West Ham vs Newcastle United full match video, extended highlights and interviews

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West Ham v Newcastle United full match video.

West Ham v Newcastle United full match video (opens in new window).

Match highlights.

Highlights and post match interviews from the game.

As usual, I will update them with better ones, along with a video of the whole game when they become available.

Post match interviews.

An epic post match interview with Alan Pardew where he gushes about Coloccini and has a dig at Luke Donald amongst other things.

Fat Sam’s Wallsend assistant, Neil McDonald, rues missed chances.

Score and goalscorers.

West Ham United 0, Newcastle United 0.

Teams and Match facts.

West Ham United (4-2-3-1): Jussi Jaaskelainen (G), Guy Demel (Matt Taylor 80), Winston Reid, James Collins, Joey O’Brien, Gary O’Neil, Mohamed Diame, Ricardo Vaz Te (Jack Collison 59), Kevin Nolan (C), Matt Jarvis (Joe Cole 83), Andy Carroll.

Subs: Stephen Henderson, Emanuel Pogatez, Matt Taylor, Jack Collison, Mark Noble, Joe Cole, Carlton Cole.

Newcastle United (4-3-3): Rob Elliot (G), Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini (C), Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Yohan Cabaye, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Hatem Ben Arfa (Shola Ameobi 66), Papiss Cisse, Yoan Gouffran (Dan Gosling 76).

Subs: Steve Harper (G), Mike Williamson, James Perch, Dan Gosling, Vurnon Anita, Adam Campbell, Shola Ameobi.

Yellow cards: Joey O’Brien (9), Fabricio Coloccini (77), Cheick Tiote (87).

Red cards: None.

Referee: Phil Dowd.

Attendance: 34,962


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179 Responses

  1. 21st April 1986: West Ham United 8, Newcastle United 1 and with Pedro playing too! This was back in the Willie McFaul days.

  2. your taking us down
    your taking us down
    f*ckoff pardew
    your taking us down

    lets look forward to our derby with the smoggy’s next season i have already accepted we are gone qpr and arsenal will do us nd 1 win from wigan will send us down well done pardew take a bow then a bullet u c**t

  3. When I hear going down, it always brings to mind a game I attended against West Brom. a few years ago at St. James’ Park.
    The home fans were chanting going down, going down, going down”.
    To which the West Brom. fans replied, “so are we, so are we, so are we”.
    Even the home fans cracked up.

  4. I think I would bet money on Morinho returning to Chelsea this coming season, he’s just hedging his bet, in case he gets an offer he cant refuse.
    Though, perhaps he wanted the Bayern Munich job, plus it’s my opinion he would jump at the MU job if it was on offer.
    Which will make the league more interesting.
    We got quite a few good sides these days, with at least three good London sides, two in Manchester and two in Liverpool, the rest vary, but could be considered also rans.
    Cardiff and Swansea once again in the top league
    together should provide some sparks.
    I get the feeling most clubs will be strengthening their sides, to compete in both a more competitive and much wealthier division, no one wanting to lose out on the increase in tv revenue over the next three years.
    There should be as usual a few changes in management, hopefully we are amongst that group, otherwise I think I will give up watching, just cant bear to see good players wasted, because the manager doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    I would be willing to accept a mid league spot, as long as we made progress, under a new manager.
    Watching Liverpool to-day, it took Rodgers a season to make the transition, from a somewhat direct style he inherited, to a pass and move style, where they can stroke the ball around pretty good.
    That’s all I want to see, a side that’s competitive and plays an attractive style of football.
    After all that’s what it’s about, entertainment.
    Though it’s been a long, long, wait in my case, for silverware, almost sixty years since the last FA cup.

  5. Toonarmylite

    It has nothing to do with surrender you idiot, it’s in fact great banter, you know humor, but I doubt that you get it.
    Too bad.

  6. @ chuck only idiot round here is you bud but i guess you dont get that

  7. I listened to your chant, the “I get knocked down but I get up again”…..
    It’s pretty dumb, personally I like a bit of humor, like when we first got Martens.
    The away Newcastle crowd at West Ham, where we were playing sung..
    “Oh! Obefamy Martens”, “twenty one or twenty eight”, “Obefami Martens”
    The reference being about the uncertainty of his actual age.
    But I suppose you are obviously into something a bit more fundamental and aggressive.

  8. talking about humor i guess your dumb self missed the mention of danny but then again you would not know humor if it booted ya up the butt bud

  9. @ chukie if you class shooting some1 as banter bud you must be 1 very sick person and maybe its u who is a bit more fundamental and aggressive.

  10. now aint the time to be knocking the manager or players if the fans start believeing we down we really are up s it creek without a paddle.Time to dig the war trenchs deeper stop moaning and start believeing the team can do it.

  11. Don’t worry, the season is over soon and then people will be more reasonable…oh wait…nevermind.

  12. Toonarmylite

    I don’t know what your talking about “shoot someone” ?
    Forget it! I don’t even know why I bother with idiot’s like you, I should have more sense.

  13. Interesting to watch to-days game S’land vs Stoke, tough one to call, but all important.
    Though Pardew seems to think, that beating QPR will be enough, to ensure survival.
    I certainly wouldn’t discount the escape artist’s Wigan, who have managed to survive, during the last couple of seasons.
    Would forty one points be enough, as Arsenal have an agenda, “the top four” and need every point they can get, as rivals Spurs can still beat them out.
    Certainly one of the closest races in the PL in a while, the race to gain European spots at the top, plus the fight to survive at the bottom.
    The tension mounts.

  14. The best BBC pundit is “wee” Pat Nevin and he reckons it’s Blunderland who are going down, despite their game in hand.

  15. Divin Knaa aboot Nevin ?
    But Paddy Powers, has Wigan as even money.
    Norwich @ 11/4
    And Newcastle @ 5/1.
    We simply have to win against QPR, plus a point from the Arsenal game wouldn’t hurt.
    Problem is, our lack of scoring, meaning, apart from Tiote, who had a much improved performance against W/Ham.
    Field people who can score, no Jonas puhleez!
    That’s in midfield.
    Unfortunately I have little confidence in this side and believe we need a lot of luck.

  16. For those in the US, the Sunderland/Stoke game is just about to start on “ESPN 2” @ 3pm eastern.

  17. Screw it, I am going to tempt fate – how did we lose to these Mackem no hopers?

  18. I said the other day Sunderland were not safe even with home games. Now Gardner off and suspended.

  19. Does’nt appear Sunderland, who are both a goal and a man down, can come back and win this one.
    Meaning they will be a point behind us with equal games played come to night.
    Plus if Wigan win tomorrow, will drop into the bottom three.
    The tension mounts.

