West Ham vs Newcastle United extended match highlights and interviews

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“Match of the Day” highlights and post match interviews from the game between West Ham and Newcastle United from the Boleyn Ground.

Post match interviews.

An epic post match interview with Alan Pardew where he gushes about Coloccini and has a dig at Luke Donald amongst other things.

Fat Sam’s Wallsend assistant, Neil McDonald, rues missed chances.

Score and goalscorers.

West Ham United 0, Newcastle United 0.

Teams and Match facts.

West Ham United (4-2-3-1): Jussi Jaaskelainen (G), Guy Demel (Matt Taylor 80), Winston Reid, James Collins, Joey O’Brien, Gary O’Neil, Mohamed Diame, Ricardo Vaz Te (Jack Collison 59), Kevin Nolan (C), Matt Jarvis (Joe Cole 83), Andy Carroll.

Subs: Stephen Henderson, Emanuel Pogatez, Matt Taylor, Jack Collison, Mark Noble, Joe Cole, Carlton Cole.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Rob Elliot (G), Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa (Shola Ameobi 66), Papiss Cisse, Yoan Gouffran (Dan Gosling 76).

Subs: Steve Harper (G), Mike Williamson, James Perch, Dan Gosling, Vurnon Anita, Adam Campbell, Shola Ameobi.

Yellow cards: Joey O’Brien (9), Fabricio Coloccini (77), Cheick Tiote (87).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Phil Dowd.

Attendance: 34,962


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44 Responses

  1. The Whammers did absolutely nothing to push us any closer to relegation, it was Wigan’s. ballsy show at the Baggies that did the damage, if any. Carrol did nothing to suggest that we need him next season, in fact he looked as though he was pulling out of situations that could have made a difference. We had a much better performance to cheer and as usual Cisse was harshly judged again by a dickhead of a linesman . If we don’t stop up this year, we have been by some absolutely crap officialdom. There has to be a bleeper installed on the goaline ASAP.

  2. Porciestreet says:
    May 4, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    “Cisse was harshly judged again by a dickhead of a linesman .”

    Porcie, that was Matthew Wilkes, and “dickhead” is far too polite for that incompetent get. As I explained in the last post, he was also the very same linesman who did nothing about McManaman’s tackle on Haidara, even though he claimed he saw it.

  3. Worky (2).
    Enough said . we will never get honest and correct decisions until the whole game is totally automated (God Forbid).
    The game is so quick today, having aged officials is setting the game back decades. Surely, the future of the game is dependent on much younger , fitter faster officials or a digital system that does not make mistakes. Thank God Blatter has seen the light, but who knows what we are in for with Platini hovering in the wings.
    However, I pontificate a tad. the point was good and Wigan are surely going to reach “burn-out” shortly. Can only be good for us.
    3 points next week @ the R’s (barring accidents) and it’s whooopeeeeeee. Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  4. PS to my last, Which Grade 1 Refferee allows a free kick to be taken at only 6 yards. This bloke is a complete joke and doesn’t deserve his FIFA ranking by a country mile

  5. QPR have played well today against Arsenal. Can we trust the lads in a high pressure game to bring all 3 points? If we can keep HBA on the pitch we may just get away with it. Shitting it nonetheless, we’re probably favourites for the drop right now.

  6. Watched some of the QPR vs Arsenal game, appears they are now playing for either their jobs or feel they are in the shop window, as they gave Arsenal a decent game.
    Question is, how come they didn’t play this way when needed.
    Aint seen the Newcastle game yet, (it’s being shown on a delayed tape) but through watching other games, could’nt help but hear the result.
    Perhaps if we can get a win at QPR, it may be enough.
    But what does to-days result say about us?
    If you cant play hard and beat The Hammers, you are going nowhere next season, unless money is spent.
    The seasons end and survival in the PL is our immediate goal, but hopefully Ashley will not make the same mistake he made last summer, by not improving the side.
    That’s if we survive, if not it doesn’t matter anyway as we don’t get the second tier games on TV here in the US.
    It’s all become a bit surreal actually, I didn’t believe we would be competitive this season, yet I didn’t expect we would struggle this bad.
    Feels more and more like deja vu, along with a feeling of resignation.
    Ah well lets see.
    The only positive to come out of this is hopefully Ashley will realize if he wants a piece of the five billion quid, over the next three years, he’s gonna have to make changes to management, coaching staff and players.
    Or it will remain, business as usual.
    A wakeup call!

