The Great Dane puts Alan Pardew’s fate back in his own hands

Posted on May 9th, 2013 | 66 Comments |

NUFC Blog's latest blog on is out now!
NUFC Blog’s latest blog on is out now!
My latest ‘blog for is now published.

Entitled “The Great Dane puts Alan Pardew’s fate back in his own hands,” It looks at Swansea’s City’s defeat of Wigan, and how this has made things easier for Newcastle United in their bid to avoid relegation.

Since my last message on my activity over on Metro, I also published one more ‘blog on there, another one in my epic series on Alan Pardew’s long balls. Although some of it is a kind of digested version of a longer piece on here, I also added some bonus insights especially for the Metro version. That one is entitled “Newcastle United – still the biggest long ball side in Premier League.” You can read both by following the links above.

Hope you like ’em!


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66 Responses

  1. Chuck, Toonarmy EtcEtc, Why don’t you children go behind the bike sheds and sort things out like normal little boys and leave the blog work to us grown ups. .Squabble somewhere else please.

  2. Swansea done us a favour alright, but will we capitalise on the situation?
    I’ve got zero faith in mr Pardew’s ability to win football matches, Which seems to be getting worse, As the weeks go by.
    I fully expect another disjointed, negative, running scared, defensive hoofball, come sunday.
    Will this be enough to see us over the line?, I haven’t the foggiest, But you can put your house on Pardew, doing his best to mess it up.

  3. Yes Swansea gave us a straw to clutch at but Pardew will be along with his strimmer!

  4. Porciestreet

    I don’t take kindly to being insulted by idiots “Toonarmylite”.
    Any less than those telling people what they should do.

  5. Because Villa still have to play against Wigan it makes things alot easier for us. I think Villa have Chelsea next. If they both lose their underdog games against Chelsea and Arsenal all we have to do is avoid a loss to QPR.

  6. Joe Hawkins

    Gotta agree, I have lost all faith in the present side and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if QPR were to win.
    It would just be the final nail in the coffin.

  7. Apperently, we’re in the position we’re in now due to Loic Remy changing his mind:

    “The fact that we lost out on Loic Remy was a major blow to our season. We lost our main goalscorer Demba Ba to Chelsea and he was our replacement.

    “We felt he was going to sign for us and then at the last minute, he changed his mind, and that was a particular blow to us because it’s very difficult to get a striker in that window.

    “We had to move for Moussa Sissoko, who probably we may have done at the end of the year if we had got Loic Remy, and he is not a goalscorer. He’s a midfield player-cum-number 10.

    “It’s put extra pressure on us that he didn’t arrive, so for that reason, I was disappointed. But I don’t fear him on Sunday. We have to be good enough to cope with the qualities he has got, which are many.”

    This is just getting too pathetic to laugh at now. Doesn’t he realise how much he is embarrassing himself with this endless litany of ever more ridiculous excuses?

    Moussa Sissoko isn’t a number 10 either.

  8. I wonder what number that is?, Could it be around the 400 mark?
    Could someone tell him when he get’s to 1001, he can bring the book out!

  9. Worky

    Explain what you will about the how’s and wherefores of either tactics or lineups, or whatever others may say concerning the poor management that accompanies it.
    You will be pissing into the wind unless Ashley is willing to admit to failure, even when presented with the facts.
    And you know that’s not gonna happen.
    That is unless it comes down to a big loss of money, which is an amazing aid to-wards fixing ones mind on a more pragmatic course.

  10. Just reading some of the “News Now” stuff.
    Looks like Ashley hasn’t got in touch with Pardew lately, in which case Pardew is more or less asking him for a clear the air talk and has stated he has no idea whether he will be retained or not.
    Sounds good to me.
    Look it’s not personal, it’s just he’s the wrong man for the job, has been since day one.
    Hell! he had a couple of good pay days and will get a piece off, but if this club is to improve, he’s gotta go.

  11. Cabaye, Benny or Marv should be AMF and Sissoko should be behind. We know this but Mr is always right thinks otherwise.

    He could have also played Campbell more instead of Shola. Fresh, young and eager to please. Something Shola has never been.

  12. Sissoko is what could be described as a good “box to box” midfielder, someone who can both drop deep and defend one minute, and move forwards and attack the next. However, it’s incredibly fanciful for Pardew to suggest that he’s someone who can be the creative fulcrum for a whole team like a Zico, a Laudrup, a Zidane, a Maradona, or even a Benny if Pardew doesn’t knack him for good.

  13. I think sissoko is a Patrick viera type of player, Who just sits in front of the back four, picks up the ball, then gives it, and goes, and looks to pick it up again, in the opponents half, looking for a killer pass.
    It’s an absolute waste of his talents, playing him pushed further up, It’s just stifling his game.
    Our game would improve vastly, if only Pardew had the stones to drop certain players.
    What’s wrong with having tiote start on the bench,or cabaye? ,Surely Pardew should realise, what he is doing, is giving himself no options, by his insistance of trying to accomodate every player, into his side.