  20. Chuck: it gets more interesting if Wigan DONT win. That would make it a strange old weekend coming up.

  21. Plus, remember the cup final is this weekend so who knows what Wigan will be thinking win or lose. Is there a replay if there is a draw?

  22. ‘GS says:
    May 6, 2013 at 8:20 pm
    Screw it, I am going to tempt fate – how did we lose to these Mackem no hopers?’

    New manager effect. Same happened with MON.

  23. wont be in the bottom 3 wigan will lose to swansea, wigan will also lose to man city, means a point at qpr will be enough but think well beat qpr anyway

  24. GS they got swansea villa and any idea whos the other game for them thought they had city in the league also

  25. means wigan would of played 4 games in the space of 11 days i like the sound of that they will defo run out of steam in my view

  26. Hmmm ! interesting to note, that even holding a lead against Sunderland, who are playing with ten as opposed to eleven men, the score is tied.
    Actually the plot thickens.
    Who would have forecast such a situation, following our best season since SBR, that we would be struggling to avoid the drop?
    It appears we can no longer define our own future, but have to rely on the pro’s and cons of other sides.
    Who could have forecast such a scenario ?
    I guess we will have to wait and see, whether we are in the Big Bucks next season.
    Or business as usual.

    May 7, 2013 at 12:17 am

    “GS they got swansea villa and any idea whos the other game for them thought they had city in the league also”

    Toon, if you go to the Premiership table on the side of this site and click on the team of your choice, you can see the the full fixture list of that team.

  28. chuck says:
    May 7, 2013 at 3:30 am

    “Who could have forecast such a scenario ?”

    Chuck, I thought that we’d come crashing down to earth once the Pardew effect ended, but I comforted myself with the fifth place, thinking that the quality of our players wouldn’t see us relegated before Pardew was exposed as a charlatan (again). Then however, when I studied the precedents closely, saw the performances this season and started observing long ball figures of over 20%, and even over 25% in some games, I started to become afraid. This was amplified when I saw the continued collective delusion, not just the fans but from the media and all over, that’s what inspired my Pardew’s long balls research project, and also my blog about previous Pardew’s who soared like Icarus and won the manager of the year award, only to crash and burn the season after.

    We can still beat it, but we should never have been in this situation in the first place and it isn’t the fault of the players, they are playing in shackles made by Pardew.

  29. This is stunning. They still don’t know if Ben Arfa is fit. Moreover, he says that Shola was hurt with almost his first kick on Saturday and we were effectively carrying him for the rest of the game (not that we could tell the difference)

    At that point we still had 2 subs to use, so did Shola tell Pardew he was hurt, or hide it and tell him later? If Pardew knew why didn’t he take him off.


  30. GS, Pardew shouldn’t keep playing Ben Arfa prematurely when he isn’t properly recovered. We’ve been here before. He’s only risks injuring him again more seriously and potentially risking his whole career. This idea of postponing his surgery and to keep bringing him back when his hamstring is still a problem is just sheer madness.

  31. Pardew: “we’re going to have to try to win QPR game. It looks like at QPR we’re going to have to try to win the game and see where that leaves us.”

    This is a bizarre thing to say. Why is he saying we’re going to have to TRY to win the game as if this is some kind of deviation from his usual strategy? As if that isn’t the whole f***ing point of f***ing football in the f**king first place!

  32. GS @ 42: as to your last question-don’t overthink it. It’s because AP is a moron.

    worky @ 45: he’s just repeating the line he’s frantically, desperately using on the squad to try and erase from their minds his declaration weeks ago that we’re home & hosed…

  33. Big game for us tonight. I have a funny feeling about it though so I wont say anything in case I jinx it.

    I hope Pardew will just put all his cards on the table and just go for goals and a win on the weekend, but I have said this many times this season and he has not.

  34. Phisix says:
    May 7, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    “Big game for us tonight.”

    I’m taking “Imodium+” before I watch it, just in case.

  35. Being a Newcastle fan is like being married. There’s lots of little “I didn’t sign up for this” accurances that go along with it.

    No doubt Wigan will probably win against a team who have only won once since they won the league cup (against yes….US) althought they did draw against man city at the weekend.

    If they do we need to realistically look relegation in the face, up to now it’s been something of a distant myth, but tonight it will become a reality.

    Personally I don’t think the players have what it takes to win when the chips are down. In a top place they are as good as any, but in the rough it seems they can’t handle the heat in the kitchen.

    Unfortunately for us, Wigan are kings of cool when it comes to survival, I heard Bear Gryls gives the half time team talk. So I’m not surprised. And won’t be surprised if the survive this season as well.

    But is relegation the end of the world? Like I said earlier its like a maridge lots of things you didn’t sign up for but get as part of the package.

    We need to get behind the spirit of the club and make sure that spirit is not forgotten. We as fans were known as some of the best in the land, but lately we’ve let the men at the top slowly chip away at our senses. Over the last two seasons we’ve let ourselfs slip.

    We are better than this, as a true fan who loves the club, I don’t care if we go down. Why? Because we will be back. And it’s all about the rough with the smooth.
    Support the spirit of the club even if we don’t support the men at the top or pardew.

    Don’t let them destroy the last remaining ounce of heritage, they took our name, they took our status but they will never take our spirit doesn’t matter what division we are in.

    Right now compare this to when the wife gets the chronic dihoria. In the night she sh*ts the bed. It effects you because it managed to spray all down your leg. But you get up, wash yourself down, clean the sheets, make sure the person you love is ok and has everything they need. Because sooner or later that person is going to have a smile on her face and you will reap the rewards when the good times come.

    That sums up the history of Newcastle united.

    Wise man once said ( ok a some guy in the gallowgate)


    So come on, two games to go, win lose or draw. We will get over what ever is thrown at us. We have before and we will again.

  36. Given the way QPR played at the weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me if they turned us over. They seem much better now the heat’s off.

  37. Swansea are desperate for a striker witout Michu, even though Michu isn’t really a striker. That Shechter and Luke Moore are pretty crap unfortunately for us. I would still have picked Moore though Laudrup knows a bit more about football than I do. It would be ironic if Wayne Routledge saves us in the end after what Pardew said about him.

  38. Swansea are definitely up for it but Wigan look dangerous on the break.

    I’m getting the sinking feeling. Again.

  39. I was happy when Angel Rangel scored. Has to be the best name in the Prem. And then they go and do that. To quote an Irish mate of mine. “Shoite”.

  40. It doesn’t help the Swansea midfield not tracking back and letting the defence to sit back and be opened up.

    And as I type …….get in 2-2

  41. Worky, I think Michael Laudrup has been reading your blogs all season and is trying to repay your compliments. Let’s hope so! Certainly young Routledge obliged.

  42. Geordie Prophet, it’s pretty obvious Alan stopped reading Worky’s comments a long time ago. The only remaining hope is that Ashley has not only made them essential reading but his NUFC manifesto!

