Ashley’s mind games.

  48. And Kinnear couldn’t let Derek give his own resignation, he had to leak it to the press. Whatever you think of the two of them Worky, that shows no class.

  49. GS says:
    June 19, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    “It is strange that Lame-arse is being blamed for Pardew’s appointment and yet Pardew keeps his job.”

    GS, Llambias bragged about it in the Llambiasgate tapes:

    “Chris Hughton would never have taken us where we want to be. That’s my decision by the way.”

    Then in a more official intterview he said he picked Llambias as Hughton’s replacement as he went to see a few games of Pardew’s West Ham once and was impressed.

  50. Are the players going to be called “purples” from now on after the casino boss leaves?

  51. This is strange!, I always thought there might have been a buoyant atmosphere, When the “Bingo Caller”, Left the building.
    Everyone is uneasy though, Derek was alright on the business side, And only got into bother when interfering with the Football side.
    I wonder if Billy Bunter will be bringing in anyone else in!

  52. GS says:
    June 19, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    “Are the players going to be called “purples” from now on after the casino boss leaves?”

    If they were really were the highest value players, shouldn’t they have been called “Pumpkins” anyway? Or was that one being reserved for when we signed Messi and Ronaldo?

  53. Beieve what you like about why Llambias is no longer with us.
    One rumor has it he resigned due to a difference of opinion in regard to the Douglas deal, a question of integrity, which i immediately discount, integrity is something he has shown little4 of so far.
    My theory is Ashleys EGO has been damaged and someone has to pay.
    I have to say i am surprised and really not that upset about either Llambias or what i see as the impending resignation/push, of Pardew.
    I think it’s a good start.
    As for Carr, i hope he stays, but it would’nt be the end of the world if he does’nt.
    The big question is, will Ashley finally realise he does’nt know how to run a football club and hire the right people, who do.
    Not talking about Joe but real proffessionals, a GM and a manager, we can keep Joe to provide a few lighter moments, perhaps as our media representative or PR guy.

  54. Jo4e
    Llambias was a clown, who may have had expertise as far as setting odds or shuffling cards, but as a footballing GM he was a total waste of time.
    When compared to GM’s from the top sides, who increased profits and grew the brand name, we end up selling out to loansharks and cheapass shirtmakers.
    I for one am not unhappy, what goes around , comes around.
    His coldass firing of Hughton revisited.