  14. i swear if we lose to qpr we are doomed pardew in the championship we the new blackburn

    we need padew out and martinez in he has an attacking nice style of play game and with the right players he could do wonders instead of long ball shite every week im really starting to lose interest in the game it has become a joke teams would prefer 4th place than the cups because of the money

  15. dokky says:
    May 11, 2013 at 12:35 am

    “i swear if we lose to qpr we are doomed pardew in the championship we the new blackburn

    we need padew out and martinez in he has an attacking nice style of play”

    Dokky, as we’re discussing Pardew, you could have said “the new Charlton.” They still haven’t recovered the double nightmare of Dowie suceeded by Pardew. They had no money left either once those two idiots had finished with them. They completely and utterly destroyed that club.

    I know what you mean but we could do so much better than Martinez, if we don’t get relegated that is.

  16. Juventus manager Antonio Conte is saying he wants to work in the Premiership now on the World Football show on Radio 4. Just two years at Juventus and he’s won two Serie A titles, an Italian Cup and an Italian Super Cup.

    He’d be a good manager for Everton.

  17. worky @ 7: not only has he mischaracterized Sissoko, but he’s also subtly insulted him. I’m sure Moussa will be just pleased to hear that he was a back up panic buy after we lost out on Remy. Oh, maybe we would have gone in for him in the summer.

    Great man management, Alan.

  18. Wonder how we get on today,loads of waffle in the press and I notice every Chronicle article on Pardew has no comments allowed on them….what a cop out :lol:

  19. I’d love to know who the 9% are, Who think Pardew’s long ball game, will be successful.
    That thinking should be reserved for something approximating, “One flew over, the cuckoo’s nest”.

  20. Wouldn’t it put the tin hat on proceedings, If that Thierry Henry pretender, Loic Remy, put daft Pardew, To the sword, On Sunday.

    Has anyone seen that 1971 documentary, which was mentioned in the Chronicle, The other night?
    It’s on Youtube, and it’s called, “All dressed up, and going nowhere”.
    It’s about youth gangs in Newcastle, The Skin head gang, “The scotswood aggro boys”, And the biker types, of the time, “The Hairy’s”.
    It’s absolutely hilarious, but it does show some good views of old Newcastle, ie , “The Tyne Bridge”, Being painted blue and white.
    St James’s park’, with roof on, The Leazes End, Era, And a bit of football violence, thrown in.
    Older fans will probably remember the programme, It’s a couple of years before my time, But it’s well worth viewing.

  21. Cheers for that Joe going to watch it before heading to Tesco.
    I think we will struggle today.

  22. SJT, There should be a national holiday, every year,”Let’s All Hate Alan Pardew Day”.
    It should be a bit like, “Guy Fawkes Night”, With effigies of Pardew, Being slung on a bonfire!

  23. tunyc says:
    May 11, 2013 at 10:10 am

    “worky @ 7: not only has he mischaracterized Sissoko, but he’s also subtly insulted him. I’m sure Moussa will be just pleased to hear that he was a back up panic buy after we lost out on Remy. Oh, maybe we would have gone in for him in the summer.”

    Not as much as Gouffran, the centre forward who was scoring alot more goals for Bordeaux than Loic Remy was for Marseilles.

  24. I think the squad will never gel or click now no matter who manages it.
    So many poor players like Shola,Sammy,Obertan,Gosling etc etc and even the “purples” like Cabaye,Tiote,Cisse,Sissoko etc have not shone for a long time.

    Maybe going down would force Ashley to sell to an ambitious owner and have this squad dismantled and started a fresh.

  25. sirjasontoon says:
    May 11, 2013 at 11:16 am

    “Here’s the link if anyone else wants a bit of geordie nostalgia.”

    Frankie Vaughan – The voice of the youth on the streets LOL.

  26. Worky, It’s a wonder the gang violence wasn’t blamed on the film also, as just about everything else was, at the time.
    One of my favourite films of all time, “A Clockwork Orange”.
    Stanley Kubrick withdrew the film after receiving death threats.
    I cannot help but think, That some of those threats, Came from the British Establishment themselves, as the film was a scathing attack on them, to a large extent.
    Like most Kubrick films, It’s stands the test of time, and his style of film making, Shows his work to be timeless.

  27. So it looks like our fate hangs in the balance until the final day. Unless we lose today, in which case we’re relegated except for the formalities.

  28. Who would have thought Frankie Vaughan, Would have been guardian of the morals, Of the nation’s youth lol.

    One of the hairy’s was having a laugh, when he thought riding a motorcycle at 100 miles an hour, On a couple of acid, and a few pints, was his idea of a laugh, more like very scary.
    I’m all for tuning in, And dropping out, But i think i’ll leave the Harley, Out of the equation lol.

  29. Pardue unsure of where his future lies after this season!!! Stoke Newintgon dole office is nice around June time alan.

  30. I’ve just been going through some of Alan Pardew’s most pathetic excuses for being shit down the years. When he was at Charlton, he even blamed the club’s song “When the red, red Robin comes bob, bob bobbing along” at one stage.

    It wasn’t inspirational enough, apparently.