  43. NUFC manifesto? So you think he has one?

    Selling cheap dish cloths is one thing but actually buying and playing a football club seem a bit much.

    I do think he can handle it, but I don’t think owly can.

    At the moment it’s rings out like agent Bruce and Niall Quinn they seemed to have too much respect and friendship and it got in the way of the progress of the club.

    I think what we are seeing now with us is the same. No one seems to want to make the first move.

    Right now though I think pardew would need to stay otherwise it would be too much to get someone in with two games left.

  44. Not the time for Pardew to puff his chest out like some great manager. Thanks to Laudrup we remain above Wigan.

  45. GS says:
    May 7, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    “The Prince of Denmark.”

    He may well have saved us even though he isn’t our manager.

  46. @Paul in Hollywood: Pardew will prob come out after this game saying:’You see I think we have showed that we have what it takes to stay up today’

  47. Thought routledge had a great game.

    Lost the ball a few times but did well.

    Certainly didn’t play like someone who didn’t want to win out of spite. If anything he seemed to up his game.

    Lets just hope Remy looks after the club he’s going to be playing for next season and forgets where the goal is on Sunday.

  48. Phisix @ 71: not quite. IF my calculations are correct, AND IF Chelsea do the business against Villa on Saturday, then we can secure survival with a win. That’s the earliest it can happen. There are other permutations but this seems to be the key.

    No win, or if Villa get even just a point-and it goes until Wigan loses a match or the final day, whichever comes first.

  49. Phew !

    This is what happens when you leave your destiny in the hands of others.
    Certainly got our moneys worth, a decent game, with two well drilled sides, with the outcome even more important than yesterdays game at the new Roker Park.
    Which shows even when both a man and a goal down at the half, there’s hope.
    I am certainly not counting any chickens, just yet, having watched a de-pressurized QPR, give Arsenal a game over the weekend.
    Guess they are playing for their contracts now, or those who have get out clauses, are putting themselves in the shop window.
    We should take a look at Onuoha, to replace Simpson, then there’s Taraabt, decent midfielder/winger, who can score.
    My perennial choice Jr. Hoilett, would also be a good addition, with pace, power and goal scoring ability.
    Can play behind the striker or on either wing.
    Three decent buys.
    I believe Loic Remy has a six million get out clause, and wont be joining QPR in the second tier.
    Why go to France ?

  50. Don’t forget Wigan have a tough schedule, playing Citeh in the FA cup final, then Arsenal and finally Villa, three games in nine days.
    But the number of permutations are mind boggling, as late in the season as this, with any number of sides and their fans still anxious.

  51. So, Shuralex is retiring and MUFC are set to announce his replacement. Can I offer them Pards? It’s only a single letter change for his team so I’m sure he could cope.

  52. It appears there are conflicting opinions on a possible pay out for Pardew.
    Should Ashley finally come to his senses and realize that Pardew is not the man for the job.
    Some claiming as much as a ten million payout, which if true, we can understand Ashley’s reluctance.
    Others saying it would amount to no more than a seasons wages, which is also questionable, not only concerning the amount, but what a seasons wages consists of.
    Which has been calculated at anywhere between half a million to one and a half million.
    With the average PL wage for managers somewhere in the region of two to five million, (others getting quite a bit more) one can see why Ashley and the guy who recommended Pardew (Llambias)are reluctant to fire him.
    Point is, anyone who hires a PL manager based on what he has to pay him, will have little success, being you usually get what you pay for.
    Though Ashley, following a successful buying spree (cost-wise) during the winter window, believes his own press and thinks he can get success on the cheap.
    Yes folks, it’s still a slow on the job training curve for the two footballing geniuses.
    Plus this present situation we are in should be a lesson, but is it?

  53. When I saw the Fergy announcement my first thought was that would be trying to nick the next “Alex Ferguson” from us but it looks like Moyes is favourite, phew!

    Moyesy will be like a pig in sh!t with all the moolah available.

    Last night was like watching a horror film, was behind the settee like a frightened bairn till the final whistle. :)

  54. Hugh de Payen says:
    May 8, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    “Surely Howard Webb’s in the running after all he’s done for MU over the years.”

    The worm turned a while ago, Hugh. Didn’t you see Manchester United’s last game with Chelsea? Old purple nose was fuming when Webb sent off Rafael. It was at Old Trafford too.

  55. IF, and I mean IF, we escape by the skin of our teeth, will Pardew be sacked? I doubt it. And his coaches have 8 year contracts as well. At a minimum they should go as we have the worst defensive record in the league and haven’t scored INDIRECTLY from a set piece in forever.

    Even Ashley has to see there needs to be changes and if he and Llambias are not willing to sacrifice their lap dog then they have to get rid of the traffic cone arrangers.

    Will that help? Probably not.

    Pardew has proven that he never learns. Even when we are well on top we somehow manage to make games difficult. He doesn’t have any vision of what he wants the club to be.

    The other managers have sussed him. They know his tactics and can make adjustments even when we have superior talent.

    Maybe there is hope with a fit Ben Arfa and after the 5 new Frenchies settle. I doubt that though as both of the Captains that he selected have questioned his style of play, and by implication, his management skills. I think Cabaye and Coloccini are as sick of him as we are.

  56. Maybe Ferguson is securing his legacy by directing the club to pick Moyes as his successor? Surely Klopp would be a better choice?

  57. GS says:
    May 8, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    “Pardew has proven that he never learns.”

    I’ve spent alot of time re-reading comments from fans of Pardew’s previous clubs (mostly Charlton so far), most of which I read when I was doing my research on him back in 2010. I could just as easily be reading about Newcastle United today. Negative tactics, long balls, bizarre selections, bizarre waffle in interviews, a cornucopia of excuses, players gradually seeming to lose their motivation. It’s all there.

  58. Here’s one of many:

    nth london addick
    October 2008

    for me i am afraid it is a case of i want him to go ( i am not happy about this either which is pissing me off more)

    but i have watched us in every home game except Reading and i have listened to 2 on the radio (with pals there saying it straight as well) that he has failed to come up with a plan to stop individuals attacking us time after time or our players being totally inept in their own positions.

    He is failing to accept that his game plan is not working and is unwilling to change it early enough,

    He has failed to take accountabillty for his errors during these games also

    He does not see the same game as anyone who i have read posting on here as his post match interview doesnt match one that most on here have witnessed themselves.