  7. Chuck says: “If you cant play hard and beat The Hammers, you are going nowhere next season, unless money is spent.
    The seasons end and survival in the PL is our immediate goal, but hopefully Ashley will not make the same mistake he made last summer, by not improving the side.”

    Chuck, the money which needs to be spent is on the salary of a decent manager and coaching staff. Provided we can keep the majority of our squad (our purples), with a decent manager we could have the makings of a very good side. I bet half the managers in the Premiership drool over some of our players, but Alan just cannot inspire them, or to use Joe Hawkins imaginative script, “motivate a fly to land on a turd.” That is what is so clearly lacking after (and to the perceptive, “before”) this abysmal and very disappointing season.

  8. Actually starting to get worried now. Dan Gosling instead of Anita today? Right okay Pards….

  9. I honestly think Gosling played because Pardew was scared off the foreign criticism. More English grit..

  10. QPR havn’t scored in almost 6 hours of football. Watch them put a couple past us!

  11. Paul on the left coast

    Yeah I agree we have the making of a decent side, but there are rumors of a cull.

    Reducing the overall wage scale, by getting rid of both of the sick notes, Raylor & Gosling, plus Amalfitano who we still know nothing about and more than likely Worky’s favorite Iron mike Williamson, whom we know more than we want to about.

    Obertan has been rumored looking for a return to the French leagues ?

    Simpson, who had a decent game, I would like to see stay, but the two football geniuses don’t want to pay him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bid for possibly our most improved young player Santon, having been capped for Italy this year.

    Plus possibly being offered a price we cannot refuse for some of our purples.

    And Colo. appears determined to return to Argentina.
    In which case if we buy selectively, we could end up with a smaller squad, but one that is deeper in quality.
    Certainly like to see young McCarthy from Wigan signed.

    I think he has the making of a great engine room, everything at Wigan is generated by him, a great passer with vision, who has been playing professionally since he was fifteen, might be a good idea to get him now, before one of the top sides grabs him.

    Way better than Anita and possibly Cabaye and only twenty two.

    We could use some help in defense, being that only the two relegated sides let in more goals than us.

    A couple of FB’s and at least one CD, plus someone up front that can put the ball in the net.

    Not to mention a new board, GM, Manager and coaching staff.

    If we could find an owner with the right attitude and a few quid, that would also help.

    Not a lot to wish for !

  12. If we are to hire Rene Girard, from Montpellier, then do it as soon as possible, in order that he can be part of the reorganization needed, following the seasons end.
    Don’t leave things hanging, a new broom is needed, if it turns out there’s truth to the rumor, give the guy time to get things organized.
    I just don’t want to see this guy standing with his arms folded on the sideline ever again, looking as clueless as he is.

  13. Phisix says:
    May 4, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    “Actually starting to get worried now. Dan Gosling instead of Anita today? Right okay Pards….”

    He wanted big lads on, Phisix.

  14. Phisix says:
    May 5, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    “Gosling isnt that tall is he?”

    Phisix, He’s 5’11”, but that’s five inches taller than little Vurn.

  15. Appears Girard is waiting to see whether we survive or not, in which case we will have to put up with hopefully some air punching from Pardew on the sideline.
    Swansea were quick to jump in for Jr. Hoilett, at least the Grate Dane recognizes his talent.
    it’s rumored Remy is heading to Arsenal.
    With the club in the process of dumping wages, there’s still a couple of talented players, ex Citeh defender Onuoha and Adel Taraabt.
    But Hoilett could have been a good buy, ah well !
    This idea of buying a lot of African and French players may very well backfire, both during the African championship and world cup competitions.
    Not to mention, the new rules in regard to home grown’s.
    Might be a good idea to buy some home talent.
    Onuoha, McCarthy and,Hoilett, would have all been good additions, though I believe Hoilett can play for Canada or one of the former West Indies sides.

  16. A tough defensive game going on, the Merseyside derby.
    with some good football being played.
    Unlike our game yesterday.
    Anyone could have written the script, with our looking good early and clearly winning the first half.
    Then we either run out of gas, or are out maneuvered in the second half, where for a while were it not for some decent goaltending by Elliot, we could well have lost the game.
    It all became obvious at the final whistle where we saw
    Pardew clearly relieved to come away with a point.
    Normally we would expect to beat such sides, but lately we have found it next to impossible to score and goals win games.