  31. Pardee pushing the blame upstairs means he is done, right? He has opened his big mouth once too often.

  32. GS, I never really gave that a thought until now, unless Ashley and Co, have gave him the go ahead, to spout off.
    I posted something along the lines of, They may take a collective blame, For the season’s failings, If they are keeping Pardew on, and don’t want too much of a backlash, A while back.

    If he has took it upon himself to go against his handlers, then he has almost certainly, Used up his Ashley Priveleges, And may know he’s down the road, So he has nothing to lose.
    Who knows?, Some of the rags, Are running with the, Ashley is sympathetic to Pardew’s plight, Story.

  33. “Pardue unsure where his future lies after this season!!!”.
    Well he’s lied before, He’s lying now, And no doubt, He’ll be lying in the future, So that’s taken care of lol.

  34. Worky, That simply doesn’t bear thinking about!, No offence to kath, But i wouldn’t want to see that.

  35. tunyc says:
    May 11, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    “Worky @ 42: ugh. Just, ugh.”

    tunyc, I was merely asking whether Pardew had pointed the finger of blame at Kath the tea lady yet for the teams poor perfotmances thos season, after all, he has blamed almost everything, and everyone else apart from himself. What’s wrong with that?

  36. Wt see yor comment but fact is we need 1 or 3 points from QPR game , we have to dictate our destiny , and wigan now have 2 more games in 7 days , can’t quite see them delivering 6 points after the bubbly today ! But congrats to Wigan man , nice to see another team beating rich team at wembley very reminiscent of leeds v safc type of result ! Roll on 2morro now lets pull our french socks up and vive la nouveacassel !

  37. To be fair, Pardew really does need to finger himself. In public ideally, but maybe not in video form…also, I’m on THOSE sites too-I’m a man of many interests!

  38. nzed-that’s just it though. If Wigan win those two (really wouldn’t be surprised by that; they’ll enjoy a surge of confidence now) we have to win one of ours. Even two draws won’t be enough. And the other one for us is v Arsenal so…

  39. tunyc says:
    May 11, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    “To be fair, Pardew really does need to finger himself. In public ideally,”

    This is what Pardew needs in public if we don’t beat QPR tomorrow. That would sell out SJP.

  40. Watched the Cup Final on a delayed tape, good game, the eventual winners deserved it, they were the better side for the most part.
    Surprised most people, but on any given day, Wigan can play awful or make other sides look awful.
    One thing is for sure and I have been saying this since his arrival at Wigan, that most of it is down to Martinez.
    Who’s stock has obviously risen and could be pursued by bigger clubs, I would imagine Everton are interested and if we had an owner who was in any way aware, we would be interested also.

  41. Shame signing Mcmanaman wont really be an option for us if we stay up and Wigan go down. Looks a great player but after all the Haidarra stuff I can’t imagine his signing would ever be a possibility.

  42. chuck says:
    May 12, 2013 at 12:59 am

    “One thing is for sure and I have been saying this since his arrival at Wigan, that most of it is down to Martinez.”

    But Chuck, they’ve actually been finishing lower in the League since Martinez became their manager. Under Bruce they were 11th and 14th the year before that. Since Martinez took over, they’ve flirted with relegation every year coming 16th, 16th again, then 15th only after rallying at the end of each season. They are currently 18th and hoping for two wins in their last two games to save them from the Championship.

    That isn’t bad as it’s about where you would expect them to be, but they have hardly been punching above their weight.

  43. So,the real fans,who have seen the matches nufc have shat out and claimed was gold know whats going to happen today,May be the reason we are prepairing for the championship.The last time we went down, Martins Owen and duff went,Carroll got regular starts and the wage bill was reduced,we found
    Out who wanted to stay and get us back
    Up.Just saying….

  44. That Documentarys ace, good shout Joe Hawkins. Love seeing footage of the town from back then, different world. Almost preferable to what theyve done to the place in the last few years – a Newcastle without that god awful ‘Gate’ is a town Im happy to recognise.
    Im bored by the culture of PR bollocks at NUFC – fans get drip fed nuggets of contradictory nonsense season long to keep us interested.I remember Michael Owen banging on about how ‘great’ the spirit in the dressing room was right up until the day we went down. Then writing about how fractuous it had been in his awful biography. Most players do the same thing, tell us in several feet of Chronicle column space what they think we want to hear. Pardew sounds like a man who has been sacked already and has nothing to lose. A desperate reminder to us to keep Ashley in the frame for when he does go in a couple weeks and if we do go down. The timing is dreadful, and to me suggests he does not care too much if it jeopardises dressing room moral (ha!) as he wont be around whatever the outcome – so fire at will Pards. Sounds hollow tho, despite every fan agreeing with the logic of Ashleys short comings Pardew this season had himself to blame. Ashley made the bed and Pardew has enjoyed lying in it for too long to complain now

  45. Great blog.

    I have just started following you on bloglovin and hope you can follow me back please :)

    I really do wonder what is going to happen, will pardew get another year or is enough enough!

    An injection of new players is needed.

    Donna x