    He is wrong for allowing that performance out of any performance they put together this season to come about,

    No shots on target unacceptable

    No passion within the team and failure to accept responsibility on the pitch

    Unable to pass to each other with any quality in the final third or to retain the ball for any length of time

    those 3 points should not happen in any game let alone against those mugs and are 3 points that the manager is solely responsible for this is my opinion and the basis that i have now lost faith in Pardew

    the final 2 points above No passion and poor passing have been key features in all games i have witnessed in every game this season ( i didnt see Reading live but i watched it on TV and that game is the only one that i will say we had a fire in our bellies)

    i fecking hate Pardew for making me feel this way as i beleived we had the right man in place and no one likes to be wrong but it takes a man to admit it and i hope Pardew can atleast hold himself accountable for his mistakes if he wont allow himself to walk away

  59. And another:

    Weegie Addick
    October 2008

    OK, I was one of the first to say I’d lost it with Pards, but that was after over a year in the job – it was the New Year’s Day match v Colchester that was the final straw for me. By then I had heard enough of his bullsh*t and was getting increasingly worried about his tactics and motivational ability. Unfortunately, those worries have only been exarcebated by the season to date. How long should we wait for these green shoots of improvement? My patience has run out, others is running out. Above all, what do the players really think? Some of them aren’t stupid, and if we feel he is all over the shop tactically, surely they are aware of that too and will lose (or maybe have lost) faith in him?

    And I’m not saying this to stir things up / create unrest. I’m saying it because I care deeply about the future of our club and have huge sympathy for the board, who potentially have to face more tough decisions unless Pardew can miraculously conjure up a few wins on the spin and a formation that works.

  60. And one from a Southampton blogger:

    “Tactically Pardew appeared naive, he would often get it wrong selection wise and we saw substitutions made before half time on more than one occasion and early double substitutions in the second half were commonplace, in hindsight we were too one dimensional and relied too much on Rickie Lambert who was in a purple patch of free kicks and penalties but rarely scored from total open play.”

  61. Wow. Those comments could have been written by anyone here. It really is frightening how little has changed.

  62. Personally, I see Pardew more as symptom of the problem than the problem itself. If we get shot of Pardew and the appointment of the new manager is left to Llambias – our great footballing brain in the board room – we’re just as likely to go after another out of work underachiever on the cheap whose primary qualification is that he’ll fit in nicely with the Ashley/Llambias regime.

  63. No matter what div we are playing in next season Pardew will still be there.As for Pardew not learning he is in perfect company with Ashley and his Gimp.The only hope is the fear of the money Ashley may lose.It won’t be that they suddenly understand football.I think there is still a lot more of the same to come Happy Days.

  64. Hugh, of course it’s Llambias who’s the real problem. The idea of him selecting the manager is patently absurd, that should be my job.

  65. I think Sooty would be the ideal manager for Newcastle. He’s a puppet, which is what Ashley & Llambias want and, mercifully, he’s mute, which would give the fans some respite from the sort of tosh we have to listen to from Pardew.

  66. I might be contradicting myself but I think we have a chance against QPR. I think Pardew will pick the same starting 11 and that could set us up for a decent 1st half because Coloccini settles the back 4 down. I would prefer Sissoko for Jonas but I doubt that will happen as Pardew sees Jonas as covering for M’Biwa at left back.

    Also, Shola is injured making it less likely that we revert to long ball if we are level or ahead.

    I disagree with Worky that we should hold back Ban Arfa. He has the whole off season to recover if he reinjures his hamstring. AND SUPPOSEDLY THE THREE DOCTORS HE SAW DIDN’T SEE EVIDENCE OF A TEAR, ONLY SCAR TISSUE.

  67. Nutmag says:
    May 8, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    “And who would you choose Worky?”

    Nutmag, I would look at potential candidates such as Manuel Pellegrini, Laurent Blanc, Michael Laudrup and many others, narrow tham down to a shortlist of who I had a feasible chance of getting, then listen very closely to what each of them had to say. Finally, I would choose one on the basis of what I had before me.

    I would not select a manager on the basis of having gone to see a few West Ham games when I was a Casino manager or pick people merely because they used to hang out in my Casino.

  68. I forgot to say it is the battle of the gobshites this weekend. Listening to those two would be funny if it wasn’t so important (and Pardew wasn’t our manager).

    Benitez? That is probably a stretch for us but he has done well and won trophies. I am not sure what his record was like at Inter, but he had a hard act to follow there.

  69. Worky
    That would indeed be the way to do it if you were the interviewer but what we’ve got is Ashley and his gimp.
    Football managment would be the last thing on their minds in that interview as they know sweet Francis Ollerenshaw about that.

  70. GS says:
    May 8, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    “I am not sure what his record was like at Inter, but he had a hard act to follow there.”

    GS, he won the World Club Cup and Italian Super Cup at Internazionale, but he wasn’t there long enough to really have much of a record. He was only there for 15 league games, and 25 games in total.

  71. chuck-I’m still not holding my breath waiting for us to buy first-team players from PL teams. It’s as much about wages as fees. (It’s also a policy with which I mainly agree.) Onuoha is established in QPR’s first team. He got a pay raise when he joined(rumored to bring his weekly haul up to about 50K). He’ll be looking for another with his next move, and he’ll get it somewhere. Whereas Danny Simpson is still on the contract we signed him to when he was stuck behind Neville & the Brazilian gnomes. If we won’t even improve on that, what makes you think we’ll sign Onuoha? Same applies for Hoilett. I don’t disagree that we could use both but I expect those slots to be filled with players from the continent or lower divisions or our own kids.

  72. I am feeling more hopeful because there are so many scenarios that see us stay up. And they all don’t depend on us !!!! Even another point might be the deciding factor.

    I have no faith in Pardew when he has to make a decision, BUT he made a decent team selection last time out and he has shown that he will stick to a team that does OK. This NON-DECISION may save him.

  73. QPR such a huge game still, Arsenal usually put 5 or so past us so our GD will be dreadful.

  74. ON the subject of managers again, Molde had never won the Norwegian League title in their history. The season Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took them over in his first proper managerial position they won their first, then they won their second the following season. The way he used to read games as a player, there’s every pssibility that he could be a brilliant manager.

  75. I would not mind Benitez, but would he even want to come to us? Still think Martinez if Wigan go down would be good.

  76. Ha Ha Worky I was just on news now and saw the metro headline with “the great dane” in it and new it was you straight away.
    Watched the match last night and although they won I wasn’t all that impressed with swansea and I think the prince will find it hard to keep them up next season, Wigan lost that game Swansea did not win it.

  77. I really wouldn’t get your hopes up about a new manager at Newcastle. My guess is that if Pardew keeps us in the PL he’ll at least get another half season. If we’re hovering around the relegation spots in December this year then maybe Ashley & Llambias would have a rethink, but I’d be surprised if we don’t start the 2013/2014 season with him.

    That’s if we stay up of course. I think the manager situation is a bit less predictable if we go down, although I’d still say the odds favour Pardew staying.