  17. chuck says:
    May 5, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    “Swansea were quick to jump in for Jr. Hoilett, at least the Grate Dane recognizes his talent.”

    Laudrup needs a centre forward and possibly a defender more than anything. I could be wrong but the Hoilett thing sounds like another hack just making things up.

    I’m not so sure about the Girard thing either, that just comes from a tiny French gossip piece. Anyway, what does anyone know about him? I know he’s about sixty and his Ligue Un title last season was the first thing he’d ever won. They’re 7th so far this season.

  18. Worky

    Hey! what do we know about the behind the scene goings on.
    We are subject to rumors and have to try and figure where the truth is.
    What we do know is, that the vultures will be hovering around QPR, who have to unload.
    With some decent talent available.
    I wouldn’t dismiss out of hand Laudrup signing Hoilett, could do worse IMO.
    I would like to see young Onuoha signed by us, if only to replace a decent Danny Simpson, who appears to be off.
    Taraabt is another talent, who can score, something we presently lack.
    Though the rumor I hoped there was truth in , was that of us looking at Wigans James McCarthy, who I rate highly.
    However I don’t have much hope for it happening, as he is Martiez’ main man, who he would be reluctant to sell, unless it were for big bucks, as he doesn’t get much in the way of funds.
    That and the bad blood between Ashley and Whelan.

  19. chuck says:
    May 5, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    “I wouldn’t dismiss out of hand Laudrup signing Hoilett, could do worse IMO.”

    I’m not, Chuck, but Swansea have a tiny budget and where Hoilet plays is one of Swansea’s strongest areas already with players like Hernandez, Dyer and Routledge.

    They have a very attacking midfielder (Michu) who has been shoved up as a centre forward a few times, but Swansea’s actual centre forwards (Luke Moore and the on loan Itay Shechter) leave alot to be desired at the highest level. They want a good striker with Michu just behind him for double trouble. They could also do with a third good centre back to go with Ashley Williams and Chico time.

  20. Worky :) it was for information. I didn’t read all of your conversations because it is not really a subject that interests me, but I thought you 2 might be interested.

  21. OT – I’m absolutely bricking it over the Wigan game tonight. Trouble is, Swansea have nowt to play for.

  22. Here we go one of the most important games of the season.
    Talkin, Wigan vs Swansea here !
    Have to say Martinez sounds confident, plus Swansea have nothing to play for but pride.
    Two good managers going head to head, both playing attractive football.
    I’m positive there are some tight asses among the top level exec’s. at NUFC, as their jobs may very well be at stake, plus a big chunk of future tv. revenue.

  23. I am not saying another word until after this game. I am not watching it, even though it is on live. I will look at the score in an hour.

    I can’t believe it got to this point, where I think we are 50/50 to go down.

  24. If Wigan go on to win. that puts us in the bottom three on goal average.
    The tension mounts.

  25. A break for us, ironic for Martinez, one of his former signings scores against him.
    I will take it!

  26. They are playing with our emotions here, once again Swansea tie things up, the tension eases.

  27. Finally another goal for Swansea, with about fifteen minutes to go, surely that aught to do it ?
    A lesson, never leave your destiny in the hands of others, there were no excuses for not beating West Ham.

  28. Watching a pretty decent game, good football by two well drilled sides, built on not a lot of dosh.
    When will Ashley reach the conclusion, that a good manager is a big part of how the side performs.
    Everything is not about, “how much does it cost”!
    He got what he paid for when hiring Pardew, we can only hope he has realized it by now.

  29. Nine whole minutes of extra time, cant take much more of this, the tension mounts once more.

  30. Whew ! finally, what a relief.
    But lets not get carried away, both we and Wigan are on equal goal averages and we both have to play Arsenal.
    Then their game is against Villa, while ours is against QPR.
    However while they are three points behind, but i’m not counting any chickens just yet.
    Norwich are also in the mix, ahead of us in goal
    (one goal) average, they have yet to play Weast Brom. and Citeh.
    With Sunderland on equal points, but one may as well say two points, because of our goal difference
    (eleven points)
    They have got Both Southampton and Spurs.
    Cant say with only two games left in the season, when there has been so many permutations as far as relegation is concerned.
    There’s more than enough angst to go around.