  78. Some bookies have Martinez favourite for the Everton job if Moyes goes to ManU

  79. According to the daily fail there is no clause in Pardew’s contract which would mean us only having to pay off a small part of his contract if he was fired. They claim we’d have to pay of all 7 remaining years an that it would cost £10 million to fire him. No real proof of this however there was also never any proof of clauses in Pardews contract.

  80. if we lose at qpr we may aswel get ready or our trip to yeovil

    dark days as a toon fan people hated barton but i would love him back he a leader something we lack and he will get the lads up for games unlike anyone we have now

  81. dokky, I always enjoyed the Joey Barton show personally. We need a leader in the dugout who doesn’t shackle all the players, then we won’t be crying out for leaders on the pitch. Trust me on that one ;-)

    This isn’t a new thing. If you look at what Charlton fans were saying years ago when Pardew was managing them, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with what we are saying now.

  82. Dokky: didn’t Barton get suspended for the last 3 games when we went down last time? There was a falling out with Shearer if I remember as well. He was leading from his couch :)

  83. On who we should go after (if we survive and Ashley finally sees the light)
    I like Martinez, if Wigan go down and I don’t think Whelan would stand in his way, well hopefully!
    Pellegrini, Blanc, Laudrup, De Boer, are all good managers, the advantage Martinez has is his experience in the EPL, plus he’s used to managing on a slim budget, something that Ashley could appreciate.
    However the fat lady hasn’t sang yet, and I am still concerned, we have to get some goals against a QPR side, who are relaxed and playing for either a shop window exit, or a job next season.
    If we keep Pardew regardless of what happens, then I give up, will these two clowns ever learn that what they know combined about football, is siightly more than nothing.
    Please hire both an experienced Money man/GM and a decent manager, or stay on the same level on the learning curve, cause neither Llambias or Pardew know jack shit about the game.

  84. I’d take Moyes in a heartbeat. He’s consistently gotten Everton into the top 7 over the past 6-7 years and often with minimal financial backing (it seems like anyways, correct me if I’m wrong on this). I’m sure that there are other, perhaps better picks out there, and I have no idea how realistic the prospect would be (or appealing to Moyes for all that matter)… but given that he’s very much a known quantity in the Premier League… I’d be over the moon. Obviously, we need a new manager… that’s by far the biggest obstacle in the club’s way. Even if we didn’t sign a single new player in the summer… It seems that dire a situation from where I’m sat.

  85. Looks like Martinez may be heading to Everton, though it appears both Hughes and M.O’N. are both also being considered.
    I get the impression, there’s going to be a lot of changes in the EPL this summer, with some big money spent.
    Loic Remy has a six million quid buy out clause, could possibly be bought for that amount and god knows, we need someone who can put the ball in the net.

  86. Tripp says:
    May 9, 2013 at 3:53 am

    “I’d take Moyes in a heartbeat. He’s consistently gotten Everton into the top 7 over the past 6-7 years and often with minimal financial backing (it seems like anyways, correct me if I’m wrong on this).”

    You’re wrong Tripp :-)

    Everton have a very good squad which SHOULD consistently come in the top eight. Everton being skint is just a big scouse con. Go through the players they have, and they’ve had FFS!

    What they really mean by this “skint” bollocks is that they don’t have quite as much money as Liverpool (especially Liverpool of course), Man City, Man Utd etc. They’re a “best of the rest” team like us. What I mean by this is that there’s a bit of a gulf which has opened up between big teams like Everton and Newcastle United and a top six super rich consisting of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool. Everton are still a big team with a very good squad though. If they were as skint as they said they were, they have some extremely valuable players to sell like Fellaini, Baines, Jagielka, Jelavic, Mirallas, Heitinga blah blah…

    If they come about seventh or eighth every season, that’s exactly where they should be, fighting it out with us if we didn’t have the three stooges bollocksing things up.

    When they whine about being skint, it’s an insult to teams like Norwich, Reading, Swansea and so on…

  87. And another thing! If David Moyes is leaving Everton to go to Manchester United, this could actually be a good thing for Everton IF they play their cards right and choose the right replacement. I think they could pick someone who was actually BETTER than Moyes. They could pick someone worse, of course, but that would be them being stupid like Llambias. Do they want Pardew? :-)

  88. That would indeed be the way to do it if you were the interviewer but what we’ve got is Ashley and his gimp.
    Football management would be the last thing on their minds in that interview as they know sweet Francis Ollerenshaw about that………………………

    People keep making a big thing out of the terrible twins lack of football knowledge, but is this really that important? What do the Glazers,The oil Sheiks[both Russian & Middle-Eastern]or any of the PL club’s owners know about football?…But it doesn’t prevent their clubs being successful. Surely in the modern game [certainly the PL] business acumen is the most important attribute for a club owner, and I don’t think any of us would dispute Ashley has this in spades! He’s made some howlers since he first took over, but he does appear to have learned very quickly. No one expected Pardew to plummet the way things have this season [I know Worky’s been telling us all along] but Newcastle fans have to appreciate, we are not the massive draw we would like to think we are…either players or managers, that only comes with success. I suspect at the time when Pardew was brought in, he was chosen from a very very short list, people would argue that we should have stuck with Hughton but he’s not exactly set the world on fire either has he? I agree Pard’s has to go he’s had his one chance at managing a ‘Big Club’ and failed …he’s not the only one! We all know the next appointment is crucial…we can only hope that Ashley is more focussed on his undoubted business skills and less on PR when he refills the hot-seat!…we need a proven winner, Rafa would suit me fine….very much doubt we get him though….shame!

  89. I think we are about to find out exactly how much The Terrible Twins have learned, over the next few weeks.It will be both on a business front and getting the best person with football “know how” they can.NUFC is in the business of being a football club and I’m afraid Pardew is not up to it and was not a good business choice.He has been the latest in a list of bizarre choices.Having said that I fully expect him still be manager into next season.

  90. Worky, Tripp is actually correct and so are you. yes Everton have a very good squad but it is Moyes who is getting them to punch their weight and he should do better with an even better squad.

    Don’t be surprised if ManU suffer a drop in standards with a new manager however, no matter who it might have been.

  91. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    May 9, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    “Worky, Tripp is actually correct and so are you. yes Everton have a very good squad but it is Moyes who is getting them to punch their weight”

    Grumpy, that’s my whole point though, they AREN’T “punching above their weight,” they’re doing more or less exactly as they should with the squad at their disposal, finishing around 6th, 7th or 8th, which is where we should be too, fighting with Everton for one of the last Europa League places. Sometimes they haven’t even managed that, they have had one or two bad seasons where they have finished well into the bottom half, and one where they did actually punch above their weight, made it to the Champions League then fell at the very first hurdle.

  92. And we only punched above our weight by two places last season too due to Chelsea and Liverpool not having good seasons in the Premier League, though Chelsea more than made up for that with Champions League glory and even Liverpool won the League Cup.

  93. I disagree Worky. Pardew said last year that we were on a different level to Everton before we got beat. He forgot to mention it was a lower level.

  94. About Man U. I think we have to go with Ferguson if Moyes is his choice. He obviously knows a lot more about football than any of us.

    For fun though it would be better to have Klopp. He seems like the ultimate enigma, a funny German. I lived in Germany and I only met one funny German, the stereotype was mostly correct.

  95. Worky: do you ever read that other blog? They are f@cking insane. I always thought that that Troy moron and Rodzilla were tw@ts but they prove it almost every day.

  96. Why’s an awesome manager like Pardew not in the running for the Everton job? Can’t find odds on him anywhere.

  97. Mike Phelan, Alan Curbishley, Alex McLeish, Andy Gray, Peter Reid, Gary Lineker and even Duncan Ferguson. How can Pardew be overlooked… A double manager of the year award and a paint trophy. How many of them above can but a paint trophy on their CV?

  98. I am going to contradict myself again.

    How many managers have succeeded Legends and won? Paisley is the only one I can think of in English football where there wasn’t a barren gap. Even Brian Clough was kicked out at Leeds.

    Moyes has a chance if they get Lewandowski or Ronaldo AND a midfielder like Alonso. If not, they will be 3rd next year and 5th the year after.

  99. Joe Soap

    The difference between us (NUFC) and other clubs, where the owners as you claim, know little about the game is, in case you hadn’t noticed.
    That they all have both good managers plus GM’s who are capable of expanding both the brand name and control the purse strings.
    These people are all professionals, with business degrees
    and an understanding of how to promote growth of the club.
    Face it how much is MU worth to-day, as opposed to ten fifteen years ago, all accomplished through both winning things ,with a good manager at the helm and a GM with business acumen, used to promote the brand name growth.
    In comparison, we have the three stooges.
    OK sure in the rag trade Ashley has been successful, no one can deny that.
    But from day one as the owner of NUFC, there have been one series of screw-ups after another, here we are six years later, fighting to stave off relegation.
    Finding ourselves deeper in debt and having had the sad experience of being relegated.
    Sure the debt is interest free and yes the club is indebted to our owner, but it will you can bet your ass be added to the selling price of the club.
    Debt is dept.
    Every dime spent has to be ok’ed by Ashley, who else is there Llambias ?
    Don’t make me laugh, this guy knows nothing about anything.
    GM, that’s a joke.
    As for Pardew, i’m sure you are fully aware of my opinion of that clown.
    So Joe !
    What this club needs is a Professional GM, a manager who understands the modern game and for Ashley to cede the authority to run the club, on their recommendations.
    In other words, stop trying to emulate some visionary plan based on Arsenal, which doesn’t exist.
    He’s been at it for six years now, perhaps time to reach the conclusion, it’s not the rag trade, it’s show business and he knows diddly squat about it !

  100. Moyes could be Roger Moore to Sean Connery’s James Bond. You know, like a bit successful but really not that good and a pale imitation while keeping the franchise going.

  101. Along with Hughes and M.O’N. (retreads) there’s mention of both Martinez and Laudrup, being considered for Everton.
    Which at least assumes, Kenwright is aware as is Dave Whelan, the value of a good manager is based on what he accomplishes or has accomplished.
    Not on the salary he is willing to accept.
    Not necessarily winning things, take for instance the seasons where contrary to the odds, Martinez has ensured survival for a Wigan side, that was built on a fraction of most other PL sides.
    Apparently we are stuck with an owner who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.

  102. The Picture of Dorian Grey is an absolute quote fest. I read it about 30 years ago and every other page was like “ahh, that’s where that came from”.

  103. GS says:
    May 9, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    “How many managers have succeeded Legends and won?”

    A few, GS.

    You already mentioned Shankly and Paisley, well Paisley was succeeded by Fagan and he kept on winning, he won a treble (including a European Cup) but retired after only two years. Then Dalglish kept winning after that, albeit with a little help from Paisley.

    Arrigo Sacchi with the great Milan side of the 80s and 90s. He was succeeded by Fabio Capello and they carried on as one of the great teams.

    Rinus Michels built the greatest of all the Ajax teams, won the European Cup then effed off to Barcelona, leaving his successor, Kovacs, to win two more on the trot.

    Udo Lattek was sacked as Bayern Munich manager a few months after winning them their first ever European Cup. He was succeeded by Dettmar Cramer who won two more on the trot too.

    and so on…

  104. Worky: thanks, I knew there would be some in Europe but I am not that knowledgeable. I knew you would know (and that is not a dig at you).

    I would have said Dalglish but you had explained before that Paisley was in the background giving advice. That’s the only way I think Moyes will succeed. If Ferguson can give advice and still hold back a bit and let him do the job.

  105. GS says:
    May 9, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    “Moyes could be Roger Moore to Sean Connery’s James Bond.”

    Or even George Lazenby, who succeeded Sean Connery and lasted for one film before Roger Moore took over. ;-)

  106. I see Moyes only got a 6 year deal so that must mean that Pardew is better than him.

    I read somewhere that there will be a minutes applause in the 97th minute in honour of Sir Alex.

  107. Talking about Oscar Wilde. I stayed in the “Oscar Widle Suite” in a Hotel in Brussels that he had supposedly slept in. I was glad to hear they had changed the sheets.

  108. joesoap @ 124: the Glazers, Oil Sheiks and Fenway Group, among others, have the best sort of knowledge of football: an understanding of their lack of knowledge.( Socrates would be so proud of them!) So they put experienced, effective football men in key positions rather than cronies. That’s why LFC cut ties with Dalglish and Comolli and City, for example, are poaching executives off Barcelona while our ownershiop…well, they don’t do those things.

    worky @ 128: made that comment a few times toward end of last season. Difference between us finishing 5th and 8th was a matter of EFC’s horrible early-season form, CFC’s horrible late-season form as they chased the CL (right decision) and LFC’s generally bad form.

    Manchester United should go for Bielsa. I wonder if SAF doesn’t prefer someone like Moyes to a real visionary who might actually do BETTER than him. Come to think of it, Laudrup would be a hell of a choice too.

    chuck @ 136: you’re right about that debt coming due should anyone else buy the club. So until we fold or become a perennial CL team, I think we’re stuck with AshleyCo.

  109. GS-I was going to say that MU better hope for Roger Moore and not George Lazenby but worky beat me to it…FFS, that film is a horrible stain on the franchise…

  110. Some names Ashley should check out.

    Jupp Heynckes, Germam. 60’s
    just dumped by Beyern Munich, a bit long in the tooth as a career move, but certainly has the pedigree, both as a player and coach.

    Marcelo (loco) Bielsa,Argentino 50’s.
    Currently at the Basque side Athletic Bilbao.
    Innovative and unorthodox,
    Excellent student of the game, with an impressive resume, doubt if Ashley would understand him.

    Manuel Pellagrini, Argentino. 60’s.
    managed in both Argentina and Spain, top clubs, presently
    at Malaga, another impressive resume.

    Laurent Blanc French,40’s. French
    Managed winning seasons, managing both the French National side and Bordeaux.
    Being we have a large French contingent, could be the ideal candidate, beside having an impressive resume both as a player and manager.

    Wigans Martinez 40’s. Spanish
    We all know about him, also a great choice, simply on what he has done for both Wigan and Swansea.
    Mediocre playing resume, but can do it as a manager.
    Similar in that respect to Moyers.

    Michael Laudrup 40’s Dane
    AN impressive resume having played for some top sides.
    Managed in Spain, Denmark and Russia, before coming to Swansea his current club.
    Has proven to be a decent manager, but has yet to win anything.

    Frank Deboer 40’s. Dutch
    Has a great resume as a player and has won three championships with Ajax in the Dutch league.
    Was offered an opportunity with Liverpool but turned them down (some EGO)
    Nevertheless you cant argue with success, even though it’s with Ajax.

    Of course non of these guys could hope to match up with our present supremo “The Great Al. Pardew” and I hope Ashley keeps that in mind and gives him a substantial raise when we begin our second go around in the second tier next season.

  111. Heynkes is Dutch. There’s a link between him and the “total football” lot. I had a short discussion on here about it with Worky but you probably didn’t read it Chuck since it was me :)

  112. tunyc says:
    May 9, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    “City, for example, are poaching executives off Barcelona”

    tunyc, some Barcelona soap for you.

    Txixi Begiristain left Barcelona, he wasn’t “poached” by Man City.

    He was a part of the Cruyffian faction who make all the best Barcelona teams. Like Guardiola (who was picked by Begiristain as Barcelona manager) he left after the Cruyffian President, Joan Laporta, was succeeded by Sandro Rosell, who made a big thing about stripping Cruyff of his honourary lifetime Presidency as soon as he took over.

    That symbolic gesture was the beginning of the end for their latest period of greatness. Guardiola and Begiristain knew it was time to go. Much the same happened when Nunez led the last cleansing of the Cruyffians, when he sacked Cruyff himself. Robson then Van Gaal won a few trophies for them in the two years after, then it all went dead for years until Laporta brought the Cruyffians back.

  113. tunyc

    At least someone is listening, that’s been my point from the time Ashley bought the club.
    Few remember Chris Mort, Ashleys first hiring, a guy who I suppose was hired to check out the financial condition of the club, being the clever Ashley did not do due diligence.
    Why someone from the city, rather than a former club GM who would immediately know both at what and where to look.
    Anyhow he soon realized he was in above his head and fcuked off back to the city.
    Since then we have had an idiot Llambias as the titular
    Combine him with the awful management selections (apart from the one they were dumb enough to fire Chris Hughton) and it’s no wonder we are struggling to avoid relegation.
    As the club has been rudderless, lacking direction both financially and as a business.
    I don’t get it ?

  114. chuck says:
    May 9, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    “Jupp Heynckes, Germam. 60′s
    just dumped by Beyern Munich, a bit long in the tooth as a career move, but certainly has the pedigree, both as a player and coach.”

    He wasn’t “dumped” Chuck, he’s retiring just like Purple Nose.

    chuck says:
    May 9, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    “Anyhow he soon realized he was in above his head and fcuked off back to the city.”

    He was only ever a temporary appointment, Chuck.

  115. As a manager, Laudrup has won the Danish League, twice won the Danish Cup, once won the Danish Supercup and then the League Cup this season. By way of correction.

    That’s right, his resume is already that much more impressive than wor Alan’s.

  116. GS says:
    May 9, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    “Heynkes is Dutch.”

    Chuck is actually right for once, he’s a sausagemuncher. He also won the European Cup with Real Madrid so if he wins this one, it would be his second.

  117. Jupp is reconsidering retirement last I heard. Although he could change his mind again.

  118. Jupp Heynckes was born in Munchengladbach, which unless they changed the borders is in Germany.
    He played for the German national side, which i’m assuming also is an indication he is from der Fatherland.

    As for quotes, one can almost assume most are either Shakespearian or from Wilde.

  119. worky @ 151: fair enough-but my point is even stronger then, no? Theoretically NUFC could have come in with an offer for his services?

    Feel free to answer whenever you stop laughing!

  120. tunyc says:
    May 9, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    “As a manager, Laudrup has won the Danish League, twice won the Danish Cup, once won the Danish Supercup and then the League Cup this season. By way of correction.”

    He nearly won the Spanish Cup with Getafe too.

  121. Sorry Chuck about Heynckes. I must have got confused about the total football at Gladbach. I did read Dorian Gray and remembered that quote specifically because it is applicable to so much in life.

    I know I give you a hard time sometimes but when I am wrong, I am wrong. Sorry again.

  122. On the subject of Heynckes. He is almost Fergusonesque on the sidelines, in that he turns a bright shade of red.

  123. tunyc says:
    May 9, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    “worky @ 151: fair enough-but my point is even stronger then, no? Theoretically NUFC could have come in with an offer for his services?”

    Yes, it is indeed, especially the bit about understanding ones own limitations and bringing in the right expertees.

  124. tuncy

    As I said he has won nothing yet, unless you really think those to be worth considering, in comparison with the resume’s of the company he is in.

  125. GS says:
    May 9, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    “Sorry Chuck about Heynckes. I must have got confused about the total football at Gladbach. I did read Dorian Gray and remembered that quote specifically”

    Where does it mention that Jupp Heynkes is Dutch in The Picture of Dorian Gray, GS? I didn’t see that bit anywhere.

  126. Here’s a stat for you from Wikipedia. Mick MacMackem currently has a higher win % at Ipswich than Bobby Robson had. It is a slow day here in Chicago :)

  127. GS says:
    May 9, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    “Here’s a stat for you from Wikipedia. Mick MacMackem currently has a higher win % at Ipswich than Bobby Robson had.”

    Aye, in a different division, GS.

  128. Worky @164: I should have done better with paragraphing and if I am going to be picky I should expect it back.

  129. chuck@136

    I don’t disagree with anything you say here…but I guess I’m the eternal optimist, and cling to the hope that Ashley is not stupid, if he is then I despair because if someone with so little nous can amass 2billion quid by accident, then I must be educationally subnormal. He doesn’t want to lose his investment surely?…He must see the only way to build the football strand of his business empire is to grow a successful end product. I cannot let myself think otherwise, because the alternative is just so depressing where a spiral of decline resultant in me not seeing any success in my lifetime…I was a schoolboy last time they won a semi-major trophy so not a huge amount of time left for me to see another one!

  130. @147
    tunyc says:
    May 9, 2013 at 7:22 pm
    joesoap @ 124: the Glazers, Oil Sheiks and Fenway Group, among others, have the best sort of knowledge of football: an understanding of their lack of knowledge.( Socrates would be so proud of them!) So they put experienced, effective football men in key positions rather than cronies.

    Not sure the russian billionaire always makes sensible appointments, and Liverpool aren’t really out the woods yet Rogers has only just managed to string together a few decent results, I don’t expect this to continue. The ME oil sheiks will surely expect greater achievements given their massive investments….their current manager appears limited. So yes they are all doing much better than us, but given their relative starting positions I don’t see them as runaway success stories compared. Personally I think the last 27 years have been an embarrassment for the rest of the premiership management teams at various clubs…not one could build a sustained challenge to the puce faced scotsman….quite pathetic really!…They’re not all that!!

  131. JoeSoap says:
    May 10, 2013 at 12:00 am

    “I don’t disagree with anything you say here…but I guess I’m the eternal optimist, and cling to the hope that Ashley is not stupid, if he is then I despair because if someone with so little nous can amass 2billion quid by accident, then I must be educationally subnormal. ”

    Joe Soap, QPR has been owned by several billionaires and look at them. The Venky chivken barons made a fair few millions and look at Blackburn. Carsten Yeung worked his way up from being a hairdresser and did well for himself but look at Birmingham City. Just because someone has made alot of money, it doesn’t they’re immune from being a shit football club owner.

  132. Yep…I’m not here defending Ashley or Pardew or anyone else. As I said though my optimism won’t let me accept that we’re never going to turn the corner, we nearly did it in the early nineties with Keegan & Hall and to be honest I think Hall has a lot to answer for the current situation we’re in. His family’s greed coupled with the slimy Shepherd resulted in great errors of judgement on par with the current incumbents. The club’s standing in English football was reduced to that of a comedy club well before the present jokers took centre stage. Keegan’s rant, followed by his walk-out, the appointments of Dalglish Sourness Fat Sam, the sacking of SBR at the start of the season….the NofTW scam where all geordies both male & female were regarded as total knackers by our illustrious chairman and his side-kick…..plus many more choice cock-ups….I think The Roulette player and his bunch of cockney mates have a few more moronic moves to make yet to become equally shit with this pathetic record of failure.

  133. Joe Soap, being optimistic is not a bad thing, if you can see the start of something, going in the right direction, and your willing to give it time to work.
    Personally i dont see this with Ashley’s regime, For every good idea they have, is followed by five bad ideas.
    They don’t seem to have learned the lessons from being relegated, and look doomed to keep repeating them.

  134. I thought at the end of last season things were going in the right direction. Alright it seems Pardew isn’t capable of making the step-up and appears to have learned nothing from his previous jobs, its like he’s repeating the same mistakes he made at his other clubs. Being from the perennial ‘wait-and-see’ character group I’m waiting to see what the club do about it! Given that we aren’t ‘the club all top managers have always dreamt of managing’ we can only fish in a certain pool of names, a bit like the players we can get really….they look canny but all have flaws which have prevented them making it to the very top. No one would think that we could walk up to David Moyes and say…’You’re leaving Everton son, get ya coat Newcastle united have come calling’ We’re not the only club in this position and we’ll get who we get. Not excusing Ashley for his cock-ups, but I do appreciate that it’s not quite as simple as some fans think it should be….Until we somehow mange to win some thing it’s going to be like this, not many are willing to crawl on hot coals just to manage or play for NUFC I’m afraid…wish it wasn’t but that’s the reality.

  135. Joe Soap, I don’t think Ashley is simple, but he could do himself a favour, and employ the right people, to run the club.
    He should stop giving jobs to his mates, and all assorted sychophants, or this sorry situation will continue.

  136. JoeSoap, that’s just fatalistic, and I don’t see a problem with the players, some of them are very good and don’t have “flaws which have stopped them from making the very top,” that’s just the manager. We need a new one of those and just as importantly, a new Managing Director as the current one is a basket case.

    Unlike the players, you don’t have to pay 20 odd managers and 20 odd managing directors, just one and they affect the performance of the whole team that the majority of the club’s payroll is tied up in. Hence, economising here with a poor ones, especially a poor manager who is only on the same kind of pay a decent Championship manager would expect is just a ludicrous false economy which will always lose the club far more than it gains.

    Let me explain. Malaga in La Liga are a smaller team than Newcastle. Their squad is worth far less than ours, their wages are less and yet they were in the Champions League this season. They’ll be in Europa League at least next season. Why? They have invested around £2.5 – £3 million per year in having a top manager, Manuel Pellegrini. There are many more examples Swansea have won a trophy this season, something we have failed to do since 1969. Their players are a pale shadow of ours, their captain is a 34 year old League One veteran who is worth around £400,000 and yet they outperform Newcastle. What is their secret?

    “You can’t ask players to do things that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are doing, but you can ask the easy things. Sometimes the easiest things in football, a simple pass five or eight yards, can be the most effective. That, everybody can learn.”

    Pardew can’t even do that with a squad which is three times better than Swansea’s. That’s why hiring a poor manager is a false economy.

  137. I think we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet here chaps! I don’t see a problem with the players either….99% of them are good enough to play in any top four squad, all I said was they have flaws [yeah fatalistically I believe they wouldn’t come here if they didn’t…they’d be playing for Barca!]I agree and would relish seeing a top manager here…imo we’ve only had one since Joe Harvey [and he’s only highly regarded because he actually won something]SBR was our only world class manager ever! Keegan was the most charismatic & enthusiastic able to motivate players and fans alike… but was always lacking sadly! Other than these two we’ve seen one after another through the oak doors who shouldn’t have been anywhere near the club….My only glint of optimism comes from the gut feeling that Ashley is no mug and surely he will work this out eventually..if only to save his business investment, he must see that the only route to making money is to provide a successful product on the pitch…and as we all agree there’s nothing wrong with the playing staff, so that only leaves the coaches…I reckon the MD is an irrelevance!

  138. Joe soap
    Yes i’m sure we are on the same page for the most part.
    Concerning the need for Ashley to hire the right people and by that, I mean a complete clear out top to bottom.
    Unfortunately I have been waiting for five years or more and it doesn’t look like it’s ever gonna happen.
    I think it’s a case of him believing he is capable of doing it all, the complete control freak, an “I’ll show em” attitude.
    Despite the fact he has to be aware of all that has been mentioned above.
    It will in that case continue to be a slow learning curve, too bad really, but effects Ashley more than anyone.

  139. I remember reading about Ashley when he first bought NUFC.It was stated that one of his qualities was he is extremely loyal to his friends.This could be bad if Llambias and Pardew are regarded as his friends.